New Delhi (India)

Marriage Ceremony 1983-0206 Delhi India

Shri Mataji: Just tell these girls to open their veils. They don’t have their friend behind?
Just bring it a little less.

Yogi: Mother, would you like grooms on the left or the right?

Shri Mataji: put it back, no no, take it out and put it here, but keep your neck down, so that the face can be seen.

Yogi: Some are sitting on the left and some are sitting on the right.

Shri Mataji: All of you should be seated like this, the boy should be on the right of the lady, the bride should be on the right of the bridegroom. The boy should be, bridegroom should be on the right of the lady. That is correct, that is correct, that is correct.

Yogi: All bride to be towards you?

Shri Mataji: No no right side of the boy. First right side later she will sit on( vaamang) left side. This is wrong, first, she has to sit on left, all right be careful, be careful. I think better than that outside. All right,
(Shri Mataji is discussing with other yogis regarding the placing of bride and bridegroom and mantras.)
Yogi: Mother do you need Coconut?

Shri Mataji: Coconut is not required now, later. You do one thing you announce. The parents of the girls should come forward please, parents of the girls.
The parents of the bride and the bridegroom and who else with you. To keep the sense of authority from husband to wife and from wife to children. Get the water. Do one thing use these bowls for water, these bowls. (Marathi). Bring bowls.
Yes, bring bowls, fill water from here. Enough, is there any towel?

Shri Mataji: have you got a handkerchief something? Wipe it from below also. Behave all right, if there is a virgin in the family they have to respect. They have to develop a respectable life. Give them water, give them as well. Did you give them water? Ok do one thing, for washing, this plate will not do, no not this. They are bringing one. Start from this side.
Leave this put this water in this. Done, don’t put your hand in this. Put that water also, don’t touch with hand, see this, drink this water. Do not touch it with hand, one minute. It the question of vibrations. Do not touch with hand. Ok, leave it.
Shri Mataji: Ok all of you please go a little backwards, nobody will sit here, go backwards, there is plenty of space. Leave at least 6 feet space. You all are sitting like the Royal family.

Yogi: One person has some problem in his leg.

Shri Mataji: Give him some seat to sit, turn the seat, no don’t keep very big keep a small one, keep a cushion He can sit on that. Keep only a cushion, this cushion can’t come out. Keep a small chair the small one. He cannot sit, this is too big, bring a small chair.
Yogi: Mother we need two, Girl should also be seated high on a chair.

Shri Mataji: Yes both of them should sit on the chair.

Shri Mataji: The girls have to sit little back then the man so the man moves forward, yes the bridegrooms will move little forward and the girls should sit little at the back. Yes, it’s better so that we can reduce that’s better. The girls have to sit to the right side of the man and when the boy is giving ahuti, that is when he is giving it to fire the girls have to touch the right hand of the bridegroom so the girls have to sit at the back. All of you move backwards and now leave the hand it’s all right. Leave the hand and sit at the back of the boy’s little bit so that you can come closer, all the boys can move forward and the girls at the back, still further, close down, close down. Still, further, Manish come in front. All of you can come closer to the thing, the girls should move behind. All the boys should come closer to the Bedi ( the Secret fire lightened for a wedding) try to accommodate each other, don’t leave places between. Don’t leave spaces in come forward this side. Give this that side Yes.

Tell them to move that side, just move to the right. The facing people move to right a little so these people can be accommodated to your right. All the boys come forward now. Markus again move forward, you have to move much forward. All of you move forward move to the right, now see that everybody adjusted, organise Manish move to the right please sit still, move. Now the girl should be on the right side of the boys. All the girls should move closer to the boys, please. Kishan you should use ghee and oil but wherever you like you can put it whatever you like but with a swaha when he says.

(A yogi discussed something in Marathi. Shri Mataji is laughing and saying that there is nothing give and take in this. There is no dowry system, most of a headache is off when you don’t have a dowry system, no giving and taking the business.) That’s the best way, isn’t it? So relaxed, can you believe fourteen marriages are taking place and no tension at all, everybody is enjoying. Better give up you will all enjoy marriage

Yogi: Mataji what about us, when will we get married.

Shri Mataji: You can marry next year. All you can do, you should get remarried again.

Yogi: With whom.

Shri Mataji: with each other, those who are not married. Are you married or not?

Yogi: Not.

Shri Mataji: then it’s all right. That’s what I am saying. (Shri Mataji and yogis are laughing.)

So you will have to have another marriage, Sahaja yoga marriage, make it a blissful marriage.

Now tell you what he is doing one by one. First is Agni Devta because before the Agni, before the fire your promise. The fire has the capacity to cleanse everything. To bring it real value, bring it ’s the principle, that’s why you are doing it before the fire. So first we have to worship the fire so that the fire purified itself and that it’s Kundalini is awaken and once the fire goes to its essence because you are saints and realised souls. It will burn away all that is bad and will bring the real value, the principle of marriage in you. Yes! Start it so with swollen feed and serenity you have to know that you all are saints and saintly brides. Whatever you are doing you have to do it with full awareness. All the brides and Bridegroom should meditate in your heart inviting Her in your heart. Fold your hands and do naman to Her Holiness Mataji and invite Her.

Now the girls should touch the right hand…….


Shri Mataji: Put the vibrations in the fire it will work out. Tell him to put fire all the four sides then all the people will put the samgri in it. Put the wood on another side also, keep some wood this side also. go, keep both the sides. The fire will catch slowly.

Do one thing, spread this till last. Brother, spread it till the last point then it will keep burning till last put some more samvidha in a row (the wood pieces used for havan). Put them in a line till last. I am saying that put some more samvidha till the end. Put them all the four sides, it will keep spreading. Don’t worry about the fire, it will spread slowly, don’t worry about that, only spread the samvidhas. Everybody loves to watch. Put them till last, up to all four corners, it will spread itself. Did anybody go to get samvidhas. The wedding is such a collective thing It took four to reach. We could reach in time because all the girls were ready in time and boys also got ready. Don’t keep it up, keep it aside, keep them till the bricks, spread them in all the four directions.
Shri Mataji: “Mr Chandra keep the Bhasam ( ashes of the havan) of the havan, I will tell you, first of all, you keep the basam in a bowl for puja.

Ladies must touch the hands of the boys when they are putting the aahuti.

Did you complete 108 names? Gavin has got 108 names. 108 names, Gavin you say that.

Now you all have to get up slowly, now put the knot, all the boys got cloth around them, some married ladies should do that, not unmarried ladies should do that. Take it around your neck, you see boys should take around their neck so the loose thing should fall on your left-hand side. Loose end should fall on the left side. Now the ladies who have tied have to open it later, so remember whom you have tied. (Mother is laughing)

In marriages, there are so many small small things which are very cute and they bring sweetness in the relationship. See there is no tension, nothing, everybody is getting joy. The boys who are not yet married should go as young brothers, all of them should join as brothers. Yes go, go there, give a camera to him. All of them have to stand next to the fire, boys have to stand next to the fire. All the young boys little boys or the once who are not married, not those who are about to be married, not that kind. Every couple should know which is the brother of the bride.

Shri Mataji: why did you do, just tell them not to publish anything we don’t want just tell them. Where is? That see, you see people do everything offend without asking, very easy, this is something I don’t understand why should have done. Just now I threw him out from taking, they are not to leak, without asking me. Please telephone him not to publish anything.

Yogi: All the boys should keep that paper bowl of kheer in their right hand. You should eat food that is cooked by the all brothers and sisters and if taken outside the home you will vibrate it. I will be loyal to you.

Shri Mataji: This is the first wow! You will be loyal to me. Again this is the first wow.
Yogi: Now you should go around.

Shri Mataji: Now first of all with your foot remove first wow, little bit strike it. All right now put the while going round put this lahi (puffed rice) in the fire and then move it slowly. Put it first of all carefully. Move forward, move forward and put the lahi, let the boys help them to put the lahi in the fire, now it’s all right. Now girls have to lead boys have to follow, the girls have to go forward the boys should help them now, start moving till you come back to the same position. Move move, move on. Somebody the boys should not move. Somebody Italian should also with this. The boys should not move, the boys should keep their places wherever they were, near the fire, the boys should keep near the fire, fireside, on the fireside. You keep reciting. Move, move move Marcus move, move move. The boys should sand at the proper places where they were, move move move move, the girls have to move first, move move move. Move move, go go fast. Let them move first, ladies should put their heads down, slightly more. Go round straight, you have to come back to your original position. Go on moving, can hold the hands of the wife to move faster, hold the hands of the girls. Now stand by, stop for a while. Again take the thing in your hands again the same way give it to the girl’s hand and the hands must put Hena. Put your foot on the second one now. Say the wow now. The girls have to say this.
Now the bride says: I will do all household work with my physical and spiritual powers, I will live with love and affection and will obey you. You should help me in my work, I will help you in the work of Sahaja Yoga.

Yogi: the groom places his foot on the third, wow and again the bride says I will keep my Laxmi tatwa in order and you will respect my Laxmi tatwa, this will help your Laxmi tatwa to keep in order. You should give account to all the thing you bring home, nothing will be hidden.

Shri Mataji: Just say it loudly.

Yogis: Now the groom has to keep the foot on fourth wow, the groom would say.

Shri Mataji: Now the groom has to leave the girl after this.

I will give you happiness and peace with love and affection. And you will also think about my happiness and peace. You should not go outside without my permission and I will tell you when I go outside, I will not discuss the things about the past and you will not discuss the things about the past. Now this time the broom should leave, first you have to break the mount and groom should leave

Shri Mataji: They all are roaming in their dreams, they are in the dreamland I think. doing so slowly. Please move fast you are in a dreamland already, fast ! Faster than this. Move faster, move faster, in one mantra you should come round, not very fast, it should be little speed, so now.
Now the fifth wow, should place on the mount, the groom should say, You should take care of me and my children. You should respect other Sahaja Yogis for assistance who come to our house.

Now the bride removes the mount.

Shri Mataji: Now you have to move fast, I think you don’t want to finish this moment, you are enjoying it too much. Markus there is gap move fast. Who is there, now stand, stand again, all right. Now don’t move fast, that’s all.

Yogi: Now the sixth mount.

Shri Mataji: All our children.

Yogi: Groom have to put on the sixth mount, the groom says if I do any mistake doing Sahaja Yoga you should excuse me and I will excuse me and I will excuse you. I now remove the mount.

Shri Mataji: Just go and put the thing in the fire. (Shri Mataji is discussing something which is not audible. )

Yogi: Our Sahasrara…. Shri Adishakti Mataji Nirmala Devi has put us in Holi Bandhan and this is a very great fortune, by this act of Mataji as MahayAgnya. We will offer everything to Her feet that is our health wealth mind and our heart. We will take an oath that we will be loyal to each other. We will work to increase Sahaja Yoga, we will bring our children up in Sahaja Yoga. …. Jai Mataji!

(In between a little bit of Shri Mataji’s whisper can be heard but it is not clear.)

Shri Mataji: I think that will become controversial, they will have conflicts. Alright, bring it soon. I think it should catch. See they are saying that they will help you.

Yogi: Mataji Romil Sabab wants to go. First, call Mr Romil, tell him to eat food, his car has not yet come. Yogi: we will serve him first.

Shri Mataji: there is some time for that, you call him here.

Yogi: Mother what time we will give gifts.

Shri Mataji: let them eat the food.
(All the brides and bridegrooms are present Look at Shri Mataji and offer the salutation for Her.)
Shri Mataji: May God bless you all, may God bless, may God bless you all. Is it done, shall I get up.

You all can get up slowly and come back to your seats. Can you push back your seat properly? Slowly help your wife. We are having Salve and his wife and now we have also reached