God Realization Aim of Human Life

New Delhi (India)

1983-01-27 God Realization Aim of Human Life, New Delhi, India, DP-RAW, 81' Chapters: Introduction by Yogi, Talk, Self-Realization
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Public Program, Delhi (India), 27 January 1983.

I bow to all the seekers of truth.
Today, the Sahaja Yogis from Delhi have given Me a particular subject on which they want Me to speak, and the subject is: “God Realization is the aim of human life”. It amuses Me to think of a subject which is so obvious to Me, that what other goals human beings are having, has no meaning at all, in My own opinion. But today in these modern times, I feel that God Realization is not a far-fetched aim or a later aim, but imminent, immediate aim of human beings. Some people might say, “Now we are young, so we can do this later on. Just now we are quite happy people.” Some of you may say that “We are doing a good work. We are not bad people. We are not dishonest. So what is the need to have this Self-Realization or this God Realization?”
Moreover there’s a big market of many babajis and all kinds of false fake gurus, who have disillusioned specially the Indian seekers about God, about spiritual life, and about a guru. But to make the things worse is this: that so many seekers are born in this precarious time, first of all, and the situation of human existence itself is a thing of question.
Under these circumstances, we have to get to the problem of finding out the solution; knowing why, despite all the effort of human beings to bring peace and joy to humanity has failed completely, how is it that we find all kinds of horrible negative people are in charge of all the nations, of all the organizations, of all the researchers, and of all the so-called knowledge seekers? How is it the people who are doing wrong things have become so successful, if there is God?
So the existence of God itself is in question today. I do not know whether you really want God Realization or not. Now I’m here to plea for God and plea for His existence. It is not a difficult thing at all, because He exists, He has existed, He will exist. He works out everything, while we in our ignorance think that we are doing things. We do not do anything whatsoever, take it from Me. What we do is a dead thing like, a tree is dead, we make a furniture, we think we have done a great achievement. We cannot make one flower, a living flower. There are so many you see here, beautifully done. Leave alone that, we cannot convert one flower into fruit, we cannot do any living work whatsoever.
Also in religion what we have done is nothing but harm to God and harm to His cause. We have just created shabdajalam – the net of words. Here is a guru who gives a big lecture. He talks big about God. He says, “Oh, this will happen, that will happen, you should come to God, you will get this, you will get that.” Even up to the point, then they say that, “You will get your horses win, your elections win”, all sorts of things. With our own concept of God, we have brought Him down to such a level that the whole human mind refuses to accept the existence of God. But it’s all your doing. He is what He is. He will be what He [WAS…del.] will be, and what He was, He would have been. You cannot change Him with your own concept and ideas.
So then the second question comes in: “Why should we seek God?” We are happy in this country. Whatever may be happening to us, we are happy people. Somehow Indians [HAVE…del.] know how to make themselves happy. So why should Mother talk of giving you Self-Realization and all that? We are not such seekers as they are in the West, because they have reached a stage, they have developed to that stage of affluence, the material wealth, that now they know they are just going to jump into the hell of destruction. They realize it. They can see it, because they are fully developed now to see that. You have to be a developed country to see that. Every one of them is talking about it, though they may not think about it, they may not go about it, but they are seeing that “There’s something definitely wrong that has happened to us, and where are we going?”
But here we have branded ourselves as “developing country”, one of the “developing countries”. I don’t know what we need to be developed! So while running after that so-called “development”, we don’t see the pit in which they are going to fall, we are just trying to follow them. And we don’t realize that there is any sense in seeking God. All these developed countries are realizing, absolutely they are aware, because they see horrible things around them which is so shocking and surprising to any thinking man whatsoever. They see that in a place like London, not England but London, every week two children are killed by their parents, legal children. They don’t bother about legality and illegality at all, that point is over. They’re actually proud of it. But we Indians should know how they have developed themselves; that in that so-called “great” city of London, this is what is happening. It is shocking to us. I may tell you, this will happen to us also. They look like bhoots to us, worse than animals to us, but we are going that way if we just blindly follow the developing pattern of the developed countries. What is gone wrong with them, we should really see clearly. They are like the tree that is growing without the roots. Any tree that grows without looking after the roots has to collapse. It has to collapse. If there is a big tree, it must have a deep root. If it does not have a deep root, then it has to collapse. And this is the great country of Yoga which has the knowledge of the roots. But we are trying to learn the knowledge of the tree, because we see the tree, and don’t want to know anything about the roots that exists here, that nourishes this tree. That is why it is important to know the knowledge of the roots. If you don’t know the knowledge of the roots, the outside knowledge is of no use, it has limitation, it goes to a point and just drops down.
The knowledge of the roots is only possible when you become subtler than human being. You live at a gross level as a human being, I would say; as we are born as human beings, it’s all right. But why are we human beings? That question, if you ask yourself, why we are created from amoeba to this stage as a human being, then you will realize that there must be some purpose in getting this kind of a body, this kind of a face, this kind of a mind, an ego and superego. There must be some reason behind why God has created us as human beings. And as you start thinking about it, it’s a serious thing. We do not know why we are on this earth. We have no idea as to why God has created us. We do not know what is the meaning of our life. We do not know what is the fulfillment of our life. We are just floating in the air, without knowing our roots.
Now the problem is, if you have to have the knowledge of the roots, if you have to have, you cannot force it. Of course we are forced also, in a way. Like, if you are sick, and the doctors say you are incurable, then you start thinking, “Oh, God, please cure me.” But by saying that, why should God cure you? You are not even connected with God, so that He should hear you, and when He cannot cure you, you start blaming Him, that “See now, I was praying to God, I took His name so many times, I read the Scriptures so many times, and I can’t get to Him.” But don’t you think there must be something wrong in the technique? Supposing this is not connected. That should I blame this or should I blame that there is no connection, so please put the connection on? And that is why, when many Western people have questioned Me, that, “Mother, You say that Your country is great and is a Yoga Bhoomi, then how is it that You have so many problems in Your country? Why there are so many problems, of poverty, of so many types, in Your great country of Yoga where according to You, gods reside?”
Because the human beings are not interested in God. They’re not at all interested. They are interested either in money or in power, or in some emotional attachment – “My child, my baby, my house, my, my, my..” Whenever you say: “My, my, my..”, you are not “I”. You are saying “my ” this, “my” that, “my” that; where is the “I”?
So the interest of Indians, on the whole, has diverted, has been shifted to something that has no value at all, as far as the sustenance of life is concerned. But to us, to our attention which has become so wobbly, all these glamorous outside developments of the West are so appealing that we think that we must achieve all this nonsense, must fall into the pit, and then we’ll think of God. But without your Spirit, without your Atma, if you develop yourself, then you will become like those people who kill their children, cruel like them, because you’ll just become like machines. If the machines are developed without the light of Spirit is there to guide your way, you will become absolute machines, and there will be no feelings in you.
In the beginning, so many who come and see Me, they say, “Mother, what’s wrong?” The things in India still we think as horrible, they say: “What’s wrong?”; and a person like Freud who was nothing but a satanic force, absolute satanic: Indians don’t know what he preached, they have no idea as to what he taught. Otherwise you would not even allow Me to take his name. Such a horrible inauspicious personality he was: they accepted him fully. They had three “unholy trinities”. One of them worked on their architecture, this, that; another one like this; and third one on their music; and ruined them completely, and they’re not aware of it. It’s a very serious thing. So when we are headlong going towards that development, and thinking that we are on the right path, as long as we do not do anything wrong, as long as we are paying our income tax, we are very great people – you are sadly mistaken.
Spiritual life is to be achieved by every human being, because that is why he was made a human being. Those who do not achieve it have problems, but they are not aware that they have these problems, because they have not achieved spiritual life. The first problem they face it, is that they are physically handicapped. All physical problems can be solved, if you achieve your Spirit. All so-called incurable diseases can be cured if you get the power of your Spirit. That doesn’t mean that you should find out all the sick people of Delhi and bring them to Me! That’s very common. There must be some at least people who are physically better off. But that’s not so important. To some people it is a very great [SOUNDS LIKE “PROLOBAL”], it’s a very big attraction, that you should do this just to achieve physical well-being. It’s a very, I should say, a very low aim in life. I have seen many big wrestlers who come to Me and say, “Mother, give us peace. There’s problem in my family; I have no peace of my heart. Please give me peace.” So it proves that only health doesn’t help human beings. Today even we may say that .. [MISSING WORD ON TAPE] were not heard of, about twenty-five years back. We had never heard of so many diseases about fifty years back, but twenty-five years back also, many diseases were not known which are suddenly coming up to the minds of human beings.
I wanted to start a Sahaja Yoga center in a village, so I asked one gentleman to make a complete table of how many people are sick near this village, around this village, and those who have no problems. And he made one big circle of about these fourteen villages, made a survey of it. And there was just a streak of white line in the whole of that circle, which showed that there are so many normal people living in those fourteen villages. Either they are physically off or mentally off, or materially absolutely down below. Nobody was a satisfied soul except for a streak, which happened to be Sahaja Yogis in that area.
The physical problem arises from imbalances within us, which cannot be understood without the light of the Spirit, about which I’m going to speak tomorrow. Then, the mental problems: that is the biggest problem today in the West. Sixty-five per cent people in the West are supposed to be schizophrenic, so be careful about them. They are very inconsistent in their life. They are moving in one line, and suddenly you don’t know how they shoot off. Why these things have happened to them if they are supposed to be the ideal people, when we have to rise, why it has happened to them? There is no peace in their heart. Poor things have lost that blissful existence as a human being; on the contrary, they are like frying themselves on a frying-pan of this modern civilization. The best thing to know about it is to go there and see for yourself. Though I must say there are great seekers, very great seekers born in those countries; not in our country, not in India. In India it is not so. Here we have great saints, and the rest is like what you can say, the pankajahar, they have come up, out of the mud, these great saints have come up. They stand there with their fragrance, while we are there just singing their songs. The seeking is not there. The trouble is, how to create the seeking? You can take horse to a river to drink the water. You can force him. But if he’s not thirsty he will not drink. How to make him thirsty is a big problem. Even if you pour water into his mouth, he’s not going to drink it. If you do not feel thirsty for God, it is only because you have not known what it means without the blessings of God, what happens. And a day may come that you’ll be so thirsty and there will be no-one to give you water. So it is better that you better ask for that water of eternal life and establish yourself into that. The more you are complicated in the cities, the more you are busy with all superficial things of life and artificialities of life, you just forget what you are facing. Where you are going to land? You have no idea at all. Morning till evening you are getting up, running, jumping, for some sort of a nonsensical achievement and aim in life, which is not the aim of your life at all. The aim of your life is to seek your Spirit.
Scientists may challenge Sahaja Yoga. They have, many a times. But how can you talk to the scientists, who do not have any knowledge of the roots? Whatever you see obviously and you analyze it, it is of no value to people because they, everybody can see it. But what about becoming subtler to go to that deeper knowledge of your being, which is within yourself, to understand and assimilate that blissful existence, which has been promised by all the saints, all the prophets, in all the religions. It’s most [SOUNDS LIKE “SAMIT”], surprising how people are fighting in the name of religion. The other day I gave realization to one of the political leaders, which is a difficult thing I know, but I did it. And he was to speak to a group of people, and he called Me there. And one of the solutions he gave to (HUMAN… del.), to them was that, “In India we have too much of jatipati, too much of caste system. So to get rid of it we should not talk about it. We should not mention that everything has been tried. We are so consistent about these things that we’ll never give up, whatever you may try. If any of you hear the name of someone whom you know to be of your caste, immediately the face will change, as if that person is going to give you the heavens.” So people really bombarded him with some questions. He said: “You all have tried all these tricks. Nothing has worked out, and it is all absurd. Now you said: ‘Bring the Harijans, bring this.’ All has created problems, and nothing has come out of it.”
So what is the solution? To get rid of this artificial thing called as “jati”. The best thing for it is to give you a second birth. So the first birth is wiped out. You have your [SOUNDS LIKE ‘PURAJANA’]. By that your first birth is completely wiped out, there is no trace of it left, and you become nothing but a Yogi. Yogijana. You become the Yogijana. And when you become the Yogijana, you’ll be the understanding that your priorities have changed completely, upside-down. Then you do not see a person in the outward way, but you see the roots of the person and you really enjoy that person. First time you start enjoying another person, when you yourself become a Yogi. And if you meet another Yogi, then you just enjoy that person. On the contrary, I have seen people of the same profession otherwise, bark at each other as dogs do. You meet somebody who is doing, say, a housewife. A housewife will always be barking at another housewife. A politician will be always barking at another politician. A musician will be always at the throat of another musician. Here, once you are realized, once you become the Spirit, what you enjoy is the bliss of your Spirit, in the other person. Just now the lady sang a music to you. She is a Sahaja Yogini. To the people who have come for the first time, it’s just a music. To the people who have been realized, who are settled in realization, to them it was the awakening of the Kundalini; they felt the vibrations, the blissful flow of the Chaitanya Lahari. To them she was the giver of that song which gave this tremendous joy. So except for gratitude, what other attitude they can have towards her?
If everything becomes joy-giving, then how can you hate each other and how can you be jealous? We have never used the power of Love. That’s why I said, the time has come now, to become one with that power which is all-pervading, which is doing all this living work, the all-pervading power of Adi Shakti, the cool breeze of the Holy Ghost, the ruh of the Koran. Just feel it for the first time, and make your life worth something. If you don’t do it, what will happen? I don’t want to shock you with horrible things, but all the horrible things are happening today to any person or to community, to caste, to any samaj or any society or any countries because there is no spiritual life in them. You can blame everything for one reason, that they have not got their Atma awakened within them. One central bindu, the central point, controls the whole periphery, the whole; the totality is controlled by your Atma. But you don’t allow your Atma to come in your attention. Your attention is not enlightened. Unless and until your attention is [NOT.. del?] enlightened by the Spirit, you do not know what is the absolute truth. You live with relative world. And relativity gives you confusions, problems, wars and destruction. We may think that “Despite that, Mother, we have achieved a lot in science.” There are many people who have been saying that to Me. All right, I accept it. But what you have achieved is nothing but all the means to spread the message of the Holy Ghost, the message of the Adi Shakti, the message of this all-pervading power.
Now this one, you’ll be amazed, is also catching Chaitanya Lahari into it, on the television! I stood once on the television in Hong Kong, and the people who saw Me standing, I asked them to put their hands towards Me, because the one who did My program was the owner of that television and was a realized soul; and so many people wrote to Me that they felt the cool breeze in the hand, and that they are feeling much better. Some people also got cured on that. So whatever you have created through your science, if it is used for its own purpose, it has some meaning, otherwise if you see in totality, science has created nothing but all the ways of destruction. These little patchworks you don’t think, but in totality, see the total effect of science is destruction, if it is not used for exposing, manifesting and spreading the work of God, it’s all going to lead you into terrible mess.
But we still are sleeping. In India we are sleeping as far as spiritual life is concerned, I must confess. We will wait till our children become hippies, they take to drugs, they beat the parents, parents kill the children; and then they may think of coming to Sahaja Yoga. That time there may not be any possibility. And this is the time to awaken to this occasion. For all of you, whatever may be your position: you may be a big man, small man, I don’t understand anything out of it. Your only responsibility is to know your Spirit, which God has given you as your right; as the right of a son whom God Almighty, the Father who is the Love, wants to have this great power that lies within him to manifest. I know, I admit, I confess that in the name of God people have done all kinds of wrong things, I accept. But that doesn’t mean that something is wrong with God. On the contrary it proves that God must be something so great that people have tried to hide their bad things behind such a great thing. Like supposing the table is not very good, we cover it with a very good tablecloth. In the same way people have tried to cover all their bad deeds with the tablecloth like that. But mostly people in India are not aware as to the duty they have towards themselves, towards their society, towards their country. And as a country of Yoga, it is very important that Indians must come up, to show to the world.
I went to Japan, and the Japanese said: “There’s no-one from India we met so far, those who have come from your secretariat, not one person we have met who knows about Self-Realization.” It’s a shameful thing for us, because we are the people where so many saints have worked, day and night. Perhaps we are not aware what the Nature has done for us. Say, in Maharashtra it is said that there are three-and-a-half peethas. What are these three-and-a-half peethas? We have never bothered to find out. To us, “Ah, all this nonsense!” These three-and-a-half peethas are what? What do they mean? Have they any relevance to truth or they are just talking big, or they are just taking money out of it? And what are these peethas, we do not know. In, of course in Punjab, we may know about the dollars, but not about our country. We are not bothered. What are these three-and-a-half peethas we have got in Maharashtra? What are the Ashtavinayakas which are there? These three-and-a-half peethas show that in our country, in Maharashtra, lies the Kundalini of the Universe. Are you aware of it? Greeks are better than us, I can tell you this much. Though they have lost all their sense of proportion, they have brought all their gods to worldly forms, at least they’re aware that there is something like serenity, there is something like godliness which must be sought. I went to Greece and they showed Me a place. They said, “Do you know, this is the Navel of the Universe?” I said, “I know that.” “How?” I said, “I know. I said this much before, that the Navel of the Earth is in Greece, and that Europe is the, all the visceras, the Void of the Universe.”
But do you know how many great people have given their spiritual wealth to this place, Delhi itself? We have no idea as to what we have. We have no idea as to what precious things we have with us. And we are living with something so artificial, plastic, good-for-nothing things. I mean, I felt amused when they told Me I have to speak on this subject to Indian audience, that the aim of life is God Realization. I mean, the basis of Indian culture is nothing but Atmasakshatkar.
When My granddaughter was born, they sent her kundali to be made by a, our family astrologer, and he sent a telegram saying, “It’s a great thing that this girl is Atmasakshatkari, a born-realized, and her Guru is in the family.” To us it’s the most important thing that we get a Satguru and get our Atmasakshatkar; to Indians it’s the most important thing, that’s the basis of our culture; not these dancings and things like that. These come later, because our music, dance, everything comes from Omkara, from Atma.
But we have erected big, big concrete jungles out of our religions; big, big buildings, sanghas, this, that, nonsense. Atmasakshatkar is the point. But we believe in shabdajalam. This person is great, that person is great because they have a big property, because they have got a big ashram where you can go and find somebody sitting quietly, talking nothing. All abnormal ideas we accept in religion, and because of that we have declined from our real path of Self-Realization. First and foremost idea is that all the yogis have to be sanyasis. Absolutely wrong idea we have. Who was a sanyasi? Rama or Krishna? Guru Nanaka and Kabira? Santa Tukaram, or Gyaneshwara? Who was a sanyasi among them? On the contrary, those who proclaim sanyasa are something very hypocritical. What is there to proclaim sanyasa? Sanyasa is a temperament, is the personality of a person who is a sanyasi. He may live like Raja Janaka. We know all these things very well. We know the story of Raja Janaka, I need not tell you. I know some of you can recite the whole of Gita before Me, but as far as the Self-Realization is concerned, there is no trace of it. Only talking about God, showing off the knowledge, doesn’t give you Self-Realization. Self-Realization is a happening that must take place within you, and you have to feel this Chaitanya Laharis, this Saundarya Laharis in your hand. You have to feel this all-pervading power. As Mr. Subramaniam has told you, that this is just the beginning. It’s the awakening of the Kundalini and breaking the Sahasrara, just the beginning. Yes, it’s true, just like a seed is sprouted by the touch of Mother Earth, you are receiving your Self-Realization, your second birth, and you feel beautiful after that; but then you get lost, you just get lost, and then I think of the parable of Christ that some seed fell here, some seed fell there, and most of them were lost.
So the second part of it, that as human beings you have to know what you are, you must evaluate yourself. You must know you have not come on this earth to gather some money and die, and leave some for your children to get spoilt. But you are here to get that eternal Life. For that you have to work the whole thing out, understand about yourself, understand about your roots, what you are. I say human beings are the greatest creation of God, the highest [SOUNDS LIKE ‘KRITTI’] of God. But only thing is, he is in ignorance. When the light comes in, his glory, his greatness shines before him and he sees himself as a glorious personality. And then he sees others also with that glorious personality. It’s a very different thing that happens to him. They are called as “dwijahas”, in the real sense of the word. Brahmins are not born; they are reborn things. Those who call themselves Brahmins are not Brahmins according to Sahaja Yoga. Not at all. Those who have known the Brahma are the only Brahmins. Once you know that, you will not form any cults and any such things which demarcates human beings from each other. You are all part and parcel of one Virata, of one Akbar. Only thing, you have to awaken yourself into that greatness. But if you do not do it, as I said, I don’t want to shock you. But anything can happen to an individual and to the society of such sleeping citizens, and to the nation of such sleeping citizens, and to all their progeny that has to come.
So I want to warn you, the time has come. Awaken yourself! Don’t waste your time on nonsensical things. Awaken yourself. Once you have awakened yourself, you will realize that most of your time you have wasted so far. Now only you’ve come in the real timeless atmosphere of complete enjoyment of your being, and of others. But this is not just talking or lecture. It is not. It is the happening, the actualization, so you must have respect for yourself. You are the temples of God. So do not feel in any way guilty or anything; you are all temples of God. As I said, you are the most beautiful thing God has created, and with such care, with such beauty, that you’ll be amazed when I tell you one by one tomorrow, how God has created so beautifully, and how this instrument is placed within you to play the melody of God’s love. You’ll be amazed!
I’ll end up My lecture today by telling you a sweet story of Shri Radha, that one day She felt jealous of the flute that Shri Krishna was carrying on His lips, and She asked Shri Krishna, “What is so special about this flute, that she is always at Your lips?” Shri Krishna smiled and said, “Why don’t You go and ask the flute itself?” So She went to the flute and asked, “What is your speciality, that you are always at the lips of my Lord, the Lord of the Universe?” She said, “Shri Radha, don’t You know that I have no speciality? I have no ego left in me. I am a hollow personality. Only thing I know, that the Lord is playing the melody and I listen to it, and I’m amused at people when they say that the flute is being played.”
May God bless you.

May God bless you.