Public Program Day 1

Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia)

Media Missing. Public Program Day 1. Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia), 23 February 1983.

I bow to all the seekers of truth. This is the time when so many seekers are born on this earth. This time has been predicted in all the ancient scriptures, perhaps we are not aware of it that this is the most important time in the history of creation.

We are seekers of truth, that’s why we are dissatisfied in life, because we do not know the real meaning of our life. We do not know why we have come from amoeba stage and have become human beings. The scientists must ask this question to themselves: Why have you become a human being? What is the purpose of the nature, because they don’t like the word God, to make this beautiful thing called human beings. But such questions which cannot be answered, they cannot ask either.

The truth is that within us lies the Spirit, the Self. Dr. Warren has mentioned about many great people but not about Buddha and I would like to tell you about Buddha also, because there’re lots of Buddhists in this area. Buddha Himself did not talk of God. The reason was that when He found the people who talked of God were just talking about Him. That was the second stage where one has to reach. Instead of that they were just talking about God, God Almighty, His creation, His kindness, His compassion, all these things. But it was nothing to an ordinary person. Everybody took up a note from others who were talking, they were also talking the same thing, and they were only talking, talking, talking about God Almighty. So He decided first of all let them have self-realization. That is the first step. Because without self-realization you cannot understand God Almighty at all. By talking, it’s only your mental projection that takes you somewhere which is limited, while God Almighty is unlimited. So He did not talk of God, it’s called as anishwara, means He did not believe in Ishwara, people say He did. But He did not want to talk of God, same thing we do in Sahaja Yoga.

First you get your self-realization. Why? Because the knowledge about your Self is the knowledge of the roots, while what knowledge you get in these modern times, the Western knowledge that is coming to us is of the tree. The people who have progressed in science have done some good, no doubt, but in totality it is coming to a destruction. The reason is whatever they have progressed, they’re not bothered to find out the Spirit behind it. The roots if they’re not looked after, the tree will grow, no doubt, up to a point and then it will die. Automatically it has to die because the roots are not looked after. In the same way the roots which are within us, if we do not see to that, we’ll go bizarre, we’ll go mad, we’ll not know what to do, and all kinds of destructive forces can be set in. That’s why today we find all kinds of funny diseases coming up, one of them is cancer.

Now, I have told this long time back when I came to Kuala Lumpur before that cancer cannot be cured by anything but Sahaja Yoga, and it is a fact. I will tell you later on tomorrow how cancer is cured through Sahaja Yoga, or any such diseases which are supposed to be incurable are cured only by Sahaja Yoga.

Now the problem is we are so much enamored by the knowledge of the tree that we are not bothered to find out about the roots. Now to find out about the roots also is not an easy thing because you have to become a subtler being. You are a human being, all right, but still you have to be a subtler being, the being that is your Spirit which is a reflection of God Almighty within you. Unless and until you become the Spirit which called as pir, in the Koran it is called as the pir. You have to become the pir, even Mohamad Sahib has always talked more about resurrection than about the doomsday. He said the resurrection day will come; what is that resurrection?

The resurrection is the day when we become something more than what we are. In our human awareness we have achieved some things. For example, we’re very particular about cleanliness, specially I’ve seen Singaporeans and, say, Kuala Lumpureans are very, very particular about cleanliness but an animal is not. You want to take an animal through a dirty lane, he cannot pass through, he can pass through but a human being cannot. Like this we have had many types of awareness within us which are higher than animal awareness. It has happened to us through evolution that we have become human beings.

But, now why, why are we human beings? Why this special instrument has been created. For example, I create an instrument like this, you’ll ask Me, for what? What is the purpose of this? But unless and until I put it to the mains you will not know the purpose of this instrument. In the same way, this instrument of a human being is created by God Almighty with very great care, with very great understanding and the whole thing is within us. Now it has to be just put to the mains, that’s the point.

If you tell a villager who’s never seen a computer or electricity that this is a television and if you put to the mains you can see all kinds of music out of it and all kinds of pictures, he wouldn’t believe, he said, “This, how can it be?” But if you can somehow put that into the mains the instrument works. That’s how Dr. Warren when he told you that when he got realization he would not believe that he could give realization to another person because he did not know that his instrument has started working. When this instrument starts working it has to produce results. The knowledge of the root has to be known once you become subtler, means you get your realization. So first thing is that you must get your self-realization.

Now it is absurd to believe that you can pay for it. How much did you pay to become a human being? As simple as that. What effort did you put in to become a human being? Did you stand on your head? Did you do any jumping or anything? You just became a human being, in a spontaneous way, in a living way. Who has done this work? Who has made you a human being?

There must be God’s divine power, all-pervading power that must have done to you. We see the working of this all-pervading divine power which is called as Ruh. Everywhere, everyday but we do not want to believe into it, we’re not aware of it. We human beings cannot even transform one flower into a fruit, one flower into a fruit. And there must be some power that’s doing it. Moreover if you plant a mango seed you get a mango tree. Who does this work? Who does this complete sorting out on such a great permutation and combination basis? Who is the computer? Who is the one who works it out? It’s easy to deny God, to deny all these people and say, “No, there’s no God.” It’s very easy to say that because human beings can do what they like, they have the freedom and God cannot take away their freedom; if they want to go to hell they can go very quickly. But if they want to go to that awareness which is being promised to them of self-realization also all arrangements are made within you. It all lies within you, it’s all your own, it’s all your property, only I’m here to give you the keys.

So you cannot pay for it and you cannot do any exercise for it, you cannot sort of make a physical effort about it. Many people think that unless and until you cleanse yourself how can you reach God? Of course those who are clean people achieve it much faster, no doubt. Those who are frivolous, cheap-type people, they cannot get it; it’s one thing true. If there are people who have no balance, if they’re not balanced people, who are not dharmic as they call it, or the people who are very much extremist, anybody who is an extreme personality is difficult. But those who are leading a balanced life get this realization very soon and that’s why balance is important.

But Sahaja Yoga today, we call it a Mahayoga because it doesn’t even bother about your balancing, your past, your sins or anything. It just works. It works so fast that I’m Myself amazed at its own working. Because I think the time has come, this is the blossom time and you all are ready for it, that you are deserving cases who are born on this earth and it is what, it is your own that you’re achieving it.

It’s an impossible situation before this, if you think of any incarnations who came on this earth, what difficult times they had. You read about Buddha, you read about Mohamad Sahib, you read about Rama, you read about Krishna, anyone of them, how people tortured them morning till evening when they lived. And they had to face such a tremendous opposition all the time that they couldn’t even talk fully about what they had to say. You know Christ was crucified for what He said. It’s very nice for people to crucify such things which are the most divine personalities on this earth. But then they have to suffer was the point; one has to suffer for that and whatever they have done we have to forget about it because now the time is of complete forgiveness, of complete compassion, of complete love.

God has decided perhaps that the time has come that all of you must get your own meaning. And your meaning is your Self. We always say, “I think.” Now what does that, what is that, that thinks? What is that which feels? It’s not your Self, it’s not. Because you say, “My book,” it is away. “My thinking,” is not you. “My house,” is not you. “My mind,” is not you. “My ego,” is not you. So what is that which gives you this “My”? That “I” is your Self. But by doing these acrobatic things in the head, you’re not going to reach there. There has to be some arrangement within yourself. You are all paying attention to Me. If I say, “Pay attention to your Self,” you cannot, you just cannot do it. Something has to happen within yourself to attract your attention and that’s why this Kundalini which is placed in the sacrum bone has to rise.

You can see with your naked eyes in some people the pulsation of this bone, just like a heart and with a stethoscope, if you use a stethoscope you can feel the sound of the heart, “Lup, dup, lup, dup,” going upward coming to the head here and breaking it through and you can feel then the cool breeze coming out of your head. This is something you can’t do. Some people think if theyre jumping, if they’re singing, if they have got some money because they pray to God, they have got God. That’s not the way.

What have you got in your own awareness is the point. As human being you understand what is dirty, what is not dirty but as a higher personality what happens to you? You become, again I say you become, it’s not mental, it’s not brain-washing, nothing, you become collectively conscious. That means that your hands start speaking. The language of hand is a universal language, if you know, otherwise also for people who can’t speak they use their hands to express themselves. But here the language of hand becomes an awareness in the sense now if somebody comes to Me and if I have ten children who’re realized souls and I ask them, “Tell Me, what’s wrong with this person.” They will all raise one finger, like this, say, or like this, or like this. Now all these are to be decoded and to be understood, what does this mean? Even if you tie their eyes they’ll say the same thing because truth is the same. It cannot be two and when they say it, if you ask the person, “Are you suffering from heart trouble?” He said, “Yes, I’m suffering from heart trouble.” How do you know? It’s a little child also knows that he’s suffering from heart, because he’s rubbing this little finger of his. And that is how it does not require any language, it’s a language of sensations, what we call as the bodha. It’s the one from where the word Buddha has come, from where you know the sensation that you feel on your hands.

This is something so universal. Now today we can say Dr. Warren is an Australian. Now I have worked in about twelve countries and we had about hundred and thirty people representing every country, who came to India to work out Sahaja Yoga. And they all speak the same language, they speak the same language, not only that but this rebirth, what does it do? It makes you a person of a new awareness. Now this new awareness, you can imagine if all of us are born again, in Sanskrit language a born-again person is called as a Dwijaha, means born again. And even a bird is called a Dwijaha because a bird is first born as an egg and then as a bird. Now see the difference between an egg and a bird.

There’s absolute transformation and this is exactly what happens to a person who gets realization that he’s completely transformed; he becomes a very different person and the whole priority changes and all the ideas that we have of conditioning, that we have had and also the aggressiveness that we have developed, everything disappears and we become one with our Spirit which is the giver of joy, which gives us joy. Not only the joy but it gives us the truth.

And what is the truth? The truth is that you are an instrument made by God Almighty and that once it is put to the mains you start working it out. The energy that flows you can feel it, the energy that comes in, you know how to maneuver it. With this energy you can raise other people. From one light that is enlightened you can enlighten another light. Like this, this movement of realization starts. If, maybe, some of you become lethargic after getting realization but after some time again the same feeling comes back into you, you feel compelled that God has given you this, such a great thing and why shouldn’t you give it to others. Christ has said, “An enlightened light is not put under the table.” So when this happens, it is such a pleasure to give realization to others and cure them of their ailments, cure them of their conditionings and give them that eternal peace which is promised to them.

The whole world has to achieve it, as many as will achieve will receive the blessings of God and they can enter into the Kingdom of God. But those who refuse, what can we do? We cannot fall at their feet that, “Come along, receive your realization.” It has to come from within. You cannot force a horse to drink the water, at the most you can push it in the mouth but he has to drink it. In the same way it has to happen within you, through your own asking, nobody can force you because this freedom is given to you and nobody’s going to take this back. After getting realization you have to understand how to use these powers. They are within you and you can work it out in such a manner that you can really help people in the real genuine way.

We had one gentleman realized, he was a farmer from Maharashtra state. He came to see Me in My house and he got realization. And he got such a tremendous feeling, a compulsion that this is the living work and we have to do this work, that so far he has transformed more than ten thousand people. Even I would say, Dr. Warren who was quite, in the beginning, shaky about it, has now given realizations to so many people, have cured so many various diseases that I won’t be able to tell you in three lectures. And he himself has started seven centers in seven cities of Australia.

Everywhere there is a seeking, no doubt and that’s why in the market there are people who are very false who have come up. They have to be there because after all, everything that is real has to be followed by something that is false. But we must use our brains and we must use our reasoning to find out how can this be a true thing. For example, somebody says, “You give me money, I’ll tell you how to fly.” Now that’s not the way. You don’t want to fly in the air anymore, I mean, already there are so many aeroplanes that people are finding it difficult to have the proper traffic, and why do you want to fly in the air? Just think of it that people are paying thousands and thousands of pounds just to learn how to fly in the air. It’s an absurd thing that people are asking for or somebody says that, “I will give you a power by which you will become something extraordinary.” Now what power he gives is nothing that the person becomes lunatic or he becomes out of normal personality, some sort of a funny person and also he might become an epileptic patient.

Now what should happen to you is that you should become absolutely a normal person, a deep normal person, that your life is normalised. You don’t have to have all these announcements outside saying that, “I’m such-and-such, I’m the one who is a yogi.” Anybody from your face can make out because your face beams with that light, there is light on your face, nobody has to certify for you. We can see that a person who is a realized soul is a very gentle and a very kind and affectionate, compassionate person. Of course, it’s true that everybody who gets realization doesn’t come up to that level, does not, because if they have some diseases they have to work it out. If they have some conditionings, they have to work it out. But you have to get after yourself to know that this is the truth and, “If I miss it in this time when am I going to get it? For anything at all, I’m not going to miss the truth and I’m going to be truth.”

If there is a determination, it does work out. It works out better with the people who are simple villagers, who are simple villagers. The simple villagers are very straight-forward, they’re not so complicated, they don’t have so many conditionings, they don’t have firstly, such a lot of big fat ego which is very difficult to combat. If you say something to anyone in a city that you have to do such-and-such thing immediately he comes on you like a snake and he says, “Why?” It’s for your good you’ve to do it.

Supposing if somebody is suffering from a cancer, and a gentleman who was a big fanatic and he was suffering from cancer and I told him, “You cannot be a fanatic, you have to understand that all these are great incarnations came on this earth to save us, so you don’t become a great fanatic, that’s not a good thing, you believe in one person, all right, but you should not be a fanatic and hate others, it’s a wrong thing.” But he said, “I can’t do it because I’ve been conditioned like that.” His cancer grew worse and worse and worse and his wife told that, “Listen to Mother.” He had to do that because if you want that you should have physical, mental, emotional equanimity and that you should have the blessings of God you have to understand there’re certain laws and regulations of God also. If you do not follow those laws and regulations in your lifetime, doesn’t matter but after realization you have to follow them. But there is no compulsion of any kind, no compulsion, automatically you do it.

For example, in London, first six people who met Me were all drug addicts of the worse type, and when they came to see Me they were all like patients in coma. They couldn’t even look at Me and they were staring to see who’s the person in front of them. This was their condition and I worked with them for four years, you won’t believe that they became absolutely first-class Sahaja Yogis. They got realization, all right, but the day they got realization, they gave up everything, just gave up. Because when you become the Spirit, you become the master. Then nothing can master you, nothing can enslave you because you become the master.

To give you an analogy I’ll tell you because you understand the car. As in the car we have got the brake and an accelerator. Tomorrow I’ll tell you how we have these two powers within us. So when you are learning how to drive, you first try the accelerator, then the brake, then the accelerator, like that and you start adjusting your speed and your driving accordingly. Then you become a driver, you become an expert and you don’t think. You become thoughtlessly aware. That’s what happens in Sahaja Yoga. When the Kundalini crosses this center you become thoughtlessly aware, there’s no thought. And you become an expert as far as the driving is concerned but your master is sitting behind which is the Spirit which is watching you. After some time you become the master, you become the master. When you become the master, you become so powerful, you laugh that you understand your own value, you understand what you are. You are the temple of God, you are the mosque of God, you are the gurdwara of God and you start feeling, “Oh God, what have I done to myself.”

Today while coming by plane I read a very nice article by a lady who was a Russian lady and she was describing her experiences when she went back to Russia. And she said that, “I feel that everybody is thinking that what about God? What about the Spirit?” And I have been to Russia, many people ask Me, “What about the Spirit?” Because this matter cannot give us joy, cannot, it’s a principle of economics is that, in general, wants are not satiable. In particular, supposing you want to have a house, all right, you go for a house, you just do everything to get a house. Once you get the house then you want to have a car. But house is finished now. So then you get a car, when you get a car, and you know what you want, again you go on running this rat race for getting this, getting that, getting that. But if it was satisfying then you would not run from one to another, so that is proved by economics itself that generally the wants cannot be satisfied with matter; matter cannot satisfy. On the contrary matter enslaves you. For example, those people who are used to the chairs, they can’t sit on the ground; the chair is sitting on their heads. Wherever they go they have to carry a chair with them. Like that the matter is always trying to overpower the Spirit. But I don’t say that in Sahaja Yoga you do not develop materially, you do not develop materially is not the point at all. On the contrary you become dynamic, absolutely dynamic.

It’s said in the Gita, Krishna has said, “Yoga kshema wahamyaham,” that is, when you get your yoga, when you get connected, once you become one with the all-pervading power, then God looks after your kshema, means your well-being. It’s a fact, you won’t believe that even materially you improve, so much so that you just forget about your material and financial problems but you don’t become such a rich man that it’s a headache, because possession is a headache. Supposing I possess this, thank God I don’t possess this instrument, otherwise I would have been worried, “I hope I’m not shouting too much loudly, I hope I’m not breaking this instrument, how will I carry it, have I got the insurance of it,” and all that. But if I don’t possess it, I’m enjoying it and using it, so the possession, the idea of possession is itself very much killing, so you get over that and you see the matter as an enjoyment, a source of enjoyment. And that the greatest of all, the enjoyment of matter is what you give to others.

Then you become a different personality altogether. Say, for example, some communists came to see Me and then said that, “You see, how do you talk of God.” I said, “All right, I will not talk of God if you don’t want Me to talk of God,” but I’m the greatest communist and I’m the greatest capitalist. He said, “How?” Because I have the capital with Me and I can’t live without distributing it. I’m going from places to places everywhere just to distribute this. So you combine both these things at the stage when you become the Spirit.

All these becomes, if you understand why, all these creations of UN and all that, is coming from our unconscious that we want to have people living together in complete peace and happiness and all the countries have to live with understanding with each other, keeping up their individuality and all that. But we can’t do it. Why? Because the thing that is unifying is the Spirit and we have never bothered to find out the spirit of everything. Without the Spirit whatever we do has no meaning, has no pulsation, has no life. And whatever is done is all dead. We think, think, think like mad and being for something, what’s the use? After some time it becomes useless and of no value to anyone whatsoever.

Now tomorrow I’m thinking of telling you all about these chakras and these centers and how they’re placed within you, these are all subtle centers and also I’ll tell you about the medical terminology, how it is connected with the medicine. I Myself studied medicine just because I have to talk to doctors also and now we have many doctors who are Sahaja Yogis, who are practising Sahaja Yoga and who’re trying to translate it in medical terminology. As you will see that if you grow the tree outside, as it grows, it becomes specialised, you see, we have specialization and we start analyzing everything. For example, you may have a doctor for one eye and another doctor for another eye, it’s so much of specialization goes on, and things start becoming complicated and complicated and complicated. But when it comes to the roots then it is simplest, it’s the simplest. So when it comes to the Spirit the whole principle is very simple and you can manage it very easily. How? You can cure diseases and all that, when I’ll tell you tomorrow, you won’t believe it but it’s better to do it and see for yourself if it can be done or not.

Now the simplicity of the principle within us is existing there and is working out all our autonomous nervous system functions. But it is for us to be aware so far the Spirit is not in our attention. The Spirit is watching us all the time. If we try to deceive ourselves it knows it is this way. If we try to deceive our own inner understanding it is all right, it is watching you all the time but once you get realized then the Spirit comes into your awareness and when it comes into your awareness, the light, the light gives you the truth by which you know the truth about every person.

For example, I went to a place called Miakitakli, in a village, you see, and I said, “There must have been a great soul living in this place.” They said, “Mother, how do you know?” I said, “There’re such vibrations. It cannot be that it could be without some great soul living here.” So they tried to find out, they said, “Yes, there was a Muslim called as Mia, who was a pir and who died and buried here in this place.” So I said, “All right,” I asked for the Sahaja Yogis to go and see his grave and they felt the vibrations. When they came back I was just giving a speech and at that time suddenly a ray of light started falling from the sky and it just fell on Me, six times it came and seven times, then I just stopped it, and it stopped. And people have photographed it. It’s surprising how these people are working it out. There’re many like this who are great souls born on this earth, who came on this earth to help us and we have though denied them, rejected them, have died, but still their spirits are working for our emancipation and they’re all helping us.

There are many children these days I find who are born realized, who are born realized, great souls are taking birth, very great souls are taking birth, and if you are not aware of their capacities of their value system, you are going to harm them. You have to become a self-realized person to get the new value system where Spirit is the most important thing, because it is the absolute, it is not relative, while we live in the relative world and when you live in the relative world, you’re confused, you’re unhappy. That’s how you get all these problems like tension, this, that. But when you know the absolute then there is no problem because absolute says the absolute truth and there’s no confusion. All your problems are solved, only by knowing your Spirit that resides within you which is your own, which is there all the time and this Kundalini, the power which resides in the triangular bone and is just waiting to rise and enlighten you.

Now it is described in the Bible also that, “I will appear before you like tongues of flames.” And these chakras that you see here really look like tongues of flames, very beautiful in different colors but at this point, the Sahasrara at the limbic area you see all colors but very mild and pastel colors and beautifully shining, crystal, you can say that when I see your jade it reminds Me of those different colors that you see in your brain. Inside your brain where the limbic area is you see the Sahasrara like this spread out and it starts showing you that color.

But many people also believe that if you see colors then you are becoming God, it’s not true. If you see something you’re not that, you have to be that. For example, when I came, I saw the hall from outside but when I come inside I don’t see the outside. In the same way when you become you don’t see anything, you don’t hear anything, you just become. And when you become it acts, your realization is. Like a socialist came the other day and was arguing with Me. He says that, “Why did you cure the president of India, why didn’t you cure a poor man?” I said, “To Me, both are just the same, I have to cure the poor as well that I have to cure president, I’ve cured all sorts of people, somebody must have told you that I’ve cured presidents, all right I’ve cured him, so what?” So I said, “To My eye it’s nothing, it’s not that way,” but I said, “What about you, do you have real compassion?” He said, “Yes I have real compassion.” I said, “The compassion must work.” My compassion just works, it doesn’t speak, it doesn’t say that, “I’m compassionate, I’m this, I’m a socialist, I’m a communist, I’m a capitalist,” nothing of the kind. It just works, it works automatically, which is just flowing, just flowing. It doesn’t have to say anything, it just works out.

By God’s grace today I’m again here, I’m very happy that after such a long time I’ve been able to come back to Kuala Lumpur and I hope you will take to Sahaja Yoga in a serious way. It will improve the lifestyle, the quality of your life, quality of human beings. This has to happen to all of us. I hope you will all agree with Me and try to get your realization today. And tomorrow we’ll try to establish it properly. It has to be established, like a seed it’s first transplanted and it’s a small little primule is coming out of it. You have to look after that, very gently, carefully and respectfully. And once it grows, starts growing it becomes a big tree. That should happen to all of you, I pray that you people take your realization today. May God bless you.

If you have any questions I would like to answer them today, if you have any questions please ask Me.

(Warren: He’s a practitioner of Bhakti Yoga and he wants to know what relationship it has and can he reach self-realization through Bhakti Yoga.)

But we don’t understand because He was the incarnation of diplomacy. What He said about Bhakti Yoga in Sanskrit language is that , “If you give me any fruit, any water I’ll accept it,” but when it comes to giving, He said that you have to do ananya bhakti. Ananya bhakti, means when there is not the other. When is this situation, when you are self-realized. Without self-realization what bhakti can we do? We are not connected yet to God. What is self-realization is connection with God, all right? So first we should get connected, then you definitely do bhakti. Then you understand that this connection is established, now whatever you do has a meaning, otherwise it would be like telephoning without the connection, how the telephone being there. So the Bhakti Yoga only matures after realization, not before realization.

(Question inaudible)

You see, first you start getting the cool breeze in your hand, that’s the power of God flowing through you, that’s first thing happens, all right? Then you have to see how you use it. Now this is a new awareness which we call as a vibratory awareness. Now when you have got your eyes you use your eyes, isn’t it? To see what is the color of this room, or what is the color of say, this sari or something like that. In the same way when this new awareness comes into your hand, when you start feeling it you use your vibrations to see whether it is true or not. For example if you want to know: Is there God? You can put up your hands like this and ask the question, “Mother, is there God?” You say it thrice and you start getting a cool breeze flowing into you. That’s how you judge. Gradually when you start doing all this, then you become a master, and you don’t have to even ask, immediately you’ll know because the vibrations start flowing. Immediately you feel the vibrations are flowing through your hand, that means this is the thing that you have to do, this is the one, that’s the correct action. The connection and inconnection is only possible if you receive the absolute, isn’t it? Otherwise you are thinking with your mind and if thinking by your mind was a correct action there would have been no problem at all because we are all thinking. But it is not, it is let your spirit manifest and when it comes into your attention, it gives you the power to discriminate because you can feel it on vibrations. For example if you want to ask about somebody who is not a true personality or who is not a true divine person, you just ask the question, “Is this a true personality?” immediately you will find the vibrations will stop, if he’s a evil person you might even get heat coming out of him or maybe that you might sometimes get little blisters, for a short time to indicate that he is a horrible devil. It is all there because you develop a new awareness, this is what I’m trying to say, all right?

(Question inaudible)

You can use this everywhere, in daily life, even your food and everything you can use it there. It’s a new awareness, you see in daily life, we use our eyes, isn’t it? In the same way you start using your vibratory awareness and once you start using it, it becomes part and parcel of you, you just know, you just know.

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I’ll tell you one thing, if you are following Sahaja Yoga nobody can harm you. That’s one we have seen. Miracles after miracles I can describe to you. Now I’ll give you one miracle which is very, very extraordinary. If you sit down I’ll tell you one miracle. Now he said about the safety part. It’s very important to know how miracles take place. There have been so many miracles in Sahaja Yoga that people have been saved from accidents and from deaths and all kinds of things, but this is something very remarkable and happened in London, so we will believe more because it has happened in London.

In London, I had gone to a place called Bedford where I was giving a speech. About seven o’clock the meeting had started and I was there. And a boy about eight o’clock fell down from a bridge from his motor-bike. And when he fell down the ambulance was sent for and when he was taken to the hospital they found that he was perfectly all right, nothing had happened, while he had fallen down very badly. They couldn’t understand, so they said, “How is it that you’re not at all hurt?” So he said that, “A lady came in a white car and in a white sari and she came down, she was an Indian lady and she touched me all over and I got cured and a little point she left saying that you come and see me and I’ll cure this point also, because you’ll have to lie down so you’ll come along later on.”

So they could not believe it and they published it in a newspaper that there was a miracle that happened to this boy and all the doctors are surprised that he’s in such a good shape that he walked out. So the whole thing was so surprising. Now he saw My photograph after two days in the newspaper and he telephoned to the hospital and to the newspaper saying that, “This is the lady who cured me.” And actually at that time I was with about six hundred people in Bedford talking to them and I was there till ten o’clock. So that’s how God looks after you. There can be many such incidents where you’ll find how you are saved.

So many times it has happened with so many people. There was a lady who was coming from Rahuri, a place, and there a big bus fell down. And it fell down about eighty feet down and rolled once and felled on four legs, you see, so it was the whole four wheels were there, and nobody was hurt. There were children, other people, nobody were hurt. Now the driver, you see, ran away with the fear and he didn’t know what to do. He thought that something must have gone wrong, so many people must have died, but one person who said he knew how to drive came to the seat of the driver and he started the car and they came out. And then all of them started saying that, “There must be some saints sitting here, otherwise how can it be, we cannot be saved under these circumstances. Nothing happened to the bus, nothing happened to the people, how can that be?” So there was this disciple of Mine, or My child, she was wearing a ring with My photograph, and in Maharashtra people know Me very well. “Oh,” they said, “This is the saint sitting here.” And she came and told Me this and then people from that bus also came to see us.

So God looks after you. Once you are in His domain, in His empire, He has so many ways that He looks after you, so many ways you have to just see and the miracle word loses its complete meaning. You are amazed how you’re looked after. After all He has created this creation not to be destroyed, especially you, you are a special creation of God which is not going to be destroyed. But human beings are such that they take time to take to God and to believe in His domain and to remain in His domain. So you don’t have to worry about all these mundane things about which you worry. It’s all taken over by God’s angels. It looks like a story to you but it’s a fact because for the first time I’m talking all these things in Kuala Lumpur. But now it’s a fact for thousands and thousands of people all over the world. You have to just see whatever I’m saying, you need believe in it but you have to just see, keep your minds open and see for yourself if there is God or not, whether He has His own arrangements, He has His own telecommunication and everything much more efficient and absolutely perfect than what human beings can create.

Is there any other question please?

(Question: How does one forgive?)

Now I’ll tell you one thing. It is a myth we don’t forgive. What do we do? Supposing I say, “I don’t forgive,” then what do I do? I’m doing nothing. I’m just playing into the hands of the person who has harmed me, isn’t it? All the time thinking about it, how much he has harmed me, how much pain he has given me. Do I do anything about it? Nothing, I’m just killing myself, I’m playing into his hands. But when you say, “Forgive,” means you take it out of your mind, that’s the point. You see, in practical way if you understand what Christ said is absolute truth. You don’t know it’s a mantra. At this point if the Kundalini doesn’t rise, I have to say you forgive everyone, it rises. You won’t get your realization if you don’t know how to forgive. It’s true, because not forgiving is just a myth. What do you do when you forgive or don’t forgive. Nothing, it’s just a myth. Now think about it, all right? Whatever is said is absolute truth, no doubt about it. I am here to explain all of them, whatever they said I’m here to explain every word, whatever they have said it. And to prove that they were all right and they were all truth.

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You see, what happens within you that your awareness gets enlightened. For example, now I’m sitting down here and I want to know about a particular person who’s far away. Take a simple example, I’ve to just put My hands towards that person, thinking about him, or just wishing to know about him. Immediately My fingers will tell Me what’s the problem with him. This is one small little thing that happens to you. But actually what happens to you that your awareness becomes, again I say, becomes aware of the whole, of the akbar, of the virat,of the whole primordial being of which you are part and parcel, like a microcosm becoming aware of the macrocosm. It’s the little cell becoming aware of the whole body. For example this finger is aware of all My body, isn’t it? Supposing I get hurt, I feel hurt here isn’t it? But when you become aware of the whole then you become collectively conscious, means you become aware of everyone who’s around you. You are aware of yourself because there is light within you, you can see yourself and there is light around so you can see others, in the true sense, in the absolute sense, in the subtler sense.

But what happens to you that I would say in a very gross way, you become ten years younger, in a very gross way. Now I’m sixty years of age and I’m working so very hard, I never feel tired and I’m just doing everything. I was telling the other day to a lady that you don’t have to to beauticians anymore, your skin becomes so soft with Sahaja Yoga, your expression becomes so soft and you have no physical problem, emotional problem, mental problems, nothing. You become a person living in the seventh heaven, it’s a fact. The whole life becomes a witness, you start witnessing it like a drama. You’re no more involved into it but you’re dynamic because you’re not involved, you see it clearly, as a witness. Gradually you mature into self-realization, absolutely. Then you become an expert. One by one, we’ll be moving to that point, all right? Everything we should not know about the future; the present, we have to be in the present, just now you all get your realization. Because you’re futuristic, you always think about the future, future doesn’t exist, does it? What exists is the present, just now to have the realization. Once you get the realization you live in the present, not in the future, not in the past.

(Question: What is the purpose of initiation?)

The purpose is that you have to become the Spirit, otherwise you are just . You see like if I make this instrument but do not connect it to the mains I have no purpose. The purpose is to be the purpose.

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In Sahaja Yoga? Have you seen in Sahaja Yoga? No, I don’t want to talk about others, as far as Sahaja Yoga is concerned once Kundalini is awakened, it’s awakened but as I told you it’s a little seed which is sprouted, you have to look after it. As the parable of Christ is that some fell on the rocks, some fell on the wastelands and some fell in the right places. So you have to look after it, you have to look after it, you have to allow it to grow.

There is nothing like initiation in Sahaja Yoga, we don’t use that word at all, we call it the Kundalini awakening. First the Kundalini is awakened, passes through your various centers and crosses through this. This we regard as the beginning of the self-realization. But if you have problems it is again sucked back and goes and attends to that problem but you can always raise it again and again and look after it yourself and that’s how you should start growing. It’s a living process, it’s a living process, like a seed, how it grows, in the same way it matures, but the sprouting has to be done first.

(Question: Is this connected to Kriya Yoga?)

Oh no, not at all, it is akriya. What kriya can we do? You see what akriya can we do? People take out their tongues in Kriya Yoga, cut their throats, push it back. By mechanical things can you do living things, can you? Supposing you have to sprout a seed, if you stand on your head or cut your nose, is it going to sprout? No, there’s no kriya, it’s akriya. We have not to do anything, sahaja, saha means born, ja means born with you and it’s spontaneous. For all living things we don’t do any kriya, we don’t read anything, nothing of the kind. Supposing our breathing, if we have to do some kriya for it, none of us could exist. If we have to read some books how many would exist if we have to know by reading how to breathe, it’s all spontaneous within us. It is not, on the contrary it’s just the opposite of it.

(Question: Whether you could you explain your life story, how you came into this.)

I think you better find out about Me, if I tell something you may crucify Me, so I’m very careful. It’s better not to talk about yourself, you see, that’s the problem. If you tell about yourself, they all get on to your throat, you see, and also not only that, but one gentleman told Me, “Why you?” I said, “It’s very good, you come along and sit in My seat and do the job, I’ll be very happy because I’m a happily married woman with a happy life and actually I have to give up lots of things of My family to come down here and under the circumstances it will be a good idea if you can do the job for Me.” So, you see, I don’t want to talk about Myself, it’s better we talk about self-realization. Because that you can discover later on, gradually, one by one. That’s a better idea, isn’t it?

(Warren: I think you’ll all be very anxious to experience self-realization, so why don’t we have it? I think it’s the experience that you’ve all come for, so just place your hands out towards Mataji, ask sincerely from your heart that you get the experience, ask in a humble way. Just close your eyes and just allow it very simply and very sweetly to take place.)

Now you will know later on that the left hand is the one that represents your desire, is the power of your desire. So put your left hand towards Me like this, first of all. And the right hand is to be used to suggest the desire, the kriya, means the action, the power of action is on the right hand side. Now what you have to do, just through your hand, you have to express your desire that you want to have your realization. And it’s very simple, you have to close your eyes, please don’t open them, because when the Kundalini is rising if the eyes are open then it won’t go higher because there’s a dilatation of the pupil and the Kundalini will just stop. So please don’t open your eyes. You can take out your glasses, will be good and it is also good for eyesight, so better take out your glasses. If you have anything tight on your waist or anywhere, or a tie or something, just make it little loose, that’s all, be comfortable.

Sit with your left hand towards Me just like this and please close your eyes, please close your eyes, all of you. Now put your right hand on your heart, please close your eyes. Right hand on your heart on the left side, full hand on the left side, just left side. And now in your mind you have to say, not loudly, ask a question that, “Mother, am I the Spirit?” Just ask the question, “Mother, am I the Spirit?” Sincerely you must ask the question, “Mother, am I the Self? Am I the Spirit?” This you have to ask these questions because as I told you, I cannot cross your freedom. I am requesting you that you should ask this question to Me thrice, with sincerity, “Mother, am I the Spirit?”

Now please put your right hand, without opening your eyes, below the heart, on the stomach, on the left hand side, on the stomach on the left hand side. Please put your right hand on the stomach on the left hand side and little lower, lower than the ribs and press it. Now at this place you have to ask another question, ten times you have to ask this question that, “Mother, am I my own master?” Because the diffidence that is in you can also stop your realization. So just ask the question, for the future you have to ask, “Mother, am I my own master?” Please ask ten times the question, “Am I my own master? Am I my own guru?” Because your Spirit is the master, is going to teach you. Once your Spirit is enlightened it is he who is the master and you have to go according to the guidelines of the Spirit. So you have to ask the question, “Mother, am I my own master?”

Now again you have to put this right hand on the heart, it’s important because of the tensions of life, I feel your heart is rather weak because of our attention outside, our attention on the heart is much less. So you have to ask a question on the heart, a simple question, again the same thing, “Mother, am I the Spirit?” Or you may even say with full confidence if possible to say that, “Mother, I am the Spirit. Mother, I am the Spirit.” Just assert, “Mother, I am the Spirit.” Please say this twelve times. You have to accept that you are the Spirit. You are nothing but the Spirit, the rest of it is just an outside, outward things. You are the Spirit and you are the glory of the Spirit and not a person who is enslaved by anything else but your own Spirit which is God Almighty’s reflection within you. Now as you are the Spirit you cannot commit any mistakes, you cannot commit any sins, so you have to forget about the so-called sins you have committed and all these things, because God Almighty is the ocean of love, is the ocean of compassion, is the ocean of forgiveness. In His presence what mistakes can we commit? So you are not guilty at all. In His presence your guilt has no meaning.

So raise this hand higher at the base of your neck on the left hand side. The right hand you raise on the base of your neck, base of your neck and please say, “Mother, I am not guilty.” Because you’re the Spirit and how can Spirit be guilty, because it is a detached thing, it cannot be guilty. You have to say that sixteen times. It’s very much more with you people. This is the very big problem I think that people unnecessarily feel guilty. Because we have created so many norms out of our ways that, “This is good, that is bad, that is you have done wrong, that is I have done wrong.” Nothing of the kind. Just say, “Mother, I am not guilty.” Say with full confidence, you’re not. Sixteen times, say with full confidence, “Mother, I am not guilty.” This guilty feeling has come through various conditionings for nothing at all. There’s no need to feel guilty about anything. Also what do you do about it? Nothing. To say that, “I’m guilty,” itself is an escape, I think, just from yourself. You’re not guilty and when you say guilty you don’t want to do anything about it. Just say, “I’m not guilty,” you’re not.

Now you have to put your right hand on your forehead across, forehead across, here on the forehead, put it across but keep your eyes shut. Now at this point you have to say, “Mother, I forgive everyone.” Just say it, just say it, “Mother, I forgive everyone.” Because if we don’t know how to forgive others, how God is going to forgive us. So we have to ask for His forgiveness, but first we have to say that, “Mother, I forgive everyone.” Just say this, so that God can forgive us also if we have done any mistakes but don’t feel guilty, again I would say, without feeling guilty you have to say this, without feeling guilty you have to say that. Don’t feel guilty.

Now put this right hand again on top of your head, on top of the soft bone which you had in your childhood. Just press it with the palm, that area. And now at this stage you have to ask for realization, nobody can force on you as you are free people. So you have to say, “Mother, please give me my realization.” Or, “Mother, I want my realization.”

Just put your hand down, up there you’ll find it’s lot of heat coming out. It’s all coming from within, lot of heat is coming out, try to press it. Press it, little bit and the heat will go away, we’ll see that gradually. Lot of heat. Just say that seven times please. Why all these numbers I’ll explain to you tomorrow, while seven times you have to say that, “Mother, please give me my realization.”

You can change your hand now, you can put right hand towards Me and see with your left hand, you just hold it little higher and see if there’s a cool breeze coming out. Don’t open your eyes please. Just you can change your hand. Put your right hand towards Me and see if the cool is coming out. Raise it higher, about four, five inches higher and see, just move your hand and see if there’s a cool breeze coming, you can change your hand and see for yourself. Put your both the hands towards Me. Now just watch Me without thinking, you can do it, just watch Me without thinking.

Are you getting cool breeze now on your hands? It’s a very subtle thing, it’s very subtle and so one has to be careful about it. Close your eyes again please, close your eyes. (Shri Mataji blows in the microphone.)

Please raise them very much higher. Please raise them higher and just ask a question, “Mother, is this the cool breeze of the Holy Ghost? Is this the cool breeze of the Primordial Mother? Is this the cool breeze which is called as Ruh? Is this the cool breeze of the all-pervading power of God? Is this the cool breeze that is Brahma?” Just ask a question. Get the cool breeze in the hands? All right, just put your hands towards Me now. Now be comfortable. Now you have to respect yourself because now you have become the temple of God. You have to respect your realization also and you have to know that God has selected you to be His vehicle, to be His instrument. So one has to know about it, the whole knowledge about the roots that we are in reality. I hope tomorrow you’ll make it convenient to come to see Me and here.

We have got books about Sahaja Yoga but the problem is if you give them to read to people they just start thinking about it. I think today as you have got realization just go home, don’t think about it too much, just don’t think and discuss because by thinking you’re not going to reach there. So just don’t think about it and when you come back tomorrow I will give this book and tomorrow I’ll explain to you what are the centers, what are these chakras and how to work it out and then you can take the books from us.