The Shaktis Within Us

New Delhi (India)

1983-01-28 The Shaktis Within Us New Delhi NITL HD, 73'
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Public Program. New Delhi (India), 28 January 1983.

It’s such a great Sahaj Yogi, that he must have really blasted you all, with so many expositions, which normally, we resist, very much. So, I have to say one thing, that, this work is, of Mother’s Love, and Mother can never demand anything from you, least of all the reverence, that is, due to a mother, only thing she can do, is to love you, care for you, to guide you, to proper understanding. Sometimes suppose she has to take the cane in the hand, for a very short time, but this overpowering love cannot demand anything from you.

Actually, sometimes I wonder, why should they at all think of giving anything to Me, because they do not know I’m so helpless, that I really cannot take anything, at all, it re bounce back, and, it is a very different phenomena with Me which have faced, sometimes with people when I tell them, that Love can only be returned in one way, that is only by assimilating it within yourself. Just by sucking it into your being, just by fulfilling yourself with it, to be, absolutely satisfied, to be transformed into a new being of joy and happiness.

To be the Lotus of your being, to be the fragrant personality of this earth. If that happens to a Mother, is the biggest thing, She may be the most powerful or whatever you may call her by, her only joy is in seeing what she has, to be given completely, fully to the children Sampurna. Because anything that she tries to retain, doesn’t make her happy, so everything has to be imparted, given to you.

But sometimes as, Yogi has said that people are not hungry, till a mother can’t bear her children starving, so she too create also the hunger, in her heart, in the heart of her children. A mood has to be set in, and thus today we had a very nice program, describing the different deities, awakening them within ourselves, setting you for your transformation. I am very much thankful to Shrimati Urmila Devi Vardhan for giving such a beautiful exposition of bharatanatyam, and also to all her accompanying artist. They have been very kind to us. Thank you very much.

Now, today as I told you, I have to talk to you about the Shaktis, the powers that already exist within us, and manifest within us, and when we start misusing them, how we fall a prey, to some sort of maladjustment and as a result, we become sick or, we become, imbalanced, full of tension, temper, and all sorts of abnormal behaviours come into our being.

This subject is to be understood better, if you had the book you can, you must have done some homework I am sure today, that within us lies, the power of Shiva, the power of our atma in our heart. And this power of atma, is the witness, which watches, the, clay of the power, of the Holy Ghost. The atma is the reflection of the God Almighty, and His power, is this all pervading power of God, which is the Adi Kundalini, which is manifested within us as Kundalini. This, Kundalini, resides in the triangular bone. Reflection of God Almighty, Paramatma the atma, watches the play, of the power, of Love, Love of God, power of Adi Shakti, his own power of Love which is immeasurable. Which is Anand, which is, in destructive, which does everything in this world, which is called as Brahma Shakti. That’s the truth, the rest of it is not, but still we are sleeping, still we are not aware of that power, that is all pervading, we have heard about it, in all the scriptures that there is the all pervading power.

Yesterday I told you that this power, is being all the living work, despite all this, we cannot feel that power, and we do not know, whether we should believe in this great power that is surrounding us, whether such a power really exists or not. The reason is we are still, as a human being, we are in a transition. We are not yet become that for which we were made. I would say that this instrument which is here being made is not put to the mains, is of no use. Unless and until it is put to the mains it doesn’t work out. Whatever it works out so caused supposing somebody pushes it down and out maybe also speaking on this or doing anything is not being the real think is just false, it’s just artificial. So whatever we have been so far, without, the connection with the, all pervading, connection, with the God Almighty, is all absolutely artificial. It’s just mental thing that we are doing, so this yoga must be established. Yoga means the union with God Almighty for all understand, but it just doesn’t mean that you take a plug and put to God Almighty, it doesn’t mean that way, but it means that within ourselves, the whole instrument is made and built-in in such a way, that only a Guru or an enlightened soul, knows how to connect this instrument with God Almighty, so that you become an instrument of God’s love.

Now this happening is called as Yoga, but Yoga also has another meaning, Yoga Kaushalyum, yukti what the word yukti comes from that Yoga, means, with deafness how to handle this instrument. Is not sufficient for anyone to get an instrument. Supposing you are given a car, and the machinery is opened up, still if you don’t know how to drive the car. You cannot drive it, it is useless for you. And if try to do anything, you may spoil the car. Before starting the car, if you start turning the parts like the tyres or something like that or the wheels the car won’t move. In the same way, without having the Yoga if you try to do anything in the name of God, you are doing it artificially. So the yukti, the Kaushalyum to handle this instrument, is also to be learnt. So first part, this is the Yoga, is the sprouting of the Kundalini, the awakening of it, and breaking of the Sahasrara, I should say is the job of a Sahaj Yogi or your Divine Mother, but afterwards to learn, the yukti, the Kaushalyum, the kushalta, the debtness, how to develop this awareness, into that stillness, and this awareness into that higher awareness which you call it vibratory awareness. How to station it there is the job of an awakened soul.

So we have two different functions to do, first is to awaken the Kundalini. That I know sometimes can be difficult, can be easy depending on the sadhaka, on the seeker, but the other part of it becomes much easier for a person who is awakened, if he has real bhakti for himself, real understanding that he is a person of some value. He has come on this earth, not to just waste his precious human life and fritter it away, but for a very, very special purpose. All such people will dedicate themselves completely to master the art of Yoga.

Now many people ask a question that what is the difference between Sahaja Yoga and other Yogas. There is no difference at all, because if you see the Yogas which are described, say Hathya Yoga is. Hathya Yoga was practiced in our country when we had a very different of society. The children from about five years to about twenty five years at the most, would go and live with their Gurus who were all realised souls. In those days we didn’t have such Gurus as we are having these days, all kinds of funny things. They were realised souls, absolutely detached, of course married, living with their wives, and looking after the children who went there for their education, and at that time this kind of Hathya Yoga was practiced, where people lead a complete Brahmachari’s life. Today such a situation doesn’t exist at all, so much so that the Gothra was nothing but the University. Say supposing my Gothra is Shandileya Gothra. The university where the children studied could not marry each other not in one generation, ten generation, but till today.

So the Gothra which are started that is Brahmachari’s must be kept absolutely pure. But modern times are such that even if you want to know your Gothra I think perhaps that very few people really know what is their Gothra is. So when this is the situation of today’s society where the purity of life is so much challenged every moment where there is no sense of Brahmachari among the children to practice that kind of Hatha Yoga is going to be rather difficult where you have to spend all your life in a school under a realised soul who is a Guru these days you see the quality of Gurus and the quality of students, but in that also the first change is that change is not only – making yourself thin or making yourself of making yourself like an actress it was not only a viyama systems it was a ashtangas out of ashtallas the first and foremost was Ishwara Pranithan means first is the Realization establishment of God within yourself, and absolutely it is logical and sensible to understand this why Ishwara was to be established first because unless and until Kundalini starts moving you will not know what is your problem is.

For example with your naked eyes you can see the Kundalini pulsating in many people if you come to our regular programs you will be surprised it pulses just like the heart in the triangular bone when it goes upward you can see its pulsation passing if you put your stethoscope you can see the pulsation moving up to the head where on to the top of your head in the Fontanel bone area you can feel the throbbing clearly which Kabira has described as shunyeshikarapara anahathabaji and anahatha is that sound of the heart lub du, lub du you can clearly hear on top of your head and when it breaks that sound then you start getting that cool breeze of the holy ghost the Chaitanya Lahari coming out of your head. Now this is what one has to understand is the beginning of Yoga. This is where the awakening has taken place and Brahmarandra has been broken, but still it is to be fully established.

This is the second part of Yoga which is [coushallop ]. No in those days when Ishwara Pranitana was so important these days those people who are teaching yoga don’t even talk of Ishwara. They lead a horrible life there is no question of Brahmachari and all that and then what diseases such people can develop, if I tell you you’ll be shocked. Those people who do such asanas and such things which are only physical develop their physical being. Such people can be very hot tempered, extremely dry, without any sense of innocence and of purity and auspiciousness. Such people can be extremely cruel and can even beat their wives, beat their children and can be so dry that if a Sahaj Yogi tries to raise the Kundalini of such a person they might get blisters on their hands. These people may end up with so many diseases which may not be cured by the Viyamas they do. These people become very right sided ego oriented people and they think no end of themselves. At the most if they go beyond the limits they can become so cruel that they can easily achieve the personality of Hitler. I would say Hitler is one of the examples of the extremes to which a man who is working out his right side as we call it the physical side the right side, the Pingala Nadi, can reach. Hitler should really warn you all off such a great attachment to your body development.

You are not only your body. Many people who come to Me I have seen come for sickness and want Me to cure them. But one has to know that God has common sense, He is the source of all the common senses. Those people who want to get cured if they are not the ones who are going to carry the light of God then why should God cure them? The light that we have in our house which is just a lamp and cannot be useful for producing light as such, are we going to repair it? If we cannot repair it, the great economist who is God is he going to do such a thing as to cure a person who has nothing to do with God who is not going to work out anything who is a ball case. Know at the very outset if you read Gita you will find that Shri Krishna has clearly said, “They are already dead people.” He asked also Arjuna that you have to kill your relations even people like Bhishma pitamaha and his Guru also watch, because they are already dead. That means whatever is dead is always dead and whatever is living is always living as He Himself has said that nanium chidantish shastrani nanium dhathipahavaka. That spirit that atma within you cannot be destroyed. So such people if they have a body which is absolutely incapacitated, or they have a mind which does not want to receive anything about God then the Gods forces recede back and such people may not be cured. But a time has come where I feel God Himself in His all graciousness and sweetness is so gracious, He is so kind. I have seen in Sahaj Yoga that people who are supposed to be just directly going to hell are getting Realization. It’s amazing! I am amazed at Sahaja Yoga!

That’s why I call it a Mahayoga. People told Me about man, that he is the one who has done all kind of bad things. Even his wife has committed suicide. He is a man who drinks and who plays this and does that and he has done all sorts of things and now he is absolutely finished and fagged out he has no money left and he came to Me and of course with great difficulty he got his Realization. They didn’t tell Me beforehand but the way he was difficult I was wondering what sort of a person is this. He had no diseases as such very healthy person extremely ego oriented but he got his Realization and when he got his Realization he was a transformed man. All his shedrupules had fallen down he was a different man his face was different. He was so beautiful and so much stunningly changed that even his own wife could not believe that it is the same gentleman because he had one wife had committed suicide he had another wife who was absolutely pestered and was about to commit suicide and she herself said that, “Look at this man, how has he changed what has happened?” So that it is proved that God has really become extremely gracious, extremely kind and that is why yesterday I asked you to say again and again that, “Mother, I am not guilty”, not to feel guilty really don’t feel guilty at all because whatever you have done whatever may be your mistake against God whatever anti God things you have done to others or to yourself, forget it, it is time for you to get Realization and all of you are going to get it.

Another Yogas are Raj Yoga and other Yogas are there. Now Raja Yoga is another thing which means that you have to do kumbaka means holding up and that you have to do kaycherrie and all those things. Actually it is brought out in such a funny way that you’ll be amazed that the way people follow it is something like before starting the car you start moving the wheel the, the, what you call – – – the steering wheel and you start pulling the choke in the same we follow Raga Yoga these days. There was a gentleman who use to cut the tongue in America who use to cut the tongue of people and used to push them back here mechanically to call it a kaycherrie. Kabira is his exposition has clearly absolutely condemned it and he said this kind of nonsense is not going to take you to God. Also like shaving your head or wearing a kashiya vastra and all that kind of a show, is not going to take you to Got, he said it that, “If shaving your head is going to take you to God, then what do you think about the sheep that is shaved every year, twice. It must go to God first.”

So all these nonsensical ideas about Yoga are to be canceled because Raga Yoga is the thing that actually happens within us when the Kundalini rises, it’s a tremendous happening, and there are so many activities that come into going to play that is impossible to describe in one lecture what all happens, but imagine an energy going up and all the centres going into motion and commotion fixing up the Kundalini in its proper place supporting it, they have to do so many things simultaneously as we cannot describe even a simple thing like digestion of food which is so autonomous, we cannot describe that happening which is so subtle and so quick and so alert. But by putting your tongue in your throat and wagging it all your life you are not going to go near God at all. On the contrary God is going to be very angry with you for being cruel to yourself for nothing at all.

This concept comes from I don’t know from where that you can do all the Yogas without really being the Yoga. The real Yoga is spontaneous is living process. Is a process which is the Sahaja, Saha means “with”, ja means “born”, is born with you. We never think how we digest our food do we? We don’t know how we see things/ it’s the most wonderful intricate camera that God has build in our sockets. Now do we ever understand that this complicated body was created by some energy within us, and that energy is still there which has to give us this last jump into the new awareness of self-Realization. Why should we not think that whatever we have got so far has been absolutely free. You didn’t become human being by paying anything to the monkeys did you? How did you become human beings – spontaneously! How did this evolution come up – spontaneously! You did do anything about it, did you stand on your head to become a human being? Did you go to any school or to any University to read about it? All that is [white] for human beings is absolutely free and has to be free. Not only free from money but also from breathing and all those things like breathing now. Supposing if you have to breathe. First you have to go to school and find out how to read, how [many] will exist even for a second. Reading has nothing to do with God! Please remember this. Reading books doesn’t take you to God at all, only thing is that if you read something you may reach a logical conclusion like when you come here and you see an advertisement you see that there is a program of Mataji Nirmala Devi. If you think that by reading that advertisement you have got your self Realization then what should I call you. In the same way if you just read books and think, “Oh I have read Gita, I have read this and I have read that and now I have become viyasa”, you are sadly mistaken.

Even to understand Gita or to understand Bible or to understand Koran you have to have your self Realization otherwise you can never understand these books also. So you cannot do it by reading on the contrary sometimes too much reading can create a big problem what Adi Shankaracharya has called it as a sabdhachala. The right sided man who works with his Ida nadi on the right side on the right sympathetic nervous system is the one who works his physical side more and his mental side he uses his kriya shakti. Especially in Delhi the kriya shakti is overworked, everybody is planning. Planning what God only knows. With all this planning if this is going to be the situation it is better that they stop the planning. Planning for the future! Future doesn’t exist, so why should you plan? Now anybody would say, “Mother, supposing you have to go day after tomorrow then you must book your – ticket.” Yes then go and book it! Why are you planning? You will plan up to the point let the car come in let this would happen then somebody will open the door up to that point and you find your car is punctured. Today the same thing happen, I started from My house and the president was passing through and every car was stopped. Why do you plan everything, make it so timely you see that you should be absolutely timely, after all in living processes there is no time.

Supposing somebody ask Me how much time will it take for a Kundalini to be awakened, actually it only takes the split of the moment. Split of the moment! Really! [Shadhn]! Is less than a shadhn. Just a wee piece of at time is needed. And it shoots up and it just breaks through in some people. But in some people it comes up, goes down, comes up, goes down, in some people it takes time even to wake. So under these circumstances you cannot just say exactly what time a – a flower is going to become a fruit, can you say that? Any living process you cannot time it. Only dead things you can time it all right. If I was supposing a dead person and everybody was dead then there would have been no problem of My arriving here on a dead car because nobody would have acted – objected or there would have been no problem but as human beings are living as everything is living there can be a problem in anyway no use planning for the future. That is how we have faith in our planning.

God has all plans for us! He has made all plans which you can see within yourself. Beautifully He has planned all this and this time also He has planned very well. The time has come! This is the time of resurrection which was announced by such a great rishi like Brigu who was living thousands of years back he wrote a book called Nadigranth he has clearly stated about Sahaja Yoga what will happen and how people will be cured and how the Kundalini will be awakened. Not only that but when about three hundred years this was one gentleman called as Bujander, he, he tried to bring it to the modern language he said that this will start in 1970 exactly Sahaja Yoga started in 1970.

So it is all planned in God’s own ways He has planned it and in that planning we have to see how we fit in, how many can be saved that is very important, this is the time when we call it the time of judgement. The time of judgement has come, this is the time you are all going to be judged. Now many people will say that, “Mother we don’t think this is the way we are going to be judged”, if I ask them what is your concept of your judgement? I would say Michelangelo has done a very great painting in Sistine Chapel where you can see very clearly how he has shown the whole Kundalini and in Mahavishnu standing at Christ here, throwing the people at Agnya chakra on left and right, they are coming down from left and right and how those who are saved are going above with the help of the Angels. It is so clearly how he saw the vision he was a great thrastha and he saw it.

Afterwards we can see in England, which is a place you would not believe of Rishis or Munis a great saint and a great poet who is not very well know to us Indians called William Blake*, was born about a hundred years back and he has written, so clearly, so clearly, that it is amazing to see how these Saints knew all these things so clearly about Sahaja Yoga to come that even where I will be staying in Surrey Hills first, first because responsibilities are here, then the foundations will be laid in Lambathville, actually all these things were discovered when the things have been done, so the, our Ashram is in Lambathville where we have put the foundation and there it is written clearly even the house that I am occupying now is on the Triban Brook and is all clearly written to the last word where the such and such person will be living, can you believe it. And an Englishman saying that Jerusalem the place where people should go for their pilgrimage will be London I been after knowing the English as they have been it is impossible for Indians to believe that a such a day will come that Yogis will be settled in London but they are. There are great Yogis in London today. Now all these thing have happened to us. God has organized everything. God has managed everything. Inside yourselves also He has managed everything very well. So beautifully that it is only to be seen after Realization how things are beautifully done within ourselves.

But is it the human ignorance and freedom put together because animals are pashus there are impartial of God but human beings with their freedom and ignorance have created some mistakes, doesn’t matter, doesn’t matter, as long as you are seeking God, you will get your Realization you are beautifully made inside. There is a beautiful picture which we will show you tomorrow as to what the chakras there are and how the Kundalini resting in the triangular bone rises gradually and passes through these chakras and crosses over and breaks this Sahasrara.

It was said since long, because even Indra was given Realization so you can imagine how old is this custom of giving Realization. At the time of Janaka who was the father in law of Shri Rama it is mentioned that Nachiketha got Realization, one person. Now that time one person all right on the tree of life there are few flowers at the beginning but as the blossom time comes there are so many flowers and all these flowers are to become the fruits. But if the flowers turn their face away from the sun, you can’t help it because these flowers are not like ordinary flowers. They have freedom to choose either the God’s Kingdom or the satanic Kingdom. It is their choice and ardent desire to be in the Kingdom of God which is going to work it out. So it is left to us to decide within our heart to know that everything is done beautifully within yourselves.

We have three powers already manifesting within us. The first power as I told you yesterday when we were doing the action of raising the Kundalini is the left side power of desire. Desire. But all of our desires are weak root, are perverted, because whatever desire we have does not give you full satisfaction disaffection. Now the principle of economics that once in general is not they are not satiable, in particular there for example if I want to have a little house, you will have the house but you are not satisfied the house does not satisfy so will you want to buy carpets so want buy the carpets, then you try to furnish the house still your are not satisfied, now you want to have a car, and get a car, then you want to start a factory, still you are not satisfied, means none of these things give you satisfaction these material things which you have changed from one to another.

So it is proved by economics itself that material goals are not satiable in general so why run after such a thing which is never satiable like mad. If it is said by economics itself let us turn to something else, and the else is nothing but, is sent, the controlling power of all the natures, and of all the beings within this creation and that is God himself. That God resides within us as spirit so we have to turn to Him, as I said we have to go to the roots and know the knowledge of the roots which is absolutely different, absolutely different, from what knowledge you have had so far, absolutely different but you have to see for yourself with open mind. So we have three powers, the left side power is the power of desire, and as I said all the desires that we know of are weak rooted because they do not give you the satisfaction of the desires. So there has to be something shuddha desire there has to be some pure desire and what is this Kundalini, and this Kundalini is the one which is waiting for that day when as a Mother she will give you your Realization. She is your Mother, and she is the one who has been with you all your lives and she is the one who wants all the time that My child should get the Realization and now this Mother is an individual Mother she has no other child, you are the only child. She is very tender kind and extremely knowledgeable she knows all about you she knows all the mistakes you have committed she knows that you have done wrong to yourself but still she is so powerful that she know that if she is awakened she will throw away all other desires and will come up and will make you meet your ultimate own which is your spirit.

So we have the Shuddha Iccha. The Shuddha Iccha is your Kundalini. Now the other side we have another power, which is the power of action. This power of action we put into wrong thing. Always our action lead us into troubles as I told you about science you take any action you take first of all you are not sure as to what you are doing, now take to the ultimate which we think as the most noble thing human being do, is to help others. Now, this at least you would think, “Why should Mother challenge?” This action also comes to you out of complete ignorance, complete ignorance. I would say who is the other? Who is the other? If you are the part and parcel of the whole, who is the other? Whom are you helping if this finger is feeling the pain and if I am trying to soothe it am I obliging the finger? Am I doing anything for the finger? It comes out of ignorance and ego that we are trying to help others, actually you are helping yourself. Perhaps also you are doing it to pamper your ego, I have seen people who have got big awards for being very helpful to the poor. I have seen the temperament such hot tempered horrid absolutely thin like sticks horribly place about their own position. Such people what good can they do even their own personality is abhorrent I mean people when they see such a person are really frightened and are overawed, what a matron this lady is as she is supposed to be helping people in some sort of a nonsensical thing. Like somebody says you take hundred rupees, I’ll give you hundred rupees I’ll help you. All right you have helped the man by a hundred rupees, Forget it! What is a hundred rupees? Forget it! Just you have not helped, just given it. I would quote My father in this because My father was a another great Realized Soul which we really, can be legendary, I know that he was an extremely generous man, extremely generous man and he gave everything that he had for the struggle of India. But his generosity was so great that every Sunday he used to distribute some blankets and things like that sitting outside in My house just passing over like that and his head always bent like that. So one day a friend a gentleman said, “Sir, what are you dong?” You are giving two blankets to one person, and some people are running away with three blankets, he said [sela] “I am not giving. If you think I am giving you are sadly mistaken. I am just an instrument I am sitting here and I am just passing it. Now if somebody wants to take more, let the organizer see it, I have nothing to do, I am just passing it. That’s not my job. My job is just to stand here and give it to people who want it. I don’t see who is rich or poor, who wants it or not, that is not my job. That is the job of the organizer who wants to do this. That kind of a thing it was.

So what is that you have give a hundred or a lakh of rupees may be you might have done it just for your names sake? It has no value intrinsically of any punyas. You have won no punyas at all. The punyas are only won when you just do it without looking at it. But it is very difficult, very difficult, only a realised soul can do it. Who gives away without even knowing he has given away. Only a realised soul is like that. You will be amazed that I don’t know how many people I must have cured I have no idea at all. But one day I was sitting next to a gentleman in a dance like this and he touched My feet. I said, “Who are you?” He said, “Mother, don’t you know you have saved your life.” I said, “Saved your life! All right forget it forget it.” I said, “Sit down let’s see the dance.” And I was trying to remember when did I meet this fellow, I just could not remember. “But”, I said,” You were never sick?” “How can you be sick?” he said,” No I got my Realization and now I am all right.” His face was changed he was so transformed, I just could not place him, I could not understand who he was.

So you can imagine, what a change a person can achieve through Realization, and a person who is supposed to be kind and obliging just is flabbergasted and ashamed and embarrassed that the kind of a memory one has because you just don’t remember all this. It is not important to be remembered. It is not important at all to remember these things, and such a person has no value for things that are so important. I tell you can live much better if you don’t worry about so many things that you have to do. So with this right power of action we try to do things which are really anti God activities. First of all that we buy something and we think, “This is mine.”

If you say anything is mine that means it is not I as I told you yesterday, but this feeling that this is mine, this is my possession, this is my thing, I must look after it, is absurd I just don’t understand that you all know, you have seen that everyone dies. Anyone who does not know this, I have not known anyone like that. Now when you die, you don’t take anything with you, this you have known also, or have you not. No one takes anything. What you take is the kindness, the fragrance you have spread on this earth. Even the people today who think I am such and such, I am a king, I am this, when they die people say, “Oh God, thank God he died, horrible king.” It is better that he died; we prayed for his death thank God he is gone and finished, he was good for nothing. All these selfish things we do with the idea that, by that people will have respect for us. Somebody told Me that I accumulate money because without money nobody has respect for us. I said “Really!” I did not know people respect anyone for money’s sake if they do you shouldn’t care for such respect because money is outside you. You leave the money tomorrow; supposing you loose the money you loose the respect, so why do you have such added mud on your body of which people are giving you respect, and such artificial respect, why should you be so proud, “Throw away!” People should respect you because you are you not because you have money, because you are today a big man and tomorrow a small man. But that you are you is your spirit. The problem is unless and until you know the spirit you may divulge or get in, attached to possessions which are attachments most artificial, most artificial


Putting her finger on that I hope it is not spoilt. But we worry it should not be lost before Mother disappears I must get hold of this ting but I am just enjoying it without possessing it I am enjoying it. So what’s this of possessing, better give the headache to someone and enjoy it, other peoples things is the best.

Actually I do that, to be very frank, I do not possess even a single thing in life. I have told My husband please do not put anything in My name because just I can’t possess. I mean if you want to put it, put it but I have no understanding of it. And those who possess I know such headaches they have of possession that they can never enjoy it, they can never enjoy it, the point is as soon as the idea comes into your head that it’s a possession you cannot enjoy it. This thought itself is a disturbing thing which takes you away from the joy of that beautiful thing.

So what is the thing that you have to see in matter is the joy of [esthetity]. First of all the joy of esthetity which we do not at all think that aesthetics are possible without possessing it. We cannot think that anything can have aesthetics until and unless and until you possess it. You cannot enjoy the aesthetics unless and until you possess it. Thank God there are now museums, most of the aesthetic things have gone into the museums and headache is over for many, But still people want to smuggle these things, to buy these things, to possess these things, to have such a big headache, what’s that need. There is no need to waste your energy in possessing things which are headaches, if they are not headache it’s all right, but we don’t possess them let them be there. I tell you if you don’t worry about it they will be there, and they will give something more than what is expected of material things.

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Of the material – a thing, the value of that, is the joy of giving material things to others. That’s the only thing I feel any matter has. There is no other value in things which we can possess, so must be the value in giving the headache to somebody else. I tell you nothing like it. Try it! Try to give away all the headache to others and you will feel so relieved you sleep standing while you are horse, as you say, “Holy base to solve”!

In the same way, if you try to pay attention to somebody because he is rich, say he has diamonds or he has, I don’t know some big car “Oh what a car it is this”, England is very good for that. If you wear real silver, real – real pearls, they start call you Madam, and if you wear artificial ones, they just bark at you. They know – all of them know, but you see I am wearing it not you. But when if you call me Madam or even the Queen Elizabeth I am not going to give you. So why should you call? The whole system is so artificial and so stupid, it’s so stupid that for a person like Me, I just don’t understand why should we waste our energy after people who are not going to shell out even this much, even if you give them the respect for these possessions of theirs.

Once you start giving no respect for possessions, those people who believe in possessions will rise above and will try to imbibe something higher. I have had lots of – complains about people taking bribes, making big money, this that, having – this big thing, and all – for themselves. Now the reason is, people are impressed by that! People are only impressed by those things so people try to acquire whatever you are impressed by, people try to do that.

I’ll give you a concrete example when My husband got transferred in Bombay. We were all simple ladies from all over, educated, and we were all decently dressed Indian style, we used to live in a very decent way, good wives and all the way that we had come from say good families. So we tried to keep the corner of a family. But then one lady came, and she was quite – according to be a strange woman, you see, and most surprising was the way she dressed. Strangely and funnily all men started getting impressed by her. I mean this woman would not even look at them, she would talk to them rudely she was such a funny woman, but all men were attracted to her, something must be possessed. I don’t know what was the reason, but the ladies who were so good and nice started changing just like that. And they said if their husbands are interested in such a particular type of a dress why not I do it, and they all started changing themselves so fast that suddenly I found Myself surrounded by all this and they thought I am a stupid woman.

The trouble is, unless and until you the Sahaja Yogis of course you’ll do, but the people who are not even Sahaj Yogis, must know that after coming to Sahaj Yoga, your priorities are so changed, that you do not care for all other things which are called to be positioned, or big personalities, or you can call it – big educated man, or some rich rajah and all that but it cares for the Kundalini itself.

The Kundalini will judge you. We have one very ordinary boy, who is a poor boy, his name is Morisho. Of course, by the help of Kundalini, of course, your Lakshmi tattwa is improved, so he has improved in his Lakshmi tattwa also. But he is a very great Sahaj Yogi. I mean he is really -very great soul, and he is respected much more, than any big man coming, because we understand the intrinsic value of a person is how far he is a realisied soul. So the whole system that we have built here, which is responsible today for a shock for us is going to change ,and all the priorities are going to change, our idealism is going to come up and we are going to look at people for their intrinsic value and not for their outside value.

I don’t know how many of you have met Mahatma Gandhi. I’ve lived with him in My childhood, and though he was a very dry person, extremely dry and he made us like scouts you see, and he took us to task because it’s so necessary, but the thing I learnt from him was, that the way, I mean he was particular on correcting himself every moment, and saying things which will correct yours. This was the beauty of his leadership.

We had a program something in Molanazas all of them when I was a little girl, and we were giving water and this supplying to them prank, and then Gandhiji said, “Better not go for lunch, you better have lunch here.” They said, “All right, whatever you say”, very obedient people. So he got out he had the keys with him because the bar, his wife, had gone out, so he took out the keys, opened the thing and took out, all rice, wheat – what you call the atta, everything, according to the people there were measured them, put them, took about fifteen minutes. When he came back to, everybody was very embarrassed and – I think it was Colonassad said “Bapu, we did not know you had to go to this extent?” Ah “for us I mean! It’s too much!” “What too much! Do you know, this is the blood of my countrymen”. “I’m just a trustee. I cannot allow even a drop of that blood to flow out.” Can you imagine! That’s why he is a marvel. He has detachment, was so great that it impressed people everybody was literally frightened of him I had seen, except for Me, because I was his favorite I think and he used to call Me Nepali. And when I told him one day, that ah “Bapu you are very strict with everyone.” “I can get up at four o’clock because I used to get up. I can do anything with My body it is very good, but everybody is not like that,” he said, “You are the old mother! I am not! I am a father! I am going to put them right!”

And in a very strict way he also used to treat children also, but the best part of it is this, that his people at that time when he created that atmosphere, he created people without Realization I must say with his own character with his own sublimity. He created characted characters who respected people because of their quality, and not because of their falsehood. But in Sahaj Yoga you don’t have to give any lectures, you don’t have to be strict like Gandhiji, nothing has to be done. You are just given awakening and it happens. You are just a changed person, you get that transformation automatically. Nobody has to do anything about it; all your actions become directed towards Sahaja Yoga.

Now when a Sahaja Yogi meets Me, he is always talking to Me, “Mother that day I saw such and such thing and my Sahasrara opened out. And then I went to a shop and what happened I saw something and it emitted such vibrations, that I felt tremendous love for that artist.” The whole shop the whole system, the whole thing changes and he talks like an, a, karmic, because he does not do any karma the whole thing flows, he becomes a third person. He talks like a sakshi; he talks like a third person. He doesn’t say, “I have cured somebody.” He says, “Sahaja Yoga has cured that person.” So he becomes separated from Sahaja Yoga, he is not Sahaj Yoga is the sense that Sahaja Yoga is doing its job I, the one, the ego is separate.

The Sahaja Yoga is doing this. Sahaja Yoga has worked out this way. Sahaja Yoga where does it exist. It exist it in the Sahaja Yogis. In the hearts of Sahaja Yogis, in the hands of Sahaj Yogis, in their Kundalini, it exists within them, in their spirits, and from that spirit the Sahaj Yoga is working out.

So when they say that Sahaja Yoga is working it out, they are actually saying, the spirit is working out, a spirit is detached, so they never say, “I have done so, I have arranged. Mother, Sahaja is so great that as soon as we went there the Sahaja worked it out.” Now where is this Sahaja standing outside? It is within your heart this Atma works it out.

After Realization you become really dynamic, believe Me you become absolutely dynamic. So far we have never known God’s real miracles, His real way of dealing with human beings. Some Sahaj Yogis who cannot receive the message that I have come dream about it in the night. Because they are collectively conscious, not only when the Realization comes through they can feel your chakras on their fingers they can feel it – properly what chakras are catching, where is the problem, they decode it and cure it in collective consciousness which is an actualisation in, is an actualisation it is not a mental thing, that we are our brothers and sisters. Nobody is other.

They can feel what is wrong with others, they can know what is wrong with them because the light has come within them, and when that happens, then, you cannot help it. You see, sometimes I am late for a program, so people say Mother why are you late. Now somebody I see who is a great person who has come to Me may be poor or rich I don’t know, but he deserves attention, so My attention starts going towards him like water, it till he settle down, it goes on working. And when it works out, when it works out, then only I leave the place. Time, everything is for whom, for us, not for use to be slaves of time but we have to master the time.

Even in Sahaja Yoga there are so many ways we can see how we master the time. Like one day we were going to have a Puja at about ten o’clock in the morning, but I could not take My bath till eleven, and everybody said, “Mother better go for a bath now it’s eleven o’clock.” I said, “Still the time till then.” At eleven o’clock I went for a bath and arrive at about twelve o’clock. So I said please open the panchang [moon calendar] see when amavasya [new moon] finishes they said at twelve, all right. So I am here at the right time, during Amavasya you do not do any puja. So the whole planning, the whole system of all telecommunication everything, of the Brahma you achieve it and you master it and you know how to handle it, Sitting down here, you can know the vibrations of the president of America, sitting down here, you can communicate with a friend of yours who is across thousand of miles.

But this is not so important, what you can do is the communication of Sahaja system through this all pervading ether that is there, so that you can work out so many things that, it cannot be explained on the ordinary human level. Now I will tell you one of them which you cannot explain, and I cannot explain to you because of difference in our understanding.

I was giving a lecture in Bedford to at least double the number of people that are here, and when I was talking to them about eight o’clock, or so, the lecture finished about ten o’clock, a boy fell down about three four miles away, from that place, from a bridge. Fell very deep, and people saw him falling down so they sent for a ambulance which came, but this boy when they lifted him up, took him to the hospital, found was all hale and heart. So they asked him what happened. Nothing happened to you nothing broken, nothing hurt, what’s the problem. He said, “A lady wearing a white sari, came down from a white car,” I have a white car, “and touched me all over the places I was hurt and I got cured by her and she a little place she has left and she told me that you come for this to me. And then she went away and afterwards the ambulance came.” When he saw My photograph after two days, he told this, because this was out in the newspapers, first of all this was given in the news that something miraculous has happened , this man has seen a lady, who is this lady? After two days, this, they thought is was still some actual lady who must have come there. He saw My photograph in the newspaper and he said.” This is the lady who had come.” So the gentleman was quite worried and he telephoned to the organiser Mr Gavin Brown, to find out about Me.

So Gavin Brown wrote an article, say – he said yes it is so Havia word many such cases in India also but to, to us to Indians we are more modern in this, we don’t believe, but it has happened here also, so he wrote a complete article as to what things have happened in India also and they published it and they were amazed. So you can imagine what things God can do and how He helps you, and why should you worry about anything when He is the one who is going to protect you look after you and do everything under the sun to make you happy. This belief in God is now vanishing in the thin air, but believe Me that once you get your Realization all His angels and Ganas are looking [after you after you.] Ah, anybody who tries to trouble the Sahaja Yogis, have a bad time, and now the Sahaj Yogis have to hold Me, “Mother please forgive them because they have so much of bad time that we ourselves will, that it is too much.” I said, “Well I am not doing anything these are the Ganas. They won’t spare these people now any more if they try to trouble you because no more anybody is going to trouble the Saints; they have done it with too much of it now the time has come where no Saint can be troubled.”

Of course all the people who are fake. who are anti God people they’ll be destroyed and their images will be ruined but no Saint who so ever he me be can be harassed by any bad power, all of them will be punished severely and this can be proved by many experiences of the SahajaYogis who will tell you about it, so all the protection is there. So many incidences that we are thinking of publishing a regular book of the incidents that took place and you all can verify if you are rather doubtful about it. This is the blessing of getting Sahaja Yoga on the right hand side when you believe in God. He does everything actually He does everything as I told you that all living things has does. But in our ignorance we feel that we are doing it.

As I told many a time that some villagers were asked to go by plane and they felt that if they have to take less luggage better put it on their heads. So they put all their luggage on their heads and they were believing that they are reducing the weight of the aeroplane in the same way we believe that we are reducing the weight that God has to carry. It is He who has created you, it is He who has made you human being, it is He who has to give you Realization, it is He who has to give the joy and it is He who has to give you the citizenship of His great Kingdom. Is all a desire of a Father, who loves, loves and loves his children. He adores his children, he adores creation and that’s what he has tried to create, an atmosphere today where people will have to take to Sahaj Yoga if they are not little bit frightened they won’t come to Sahaja Yoga so don’t be worried all these are just a fake frightening things they will all disappear. There is nothing to worry about it, as you call in Hindi language a bandar bhakti hai. We just don’t worry, this is just a fake warning for all the people so that they can come to Sahaj Yoga, get their Realization and settle down with in accessory.

Now! Yesterday I was little on a very serious mood and I warned you all people of Delhi, because what I find that Delhi is the weakest centre we have. The weakest of all. Ah people come to Sahaja Yoga just for treatment, and even if they come for Sahaja Yoga they just come and take it very easy as if they have been to some – one of the groups or ashrams or things like that. Sahaj Yoga is a person, is a, is a thing for very serious workers. It’s not meant for useless, horrible unstable peoples, and I don’t think that in Delhi you have many people who are really steady to do it, I have en experience like that.

I have tried everything, I have been coming here for last eleven years but the amount of great people I have got in the villages of Maharashtra, or in Bombay, or in Puna, or in Sulapur and Kolapur and all that I tell you, the, this is not even one hundredth of that, that we could achieve in Delhi. Of some of the Sahaj Yogis are very great, but very few, and the rest often are just absolutely mediocre do not take it up seriously that this is the only way you can solve the problems, of this country and of the whole universe.

For us, the Western ideas are very enamouring, especially, I don’t know why in Delhi. And this kind of behaviour is leading them to frivolous understanding of their own being. The whole thing is that Delhi is the Dehlich of God’s kingdom or of hell. It is for you to decide now what you want to create, hell for your children or Heaven for them. It is a very sad thing that Delhi people of course come in thousands. In one of My lectures we had such a big crowd that I could not get out of this place, but it was just a crowd, a mob, it had nothing, no quality of any kind, I was amazed that all the muck of the world has gathered in this Delhi crowd. It was so shocking that they are not bothered at all, they talk big about politics, they talk this is happening, that is happening, but how many of them really take up seriously that there is a solution, and let us all take to the roots, let us cure ourselves it’s our responsibilities. Tomorrow, the residents of Delhi will be blamed the most of all. Sometimes I feel like cancelling all the, North India, because this is the Dehlich of North India and if this is the case of the people living on threshold of the North, what is going to happen to the rest of it, God only knows.

So I today I’m again warning you as I warned you again, yesterday, that we have so many beautiful projects, are starting in the Maharashtra area, you can come and see for yourself with your own eyes, which is so tremendous. Even the scientist then so many philosophers, doctors, they have approached, I have visited, of course all your institutions not that I have refused to do that, I have also spoken, to the – Doctors – association, in this your institute, but what they came out was so funny that they have you got a file on how many people you have cured.

Imagine, I told them, do you understand this is Love, and you don’t get, keep files of Love. First of all you become realised, why do you ask Me such a question, am I asking any money, what is there to doubt Me so much? You are asking Me as if I am a criminal. If you want to have Realization, please have your Realization, and help your people.

So, I have to tell you that be careful. The beginning and the end is going to start from this particular Delhi, and that’s why this name is given to this so the people, who are on this borderline, must know that you have to come up. You have to come up to the expectation of God, who has brought such great things for you on this earth. Who has created this Mahayoga first? Please remember that you will be held responsible later on and you should not reject it. I hope you will make it a point tomorrow to come. As a mother I can only request you from My heart that My children try to be chivalrous, great as so many have been in this country and stand up to it, and get to it. Know it is you who are the foundation of this great work, of God’s work, so spare no effort to get to this great tremendous blissful work of God. I am always at your disposal. Those who have come to Me have gained in help. Today I say a lady, you wont believe that woman was nothing in bone when I had seen her, when I saw her, how she has changed, and she is such a Sahaja Yogini today. She said, “Mother now I have got a new birth now forgotten my religion, I have forgotten so called religion, I have forgotten my country everything. I’m beyond it. Use me whatever way you like.”

And the whole ideology is in all that are so beautifully changed and such a love giving thing it is. So I have to again humbly request you to understand that the Ganges is flowing at your lotus feet just take a dip and know that your Ghagar your pitcher has to be empty to fill it the Ganges.

Thank you very much!


Tomorrow I will be telling you about the chakras and now we can have a little session of Realization for about ten minutes and tomorrow again we will have another session. So far nobody has given any questions to Me so I would expect you to give Me questions this evening so I will answer them tomorrow.

Just put the chair there.

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