Shri Ganesha Puja: Get the experience into your awareness and feeling

Rahuri (India)

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Shri Ganesha Puja. Rahuri (India), 7 January 1983.

English Talk

You have come here to learn something, to go deep into your experiences of the knowledge of your roots. Shri Krishna has said that this is a tree which is upside down: the roots are upwards and the leaves are outwards. In the same way, you know that Kundalini, really, when it rises in the Sahasrara or above Sahasrara, then you start getting the feeling of Kundalini.

So one has to understand that when we are now getting subtler and subtler and trying to feel the Kundalini, we should try to get out of a materialistic attitude and materialistic viewpoint and materialistic sticking point.

I met one guru before – because you know I went to all of them – and I asked one of them, I said, “Why do you take money, so much money from these people who are Western people? So much, why do you take and just they become beggars, absolutely like beggars they become, because you charge them so much and so heavily?” 

And he told Me that, “Unless and until you make them beggars, they will never take to God. They are too rich to be near God.”

I mean, this explanation I just could not understand. It was absurd. I could not understand: How can this explanation have any proper meaning, that you should make people beggars and then they’ll be nearer to God? I said, “In India we have many beggars; do you think those beggars are nearer to God?”

So he said, “No, otherwise, you see, they get stuck up with their money and you must just make them absolutely without any money – moneyless people.”

So, I mean, of course to such a stupid person what can you talk, and what can you convince? I couldn’t say to him, “Then why are you taking the money, if you are?” Then he would have said, “Because I’m detached.” You see, anything one can say like that. If it starts like that, you cannot just stop it.

But one has to understand that materialism has gone into our roots. And if we have to clear out our roots, we must get out of materialism. That’s important, but that does not in any way mean that you torture your body or anything. I don’t mean that. But what I’m saying, your attention. 

So now, when we are dealing with our roots we have to be in the centre. In the core. In the core means we are taking in, sucking in the feeling, or you can say the feeling and awareness put together⎯what do you say to that, in English is there any word? Is there any word which makes awareness and feeling put together? Is there, Gavin? Experience, you can say—the experience into your awareness and feeling. You have to get the experience into your awareness and feeling. In Marathi it’s a very simple word: janiv, comes from the word ja. Ja comes from the word spontaneous. Also ja has two meanings: ja also means dnyana, is awareness, and also it means spontaneous. Janiv.

So you start sucking that within yourself when you are not entangled into other things. If your attention is entangled outside, you cannot enjoy. So, to be lost into [that] which is samadhi, you see, is the one where your attention is completely drowned into the experience. That is what we have to achieve. 

So it’s not only materialism; also emotionalism, all kinds of “isms” – we are attacked by all kind of “isms” since the history of word started in this world, I think – and now the unholy thing that the “ism,” the latest is, could be “Sahaja Yoga-ism.” Also could be the greatest one because now there has to be an attack on Sahaja Yoga also. In this one is that, as I told you⎯I didn’t explain it properly or you didn’t hear Me properly that day⎯that Sahaja Yoga does not mean lethargy or slowness, not at all, but is a quick and a fast stepping in, into the dissolution. Very quick. And once you very quickly dissolve into it, the whole movement of your body is quick, but not jerky – is smooth and quick. Rhythmic. Is musical. Neither it is awkward nor lethargic, but is musical. It has a rhythm about it. Is very gracious. The whole movement of dissolution can happen to you very easily if you don’t allow your attention to be attacked by all these “isms.” There’s no end to it. I mean, if I have to write all of them, I think we’ll have to need at least one book to write all the “isms” of the world. There’s no end to it, which we have created. All right.

Then the worst of all is now, I think, Sahaja Yoga-ism in which, first of all, is the feeling of lethargy: “It will happen Sahaja. Sit down, Mother will do everything for you.” Another is Sahaja Yoga-egoism, in which we have got one fellow lying there. In which people, Sahaja Yogis, get into tantrums, try to show off that they are great Sahaja Yogis, [that] they have reached the third stage or the seventh stage or whatever they may be. Now it’s good, this example is a very good example I wish you had taken up.

But see the expression of the Indians, the enamoured expressions. You see, it’s so genuine, they can’t control within themselves, seeing Me. Now, see, it’s like – I just don’t know, but people think it’s a package deal sort of a thing. It’s so nonsensical, I tell you. That either they have to be taken out all their money, or if they are to be told: now, for puja. All of them are paying twenty-one [rupees] because they have to do this, all this extra work, so they are charging twenty-one. And if you tell them [it’s] for puja, they’ll even give fifty-one. But I’m told some of you have even refused that. I mean it’s so shameful, I tell you. It’s absolutely shameful. Can you imagine? What is twenty-one rupees to you? To them it’s quite a lot. Because it’s some sort of a part of you, you are giving, which is so nonsensical. Just is a feeling. Is a sign of complete negativity. Left Nabhi. It’s a problem. Materialism, it’s complete materialism. 

Those who have been, say, doing vegetarianism are materialists. In India, we have seen the cases like, you see, the Jains and the Marwaris and the Gujaratis, they’re all vegetarians, supposed to be very compassionate people. They build some temples also, and sometimes they give to poor people also and sometimes to people like Hare-Rama-Hare-Krishna who are begging in India. They give money to them. Supposed to be very compassionate. They’re more compassionate to chickens than to human beings. We have that kind.

And the same kind I have seen in the West, also. Such materialistic people, I mean, they have no shame. So when you just turn and see that, you should abhor that. Abhor it. It’s shameful! How could you be like that even in Sahaja Yoga?

So as I have told you, there’s some people who are materialistic, some people who are emotionalistic, and some people who are egoistical. Now leave all these things on the sides, then you come in the centre. Now, you are in the centre. In the centre, people enjoy just the love of their Mother, like Shri Ganesha does. Just think how your Mother loves you. Finished. Can you? It’s a very sweet feeling. And who is your Mother, if you really believe in Her, in Sahaja Yoga, these two things should solve the problem. No more thinking. Just think how much your Mother loves. That means you are jumping onto My Kundalini, and when you jump onto My Kundalini, then there is no thought. You cannot think. When you think that, how much your Mother loves you, you are jumping onto My Kundalini. And that time, there’s no thought. 

It’s very simple to meditate in Sahaja Yoga because you have somebody in person. They never had somebody in person. So I can understand their problems – there was nobody in person; they had to do it in the air. But here, a sure-shot thing: you can feel your vibrations, you can feel My love, and you can feel your own quality. It’s very simple. But it’s not the love that is selfish, it’s not the love where you say, “Oh Mother loves me so She’ll look after me, She’ll do everything for me, She’s going to do everything.” Is the love that, “Mother loves me so much, what can I do for Her? Which is the best flower I can give to my Mother? What does She need? She needs nothing. She doesn’t need money, She doesn’t need anything. What can I give Her? Which is the best flower?”

Like Shri Hanumana was given a gold necklace by Sitaji. And He saw that, and He was sitting on a tree and He was breaking one by one all of those big, big gold balls of His necklace. So Sitaji said, “What are you doing?” He said, “I’m trying to see in these balls where is Ram.” He said, “None of them has, so I’m just breaking them to find out. Otherwise why should I wear it?” And then She said, “Really? Where is Ram?” He opened His chest. He said, “See in My chest. He exists there.”

So it is never a one-sided sort of a thing. It’s a thing that exists within you, and you feel that and then has to be reciprocal. In the water, if there is a ripple it goes to the shores and then it returns back. So with this force only, I tell you, you can conquer your ego and superego, both. There’s no way out. And for these Indians it’s very easy to do because, you see, they know their Mother’s love.

I know there has been an attack on that point and the mothers have been funny there. But doesn’t matter; when you see something, just put yourself to it – to feel your roots. These are your roots. And then you see the enjoyment. The Mother Earth Herself is sucking you down. She’s sucking you down. That is how you meditate now. This is how you have to meditate, and it’s such a security-giving thing. It will change your expressions, faces, everything. And that enamoured expression that you find in these people will be on your faces very soon.

And complete silence will exist once you come on My Kundalini. But not through your mental projection, but through your meditative, spontaneous experience. It’s very joy-giving. Just feel the joy of that. You are all with Me here, and the joy of that feeling will really enlarge your hearts, and then you can give it to others. You don’t have to be crazy about these things, but just to feel it within yourself.

All right. Now I move on to Indians because they are a different style of people.

May God bless you!


I am feeling so happy to see all of you as I wanted to come to Rahuri. Earlier, the Devi has done a lot of work in this pure environment of Rahuri. But the work that is to be done now is the most auspicious and purest of all. That’s because killing Rakshasas is not an especially pure work. Instead of confronting such dirty people, at least once I should enjoy the fun of making those people, who like beautiful lotus buds, are waiting somewhere in the world, into flowers and fruits. I had this desire for a long time and it has been fulfilled in this birth and I am enjoying a lot by seeing your joy.
Whatever one says about this land of Maharashtra, which is like the support of this land of India, is less. This Maharashtra has the Kundalini of the whole world. This I have told you many times. The proof from the scriptures is that this land has three and a half pithas…
( The three and a half pithas in Maharashtra are at Tuljapur( Mahakali swayambhu ), Kolhapur (Mahalakshmi Swayambhu), Mahurgad (Mahasaraswati/Renuka devi swayambhu), Saptashringi (Adishakti Swayambhu). All these places are described in Devi Geeta)
… and only the Kundalini can have three and a half peethas(seats). Also, the Ashtavinayak are in Maharashtra. Whether these are true or false, you cannot understand unless you are a Realized Soul. But after your Realization, you can find out from the vibrations coming from these places. But in Musalwadi, Sahasrara itself is present. Then, you will understand what a great land this is. Also, the miracles that will take place here cannot take place anywhere else. You may not know this but this is a place full of miracles.
There was Macchindernath* who was born here and he was a great incarnation of Adi Guru Dattatreya. He worked very hard in this place. Before him, Shandilya muni was here who made this place very pure. Thus this land of Rahuri is so pure that Shri Rama and Shri Sita themselves had to remove their sandals and come here.
So, it is on such a pure land that you are sitting and are extremely fortunate. It is because of this good fortune that today we have so many seekers and so many Sahaja Yogis who are doing this work.
Concerning the puja, you know that we allow only few people from countries like England to come to the Puja. We have people from 12 countries over here and there are around 5-6 from some countries and 10-15 from others. But very few of them are allowed to come to the puja.

The reason is that in foreign countries, people have forgotten what Dharma is. There have been a lot of attacks on Dharma and some of them have been so dirty that people don’t know the difference between good and bad. An Indian, however horrible he is, knows that he is doing something bad. But these people don’t even know that. However bad their actions might be, they will still ask, “What’s wrong?” This means that a certain authority that is given to Dharma is not there. They behave as they wish and then it becomes like hell. So, to come out of that hell, take to Sahaja Yoga and to become completely pure like coming out of the havan fire is a very miraculous thing. This means that these people must have been very great saints in their previous lives. Any other person in their place would have run away.
But that is not your case. You have grown up in a very dharmic environment. Some of you may have some problems here and there which Sahaja Yoga can solve, but overall you are leading a good life. It is not so for the foreigners. However, the hard work and dedication with which they work Sahaja Yoga out is not seen over here. That’s because we don’t value the things that we have got so easily.
You can see clearly that in Khedegaon, 6000-7000 people get their Realization in no time at all but in the foreign countries, I have to work on one person for five months and break my hands. So, people over here don’t understand what they have got through Sahaja Yoga.
Once many Sahaja Yogis went to meet Gagangad Maharaj and he told them,” It took me a total of 21,000 years to feel the vibrations. I was initially a frog and I remember everything from that time and from a frog I slowly became a human. In that time, I used to always say to God that ‘O God, somehow give me the chaitanya.’ Even after becoming a human, I did penance and meditation for around 12,000 years. Only two births ago, I finally got the vibrations on my hands. This being my third birth of feeling vibrations, I know its importance. But you people have got it just like that from Shri Mataji. So, I asked Her many times that ‘why are you giving this thing so simply to these people? They don’t even have the brains to understand this.’ So, Shri Mataji told me jokingly that ‘it is just my wish!”
But it is not so. The time has come for it. When the time of giving comes then it has to be given to everyone. If human beings are not saved now, then the whole creation will have to be destroyed. The entire creation rests on Man. If Man is destroyed, then God will have to destroy the Creation and it will be a complete waste. Thus, the time has now come, this blossom time, where so many people are getting saved. Nevertheless, this is a very important thing that is taking place.

So, we must understand that this special gift that we have got must be used in a special way and we too must become special. Otherwise, such a great thing will just become a waste. For example, if you place a beggar on a king’s throne but he continues to beg then what is the use of the kingship? So, the beggar should understand that I was a beggar but now I am a king and he should assume the kingship with all the grace and attitude of a king. How else can he rule?
Now those who are ruling in our country were initially beggars but now they are much worse as they do not have the qualities of a ruler. But, in Sahaja Yoga your basic nature is itself changed. You become a different personality. Like I said earlier, initially man is like an egg. At that time he is called as ‘maanav.’ This means that he is not a ‘pashu.’ An animal (pashu) is in the paash (noose) of God and it cannot get out of that noose. That is why it’s called as ‘pashu.’ Now, just when the paash has come off, man exists like an egg and he has the complete awareness of how to develop himself.
But after that awareness – how he behaves, where he goes, what does he take upon himself – all this comes out of his mental activities. By doing all these things, he slowly develops subuddhi (wisdom) in his life. Once this wisdom sets in, he takes to that path which is the path of God. But many people have not taken to that path, yet they have got their Realization. This means that they have been reborn as a bird.
On the outside, we don’t see any similarity between a bird and an egg. But when the bird comes out it is in a completely different form. So what is wrong in giving you kingship when you are in a completely different form?
This is what I told to Gagangad Maharaj, that why do you feel so bad about it? (because now the form is completely different) Then he asked Me,” how many people are ready to give their lives for You?” I told, “I don’t want to take anybody’s life! There is no need to give any life.”
But the form in which I have brought you now, you have become saints, great saints. Now, the fact that you raise the Kundalini on your fingertips is possible only and only for Shri Ganesha. Earlier, people used to raise the Kundalini on each chakra, one by one and wait. But now, just by moving your hands you can raise the Kundalini of not one but many people. What a great position of Shri Ganesha has been given to you!
Now you have to see, have you come to the Ganesha swarupa? Shri Ganesha has only one speciality: eternal Bhakti towards His Mother. That’s why Mother has given Him all the shaktis, all possible shaktis. “Sarva Shakti Samanvite.”
In this Ganesha Shakti, all the shaktis are present. When you recite the Ganesha Attharvasheersha, you see that He has all the shaktis. You see shaktis of Shri Brahmadeva, Shri Vishnu and Shri Mahesha are present but the essence of these shaktis is present in Shri Ganesha.

The reason is this that if the Mother is the Shakti of Parameshwara then She has given the essence of all Her Shaktis to Her Son. So all those shaktis are with Shri Ganesha.
So, Mother has given us Ganesha swarupa and given us birth like She gave to Shri Ganesha. And our Kundalini which is rising from the triangular bone should now rise from the stomach. Just like Shri Ganesha’s Kundalini is in His stomach…
(This is the reason why Shri Ganesha is often shown to have a snake on His waist because the coiled snake represents the Kundalini)
… in the same way instead of the triangular bone She should now come from the stomach. Only then you will become great saints. So, what is the meaning of ‘rising from the stomach?’ It means that whatever desires we have like seeking God or earlier we used to seek money or food, all this working of the Nabhi Chakra that used to take place now has the Kundalini itself. This means that we don’t have to seek any more. We sit on the Kundalini Herself. Only when this state is achieved, we can certify that we have passed the test, we have become true saints and we don’t have to go beyond this.

English talk

Now, I was telling them, I must translate it to you. In English is the most important point I was telling that now you are transformed, now you have become saints, no doubt of it. Now from an egg you have become a bird, but, now what should happen to you? Your Kundalini is still in the sacrum. How it has happened that now you have got all the Ganesha Shakti? I’ve made you like Ganesha, in the same pattern as I had made Ganesha you are made. Now you have become a Ganesha, and from this Ganesha stage, which you think you are a Ganesha now, if I offer you a throne of Shri Ganesha, if you have to sit on that throne as a king, then what should happen?

Actually, that now your Kundalini should not be anymore in the sacrum bone, but in your stomach, because Ganesha’s Kundalini is in the stomach. In the stomach means in the Nabhi Chakra. Means all your seeking has been so far in materialism, has been in other things like in money, or in power or in love or whatever it was. But now your Kundalini itself is in the Nabhi Chakra, means your seeking is nothing but itself has become the Kundalini. Your seeking has become the Kundalini, means that you are the giver, now you are the Guru, you have now become the Guru. When the Kundalini starts from the Nabhi that means now you are the Guru, now you have to give all the blessings, everything, as a Guru does. Now you all have become Gurus.

But that’s only possible when the Kundalini has risen, has lifted Her abode from the sacrum to the stomach, and this stage, unless and until it has arrived, you are not a confirmed Guru. Once that has happened you become a Guru and then you can really impress people and work it out. It has to be done very fast. It has to work out very fast and for that, first of all, please get rid of your entanglements which are stupid.

If you really believe that you have to progress in your seeking, that you have to have your Kundalini coming up from your Nabhi, then please, please hurry up, please try to work out, otherwise you are very few who have been given also the privilege of doing My Puja, very few. And those who have been given have a chance to develop to that stage, and once you become that, all of you who have achieved that stage can become the Gurus. And for that, you have to have only wisdom. Wisdom, keep to your wisdom, and like Shri Ganesha has His wisdom and in that wisdom He knew one thing: that His Mother was all powerful and that He doesn’t have to worship anybody else but His Mother. And He has to have all the powers which are granted by Her. His powers, no one, even Brahma, Vishnu, Mahesha does not have. They cannot reach Ganesha; They cannot reach His stage because They are one-sided but Shri Ganesha has all the powers, all the Chaitanya powers He has. So to become like that, to be like that, He should be your ideal: how He behaved and how He would sacrifice anything for the sake of Mother.

Here there are people who don’t even want to pay for something like a puja […] stuff which you may just spend away somewhere in nonsensical things, because your attention has to be brought round completely. It has to be completely severed from all these nonsensical entanglements and there should be less talking and more experiencing. Then only it’s going to work out.

It’s a good pleasure and a great thing to be here in this holy land, it’s a very holy place you can see it, so peaceful. Try to feel the peace within yourself that is within every human being and after that you have to know that this peace that you are achieving has to be given to others. In Sahaja Yoga, perhaps you have realized, whatever you have got from the nature, you can release it back. For example if you give vibrations to a plant you can make it grow. If you give vibrations to a flower you can make it sustain its life. For the first time you are giving something to the nature, but as soon as you grow up to that state of a Guru then you can give the peace that is in the nature, you can give the feeling of bliss that is in the nature.

But first achieve it within yourself. Make this go inside you and see that bliss settle down within you. You don’t see other nonsensical things which are very disturbing sometimes to your western mind. For example if a telephone is not working or the road is not all right, if the bathroom is not… These nonsensical things have no meaning, but feel the peace outside, try to establish that peace within because this peace you have to give to others.

The whole development plan that I have is very fast and I’m sure you’ll keep pace with it.
So may God bless you! When you sit down just feel the peace and try to achieve that peace within yourself. Don’t pay attention to nonsensical things and this with this your little brain trying to criticize, but try to achieve the peace within yourself so that you can give peace to others.

It’s not proper that some of you are looking after the negative people all the time, it’s not proper. You don’t have to look after the negative people. Just leave them alone. Keep out of that because negative people can always bring you down. Don’t try to improve the conditions of the negative, leave them behind. You go fast. Once you have achieved that state then we can arrange for them to come. For example, if My car has failed, all right, I got into another car, which was all right because I have to come to the program. Then I can send the tempo from here to get that another car where there were some people who were not supposed to be at the program. That’s how you have to be quick and not bother your heads too much about the negative people who are sick people, trying to be compassionate. There’s no need. Tell them, “Tell Mother. Let you talk to Mother.” Look after yourselves and don’t be bothered about them. This is another nonsensical idea of compassion.

Compassion is not mental projection I told you: the compassion that works, that flows. It’s all mental you see for us compassion is mental, every idea, peace is mental, bliss is mental, God is mental, everything is mental for us. He’s not. He’s the one that resides in the heart as Spirit. He’s the one who works through the compassion. And now you know My compassion is that it flows, it works, it acts. It’s not mental. So don’t try to be mentally concerned with people and try to be compassionate. All right? I hope you understand that the compassion is not a mental idea that “We are compassionate, we are working for the unity of the world.” And all that.

Even unity and all those ideas, even the idea of collective understanding is in the heart, it should work. In Sanskrit it is Kaaryanvit. In English there’s no word. Kaaryanvit is embodied with the working capacity, embodied with the working out capacity actually “Working out capacity” you can translate like that. It should work. If it does not work out then what’s the use of looking after somebody who is sick? “All right, come along…” This is nonsense, this is very mental. Just don’t waste your energy; you have not come here to look after the sick.

I hope you understand this idea of looking after the sick and being very… is all ego-oriented, see “We are trying to help the sick, we are trying to help this, that,” all ego-oriented. Another superego-oriented that we are sacrificing this and that and we are becoming beggars in India like the Hare-Rama-Hare-Krishna. Beggars, parasites. Both are just the same, now please don’t do all these things and try to keep yourself glued to one ideal: that you have to ascend faster. You have to individually ascend faster and collectively pull out everyone but not those who are heavily laden with problems and who are creating problems and objecting your progress. That doesn’t mean that you are not compassionate. You know how much compassion that I have but My compassion doesn’t make stories, “I’m so compassionate and this and that.” Up to a point is all right but don’t so too much bother about people who are dragging you behind.

You have come here for a training, a training into the understanding of awareness which is compassion. You all have to, even, even you go to the school, you’re not bothered about a person who’s lacking in the class, do you? You want to study fast so that you come up. In the same way, I would request you not to bother your heads too much about people who are trying to pull you down because I don’t want you to be pulled down. That’s My compassion for them and for you. Let Me look after them and you just don’t worry your heads about them. It’ll be all right.

See, may God bless you! Let’s have a puja today, and this puja will be simple today. I think we’ll have Ganesha’s Puja and then we’ll have Devi’s Puja today, and then we’ll have a good havan. That is a good place for havan.