Left Mooladhara and Supraconscious, Meditation

Dhule (India)

1983-01-13 1 Talk at Dhulia Jan 13, 1983 Left Mooladhara, 51'
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Left Mooladhara and Supraconscious, Makar Sankranti Dhulia (India), 13 January 1983.

In India we celebrate the changing of the Sun’s orbit. So now he turns away from Tropic of Capricorn to the Tropic of Cancer. Is it so, now?

So, now the heat is going to come more in this country. So to prepare for the heat and to prepare people for that they give a little jaggery and sesame seeds or sugar and sesame seeds and say that “We give you sweet so you also speak sweetly”, because the heat makes people rather bitter. And, if there’s heat inside you, then you start talking very bitterly to each other. So to pacify that heat they give the sugar or the jaggery for your livers. But you can’t just give that, so with that there is ‘teela’ (sesame) which is also a soothing oil.

Now. It’s very symbolic, that’s all. It’s a symbolic thing. And it is done every 14th of January in this country. It is called as ‘Makar Sankranti’. It’s the change to ‘makar’ – means Capricorn. And it’s surprising! Like in the ancient times Cancer was called as ‘karka’ (कर्क) in India and you also call this thing as cancer since long. Now, the disease cancer is also called ‘cancer’. Just see how it is related. And in Indian language also it is called as the disease of the Cancer, in the sense karka, they call it karka roga (कर्क रोग), you see – two words. They also call it due to the ‘karka roga’ and that also called ‘karka roga’ means – heat producing. It produces heat first of all. And secondly it had another meaning, that in cancer, cancer stands for the Mother. So when you commit sins against the Mother cancer is produced. Sin against the Mother. Cancer sign is the sign of the Mother only; and when you try to commit sins against the Mother this starts. And since my advent this disease has become very prevalent because sin against the Mother is the biggest sin in the modern times. So, one must know that the sin against the Mother will lead, equal, to cancer. So it started from Ganesha tattwa.

Many people who have this problem, Ganesha problem, they may be very good in other things but still, if there is the left Ganesha problem, they should be very, very careful. It’s like a hole in your being. And to overcome that problem you may cover up with something else. Like such people may say, “Oh, I am so great. I will never feel like this.” That’s not a good thing. Just overcome your Ganesha problem with which you are perverted. So all these perversions must be sucked in just like a tortoise sucks in the four limbs within themselves. That is how you must suck in those things. And do not try to overcome by Right Vishuddhi, by saying that you are great or you are this or you are that.

Some people I have seen also try to show off about it and try to say things which looks quite big, but ultimately I find that they have a Left Mooladhara. It’s a serious thing it is, very, very serious. So be careful. Don’t deceive yourself. Anyone of you. Those who have Left Mooladhara problem have to be extremely careful not to be tempted to any supraconscious behaviour or talking.

Try to overcome it by complete surrendering, say “I do not know anything Mother.” [That’s the] first mantra for them. “Mother, I do not know anything”. If you surrender. Because it’s a Mother. Like Shri Ganesha. He never shows off anything. He’s just surrendered, completely. He says, “I do not know!” Like Adi Shankaracharya, “I do not know Mother.”

The more you try to sort of express yourself logically or with your brains, then know that you are deviating from that point because that’s the only way you compensate. So be careful. I am telling all of you. It’s very common in the West, I have seen. Suddenly they become all Sahaja Yogi experts and then they fall down hard!

So those who think they are great Sahaja Yogis must know there is something seriously wrong with them, first of all. You all have to grow together, nobody should try to show off. I know who is where. That’s very important. And you need not feel jealous of such people or enamoured of such people. Know that you have to deal with Reality.

So Left Mooladhara is a very serious problem. Be careful of it. It can be infectious. It can be just catch over. Sahaja Yoga has only that very delicate point among Western Sahaja Yogis. Only on this point – Left Mooladhara – so be careful. Try to keep your attention clear. Perversions – keep it away. Try to keep yourself, your chakras alright. Better thing is to look after your chakras than to discuss it.
Who are coughing? There’s something definitely wrong. All this, why are you coughing? You are not paying attention properly. (Coughing stops immediately) You have to look after yourselves. You are disturbing me when I am talking – is something wrong. You’d better look after of yourselves. You have to say, “Allah hu Akbar,” sixteen times, morning, evening. Put yourself to test. Try to avoid eating things which are not good for your throat. You may gargle. You see, sometimes people feel proud of it sometimes, the way they look at it. I am surprised. One should be ashamed. So, please, see that you look after your throats and don’t disturb me. I have done much more travelling that you have done. You know that. I have gone through too much. And apart from that you know that I sleep very late, compared to you. If your throats are not alright, please, look after them. There must be something wrong. What’s it? Some bhoots are there. It is that. How is it it’s not coming now? Better do your dhuni and everything; everything that you want to do. It’s nothing! It’s important . How can it be? How are you getting this all the time, all the time? So, now, I give you dhunis, this, that – finished!

I have suffered much more, in the sense that I have gone through a lot of sufferings in the way that I am raising their Kundalini, everything. You know that. But to say even that, “There was too much dust,” and all that: you must get used to it. It’s possible. On the contrary, the more you try to do it (coughing), the better you feel. You feel are doing a contribution to my talk. You are saints. Behave like saints. That’s important.

But first, give them, those who have coughs, put something in the mouth. And you should not cough. Give them something to eat. Look after yourselves. I should look after such big, big boys? You better look after yourself.

Do you find any one of the Indian Sahaja Yogis coughing? No one! You must look after yourselves! Moving your hands too much also you do it. All the time you talk like this. Don’t do all that. Keep your hands steady. Respect them! Try to steady your hands. All the time jerkiness, shifting your hands too much also is not good.

There’s something one must understand: we have to get into Sahaja Yoga. To work it out in a serious way. Work it out! No use carrying on with the nonsense. There’s no use getting angry with yourself. No use also sort of saying that “I, I, I” “I don’t know” “I am this thing”. It’s a nonsense. “I am this,” “I am that,” “I can feel it.” All this is nonsense! It’s supraconscious nonsense going on. Be careful!

You should not try to impress others by your nonsense at all.

Then there’s another thing I will tell you about. Rustom, did you say that you have to learn Sanskrit to know Sahaja Yoga? Not at all. It’s absolutely wrong. Please take it from me. Again mental activity [that] you started. Better stop it! All these wrong ideas you should not get into your head. Dhumal does not know a word of Sanskrit. Not a word of Sanskrit. What is there? It is all borrowed feathers? Even why borrow from Adi Shankaracharya? What is all your depth, your feelings? Why to borrow from others? Develop your own feelings, your depth, your sources instead of borrowing from anyone. Why to learn Sanskrit? There’s no need.

You may know something about Shankaracharya but not about Sahaja Yoga and not at all about me. So don’t go into all these tricks. Now you stop making any names or anything! Please stop it! Otherwise you’ll get into supraconscious, I am telling you. Just don’t do it. All these mental activities you all must stop because the main problem is your left side. And tomorrow is the day when you have to decide. Tomorrow is the day when we worship the Surya, tomorrow is the day we worship the Saraswati, so that the Saraswati should give you your exhausted energy that has passed out and now don’t exhaust Her more. Use your Left side. Surrender to your Mother, be good mothers, be good daughters. Alright?

Surrendering is the way. And don’t think too much about Sahaja Yoga. Talking, “chuck, chuck, chuck, chuck” about Sahaja Yoga is not the way. All such people rise nowhere. I know that. I know everyone, I know people who just think too much of Sahaja Yoga; I know them very well. They don’t know anything about me. On the feet I know. On the vibrations I know. On their development I know. There’s no need at all to know Sanskrit, it’s true, but it is the need to know your Mother; through your love, through your pure understanding. Because it will take you because you are used to that kind of a thing. You want to know the whole of Sanskrit, the whole of this and the whole of that. You’ll read the whole of Vedas. I mean so many are like this here in this country –  useless for me, good for nothing. Just forget it!

Don’t go into that trip of knowing through your brains. Know through your heart. And that’s the reason [you do that] is because it’s not available to you. That’s the base. The Left Mooladhara is harmed so you turn to another thing! That’s not available. That innocence is not available. Try to go to that. Try to awaken that within you and then you will be amazed [that] you will know me better. And yesterday only I told you how these complications have created a barrier. They just see me. And just see their faces. In the same way. Still you look so sometimes miserable, sometimes look lost. No? Because still you are using your brains. Using your brains is not the way to get to Sahaja Yoga, please. Better now your throats? You are not coughing? These were all bhoots. What has happened to you? Now try to cough! (laughter but no coughing)

But if you want to know Sanskrit, you can know. But that’s not the end. And that’s not the way. Of course, on your way you can know it, but that’s not the way. I mean, I don’t want you to get to things where you are diverted from your own surrendering and ascent – that’s more important. What Shankaracharya has said ultimately is already translated in English. If you see that he has just talked of surrender, nothing [else]. Has he talked of anything else Rustom? That’s it.

All these names, also, that you have given me are just a part of it, Sahaja Yoga is also part of it. When I am with you, why should you care for these things? Try to establish that. Because of that you use your brains too much. Establish to your Left Mooladhara.

Better now? Be in Nirvichara. See, where is your coughing gone? Finished! They have run away. In the same way you should control them. Tell them off.

Also you speak too much, while travelling be in a meditative mood. Don’t speak. There’s no need to speak. Be in meditative mood. You are with me, I am with you. Keep in meditative mood. It will help you; very much help you. It is here you should keep quiet – absolutely – and feel it.

No discussions, no talkings, not using your brains. You have come here to gain something within for your altering. Be responsible about it. Some people definitely, Mathias, improved a lot. Tremendous! I was amazed! He improved. But some are just the same. I asked them, “How are you?” Still like that. I mean, what to do? Try to pacify yourself. Be peaceful. Be peaceful. Tell yourself, “Be peaceful. Be careful. Be peaceful.”

And just imagine, before I started my lecture, nobody was coughing and suddenly, as soon as you sat down, one after another there was a competition. Look at the bhoots how they are acting through you. Even if the rakshasas want, they cannot cough before me; know that. Only because you are my children you can have audacity to do that. Alright? Now don’t try to disturb me.
So, before tomorrow’s puja we have to arrange our baths properly, whatever it is. I am going to have the puja starting at ten o’clock, not earlier. But you need not go out or anything; have your bath and all that, and then I am going to come down here. Clear cut? Keep yourself aloof with others. Don’t get entangled with anybody else. Keep quiet. Don’t talk. Have the maximum now for this puja at least. And it’s going to be Saraswati puja for the first time. Actually I wanted to do Ekadasha but to do Ekadasha is not an easy thing. Then I thought, let it be. Not tomorrow. But one day we’ll have to do that, also, but we have to prepare ourselves.

Now, don’t talk. Keep quiet. Just keep quiet. And then sit down here for meditation. All of you come quietly. Actually you don’t have to do anything. You don’t have to organise, or nothing. You don’t have to do that.

Now those Indians who are organising are in meditative mood! It’s surprising! Those who are organising, who are running about, managing this, managing that. It’s not an easy thing, you know, to manage for so many people’s food, morning, evening, every time. They are in meditative mood. So keep yourself in meditative mood tomorrow. Try. Tell yourself, “Be peaceful. Be peaceful. My mind, be peaceful. Be still. Be still.” Tell your mind to be still. Alright? And you will be amazed [that] it’s all within yourself. Try to merge your stillness within you. If you don’t allow it you will get supraconscious which is very dangerous.

Better now?

Just keep to your source of peace. Sit down, sit down for one minute. That’s the trouble! Let her sit down, Linda. Can’t you make her sit for a while? Sit down straight! Make your children understand. They will never sit. Sit still within yourself. Sit down still within yourself. Just sit still. It’s all inside you. You know, you don’t have to go anywhere, create anything, it’s all within. Nothing is to be created. It’s all within you. Better? Sit still. “Be still, my mind.” This stillness business, to establish, is what I want you to establish within you. That’s an escape. All perversions are escapes.

And I am quite happy with your progress, I must say. This time, it was a very good collectivity, which was good. Everybody is coming up very well. Everybody, I must say, has progressed well. Every one of you has improved a lot. But try to know where is the problem. Everybody has individual problems. At a point you stop it. Just stop it. You can. It’s all bhoots. You know. Perversions come through bhoots. I mean, there is nothing to be explained any more. Anything, any diversion, any, I should say, bending away from Sahaja Yoga or from the centre. Be in the centre. And don’t pay attention to others. Pay attention to yourself. Every one of you is great. Nobody is greater or less greater. So just don’t worry about anybody. Don’t talk too much about Sahaja Yoga. In India you be peaceful. There’s a lot of time for you to discuss it in your own countries. Just here be quiet. Take it. Take it. Take it.

There is a bird in India, it’s called as ‘chakwa’ and ‘chakwi’, and they are the ones who just live on the rays of the moon, and they go on sucking the rays slowly. They don’t need anything; that’s all.

Still your mind. Whatever mantra we say, if it is mechanical it will have no effect. We say, “Ya Devi sarva bhuteshu shanti rupena samsthita.” Say nicely.

Still it. But you must do it with complete understanding, full deliberation. We have come here to gain something, tremendous depth. And some of you are at the end of your trip.


Yogini: (Unclear)

Shri Mataji: Got a Centre Heart [catch]?

Do not force it, the Kundalini is working it out. Just be still!

You are futuristic. Still thinking about (??). Don’t be futuristic. At this moment. Be there. I know what your mind is working on. Don’t be. Just don’t think I am sitting before you, that’s all. Don’t think of time or anything. Just be still. Just be still.

Still thinking. Keep your eyes open. Don’t think. You watch me!

As you are the foundations still your minds. The cement is working it out but still it should be.

Just by stilling you can get over all your diseases. Just by stilling your mind. Seen that?

Better? Just see in your head.

Also, I think, another way to put your Mooladhara alright is to see how long you can remain without blinking. Better?

Put your hand. Lift it.

Again. Try it. You practice it; again and again.

Now just ask, “Mother, take us deep into our stillness.”

Don’t close your eyes.

You need not say loudly, just say it in your heart.

At Sahasrara. Still at Sahasrara. Can you imagine? This talking leads you to nowhere else but to your Sahasrara.

Just see your Sahasrara. How clear it is? Can you feel it? It’s like a stone. Just see yours. I mean it is your own Sahasrara. Don’t worry about others, worry just about your own Sahasrara. See? It’s like a stone. Can you follow? So, surrender. Just in your heart, surrender. Surrender. Put me down there – your Sahasrara will open.

The great journey. Forget about everything else. Just do that.


Sahasrara better now?

Alright? You are my children. You are my sons and daughters – alright? Better now? See on your Sahasrara.

Mother, You are God.

“Make us like Shri Ganesh.”

Hmm. Opening up. Opening up. Something’s happening?

Come up. Let it come up.

Also some of you unnecessarily worry about me. Better worry about yourself! Also that’s another escape.

So it’s like Himalayas, one has to [be].

Raise your Kundalini! Just do it slowly, slowly. Higher, put it higher, very much higher.

Do it properly. With full attention. Not in a small way.

Push it back. The whole hand, up there.

Again. With all your earnest attention.

In a knot, three times. One, two…

Things should be done fully and properly, not half way. I have seen the way people give bandhan, the way people raise their Kundalini. It’s not the way! Do it properly. You are saints! You are archbishops of saints. You are the foundations of all the saints that have to come.

Have we all the powers of those prophets? Ask a question.

Know you are not that.

Are we are really Realised Souls, Mother?

Are we the epitome of human civilisation?

Are we the epitome of God’s creation?

Alright? Good. Much better now.

Also don’t turn your heads too much or turn your eyes too much. Keep them still. Try to keep them still.

Just be still, relaxed.

Now, I would suggest that all of you should ask each other to give a proper aarti to your Mahaganesha. Alright? So your Ganesha will be awakened. All of you should give a aarti. Every one of you should ask somebody else to do it. And you will be amazed how nice you will feel. And that will relieve, relieve the thing – Mahaganesha. That’s the quality you have to achieve. It’s not easy, you must know.

Whenever I touch the point I find a big, huge mountain on the head. Gradually you must face it. Take it out. Clear it out. Slowly and steadily. Better now? Much better. This mountain has to be cleared out. Clear it out.

I think you better give bandhan to yourselves. I am giving a bandhan to myself so that everybody gets a bandhan. Alright. Done? Better? Cleansing?

Got to learn all these mechanisms. Alright? How many times you give bandhan to yourself, in a daytime? At least five times. Make five namazes. Seven times is the best way.

See how much you are clearing out yourself? We have to give ourselves a bandhan as well as we can give it to other. Let’s use it for ourselves sometimes, our powers. Hmm? She has cleared it out, can you see that? All your sickness, all your illness.


Everyone, everyone. Let’s give bandhan. Phil, give your bandhan to yourself. Yourself.

Now left Nabhi. Now you are clearing out, just see that. You would like to do it because you feel so clear! Hmm!

All this back side is opening. Alright? You’ve never tried like this? First time? A hundred and eight times it’s the best way, sometimes. Haaa! See?

Leave it, She’ll clear it out. Are you are feeling better? Aren’t you?

I thought you have already tried this. Never? It’s like telling you how to eat! That’s the basic of Sahaja Yoga.

Yogi: Really?

Shri Mataji: Better? You’ll remove all your heat. Look at that! You all thought we should never take out our own problems like this? Heat from the left. Good.

You may do it whenever you feel like. It’s so enjoyable you’ll go on doing it. You’ll like that! (laughing)

It’s so relieving, you know! Instead of clearing others, better clear yourself! Others are cleared automatically. Just try. Go on doing it.

Left Swadishthana. In the samashti (समष्टि – collective) you see. Somebody has left Swadishthana? Linda, why aren’t you doing it? Do it properly, with proper care. Hmm. The whole head is improving. Can you believe it? That you never knew this.

This is protection from yourself to yourself.

Good. Still Left Swadishthana. Give it a bandhan to Left Swadishthana.

Right Vishuddhi now. Right Vishuddhi. Right Vishuddhi.

Left Swadishthana, Right Vishuddhi. Baap re baap! (Oh my God!). Most dangerous combination. Aha!

Right Vishuddhi burning. Burning right Vishuddhi.

Better. Alright? Now, leave it to me.

Everybody is enjoying now. Do at every finger!

Good. Much better.

Rub this finger. Right Vishuddhi. Talk too much. Right Vishuddhi!

English don’t talk much, I think. It’s a good quality; good quality. As long as they don’t sulk and blame themselves. It’s a good quality. Try to listen.

Haaa! better?

Now the Right Side has started flowing.

Little tricks here and there!


Yogi: Mother, You’re like driving your chariot and we are all your horses.

Shri Mataji: You see, to drive My chariot I must have at least horses which do not cough! (laughter) Otherwise I’ll be getting all the jerks. Already I have had enough of it! We have to be smooth.

Very good. Better. Much better.

Ekadasha also. Little bit. Rub it off. Ekadasha. Rub it hard.

It’s good. Better? Much better.

So preparations for tomorrow’s [puja].

Always rub your hands!

Conditioning goes out. Rub your left hand.

Now, now Devi prasanna bhave.(Goddess is pleased)

Alright? Good now.


So this is you have done your own puja and tomorrow your Mother’s puja.

May God bless you all.