Sickness and its cure

New Delhi (India)


Sickness and its cure. Jangpura, New Delhi (India), 9 February 1983.

I wanted first of all to tell you something about the sickness of the people which perhaps I have not elaborately told you about, how to cure people and how people suffer from different sicknesses.

As we are now on the principle of the being, we must understand that sickness also comes if there is something wrong in the principle that builds up the human beings. So now basically there are two principles which affect the body, and the third principle affects the evolution.

So the first principle of the left-sided Iccha shakti or the Desire Power is if in danger we develop lots of diseases due to lethargic organs. Left side is the tamasic [guna] side, is the side where darkness is affecting people. Those people who live in too much darkness, or in the past, or in a sly way, in a hidden way, who are introverts, we can say in short, who spend their life mostly in a very closed waters, or live with people who are extremely cautious and afraid of others, all people who do not talk much or who avoid meeting people, who shun people, all such people are left sided, have got in ‘tamas’. Such people, in their spiritual awareness or spiritual ascent, try to take to Bhakti [Devotion]. They take to Bhakti more. They worship God from their heart, from their emotions. They work through emotions. There are twenty-four types of relations they establish with God. That is called as Bhakti Relationship, we can say, and they dwell upon it, and all the time weep and cry and say,” 0 God, when will I meet you.” Such people are the ones who take domination from others, suffer, sacrifice and lead a life of great suffering. But in their expression, in their achieving God, they start doing Bhakti. And they think, that through Bhakti they will come to God. But with Bhakti, God comes to them. Because of their Bhakti, God comes to them and He incarnates for the Bhaktas, the ones who cry for God, He incarnates. So there is nothing wrong with those people.

Now these people eat extremely imbalanced food as far as proteins are concerned. And in proteins, they are so weak that they might suffer from all lethargic muscles, in every way. So you can see that these people suffer from cold, they suffer from diarrhoeas, because the muscles are weak, they will eat the food and the whole food will pass out as diarrhoea. They will have lethargic hearts by which they will get a heart which will not pump the blood. Swellings in the body. Also they might get this gout and these troubles of the joints. They also get the lethargic liver which gives them allergies. All kinds of allergies come to these people through their lethargic liver. So now you have to base all these troubles of lethargic organs, of any kind, on the left side. For example a person whose eyes are open but he cannot see, is also suffering from the same type of disease.

These people are affected by the subconscious and the collective subconscious. From where the spirits attack them and they become involved into the spirits and they have a very bad sympathetic attitude towards themselves. They are themselves miserable and make everyone miserable. Because they get their ideas from these miserable sly people, and they cannot see anyone happy nor do they keep happy themselves. They will make a big fuss out of their so-called troubles and sickness and problems, and try to create as much problems as possible for others. But the problems are not aggressive looking. It is more by appealing to the sympathy, appealing to the weaknesses of others. And a person who stays with such people can also get affected if he tries to show sympathies with these people.

Cancer and muscular discrepancies and weaknesses in which the muscles become extremely weak gradually and Osteo myelitis, polio myelitis,-all these lethargic things that makes your even lungs lethargic. If your lungs are lethargic, then you get diseases like T.B., tuberculosis. Tuberculosis comes from the left side.

Now those who are strict vegetarians, who do not eat any even garlic, or don’t eat even onions and all that are very vulnerable to left sided business. On top of that if they are going to a Guru who is left sided, they are even worse. So one need not lead an abnormal life. One has to be a normal person, eating a right proportion of proteins, carbohydrates and fats. So this is one side of Sahaja Yoga in which you see that left-sided people have to be very-very careful and not to just assert themselves on that side.

Many people come and argue with me because they say that in Gita it is written they said so, I do not know,-that tamasic people eat lot of meat.-it is not true. Is not true. Tamasic people are the people,-they are not bad people by any chance, they are one type,-are the people who eat too much of carbohydrates, Because left side is hydrogen, and carbon comes from Ganesha on the left-hand side. So it is more carbohydrates, no question of eating too much of meat.

But the right sided people now, have a very-very overactive, extremely overactive personality. Such a right sided person is eating too much of proteins. All the time meats, this, that. And he becomes an overactive person, and such an overactive person receives a blessing of their ego, and a big ego develops. Such a man aggressively destroys others, the images of others, pulls them down, criticises others, jumps on them, can be very hot tempered, can be absolutely demonic. As I said before, Hitler is the example.

Now this type of people who eat too much of meat, and too much of heavy food and develop muscular capacities too much, more than a human being, should I say, they become like horses. Then they start behaving like horses, worse than horses also. And that is why a person should not take to too much of anything, you should keep to the centre.

All such people have over-active organs. Due to overactive organs, they develop a very bad heart, which is overactive. In which the heart pumps fast, palpitations take place. In lungs he develops asthma. In his intestines, he develops constipation, he develops a very-very bad liver and a very unhealthy skin. The skin is extremely sallow. And such a person is very-very quarrelsome and aggressive.

A person who leads a very ascetic life and of martyrdom ; for example, many government servants think that they are doing a very great work of martyrdom for their country. But such people also become so conscious of that, that they are hot bricks. You just can’t go near them. They are extremely hot tempered. Or any person who leads a life of asceticism of a severe type like Vishvamitra, Durvasa. All these people, they, all become so hot-tempered that you cannot talk to them. They are very snappy and their language is very sharp. And when they talk, you can feel that it is not a person who has any balance in him. But they look very brilliant and consider themselves to be very intelligent, but they are actually stupid people. Because they do all kinds of stupid things. They do such stupid things that anybody who is wise can see that they have no sense of proportion in doing anything that is against the whole.

Such people are vulnerable to many diseases, like as I said, the heart, liver, cirrhosis of the liver. Also diabetes, leukaemia kidney trouble, high blood pressure, uterus troubles. Such people can become barren women, they may not have children at all, such women cannot have children. Specially women who are very-very flirtatious type and who think they are very beautiful, and also they are having a very active life,-can become completely barren. Also men can become something good-for-nothing people, if they overdo things. If their attention is spent all the time in fulfilling their ambitions, they can become like that. So those people also who indulge too much into life and so-called enjoy life, and waste their time in drinking and being with women and all that. They all can be ruined not only by money, but also by their very bad health.

Now on the level of right heart, you know that such people may have very bad time with their children, may have bad time with their parents, and may have very bad time with their wives. At the level of right Nabhi they will have problems of digestion. They may have money. But they can never enjoy that money or can never think of living a life which is complete. At the level of the brain they become ego-oriented. The ego can go to that level, that they can develop paralysis. Paralysis is possible in both the cases. Even the left-side person can get it or the right side person can get it. But mainly people get the paralysis on the right side. It comes from left side but affects the right-side of the body.

So there are two types of paralysis. One is the paralysis caused by too much of ego another by super ego. Those who have lethargic temperament develop clots in their blood, and low blood pressure. And these clots cause the paralysis also on the left-hand side. The another one on the right-hand side is caused by the damage to the brain by the over development of Mr. Ego within you.

That is how we can summarise on the whole, that the diseases of the physical side are caused by these two imbalances.

Apart from that we have the mental troubles with people. Like a left sided per. son will have a mental problem, like he will be a sly person, he will be a frightened person, he would not be talking to others, he would be nervous, he would not have self-confidence, he will be running away from public. And also then, he becomes schizophrenic that he hibernates sort of thing in the house, becomes like a cabbage. You can say like that. That kind of a lunatic he becomes.

Another side, of the right side, is that such a person, becomes a very hot tempered and obnoxious person absolutely. Such a person can be so cruel , he can be so troublesome that he would be a really a challenge to the whole family, to the whole society, and he would be very disturbing. So this is the second problem, also is a mental case. Now such a person may not look mentally upset,-the right sided person. But when they grow old, they just talk. They will go on talking so much that nobody can talk to them. You cannot even open mouth before them. They go on (Hindi ), they go on jabbering all the time, everything they are telling you. And quite relevantly they will talk of God, of Atma,, this that. But just they are talking, because they are so egoistical that they just go on talking, do not allow anybody to speak. And such horrible characters, if there is even one, you are in for trouble. Because you get headaches from them and you get other problems, that you don’t know how to manage them, how to keep them decently in their proper places. So they are also in a way mental cases because they are not normal.

So on mental side also we have problems of people who are egoistical or who are accepting domination from others and becoming sly. Sly people are good at spoiling their relations of each other by saying something, by carrying stories, by being sly. And so both of these kinds, extreme type are very injurious to a proper social life.

Now, ego-oriented person has another very big problem, that he asserts his idea about everything else. So always such a man, because he is stupid and idiotic, the idiotic ideas survive. And because of idiotic ideas, every planning that is done by such people is a failure. That is the reason, our Planning in India has failed. Everywhere it fails. Because the idiotic people, they are stupid, they are ego oriented, just to assert their ideas, they are trying to plan something, and that is how ‘the plan goes out. Everywhere, where the administrator becomes much more than what he should be, then his behaviour itself is so idiotic and so much away from reality that everyone has to suffer, if such an administrator is asserting itself in the planning of any programme of a country or of a nation. The worst and worst are the rakshasas (, demons) who are so egoistical that they think of capturing even the Adi Shakti, the primordial Mother. It’s such a stupidity, is the greatest stupidity that they indulge into!

So, stupid man is very big problem to the whole society-though he never realises. He thinks, “I have managed the show, I am the most successful person.” But when the history is over, people talk about him as the greatest stupid person ever born on this earth. Like one Mr. Idi Amin who is supposed to be – now he is not there, but he was Prime Minister of Uganda. Now he was a real idiot. I mean, you could see the way he used to talk and all that, he was an idiot. And he said that, “The people of my country should be called from my name, because, you see, I am the one who represents this country.” So somebody suggested that, “It is alright, but how should we call them? Like from Cyprus people are called as ‘Cypriotic’. So if we call your name, it will become ‘Idiotic’!” So the people refused to accept this solution, though he was so dominating. There was another one who made shoes out of pearls, you see horrible non-sense – for his marriage. I don’t know which was the number of that marriage. But he wanted to make shoes of pearls. All sorts of idiotic things they do.

I mean these people who are such extremely ego-oriented surprisingly become very miserly. Extremely. They are so money oriented that they are extremely miserly. They spend all that money on themselves. But none on others. That they will try to save. Any good work has to be done, they will keep back their money. But on themselves they will buy the best wines, they will buy the best things. For themselves. But for others they have no money. Even where it is their due, they will try to save money. They will not pay where it is due.

Which we see among so many people, even in Sahaja Yoga. That they have to pay something which is their due, for something which is very important, but they will not pay. They want even free sometimes the books, sometimes-whatever it is, for which people are paying. For example this pandal is raised now. It needs money. Who is going to pay for it? I paid for at least 3 to 4 years myself from my own pocket and my brother helped me to do all this work. And they wanted me to go on with it all the time. Imagine! For your Self-Realisation, I have to pay. I travelled on my own, I had my own things done. They would not even pay for what is done. I mean, it is required that the people who are organising this programme should put-up the pandal. I am supposed to give you the realisation free, but not to pay for your pandal. Tomorrow, you will say “Mother, also pay for us for coming here and going back, our fare.” I am not surprised, you see. Such people are ‘extremely’ miserly. Every pie they pay, you see, they think that we must get the money back. And if anything is done extra for them, that is not counted. Only thing, because whatever you can get, you should get. But while giving they are zero. And these money-oriented people are horrifyingly surprisingly are rich. One cannot understand how are they rich. Because there is nothing like generosity in them, no priorities, nor proprieties, as to where you have to spend the money. And there is no self-respect about it. There’s no self-respect. It is very surprising.

You will be surprised, if I tell the Indians, that I have seen in the West, sometimes you go to a Hotel with other people. I have never seen anybody offering to pay except for my husband or me. They start looking this side, that side. If somebody can pay, very good. It is most surprising. Even in countries like Sweden and Switzerland. Switzerland is another (Hindi). The greatest miserly country you could ever think of is Switzerland. Europeans are ‘extremely’ miserly people. Most surprising it is, how miserly they are. And Indians in Delhi are, Sahaja Yogis, are very funny. I must say. I was surprised to hear that people just come for food free. I mean, am I supposed to pay for your food also? Pay for your food, pay for your taxis? Tomorrow, you might even say, “Pay for our house rents”. It is absurd.

All this comes from ego, which does not allow you to see the propriety of things. It is very surprising. They will spend money on themselves, buy this, buy that. But to do the proper thing, they have no money, most surprising thing is. Every time, I come, I find Mr. Verma or somebody tells me that, “Look at this Mother, this is the money they have given.” So every time I have to pay out of my pocket to fill-up the gap, all these things. Every time. May be this year also. Now I have told him this time, “I am going to give you my Kara [golden bangle]. You sell it and…” This is the situation in this Delhi, where the Sahaja Sahaja yogis are so wretched that they do not want to pay even two hundred rupees per year. Don’t learn things from European yogis. They have to learn from Maharashtrian Sahaja Yogis. They are poor people, but never have they taken a single pie from me. They say,” Mother, it is sufficient you are doing so much for us”.

Other Gurus take their money, extract all the money. Here the Guru has to spend the money all the time! Can you imagine Sahaja Yoga of this kind? Have you heard of such a Guru anywhere? That the Guru is spending the money for Sahaja Yoga. I have been spending, not this year, twelve years I have been coming to Delhi. I think till last year I have been spending my own pocket money. And I don’t know how to answer my husband. He just cannot understand. He said, “What is this Sahaja Yoga that you have to pay for the disciples?” I said, “Thank God, they don’t ask for their house rents !” It is a very shameful situation. I must say it is a very shameful situation. That, where the money is needed, they have no money. There is no budgeting at all, of a priority. You are Sahaja Yogis, you are Saints. What are your priorities?

But in Maharashtra you must come and learn, They are poor people. They have not got so many riches. You wouldn’t see many cars in Maharashtra. There are hardly one or two people who have cars in Maharashtra. But never such a problem comes up there, whether you go to villages or to the cities. Nobody makes up an account because the whole account is, you have to pay for this electricity, this, that. All has to be paid through my pockets. That is why, I am talking to Sahaja Yogis today.

So European Sahaja Yogis also I have to tell them. That they have to behave themselves a little better. This is not the way to behave towards money. It is a shameful way that I have heard that European Sahaja Yogis, some of them, are behaving in a very shameful way. It is not correct. It is not a good thing .

So this is the right sided stupidity. You know, any ‘kanjoosa’ [miser] man you meet, you just laugh at him, isnt it? They are so many stories of kanjoosas. So the kanjoosa and the lazy, which one would you prefer? I do not mind a lazy man. But a kanjoosa, God save Me ! Whatever you may do for them, you see, a kanjoosa has no sense of shame. No sense of shame left in him. He does not understand what he is doing. It is so surprising sometimes.

You cannot save money where it concerns self-realisation organising. It is most surprising that these people when they behave like that, all these countries one by one are becoming poorer and poorer. The more you are worried about money, the worse it becomes.

Of course, I don’t need any money. You know already I don’t know how many thousands I have spent out of my own pocket so far. But the problem lies that nobody understands that it is a shameful thing that a Guru has to spend for you.

Now that is why I said today I want to talk to the Sahaja Yogis of Delhi. I was ashamed absolutely to hear that Sahaja Yogis here cannot even give eighteen rupees per month! Eighteen Rupees; per month. Those who cannot afford, it is alright. Those who are retired is alright, children is alright. But you cannot even give eighteen rupees per month. It is not even eighteen, less than that. I don’t know. This is the minimum you can pay. We have to run an Ashram, we have to run these things, you want to have a place where to go. How can that be? I just cannot believe it ! With Sahaja Yoga if you do not even have this much of generosity, it is better you give up Sahaja Yoga. Better give up. You are not the one who can go on with Sahaja Yoga.

Look at your Mother how generous She is. I give you realisation, work ‘morning till evening’. Today, I didn’t have a single minute free. I was working. Whole day, I have been going doing this, doing that. Even for buying things for you, all the Sahaja yogis. How far I go. I work so hard, and you cannot even give eighteen rupees. I cannot believe it ! I heard about the Sahaja Yogis.-Now you are sitting under the pandal, who is going to pay for it? I should pay? And these carpets, I should pay ? Is this the way to behave? Next time, if anybody does not pay like that, I am not coming to Delhi, I’m telling you next time I’m not coming to Delhi. I cannot afford it now any more. Coming to Delhi means I have to shell out my own money, every time. Those who have not paid the money please pay, otherwise I will not come to Delhi. I am telling you. I don’t like this kind of thing, that you cannot even pay eighteen rupees to maintain that Ashram, to maintain all these things. This is too much.

Now will you please try to understand that you have to be of a calibre to be a Sahaja Yogi. You cannot be just a raddad, a person from the road. Who can become Adi Shakti’s son? Can you? I do not want beggars to be my children. Will you please, now all of you, decide today, that no more of this talk, I will have to do. This is the last time I am telling you. It is a shameful thing and in the History it will go down, that Mother stopped coming to Delhi because every time She went there, She had to shell out money from Her pocket. The History of Sahaja Yoga will be written in Golden letters and remember that every body’s name I am going to put-down there. And those who do not pay, please give me their names. That is it. I want to know who are these culprits,

(Hindi. ) [And those who are miserly, with them God can also be very miserly.]

So now we come to the Centre, the Central path of Sushumna. The Central path of Sushumna is for the people who are in the centre. The people who have their proper understanding and who have got their wisdom. These people are ‘extremely’ generous. You take any Guru, Satguru, take any one, take any one, take Nanaka, take Kabeera or take Tukarama. Tukarama, his children asked him, “You get us some sugarcane.” So he was walking and one gentleman, who was his master, whose field of sugarcane he was looking-after, gave him lots of sugarcanes. So he was coming home and all the children started asking, “Give me one sugarcane, one sugarcane.” He gave everything. He came home, he had no sugarcane for his children!-They suffer from over generosity. They are so generous, you can’t imagine. You should ask people who have known me in that aspect.

Generosity is the only way you can express your love to others. I have told you before also. All your material wealth, and everything has no meaning unless and until you show generosity for the people. But it should be quiet and it should be ‘absolutely’ silent. I have seen that it is nice to oblige somebody who comes to your house. Indians are very good at it, “Please have your food, this, that.” Because just to impress. Later on they will take out some work from that person, or something. But there is no genuineness about it. Anybody who comes, just help, doesn’t matter. Any great cause. What can be the greater cause than this work of God that I am doing ? And there I find you people behave like this. Now where are you going to spend your money ?

So the centre people are extremely generous to begin with. They cannot retain food if they have it at somebody’s house. Either they vomit or they will have diarrhoea. If they eat at a place where they should not have eaten, if it is not properly vibrated. If the food is not good, they will not eat the food. Even if they eat the food, they will vomit it.

They are extremely kind and generous. They do not suddenly jump on people and say, “Oh ! You have a food that has got this and that.” If it is so they try to avoid, not to eat. But sometimes they are crucified,  “Alright, does not matter.” They think, “Alright I will eat and throw it away.” They are extremely wise and tactful, ‘tactful’. They know how to deal with people. They are extremely diplomatically-gifted to please others and somehow or the other bring them to the temple of God. The whole attitude of such people is to clean themselves, to keep them clean, to keep them alright, to get more and more people to this great work of realisation. They never show off. I never see them before. They don’t stick on. They don’t show off. They are not in front. They do not want to show their faces. They are quiet. I know who they are. But they are dynamic and they work it out. Only when they have to consult something important, they will come and see me and talk. I know the way they work out. Extremely silent and beautiful, gracious people they are. And they also know how to handle others. They can sometimes get into temper which is necessary, if they have to protect the protocol of their Mother, or could be protocol of Sahaja Yoga, and of God.

Normally they are very quiet and silent people. Their presence is blissful. Whatever house they enter, it is auspicious. Whatever shop they enter, prospers. Whatever person they talk to, is benefited. They are auspicious. They are blissful. They give blessings ; automatically. They do not have to say,” I bless you.” If they are there, they bless you.

They never think of making money out of God’s work-never, Not a single pie. They are so truthful. Not because they are afraid that, “If we make money thief will come and take away all our things.” Not with the fear.

But with the full confidence that what they are doing is the greatest happiness and joy.

And their health-wise, they are more on the fatter side, I should say, because they have gas in their body, lot of gas, the Prana Shakti [Air Power]is in the centre in the Prana, enters into Sushumna. That creates the gaseous body. The gaseous body is not heavy, it’s very light. They walk very fast, they are active. But, to look at, they look plump. Normally. If they are not, they try to be plump. They want to be plump, they want to find out what is wrong with their liver, so that they could be plump. They are rather on the plump side.

Their main disease is their excretion, and their all kinds of vomiting and all that. For example, a person who eats a wrong type of food or a wrong type of liquid has to immediately go and vacate it. This is their problem.

Another problem they may develop that if they have taken too much vibrations, they may develop a swelling on their body. Under these circumstances, first of all they should find out if they are in the neighbourhood of somebody who is anti-God. Because such swellings are developed when the vibrations are fighting an anti-God activities of the person who is with you. Say your wife is negative. Then such a person might develop a swelling because his vibrations are fighting the woman. He should not mind that fighting. But he must know how to correct the woman. He must know how to put her right. Or the man you feel like that, the woman might develop an anti-devil force within her which will give her that swelling. Different types of swellings might appear, with the vibrations jetting out with a great speed. They might develop arthritis, if they do not give vibrations. Or pain in the joints.

The other problem they may have, is of very low breathing, low blood pressure because of para-sympathetic activity. And when they are fighting with the anti-God activities, they might feel tired also sometimes. But again they recoup and they feel alright. At every centre, if the vibrations start flowing too much, then all these people may develop -may develop, I am saying- a kind of a suction or emission of vibrations, depending on the quality of the person who is facing them. And when such a thing happens, they can easily correct it by giving a bandhan. And in case they find the vibrations are too much, then they can ask another Sahaja Yogi to take out the vibrations from a particular chakra and give it to the atmosphere.

They may suffer from the throat-trouble. Also may suffer from the drying up of the liquid in the body if they have to fight the anti-God elements very much. So a kind of a dryness can develop in their peritoneum or may be in their tracts which are covering them. That is why it is nice for them to eat some ghee or butter. They must rub their fingers and the hands and all these places with ghee or butter to soothe it down. Because the heat from other people can also make them dried up.

At the Agnya level, they may sometimes develop a headache with people who are very much caught up on the Agnya, on the right side. It is important at this time to give a bandhan to yourself and to the other person who is very egoistical; and don’t listen to them. Just close your ears and the person will stop talking. Also they might develop some pressures on both the sides of the head. Sometimes when the Kundalini cannot rush upward, there is an obstruction on the Agnya then you might feel the pressure on this brain plate. At that time they should try to bring the Grace on top of all the sympathetic systems, bring it down, could stand on Mother Earth. Ask Her to suck it. So the Kundalini’s pressure is reduced because when the Grace comes on the body, then all the chakras open up and also Agnya opens up. If they have problem with their Agnya, they should use a candle at the back, if their eye sight is getting weak or short sighted. If their Agnya is too much here [front] there are mantras which are to be used like, “I forgive every one”, and all that. On the subtler way, you know all the mantras that are to be said.

It a Sahaja Yogi finds his Sahasrara catching, then he should take a bath in the sea, I think, I don’t know where he should take a bath. Because Sahasrara is my place, as you know. And to catch the Sahasrara is a very serious thing for a Sahaja Yogi. He might develop an Ekadasha with that and, he will be in trouble. And then he will come and tell me that, “Mother, though I was a Sahaja Yogi, I was praying on Your photograph and all that, still I got this trouble.” The reason is, when you are a Sahaja Yogi you ‘have’ to recognise Me. That is the condition. So far you have never recognised any one, but now you ‘have’ to recognise Me. It you don’t recognise me, you will develop this Ekadasha, and I tell you that if you try to do like this, then it is not possible to allow the Kundalini to come up. So Sahaja Yogis who are very doubtful and still like this, should not be called as Sahaja Yogis. They should be kept out, as far as possible. Let them learn that they are not worthy. let them know that this realisation has been given by Me and by nobody else. Like once Venugopalan told me that “Krishna did not give me realisation. Rama never gave me realisation, Ganesha never gave me, Shiva never gave me, Parvati never gave me, Adishakti did not give me, it was Mataji Nirmala Devi who has given me realisation So She is the one I know.” Unless and until you understand this , all – Rama , Shiva and Brahmadeva , Vishnu, ,everyone’ is going to get angry with you. Because they will not understand. Because you have got your realisation, still you are denying me, that means something wrong with you. And the whole plate can be covered and you might develop Ekadasha. That is the beginning of the end.

Taking too much advantage of me is also like that. Too much sticking on to me also you might get this Ekadasha, you must keep out. Too much pressurising me you will get it. Answering me, not listening to me. When I say, “I want to do this”, you will say, “No, no, let us do this”, you catch.

I know what to do, when to do, where to do. I know that. I know when I should reach a place, when I should raise the Kundalini, where it will work out, I know everything, you have to leave it to me. And if you start challenging me, you will catch on Sahasrara, And then don’t blame me.

Only in Sahaja Yoga if you could rise and ascend and try to recognise me, I will have no problem, you will have no problem. If there is anyone-say your wife, or husband and anything, who talks against Sahaja Yoga, close your ears, close your eyes. You are not to hear any ninda [criticism] of Me at least. If you don’t understand, you don’t understand because after all, you are not Me. But know that I have given you realisation. And you should not try to challenge Me, because God Himself will be against you. This is very ungrateful of you to behave like that.

So first thing you must do, is not to trouble me much by any chance. You have to keep Me prasanna [pleased]. This is what we always say that, “Keep the Devi prasanna.” Yesterday the music was on, I was very prasanna, you should have been happy that music was on, “Mother is prasanna, that is all.” But no, you wanted it to be your way. You hurry Me up. You say, “Come along now, we have to go.” That is all! Then your ascent is not going to be alright. If you are a big administrator anything, that is in the office. Not here. Here I am the one. You have to leave things into my hands.

Don’t try to play tricks with me. Because apart from My Mother’s heart, there are many other Ganas, you see, many other Deities, many other great things which are waiting, and they may try to trouble you. So as Sahaja Yogis I have to warn you. New people wouldn’t understand this. For them it will look like egoistical and all that. They wouldn’t understand, forget it. But there are very few new people, that is why I am talking to Sahaja Yogis and telling them the truth. Because so far I have had no chance to tell them all these things. So it does not matter. As Sahaja Yogis you are saints. And you ‘must’ have that dignity of a Saint, and that generosity of a Saint, and a sense of priority and propriety. I hope Delhi Sahaja Yogis will begin from tomorrow a new life in their behaviour.

(Hindi ) [Bring it into practise. By talking about it, nothing is going to be achieved. Bring it into practise.]

And try to be good Sahaja Yogis, to begin with.

You cannot compromise on certain things. In Sahaja Yoga, you will be amazed it is ‘such’ a great science, ‘even’ one line here and there – they are finished. The other day a gentleman came and he told Me that, “I don’t believe in such and such Saint.” Say, a Muslim may say that, “I don’t believe in Guru Nanaka.” Immediately his vibrations must go down. Finished. But much worse when you say about Me or think about Me. If there is even a thought coming, see that it goes. Because Guru Nanaka is a person within you, but he did not give you realisation. He and Me are one, there is no difference at all. But what He feels when He has become Me and given you realisation? You do not want to recognise Me, then alright. He is the one who will be angry, not Me. You have always seen people who worship Shiva, in the hand they keep there Shiva. They catch in the heart, it’s the Shiva’s place. Because Shiva Himself is angry.

Sahaja Yoga is a very dynamic thing. And for that we do not need these people who are good for nothing. Kanjoosas [misers] are out. Absolutely. You should be extremely punctual and anxious – atur – to do the needful for Sahaja Yoga’s work. It’s a ‘tremendous’ work. While we have people who are so anxious: they are willing to stay here, they are willing to go anywhere, they are willing to do any work in Canada, want to go to America, work it out. And here we have people… It is surprising ! In the Yoga Bhoomi! This is Jangpura . Just imagine this is Jangpura! May be here the jang [battle], I don’t know of who, which people took place. In Hastinapur a great jang took place long time back, where evil forces were fought. But was there anybody like ‘the’ people we have here? Can you hold the Sword of Righteousness in your hand when you do not have any righteousness in your behaviour ? We cannot be like these ordinary politicians and these business people.

We are Saints! Understand you are Saints. You cannot behave like them, cheapish way. I never take anything free from you. It is very difficult to give me something. Unless and until, there is a purpose or some sort of a reason, I would ‘hate’ to take it. You know that. So I should be your ideal. You will be very much respected, if you behave like a Saint. Saint has to be Saintly within and without. One person who behaves like that, shines, and everybody knows, “Oh here a great Saint has come.” You don’t have to become a very wealthy person for that. You don’t have to be a big politician or a big minister ; nothing. An ordinary person can manifest the whole thing.

So I think one way of improving this would be that all of you should take up responsibilities. You should try to travel around. Now some people should travel around. Go, establish some centre, look after that. Then go somewhere else, establish that centre and look after. Now establish a Centre in Jangpura or some place. Try to come, bring in, distribute some handbills in the market places. Get some people, establish it. There are hardly few numbers of people who are organising, it is not the way. Every one of you is part and parcel of the whole. So now I have to tell you, today again I have to go somewhere, so you have to excuse me. I hope you don’t mind today that I wouldn’t allow, it wouldn’t be possible to make you touch my feet. It is alright. There is no need to touch my feet at all.

I will tell you a very sweet story of Shri Krishna and Radha and then I’ll go away. Once it happened that the ladies who were married to Shri Krishna got very jealous of Radhaji. And they told Shri Krishna that, “You don’t love us.” On top of that Shri Narada came to put more oil on the fire. That he said, “He really, I believe, He ‘never’ cares for you, He just likes Radhaji, He is not bothered.” So Shri Krishna, as diplomatic as He was, He started saying, “Oh God ! I have terrible pain in My stomach, now what to do ?” So they said, “Now what to do?”

He said, “It is very simple. You know any one who is my bhakta [devotee], if you can give the dust of your feet for Me to eat, then I will be alright.” So they got a fright of their life, you see. As it is if I tell you anything, you just want to give your solutions every time. Nobody listens to Me. If I say, “Go here”, “No, no, it is better to go that way.” “Come here.” “No, no, this way is better.” Everybody has a brain wave about it. Does not matter. So there they had brain waves. They said you see, “Why don’t you take some medicine?” Then somebody said, “We will call the vaidya [doctor]. He said, “No, I know for definite that I cannot be cured by anything else but one thing, that you have to get the dust of one of my bhaktas, and I will eat.” So everybody started looking at each other, you see, as some of the Sahaja Yogis do when it comes to paying I (Laughter.) They never heard it. Some of them. Never heard. Better. You see, it is very tricky nature. So they said, “Now what to do? If we do not cure Shri Krishna, He is just wailing, and what to do?” Shri Krishna said,” Have some pity on Me, give me some dust of your feet.” So He said to Narada that, “You go and ask Radha to send dust of Her feet.” So he went to Shri Radha. Shri Radhaji was in Vrindavan, and the soil of that place is yellowish in colour like keshara, like saffron. So he went and told that, “Shri Krishna is very sick, He has got a terrible pain in His stomach.” So She got a fright. She said, “Really ! How can that be? I cannot believe it. So what does He say? What treatment can He take?” He says, “Anyone of his disciples, anybody his bhakta, if they send a little of the dust of their feet, He will be alright. He has to take that as medicine.” So She said, “Alright, take the dust of My feet.” He was amazed! He said, “What are you doing ? You understand, if you give Him the dust of your feet, then all your punyas [merits] will be lost. He is playing some trick, you know. Just don’t try this thing.” She said, “Nothing doing, you better take it.” But he said, “What about your punyas and papas?” She said, “I know one thing, it is He, who looks after My papas and punyas. I have not to think about it.” So he took the dust of Her feet which was absolutely yellow like a saffron or like a pollen of the flower. And he went and gave it to Shri Krishna. Shri Krishna said, “I knew Shri Radha will send, now let me eat it.” He said, “You can eat, but you have to answer the question that Shri Radha has said that you look after Her papas and punyas. How is it? How can it be? What does that mean? That you know what is punya and papas are? And She is not bothered about it, She has not to worry about Her papas and punyas.” He said, “Alright, now let me take the medicine.” He took the medicine and He said, “I better sleep.” And Shri Narada saw the heart of Shri Krishna opened and in the Heart was the lotus of a very beautiful pink colour. On that lotus was lying Shri Radhaji. And Her feet were rubbing against the pollen of that lotus and the yellow of the Vrindavan clay was the same colour as that. And then he realised that when She is touching that lotus with Her Feet, what does it matter if She gives the dust of Her feet to Shri Krishna to take. She is in His heart. When Her feet are in His heart, what does it matter ? And that is how they realised that Shri Radhas’ love was so great that for Her She did not think of Dharma-Adharma, but just to be at the command of Her Lord, She acted, and that is how She had a place in the Heart of Shri Krishna.

May God bless you!