Mooladhar, Swadishthan-Sakar Nirakar ka bhed

New Delhi (India)

1983-01-30 Mooladhar, Swadishthan-Sakar Nirakar Ka Bhed, Hindi, Delhi, India, DP-RAW, 122' Download subtitles: EN (1)View subtitles:
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Mooladhar, Swadishthan Sakar Nirakar ka bhed 1983/01/30

[Hindi to English translation] 

Organizers: Please come  INDISTINCT CONVERSATION 

Organizers: He will speak   Just set the mic for him, okay

Organizer:   Stop the (UNCLEAR). Everybody sit down

Organizer: Now later on, later on, brother, later on 

Shri Mataji: Later on

Presenter: Mr. Chugh and Sanatan Dharam Mandir would welcome Mataji on this occasion. He will deliver his few words in this regard.

President: I will say, ‘Universal Mataji’ you all say ‘Jai ho’ . Slogans in praise of our Mother. Most Highly respected, Daily remembered and Devotional Form, Worshipable Mataji Shri Nirmala Deviji, Lord lovers, mothers and sisters, our religious texts tell us, that when the higher karmas of an individual shine, awaken, then we meet Such high grade, Trikaal darshi Personalities and       then we get an opportunity to listen to Them about God. We all are really fortunate. Mataji graciously gives us Her darshan every year, to be at Her feet and blesses us with Her Grace. The tongue doesn’t have the power to praise Her. Every word or rather golden word is spoken by Her I understand you all are very eager to hear her Pravachan, so I all the foreigners, who have graced on this occasion  I welcome on behalf of (UNCLEAR) and all those brothers who have come from here and come every year I will request Shri Mataji to bless us with her gracious pravachan(Sermon)   [APPLAUSE]  

S.Yogi to President: Do you want in   or English? 

President: The general people will understand in   but some foreigners are there.

Shri Mataji: I will speak in. I am speaking to our people they will understand.  They are in meditation. They are sitting in meditation.

 President: Okay (UNCLEAR)  

Shri Mataji: Okay, first I will speak for sometime in English.

I bow to all time (sarva sanatan) real devotees. I thank all the administrators of this place, especially the President, Mr. Chugh and the various organizers of Sanatan Dharma Temple that every time  such an auspicious occasion for Me, very joy giving, extremely pleasant very beautiful is reflected here in this Temple. 

     The biggest reason for this is that, whichever great persons have been here before,  the Incarnations, were not understood by anyone. You must have heard that when Gyaneshwaraji went to the temples, he was disallowed. Namadeva was also not allowed in the temples. Janabai was also disallowed to enter the temples. Similarly, wherever there were great saints, the doors to the temples, I don’t know why, were always shut for them but in today’s modern situation  find this very special, that the administrators and organizers of our temples recognize and understand the Truth, this is your great (Param) destiny because if we had such temples which denied all saints and sadhus, then only such people could have made a place for themselves, who were interested only in money. Thus, where a person is so open minded that he can recognize the Truth, there people like Me, are so joyous, this you can understand.       Since times immemorial, this Sanatan (Eternal) religion(dharma) has also been tried to be perverted but today it is proved, when I come to this temple, that sanatan(eternal) has remained sanatan(eternal) till now. Whatever was useless, has dropped off,whichever mistakes there were, are finished and have come to that stage that once again we have started to recognize it. The Eternal religion people have recognized the most and if I’m told to deliver My speech some where else, it would be very difficult people will not recognize it. That’s why I very joyous to come here. After speaking for sometime in English, then I’ll tell you about the Kundalini in   

[English transcription]

I’ve been praising this place, which is a temple of God for one thing that in these modern times, the people of Sanatan Dharam, of the Eternal religion, have come to such an enlightenment that they can respect the Truth.

We can’t imagine such a thing happening in the churches of the West. They can never accept the truth   is impossible; Can you think of such a thing? They are also coming from the same Tree of Life which preached about righteousness, about dharma, about Christ   about all the great things that Sanatan Dharm has been talking about. But in the West anywhere, can you think a church inviting Me to speak to the audience? But also I must tell you one thing. When I went to Geneva for the first time   of course the church did not arrange   but we arranged a program in a temple and then some people very hideously came forward and tried to be nasty to us but the Vice President of that church supported Me out and out and he gave an article about Me, that, “What She says, is the Truth and we must listen to Her.” And the second person, when the President came back from his holidays, he also supported and he published a great article about Me. So, the beginning has started. But, to see how in this temple, they accept Me as one of themselves, as the Person who has to give them the Truth, this is a very big advancement, I would say, in the enlightenment. While people coming from any other religion, any other, resist   they cannot recognize I must admit.

Of course, we have many Muslim disciples like this and we have many Sikh disciples, we have Parsis also but everybody resists that. The whole society goes against that   it’s true. But readily the way Sanatan dharam has accepted Sahaja yoga, is very remarkable and that is how we are going to penetrate into North India through Sanatan Dharam   there is no way out. Because those who are intellectuals, don’t believe in any dharam   Sanatan or Asanatan. Even the Arya Samajis won’t accept Me at all because they don’t believe in deities. The openness of the Sanatan Dharam proves that it is an Eternal religion. Because in this country thousands of years back, many rishis and munis went into meditation to find out the Eternal Truths of religion. It has no organization as such, and whatever they propounded, was accepted. Afterwards, so many things went wrong. Brahminism came into power, it corrupted practices but still, I must say, the principle of Sanatan Dharam, could not be disturbed.

You can see the result of that in this temple and in many places where I go, is the Sanatan Dharam people who understand the Truth. Sanatan Dharam is based on the principle of Shakti, in the Power of the Mother Goddess. Even in Veda She is described as the Primordial Mother and She is called as ‘Ee’. But the people who wanted to have an intellectual basis for that, like Arya Samajist, avoided all that; They didn’t want to talk about it. They took that part of Vedas, which did not deal with any deities. Now in Sahaja yoga, I’ve proved beyond doubt, that we have these Deities within ourselves. Even the people, who are following Sanatan Dharam, have to revitalize themselves and go deep into it and to find out what are significances of all the living deities that we call of from the Mother Earth. Now, one of the objections people have in the West, that in the Ten Commandments it is said, that ‘You should not worship any statue’   is not so. The Commandment is that, “Whatever is produced or created by the Mother Earth or the Heavens should not be reproduced and worshiped.” What is created by Mother Earth, they don’t want to find out.

All the living or we call them ‘jagrut’ or ‘swayambhu’ deities in this country, are created by Mother Earth, so they are to be worshiped. Now this worshiping went on to such a horrible condition, that people started producing statutes after statues, statues after statues. For that also in Sanatan Dharma, is written “There should be a Prana Pratishtha by a Brahmin.” Clearly written. Now Prana Pratishtha by a Brahmin, it means Brahmin who knows the Brahma   that’s also clearly given. Any Dick, Tom and Harry cannot be a Brahmin. So the Prana Pratishtha of the Deity has to be done by a Brahmin means, he should be awakened and then it should be worshiped. But nobody followed these rules. It went down so much that Gurunanaka had to come, Kabira had to come and talk about the abstract God because there was no way out to cut it short. They were great people who brought this knowledge to people but that also is followed to such a extent that people don’t want to see that the Truth lies in finding yourself, in Atma sakshatkar, in finding your own Spirit.

So, that’s how the problem came in. He too has said that the whole universe was created by the Primordial Mother. But the way he saw the people worshiped the deities and the way people misused it, he had to talk of the abstract God. So that’s how, we had another side of correction but whenever you try to correct, the followers try to take it to another extreme. Like the Sanatanies went to one extreme, these also went to another extremes but the Truth remains the Truth. Whatever one may try to spoil it, the Truth remains the Truth. Now Truth is to be seen, to be felt, to be experienced and to not to be believed in your head. As I told yesterday, that mental projection cannot give you the Truth. Supposing, you hear about Me, I’m such and such and you haven’t seen Me, then what’s the use? You have to know Me personally, you have to meet Me, then only you will know the Truth.

And this is one of the reasons people can say that they did not believe in any Gods or Goddesses and now that there are many who do not believe in any religion whatsoever that they say there is no religion. Sahaja yoga today, is going to integrate all of them and is going to show how all these great people, even Gurunanaka, Kabira, Buddha, Mahavira, Rama, Krishna, Christ, Mohammad   all these people are part and parcel of one tree and how we are fighting for nothing at all. It can be shown, it can be proved   the condition of Sahaja yoga is, that whatever we say, has to be proved. So this is how today, on your behalf, of the Western Sahaja yogis, specially, I thank the organizers of this temple for showing such sense of understanding and such great appreciation of the Truth.

[Hindi to English translation] 

     If anybody talks about God in this modern world, people think it is a means of entertainment.       It can only entertain. There can be no such thing as God, for entertainment it is okay. Now that our grandparents are old so they go and sit in the temple and spend their time; It’s a good way. Instead of troubling the daughter in law at home it’s better that they to go to the temple and spend their time. Nowadays the temple has no other meaning than this in our society.       People think that the God who is sitting there in the temple is only there so that they can go and share their woes and sorrows and it should be all cured. But what are these temples, what are the Gods sitting in the temple what is our relation to them and how should we be connected to Them etc many things are still secret. And all these things have been there since ages. You know that Indra had also to be given Self realization that’s why immemorial. While doing all these things, in the sixth century, when the greatest propagator of Hindu religion, Adi Shankaracharya came in this world, then he openly started talking about all these things. Otherwise we had one Bhakti marg(Devotional way)  and the other was the path of Vedas by which Gayatri mantra etc were done. Whenever people used to be so engrossed in Devotion that they became useless then such people used to come to pull them out of it who said,       “Give up devotion and take your attention to the formless(abstract),” because they were drifting so much towards the form(idol) and when they drifted too much towards the formless, people came to to say, “The Formless is not at all helpful, we should take to the Form.” 

     But the people moved like a pendulum from here to there. And thus by all this the human being understood that in this there is devotion as well as abstract form it is Onkar as well as Krishna. Nothing can be gained without this. In Sahaja yoga you get the sight(darshan) of both. You can see/view the Brahma as well as all these Gods. The Power of Brahma is the Power of love of God Almighty which moves all around us and all the living work of the world, for example turning a flower to a fruit etc, all the living work is done by it. It also works in us, which we call Para Sympathetic Nervous system, in which it moves and works. This is the power of Brahma and to know this power, the mechanism God has made within us, the arrangement He has made, is very unique. And in order to create this machinery, in our evolution He has placed various Gods inside our body only. 

(ASIDE) Just remove these children from here. They’re making too much noise. 

Different Gods have been placed. First of all He made Shri Ganesha. Shri Ganesha is purity. The whole world He filled with Purity. 

     In the formless if we say, He filled with Purity and when we talk of the form, He made Shri Ganesha. It’s one and the same thing. Just like you see over here, it’s burning but it has wick also as well as the light. In the same way, the first thing created was Shri Ganesha, whose light       or radiance spreads all around, which is the Power of God. Now if anyone catches hold of only Ganeshji, that is also wrong and if anyone catches hold of only the light, is also wrong because as I told you before that first He talked of the variety of flowers and there is honey in the flowers       then people got stuck to the flowers that, “Seek the flowers, seek the flowers,”  just started chanting, means just saying verbally, means shabd jalam(web of words). Just started talking, then they said, “See, the people just looking for flowers have gone crazy”  worshiping the flowers and running after them   and are not talking about honey at all. Then they said, “Okay, now let’s start talking about the honey.” All those who have been great, only for our benevolence took us out from one to the other then again from the second to the first, so that somehow we could become sensible. Sometimes talk about the formless ‘Alakh Niranjan’   a la kh   that which cannot been seen. That they started talking but that also remained just a talk. Even if we talk       about the honey or madhu but how do we find the honey? Then what should happen? You should be like a bee able to suck the honey. You yourself will have to change. You should have your Self realization, this is said in all the religions because by inter changing, it strikes the mind of a person that if this was wrong  we should take to the other thing. But all have said one thing       howsoever much you interchange still one thing is there, you should have your Self realization;      Who hasn’t said this? Jesus Christ has said that,”You should be born again.” 

     In the Hindu religion, it is an established fact, ‘Dwijaye te Sadhijaye’ that the one who is who born again, only he knows the Brahm and is a true Brahmin, is said clearly. One may interpret it wrongly but in reality only this has been said Nanak sahab has said, “Find within yourself. Without knowing yourself you cannot know God. Get to your Spirit,” He has said this only.       Now everybody is saying the same thing that, “Get to your Spirit, take your rebirth.”  Jesus Christ has said the same thing. Mohammad Sahab has said that, “You have to become a Pir.” When everybody has said the same thing, then we should pay attention towards it that everyone has told the same ultimate goal. How many times we may move in a roundabout manner but we have to reach there  and everybody has made a mental understanding of it. You will not get to it by this. Adi Shankaracharya has also said that, mental analysis of this is not required.

Now in Sahaja yoga we believe that Lord Buddha, who talked about the formless   He didn’t talk about God at all because He thought, if there is talk about God, these people will just think about it they will not think about themselves. By talk of God they think of themselves as Gods         there are many like this. They think they have become completely formless. Many think they have become God. Man’s brain is such that it sticks to what is told and doesn’t become what it really is, the Spirit. Then, when the nature of man is such that he sticks to this or that, then Buddha also said that it’s better not to talk about God otherwise they put God in their pockets and when required took Him out of the pocket and said, “See God, You have to do this work.”       Now which God it is, only God knows. When in His one life He didn’t talk of God and He said now only believe in the formless, leave others. Buddha followers also made a joke out of Realization, then He only again came to this world as Adi Shankaracharya and He said that, “Now serve The Mother only there is no other way out. You will receive only after worshiping the Mother.” Because He had to say this since it remained incomplete, so He told the other thing       When He started talking about God, people also troubled Him. 

     Even when his mother died, people didn’t allow him to burn her, then He cremated his mother using banana leaves. In this manner such, so said clever people, came to (UNCLEAR). Now the world has changed some what that no one does  such extreme behavior with Me. One or two may get annoyed and angry but no one has shown such extremeness that they come and hit Me, this is not the situation. Because of this I feel obliged to all those Great people, who made you understand through interchanging that ‘Not this, not this'(Sanskrit saying Ya neti, neti vachne nigmo) Not this, not this, not this, then what? When you start negating something, then       ultimately you get to the right thing that’s why they told you all about first the Form and then the Formless, then from the Formless to Form, keep on moving. When a person will be tired of all this, then he will think seriously, then what is it? So I told you about the Formless (Nirakaar), is the All Pervading Power (Brahm Shakti) which is all around us and you are the Form(Sakaar)       and at the time of every evolution, one Deity has been placed within you at every step. When you came to this world in the form of Carbon, then Shri Ganesha was seated Carbon also has four valencies   He sits right in the center. There can be no life in the world without Carbon   a being cannot be made. Thus, first thing Carbon was made and Shri Ganesh was the One who started all this, that’s why it is said that Shri Ganesh is made from the Earth element. Now He was the first One to be seated, Who is the symbol of purity In no religion has it been said that by being unholy, you will become religious Leave alone the modern gurus God save from these people   they teach all  wrong things. In no religion has it been said that if you do bad deeds, can you get to God. But, if we see this, that in all religions the same thing has been said and everyone believes that chastity is a constant and steady feeling of life which should be held on to, then we have to believe that God Almighty established Shri Ganesh in the first place. He is the indication, as here we say and which you can understand, (ASIDE What do we say to symbol in English?)

     Yes, indication. Lord Ganesh symbolizes purity and chastity. Innocence, He is the symbol of innocence, simplicity Lord Shiva has filled His son with His innocence and the person who is most innocent is the most powerful. The most powerful God is Shri Ganesha, means the person who is most innocent is the most powerful and nowadays nobody believes that innocence is also something. So, Shri Ganesha was placed on the first chakra. Now Nanak sahab or Kabirdas also believed that we have Kundalini power within us. And many of the sections of Namdeva etc… in Guru Granth Sahib used to believe in Vitthal. Then we must understand that all those people saw God Almighty in two forms. Formless as well as of the Form. Some talked more of the Formless, whilst the other of the Form, as was the time.

So, They seated Shri Ganesh on the first Chakra, which means our first chakra is that of purity. If you want to understand in the Formless, it is purity  and in the form is Shri Ganesh. The place or seat of Kundalini is above this chakra; This is some thing to be understood, it’s a very big thing, Kundalini is above this chakra, not below it. Because this purity or Shri Ganesha takes care of and protects the chastity of his Mother Gauri, who is pure like a virgin girl. And he is sitting below Her, watching everyone, and conveys the information of whatever we do to the Kundalini, who is sitting like a tape recorder and recording everything.

Now what is this Kundalini? It is the Primordial Desire, Primordial desire of God Almighty. His first desire was to create the Nature and this Nature “should know Me, recognize Me, be one with Me”  This is His Primordial Desire and that very Desire, whom we know as Adi hakti, the English people know as Holy Ghost and which is called ‘Ee’ in the Vedas and which Nanak Sahab has called the First Mother (Adhya). This Primordial Desire took a  Form and created the whole Nature and seated Shri Ganesh and Form of Gauri  the Kundalini within us, which is called a virgin because it is extremely pure like a small girl.  And there is just one Pure Desire in a human being   rest all are impure. There is just one Pure Desire, rest are all impure means there is just one virgin desire, ‘virgin’ means, like virgin land, that which has not been used as yet. The land which we have not dug up yet, is a virgin land. Then this extremely pure desire (virgin desire) is just one within us. That is, we should know  that God Almighty who has created us. After Self-realization, we know that God Almighty, this Pure Desire is sitting within us in the form of Kundalini. Since this Kundalini has not been awakened, thus it is called a ‘dormant stage’ means, it is sleeping.

When it is executed or implemented, then it can be said that it has evolved or it has germinated, just like a seed germinates. Now, after the sixth century many bad people took birth in our country and did extreme behavior and wrong things and whom we know as Tantrikas. Having the heart of a Mother, I can’t say they’re totally bad, a small part is still left out. That’s why I think that, maybe, when they were focusing on this first chakra, which deals with excretion also, they must have seen the trunk of Shri Ganesha and must have thought that Kundalini is in this Mooladhar chakra. But Kundalini is sitting in the Mooladhar, that is the Mooladhar. And this is the Mooladhar chakra: this is the difference and only this chakra is outside, rest all the chakras are inside the spinal cord or are in the brain, inside the skull of the brain. And only this chakra is outside and it moves or works out the pelvic plexus.

By this, it should be known to us that the Kundalini pierces only six chakras not seven. This is a very important fact. This means that the act of excretion, means sex and other things excreted, are not responsible for our evolution, they have no effect on it. But dharma has an effect on evolution. Whatever is done immorally has a bad effect. Whatever is done in dharma, is not wrong and that’s why this chakra looks after our purity and chastity and Ganeshji is an Eternal child because He’s innocent that’s why all the impurities, evils and abhorrence don’t touch him, He remains aloof; He’s verily Omkara. If a diamond is thrown anywhere, it still remains a diamond verily the symbol of Onkar nobody can touch Him and that’s why He’s sitting there, taking care of all the purity that is within us. 

A human thinks that, “Mother, You say like this but there are so many immoral people in the world and nothing happens to them, they never get sick, are never in pain and do much wickedness and are still very happy.” This is not the thing.  Every chakra has its defect. Now this chakra is so important   the person  who’s this chakra is defective, if any other chakra ia affected, then he may get a very nasty disease like mellitus. Many cancer diseases can also caught if this chakra is affected, eye problems can also happen because of this, problems of the intellect can be there, and many types of disorders are caused by this chakra being spoilt. Thus those people who say that immorality doesn’t matter, haven’t been able to make a connection between the two. They can’t understand that their problem is because of this.

This only you can understand after your realization when you become a saint and you are able to feel the vibrations on your palms, then this formless will speak to you on your hands, “See, what is the problem with this person and what he should rectify and you’ll be surprised that whichever chakra is indicated that will be the problem of that person.” Mohammad Sahab has said that, “When the time of resurrection will come,” means today’s time, “then your hands will speak.” By knowing the chakras on your hands, you’ll be able to tell the problem of that person       On the base of the palm is the place(location) of the Mooladhar chakra. By the Grace of God you are sitting in the land of yoga. Very great saints have been here.  Their feet have touched this land, this is the land of yoga, howsoever much it is described, it still falls short. Yesterday, I don’t know how many times, I stopped Myself from describing it didn’t know how to describe. The Kundalini of the whole Universe is sitting here, in Maharashtra. There are three and a half peethas  many people say that. If there are three and a half peethas, what does it mean? It means that the three and a half peethas of the Kundlini of the whole  Universe are in Maharashtra. Asht Vinayak are in Maharashtra   they’ve surrounded from all eight sides, made arrangements for purity Asht Vinayak and three and a half peethas are in it, twenty eight places of the Devi, everything has been arranged by the Mother Earth.

Jyotirling   all the arrangements we find in this country are nowhere to be found although       in England I have seen now that some such stones have come out of the Mother Earth which give vibrations   they’re called Stonehenge but they themselves don’t understand. They didn’t have any such Pirs, no such Mahatmas or saints, who would say. The Shiva who is in Mecca, the stone of Mecca is also described in our Puranas and is called Makkeshwar Shiv you may see       Punja Sahab, which they took out, is also the same thing. Chaitanya or vibration comes from that place. See now, the thing you have spread here, if you show this to a saint or sadhu, even after many years have passed, will understand that a saint or sadhu has sat on it. Whatever is touched is filled up with vibrations. Last time I told you that I went to Kashmir not here somewhere else   then all of a sudden I felt that there’s something full of vibrations, then I told the driver to stop there and ask whether there was any temple etc nearby. Then he said, “Mother how can a temple be there, You are roaming in the jungle?” Then I told My husband,       “Maybe within 4 5 miles radius there should be something.” Then I told him to go by the way I asked him to.

Then we kept on moving and reached a place where he said that it was a place where the Muslims were dwelling so he said that “We won’t find anything here.” I told him to ask there at least. Then they told that, “There is Hazrat Iqbal here.” One hair of Mohammad Sahab was       kept there and I could feel it even at a distance of 5 miles. Now you can say anything for Him, good or bad, He is also ours, absolutely ours this we should understand. There is no difference between Him and Nanak Sahab whether Hindu Muslims fight or cut each other’s necks, it will make no difference whatever is the Truth I’m telling you. We are fighting between ourselves uselessly. All these are useless things, there is nothing to fight. Today thousands of Muslims have come to Sahaja yoga because one Khomeni is standing before them. They say, “Lord, save us now we don’t want such a Muslim!” Because God was merciful and they are so much changed that they say, “Sahaja yoga is good.” 

     They worship Shri Ganesh and they will teach you what is the meaning of Shri Ganesh       Then in Sahaja yoga you will be able to understand that whatever reality is there, is within us, the Truth is within us that you must understand and don’t gather any mental ideas and fight, please. All of you are part and parcel of One God. You are part and parcel of the Virata and Mohammad Sahab has also told that when they put the fingers in their ears and say, “Allah ho Akhbar” this mantra we also say in Sahaja yoga because these fingers(fore fingers) are of Vishuddhi chakra and by putting the fingers in your ears what are you saying, “Allah Ho Akhbar” means what, that, Allah is, the Almighty God is Virata Akhbar means Virata. The meaning doesn’t change with the change of language. And in this way you understand that those things which have been proposed  since ages, since times immemorial, which, if they are not totally and truthfully enlightened then even your children will run away and say, “Save us from such a God, we don’t want, this is all a mental projection. You all have no work so just your mental upheaval.” This can be proved. Thus when the Kundalini is awakened then the Kundalini doesn’t rise in totality. Just a part of it rises. The Kundalini is like many, many strands twined together   only a few of it’s strands rise through the Sushumna channel, the central path, which is in the center.  And while rising from this channel, whatever energy is filled up in it or used by it, is provided by Shri Ganesha. Means your chastity is a very important thing. 

     If a person is pure, then in a second it will rise and reach from where to where. In a second. A person I know, is a very great person. He was realized in a minute or two I was amazed that his Kundalini just jetted out and spread in the atmosphere like this. He is a very pure person, there is no doubt about it. As it is he was healthy there were no hurdles as such, no complications, at once his Kundalini jetted out and spread everywhere and he felt strong vibrations on his palms.  Many such people in our villages. I mean, I have not worked in many villages here but in Maharashtra villages thousands of people have got their realization, thousands and vibrations started flowing strongly from their hands and all their bad habits were broken by themselves because the religion within them was awakened. Now those days are no more when I should tell you not to do this or that and a man catches more from the outside, not from inside. Something or the other is made on the outside in this fashion, that we catch on to it. I have seen in every religion, that we tend to hold on to the outside more than the inside.       Now like in Muslim religion, drinking is prohibited. Surely they will drink but offer Namaz 5 times. Drinking is prohibited in many religions and it’s the right thing. It was prohibited because this thing goes against our awareness. 

     Whatever goes against our awareness should not be consumed because we have to seek God only in our awareness. But if you tell someone not to drink alcohol then, half the people will leave that’s why I say, “No, no there’s no such thing, keep on sitting.” After realization, religion or dharma will be awakened within them and they themselves will not take anything, why make them leave just now. Everything bad leaves us because this religion which is within us, placed in the centre has ten gurus in this place; Principles or essences of ten gurus are there. They are there in their essences as well as in form and all these gurus are awakened within us and because of their awakening religion is awakened in us thus we can’t do anything which is against our innate religion, can’t do is not digestible and is not digested. You will be troubled if there’s anything against our religion, you will run away from it. And this happens by itself in order to be stabilized we have to work a little hard but since it happens by itself, religion is awakened within a human being. Nobody is to be told, “Don’t do such a thing, son,” because nowadays saying this nobody is going to listen there will be real disaster. Everybody is to be coaxed and told to sit down, it’s alright. “You drink alcohol, it’s okay, other things also you do, it’s okay, sit down. Whatever you do, no problem, all of you sit down, first be realized, then we’ll talk.” 

     Then nobody feels bad but if from the beginning we start saying, “You can’t drink alcohol or smoke cigarettes,” then people will be annoyed. Now Muslims say, that they have not been told not to smoke. Cigarettes were not there at that time, so how could they be told not to smoke?       Then He came back as Nanak Sahab and told them not to smoke cigarettes because now they have taken out cigarettes. Now, if tomorrow you all start having Hashish then you’ll say, “Nanak Sahab didn’t tell us not to have Hashish,” so we can have it. So with such type of fugitives, God only save us. That is, Kabirdas, who was such a great person, wouldn’t He think how stupid or boorish these people are! He spent his whole life in Bihar, did so much work for our upliftment and he has called Kundalini as Surti, everywhere He’s called Kundalini as Surti now in Bihar, you’ll be surprised, they call tobacco as Surti. Do they have wisdom or not that Kabirdas must be thinking, “What idiots these people are! I’ve talked about Kundalini as Surti and now what are they calling as Surti?” And in our Maharashtra also, Shri Krishna who is the Lord of the Vishuddhi, His temple of Vitthala, where it is said Vitthala actually was seated, for going to that place, people take something to play in their hands saying ‘Vitthala, Vitthala’ and keep tobacco in their mouths, the thing which is absolutely detested by Shri Krishna, hates it. Now that they have got cancer, then it’s good, they have to leave themselves.

And I’m more surprised by the fact that since childhood I used to think, how is a man’s brain.       When he sees that a person who’s returning from the pub badly drunk and not in his senses, then why does he go to the same pub himself when he is in his senses? But all these surprising things are only in human beings, nothing amazes Me about God because whatever He says, He does and Whatever He is, He is. But man does one thing, tells something and speaks another. It is because all the chakras are not integrated. The integration that is required in all the centres, is not there. One chakra is separated from another. If we tell about dharma, they will start lecturing       I met a person in Solapur, there was a lecture. He said, “Mataji, a person came to me like a babaji and said that, “There is so much poverty in our country that people eat sand also.'” I said, “I have never seen such a thing.” Must be eating sand etc.

“And you rich people are like that, you all never give any money. If you all give money, I can help them.” He arranged for himself. And said, ” While returning he went back in an imported car. Couldn’t understand anything.” So I said, “This is the characteristic of you people that you will give money to such       a person who will tell you such tales, like they are really gods and does he care anything about you? He’s just come to make money for himself.” When there are such wicked people in our country, one person has earned 6000 crores of rupees(koti)   this is their business. Now, who among us have given this money? Must be idiots, that’s why but if so many stupid people are born at one time, then it’ll be very difficult. If there are a few, it’s okay.

And people like these type of persons. Till Sahaja yoga is awakened in you, how will you know who’s real and who’s unreal, who’s a reality and who’s fake, who’s truthful and who’s false?       Till there are vibrations in your hands till then how will you say who’s truthful and who’s false? Your own power has not been awakened as yet.  You still don’t have your lamp within you, with what are you stumbling in the darkness, you don’t know. Thus, first of all, you should get your Self realization then talk of other things, first have the realization of your Spirit. Get enlightened from the darkness then, you’ll be able to see all the darkness within yourself, all the stumbling blocks within you, all the faults within  and your Spirit is your own master, your own guru, which from times immemorial all the great masters have looked after, taken care of and talked of       that same guru is within you, it will teach and guide you, “See, you are not this, you are something else, leave this, leave this.” That Spirit should be awakened, whichever religion you believe into, this belief is just also a product of your brain then you will have faith in the religion of the Spirit, that is the real religion. All the other religions, have in a way, proved to be false, are now belied. It started with truthfulness. So many great people came in this world, like many flowers bloom on the tree, many a time, later on you people plucked them, made them yours, finished their essence in total. It is no fault of theirs and no fault of the religion as well.

These are all your doings by which these faults occurred. Now, I have thought of only one       way to awaken you, first awaken your Spirit, then will talk of other things. Whatever it is, howsoever a person is, come, first get realized. Get your realization first, after that I will see you. Without re birth a person can’t understand this thing. Everything just becomes verbal talk, talk and religion also becomes that. When this dharma is awakened, the foreigners who are sitting here, all what they have been doing, howsoever we may try, we can never do because they think that following a dharma is wrong, it’s great to leave it. Their one teacher, Freud taught them this only. They were taught that it’s a sin to believe in relations like mother or sister and they followed it, thinking it to be true. Now they have left all this and bloomed like a lotus. They’ve changed fully, their life has changed and they’ve become so beautiful. But an Indian leaves all this with great difficulty. He’s more stuck to it because all this has been here since ages.

If a good thing is stuck to us, it’s very beautiful but bad things are more stuck to us, that’s why they’re more difficult to give up but we have to let go of them because if we don’t  leave them, our vibrations will be no more. We can’t be established. Now you have a third chakra within you, which is actually considered second, called Swadhishthan chakra. This chakra gives us the power of Brahmadeva because of which a person has thoughts, starts thinking, thinking about       what’s going to come. He creates some thing, for example, you make some furniture. If a tree is broken, person thinks of making some furniture. Previously, I think furniture would have been made for very old people because they couldn’t sit on the ground. Doing all this, the young people thought of making, making furniture for themselves also. In this process, the furniture sat       on our heads, now we can’t sit on the ground, we have to move with a chair alongside.  By this power a person creates and when we use this power of creativity too much, more than is required   [ASIDE   MARATHI] when we use this power in excess, then, due to excessive use of this power, our connection with the other chakras breaks.

This happens with a person leading a lonely life and when our connection with the Whole is broken, then we start moving in our own ways on my own and this only we can say that a person is affected by the disease of Cancer. If he doesn’t have cancer of the body, it can be of the mind also. All the egoists have cancer of the mind because they think there’s no one greater in the world than them and those who come in contact with them, also start thinking the same. If they step into someone’s house, the children will also start thinking like them. Such is their blessing, that as soon as they start talking even the horses, ox etc start behaving like them. Whoever sees an egoist, starts being one. Now Hitler is an example of that. He was so filled up with ego that he started thinking himself to be a special person, whomsoever he came in       contact with also started thinking the same. He killed so many people, worsened their condition, nobody could understand this, he fooled millions and everybody foolishly listened to him and he killed very small children and women in the gas chamber and they couldn’t understand. So those, who think they are very clever, have Hitler before them. Then there is Mr. Khomeni, Idi Amin and many others you can see. 

     And the person who has ego which is shown above here, you may see, like bile of yellow color, is ego is because of the working of Swadhishthan chakra and it gets it’s power from the right side power of Saraswati. Now the person, who gets the power of Saraswati, thinks himself to be very wise and uses it so much, that like a by product this ego develops. Just like if a factory is overrun, there’s lot of smoke in the same way, ego develops within us.  And the symptom of ego, you’ll be surprised, is idiotism. A person who is an egoist is extremely an idiot, his talks are entirely stupid, idiotic he is big idiot. If some person tells you, “I came first, first class first and I’m such and such and I’m the king of this place,” then you can tell him, “I’m a poor person please forgive me, why did you come here.” You must have read here, once Naradji became arrogant and what stupidity he did and he went to Mayanagri, became a monkey and behaved stupidly doing foolish acts. All the people laugh behind the backs of such idiots. You may see that when people talk about arrogant people, they make fun of them and laugh mockingly “This stupid arrogant person thinks himself to be something great but he’s entirely an egoist,” and this arrogance takes a person towards stupidity and he become more and more foolish but doesn’t understand that he’s an idiot. In the end his heart also is compressed, his heart stops because this ego the heart chakra this Brahmarandhra is the peetha of the heart and it covers that and when ego envelops it, our heart is entirely compressed and when the heart becomes like this then he becomes one with evil nature that you’re surprised how he’s so evil? Now when we go abroad I don’t know how our Indians go and live there  I feel as if My exile has begun. It is said that in London city, every week two people are killed and who are they?

They are small children and the persons killing them are their parents. Just think, can anybody       even hear of such a thing? This is done by arrogant people. It is their ego only that they have no feeling towards children or their mother or father. When a person is so enveloped in his ego, then his idiocity is apparent through his actions. We’ve had so many great kings and emperors and many big people but how humble they were. Listen to a tale of Shivaji Maharaj. We’ve had people like Shivaji Maharaj but now it feels that those were different times. Ramdas Swami came to his house he was his guru and he called out from outside, then Shivaji went and touched his feet. He kept his crown on his feet and said, “Guru Maharaj, how have you been kind enough to be here?” His guru replied, “I have come to ask for alms.” So Shivaji went inside and wrote a letter in which he wrote, “Guru Maharaj, my whole kingdom is at your feet,” came       and gave it to him in a moment, “You take my whole Kingdom, everything is at your feet.”

     The kings and emperors of today will ask the saints and sadhus to stand outside only.       Will anybody ask them to come inside also? Even if you go for some work to a government servant, he will make you sit down in the office with the peon for hours. “Oh, I’ve a small work and you are the government officer here, we have some work of Sahaja yog, we don’t take any money, you please take this much from us.” Then he’ll say, “You go and sit in that corner just now.” Will anyone even listen to you?  And here, the king himself offered his whole kingdom to his guru and after offering his kingdom, he said that, “Now I have renounced everything.” So his guru said “Oh, but I am a saint, what will I reign? Only you Kshatriyas have to rule but the thing is that since you have offered me, then symbolically, the cloth I wear on my chest, you make a flag of it.” That flag was made. 

     Now I see, that flag is used in politics nowadays. Arre, that flag is the characteristic of hermits, leave it, at least leave that. In this way we are spoiling everything. Nobody’s mind works properly and when we flow in this foolishness, in this ego then we don’t come to know where we are going to. But now, those countries which have gone too far and those who have made atom bombs and other bombs and have made all preparations to destroy themselves, they are awakened all of a sudden, “Oh, my God! What devils we have gathered which will destroy us!”       If America presses a button, Russia is finished and if Russia presses a button, the other one is.” When the case comes to a competition, then it goes in their heads, “What sort of advancement have we done because there is no emotional feeling!” When there is no Spirit in a thing, this is what will happen. Anything you may do without the Spirit, whether it is politics or it can be anything. Anything without the Spirit is destructible and will be destroyed and will destroy. 

     Will never be correct. Now you all are also becoming developing. Means nowadays you are developing, tomorrow you will be developed, then it will be the same style that tomorrow your children will become hippies and you will kill 2 4 children daily, with husband wife fighting daily, then divorces after that, all will go and live in the orphanages and drink alcohol, that’s all, no other business left any longer. If you are doing this arrangement, then I would like to take leave from here. But, you should know that, it’s a very horrible thing, we should refrain from this, it’s very terrible and in order to save yourself from this, get to the Spirit first. Then you may do developing or anything else. First realize your Spirit otherwise you will be entangled in this complete destruction. Thus don’t go on the wrong path due to any reason whatsoever. Now suppose, if there’s a person who’s a journalist, came and sat down and started fighting with Me       I said, “Why are you fighting with Me, what wrong have I done to you?”He said, “No, Mother, the thing is You are saying now everything will be fine.” I said, “Yes, it will be.

If dharma is awakened and the Spirit is awakened, then, all will be well.” Then he said, “Then what will we write in the newspapers? We publish only those things in the newspaper when there’s anything wrong. If an aeroplane crashes, somebody dies, a number of people are injured, all that we publish, then what will we publish? The whole world is moving in the opposite direction.” Then I said, “But also sometimes you must be a human, sometimes you must be a person also or you are always a journalist? And when you must be thinking as a person, you must also be thinking what’s going on with your other brothers and sisters, what’s happening?       And what’s happening to your human being, think about it and come here.” He said, “Yes Mother, that it is. There’s much predicament in my own home.” 

     “And in your society?” “There’s much more misery.” “And in your country?” “There a lot of plight in it.” And the whole world is in a mess and if this has to be corrected then you have to get to your Spirit. Tell everyone, “Get to your Spirit.”  As soon as you realize your Spirit, The power or light of God Almighty, which is invisible and of which we are not aware, will start flowing from within, we will be in it’s bondage, start flowing in It’s love and joy   we should get to it. Without realizing that, nothing will be resolved. Today, if I talk on all the chakras, it will be quite difficult but today I have told something about the Swadhishthan and Mooladhar and have spoken a little about the Guru principle. Awakening the Guru principle within us, is our prime duty. After awakening that Guru Principle, you will bring yourself on the right path. 

     Today the world is standing at such a point, that destruction is evident from the outside but a lot also from within. All kinds of diseases are now standing before us. There is no cure for these diseases. The destruction that is happening from within, how we are perishing from within we are not paying any attention in that direction. Our families, whoever are ours are finishing off. The only one way to connect all of them is that, we should receive the All Pervading Power of God Almighty. We should rise to the Kingdom of God Almighty and be united with Him and this can happen  only by Self realization, which you cannot sell or buy   this is absolutely wrong       that many people say, “How can it work without money?” How much money do you pay for the air you breathe? Taking it in, free. In becoming a human being from amoeba, how much money did you offer to God? 

     All that is valuable and necessary things for life are all free that’s why we are alive otherwise the way we are, sometimes it feels, we even don’t have the right to be alive. But God Almighty has given us everything free. His unconventional extreme compassion, His love is flowing in the whole world that’s why we all are still there. We have only to instill His love within us and spread it’s Light in the whole world. Our programs regarding the Kundalini are there for another ten days. You make sure to attend them and I will tell further about it, that what is the Kundalini, how much it is eternally related to us and the properties of the Eternal religion are extremely necessary to be disclosed, in the same way it is very necessary to illumine all those who have talked of the Formless But if you think that by adopting either of the ways, you’ll be successful then it’s wrong. Everything is made by God and in order to maintain what He has created, He has sent His people or rather we can say, His own forms in this world then you have to validate that thing and take that validation  [UNCLEAR] and receive your Self realization. After Self realization you will have to establish yourself in it. Not that after getting your Self realization, just sit down saying, “Yes Mother, I have got it.” The first thing is to get your union and achieving       deftness in it. One is the yoga, in which there is awakening of the Kundalini and breaking open the Brahmarandhra but you will also have to learn it’s skill and upon learning it’s skill, you’ll become it’s masters. What is it and how you can do it, for that there is a centre in your own locality and where you can learn, know and understand about it and become masters in it. 

     It’s very easy even small little children are very skilled in it and today I see in many homes very great people have taken birth but you don’t even know that they are great men. In order to understand them also, it’s necessary that you get to know your own Spirit because of which you will be able to understand them also. It’s absolutely necessary for everyone to know       themselves prior to knowing God and by knowing the Spirit, you’ll be able to understand God, before that you can’t understand. The light of the Spirit should first awaken in your attention. When it’s light will enlighten your attention then you can know God only in that Light. Thus, first you see/feel your Spirit, get to it and keep only this desire in the beginning. Along with it,       what is God, you will understand. May God bless you all! Now, if you have any questions, you may ask a few.   [MARATHI]   What is the question? 

SYogi: How can we get rid of the bad thoughts and the anxieties of the mind?  

Shri Mataji: Oh, you are not listening to what I said when you’ve asked the question “How to get rid of the bad thoughts and anxieties of the mind?”I’m telling, “You should get to your Spirit.” If you had asked, “How to get to the Spirit?” then still it was something. Any other question?  

SYogi: I have been      It’s a long question.  

Shri Mataji: Long question. Is it a question or letter?  

Seeker: It’s a letter, Mataji.  

Shri Mataji: It is a letter.  

Seeker: Means, it contains the question within.  

Shri Mataji: At least ask the question  

Seeker: My Kundalini has been raised thrice but every time my mind was not in control 

Shri Mataji: What happened all the three times? 

Seeker: Mind was not in control. It happened by itself.  

Shri Mataji: Who did Kundalini awakening? Who awakened?

Seeker : First time that Sai baba  

Shri Mataji: Wah, wah, wah! Alright  

Seeker: Second time it happened (UNCLEAR   RAJNISH?)

Shri Mataji laughs  

Seeker: And third time in Pashupatinath  

Shri Mataji: Now it is obvious. Even the mad are cured with us and there even the good become mad this is the proof of it. I don’t talk ill of anyone. Now, one person I told, that I was telling yesterday that, the guru who is not right you should not go to him, forehead should not be bent before him because Ekadasha Rudra catches by that, that person got up and went away  I said, “Was your guru bad, why did you get up and leave?  You said the right thing, son, you reached the wrong place. None of them do Kundalini awakening they do bhoot vidya(deal with the spirits) 

Seeker: As You said, “By knowing the Spirit we can know God. First we should know the Spirit so that we can bear God. But what is the way to know the Spirit?”  

Shri Mataji: That is what we have to do just now. It’s a right question. We’ll do that just now, that’s what is to be done. We’ll do that. Said the right thing. This is it, it’s a good thing. You’ve asked a very good question. Yes, what more? This is what we have to do, we will do. Any thing else? A variety of funny people have come up to raise the Kundalini.  Drink alcohol in the daytime and in the evening raise the Kundalini. What’s the matter, son?  

Seeker: It’s said, that when we come to this world, we bring our old values or customs with us in our Kundalini. They are present in the Kundalini when we come to this world. 

Shri Mataji: Yes, it is alright  

Seeker: Then with present day karmas can these old customs be destroyed by yoga? 

Shri Mataji: No, it is not because of yoga, my child. Sit down, I’ll tell you. There is one Agnya chakra here, about which I talked yesterday you all were not here. When the Kundalini passes through the Agnya chakra, then the deity of this Agnya Chakra, who is awakened our traditions are nothing but this mind and ego.  One is the mind, the other ego, these two are sucked in and when these are sucked in, the Sahastrara opens and the Kundalini comes out. Who does this within us? Our ego only does everything. When you are no more this ego but have become the Spirit, then which conditionings are left? They are innocent.

Seeker: Those which we bring with us.  

Shri Mataji: You have brought those but they should also drop off. 

Shri Mataji: We may leave our belongings in the train also and in such a big happening, won’t it be left behind?  Everything drops off, nothing of it is left behind. That happens by itself. This is the speciality of the Kundalini.

SYogi: Mother, will You please tell us, how a yogi would know his past birth and can know whether he will take birth or not with  UNCLEAR  

Shri Mataji: Hmm, you say  

SYogi: Is past life a reality? Do we suffer because of the deeds of our last life?  

Shri Mataji: Yes, he’s asked, “Is past life a reality and do we suffer due to the deeds of our last life?” It’s somewhat true, all right but now forget it. What have you got to do with the last life? 

Talk of the present. In the present, I’m sitting before you so what about last life and what sufferings due to it? We should treat everything. Leave that now. Specially we Indians are filled up with the ideas of previous lives. Whatever you were in your past lives, what have you got to do with it? Here another person is asking about previous life and yogi etc   all these are useless things. I want to talk of the present   neither the past nor the future. What will happen in the present. A Brahmin is a called a ‘dwijah’, he has a second birth and a bird is also called a ‘dwijah’ because it was in an egg form, now it’s become a bird, so suppose, if there are any stains on it while in the egg form, are those visible when it’s become the bird?

When you are going to be fully transformed, when you are going to change completely, then what is left of the past or the future? You will be transformed completely, then all these things have dropped off. When the seed has become a tree, the seed is no more. When the flower becomes a fruit, the flowers are no more. Now you have become a human being from an amoeba. Can you believe that you have become a human being from a monkey? Monkey is finished, now you are a human   this you have to believe. Until it was said by Darwin, if anybody else had said this, would anyone believe? But now when you have become a saint, a sadhu   you have become a saint. Tukaram says, “I have also changed, you also change.”

‘Bi   ghad’ I have transformed my ‘Bi’, you also transform yours. The thing is like that only. I have been transformed, you also transform  Kabirdas says, “Jab mast hue phir kya bolein?” means, “What to say when I’m in such joy.” What? After realization, “Paar utar gaye sant jana re?” means, ‘The saints have been realized.’ Once you have been realized, why to talk about the life prior to that. Just talking about the life prior to realization, stuck to it and even of lives before that, about past life leave all that, it’s meaningless       Now ask such a question, which is useful? What? 

SYogi: ‘Whether Kundalini yogi can acquire supernatural powers as Baba Nanak can?’ 

Shri Mataji: Now they have asked another question  ‘Whether Kundalini yogi can acquire  supernatural powers as Baba Nanak?’ There is no competition with anyone. Baba Nanak was the guru of gurus. He was the Incarnation of Dattatreya. What do you know about Him? You ask Me. Now, are you thinking of becoming God at once? First become a saint. No need to compete with Baba Nanak. Where was He and where are we? 

     We should move with our own arrangement. Whatever arrangements we have made we should use that fully, then make further preparations and move further. You are taking His name from now itself. He was Dattatreya Himself. He was an Incarnation not a human. You are a human being. He was God, are you God? You are a human. You are thinking of being God suddenly. This is again a talk of the future. Useless talk of the present, of this time, this moment. 

Seeker: When you start experiencing the essence of the five rasas in the mind, what vibrations after that?  

Shri Mataji: What are you saying?  

Seeker: Like, all the essences like beauty, color, word etc are experienced  

SYogi: When you start experiencing the five rasas of life, what after that?  

Shri Mataji: There is no such experience of the rasas. This should not happen, It’s all wrong 

 Seeker: Is it wrong?  

Shri Mataji: It is wrong. In the experience of the Atma, you should feel the vibrations. Ras etc is from the senses, which are from the imperceptible but in reality Atma is related to vibrations       Firstly, you should feel the vibrations 

Seeker: Because of that (UNCLEAR) for example, in the path of Kundalini, without doing anything  

Shri Mataji: Yes, spontaneously, sahaja  

Seeker: And from this Sahaj, I can’t say what I got, I can’t tell  

Shri Mataji: Are you a Sahaja yogi?  

Seeker: Yes, please? 

Shri Mataji: Are you a Sahaja yogi?  

Seeker: I am nothing  

Shri Mataji: Then you first get your realization. Leave this talk. It’s a web of words. You sit down. Useless talks. It’s meaningless. It has no meaning. Just a web of words. After reading two books, start talking about it. 

Seeker: No, I don’t read any books, no books  

Shri Mataji: Yes, then?  

Seeker:  That’s what I want to tell you. I haven’t read any book or any interest in books. 

 Shri Mataji: Then you are so good, you’ll get your realization soon. Sit down, leave it. If you haven’t read anything, then it’s better. It’s a problem with the ones who read a lot. 

SYogi:  He says, ‘What are Your views about Kriya yog of Paramhans Yoganand? 

Shri Mataji: Child, ours is Inaction yoga, not kriya yog. Akriya. These people have understood Kriya yog wrongly. Absolutely vice versa. See. When the car moves, the wheels move by themselves, all the machinery moves of its own isn’t it correct?       But if you start turning the wheels before the car moves or move it steering, then the car will breakdown. This Kriya yog means, like you cut your tongue, bring the tongue down, let it hang, then take it back, then do khechri. Will you get God by this?  And people believe in it. Shave off your head, cut your hair. Oho, Kabirdas has written and people say, he writes in ‘Sadukadi’ language, he’s written about one and all. He’s written, “By shaving off the head, if anyone can go to God, then the sheep what to talk of the head, their whole body is sheared twice a year   they must have reached God’s door.” 

But who reads him? This Kriya yog, that you shave off the head, wear saffron clothes and move about with a big bell on your head that you’re a very great sadhu or saint, then will you become one? This you are moving on untruth, have not arrived on the Truth and all such people are useless. Keeping a big name for themselves is of no use. Now there are so many disciples of that person, who’s name you mentioned their tongues are hanging down in front, like this, go and see in America Tongue hanging like a dog that, “Yoganand Swami has done our khechri.”       What khechri has been done! Nowadays he’s having everyone shave off their heads. A woman came here, her head was completely shaved off. I asked her, “Why?” She said, “They have got everyone’s head shaved off in the ashram.”  Why don’t you all read Kabirdas, what he has to say about this? 

Getting the head shaved off, wearing long gowns did he say that sadhus and sanyasis       should take to outer renunciation. Sitaji has said that, “If any sanyasi comes to your house, make him sit outside. Should not enter our main door, we are householders. We have our own pure life.” We are living in oblation, we are householders. Just now a sanyasi had come, why did he have to come inside? Any saint, who was a real one our old Sai Nath, Adi Shankaracharyaji       Never set foot inside the main door. Maybe due to some work  they have a short life,  they come to the world, that’s why due to their work, they remain sanyasis; Nothing wrong with that. But such people don’t indulge in households, they have no relation to the household, they live outside having nothing to do with householders.  The householders are doing their sacrificial deeds, running their households and these people want to live on their money. This is their everyday business. 

     I had gone to that place which place many newspaper people came from Nagar district.       They said, “Mataji, first the rich people gave sugar to the ants now as there are no ants left due to excessive sugar in this area, in Nagar district, thus they have collected ants.” I asked them, “What do you mean?” They said, “They have collected ‘Hare Rama Hare Krishna’ people,       they give lands to them and build houses for them. These people sing bhajans and keep begging on the streets. We have at least 500 beggars of these ‘Hare Rama Hare Krishna’ sitting there. They have put these fair skinned ants on our heads, now who’s going to look after them? Every second day they are on our doors begging. All those who beg, these beggars, how can they be people of God Almighty, I can’t understand?” Begging all the time is forbidden.

Even a hermit begs just once for food not that  going from door to door begging for money, this and that. They live in their pride because they don’t cook food. But where are such sanyasis (saints)? Nowadays these are just made up saints in the world, they are just show offs. If you can’t make out what can I do? Why move about becoming such a sanyasi? What is the necessity of becoming a sanyasi? Renunciation is a thing of the inside.  Gurunanak, Himself was a great ascetic and when He was in the form of King Janak, He lived like a king and ruled like one then too He was a sanyasi and people called Him ‘Videhi’  that’s why His daughter is called ‘Vaidehi’. Now everything is in front of us and we don’t even think of it.

Don’t know what has happened, as if a curtain is drawn over. And any babaji comes, the women have to go there first to touch his feet. He’s a sanyasi, what have you to do with him, you are a householder. What have you to do, whether he’s a sanyasi or an unrelated male? Like, it’s written in our religion, that a woman should live by her dharma and a man by his and a saint should live by his otherwise like Ravana, who disguised himself as a sanyasi and took away Sita with him. So all these things like Kriya Yog etc are not to be done now   it’s all a show, money making business. No need to become a sanyasi  

Seeker: Mataji, please awaken the power of Kundalini  

Shri Mataji: What, child?  

Seeker:  Awaken the power of Kundalini, which You told  

SYogi: Awakening of Kundalini power 

Shri Mataji:  [MARATHI]   What’s it?  

SYogi:  What You told about awakening of Kundalini power  

Shri Mataji: Hmm

Seeker: For this is it necessary by chanting the names to awaken the Kundalini, can’t do by ourselves?  

Shri Mataji: It will never happen, child, it’s a wrong thing. For that a true guru should be there. And by one’s self is absolutely wrong but also it’s very difficult to get a true guru(satguru). There is no one these days.

Seeker: Then is it compulsory to try something separately for Kundalini awakening?  

Shri Mataji: No, nothing. 

Seeker:  Won’t happen by chanting the name by myself?  

Shri Mataji: Never, will never happen. It’s false, will never happen.  Where is it written that by chanting the name it will happen? They said that, “Take the name of God.” That doesn’t mean that you just chant His name Arre, he’s said, ‘Karka manka chaadi de, manka manka pher’  ( COUPLET) Now no one reads, what to do? Taking the name of God, with heart, once, is enough.

If you go to some minister’s place and call out his name ten times, the police will catch you       and God’s name you take many hundred times, who knows how many diseases will catch hold of you?  It’s a wrong thing. God is full of all the powers, thus if you have to go on His path, first realize your Spirit, then go. This is all wrong that just sitting and chanting His name. All this is mechanical it will not happen with that and if it has happened, it is wrong. If there is any real guru, he can awaken your Kundalini and then a Mother’s thing is something different.  

Seeker: You must have said by Your experience  

Shri Mataji: They are chaitanya lahiris(vibrations), the power of Brahma.  You can know that. When you ask, “Mother, is this the Power of Brahm, you’ll receive more on your hands.” Any question you want to ask, like a computer is on, you can ask any question. If the answer is ‘Yes’ you’ll receive a lot and feel joyous and if it’s wrong, there’ll be a burning sensation, sometimes blisters may also come, anything else can also happen, numbness may come but if it’s ‘Yes’, the flow will be strong. You can also feel the Brahm shakti from here(fontanel bone area),if your Kundalini is awakened. Is it okay? 

Seeker: Is it true that these false gurus make you do their mantras and then you chant them and then afterwards (UNCLEAR) starts working on you. Is that the energy that (UNCLEAR)? 

Shri Mataji: You have said it. You have said it. What you have said, is correct. They do all kinds of things. This is not the only thing. They mesmerize you, they harm you most of the cancer and all these diseases come from these gurus only. They try to do all kinds of things to you, if they are bad gurus.

They are, most of them are absolute criminals, rakshasas horrible. Don’t listen to them, don’t go near them. Alright? We’ll have to work it out, if you have been to them, it’s rather difficult but we’ll work it out, alright? So you have to cooperate with yourself. They give you epilepsy, they give you horrible diseases. Yes, son?  

Seeker: You have said that chanting the name of God doesn’t help but  by practice (UNCLEAR) 

Shri Mataji: Practice is also the play of intellect, my child. Practice is also the play of intellect.       Just one practice only  sit down, I’ll tell you. 

A human being should practice only one thing that nothing should be done in excess. Excess of anything done by a person, is troublesome. Practice is that whatever a person does, should not be done in excess, should remain in balance. Even in the case of God, if a person chants too much, he will become very cruel. It is superficial, no heart is involved, that’s why remain in the center. Live with love. Love is the greatest thing. Should be loving. Those who love are the best for Sahaja yoga. You say, please?  

Seeker: Can everybody be realized only by your Grace?  

Shri Mataji: What’s he saying?  

SYogi: You ask  

Seeker: Can everybody be realized only by your Grace? 

Shri Mataji: What’s he saying?  

SYogi: Can everybody be realized only by your Grace?  

Shri Mataji: Now, don’t ask Me such a question. What answer do I give to this? Will anyone say like this? You sit down. Is this something to be asked? You can know about Me once you are realized. Before that do you want Me  to tell you everything about Myself? Whatever I am, in order to know that, first open your heart a little bit, then you will understand. If I tell you, you will panic and run away, that’s why I’m not telling you. Okay, then you will know everything. There is something, this you must understand but what it is, this you will understand slowly. If you will come to know at once, you will be upset, that’s why I’m not telling you.  

SYogi: What is the experience when the Kundalini is being awakened?  

Shri Mataji: Okay, you have asked, ‘What is the experience when the Kundalini is being awakened? This depends little bit on everyone individually. If someone has a catch on the Nabhi chakra, then the Kundalini can also be seen pulsating and be felt also. And if all the chakras are alright in a person and that person is also alright he is normal, then he doesn’t feel anything. Only in the end he feels that when the Kundalini crosses the Agnya chakra, then he feels that he’s become thoughtless, there are no thoughts. It’s the beginning of thoughtless awareness and when it pierces the Brahmrandhra, you get cool breeze from the here(fontanel bone area) and first of all feel peaceful. 

After that you feel cool breeze on your hands(palms). On all sides you see then, that you feel cool breeze around. This is the beginning. Beyond that you start using it. You try to understand what it is. Then slowly you understand how important is this thing and how many things you can do from it. Nothing is troublesome. Sometimes some people may feel some heat and the      eyelids of few may flutter and till today, no one has ever experienced too much problem. I have given realization to thousands. If anyone is a show off, then what to say of such a person.

Many people try to show off. Once a person came and he sat with both his legs towards Me. I told him not to sit like that. People went and told him not to sit like that. He said, “What to do, if I sit with my legs folded, I start jumping like a frog?” So they asked him, “Why do you jump like a frog?” so he said, “Because my Kundalini is awakened, my guru has told me. It was written in the book that you jump like a frog when your Kundalini is awakened.” In the book. Now tell Me,       are you going to become a frog now or an earthworm. Poor thing, must also think something.

He will surely jump, if he sits down, what can I do for it? What are you saying?  

Seeker: I was saying that You said that  the action  [UNCLEAR]

Shri Mataji: Action? 

Seeker: action, good or bad, that we do in this birth  [UNCLEAR] right in this birth or  in the birth which is to follow. 

Shri Mataji: You are still worried about the future. I’m just saying that whatever it is, whatever you have done in previous birth or whatever it is, is in the back, alright? 

Seeker: Alright 

Shri Mataji: Alright. Now, I’m the banker, alright? You have a right to cash your cheques, alright? Now, only thing is, I give you not only your interest but I will give you, four times more, ten times more, thousand times more, whatever you need to be able to cash cheques, which never existed. You talk like children. Now it’s enough son, now you become alright, there’s no end to it.  

Seeker: For a busy housewife, how can the Spirit be known and what is the method?  

Shri Mataji: What is she saying? 

Syogi: Method  

Seeker: If there’s some busy woman, doing all the household chores  

Shri Mataji: Madam, I’m a bigger housewife than you, very big. I have children and grandchildren.

Seeker:  What should be done for that as only you will show the way.  

Shri Mataji:  You will get your realization very nicely if you are a housewife. If you are not a householder, I can’t give realization very straightforwardly obvious.  You don’t have to do anything. It’s done once you are a housewife. You have done the main job, further I will do  

Seeker: But how can we know the Spirit along with this? 

Shri Mataji: That’s what I’m doing but if you are a householder, this is something beneficial for Me. I will do that, okay. You all are very simple, nothing else. With all your questions, I felt, you all are very simple people. It’s a great blessing of God upon Me, that I came into contact with such simple people otherwise people are after My life. Now come. Now you people just sit with your open hands towards Me only and nothing else is to be done and you close your eyes. If you have put on spectacles, take them off. If anything is too tight on the waist then, take it off.       You just sit straight comfortably, you don’t have to do anything. There’ll be no problem, no grief, no trouble, nothing because I only know this work and nothing else, I’m an expert on this, okay. 

Now be silent and close your eyes. Now our left hand is our power of desire and our right hand       is our power of action, so keep your right hand on your heart. Keep on the heart and just ask a question, “Mother, am I the Spirit? “Am I that Alakh(Light), Niranjan Spirit?” you ask this question with full heart. Not superficially but with full heart. Now who’s trying to show off?       That’s what I said, if there’s any show off person, it’ll be difficult. No show off, just close your eyes peacefully and ask this question in your heart. There’s no show off, no jumping etc, peacefully whatever is to happen will happen within, not outside.

Keep your eyes closed.  Please close your eyes. Now the greatest fault with you all, which I feel, is that you all feel somewhat guilty. You are thinking that you have such and such shortcomings, how will you be realized. Take out that feeling of inferiority from within yourselves. That, “I’m very downtrodden and I’m up to the mark etc,” and all these feelings, first remove them and “Mother, if I am the Spirit, I’m not guilty.” Spirit is not guilty. Say it repeatedly, “I’m not guilty, I’m innocent. I’m the Spirit, I’m not guilty.” Say this again and again with full faith and belief. 

     Whatever mistakes you might have done, if I can’t fix, then of what use am I? Don’t blame yourself. Kindly, don’t blame yourself,  “I’m innocent. I’m the Spirit and I’m not guilty.” Because your Father, Who is God Almighty, is the ocean of forgiveness. He can take in all your faults.       The One, Who drank the poison, how can it be difficult for Him to absorb all your faults and purify you?  Just say, “I’m not guilty because I’m the Spirit.” Put your right hand on your heart. “Mother, I’m not guilty,” on the heart, “I’m not guilty because I’m the Spirit.”

     Now this same hand you put on your forehead. See, like this (across). Keep the palm on your forehead. The palm  and say this that, “Mother, I have forgiven everyone, forgiven everyone.” God has forgiven you, so you also forgive everyone it’s straightforward that if we don’t forgive anyone, how will God Almighty forgive us? Keep the palm of the hand on the forehead, not otherwise. Full palm, not opened but keep the thumb near the fingers, with the fingers and thumb close by say, “Mother, I have forgiven everyone.” Say it repeatedly. See, how relieved you will be, very relieved. You will feel very relieved by forgiving. Now, this same hand you keep on your head.

Set the palm on your fontanel bone area. On the fontanel area the palm. Open the fingers and put the palm of your hand and move in clockwise manner.  Keep your eyes closed. Now keep the fingers on your fontanel area. Fingers on the fontanel bone area let one hand be towards Me and move the fontanel bone area.  Move your fontanel bone area with your fingers strongly, in the clockwise manner. Rotate. You yourself are treating yourself.  You are your own guru and you are curing yourself. From front to the back keep on rotating. These are all the chakras all the seven chakras. Start from the forehead. From the forehead, where there is the parting right in the center, keep on moving there, to the back. 

Now bring it above. Keep on rotating. The peethas of all the seven chakras are here       Wherever you feel some swelling or where you feel hard on the hand, that place you rotate. See, you will feel with your own hand. Now keep the other hand little above your head, higher, the other hand. One hand towards Me. Just blow on the palm of your right hand, it’s become very hot. Now keep this hand towards Me and now see if you feel cool breeze from your head or not? Yes. 


Now see, if you are feeling the cool breeze on your palms or your head?  Now I will tell you how to raise your own Kundalini and maybe you may feel by that. This hand of yours, which, I said is the power of desire. It’s your desire that you get to your Self realization but keeping this desire firmly, keep in the front, like I’m sitting, similarly everyone keeps your left hand in front, left hand and move your right hand around the left hand, clockwise.

Keep the left hand straight and move with full attention. See, you can raise your own Kundalini. Now take it above your head and raising the hand above, turn it around to tie a knot, first knot.       Rotation of the hand should be like this only. Again second time. Because of three powers, we do it three times. Now see properly. You should not rotate the other way round. Now again take it on the top and tie knot tightly, like this. Now the third time you have to tie three knots and have to keep your hand on top for all the three knots. Now again, move your hand and again raise the Kundalini.

We are raising our Surti(Kundalini) See, raise. Now take it on the head and very nicely one, two and three knots. Now do your hands like this on your lap. Now raise both the hands on the top       and ask a question in your heart, “Is this the Brahm shakti?” With full heart, eyes closed.       “Is this the Brahm Shakti, Mother?” See, you can feel the cool in your hands.       Something is happening inside, going on. Some power is descending. Now do your hands like this.

Now close your eyes in thoughtlessness. Go in meditation. There’s only one lecture of Mine here but there’s our centre here where you can go and we have books also here which you can take but while reading the book don’t get into thoughts. We should know, that in Sahaja yoga       we don’t think from the mind, we work with the hand. All the power is in the hands thus don’t use your brains on it. It will not happen with thinking everything is to be done with the hands. How to go and move ahead, whatever we have achieved, how to establish it, for that forget who you are       and in what position for that we have a small center because we don’t charge any money you go there and establish yourselves to receive it. It’s very necessary, extremely essential. If this doesn’t happen, we don’t know what disasters from within human beings will happen thus you please, I request you, I’m like your Mother, pay heed to yourself love your own Self, and give time to the thing which is most important. Again, I thank again and again all the managers and directors of this temple for all their favours and they have done the greatest virtuous act that       they have given an opportunity to so many people to gain self-knowledge and you people also take full advantage of this, complete advantage. What child? Just talk about the centre.

You all write it down and take full advantage of it. It will not be done with this?  

SYogi: Our center is in New Rajendra Nagar area in Mr. G. Prasad’s house. His address is E 209, E block, house no. 209. His name is Mr. Prasad. In Sahaja yoga, when you learn some Sahaja yoga in your centre, then you go to the main center. At first you have to establish only thoughtless awareness later on doubtless awareness and then you can go to the main center also but it should start first.