False Gurus and Conditionings

New Delhi (India)

1983-01-29 False Gurus And Conditionings, Delhi, India, DP-RAW, 126' Chapters: Music, Introduction by Yogi, Talk, Q&A, Self-Realization
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Public Program, Delhi (India), 29 Jauary 1983.

I bow to all the seekers of truth. At the very outset, I would like to thank the great artist Savita Devi who has given us the pleasure of listening to her beautiful exposition of God’s blessings and the desire of a seeker like Surdas. I am really thankful to her for setting a mood this program and bringing it to that melodious concord.

What Dr. Warren has told you is very true, that susanskaras can be confused with kusanskaras. Actually anything that is done in extremes is against God. For example, before realization there is no ascent, there is no evolution of your being, of your awareness. In your human awareness whatever you have achieved is expressed in your central nervous system. As you know, an animal does not know, what is dirt, filth or beauty is. But a human being is aware of that. But the human being has to ascend into a new awareness, into new chetna. So, whatever has to happen has to happen in our awareness. The simple thing people do not understand. And that is why the reason why people go to extremes in everything is indulgence. For example, supposing somebody has said that better take Rama’s name, simple thing like that in our Indian Culture. That means you do not take bad names, do not say bad words, say a good word like Shri Rama. But when it comes to taking his name, one has to know that is the holiest of holy. This name is not to be taken frivolously at any time at any length. Just once sitting down from your heart, you have to say Shri Ram, it is sufficient. But if you go on like that, it becomes mechanical, has no meaning. That means you show no value to that point. Thus you go to your left side hankering Oh Rama Oh Rama when will you meet me.

I met one Muslim gentleman in Maharashtra and he told Me that while doing Namaz he thought why only five times I can do even ten times. If I have to go to God I must work hard. So he started doing it ten times and his knees were completely battered. So he thought this is not the way to go to God. So he read Gita instead of Kuran and all our Indian scriptures. Studied Sanskrit and started giving big lectures about Gita. And he felt that he has started a quarrel, a kind of a feeling that he himself is Vyasa. He said this is no good. This is all falsehood. I should give it up. He was an honest man. He said it is better to take to Bhakti. So he took those taal and went to, in Maharashtra, you know that we have a Vitthala’s mandir in Pandharpur. Where people go for a month walking on the street singing the song of Vitthala, Vitthala, Vitthala, Vitthala – so he went with that and he found out they all were taking lot of tobacco – tambacoo on their way. And they were all in that you see transcendental state going on with Vitthala, Vitthala, Vitthala, Vitthala.

He showed Me his fingers. He said, “Look at my nails – all broken, I didn’t find God, I didn’t find God there either in Pandharpur.” He said, “I was so disappointed. I said, ‘What is this? All these methods lead you nowhere. I got so sick after that so many times I went there, every time I went there I was so sick. Those people who went with me were all mad people. I talked to them, they never talked coherently. They were all mad, possessed. I didn’t understand what sort of a nonsense going on. So Mother, where was my mistake?”

I said, “Who asked you to say Vitthala, Vitthala like this?”

He said, “Gyaneshwara”.

I said, “He never said so. As far as I know, He never said so. Gyaneshwara never said that you take this taal and go to Pandharpur, He never said so. What made you think that He said that you go on doing all these things?”

But He said that “I didn’t read Gyaneshwari to that extent. Whatever I read, people said, ‘Oh you have to read that it is said in Gyaneshwari.'” I said, “You have done so much of reading, you just see clearly, how can they tell you such a nonsensical thing? Anybody who is sensible won’t go on telling on like this.”

And when we were having our own program one day in a Gyaneshwar temple, which they have erected in Bombay, they said, “You can’t do meditation.” In Marathi they say [SOUNDS LIKE-TUMI JINYA ZHALA?] means you do that Vitthala Vitthala business.

I said, “What? Did Gyaneshwara do like that?”

“No, but He was Gyaneshwara, so to become that we have to do it.” What an inspiration.

“But did He do it Himself?”

“No, but He was born like that. But to achieve Him we have to do like that.”

I said, “Have you seen anybody who has got anything out of that kind of a working? Have you seen anybody getting any realization or anything by doing Vitthala, Vitthala, Vitthala, and this madness?”

They said, “None.”

I said, “You bring somebody who has got it. Then if nobody has got it, nobody has done it, Gyaneshwara has not done it, then why are you doing it?”

It’s a kind of a manoranjan [entertainment] or you can say an escape. Instead of taking wine you are taking the tambacoo and you are just going into a trance and escaping life. But the other side of it is the intellectualism. This is one side of bhakti. The other side is that if you read something then you suddenly become dharmic. Anybody can read anything. By reading some thing if you can become dharmic, then it is a very simple thing. There is no need for anybody to do any meditation or anything just start reading any book and you become absolutely on top of the world. It is all mental projection; we all can do it, what is so special? This is all mental projection and this mental projection works to such an extent that whatever we do or what ever we think or whatever we conceive is nothing but mental projection. Take our politics, is all our mental projection. What is your capitalism without any properties in you? Do you have any powers? Nothing. What powers you have got? Only destructive powers, atom bombs, this that. What powers have you got? Can you convert one flower into a fruit? No, you cannot. You have no living powers. This is capitalism. What about your communism? When you have nothing what will you distribute? As you can say if I have all the powers, I am the greatest capitalist. But I can’t live with it alone, I have to share it, so I am the greatest communist. But My communism or capitalism is not a mental projection. It is there, it works, it is manifesting. In Sanskrit- karyanvit. So this is what it is. The other side is just mental. So one creates the ego another creates the superego. Both conditionings done to an extreme create problems in human beings, because the movement of your attention is either on the left or on the right. And the more you start moving to the left, you first go to the subconscious area, then to the subconscious of this life, then the subconscious of your last lives, then the subconscious of the whole, that is collective subconscious. Right side, if you move, you go into your supra conscious, that is future, then you go into your collective supra conscious.

Actually, the past is finished. Future doesn’t exist. Now what is the center is the present. Now even if you say mentally, “Oh, I am in the present Mother, I have got it,” that’s not the truth. Accept it. That’s not the truth. That is just the mental acceptance, “I am such and such.” By just accepting, “I am such and such” doesn’t prove that you are there. Because it is important that we should accept as we are, instead of escaping into ego or superego. Is very important, if you have to ascend you must know how far you are. For example, a plane has to ascend we see how much petrol it has got. Whether its machinery is all right or not. In the same way, just find out where are you. As I told you in the first lecture of Mine, that God is what He is, whether you believe it or not. And you cannot conceive Him with your own imagination, with your own mental projections and your own ego you cannot conceive Him. So best thing is to see for yourself with an open mind what He is. This is first step towards little bit deconditioning. Once you realize that, you must know that no amount of lecturing, reading or any kind of intellectual exposition or listening to these things are going to take you to your ascent, only it will give you a pampered ego. A ego that will blind you, not only that, that will make it impossible for your Kundalini to rise.

Now let us see what is the arrangement God has made for us. If I say something, you need not believe Me, but keep yourself open-minded. God has made a beautiful arrangement within us that when the Kundalini rises, She crosses over this center we have, where I have a red spot. This is the window of that center which is placed in the center of Optic Chiasma, where it crosses. It’s a very subtle center, which controls from the parasympathetic angle, the pituitary and the pineal body who later on control the ego and the superego. I should say pituitary controls the ego and the pineal body the superego. Now the one side of the superego is what we call our karma so called. Is what we think, “Oh God, we have made bad karmas good karmas, punyas” – all these ideas. On the other side of the ego is those people who have accumulated by saying that “I have done this good I have done that good I have been so great I have been the lord of the whole world.” All these two big balloons in the head of ego and superego are just covering this part of the head and this is being calcified. You develop your separate I-ness and you become Mr. X, Mr. Y, Mr. Z.

Now what does the Kundalini do? As soon as She crosses over this center, She awakens a Deity there. Here where the people falter, because in the concept of an intellectual there is nothing like a deity, because he is the deity of deities. How can he think about a deity about him? It’s too much, because he does everything, he can do everything. So there is a Deity who is settled down there who gets awakened and that is a special Deity that sucks it, these two institutions within you. By that suction here a hollow fontanel bone area or brahamarandra is created. Once that is done the Kundalini shoots off. First of course it enters into the limbic area in the brain and then it is sucked in, it opens out and Kundalini shoots off and you can feel the Cool Breeze of the Holy Ghost coming out of your head. This is an actualization, which you can see with your eyes as I told you. But what happens to your awareness is the point. As I have already told you that Realization means your human awareness gets transformed into a new awareness.

Now what is that new awareness we are waiting for? What is the new awareness we have to have? The new awareness, you jump into is collectively enlightened awareness or we can say collective consciousness. This awareness is not a lecture or a branding or any kind of a superficial idea but is what happens actually to your awareness. As you can see this light as you can see these flowers, clearly, factually like that. You start feeling others within yourself. That means you become conscious of others, of their chakras, and centers and you become conscious of your chakras also. That’s what Mohammad Sahib has said that at the time of resurrection your hands will speak. Now these hands start speaking and when they start speaking only you need a decoding, somebody to tell you. That’s how I am here.

Many people have raised lot of objection about Me also, saying that “Why You Mother?”

I said, “Better be your self, I am very happy to retire. And if you can lead I will be very thankful”. This is absurd, absurd. Because I only know one job is the awakening of the Kundalini and I know, what, how to decode it. You know so many things. So what is there to be so much upset about it? I must say it’s a very intricate job, very difficult job. And sometimes I feel I am raising mountains. But I know it how to do it. So that’s how I am here just to tell you how to decode these feelings on your hands.

So the first thing that happens to you is that you start feeling the cool breeze on your hand, when the Kundalini awakens. Now, this you cannot do by any chance. Now somebody says that you make your clothes of say some color then you will meet God. I mean it is very easy. In India specially, you pay little money you can get it covered. Why? Why to announce that? Secondly, some people might say, if you jump fast then you will get to God. I mean you can always do it. What is so great? I met a gentleman who was putting his both the feet towards Me while sitting on the ground and people said, “You can’t sit like this towards Mother You must have some respect.”

He said, “No no, I want to show respect. But what to do, if I sit cross leg I start jumping like a frog.”

So I called him, I said, “What is it? What’s the problem?”

He said, “Mother, I start jumping like a frog.”

But I said, “Why?”

He said, “Because my Kundalini is awakened and my guru says that whence you get it, your Kundalini is awakened then you start jumping like a frog.” And he showed Me a book in which it was like that. And he is a Guru of a very well known Guru who lives, he is now dead I think, who has made lots of money, people don’t know what to do with the diamonds he has collected. So also we do not understand that how can you become a frog now or an earth worm? You have to become a Mahamanav in which you should feel that nobody is the other. You should be able to feel others within yourself. And if this does not happen, how do you take to these artificial things so easily, even when it comes to your ascent in evolution?

Now, for example you take a fish who swims and you take a tortoise, it crawls. There is a difference between the two, and also in awareness, there is a difference. Because that can feel the water this can feel the earth. But here what happens to your awareness? You start feeling this all-pervading power of love. Now one can say that this can be autohypnosis. Can say I mean people can say anything but how can this be autohypnosis because if it is autohypnosis then how is it, that you can cure a person who is in coma, his cancer or any such disease and bring him to normal? How can it be autohypnosis?

Warren will tell you that there was a lady, who was lying in coma in Australia before My going and one of the Sahaja yoginis who was a homeopath and ultimately they turned to her and she said “I have only one way, I will put Mother’s photograph under her pillow.” And they have decided that this lady is going to die. She is no way of coming out of it. Next day she woke up. And even when she woke up and started little bit mumbling the doctor said that her brain will be damaged. She will be a damaged personality because already her brain was damaged according to them. But nothing, she got all right and today she is working for Sahaja Yoga. So, the miraculous part of it doesn’t exist for Me, but it exists for you because you haven’t seen it. You have not known it. You have seen everyday so many miraculous things, but you are not surprised.

Imagine, we are made from amoeba to this stage how? How? How carefully, beautifully, God has created us, we never even felt the pinch, we became human beings. How did we manage to become human beings? We never even think about it, take it for granted. But what must be the tremendous force that has created you into a human being?

That’s how we come to logical conclusion to understand that, in evolution you have to ascend in to your awareness and you develop a new awareness. This happens when this Brahamarandra opens out and the Sahasrara which is the limbic area completely opens and allows the Kundalini to come. Now, somebody asked Me one more question that why this happening is needed? Why not God created us just like this? And why is it necessary for Kundalini to be awakened? The reason is the human attention, first of all, you have to evolve slowly, slowly, slowly. When you evolve from amoeba to this stage from carbon to amoeba, amoeba to this stage we have got within ourselves, they haven’t brought the chart but you have got it in the book, different centers which denote our milestones along our progress.

The last is now the Sahasrara, at this point the human beings have got all other centers properly developed. Even the Sahasrara is developed and what you have to do is to just make the connection with the Divine. Now the connecting line also is there, the Kundalini in three and half coil settled in the triangular bone. This connection has to be brought out of your head which breaks through and you start feeling this new awareness of collective consciousness. This is how the process takes place. It’s a very simple process of like just like sprouting the seed. But as you cannot sprout a seed by just dancing about it or singing about it or reading books about it, it has to go to the Mother Earth. In the same way somebody who has the capacity, who has that love, who has that understanding of the Kundalini has to do the job. And once it is done, it’s like one light enlightens another light. The another light has to steady itself first of all, know how to enlighten another light and start doing it. That’s how the work is going to move in the new direction of new awareness, which we call as Chaitanyamaya chetna or enlightened awareness or vibratory awareness. So these vibrations start flowing through you. Now what is that? You can feel it above, you can feel it now, which you have never felt before. Now this is the collective consciousness into which you have jumped. Your awareness, your being has jumped into a new awareness. This has to happen to most of the human beings just like it has happened to fishes it has happened to tortoise it has happened to pigs. In the same way this has to happen to most of the human beings. But I think human beings are the most difficult. Because of these two problems as told before that the conditionings about surrendering or you can say the [INAUDIBLE], and secondly the sadist or you can say the ego oriented or the superego oriented.

Now if somebody wants to control his ego he goes to superego. Like you see when we are very ego oriented, we get so frightened of ourselves that we take to drugs or to wines and horrible alcohol. Because we just cannot face ourselves. We have to escape it. We can’t sleep. We find it impossible, so we have to take to these things. Now those who are superego people like I will say people who have not yet developed according to the modern ideas then they become ego oriented. But the movement is either to the right or to the left and this thing goes on like this. But the ascent is this way. And this ascent can be only achieved through the living process of Kundalini awakening. About this Kundalini you might have heard and read a lot.

Actually it shocked Me at a very young age. I read some of the books on Kundalini and said, “Oh God, now how am I to tell these people?” Because one thing I decided that I will not write any book till they reach a certain stage of understanding. So I said, now how to neutralize these people, who have written such big, big books on Kundalini without even knowing, where it is. Whether it is in the nose or in the stomach or in the heart. Absolutely ignorant people have written, as you will be amazed. Because if anybody else in any technique or anything writes you can get rid of that person. You can pull him to the courts. But as far as God is concerned, right from Napoleon to Hitler, everybody can write. Anybody can talk of God. I mean those most of these fake gurus who talk of God and higher consciousness, and all this are all nothing but criminals, anti God, anti Christ people. But who is going to tell them? Of course they suffer later on, their disciples suffer, everyone suffers, that’s the different point. But they never connect it with that. To such an extent that some of the people who suffer, I know of a lady who is a guru. All her disciples have suffered from kidney trouble, from heart trouble, from high blood pressures. I mean a guru if you have, at least he should keep your health alright. And you dare not tell them that this lady was a hocus-pocus. Not only but she was a very mysteriously funny woman. If you tell them, they will really shoot [[INAUDIBLE]. And they have all these problems within themselves, their families are broken, everything has gone off, but guru is a guru. Whatever he does he is our guru we can’t leave him at any cost. He might give you one mala to wear they can’t give up that mala they are sticking on to it. They have achieved nothing they have not felt their own powers. At least see for your self, those who have been to those gurus what have they achieved?

We just go so enamored about these things so much because of the circus they are carrying or the amount of money they have collected that they can project themselves through this medias and all that. The amount of befooling they do is still much more than the stupidity we have, perhaps so they are still carrying on. They hanker after money first of all. And we think by giving them money we are purchasing God. So many people believe that God can get money. God doesn’t understand, you must know that He doesn’t understand money. He has never seen money all his life. If you ask Me I don’t know how to sign a check. You can ask all these trustees how bad I am. I don’t know how to sign a check. My Husband bas been teaching Me how to sign a check I don’t know. I can’t. My brain doesn’t work there. Just goes off. Tried and tried to learn I can’t, I can’t do it. Somebody has to write for Me and then I can sign. But I do not know how to write a check, because the interest is not there. Such a person, how can He have interest in your purse or in your women or in your properties how can He have? And this is one thing one of the worse conditioning we have that we can pay for God. I can understand ignorant people do that. In the villages, when I go there, ladies will bring five P for me. One lady brought a 5 P. I said see I don’t take any money. So she said, all right, should I give you 10 P? Because they are so simple, they are so conditioned, that they don’t understand. But in their simplicity they get their realization. But even the complicated and the intellectuals you must see the way they get after these horrible gurus who teach them everything that is anti God, anti Christ. Absolutely, obviously, it is anti Christ. But when they suffer when they have problems – we have a lady here who was a very rich lady. She lost all her money. Her husband became a bankrupt. Her children became mad. She became epileptic, her husband got epilepsy. And when they were absolutely destitute, she took away all the properties everything, she came to Sahaja Yoga, she is all right now. But her husband becoming insolvent had to leave London. And the gentleman now has six thousand crores of rupees in cash. But nobody thinks about it from where does this money come.

One has to understand that as seekers we should not sell off our brains. The seekers are all right, but your brains should be intact. And you should not give up your brain to understand the whole thing, logically you must bring to proper understanding. This is one point very much against all these things that are holy, auspicious. But this is on and on; for thousands of years, people have been doing this on a smaller scale, now we have real culprits who are doing in a bigger scale. But nobody is objecting them, nobody is saying anything about them, nobody wants to write about them, because they can pay money.

But the seekers must be alert as to understand, what do I want? I want my spirit or this kind of a nonsensical ego pampering that I can purchase my guru. Secondly in our awareness, we should reach another very, very important, extremely important point that something has to happen to us, so that our power must be manifested. Not to depend on the powers of the guru. I mean they may say something about Me, all right they may say anything whatever they like. But why should you believe in it till you get that power within yourself. Specially, we Indians have a very bad habit of touching everybody’s feet. He might be a bad man, a very inauspicious man. He might be the worst possible personality to think of. Just because he is putting up a show why should you touch his feet? To be very frank, I really don’t like everybody to touch My feet. Because everybody touches My feet, may be some people are so bad that I get blisters on My feet. But in the villages if you tell them don’t touch Mother’s feet, then that is the biggest insult to them. Everybody’s feet must you touch, for what? Why to bow this forehead before these horrible people? Once you have not known about them, once you have found out that they are not gurus, still you go on touching their feet. But before you have not found out, there is no rhyme and reason why should you touch their feet.

I will give you an example of a lama. These lamas also are another headaches. One of them went to Sweden and he wrote to them. I mean in the West, people are very much enamored if somebody comes as a Sannyasi, even in India, though Sitaji has written very clearly that a sannyasi should not enter into the house of the grihastha. He should stay outside in the forest away from the village. You may send him some food that’s all. But he is not to talk to any women of the house. And nobody should give any money to a Sannyasi. You better read the Valmiki Ramayana. Where poor thing, I should say those who have suffered so much, those who have really suffered inside out all these villagers. They are to be told, this is being already explained that sannyasi has to stay outside the city. What do we have to do with the sannyasis who are grihasthas? And this is what we have to learn that all these people who talk of religion, think of religion and also give us ideas about religion, what is their own lifestyle? How do they live? Are they parasites? They are the worst parasites. I must tell you. Like this lama the great who wrote that you must get marble flooring for me otherwise I won’t come to that place. Now imagine in Sweden to have marble flooring. Poor thing starved themselves all these boys and made a marble flooring for this lamaji to come. Now they were parasites in Tibet and now they are here. And we are paying them for what? What good they have done to us? Parasites of the first waters. If they are parasitic how can they be gurus?

I started the right topic for the right persons to go away. I am very happy. He wants to know about the Kundalini. But for knowing about the Kundalini you must know what you are. If you are coming from these wrong gurus and you are still with them, I cannot do any good to you. I must tell you very frankly, I am your Mother and I am not going to tell you something that is not true whether you like it or not. If you don’t want to hear about them, then you better go away. I have nothing to say. But those who are wrong are wrong and those people must be given up which I must prepare you for such a thing. Because tomorrow, today your vibrations will rise I know because of My work, I should say. But it will fall down again. You’ll lose your vibrations completely if you are following a wrong. Now think of a guru who has made lots of money out of torturing other people and you are still going at his feet. Are you going to receive any blessings of your Mother? You have to give up everything that is falsehood. That is the point I am coming to. You have a guru. Why are you so much attached to him? What have you got? You have only paid money to him and because you have paid money you feel hurt when I say you cannot pay money to a guru, doesn’t matter. Even if you have paid doesn’t matter. It doesn’t matter at all. Whatever mistakes you have committed, it’s all right for Me. But you must know if this is a mistake you are not to have any more now of these conditionings on you. This is an important point which all of you should know. You cannot go on with anti Gods and with God, can you? You cannot serve two masters can you? So first and foremost thing for every person who is a seeker one must know logically that I am my own master and I am my own guru and I am not going to bow to anyone who doesn’t give me my own powers. This is how we have to understand Sahaja Yoga. Sahaja Yoga is going to give you the truth and not something that is hocus pocus something that you can not manage, that you cannot understand. Everything you will know logically.

Those who are not seekers of truth and seekers of this concept and subservience to some people, I cannot give them realization. You should be only subservient to God Almighty and to nobody else. I agree that a guru is needed. A guru is needed, but he has to be a Sat Guru. There are many Sat gurus also. I must say many Sat Gurus. I know of so many in Maharashtra itself. And they come and tell Me, “Mother, all right, You go ahead. They will never like people who are telling them the truth. They like people who tell them lies, falsehood, who befool them, that kind of people they like.” All come with complaints and they tell Me that, “We have nothing to do with these seekers so far as you are working. But after some years, maybe we may come down.” I sent one person to America like that and I told him, “You work it out.” He is a very dynamic man, no doubt. He came back after three days. After three days he came back from America he said, “Oh! You think the seekers are seeking God? No. They are seeking a Guru who will be bought by dollars.” He was amazed. He said, “These are not seekers at all.” And he ran away from America from New York. flight boarding the first plane he got after three days.

Now this is one of the biggest things that you all should know if you are being wrong guru and if you are living with a wrong guru, we have to tell you and we should not lie to you. Yesterday only I had two ladies and one child. And the lady had a problem. The other lady had a problem. And the child couldn’t speak her throat was choked. And when you are testing another person you can make it out. Any Sahaja Yogi will make out the same thing, when you are catching on the left Swadishthana and left Agnya.

When the left swadishthana and left Agnya starts pulsating or burning then you should know the person has been to an unauthorized guru. We call it anadhikar chesta. They have no business to be gurus. And if such a guru has been their guru, then the Kundalini doesn’t move. It doesn’t move. It just settles down there. And even if it moves, it is again sucked back. Again sucked back to the same point. Now you want your guru or your Realization, is the main point. What’s the use of quarrelling with Me? I can’t give you realization, simple thing as that, for which you are not to pay anything , nothing of the kind. I am not going to gain anything out of you, take it for granted. Perhaps as they will tell you that My Husband has shelled out lot of money from his purse to do this job. So I am not going to gain anything out of you. Only for your gain, for your good I am telling you that if you are still connected with that, your Kundalini won’t rise. So that is the left swadishthana and the left Agnya. But you would not know till you become mad till something will go wrong with you absolutely. You will be schizophrenic, you will not know, you will be ego oriented, you will not know. How will you know? Because you haven’t got your Realization. Unless and until you have got your Realization you cannot feel others. You cannot feel yourself. There is no light. And when there is no light whatever you believe into, or whatever you think, if it is not correct, I have to tell you what is the reason is. And one of the biggest reason is following a wrong guru take it from Me. The gentleman has gone. I wish I had warned him, what can happen by following wrong gurus. Cancer is the disease, which always occurs with going to the wrong gurus. One of the diseases. All psychosomatic [INAUDIBLE]

[There is a pause for 3 minutes in the tape. And when the side-b starts it almost feels like a new lecture.]

is the Deity which is the incarnation of Shri Ganesha. At this point, He came as MahaVishnu, who is Lord Jesus Christ. You can see MahaVishnu’s descriptions, which we never read, tallies exactly with that of Christ. And it is His power, which sucks in. We say He died for our sins. He sucks in our ego and superego and that’s how we are cleared out. He has suffered sufficiently for us. We don’t have to suffer any more. He has said that, “I suffer for them.” No more sufferings are needed if you get your Christ awakened. But the Christianity as it exists today, they believe again in another kind of artificiality as we believe, that, if you just put – somebody artificially puts the hand on the head of a person and says, “You are baptized”, you are baptized. If you pay few rupees to the church, you are baptized now.

Baptism is nothing but the raising of the Kundalini and breaking of your Sahasrara. And when that Deity is awakened within you, it sucks in and that Deity is the Deity who has suffered. We will see further in the history that the Jews never accepted Christ. They wouldn’t accept, because they can’t believe that He suffered [UNCLEAR- FOR THEM?] They didn’t want to believe. So they said we must suffer. So they suffered and suffered and suffered. So Mr. Hitler came down to make them really suffer. And now they are so changed that, now they have become the aggressive people. Why don’t they suffer now? Has Christ come or has their savior has come that they have changed their ways? So those people who ask for sufferings will get sufferings. There is no need for you to suffer at all, I assure you.

We have another very funny custom is to go on fasting in India. As it is, because of this desire, many people in this country are fasting automatically. So everybody says we must fast in the name of God. I just don’t understand. What is the need to fast in the name of God? You can fast if you want to, that’s a different thing. For example, we had one gentleman called Mr. Agnihotri. He was a very well known gentleman from Pune. His name actually is Rajware but they have given him [SOUNDS LIKE-AHITANIAGNIHOTRI] because they used to have lots of these YAgnyas and that’s how this gentleman became very well known. Then he came to Sahaja Yoga. And one day he came to see Me in Bombay. He was a great Ganesha bhakta and he said, “Mother, doctors are saying I have got prostrate gland trouble and I don’t know what to do. Should I operate?”

I said, “You have got prostrate gland, I can’t understand, because it is looked after by Shri Ganesha. And you are such a Shri Ganesha bhakta, I can’t understand. All right, you better have My prasad and I give chana as the Prasad.”

So he looked at the chana and he said, “Today I can’t and another fellow said today is Sankashti – is the birth date of Shri Ganesha.”

I said, “You fast on Shri Ganesha’s Birthday?”

He said, “Yes.”

I said, “Will you fast when you have a child – on the birth date of your child? Why should you fast on the date when He is born – the great son of Shiva? What is the logic behind it?”

He said, “They have been doing.”

“You have been doing something wrong. But use the logic. Why should you fast on such a date? You may [SOUNDS LIKE rightfully] find out.” I told him, “Today is My order, you eat this chana.” He being my very obedient son, he ate it. He is about, I think eighty-four or so.

When he went back to Pune, the Doctors said, “Your prostrate is cured”. The Ganesha got prasanna [happy]. Imagine how many times we are trying to disturb, even to displease the Ganas and the Gods and the Deities within ourselves.

Same way on Guruwar [Thursday] to fast or Mangalwar[Tuesday] to fast about, for Shri Ganesha or for Hanumana. Imagine that day to fast when he was born on that day. Hanumana will be so angry with you that you don’t know what sorts of problems you will face. As Hanumana is one of the very karak [strict] ones. And be careful about it. Don’t start doing things because some Brahmin has told you to fast. They want you to fast and give all the money to them. Fasting also has a big science. Mantra has a big science. Everything has a science, which you must see, when the vibrations are flowing and see for yourself what is good and what is bad. Just don’t accept because somebody tells you. All such conditionings are with us. I just don’t understand how people accept them blindfolded. This blindness has really been a big barrier for us in Sahaja Yoga.

They send kind of gandas you see Kashi ka Ganda. All the villages will be [UNCLEAR-TYING?] kashi ka ganda, which spoils their Vishuddhi Chakra. And that has to be thrown away. If you tell anybody, they will start shouting. This is the center of Surya, where they will put black. Are you supposed to blacken the Surya? They have no idea as to what they are doing to their deities, different Deities are there, how to please them, how to keep them all right, what’s the problem. And all this ignorance has given them such a funny situation that people ask Me that, “You say that India is a Yogbhoomi, people are very religious, very dharmic. Then why are they so poor? Why they have this problem?”

Now anybody who goes to tantrikas, has to be a poor man afterwards you take from Me. Bengal full of tantrika, Bihar full of tantrikas, it can never improve .The poverty comes from this indulgence with the tantrikas who really control dead spirits. If you go to any tantrika, you are in for trouble, take it from Me. Because, if they are trying to do something for you very loukeeka, very gross, they also put some sort of a nonsense into you. Don’t indulge into all such things. You will know about the Deities and everything from the book. You will learn all about that. There is no problem about learning about that. But what you have to avoid is this kind of indulgences into things like going to a person for asking a tantrika, “When will my father die?” Or, “which horse is going to win the race?”

All these things will give you into such a big problem that as I said that all this anadhikar chesta leads you to things like cancer and all diseases, which are supposed to be incurable in the medical science. Because medical science doesn’t understand this. I have myself studied medical science. They have no idea as to the attack of these people. It is a fact, you try for yourself. And see for yourself how by avoiding all these things you keep a very good health. Now there are so many Sahaja Yogis here, at least fifty percent people are here. All of them have gone through it. And they know they have to drop out all these things and to come to a purer sense of understanding of the truth. And honestly to accept the truth and not to just say all right we will do this whatever Mother says. You just try with your open mind, try. Why these things are happening?

I used to wonder, when I went to Trivandrum, what is the reason for this kind of a misery in that place. And I was amazed to find that they bury their dead in their houses. They do not bury it in the Shamshana. I was amazed when I saw all the Catholics becoming so funny in their old age. They go absolutely strange in their old age, Catholic people.
The reason is that in the Catholic Churches, they have all the dead bodies buried under their feet. Indian philosophers, we can say, the Drashtas or the Munies of India were so intelligent to tell us that keep these dead outside. They have done all this research and every thing for us. But we don’t read them. Most of go to a Brahmin, if he says something, all right. He is not a Brahmin, because he doesn’t know the Brahma. The one, who has not known the Brahma, is not Brahmin. By birth, you cannot become a Brahmin. Somebody stood up and said that in the Gita it is written that you are a Brahmin if you are born in Brahmin. Of course, it is not so written. But just imagine, Vyasa the son of a fisher woman can write such a thing like that. See the logic behind the whole thing. It’s so logically understood that how people have construed the whole thing for their own purposes and we are playing into their hands. And we are very happy if Mother says, “Don’t do it, My child, it’s not good for you.” It’s going to harm you, your family and even seven generations can be ruined if you are a tantrika. I have seen one family – seven generations ruined. Of course any tantrika’s even grandson comes to Me I know, he has it. Somebody in his family, tantrika. They themselves don’t know what are they up to. But they are so much attached to money that they don’t want to think what is going to happen to their progeny?

These things are to be told to you because you have got your Realization now because you will be facing the truth. You have to know that you have to face the truth as it is, if you are going to continue with it you cannot retain your Kundalini all right. Because your left Swadishthana will pull out all the forces I have put up, the Kundalini that I have raised, everything will be sucked in and you will be in a problem. Is a very major thing and that’s why I have to tell you – going before the fake gurus you have done one of the major mistakes. So forget it. Forgive yourself and take to reality. There is no need for you to curse yourself or to say that why should you have done it. Because I am your Mother and I am willing to work day in and day out to correct all these things for you.

The other conditioning we have which Indians have, I mean I must tell you all the conditionings we have before we start working out our Sahaja Yoga system. Of course the gurus that are wrong must be given up. Those who are good gurus we will tell you that they are good and they have done so much good and that’s the good point about that. And we all pray to so many gurus also within ourselves. And who are these gurus that you should find out yourself.

But the another conditioning we have is that we cannot connect one to another. For us Mohammad Sahib is different, for us, Janaka is different, Nanaka is different. For Sahaja Yogis they are the manifestation of one principal guru tattva and you can prove it. That’s the beauty of Sahaja Yoga that whatever I say can be proved. The example of this is this that we had one gentleman from Iran. He was a doctor. He came to me. He had cancer of the stomach, so I asked him.

I said, “Do you believe that Mohammad Sahib was the last prophet and that He was the only prophet and He is the only person?”

He said, “Yes”.

I said, “Then I can’t cure you. Because of your fanaticism, you have got this stomach trouble that you will know where the guru tattva is. Because you have been doing this kind of a malpractice, you are caught up. But now if you are willing to accept that Dattatreya is the one, the principle of guru, was the same as Mohammad Sahib and as Guru Nanaka, I am willing to treat you.”

He said, “No, no nothing of the kind”.

I said, “Then, better go away. I have nothing to do. I am sorry. I would like to save you”.

So he went back. This happened in 1975 with his wife. But in the hospital they said, “We can’t cure you, you are gone case.”

Then his wife said, “Let’s again go to Mataji. Because if She has cured.” I had gone to Iran in seventy-three and I had cured some people of cancer, so that’s how they came to Me.

So I said, “All right, are you accepting it?”

“Yes, I accept it now, Mother, what You say I will accept it.” You will be amazed, he got cured.

You are displeasing Mohammed Sahib himself. You are displeasing Guru Nanaka himself. In Guru Nanaka’s life it is shown. One day Guru Nanaka was sleeping like this. They said, “You are talking of Makka. Then what about this, your feet are towards Makka.”

“All right, I will turn this side now”. The Makka is this side. What more proof you want of this that He was the same as Mohammed Sahib. Did He disrespect in any way Mohammed Sahib? Did He say so? Then why should we develop this kind of a hatred against Him? All right you can hate Muslims and Muslims can hate you. But what’s the use of this hatred nonsense going on. Once you are awakened in your essences, you will be amazed to see the truth lie somewhere else and we are just fighting among ourselves. Like Christ has said, “Those who are not against Me, are with Me.” Poor Christ, I should say also was given only three and half years just to say all these things. Who are the ones who are with him? He has very clearly said, “Those who are not against Me, are with Me.” Who are those? Christians never will. You see, they will just avoid these points. If you talk to them, they will say, “Oh! no no, no that’s not so.” And this is the reason why in every religion we have had problems. Hindu religion now we can take what even Adi Shankaracharya has said that Na Yogena Saankhyena. It’s only through Mother’s grace you can get your Realization. Everybody intellectuals and all that fought with Him and were arguing with Me. Like there was a Sharma fellow that quite argued. And He got so fed up with all those arguments and shabdajalam that He said, He wrote the last was Saundraya Lahri praising the Mother. Describing all the ways of the different types of Shaktis that flow from Her and how they take their forms. And every couplet that He has written is a Mantra. But who knows about it?

Everybody who were supposed to be intellectuals in those days said, “Oh what are you doing? Here you are writing like Vivek Chudamani and all that, and today you are writing like this? What is the need to write about this?”

So He said, “This is the way it is going to work out. This is the way it is. Not by all these arguments – Shabajalam, by talking about it but by happening of the Kundalin.” He is the one who first time opened this knowledge of Kundalini in his books. Of course it was stopped long time back 14,000 years back by Markandeya. But we Indians are so modern that we don’t know who is Markandeya is. I don’t know if people who are not Sahaja Yogis have even heard the name of Markendeya, who is the basis of Sahaja Yoga.

So this work of giving Realization has started thousand of years back by one, two, three, four like that. Today it has come to the mass. That’s why it is the Maha Yoga. Even Gyaneshwara has described it as psayadan. He says, “A day will come when the whole Brahama ekatwa, the oneness with the Brahma one will feel. People will become happy, all their problems will go away.” And the wankati Khranchi Sando, Wankti means the crookedness of the Kharas, means the ill doing people, of them khal will sando, will be finished. Everybody has talked about this. And it is time for you to take it. Take it up seriously and work it out with all sincerity to yourself and honesty to yourself.

I wanted to talk to you about chakras and this and that but that subject is already available in the books. You can read it and understand it. And you have to understand one more point that this is the work of collectivity. Now one individual getting the Realization has no meaning at all. It’s not that I can give Realization to one person, I can. No doubt. But one person’s Realization is of no use. It has happened in everything like even science, supposing, this electricity was created by one man. He had to give it to all the rest of the people. If it is not given to every bahujana sarvajana, if it can’t be given to all of them it has no value. People will never understand it. They will say that this God is not existent. And that this is all a kind of a wrong information that there is God. So it has to be given to all the people who are desirous of it, bahujanaya.

Then also it works in collectivity. Now we have many people whom I have given Realization to many to chief justices, justices, governors, big ministers, politicians, doctors all of them. But they go up to a point, because they are still conscious that they are very great. You have to come to masses. Settle down with them. Become one with them. Meditate with them. In this way, I will say, Mohammed Sahib was very modern when He said that in Namaz, everybody before God is one. You all have to come down to centers, settle with it, understand Sahaja Yoga. You can find that only in collectivity you will grow. But if you are separated, you will not grow. And this is one thing is what Shri Krishna played the Raas.

To understand Shri Krishna, one has to have Realization too. All His sweetness and all His greatness can only be understood if you understand that he was Virata, Akbar and Shri Krishna when he played Raas, what is Raas? Raa is energy Sa means sahit. He used to hold the hands. Radhaji is the energy, is the Mahalakshmi and all of them used to hold the hands. Even now if you hold My hand you will get the pulsation passing through. So Raas- with the energy. And that’s what He played. In those days, there were no [UNCLEAR-… HALLS?] There were no people like you, who would sit down and listen to lectures. Because now we are becoming very lecture minded. That time people were in Lila, in just joyous way. So He used to hold the hands of people and put the Kundalini through. When He made the people climb up to do the Gopala Kala then also the same thing, that from their Sahasrara He made the energy to flow down. When He broke the pitcher of the gopis, what He did was to pour the vibrated water on their back, so that their Kundalini could be awakened. All in His Leela – see how His Leela is, that is the way He played Leela. When He was a little boy of four years, He climbed upon a tree and hid their clothes, then they had to say, hands to Him, “Give me my clothes, Shri Krishn.”. These are the vibrations. Just see how beautifully He did, those people very few, that time I should say, compared to today got Realization. And that’s how He could establish Realization of many people at that time and He did the Krishi means He sowed the seed of Realization.

Today we are here to reap it. And this is the time of reaping, in this reaping time, I hope you people of Delhi will take a very big lead and will come up to the expectations of all these incarnations on this earth to evolve you to this stage to give you this specific position. Even coming to Delhi and staying here has a meaning. You must understand why God brought you to India, why you are an Indian, why you are in Delhi, why you have come today to this hall, just think about it. You are definitely important. And that importance unless and until you recognize within yourselves, is not going to help. So don’t bow to anyone who has not done anything for you, who has done no good for you logically, which doesn’t come into your head. See it clearly, don’t be shocked. That’s a fact, there’s nothing to be shocked, to be seen that how people have been belittling you. Do not identify yourself to falsehood. And I am sure a day will come in this Delhi, we’ll have a great kingdom of God manifested.

May God Bless you.

Nobody asked Me questions before yesterday and today also. I am sorry nobody wrote any paper or anything for Me. Nobody gave Me any questions. So now I don’t want to waste anymore time because I had told you that if you have any questions, you should have given it to Me. But perhaps there are some.

Q. Sidhi Yoga and Sadhan yoga are the same things?

A. I mean these names have no meaning. Sidhi Yoga and sadhan Yoga. What is all this? It has no meaning. It is just shabdajalam. What is sidhi yoga? what is sadhan yoga? You see to be sidha means to be proved. And how are you to be proved? By Self Realization. Make it simple, don’t complicate it. You see have read too much. You complicate it. Just don’t worry about these words. Just you have to become a realized soul Atamsakshatkari and that’s how you are proved. So you are a sidha. But the sidha that people are talking about horrible, they are using these words sidha. You become a sidha means what you are flying in the air. That’s not the way you become a sidha. Why not ask the guru to become a sidha to fly from somewhere. Put him on that. Leaning tower of Pisa. Let him fly.

Q. [UNCLEAR-I AM UNDER THE?] influence of some evil people power for the last six years [INAUDIBLE…] No permanent solution has come out? And that’s National level sports man also. [INAUDIBLE…] And help me to solve this problem.

A. Somebody who is under the influence of the evil power can be easily easily cured. There is no problem we have cured many people. Like there are so many people here who are sitting who had this problem. You should come to our centers and see to it that you get rid of it, all right? It’s very simple, there is no need to worry about that.

Q. Divine vibrations will cure a sick person who does not accept Shri Mataji as incarnation? [INAUDIBLE.] The patient is related to Sahaja Yogi?

A. He has asked that “If you give me divine vibrations to a person who doesn’t accept Mataji as a divine power, will he be cured?” Yes he can be. See Mother is very gracious. She knows they are ignorant. So doesn’t matter he may be cured. But what’s the use of curing such a person? Just tell me. He is like another pahalwan will be there. What is the use? Because he is your relation, you are curing. Better to cure him in such a way that he gets his Realization. That’s my ultimate [INAUDIBLE]. You must get what is Param. What is the use of just curing a person doing this, doing that? It’s very low-level understanding. If you have to give to somebody, give him the Param, the highest. Why give these lower things? And once he gets his Realization, he is cured permanently. He may be cured today again, he will get sick another time. What’s the use? It’s complete integrated treatment that you get once you get your Realization.

Q. Respected Mataji Namaskar. I am patient of high blood pressure from the last ten years. Now I am [SOUNDS LIKE READY] to take the medicine, no problem for me. My daughter is not coming to see me since long period, that is, after marriage due to bad [UNCLEAR WORD] of in-laws. Now, please take me into your meditation to get rid of all these problems.

A: The other problem that has come today is that somebody is suffering from high blood pressure is very easy to cure high blood pressure. How you are to be cured and all that is very simple. The basic idea is that you are in imbalance, that your Pingala Nadi is working too much. So what you have to do is to take My photograph and put your left hand, put it to the right 108 times. And you can put your feet in the water with little salt and throw the water, flush it out. It’s very simple. Left side is to be raised and right side you have to get the grace. Right side like this, the grace by which you nourish your right side, which is being too much used. All those people who are right sided get high blood pressure, who are left sided, get low blood pressure. There are two types of people left and right type. One are lethargic organs they have, others have very active. I told this in the beginning.

Any other question please? Please write it down. Most of you people who are supposed to be in charge of Delhi government or the Government of India, you are all like Govardhan dharis, you see, standing with one finger, you think, “If I remove the finger, the whole government is going to topple down”. All such people are right sided. So what you have to do, all of you have to take the left side and put it to the right, 108 times, then reduce it to 51 times, then to 21 times, then to seven times. And you will find your blood pressure everything will go away. But you must come to center. The main thing is you must come to center, because your blood pressure will go away, but you may have some other troubles. So better come to the center. Master it. You have to become the praveena.

I give an example of a car. Supposing, there is a car you have to learn. So what you do? You try the accelerator and the brake. First you try this, again you try that. You make mistakes. Then you start balancing it. Then you know where to use what. When you start doing that, you become thoughtlessly aware, you become thoughtless. In the sense that you don’t have to think about it, automatically work out. Then you become a driver. But still the master is sitting behind you. When you get Self Realized in the sense that you become absolutely powerful and absolutely confident, then you become the master. When you become the master you start seeing. Master means the praveena, the one who is an expert. As soon as you become the expert, you start seeing the driver in you, you can see the accelerator in you and you can see the brake. So you become a Sakshi and you start seeing the whole thing. That is what is called as Nirvikalpa. At that stage we call ourselves a Sahaja Yogi. For that you must come to the center. Do not do patchwork – for yourself, for your life, for your children, but do the whole thing. So once for all you have no problems. Your family has no problem, your society has no problem, your country has no problem and the whole world has no problem, all right?

Now any other question you have. We are still going to have programs after this, where I am going to be. And you all are cordially invited to all these programs. Some are in a temple, some are in a open space and all those. Please note about that. These ten days you should dedicatedly come to these different programs and try to imbibe all that is divine within your self. And after that we have centers in Delhi where you can go and understand Sahaja yoga. But as I have told you beforehand, that these are the few conditionings, which we have to give up. One side, the ego part of it, we should know that now we are a Sahaja Yogi, we have no caste, community nothing. We are above everything. And that we may be anything in life, here we are just children of one Mother. And on the other side, all the other conditionings, which I have told you for which, I am so very anxious that you should not feel bad of it. I didn’t want to hurt you in any way but I have to take out this thorn and operation has to be done. And I never wanted to hurt you. But it hurts people, doesn’t matter, you will be all right.

May God bless you.

[Shri Mataji speaks in Hindi for 5 minutes. And then at the end of the tape Shri Mataji is speaking again but it not clear in this tape]

You have to understand that this Country is a Yoga Bhoomi. Is a land of great saints, great incarnations. Is a specially made for you. Has got the climate where you don’t have to [INAUDIBLE] and it is very saintly. It has got so many beautiful fragrant flowers and fragrant trees like [UNCLEAR-CHANDANA?]. No amount of description can describe the auspiciousness of this great country.

The country is like a Mother who is [UNCLEAR-HOLDING?] and it has that motherliness in itself. Now this country has a power to suck our [UNCLEAR-FAULTS?]. That’s why [INAUDIBLE] all the Sahaja yogis [INAUDIBLE…] to tell the motherland and pray to Her that you take our problems.

Now put your hands towards Me like this [INAUDIBLE………] discuss it [INAUDIBLE…………] and vibrations start flowing. Keep your eyes open specially hands to clear out. Right hand has to go back like that backwards, backwards and left hand towards Me. If you have a left hand problem, anybody who has emotional problem should try this on the photograph.

First of all put your left hand [INAUDIBLE………….] Work it out. Keep your eyes open, just keep your eyes open, so that I tell you how to do it.

[Again Shri Mataji is speaking in Hindi one or two sentences.]