Mahashivaratri Puja: Shiva Tattva Within Us

New Delhi (India)

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Shivaratri Puja. Sahaja Yoga Temple, Delhi (India), 11 February 1983.

I am happy that you all have adjusted yourselves in this small space. When there is love and understanding, little space can occupy many hearts. But when there is no large heart then whatever one may get is just never sufficient.

Today, we are going to worship Shiva Tattwa within us, principle of Shiva. For all Sahaja Yogis it’s very important, because Shiva is the ultimate we have to achieve. Shiva is represented in our Spirit, so to become Shiva is the ultimate aim of everything else. The rest of it is all created, like Vishnu Tattwa and Brahmadeva, just to create human beings, to evolve them and then ultimately lead them to Shiva. That’s the ultimate. But human beings get so involved into the Brahmadeva’s Tattwas that even to get into Vishnu Tattwa is difficult.

They get involved into the five elements which have created us. That is the outermost being within us. All the chakras have the outermost, we can say the, just the vessel, but the desire to be the Spirit is of primal importance in Sahaja Yoga. So, we have to see inward towards ourselves as Sahaja Yogis, “Do we have that desire entirely, or we have still many desires hanging around?”

You see, the greatest problem is of the Nabhi chakra, whether it is in the East or the West. Some people still have hankering for the baser search of food, which is very surprising, even in Sahaja Yoga, of Nabhi chakra. Then, still some people have sense of possessions and money quite a lot. And subtler and subtler they grow, still the detachment doesn’t develop within them. It becomes subtler. As you grow subtler, the attachment becomes subtler and difficult to get out.

Specially people who come up as leaders in Sahaja Yoga, or closer to Sahaja Yoga, are always under attack. They are attacked maybe by their husbands, wives, brothers, sisters, sons, children, something like that.

And that makes it worse because all such leaders who are attacked try to displease all the deities by small things here and there. The whole behaviour has to be understood that you have become a subtler person and you are rising higher, so naturally the negative forces are going to attack you. Always the front line is under attack, not the back line.

So, those who are in the front are always under attack and they have to be very careful as to how they are behaving. For if there is a sly person, he will become sly, but subtler sly. He will not just become the other way round, his slyness will become subtler. If he is a miserly fellow, then he will become miserly in a subtler way. Or say, if he is an ego-oriented fellow, then he becomes ego-oriented in a subtler way.

But to get rid of these things within you, you have to go to the other side of it. Say if you are miserly, you become absolutely generous; give up everything that you have. Don’t be calculated, don’t talk of money, don’t worry about money. If you are extravagant, indulgent too much, you should go the other way round. Unless and until you become juxtaposition, you cannot get rid of these things.

Like if you are hot-tempered man, very hot-tempered, then become so mild that even if somebody beats you, it’s all right. Whatever one says it’s all right. That’s how you get rid of your habits which become subtler and subtler.

There’s another way of dealing with it: being alert. When you are alert, you start seeing yourself as a separate person with the habits that it has, and then you start understanding why you are behaving, “Oh, I understand, I knew you before, ten years back, before my realisation. I know Mr., you are like this.” And then take the juxtaposition against that personality and just shoot it off.

Like a person who is a negative, left-sided person, whatever you may do for that person, he will become subtler and subtler. Suddenly, if it’s a girl, she will start just crying for nothing at all and feeling miserable. If it’s a boy, if he thinks about, analyses he will become analyser of Sahaja Yoga also, in a subtler way.

Then what they should do is to stand before the photograph and see the reflection, “That’s the other one who died.” And just try to make fun of that or shout at it, depends on. If it is an aggressive stuff, it’s better to make fun, because it’s stupid. And if it is that one that takes aggression, then shout at it, “What do you mean, by taking aggression like this?”

All these things, you see, are keeping you away from reality. Your being has to be cleansed. With your help only I can do it. Many people say, “Mother, You are all-powerful.” All right, I am and I can do everything. But only thing I cannot surpass your freedom. That’s a fact, I cannot cross over your freedom. And when I cannot cross your freedom, you have to cross that.

If in your own freedom, you come inside, then I will bestow upon you all the blessings. But if you want to stand outside, I am not the one to put you in with a pistol. No, that’s not the way it will work out. This is one hurdle that Sahaja Yogis must know that at every moment you are free, and freer, and freest. The more free you become, the worse is your situation, as far as the facing of the negativity is concerned. Say, if there are four persons are around you, they will be first attacked. Naturally, you can understand the front line is always under attack, not the back side. Though according to the law, it should be the back side because all these horrible, negative forces should come from the back. But they are very clever, they know that the back sometimes drop out by themselves, so no need to go that side. They try the front line.

And those who think they are in charge and responsible have to be very careful as to how they behave, how they are responsible, how they work it out, if they are keeping their old habits at a subtler level or they are just fighting it out. It’s very important. And this is how intelligently you can manage yourselves, very well.

Then once you become detached, you know, from all these things – only at mental level. The spiritual level I’ll look after. But at mental level, you must come to logical conclusion that, “I have to fight this nonsensical stuff. I have to be alert about this nonsense that exists within me.”

Shiva Tattwa is innocent, absolutely innocent it is. It is very powerful and extremely innocent. And the secret to achieve it is only just to please, just to please Him. If you please Shiva, then you may be a rakshasa or anything, He grants all kinds of boons. But to a rakshasa He can only grant the boon of longevity, of long life. But to a saint, He’ll grant the Sat-Chit-Ananda state.

So, even if He grants anything to a rakshasa, one should not ask questions about it. He can give him longevity, what does it matter? Even if you live for thousands of years and earn nothing out of it; you never get your realisation. So to a saint, He gives that eternal longevity which comes through Spirit. This is the blessing of Shiva Tattwa.

While Vishnu Tattwa, He gives ascent to a saint and light of wisdom to see and understand everything in collective consciousness, and to a rakshasa He gives death, He kills. So for people who are not so deep, it seems that why should Shiva give any blessings of longevity to a rakshasa. These are the characters of these different deities.

Now for example, if a rakshasa wants to live long, he goes to Shiva, pleases Him by praising Him, singing songs to Him, by asking His blessings, by doing the tapas for Him, talking about Shiva’s innocence, he gets longevity. Sometimes, these rakshasas are better on the earth than in the subconscious. They can be horrid. They can gather some more bhoots to torture human beings. So it’s better to keep them in the eyes of Vishnu. He manages them better here than to send them into the subconscious.

But Shiva’s style is very different from that of Vishnu’s style. You have to have all kinds of styles because you know there are so many permutations and combinations in human beings. If you have one style, what will you do with the other style of human beings, you see? So the style of Vishnu is that if you are trying to be funny, He plays tricks and puts you right. Say, a Sahaja Yogi – He (Vishnu) is not interested if you [see], so much in other people, but in Sahaja Yogis.

If Sahaja Yogi tries to be funny; say he wants to drink wine, “All right”, He says, “Drink wine.” He drinks the wine, and then he gets sick somewhere, his car falls off, or he is insulted somewhere. Something happens to him, he is punished so badly that he says, “Oh God, what have I done?” That’s Vishnu tattwa.

But Shiva is the other way round. If you see Shiva’s style is this, that if you drink, He just disappears from your heart; you have a heart attack and you die. He also kills. One kills directly – in a positive way, He definitely kills; the another one by recession. If Shiva disappears, how can you exist? That’s one way.

Second way is that those who are born with Shiva tattwa, like our Sainath was, Shirdi Sainath, or people like that – even the Devi  sometimes can do that – they drink away all the wines of the world, all the poisons of the world, like Shiva did.

So, when Sainath found that so many people were smoking this tobacco, he smoked all the tobacco of the world, tried to smoke everything in Maharashtra so that nobody should get it. That’s the style of Shiva to take all the poison into Himself, and to absorb all the poison within Himself. He can deal with the most difficult things. So, the one dealing comes through the brain, because Virata is in our brain, acts through the brain.

So, He plays tricks on you. And that appeals to us because we can see that He’s killed someone. So, we think, “Very nice Mother, You have punished that person, it’s good.” But Shiva Tattwa gives you the problems which normally you cannot see but works out in a short time like that, like heart troubles; or a person who has a very poor Shiva Tattwa can have all the incurable diseases of the world. There nobody is killed, but it’s every minute the person is suffering. That is the way Shiva corrects.

In us, when Shiva Tattwa is awakened, our priorities change absolutely. I see now that those who have come, say, to India from the West, have changed quite a lot in their priorities, but still there is not so much change as it should be. They are, of course, thousand times better than their fellow beings who are not Realised souls. But still, attachment to things, attachment to money is quite a lot. This detachment must work out. See, things are not correct in people and the alertness is not there.

To give a very, very gross example of this, I’ll tell you that, a gentleman, say, came and he was told that, “You have to give, say, eleven rupees for puja.” He said, “On principle we are not supposed to give.” So I mean, you are only paying, even on principle, you are only paying for your food and lodging, not for puja.

The other side of it, they will not even see that, “Mother is spending so much for us extra for which we are not paying anything.” It’s not all found. Like the other day, I said that people are now asking me to pay for this, then tomorrow they will say, “Pay for our house rents.” It was so. It was such a condition, once upon a time in London, when I started the ashram, that they asked for all the utensils in the ashram, I paid for the rent, paid for everything. And ultimately, they said, “We don’t have an ironing board, please send us.”

From that, it’s not so bad now, I mean, of course. But still, if they have to pay 5 rupees for taxi, they will think that, “Oh, we have to pay for taxi, Mother is supposed to pay.” But if I pay 7000-8000 rupees for you to go to Haridwar, that’s all right, that’s good, that nobody wants to find out how Mother is paying for us. It’s surprising and this disturbs me very much that what is your attitude towards me? The pleasing should be done with full heart. Say, if you have to buy any presents for your friends, or anything, you don’t mind spending money for that; but for puja you have objections.

For your laundry you used to pay always, I mean, I have seen the laundry bill, I was amazed how much money was spent. But 21 rupees, the principle was involved. Imagine. Look at it. If you look at it, you will be shocked at yourself. But that shows despite all this, you have got your realisation. See the generosity. It’s very, very, you see, it’s very, very gross. It’s very gross. So the detachment from this gross life must go away.

But an ordinary villager understands better because he is innocent. He is innocent. Because you are not innocent, that’s why you see everything from your mind. You think with it, “How much we paid, how much this is, this is that, this, that.” But an innocent villager, even if he has four ‘annas’, he would like to do something, “Mother, that’s all I have.” We have a parable in the Bible. And this is what it is. One should see our detachment starts at a very baser level of money. You need not have any friends. What is the need to give to any friends? What are these friends for? Except for Shiva Tattwa, what other friend you need? Think of it, without God, what is your life?

So, the detachment must start. The priorities must change, and you must know that God is the One who is your Friend, who is your Father, who is your Mother, who is to be worshipped. There is nothing else. Tana, mana, dhana – everything is for God. Of course, I don’t want anything from you, you know that. But that should be the attitude of a person. So the first – this attitude comes in a person.

Of course, in Sahaja Yoga, you have a great advantage that those who have developed this attitude, have been helped so much materially that you find the proof of it, immediately. The proof is there and those who do not take to this kind of a thing, suffer. So the proof is there.

I must give you an example of a goldsmith. I had given him something to be made for the puja. A lot of gold was given, everything, and still, stupidly, he tried to make money out of that. And he got cancer and he died. I didn’t do anything, but I knew he had made money. I knew that all; I know lots of things. I didn’t say anything to him, nothing, never, never even mentioned. He got cancer and he died; he is no more because Shiva Tattwa disappeared. This was for a puja, the money of the saints, something was to be made and he should not have done it. The proof is just there. Now, those who knew him got a fright of their lives, “Oh God, now no more of this from us at least.”

But those who have been surrendered about their money part also – not that I take anything from you, nor do I want anything from you – but still, the attitude I am saying is different. They have gone up, they have made money, they are very rich, they are very well to do, they are all right, they get so much blessings, everything. This is the first Nabhi chakra’s detachment.

We should start by putting Shiva on top. Every attachment can be attacked with Shiva Tattwa, because Shiva Tattwa is brilliant like a diamond, brilliant. Every facet can be cleansed out, very simply through our Kundalini awakening and through our alertness. And one after that you can see there are other attachments we have. This is friendship, sympathies, friendships. Sympathies always go to a person who is in need or something like that. You have known sympathies have tortured so many people.

The other way also could be that you hate someone too much, you love someone too much, some sort of a thing like that. So, detachment comes that you do not hate, nor you love anyone. You leave it to God to decide. That’s a kind of a detachment that you leave it to God. “God, please” – that is His exploit. “I am not going to judge. Only thing I judge them on Kundalini, I awaken their Kundalini. If it works out, well and good, if it doesn’t work out, well and good.”

So, you have detached yourself from the responsibility of judging others. Only your judgment is on Kundalini, if it works out, all right. But you are just like a barometer that’s all, or like a machine that cures. You are not involved into it. So, this involvement into personal lives and personal relationships like mother, sister, brother, every sort of a nonsense, must be taken out.

Now say, if your mother is not all right, you must just get after her and see that she is put right. That’s very important; mother has to be all right. If she’s not all right, you tell her, “I’m not going to eat food from your hand, finished. You get your vibrations all right.” You tell her that, “You better take to Realisation, otherwise I will not have anything to do with you. I’ll just come, see you, talk to you, go away.” Show that detachment to her. Be strong. You must cure your mother. Very important, because mother is a part of Sahaja Yoga, it’s very important. But many people I have seen just do not know how to resist. You must protest, go on protesting one after another because that’s the greatest thing you are doing for your mother. What else can you give it to her? Anything you give, the whole world, has no meaning, except correcting your mother for the better life, an eternal life, life of God.

Then your wife – the wife is a very dangerous situation. If the wife is negative, she will go on putting into your head things, which will work out at a odd time, and you will be amazed how you slipped out these things and how you said these things, why should you have done it, why did you do this. But the wife is to be told that, “You have to behave yourself, you have to get all right, nothing doing, and there is no compromise. You be in another room, I will be in another room. You should get well. I am not going to have.” Because that is even much more dangerous, because you know if the woman is catching, then there are very serious diseases who develop with the Mooladhara problem. So you have to be strict with your wife.

You should make her, you should say, “I’ll not eat any food with your hands. I’ll have nothing to do, I’ll not talk to you, I’ll just come and sleep in another room and go out. You better not touch my clothes. If you don’t listen to me then I have nothing to do with you. You better… I’m your husband, and whatever dharma I follow, you have to follow, if you don’t want to listen to me, then I have nothing to do with you.”

The wife can also do the same thing with the husband. Gradually showing indifference in a way that he understands that it doesn’t bring love. That’s how women corrected men long time back.

Nowadays, of course women, if you give them something, they are get pleased. Even if there is a keep, as long as they are giving diamonds to the wife, she is quite pleased with the keep. Still in India it’s not accepted. But I have seen in the West nobody minds. If the husband has ten keeps, doesn’t matter, as long as he is giving you the money, all right, nobody minds it. That’s very funny.

So, wife’s relation, mother’s relations, husband’s relations, close relations must be corrected. And children must be. You shouldn’t allow your children to go away to the wrong things. If they are doing wrong things, they are not coming to Sahaja Yoga, you are duty bound; you should say, “I’m not going to pay you any money, nothing doing. I’ll not see your faces, if you do not take to Sahaja Yoga.” What else are you going to give to your children, but God?

You can do it. You all can do it. But one should know I need not do it. So many people say that, “Mother, Your husband is not so much a Sahaja Yogi.” That’s all right. I know where to bring him in; I know when to bring my children in; because if they were in, everybody would have said, “They have floated a family enterprise.” [Laughter] As long as they are out of it, it’s a very good idea, specially in India. So best thing is if they oppose me, I keep all of them out; my brothers…

Imagine, my own brothers, my own – I mean, they all have tremendous respect for me, no doubt. Even my brother said that, “Thank God, You are staying in my room now, so the vibrations will be very good for me. And what do You think of my vibrations?” Everything he says, but he is not a Sahaja Yogi. I have given realisation to all of them, everything is there, but they are not Sahaja Yogis – a part of this. Otherwise, they will be in charge of money, you see. “What money you get? Now, come along, this is the money we have”, all the problems. With all these relations around, you don’t know.

Somebody will go and say, “Shri Mataji said so.” “Oh, that’s the daughter of Mataji has said” – so that becomes rule. I don’t want all these pressures on my head. That’s the best way; I wish our politicians understand that: never have your relations around. That’s the best way to administer. If you have your relations around, then you will never do right things. Or even if you do right things, your relations will spoil it.

So, all those who are Sahaja Yogis must know that you should not try to help your relations in a way that they take advantage of Sahaja Yoga. Like, if you are a Sahaja Yogi, then you bring your mother and make her sit in front of me. First correct her vibrations. Put her right and then bring her. “Correct my father, correct my mother…”, is not Mother’s responsibility, it’s your own. When they are all right, then as you bring flowers to me, bring your relations as a very good present from your family.

That’s a much better thing than to be like this that, “I have to clear”. If one is a Sahaja Yogi, all his three generations up and down, this side and that side I have to cure; that is done. Like Malhotra made me do. So one should detach from these family ties and these emotional imbalances we have, emotional problems we have, by understanding that the only thing that these people should have is Sahaja Yoga. And some people should not be in Sahaja Yoga.

Like as I said my own husband, and my daughter and my relations, I keep them out. All such people if there are any, you should not also have them anywhere near Sahaja Yoga. You should be discrete to find out. Although, all these, my relations are very dharmic people, extremely dharmic, very good, very self-respecting, all qualities they have got – everything, readymade, but they are not in Sahaja Yoga. So, none of you can say, “Somebody said so, so one said so.” It has to be: “Mother has to say.”

This detachment has to come. It takes time, especially with Indians. All the time they are worried about their children, or a mother or a father. Go on and on and on and on and on, see, years together, “my son, my daughter, my son, my father” – all the time. Now by God’s grace so many have got rid of all their responsibilities somehow, through Sahaja Yoga, or whatever it is. So they are now settled down onto themselves because you are your own responsibility.

So, this detachment must be brought, those who are coming to Sahaja Yoga, that we are here to get Sahaja Yoga blessings. We are going to be blessings. With that pride if you’ll be in the family, “All right, if you want to have Sahaja Yoga, you have it”, but not to force them on Sahaja Yoga. But you can force Sahaja Yoga on them; the stage has come that you have to talk about Sahaja Yoga to them. In the beginning I used to say, “Don’t talk to them.”

But those who are useless, if they are not to be brought in Sahaja Yoga, tell them, “You are not good for Sahaja Yoga, better not ask me.” Then they will come. Some people, you should show complete indifference, “You are incapable, you are no good, you are too materialistic.” Then that person will say, “I will prove that I am.” (Laughter) All these detachments take place and then the detachments are at Nabhi chakras, you rise up to your emotional side at the Heart chakra. And then you have to have the detachment even of a kind of a collectivity, that we think it’s collectivity. I call the fraternity of the bhoots, not collectivity.

Always all the useless Sahaja Yogis will form a group; and they’ll have a very strong objection to everything that is sensible, and they will have suggestions for everything. There has to be no suggestions at all. There are no alternatives because Shiva is absolute. Once one said is said. You just do it and see – that’s the best. Alternatives will be second best or third best or maybe useless. But there is no alternative for Shiva Tattwa.

I’ll give an example, I told Delhi people that, “You organise, say, programme for seven days outside, with other people.” It was sensible because I knew it was to rain. And it has to rain also. Rain can be stopped, but it was to rain for all the other villagers, you see. We cannot stop them for only Sahaja Yogis, can we?

Of course, Sahaja Yogis are important, so I said, “Let them be with other Sahaja Yogis.” Now they started an alternative, only thinking that you see, they won’t be comfortable and… I mean it was good, but on a other level, that they will not be comfortable with Sahaja Yogis, another level.

But there has to be understanding if Mother has said it, it must be done, whatever it is. Even if She says, “You kill somebody”, you have to kill. Keep it like that, to that extent. Keep to the maximum. Even if She says, “You have to die now”, you should die. If She says, “All right, you tell lies”, “All right, I’ll tell lies.”

Like Radhaji, She said, “What is my punyas, what is my papas? I am in His heart. What can I do?” Whatever He does, She just does. That is Shiva Tattwa. When it is awakened, you see, it at least recognises this Shiva in me. And it sees that this is Shiva Tattwa. It understands because at Shiva Tattwa you don’t commit any sins, you are sinless. When you are the Spirit, you are sinless; there is no sin in you.

If, supposing according to human understanding, if Shiva leaves a person dies, then it’s sinful. Why to leave anybody? It’s sinful, isn’t it? For all common purposes, common understanding, we’ll think that it is sinful for Shiva to leave the person and make the person die.

For example, a lady dies, her children are left behind, then one can blame Shiva for that, that, “See now, You went away, and these children are now without a mother or without a father”, something like that. Because Shiva is sinless; whatever He does is sinless. So whatever you do is sinless. The idea of sin is finished because who commits sin is your ego. Ego commits sin. But if you have no ego, there’s no sin, because you are not doing anything, you stand in akarma.

Say, the sun is shining, is shining sharp, and somebody wants to stand in the sun, then he gets burns. It’s not the fault of the sun, the sun is shining, that’s the job of sun. Whatever is the job of the Shiva, He is doing it. He is not sinful. It’s our mental attitude makes us think, “This is sin”, “this is not sin”. But when we have ego, we are committing sins. If you ask a tiger, “You are committing a sin because you are eating a cow.” He will say, “I never knew what a sin was. I don’t know what sin is.”

It’s a story when some missionaries were going away from a village, you see. So, the villagers, poor, innocent you know, they just got up to thank them. They said, “Thank God, when you came here, you told us there is sin. We didn’t know what sin was.” (Laughter) For innocent people, they don’t know what is sin. Because Spirit is innocent, it has no sin. It obeys the other source of innocence. So, there is no sin for a person who is the Spirit. For Shiva there is no sin, whether He wants to give His blessings to a rakshasa or to a saint. There is no sin for Him because He is Bholenath. He is beyond, He is beyond sin. Whatever He does, He is beyond sin, because ego cannot envelope Him. There is no ego. Because we have ego, we commit sins.

Once ego is finished, we are no more there, so who commits sins? When we are not there, who is committing the sin? Shiva can’t commit sins, so we are the Shiva, so we cannot commit sins. So, all these ideas of giving alternatives at the mental level, is also wrong. I give any – anything I say, immediately there will be ten suggestions. I try all these tricks with you, because you are used to conferences, you see. [Laughter] So I said, “All right, Subramanian, what do you have to say about it?” Because after all, lord Subramanian is there, must ask him. Then I ask Venugopalan, then I’ll ask Gavin, Warren, all these people, “Now, what do you have to say?” And then they give their suggestions.

But if you see, in the conference of all the divine Deities, there is no suggestion, no suggestion, no alternative. No alternatives to your Mother’s ideas, nothing. Absolute, it’s absolute. Nobody gives any suggestions to me, never. No question. They won’t listen to you, they won’t listen to anyone. There’s no question. Such harmony; complete obedience. And not only, they are fixed with their qualities. They are told that, “You have to do it”, they’ll do it!

This is a difference. Then try it. Sometimes it appears, you see, if I say, “All right, go this way and you will find the place”. But you won’t find. So, you will say, “See, Mother, You said to go this way, that’s why we went this way and we didn’t find the church.” Now there it is not that I’m saying that you will find the church, it is I am trying to see what you think. I am telling you my own tricks, all right, so be careful. [Laughter] I’ll tell you although, “Go this way. Now, you didn’t find the church, I’m sorry. I should not have told you. Or you should have gone that (way).” But that’s not true. I must tell you, that’s not true. What I am trying to see, what you are saying about this. Now if you are clever, you would say, “I went there, I didn’t see the place, but I saw something else, Mother. That’s the reason You sent me there. Now I know why You sent me there.” That’s it! Then I know that he is Sahaja Yogi.

But if you say, “Oh, I went there because I thought I will find this thing, but it was not there, and You sent me, You sent me”,[laughter] finished. If you say that, “You said so and it happened.” Oh, I did say, no doubt, but what I said was just to play a trick on you, because one of the natures of your Mother is Mahamaya. So, be careful. How you react is very important for me to see how far you have gone. This is one of the ways you are judged.

But for a villager, it’s a different thing if you see. If I tell him, “Now if you want me to go to that village, see, take the cart, or take the bullock cart this way”, he’ll take it. But there will be a ditch, so I’ll get hit. So he will say, “Mother, I’m sorry, you got hit. But I could have avoided it.” You see, so he takes the responsibility upon himself. He takes everything upon himself. “Because you asked me, so I had to go that way, but I could have avoided it if I was careful.”

So, this is the difference you know, not to put responsibility. It’s a common human nature is to put responsibility on somebody else. Best is to put on Mother. But in that you lose all your punyas. So, “The responsibility is mine. I must have done some mistake. I must have done some mistake somewhere or else maybe that Mother wants me to learn something in this.” Every time you do something, I tell you something, it’s just for you to learn something. I don’t have to learn anything. Do you think that way, that I have to learn something now anymore? Not anymore. So you have to learn something. And that is what if you understand, then a kind of a detachment will build in you and a surrender.

You will be amazed that you will be so much relieved of nonsensical headaches that you have and the burdens you carry. If you understand that, “The whole joke, the whole work, the whole drama is done by Mother and I am just playing into it.” It’s so simple.

That is to be felt, to be understood. And the enjoyment lies in that, not in judging or finding alternatives. You try it.

Those who have tried it have enjoyed it very much and so many things. Every minute, I’ll give you an example of that. I’ll give you an example of Gregoire last time I went to his house. He tortured my life for his wife. “When will she have her delivery? How will she have, who is going to stay with her?” Morning till evening, he had one talk. “All right”, I said, “something will be done. You can have this lady to stay…” “But then how will I go to India?” I mean, “I” was so important. Then he didn’t realise that time, you see. He thought it was so important to do that way. Ultimately quite before going, I told him, “Gregoire, you troubled me too much this time, but it’s all right.” So he said, “I’m sorry.”

Then he telephoned me one day saying, “Mother, my wife is in for abortion. She has gone to the hospital, there is no chance.” I said, “Forget it. You go back to the hospital, she will be all right.” So he went to the hospital, they said, “A miracle. She’s perfectly all right, there’s no problem. She’s all right.”

So, it came into his head, as he told me, “Oh, Mother is looking after it, why should I worry? Why should I have worried her?” This is first thing. Then, the child was born earlier than time  and he came to India.

So, also I convince you that what I say, what I do, you know that, that I look after you. But when you take up responsibility upon yourself and start thinking about it, then I cannot help. So just know that, leave it to God. It’s all for your good, for your ‘hita’. Everything is for your ‘hita’, whatever it is. Sometimes I have to shout at you, sometimes I have to correct you, sometimes I have to tell you that, “Don’t come here.”

Some people who touch me, you see, can give me horrible sensations. Then I say, “You just don’t come here. You don’t stand before me, you get out from here.” That helps them. But if they stand there, the bhoots will never leave because the bhoots want to trouble me.

So, this point if you understand, you will get completely detached and we’ll know that for our good, for our betterment we must keep Mother pleased and these things if we do, by displeasing Her, we are going to be finished. Now to understand this, what you need – not age, not position, not your qualifications, nothing – you need a wise mind, deep personality.

I’ve seen very young people are so sensible though their parents are stupid, absolutely stupid people. So you just need a wise, deep personality to do it and that you should try to develop.

That comes only sticking onto Shiva tattwa, which is a solid thing, which is Shiva, Achala which doesn’t move, absolute. It is not relative, it’s not relative at all, it’s not related to anything, absolute. That gives you the depth, that depth which is required to settle down, to go deep into you.

Shiva is your guru. Guru is the one that gives you the gravity to go straight down deep into it.

[Aside: Marathi]

That is very important. And all this I hope with the puja today we’ll try to settle you into that great principle of Shiva.

Let your attention, every particle of your attention be filled, sparkled and rejoice by that blessing of Shiva Tattwa.

I bless you all. May God bless you.

So, to begin with, we are going to worship the Devi first of all, and then the Shiva.

[Aside: Hindi for some minutes]

So first we will have Ganesha’s Avahanam, means we have to establish Shri Ganesha, that is important. And then, after that we have to say the names of Vishnu, whatever – because His names are to be said which are the ascending names.

And after that we will be having the location and everything described where we are doing it, why we are doing it, the puja. Then we’ll worship Devi. We take 108 names of the Devi.

I think you all should remember these 108 names by heart.

Have you got printed Devi’s names? Gavin, have you got copies? You have got them? Have you got these with you? Do you have booklets?

Sahaja Yogi: No, Mother.

Shri Mataji: (Hindi) Only one.