Talk to Indian Medical Association Members

Rotary Club of Solapur, Solapur (India)

1983-01-04 Talk to Indian Medical Association members India DP-RAW, 79'
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Talk at Rotary Club

Announcer in English: Her Holiness Shrimati Nirmala Devi Ji, Vice President Rotarian Kanubai Patel, Maya Secretary Rotarian Tamboi, Organiser of Mataji’s programme in Sholapur, dignitaries in the dais and auditorium, distinct officers, president and secretaries of service organisations, visiting Rotarians, Lions, Rotractors, Leos, Lion ladies, members of the press, disciples of Mataji’s, ladies and gentlemen. I am proudly pleased to welcome you all at this open meeting, identifying with the community service. I am sure Her Holiness Mataji will delight this August gathering with her knowledgeable discourse on Sahaja Yoga in the beginning and then specify the subject which has not only created craze in the community but also has tremendous impact with the sustentional results of the relief of various types of diseases. Pressing the challenges to medicines which may have side effects, let us hear the details about Sahaja Yoga from Her Holiness. With these few words, I welcome you all once again. Thank you. 13.11 secs (Youtube)

Announcer in English: Now as a protocol one must know the bio-data or description of Mataji. So I request on behalf of our club, the (introduction) to Mataji, Dr. Morris to introduce today’s Her Holiness Mataji. 13.37secs (Youtube)   

Dr. Morris speaking to the audience in English: Ladies and gentlemen, I have a great honour in introducing Her Holiness Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi Ji. Her Holiness Mataji was born on 21st of March 1923 at Chhindwara, a small hill station in Nagpur in the heart of India. Today, she is wife of a United Nations Diplomat with two daughters and four grandchildren. Though bon in a Christian family, she has embraced the truth of all religions in her universal teaching. On the 05th of May 1970, Mataji witnessed the Sahasrara chakra of the Virata open. The Virata is the universal being, God’s manifested aspect in whose image we are made. Each chakras opening in his spiritual instrument heralds a new stage in our evolution as it creates the same potential in our own. The last chakra to open before this time was Agnya which opened with Christ’s resurrection. With the opening of Sahasrara, Her Holiness Mataji knew that it was time for man to rise in to his destined station, in to the Glory of the Kingdom of God. In spite of her undoubted power and profound depth of spiritual knowledge, Mataji remains a women of extraordinary humility. Her fond of wisdom and common sense and a constant source of laughter and delight. A personality of many facets as brilliant as crystal she is yet at the core one with her spirit of teaching. The pure light of love that glows in her heart of that crystal. Many thousands of disciples now practice her technique of Sahaja Yoga, meaning inborn technique, by which their lives have been transformed, individually and collectively fulfilled and have become dynamic, compassionate and wise through the implementation of vibratory awareness in their daily lives. They are only householders and citizens and their model and teacher is their Divine Mother Her Holiness Mataji. An extremely loving, simple, intelligent, frank and genuine personality. I proudly present this august gathering Her Holiness Mataji Nirmala Devi. Thank you. 16.20 secs (Youtube)   

In the background Shri Mataji is conversing with the organiser: I will stand here and talk in Marathi.

[Marathi to English transation] (- Start time 17.20 secs)

I bow down to all the working warriors (‘कर्मवीर’) who are the seekers of truth. First of all, Rotary Club has made all these arrangements and in such a large scale they have arranged a function for Sahaja Yoga, for this I am expressing my heartfelt thanks. The chakras of Rotary, those chakras are similar to the chakras that I am going to talk about and when they would have thought about these chakras at that time they would have got an inspiration from within that other than the chakras, no other thing will beautify Rotary Club and they have found such a beautiful thing that it looks like the Rotary Club is thanks (‘प्रतिकृपा’) to Sahaja Yoga is what I think.    

Now the chakras about which you are being told today, that there are chakras within us and the last chakra which is called as ‘Sahasrara’. This Sahasrara chakra was opened the last and has been opened. This chakra which is the seventh chakra, it can be seen on our head here, in a triangular shape (‘त्रिकोणाकार आकृती’) it can be seen, which we can call as the limbic area, in the medical language, it is called as the limbic area that is Sahasrara. Now the meaning of Sahasrara is in which there are one thousand sections that is Sahasrara. There are one thousand pulses (‘nadis’) here or we can say that there are one thousand nerves here. Now the doctors can say that there are not so many nerves there, or that there are only so many. But the truth is that there are one thousand and what work these nerves do and how do they execute that we can in the central nervous system how they execute, possibly is known by the medical fraternity. But even then, whatever they know is very less. They do not know what is beyond; and how do these one thousand nerves have different work to do; and how to use these thousand nerves can only be understood when these nerves are covered in the light of the spirit. Without the light of the spirit we have been spending our life. Hence, we do not know what nerves are within us or the organs that we have, we have no knowledge about them. Whatever information we have is if one of the doctor says that you’re this organ is spoiled, then we know that that organ has got spoiled. But if we ask that person if they can see it or hey have any knowledge about it, then they will not know anything about it.     

The reason is that the person who is sitting in darkness, if you tell that person that the colour of this room is green, he will say ok it is green. If you say it is yellow, he will also say it is yellow because he himself cannot see it. Hence, first the light should come within us and how will this light come? This light has to come, in that light only we will be able to see and that light is that of our spirit which has been told by all our elders. Now the people from the science field will say that they do not believe in this, there is no such thing like a ‘light’ Mataji. Even then in the medical system it is called as autonomous system and when it is asked that what is ‘auto’, they will say ‘that we don’t know but we call it as ‘auto’.’ We call that ‘auto’ as the ‘spirit’, the only difference is the choice of words. But if it come from the English, everyone will be accepting of it. It is ‘auto’ – the one that works on its own i.e. automatic (‘स्वयंचलित’). It is autonomous that is it is automatic. What do you mean by ‘self’; what does ‘you’ mean? If you say, ‘this is my car; this is my house; this is my body; this is my mind; this is my wisdom; this is my ego.’ All this which we call as ‘mine’ is not ‘me’. Then what is this ‘me’? Who is this ‘auto’? Who is this ‘spirit’? This needs to be found out, hence everyone has told that everybody should find their own spirit. If one of them has told then it should be described (‘वर्णन’). But whoever has become great, they have told us that you need to find your own spirit within. You should find your God within yourself. This has been told by all seers and saints, (Saint) Ramadas has told this, before him (Saint) Markandeya has told this, (Shri) Adi Shankaracharya has told this, Christ has told this, (Prophet) Mohammed has told this, (Shri) Buddha has told this, (Shri) Mahavira has told this, everyone has told this that we need to find the ‘spirit’ within ourselves. But instead of finding that humans have chosen a different path. In the name of religion, how many temples (‘मंदिर’) we have raised, how many temples (‘देऊळ’) we have raised, we have constructed mosques, but it can be seen that all these have not been useful, it has only resulted in fighting. Human being themselves are the temple of the God and in that temple only is the self-form (‘आत्मस्वरूप’) (of) God. This needs to be enlightened. Till the time tis spirit is not born in our hearts, or it does not come in our attention, attention means nothing but the conscious mind, we can call it as the central nervous system, till such time we will not be able to understand the God in the temple, we will not understand the Rahim in the Mosque. Till such time for us to get the perception (‘बोध’) of anything is very difficult. Now the meaning of ‘Sahaja’ is – ‘Saha’ means with you; and ‘Ja’ means which is born; means that yoga which has been born with you. Like in any seed, from that seed any of the trees that are going to come out, it has already been designed to the minute (details), similarly within us as well this yoga has been tied in.    

This has been tied in slowly during the different stages of our evolution. Now we can see here these chakras. In this the first chakra, this charka is below the Kundalini, we should keep this in our mind that you don’t have to wait (‘वेठ’) for the first chakra. The first chakra that is there is at that position in the humans when the carbon atom was first created. Means that when the carbon atom was prepared on then the life evolution process (‘जीव धारणा’) began. Then this is the chakra for the life evolution process and at that time, in that state, humans are innocent, he is innocent. Hence this chakra is of our innocence, is of innocence and is of Shri Ganesha. Shri Ganesha resides in this chakra, now we have become very well educated and we have got lot of knowledge, so for us (Shri) Ganesha has been kept somewhere, so we should bow down and proceed, when we see him in the temple if we bow down it is sufficient. It should not be like this, (Shri) Ganesha is within us and he is sitting on this chakra, the first chakra and he is the one who protects the Kundalini and Kundalini is in reality is the form of Gauri. Now we have seen many a times that the Ashta Vinayaka (‘Eight Ganesha’) that is there in Maharashtra, the Ashta Vinayaka is there. How do we know that the Ashta Vinayaka is true? How will you prove that the Ashta Vinayaka came out of the earth? This needs some kind of proof. Just that my father told, my father’s parents told, even if this is true, our children will not agree to this. All religions also requires proof and today’s Sahaja Yoga has become Maha Yoga because you can prove everything in it. 

What all has been told in the scriptures, you will get to know the proof of each of those things properly. Now this chakra of (Shri) Ganesha has come from the earth. This Ashta Vinayaka especially for Maharashtra, the land of Maharashtra is great, hence the name is ‘Great Nation’ (‘Maharashtra’). The name of Maharashtra is there from time immemorial, no one can tell who gave this name. Here the eight Ganesha’s came out from the earth element. Now many people tell that, in many religions it has been written that (Shri) Mataji that you should not do any pujas, then how you can say that all the religions are the same. If you have read the Bible, it has not been written in the Bible that you should not do any idol worship. But it has been written that anything that has been made using the earth element or has been made using the sky element, you should not make such idols and do Pooja of such idols. Now see how much difference is there in the understanding. So what came out of the earth element which we call as ‘awakened’ is the Ashta Vinayaka. Now how do we know whether it is awakened or not? Can it be recognised? How will we come to know? But if there is a saint or a sage, they will say this place is enlightened, this is not. Means when you get this light, when your Kundalini is awakened and will pierce the Brahmarandra at that time this all-pervading power, this Brahma Shakti will come in your hands and it will start flowing as a fountain through your hands. In that new consciousness we will be able to know if it is the truth or false. Because, if you keep your hands in front of such (Shri) Ganesha which is awakened, then you will also get the fountain of (vibrations) from that source and if it is that type pf (Shri) Ganesha which (has been man made) idol or is not alright then nothing will come from it and some (Shri) Ganesha will just burn your hands. Similarly, there are many experiences, I can say that where, we need to understand that where humans have their unconscious (mind) is not complete. It has not reached its completeness yet and it will attain its completeness only when you will get your spirit which is full, which is the whole. Hence we are in a relative state. Whatever we have is elite (‘सभ्रांत’). How will we know if this is true or false? How will we know if doing this is correct or wrong?  

Because that completeness has still not come within us. That element has not yet been awakened within us. Till that element is awakened within us, we will not understand that this is true or false. When the Kundalini is awakened at that time there is no trouble. Many people have written many books on this, when I read it in my childhood, I felt very surprised that whatever they want, anything they are writing about it. Then about God, about God means Hitler also has said something about. Means, God means people think that we can talk anything and no one will hold them accountable for that and so we can talk whatever we want and write whatever we want. Like that even about Kundalini they have written whatever they want. Now what these people are saying that Kundalini is troublesome and all that, the only reason for that is that they don’t know anything about Kundalini and because of some mess that they have done that such problems get created. Suppose we don’t know anything about electricity and we touch it at the wrong place and we get a shock, then the fault is of ignorance is what we should understand. But everyone should get up and seek knowledge about God and Kundalini and should show this much courage, means also in a way is a bit surprising to me. Ok, whatever you have read about Kundalini till now or have read anything horrible about it, there is nothing like that. In the sixth chapter Shri Gyaneshwar has mentioned about Kundalini and has said that there is this thing called Kundalini and it is silently sitting (‘औठवरने’) and it looks like it has bathed itself in vermilion (‘kumkum’), etc.. etc.. He has explained this all. But he has not explained it completely or written about it in complete detail. But he has written about today’s Sahaja Yoga in Pasaydan (versed prayer written by Shri Gyaneshwara). He has written it very clearly that when it will happen then you will rule the distance (‘दुरितांचे तुम्ही राजवो’). Those who are detached from God they will get the light. They will know about the oneness of Brahma. Brahma is spread across everywhere. In every atom and molecule there is Brahma. If we take sulphur dioxide, if we look at its atom then the atoms of sulphur and oxygen both are constantly vibrating like this. And who runs those vibrations, who does it? It is this power of Brahma (‘Brahma Shakti’) that does this.

We keep looking at the various aspects of this power of Brahma day and night but we do not imagine about it. Means, if we see one of the flowers becoming the fruit, then it does not even cross our mind that how did this flower become a fruit? Which power made this happen, we cannot do any such thing. We can’t do even one such thing and the crores of such things that is happening on a daily basis is happening by which power? It happens through this power of Brahma. We became human beings from amoeba by which power?  That also happened through this power of Brahma. But still we have not reached the completeness, if we had reached this power of Brahma would have been flowing through us. This power of Brahma should be with us and to get it the Kundalini needs to be awakened and once the kundalini is awakened, then this power of Brahma starts flowing through your hands as a fountain. But foremost, the thing that happens is that in your consciousness itself, in your consciousness itself, you will know the collective consciousness. Means sitting here you will be able to tell that for so and so relative of mine where is his Kundalini? What is his state, which are the chakra of his that are caught up? You will also be able to tell about yourself, what state you are and where you are having any trouble. You will be able to tell about others, means you are now awakened in the collective consciousness. Means you have become awakened as the part and the parcel of the Virata’s being, you already are (the part and parcel) but are not yet awakened. It should be awakened. By its awakening you will come to know that where anyone is having the pain. Now if this finger is paining, the whole body know that the finger is paining. The whole body rushes to cure it. Similarly when you get awakened, then in this Virata you will also be able to know that what your state is, what is the state of others. Other than that in Sahaja Yoga once you do a little hard work, you will also be able to understand that how you should cure this.

But the most important is that the form of the spirit is of truth, joy of attention (‘satchitanand’). The form of the spirit is of truth, joy of attention, is what it is said. But what does this mean? Everyone keeps saying that the form of the spirit is of truth, joy of attention. But what is the meaning of satchitanand? First of all this is the truth. Now we keep saying that this is the truth, that is truth, we saw that this is the truth. Adi Shankaracharya has said that only Brahma is the truth, all others are false. Rest all is illusion, what is the meaning of this? This is the truth and everything else is illusion, means what. The meaning of this is that whatever transaction (‘व्यवहार’) we are doing today, whatever we are practising (‘व्यवहार’) today, we are doing it blindly and when we get to know the form of the spirit at that time our practice becomes sighted (‘डोळस’), the truth can be seen. If any of the person comes to meet us, imagine, so he can be cunning as well, he can be a bad person also, or can be a saint as well. Looking at their clothes you will not be able to say, looking at their face you will not be able to say, how that person is. You have not known the truth because you can only see what is on the outside, if the person has worn a suit and a boot then you will say that the person is a ‘big person’ (‘sahib’). He will enter the house and steal all the things and run away, then you will realise that the big person ran away with your things.  

Such things have happened in the past where many such big people (‘sahib’) had come and many stole things and ran away. But now how do we recognise? The method to recognise after getting Sahaja Yoga, you will get to know about the person as soon as they come that the person is a mess (‘गडबड’) because your chakras will get caught up. Chakra for you is barometric or you can say when you can see your spirit in your attention, you become like a computer. Now suppose this is a machine, as soon as you connect this to the mains it can be used. Similarly when you connect a computer to the mains that computer will start speaking and it will start telling you that this is alright, this is not, means the truth is told by the spirit. The truth can only be tested by the spirit and what is the truth only the spirit says. Before that whatever we think using our brains is limited, there are limitations to it. These are thoughts with limits and how much far can we take these thoughts with limits? But this power is limitless, is limitless and this power is spread everywhere and if you see its work then it is something that cannot be described. It cannot be described in words, its work is huge. Like you have the telecommunications, you have the wireless, you have all these things, it has similarly everything with it. And it is so witty (‘मजेदार’) that it is surprising that with the smallest of, smallest of movement in the finger only you can resolve things. So till now whatever we have known is not the entire truth, it is either partially true or false. After this, after having your realisation what you will know is the complete truth. Now if we have to say, the people of the press, imagine, people from the press have come, then even the press will look at me on the outside and will imagine about me on the outside. How will they come to know internally that who I am or who they are? So if they write anything without their realisation, it will be in vain. That is why to the people of the press I say, don’t print anything, get your realisation then print. Because it will neither help me nor benefit (anyone).    

Now people who have an outside understanding can say that (Shri) Mataji has cured cancer, ok it has been done, but does it have any meaning? It does not have any meaning, if it is done – it has been done, but I don’t think that there is nothing special about curing a cancer, that it is special. Because it is like this that if you get your light of your spirit, you can cure it. Every person can cure it. We have a householder (‘गृहस्त’) in Rahuri, he has given realisation to 10,000 people and I know how many more thousands of people he has cleared. Here whoever is sitting have cleared so many people. Now I don’t clear anyone for their ailments because that is at a physical level. To clear physical problems is not difficult for a realised soul. Then there are many people, mad people, people who have mental troubles have been cured, there is nothing special about it. This is all on the outside. This is all on the outside, but it has become of so much importance now that people think that this is very big thing that (Shri) Mataji cures everyone like this or like that. This happens in a Sahaja way. For this I don’t have to put in any special efforts, or for that I don’t have to create any special medicines or anything else. Because the entire power, the complete power in which there is the complete power of desire, there is the complete power of action, the power of creation is there. This is called in the language of Sahaja Yoga as the power of (Shri) Mahakali, (Shri) Mahalakshmi, (Shri) Mahasaraswati. When these three powers come in to your hands and their complete (‘समग्र’) knowledge you have, then you tell me if this is an easy job or not. Secondly it is that, in science you know that, now I am not opposing science, there are lots of benefits of science, now I am using this (mike) to give the lecture it is because of science only. In fact my vibrations flow through this (mike). If for many people any chakra is catching too much and if I catch my chakra using this (mike), then the chakras of those people will be relieved. Not only that, if on television my program is aired, then thousands of people will get their awakening and get their realisation.

But the television people don’t allow us to come nearby, we don’t get together, I don’t know what their problem is. Like this, at every place what is happening is that the benefit humans are getting from science has been given by the God Almighty, only for the purpose, that the common man should get their spirit (awakened). This is the knowledge given by the God Almighty. Even a person like Einstein has said that I was lying completely tired and I was completely fed up, I did not understand anything. From somewhere unknown, from somewhere unknown, he has written it clearly that the ‘Theory of Relativity’ dawned upon me. The Relativity theory came and stood in front of me, is what he said. Where did it come from, means the God Almighty only has given it to him. Whatever we have known is already there in the books, what we don’t know where is it coming from the source is unknown, and what that unknown is, it is the collective unconscious. We will call it in Marathi as सामूहिक अचेतन (‘collective unconscious’). What comes from the collective unconscious is what becomes conscious (‘चेतन’). If it comes within us, its knowledge, means we have found it out is not the reality, we cannot find anything at all, what is already there only that we can find, is it not?  Please keep your attention here, we can only find out those things that we can see. How can we find something that we cannot see? So, what every knowledge of the science we have got, that knowledge, the knowledge of the science as well has been given by God Almighty to humans so that they can get their spirit enlightened. First of all with science, our domestic (‘घरगुती’) questions have been addressed, means we have more time now, if we see it that way. Means, there is not much trouble to cook, there is not much trouble to do work, everything happens quickly, food and all arrangements are done well and all. But now that we have free time to waste, human mind is converse, they have the freedom, he goes and sits in the bar (‘गुटया’), he keeps watching the time, He looks at the time and goes to a place where his time will be completely wasted. In this way our precious time for which we wear the watches, we waste it completely.

God Almighty has made this provision only for this purpose, this has been provided only for us to achieve our spirit, because we need to be uplifted (‘उत्थान’). Now we have become human beings, we have become humans, we have achieved the state of humans, now we have to get the state above this. From animals we have become humans, now should we not achieve the next state of our upliftment in our evolution? If we have to achieve that then what do we need to do for that? What have you done till now, what have we done to become humans? Have we done anything, have we done any hard work, we have become right? Have we done any hard work? Our Mother would have gone through labour pains for it, but she did not allow you to have any pains. You were born in an organised way. But still we do not think in a way that why did God Almighty give us the state of humans? And if he has given, then definitely there has to be step above this; and everyone has told and gone that at the steps above this you should be able to see your spirit. Ok no one believes the sages and saints, ok agreed. Then now you look at science. Now a scientist like Yoon has very clearly said that without your spirit you cannot achieve anything, you need to achieve your collective consciousness, means that you have to become part and parcel of the body of Virata. There are so many questions that we cannot answer with our brains and we can’t understand and today humans are in illusion, in confusion and this confusion will come in this Kali Yuga was prophesised many years back in the Nal Damayanti narrative. One day Nal was held by Kali and he was troubled a lot which you know about. He got separated from his wife, and all such things, he was troubled a lot. After some days, Nal got hold of Kali and he said that now I will decapitate (‘शिरच्छेद’) you, annihilate (‘नायनाट’). Now you don’t come in this world at all. Then Kali said, ok you do what you want to do but whatever is my greatness (‘माहात्म्य’) that you need to understand. If you are convinced then ok, else you can annihilate me. There is only one greatness about me that when my kingdom will rule this world, when the Kali Yuga will come, at that time, all these people from various places who will be wandering, these general householders will take birth and they will get their self-realisation. This has been told.

After that big astrologers like Bhrigu Munni, he has written a book ‘Nadi Granth’, he wrote the book before “Bhrigu Samhita’ and it was revised again 300 years back by one Swami Bhujander and he has very clearly written that, in 1970, Sahaja Yoga has to advent and in Sahaja Yoga, the kundalini will be awakened in a very ‘Sahaja’ manner, people will get it and all of people’s complaints (‘तक्रारी’) will go away. Even though all of this is a divine drama (‘leela’) if we want to say that we don’t believe in it, then ok. Oh, have come your for your good, in that what good is going to happen to me is what you should think in a simple way? It will be our own good if we are able to sight our spirit. How much will you benefit, humans will not understand till it is explained in this way. Hence you need to understand the materialistic benefits first. The first materialistic benefit you get is that you get rid of your physical problems, your physical problems go away. Any flaws (‘वैगुण्य’) that are there in your body or the obstacles (‘बाधिक’) that are there in your body, or you can say the illnesses, all which will become alright. But all of it will not get alright, some of it will get alright. Some illnesses do not get cured, something that is already dead will not get cured. Now yesterday a Socialist came to fight with me, they don’t believe in God, day before. He said, that (Shri) Mataji why don’t you only serve the poor people, why don’t you only cure poor people? I told him that I can’t distinguish between a poor and a rich with my eyes, maybe only you can see it that way. For my eyes everyone is alike and also what should we do by making people alright? Only those people who will give light to others after getting well, only such lights should be taken care of right. God also has common sense. Those lights which are useless, they cannot work, what is the use of rectifying them? They can be rich, poor or anyone. The lights which will spread the light of the God Almighty in the world, only such lights will be rectified by the God Almighty. Then even your physical troubles are cured.  

But don’t bring all the ill people, it is important to say this. First of all you become the doctor. Once you become the doctor, one-one person can cure thousands of other people. But while curing them, this feeling does not come to the person that they do nothing (‘अकर्म’). They do not have the feeling that I cured this person, I cured that person. The only feeling is that something is going, something is coming. Now like this finger is there (Shri Mataji is pointing towards left Vishuddhi i.e. left index finger), if it is paining or something, we rub it hard to get it alright, then we don’t say that we have done a big favour to ourselves, do we say so? When there is no one else remaining, you are enlightened in the collective consciousness, then on whom are you doing a favour? But in this collective consciousness, they call it as socialism or they might be calling it something else, this spirit has to be awakened. Only talking about it does not work. I will say that we are a big capitalist, and we are so much capitalist as much we are a communist. Means we are capitalist because we have all the powers, hence a capitalist; and communist because we do not get peace till we give it, hence we are communist. But what we are is not all talks, but is really happening. Then, this should get executed (‘कार्यान्वित’). All these political imaginations that we have all of these are also mental (‘भौदिक’) and that too have come from the unconscious. These should get executed, no one is paying attention to this. People feel that if we talk using our brains (‘बुद्धी’), we gave four lectures, this happened, that happened, we instigated four fights, we did this, we did that, then done, we have become a very big leader. All these kind of things, which we take in our thoughts, take all the ‘isms’, take all the ‘isms’ in the world, all these ‘isms’ only are executed from our brains and our mouth. If we see in the reality, this should automatically happen. It should just flow from us in a way that everyone should get it, like the Sun. There is no bigger capitalist that the Sun and also no one is as communist like the Sun. But those who hide from the Sun or run away from the Sun, the Sun does not run after them. The Sun does not fall at their feet that please you take the sun light from me.

The earth is there, even though it has all the powers within it, constantly the energy is flowing (giving). We go on taking from her, there is nothing that have to give for what we take, what will we give to the Earth, do we have anything? We use her water, we use her land, we use all her fragrances, flowers, fruits, whatever we get, all comes from the Mother earth only. While giving to her, you can’t give her anything. But after your realisation you can give. Humans when they get their realisation, the second benefit is that, now in Rahuri agriculture centre, there are some disciples of mine, they have tried and experimented that if the wheat is given vibrated water then it grows five times more and that wheat is so beautiful, fertile and is like a big pearl, the breads (indian rotis, chapatis) made out of it so good. But the main point is that they kept that (vibrated) wheat in the warehouses along with the other stocks, then even the pests (‘सरकी’) and others also came, and this what we call rats (‘मूषक’) (Shri Mataji is thinking), rats.. Here yes, we call them rats. The rats ate away everything else but they did not touch the (vibrated) wheat. It did not touch those bags, nor did it make even a hole to it. It is very surprising. They gave vibrated water to the Cows, the Indian Cows, then it started giving 10-12 ounces (‘सेर’) of milk. But these Australian Cows do not like that (vibrated) water at all and drinking their milk the children become rude (‘उदंड’). But by drinking the milk of our Indian Cows, children become calmer. Our country is very great, we are sitting on the righteousness (‘Dharma’), you are sitting on the land of Maharashtra which has the three and half seat (‘पीठ’), means that the Kundalini of the whole world is beneath your feet. The most important work of the world is here only. But we don’t have the knowledge about it. We have stamped ourselves as still ‘developing’ (country) and we should see in which gorge have the developing (developed countries) gone and fallen, at least that we should be able to see.

Where have they gone by being developing (developed countries) we should see. Otherwise we are following them as blind people and if you also become like them then you will know. What their state is, that I will not be able to explain, but a small example I will give you. That in the past I had heard that in Lon(don), England, in a week the Mother and the Father kill their two children, means good children who have no problems. The Mother and the Father kill them. But after that they came to know that it was wrong information as it happens only in London, in one week two children (are killed). Now have you heard anything like this before? Are these humans or beasts (‘हैवान’)? Even this type of inertia (‘जडबाझीपणा’) is not good and because of this type of inertia (‘जडबाझीपणा’) their situation is like this that they do not have even this much of faith (‘आस्था’) about their children and the children are also like that. There the children also kill their parents, not only that they kill their grandparents. They have become like killers (‘खुनशी’). If you go to talk to anyone, they will bark at you like dogs. To even speak to them is difficult. What I am saying is not false, now so many of them are sitting here, if needed I will talk in English and they will not object. We have started following them blindly that is not alright. What their mistake is that their progress is all unilateral (‘एककांगी’). Any progress made using the brains is unilateral and it turns back. Hence the science has become a scam (‘घोटाळा’). If you see science in total, the totality of the science, then it is destructive (‘विध्वंसक’). If you see in a retail then there is a benefit, but if you see in totality it is destructive. Because it is unilateral, science is unilateral. If there is no heart with the science, such science has no meaning. But if you once take the science, does heart have any place in that science? Wisdom (‘शहाणपणा’) also does not have a place, leave about the heart. What we call as wisdom, intelligence (‘सुबुद्धी’) also does not have place. Stupidity (‘दुर्बुद्धी’) is also ok, if they know science means finished. If you even go beyond that, then you will be surprised that of this science, the people who have made so much of big discoveries, have put countries lakhs and lakhs of rupees, have put crores of rupees, it is all so useless, so wasteful. Does it have any sense? Now people have gone on the moon, I think it is so childish.

Instead of that try and rectify the problems that are there in our country or the other countries. What you have to do going to the moon? What have they achieved by this? It is a pattern of madness (‘वेड्यांचा नमुना’). We do not think about it. Tomorrow we will also start towards the moon like a fool (‘मूर्खासारखं’), if they have gone and come why should we not go? If they got their tails clipped, why shouldn’t we get our as well? You should think a little about it, you all are thoughtful (‘विचारवंत’) people. Is there any sense about it, to be throwing your money at such things? Thousands and crores of rupees in this way to prepare atom bombs, hydrogen bombs, this and that they have made and kept. From here if one of them, if Russia presses one button there, the whole world will be destroyed, from there if America presses the button, the whole world will get destroyed. Is this a sign of wisdom? Have you seen any animal like this that behave in this way? But for all this there is only one reason and that reason is such that they have progressed unilaterally, it is very difficult for them to progress holistically, because they have carried away towards one side. But now they are realising that in what gorge they are falling and they will come back now. But we should get this short circuit, because we have the big flag of righteousness (‘Dharma’) in our country. What our country has received as inheritance (‘वारसा’), the knowledge that our country has got, put your attention towards that. This is the knowledge of the root that is only the tree. Even if the tree is not there it is ok, but the root has to be there first. So we have to pay attention there we should get it assimilated (‘आत्मसात’) which is an easy job. We also have been with those people to find all these things. Then what is going to be difficult for you? Then first find this as see. If it is Indian, not everything is bad. Their machines might be good but the people are all useless. Our people are good and the machines are bad. In that what good you want you should tell. In this way whatever little I have told you (Shri Mataji asking one of the organisers, ‘is the time over?’). So I have talked about it very little, the topic is so large, we know about it, this is a storehouse of knowledge and thousands of my lectures are there, thousands and even then everyone says that (Shri) Mataji you always tell us something new, etcetera, etcetera. Even if it is anything, if you have any questions, then you can ask me and if you want it to be shown practically, even that we can do. That is the best thing. There is no point in asking questions, because this is not the work of intelligence. It is a work beyond the intelligence. The awakening of the kundalini is beyond the intelligence. In short whatever I had to say about Sahaja yoga I have told and if you feel like you can take the books as well. But our books are currently out of stock, so if you give your addresses we will arrange to send the books. Similarly, we want to open a good centre in Sholapur. So please help us out with it, we don’t need assistance in money, money is not required for this, but if we get a good place then we can open a good centre over here and that centre can become functional and there people can come and tell you and you can become strong in this, experts (‘प्रवेत’) in this. It is not at all a difficult thing. Now, here we have a very deep Sahaja Yogi here named Anant Damble. He has written a book also in Marathi, he has also written poetry an all and he is at Mumbai, he is an engineer. But in Sahaja yoga he is a very grass root level (deep) (‘पट्टीचे’) Sahaja Yogi, so to look at he will look as simple as you are, but he is a very grass root level (deep) (‘पट्टीचे’) Sahaja Yogi. The meaning of Sahaja Yogi is that one who has found God Almighty, has found the spirit and the one who has got all its knowledge. Means what, Yoga has two meanings, Yoga and Kaushalam (signifies doing work with devotion and without attachment). First the Yoga should happen, means the kundalini should be awakened within you and it should pierce your fontanel bone (‘Brahmarandra’) and after that you should achieve the Kaushalam, you should achieve its deftness. If it comes, then you have become Sahaja Yogis and for that we don’t give you any certificate or anything. But who is a Sahaja Yogi, we know them. In this way, in this also there are stages which will come and once you cross them, means you have done a favour on lots of people. Not only this, it is not a favour like I said, but you can do good (‘भल’) to many people and you can benefit (‘भल’) yourself and the whole country can be benefitted (‘भल’), not only that, the whole mankind will be benefitted (‘भल’) from this. (Shri) Krishna has said ‘Yoga kshema vahamyaham.’ Means after Yoga you will get your Kshema (‘well-being’). Before that chanting ‘Vitthal’ ‘Vitthal’ will have no meaning. First Yoga, first get your connection. There is no point in just chanting his name loudly, because if there is no connection that is established, what is the point of making a telephone call.   

So once you get your Yoga, many people are too much devoted (‘Bhakti’). Devotion (‘Bhakti’) should also not be done like a mad that even if the God comes down you will not be willing to recognise him. What is the use of such devotion, it is a blind devotion. So, devotion should also have some sightedness (‘डोळसपणा’) and this time has come, a beautiful time has come, it is the time of spring, thousands of people are getting their realisation and you all should also get your realisation, is what my humble request (‘नम्र विनंती’) is. (Claps in the background)   

Other than this, if anybody wants to ask anything, then you can ask questions. From the audience, ‘is there going to be a realisation’. (Shri) Mataji says, ‘It will happen later. Will do it later. First ask your questions.’ The organiser says ‘Whoever wants to ask a question, please ask one after the other’. (Shri) Mataji says, ‘Ask them to give it in writing.’ The organiser says ‘It is better if it is given in writing. And before that I would request (Shri) Mataji that some people have an expectation that cancer, kidney, liver, on these disease, the treatment that is followed in Sahaja Yoga, if you can give some idea around it, then it will be easy to ask questions.’ Shri Mataji ‘Cancer’. The event organiser, ‘Cancer, Kidney, liver and their treatments’     

Shri Mataji is speaking in Marathi: Ok so, how does cancer occur? It is a simple thing. Whether doctors believe it or not, it happens this way only and we have cured it as well. So the reason for having cancer is that, these chakras which are there within us, from these chakras, if any one of the chakras is too stressed, the sympathetic nervous system is like this in the centre (Shri Mataji is showing with her fingers) and on the left side and the right side there are two sympathetic nervous system that is Ida Nadi and Pingala nadi. These are its subtle nadis and outside in the roots it is called as sympathetic nervous system. The left side of ours is the side of our feelings, is our emotional side and is our past, means it is our past (‘गत’), or it is our past and the right side is our future. Here (in the right) you can say that it is physical and mental side. These are the (two) sides. So from wither of these sides, any side is too stressed, so in these chakras there are Deities and those Deities get angry. And if they get angry and then go to sleep, then the connection of these chakras in totality, in complete is broken. Means, you can say this way that what our central channel is, in that these chakras are there and in that any one of the Deities sleeps, then its connection, then that chakras connection is broken with the other chakras and it get broken with our intelligence, it breaks from our ego, it breaks away completely. Now, when the connection is broken in that way, means these chakras are very much overworking. It is overworking and now it has broken and come out this way, we should imagine it in this way, it does not actually break, on the face of it, it doesn’t break, but it is sleeping from within. Then what happens that if wither this (right) side or this (left) side is overworking, then what is wrong with this, we are the best in all and are intelligent, like this the cells start thinking within it. These muscles (‘पेशी’) also like human beings, what is Gold Almighty, what is it for us, what is wrong in this, what is wrong in that, what is wrong if this is done, what’s wrong? This is what their mantra is, of such people and it goes on increasing and increasing and then they go and catch others (cells), this is called malignancy. It may be better if I talk about cancer in English.       

Shri Mataji is speaking in English: It would be better in English. So, it gets the form of malignancy. It becomes malignant and when it is malignant, it oppresses other, other cells. The other cells also get malignant like that they go on increasing. At the time of Hitler, same thing happened. Hitler was a malignant cell, you can say a malignant personality and he passed his malignancy to everyone in the society. In the same way in the body also the same thing happens and a person who is like this keeps increasing his size so much that he oppresses another person. Competitive life always creates this problem. So what happens is that this cell, one cell, first it starts with one cell or two cells and they start giving this message to others and they also become the same way. That’s how this cancer is settled. Now how to cure cancer through Sahaja Yoga? It is very simple because it is on the principles, tattwa, on the tattwas. Say there are only simple four colours as there are, permutations, combinations are different, but very simple. So what we do is to give vibrations to that centre. If you give vibrations to that centre, the deity is awakened. If you awaken the Deity, that is also mantra to awaken the Deity. But the mantra should also be awakened (‘Jagrut’). Any, Dick, Tom and Harry cannot give you the mantra. It has to be a awakened (‘Jagrut’) mantra. When you give that mantra, the Deity gets awakened and by that the connection is established. Once the connection is established, the whole system starts working alright. That is how you cure cancer. Simple as that.

Shri Mataji is speaking in Marathi: Then what Kidney? Now Kidney and Liver. Now only I have told in the Medical Association that in Kidney and Liver, we have a Swadishthan chakra within us. This is the second chakra, this chakra goes on revolving (here) and it starts from the Nabhi chakra and like a Lotus stalk can move up and down and even if this chakra is subtle in its root state it has aortic plexus named plexus can be seen in the root stage can be seen on the external. So the doctors know the aortic plexus but they don’t know the Swadishthan chakra. Swadishthan chakra is the subtle state and from that comes out, means what gets executed (‘कार्यान्वित’) that root is called as the aortic plexus. Now the main work of this plexus or the main work of this chakra is that the fat cells in the stomach, our brains, when we use our brains too much then for that brain that fat cells, it has to have a proper, we can say that there should be a transformation or it should be transformed to it becoming useful to the brain. Now the people who think too much for them the Swadishthan has only one job that it has to go on changing the cells and it should send it to the brain. There is no other work that remains for it and the most important work it has to do is that it has to liver, take care of the liver, again take care of the pancreas, again take care of the spleen, then take care of the kidneys, also the uterus. Means all this work does not happen. This work that does not happen gives the trouble. Main things is that the person who thinks too much will as a minimum get diabetes. Means the nature is telling him that don’t think so much, why are you thinking all useless things, means unnecessarily humans are thinking so much. Thoughts of the future, now are sitting here the thoughts are will I get a taxi, will I get a bus. You will get if you get or you will not get, sitting here and thinking about it what is the use? All thoughts of the future, it is even the ladies, am not just talking about men. For ladies it is that tomorrow I will only make ladies finger curry and what if there is no ladies finger available in the market? Means, just going on thinking about the future, the people who are futuristic they will get this disease. Ok, so by not eating sugar, diabetes is never going to get cured, but it will get cured by not thinking. But now how to do that (Shri) Mataji, people will ask this. So there are two powers within us, on the left side is the power of desire that comes from the Ida nadi and on the right side the power of action, that power of action comes from the Pingala nadi. Sit down, sit down, sit for two minutes. Sit for some time. What? Sit down, sit sown don’t disturb everyone, sit down, sit down. You should not be disturbing others.     

The power of desire and the power of action are two powers. I have told about the power of desire that desire is connected with the mind and the power of action is with the intelligence, with intelligence and the body. Now the person has used too much of his intelligence, am not talking of wisdom, intelligence, intelligence has been used in excess or has used the body excessively, then they will have these troubles. Hence, we have to give them a balance and when the power flows through these hands, to give balance is very easy. You raise the power from the left side to the right side to give the balance. Such people get heart attacks. Futuristic people will always get heart attacks or a person who in the farm lifts very heavy things, means heavy, means more than the work, means more than what the body can bear, or works more than the body’s capacity can also get it. Means what happens that the spirit is in our body. It is where, in the heart and it sees that this person has attention always on external things. There is no attention towards God Almighty. No attention and many people even when they are having attention on God Almighty they do so much of nuisance (‘धांगड धिंगाणा’) that even that can affect the heart. To do fasting or going on doing things to torment one’s life. Then the spirit says, you want fasting, then take it, permanent fasting. Once you get a heart attack, then just done, go on doing fasting only. You were talking of fasting, so take it. So like the Jews, they said that they didn’t believe in Christ only for the reason that Christ had said that now you don’t have to suffer at all, you don’t have to take any miseries, because in his life, what all he endured, he endured it for everyone and went. Hence, we should not believe in Christ, as we want to endure it. We are sufferers, then take Hitler. You want it right, to suffer, then take. This is the way the God Almighty’s grace happens. Hence, humans should not hurt their spirit. This body has not been given by the God Almighty to hurt the spirit and at least in the name of God Almighty you should not hurt the spirit at all. First of all in Sahaja Yoga all kinds of fasting is stopped. All the fasting should be stopped, only for yourself, for your health if you want to do anything you do, but you should not put that burden on the God Almighty. Secondly, when we should fast even that we don’t know. One householder came to me from Pune, he is Rajwade, you must be knowing, his name is Agnihotri. Agnihotri Rajwade are very famous people. He came to me, he is a devotee, devotee of (Shri) Ganesha and he has the problem of the prostate. Then I said that I don’t know how you got the problem of prostate because you are such a big devotee of (Shri) Ganesha and (Shri) Ganesha only looks after the prostate. And he was also a Sahaja Yogi. But still there was something sticky. So that day was Sankhashti (Chaturthi), so I am what, for me the Prasad is only of Chana, I said take this prasad. He started looking here and there. So I asked, what happened? He said today is Sankhashti (Chaturthi) (Shri) Mataji. I said is that so? If you fast on the day of Sankhashti (Chaturthi), you will get the problem of the prostate. If you want it then continue. On that day is the birth of Shri Ganesha. You only think should you be following a period of mourning (‘सुतक’)? If in your house a child is born, will you follow a period of mourning (‘सुतक’)?       
Means only the enemies of God Almighty will do such a thing. If a child is born in anybody’s house, their enemies will be following a period of mourning (‘सुतक’) that how come a child was born in their house? Similarly, every God who got incarnated, on the day they were born who asked them to fast, I am not able to understand. Should that day you should be fasting or you should be celebrating? On that day you should prepare lots of modak and eat. But if your health does not permit, then whatever suits your health you should only eat that. But after Sahaja Yoga, one more thing happens, what suits your health only that you will eat, you will not eat other things at all. It just drops off, it happens automatically because the righteousness (‘Dharma’) is awakened within. After the righteousness (‘Dharma’) is awakened within even what will you do? The righteousness (‘Dharma’) is awakened within you. Then if you say that you want to drink alcohol, you will not be able to, you will not be able to drink at all, immediately you will vomit. You whatever you want to do this and that will not happen, it will automatically, drop off by itself. I am not going to say anything to you that don’t drink and all, alright, otherwise half the people will get up and go. I don’t say anything like this. But once you come in Sahaja Yoga, all your habits will drop off like this because it is a slavery, it is a slavery. This is not a freedom. Maharaja Shivaji (‘Shivarai’) has told that you need to understand your self (‘swa cha tantra’), this is the understanding of the self that we are talking about. This is the knowledge of yourself. Sahaja Yoga means understanding yourself, this you should understand. Similarly, high blood pressure and all comes from imbalance because all the physical ailments you can cure through Sahaja Yoga. For this, I will request you all that here we have a centre of ours, you can go and meet those people and whatever you want you can ask. Everything is free, so you don’t have to bother about this. Do you have any other questions?  No, no, it is right.

[English transcription] from 01:15:00

Q: What should be the relation between state of mind and awakened Kundalini? Will it affect the body or mind?

Shri Mataji : Actually it affects everything but let’s see how it worrks? Now, what is ‘mind’ also is not a very clearcut idea. People don’t have a clearcut idea about ‘mind’, you see.

To them ‘mind’ means ‘mana’ or ‘buddhi’, or ‘ahamkar’. Now, we will make it clear to you that when the Kriya Shakti [Power of action] works and acts then you create Ahamkara that is Ego, a balloon like thing. And when the Mana Shakti works then you create the Superego in the head. So we have two balloon like things called Ego and Superego.

When they meet each other and the calcification takes place that’s how this Fontanelle bone area becomes hard and we become ‘I’, ‘you” and ‘you’.

Now, the mind which you are talking, I don’t know which you are talking about – but if you think how the thought comes to us. Let us see the thought process. A thought rises and falls off by itself; another thought rises and falls off by itself. The rising of the thought we can see but not the falling of it.

Now a thought comes to us either from the past or from the future and again it disappears in the past. Our attention is jumping on the cusps of these thoughts but in between these future and past there is the present and that gap is called as Vilamba in Sanskrit language.

Now what happens when Kundalini rises, these thoughts get elongated and the space between these thoughts becomes wider. So your attention remains in the present. Like if I say : ‘You stand in the present.” You cannot because there is no thought. You become Nirvichara. You go into the state of Nirvichara Samadhi in which you are just without any thoughts but if you want to think you can think. You become a Sakshi. You start seeing thinks as if this is a drama going on. The drama is over. That is the state you get.

So, the Ego and Superego, both of them are sucked in. When the Kundalini rises at the Agnya Chakra these – both the things are sucked in.

Now, Ego is Ahamkara and Superego is all the ‘Papas’ [sins] and all the ideas we have got the ‘kusamskaras’ [base thoughts?]. Everything gets sucked in and that’s how a space is created at the Fontanelle bone area and you get a Talu which is soft and you get a cool breeze coming out of your head.

So this is what is the Kundalini which makes you thoughtlessly aware. So the state of the mind is thoughtless awareness to begin with but after some time you become Nirvikalpa. There’s no Vikalpa in your mind, nothing. You know this is it. That’s what one has to go into and that is the state is little difficult because you get it so easily – Realization – that you don’t value it properly. As we have not valued our Independance. The same way. Those who have suffered for it, have worked for it know. But we do not know how much they suffered.

In the same way those who have worked in the past for Kundalini organisation we have not known that. And so whatever they have suffered and done for us we do not know and because the Kundalini rises so easily that you are not bothered to go further with it. You just enjoy that state of thoughtless awareness but you have to become Nirvikalpa. Till you become Nirvikalpa you are not a master.

To give a concrete example, I’ll give an example of a car. In the car, you have got a brake and an accelerator. You are working out the brake and the accelerator in the beginning you don’t know how to drive. You don’t know how to rive. And to drive the car you have to work hard to know how it works [… tape interruption]