Shri Ganesha Puja: What Are You Here For?

Solapur (India)

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Shri Ganesha Puja in Sholapur, (India), 4 January 1983.

I’m sorry, I’ve not been able to, in a way, talk to you [Marathi] to talk to you directly about things and, though you know I’ve been looking after you very well. [Marathi]

And I didn’t have so much time but you know, I have to work very hard and when you have only one program, I have three or four programs. And I’m working very hard for them. And you see, I’ve told you that Maharashtra is going to be very fast movement and we have to move very fast. Now what you have to understand is that you have come for this program of Maharashtra for what? Why have you come here? That people must understand. What I find that there is no understanding of this simple fact, with some people – some people are murmuring souls among you and they don’t understand why are they here. They are here to learn certain things for Sahaja Yoga.

Now, especially if you do not have an ashram also there’s always a problem to learn how to live with others and in a way that we should move in a Spartan way, in a Spartan way. How to live in a Spartan way and how to be smart? Now see these people here, Maharashtrians are. Just look at them, you have to learn from them. How quick! I don’t have to tell them anything. See they are so self-disciplined within themselves. I don’t have to tell them anything. You see, they organize, they’re working so hard, you can’t imagine!
You are doing no work, if you look at it, what work are you doing? Just taking your luggage, putting on the busses, getting down, sleeping again. What work are you doing compared to them? But there is no smartness about it. What I find, they themselves are seeing you, they think you are all lethargic people and some of you are druggist or what is it? And the complaints are so funny, that as if you think there’s a package deal of a touring thing, bus going and the organization is not good and some are dominating, and this and this. It’s absolutely absurd, I think. Some people are taking Sahaja Yoga as a lethargic stuff, you see, like a drug business, that you get into lethargy, nobody has to tell you: “Get into the bus.” But why don’t you get yourself?

Everybody must organize, must learn something, otherwise it’s a waste. I think it’s a waste coming down.
You have not come here for a tourism. One thing. Must understand, this point must be understood by all of you: it’s not tourism department working this for you! Little comfort you get, immediately you get into that nonsense and you must know that too much of materialism has brought you to this stage that you have too much of ego. It’s a big headache for Sahaja Yoga and for you also. You know that! Too much of materialism. And this matter always tries to overpower the Spirit and your Spirit is always overpowered by the spirit. And you get into a lethargic mood and then anybody tries to tell you: “Get fast or get doing”, you think, “You are dominating!” and this is a, this is a nonsense, I can’t understand this.

Now Warren is saying, he doesn’t want to do any more organizing. Who wants to do it? Now, those who were complaining, raise your hands. Take it over. It’s a good idea! He says: “I don’t want to do any organizing”. All right! Who wants to do it? Let’s see who were complaining that he was crossing the maryadas. Now let them take over. It’s not the way to behave! You see, you must have your own disciplining, you must learn disciplining. People have taken many things for granted. You see and that’s what happened with Nick when he tried to do. They are very comfortably settled down in Linda’s house. And there also I’ve seen people do the same thing. Because when you daily live there, there’s no need to have any disciplining, you see, there is nobody to tell you.

That’s not lethargy! Sahaja Yoga is a Spartan thing, a smart stuff. See, look at these people, how smart they are. Early in the morning, 5.30 they’re up and they are doing the jobs. You see, the way they are organizing, you can’t imagine how much they are organizing. In far-fetched places, here also to organize anything, it’s an impossible situation. Now what are we doing? Just trying to think that, you see, “We are in a very package deal, we are here and that everything should come to us in a way that is a tourist, this thing.” Now Warren has retired, now, who wants to do the job, let me see? Those who have complained should I put?

What’s this going on? I just don’t understand. One person starts a joke and everybody starts with it – it’s absolutely wrong, there’s no tourism going on. You’d better go back, I’ll return all your money that you paid Me and you go back. Here you have come to learn about Sahaja Yoga, how to become smart, how to be Spartan, how to be light.

How much your Mother is working at this age? I’m sixty years of age. How much I’m working, just look at that. You have to be – I’m your ideal or queen Elizabeth? Who is your ideal? I mean I just don’t understand. Why are you here? And one person starts a joke, another takes it over and they all start talking like this. This is absolutely an impossible situation. I don’t have to tell them, even once! You can’t imagine! In the night they cook the food for you, you know? In the night – After the program, they came down, made all that food for you here and we took it. Those who were with Me know that.

They cooked the food, all of them, these young boys and again up they are in the morning 5.30 organizing everything. Look at that! Learn from them! You see, you people, in quality are no good, must understand. You have nothing but ego and a self-consciousness that you are very great. No, you are not! I’ve to tell you very frankly. You have to come down with that ego, completely. Material development has ruined you completely there. You see, thousands of people raising here their hands. See the people here! Are we going to forget all the civilization that’s doomed one in the West? You are the people who are the foundation. What are you, you are not saints, are you not?

How does a saint live? You have seen Ramdasa Swami, I went to see. Now do you realize that you went to Mahalakshmi? That’s one of the – one of the ‘pithas’ of, one of the Kundalini’s pitha, you see, of the whole Universe. Did you follow that? You’re looking after your comfort things, or looking after your Spirit? What are you doing here? Did you go – did you understand that the temple was for that? Did you follow that point? And now, I want you to see another temple. And then another temple, I’m going to have. It’s not so easy. No tourist has gone to these temples. Actually, no Indians are – no foreigners are allowed in these temples. Because you are saints, they have allowed you, but behave like saints. What’s this nonsense going on? Talking about comfort, this nonsense.

What comfort do you have there? I feel most uncomfortably in the Western countries. There’s no comfort of the Spirit. Most uncomfortable, I feel. Everybody drinking, everybody nonsensically – so materialistic, so materialistic. Horrible! Now don’t think too much of yourself, for Heaven’s sake! I don’t want you to talk that “somebody’s dominating you, crossing your maryadas”, Sahaj means lethargy. Why don’t you have your own Spirits and your own arrangements? Everything you have mislaid, 2 rooms, 4 rooms there, unlocked this thing. There’s one girl looking after Me, how smart she is, just see how smart she is. Even ten English girls can’t look after Me the way she looks after Me. Every little bit of that, she knows. I’m not saying only English but all of you have this problem. Please get rid of it! Otherwise, forget the West!

You have to do tremendous jobs. I’m trying to look after you the way I can. You have to look after yourself. The way you are moving there, I just don’t understand. Is it a ‘package stay’ you have come? Those who have come for the first time are more troublesome also. Because they have never seen this before. I mean those who want to go back, can go back tomorrow. I’ll give you money, you go back. Rahuri is going to be much worse than this. This is the first time you got a hotel – “Aaaaa!” That’s it. I mean, I don’t understand the way you have to be feeling comfortable. You want a bathroom? All right, get attached to a bathroom and move about with the bathroom all the tour. I mean you know how I live in England, what sort of a house I have and what sort of bathrooms I have. I’ve have never complained, I’ve never thought of it even. Never! For Me it’s the Spirit. And don’t think too much of yourself. Please!

Everything they are running, Puja they are running, things they are running. Look at them! Never a problem for Me.

Now you have to go tomorrow to Tuljapur place. This Vitthala is a very big place here of Vishuddhi that you have to see. And you have to go to Tuljapur. They are not comfortable, that’s why they never appear in the West. They are not comfortable there. Who would have built temples on these stones? They would have? Do you think they would have understood Hanumana? See the standards! Look at him how he lived. Even a person like Shivaji, he lived here. He was a king. I mean I have never put you to any test or anything, but the amount of, you see, not that I want you to sleep in the cold or anything, I didn’t want you to sleep in the cold, that you misunderstood. But what’s this going on? Why don’t you get up 5 o’clock every day? I sleep – I work much more than you do. Today you know what programs you have? Puja here. You don’t have to run anybody’s chakras, do you? You don’t have to raise mountains of Kundalinis, do you? Stones and stones after thousands of – do you have to do that? I need not talk about Myself. Then after that, this program, I have to deal with intellectuals. Then there’s a press conference, then after the press conference there’s a huge meeting at 6 o’clock.

The so-called comforts are nothing but enslavement of your Spirit. It has enslaved your Spirit, the Spirit is enslaved, believe Me. Get out of it. It’s a nonsense! You are saints, you are seekers of ages, now get out of it, absolutely get out of it!

They are so Spartan, so smart. Mooladhara is first class, just see. Early in the morning, 5 o’clock bath and finished, they are ready. What are you thinking all the time that you are lazy? Every time people see – they told me, “Some are taking perhaps drugs”. That’s what they felt the way some of you are lethargic. What is there to tell you? You can’t get into the bus and they can’t understand! In 5 minutes, they’ll arrange things, 5 minutes. Can you imagine? After the program they came here, cooked food and I was there.

Now don’t think too much, thinking too much makes you just lazy lumps, that’s all. It’s not good. Thinking is another style of materialism, is a subtler materialism. What is there to think about? [Inaudible] getting to your Mooladhara chakra [unsure]. Get rid of it! And there is one bhoot who is of fussy one here. I know all of them, very well, they have been always a headache. And I don’t know why they have come. And they introduce to another person and that bhoot goes on, on, on, on, on.

But all such misfits will get out of Sahaja Yoga, take it from Me! They’ll get out. You want Sahaja Yoga or not? That’s the point. Then, why worry about comfort? It’s most surprising! Some of you who have come for the first time from such long distances, like Frankfurt people are perfectly all right, Toronto are all right. From New York, they are all right, these are all right. Steven and his wife, they are all right. I mean they all have the same profile. Why other people?

Now, please, try to give Me some joy. I don’t want to hear, “Now he wants to resign.” You see, everybody starts talking, “He’s very dominating.” But why? What are you? You don’t deserve any best thing better, do you? You have to be smart. Are you smart? Your Mooladharas’re like stones hanging round, all the time thinking, thinking – what? Clear your Mooladharas!

You must have Me as your ideal in Sahaja Yoga. Look at Me! I mean, can you imagine? I have so much lung. I’m working very hard, you know that. I’m not – I’m marathon, you’ll go away. You’ll go to England, you’ll go away to Europe, you’ll go away. What about Me? I’m still working, working, working, working. Only reason is that I have a very good Mooladhara and a very good Agnya and an excellent Sahasrara! I don’t think!

Talk too much, better not talk! I think you better stop talking to each other! That’s the best way it will work out. All these nonsensical things you talk, you have nothing great to talk, sublime things, about God, about the Spirit. You must have peace in yourself. If you have peace, you’ll enjoy it, the whole place is so peaceful. Why don’t you see the peace of this place which is lacking in that horrible comfortable place? All of them! There’s no peace. Feel the peace, you are saints! Feel the peace of this place; in their hearts see – feel their peace. The riches have ruined you. That’s the curse!
That’s the curse. So, feel the peace of the place. There’s no peace within. Feel the peace within. What side of all these sides you see? Anywhere you go, you see, “Oh very nice, this is very nice” What is nice about it? The peace of it, the subtler side, you have to be subtler persons to feel the subtle side. Feel the subtle side, the music behind, the fragrance behind.

If I’m your ideal, I feel very comfortable in there, to be very frank. I don’t know when will I be out of that, I call it ‘vanwas’, is that staying in a forest, a jungle. I feel it’s a jungle of people who are anarchist, arbitrary, such ego oriented, horrible people those who don’t know how to talk to each other. Horrible! I’m for ‘vanwas’, I hope it finishes after 12 years. It’s real ‘vanwas’ for me.

But now, you people give me some hope. Now, no more talking like this! Shut up yourself on this point! Absolutely! Nobody’s going to talk like this. It’s anti-God. See, why are we here? Get individualistic in the sense you sit down for meditation, don’t talk. Sit down for meditation.

You see, you are trying to find organization mistakes. I just can’t understand, what is the matter with you? Pull your ears for this, please, pull all of you. No more of this nonsense. And next time, such people should not come, I request such people who have been complaining, please don’t come. Look at Genuine, she’s so old, she never says anything. Whenever I ask her she says, “Mother, I’m happy.” You are not going to enjoy anything, you see, because you are not subtle. Even coming to the subtlest places, you don’t enjoy that. Where is your attention going? Inward? Believe Me, they’re the most peaceful places where you have been. But your brain will never allow, this brain, this horrid ego will never allow you to enjoy. So, get rid of it! All right? Please, I want you to enjoy. I brought you here to enjoy. Don’t criticize. And any side of comfort, you just get rid of it. You’ve got a cot? Sleep on the ground. Best is. Tell your body, “I’m here! I’m a seeker!” You must know your true nature that you are seekers, you are not like other people. But that is still sticking on into your heads, you still think on those lines.

You must know that you should never challenge anybody who’s organizing. That hurts Me. Never! He’s doing some job, you’re doing no job. Must do that! What job are you doing? Very nice to criticize another person! What job are you doing? Are you responsible for anything? Even for your clothes? He’s the one who is working hard, it’s very nice to criticize such a person! It’s like any Dick, Tom and Harry comes and criticizes Me that, “Why don’t You do this and why don’t You do that?” Is exactly the same situation. You are doing no job, very nicely criticizing others. Why, for what?

You think you’ve paid for yourself, you’ve paid very little, not much, I know that. How much I had to take for your traveling and the amount of luggage you have brought. It’s a big problem in these places. Even if you pay, you can’t get it. But I’ve not brought you here to give you comfort at all. You must know, I told you it’s a very Spartan one. I’ve told you some that don’t get more than 80 people. It’s an impossible situation. You can’t get busses, these are from the state trading busses, we got with great difficulty. They gave us 2 busses, you see. They have their own passengers; they have to sacrifice a lot. These are not the places we – I didn’t want to travel this time, you remember? I was telling, “I don’t want to travel this time with all of you. I want to go alone”.

I’ve told you that we have to spend some money, more sometimes, sometimes less, sometimes we have to spend quite a lot, much more than we expect. Sometimes it’s lucky that we have less money. Whatever money remains, it will go for Sahaja Yoga. I don’t want your money, you know, I’ve already overspent my money. My bank is exhausted! You know that well. So, why you talk like this? You don’t think how much Mother spends. You never think on that. You know Portugal, what happened. You know how much money I spent in England. Then you don’t think on those lines, do you, ever? Are you going to return that money to Me, anyone of you?

So, why stupidly talk like this? As if there’s some tourism department going on, you paid for the money, you paid for it, so you find faults with the organizers. Give up all these bad habits, absolutely! Even if somebody beats you, you are not to complain out, keep it on that point. Ego needs beating, nice beating, I tell you. Sometimes good beating will sort out [unsure] all the problems. Otherwise, if nobody beats you, beat yourself. That’s the best way.

Now, not that everyone is like that; most of you are very good, I know you are enjoying, but these are few people who are bhootish and they are creating this problem and these bhootish people will give others bhootish nature, so be careful. Those who have got the bhoots better turn them out. Just don’t do anymore of this, just stop it. All right? We have to have self-discipline. These people, look at these people, no problem, no problem, such love, such organizing capacity! How much – from 3 o’clock they’re waiting here for Me, 3 o’clock. Every ended up, you see, they came back by 3 o’clock. Twelve hours. Again, today they are back for Puja. And they are engineers, they are doctors, they are everything. At least, everybody’s a graduate, at least, minimum.

It’s true that in England even a garbage cleaner gets more money than these people can get. But what, so what? Are they going to carry their money with them or their bathrooms and their comforts? All these mythical ideas, you must give up. This is another world, that’s another world. You have to adjust yourself to this world. It’s very sickening to Me, I tell you. Even if there are one person like that, really, it’s so sickening. Now don’t pay any attention to anybody who talks like that. Just shut him down! You are so many who are good, only there are few who are funny. You just shut them down, “Now you will shut up, this is a bhoot!” on this point. You must get up early in the morning, do your meditation, get into busses. You are here for a package deal for one month to spartan yourself.

All right? So, it’s a promise. It’s a promise, thanks forward [unsure].

Now with Rahuri it’s even much more, you see. The villagers, they are going to get a shock that I brought some drunkards with Me and those who cannot get into the bus, can’t get out, everything. And, “I can’t do this and I can’t do”. Everything you have to do! Just it’s a promise, it’s a promise. We are going to do it, all of us! All right? Even I! [Shri Mataji is laughing].
All right. May God bless you.

So, not to feel bad, most of you are all right, most of you are enjoying, I’m not saying. But there are few who are stupid and you don’t listen to them. Just don’t listen! If somebody says that, you shut that out. You’ll be amazed if you shut that person out, you’ll be amazed that person will improve, you’ll help that person. Nobody should talk like this! No one should talk like this! This is nonsensical!

All right. May God bless you all.
Let’s sit down with the Puja, with that smartness. We have to be smart not lethargic in Sahaja Yoga. Sahaja means what? Like lazy lumps? How are we going to do the work of the whole world if you are lazy lumps? Imagine, the amount of mountains we have to lift in the West. Now think of them! And here we are already exhausted, “Ha”, like that. What are we going to do there? Ha! It’s a tremendous task! See, it’s like- I don’t know what to say. It’s like taming a hippopotamus or I don’t know what to say. Horrible! You’d better smarten up yourself. Maybe, next year, I may never bring anyone of you. I tell you, I’m so fed up!

But this is the extend, it’s the last chance perhaps. Now I was saying it just last time, but everybody said, “No, no Mother”. Is it? Remember Gregoire. I was not wanting, really, anybody to come. It’s a headache, you know, you still carry the ideas. Now, so that’s done!

And look at down there, look at him! He’s any [ego]? He has a house of his own, he has a wife, he has children, all that he’s given up, he’s coming. Look at him! He’s a big engineer with the Municipality, he’s so doing so much of big, big bridges and all that. He is here!

Do you see him with any ego? Do you find any Ego in him? Learn, learn from them! If not from Me, learn from them. The one who arranged our program is a multimillionaire, do you know that? He’s a multimillionaire. The one who took us to his to his farm house, he’s a multimillionaire. But do you find anything in him? While my grandchildren themselves have just come from a multimillionaire family, do you find that in them?

Then why? Not that they don’t have money, they don’t have comforts. But he told Me that, “I haven’t got a car”. He’s a multimillionaire, “because I don’t need it. I need a jeep. So, I’ve got five jeeps”. Finished!
But if somebody gets some money there, he’ll have a swanky car to show off. “They can’t understand why to buy when I don’t need it? I’m working on the farm”. Finished! And you tell him, he’ll go by ordinary bus, he’ll do everything. He’s a multimillionaire, can you believe Me? Have you seen his business? How many looms he has got, which is working out? Not that he’s miserly, how generous he was! How his wife lives, how everything, just see! They might be having hundreds of diamonds in the house but they don’t show off.

I mean, we must learn from them, you see. Also, there are poor people, all of them are smart, very smart. They may live in a small, little tent but you see, early in the morning they’ll go to the river, have their bath, they’re ready for the job! Smartness is one of the things you have to get in Sahaja Yoga. Spartan! Living should be Spartan and smartness. Those two things you must keep in you.

All right! Otherwise, they think half of you are sick. All right?
So, no thinking, just now, put yourself into Nirvichara. Watch Me, all of you, watch Me. Raise your heads again.

All right. You’ve got rid of your vices and things, but now get rid of this nonsense, of a ego! This is the biggest problem you have. The ego is the biggest problem. And when you think you are dominated better accept it, hundred times! Don’t tell others.

Who is right-sided, left-sided, right-sided, left-sided, everybody’s branding everyone! But in Sahaja Yoga nobody remains left, right-sided.

Better? Much better. Whatever is good for the Spirit, the enjoyment for the Spirit, then you will be in the other world, you see. Forget this nonsensical world that you have been. You are all seekers. You are great people! God gave you birth in that country, just to see what materialism is, not to get involved into it. Get out! You got involved. Get out! We have all this poverty; we have all this discomfort. See the peace. Feel the peace of the landscape, of human beings, everybody has peace. Look the smart little children, young, this age, so happy here. All right? May God bless you.

And don’t look miserable, anyone of you.
They can’t understand why are you looking miserable. They are – they think that they are not doing their work properly or you don’t like the food. They just don’t understand because you look so miserable, anxiety and tired for nothing at all. All right, may God bless you.

Let’s have it now! Get up fast and go down! Let’s see how fast you can get up. All right! Let’s see how you get down. [End of talk; cut in the video]