Public Program Day 2

Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia)

Media missing. Public Program, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, February 24th, 1983

This morning when we met together, I told them how to come to right conclusion about the right guru because unless and until there is an enlightened personality you cannot be enlightened, that’s a fact. Also it doesn’t mean that there is nobody who can enlighten you. There are many, many fake gurus and many, many fake things. But we should come to right conclusions.

I will repeat what I said this morning, how we come to right conclusions, first of all you must know that we must use our brains. You cannot be a brainless person when you try to come to God’s ways because we are human beings and God has given us a brain to come to logical conclusion and not to a rational conclusion.

Now what is the logic? First of all we must know that God cannot charge you any money; first, they cannot charge you. That’s one first principle of God is, He doesn’t understand money. He doesn’t need your money. And the person who is godly or divine can never take any money from you for his or her maintenance. Of course it’s all right this hall, these people if they want to pay for the hall, all right, it’s they’ve paid for the hall but for realization or for anything because those who are living on your money are parasites. You’re retaining them, you are really retaining them by paying them and parasites cannot be gurus.

So this is one thing very sure, anyone who takes any money from you for the maintenance of the personality then of course he is not a godly person. You might even say that then, “Mother, how have they to live?” They live as they have been living; I’ll give an example, there was a boy whom I gave realization, he was an Indian boy and he went to America and he started charging money for “intensive treatment” of Sahaja Yoga. And when he came to America every Sahaja Yogi told Me, “Mother, something wrong with this fellow because whenever we put hand towards him we get a reeling feeling.” So I asked him, “I would like to see the brochure,” and when he showed Me, it was written, “For ordinary vibrations,” so much, and “for intensive vibrations…,” like this. So I asked him, “How did you get your realization, did you pay for that?” “No, Mother but you have money.” I said, “Whatever money I have is all right, how did you have money yourself?” He said, “I used to work as a teacher.” I said,”You should work as a teacher, because I’m a housewife I’ve got money, My husband pays for Me all right. If I were not a housewife I would have been a maid-servant, all right. Why should I take money from you for My maintenance, it’s first thing I should have My self-respect.”

Secondly, absurd ideas should never appeal to you, like the one you have mentioned that you should not get married and you should stay in a place and become Brahma Kumaris and self-appointed people. That’s not the way it has to be done. Why should you not get married? All the people who were great people got married. Christ died very early; there may be some did not marry doesn’t mean that everybody should not marry. It’s against God not to marry because after all, the children are to be born. This is the work of God that children are to be born, so anybody who tells you, “Don’t get married,” and then live in a very unnatural way and do lots of perverted things is a wrong idea. It’s absolutely wrong. This has never worked, one should never do. Now you see we had nunneries and this and that and these monks were there. And recently if you hear about them you’ll be amazed that they are demanding now so many things, they’ve formed unions. Not only that but they’re leading a very bad life and so many have confessed that, “We couldn’t live like this.” So why to make a person absurd and obtuse, for God’s sake it’s not necessary, God never wanted you to be that way.

Thirdly you must understand that the miseries, people tell you that you must go through miseries. Many gurus I’ve seen when they try to initiate and all that, they take lots of money, of course the first is always there, the taking money part. And the second is people start suffering. For example these Mahesh Yogi people, they started suffering a lot. Now the explanation was given that these are your sins you’re suffering for. So they asked then, “And if these are our sins what are you doing there? Why are you our guru? You can’t look after our health.” So what’s the use of having such a guru? If you have a guru, at least your health should be all right. And if they cannot even look after your health then such a guru is of no use. They said, “You must suffer.”

Now this is very out of date idea about which I have to tell you that the suffering was up to the time when Christ came in. After that it was not true. You see, the Jews refused to accept Christ because they believed that without suffering you cannot go to God. It’s not true. But they believed in such a thing, they refused that Christ should be the one who can lead them to something, better life. And that’s how you know how much they suffered. They got Hitler, you want to suffer, all right, have it, have all the sufferings of the world. Now the Jews then suffered a lot and suffered so much that they didn’t know what to do, they could not control it, it’s beyond them.

Afterwards when they came in charge of the thing like a state of their own they started behaving in the same manner as Hitler behaved, same manner, so there’s no transformation within. Suffering doesn’t give you any transformation. Just imagine how much Jews have suffered, to what extent they have gone of suffering, can there be a greater suffering of human beings and the Jews have suffered. I mean, if you read a book like, called Exodus, you’ll be thinking that, “Oh God, what’s happening to this world.”

But in modern times very recently how Jews have behaved towards human beings, you can’t believe it because there’s no transformation of nature. They’re not at all transformed; it’s just an idea they had that they have to suffer and they made others suffer. Now how will they explain this, they cannot explain. So we have to understand logically those people who are going to all these gurus, is there any transformation in their character, in their temperament, in their behavior? Then we have to know if these people have got some powers of their own of love. Have they got any powers of love?

Like now you have got here Warren, Dr. Warren came to Bombay with a telephone number about Me and he was given all funny ideas about Me that She doesn’t meet anyone, and She’s this and this and that and that, and he just telephoned and came to see Me. And I knew that this is the person who is seeking, he’s a true seeker. He got his realization, still he was going like that for some time. But then he settled down and today here he is, he is doing so much you can’t imagine how many people he has cured, how many people he has given realization to, you can’t imagine. If you see his lifestyle you’ll be amazed and say he’s one of the saints that you have ever seen. He is not attached to anything, he’s so much detached about things and he’s doing so much good to the whole world.

And he travelled with Me to America and he…, you see I’m all right because I’m like this, I can live under any circumstances, I can sleep on the street, I can sleep everywhere. But he too, I’ve seen so many Sahaja Yogis, they have so much adjusted themselves, they have really become like great souls. They adjust themselves anywhere I go, wherever I sleep because, as you know, we do not take any money, we don’t have big palaces and air-conditioned places to live in. We have to go in the villages of India, we have to travel by bullock carts, we have to live under all circumstances, we don’t feel the sufferings at all because then you become so much adjusted to yourself. When there is adjustment absolutely achieved, you don’t feel that.

So you must also see what is the achievement, the people who are there, they’ve got. If they just talk talk talk talk talk, it’s no use. See their character, see their behavior, how they behave, how their attitude is towards money, towards women, towards all these things, like temper, if they’re hot-tempered, you can find out from the character of the person if there has been any transformation or the people have been bettered.

I have seen people who were called to be the worst of all, they said, “Oh this man is the worst of all, you cannot do anything about it,” it’s completely changed. They leave all their habits, they leave all their funny behaviors and funny ramblings and they come to a settled position of peaceful behavior. So this is also another logical way of seeing . We should not jump into anything like that. When you see that somebody is being benefitted you can come to them.

In Sahaja Yoga, for example we just say that you have to achieve your Spirit, you have to achieve your Spirit, nothing else. Now when I say that you must know it’s the other way round. You do not have to give anything to Me, I have to give you something. It’s you who have to receive something and the reception is only this much that an enlightened light enlightens your light. This is all your own, it’s all yours, just I have to enlighten your light. Once you’re enlightened you can enlighten another person’s light. It’s so simple and logical to understand. But if somebody says, “All right, you do this kind of a penance, you do this stand and that kind and all that,” and that leads you nowhere then it is better not to have such a guru.

There are so many ways by which you can judge people. Like one gentleman wanted to have fifty-nine Rolls Royces, he’s got fifty-eight Rolls Royces and he’s going to have the fifty-ninth and he’s supposed to be coming here also. Now imagine with any sense in your brains you can understand what is it for a realized soul to have fifty-nine Rolls Royces; to Me even one Rolls Royce is what, what is the need to have a Rolls Royce, I mean, just imagine, little bit of your brains you can understand for a realized soul what is the need to have all these?

This lifetime I am born in a very rich family, My husband is rich and I really live with a great style, I should say as far as My husband’s life is concerned. It’s true but I can live anywhere. I don’t know what is the importance of all these things than to think of God and just do His work. So those who are doing God’s work should not be interested in Rolls Royce and things like that. But people are so mesmerized that in London people starve themselves, ate these potatoes and all that and they gave a Rolls Royce to this fellow. Perhaps he might beg one more from you, one more Rolls Royce. Is he going to carry all these Rolls Royces with him? If you just think about them you’ll understand this is all nonsense, it has no sensible background and as you ask the question, everybody should ask the question that you have asked, there’s nothing wrong in such asking, I don’t mind but only thing is that, you see, if I say this things, sometimes people get very upset.

For example, about, in the year 1970, I think, in a big hall like this, bigger than this, before thousands of people I told about all of them by name, I told them this is this devil, that is that devil, I told them very clearly and everybody’s so frightened that they said they’re going to shoot Me now, all the gurus and all that. So I said, “Let Me see if they’re going to shoot Me.” But nobody listened to Me. On the contrary they didn’t like, they said, “She is criticizing, you see, this’ not good.” But today they’re all exposed one by one, you can see everyone is exposed. You must use your brains. You should not be a naive, stupid fellow to follow these things. You know the whole money is spent, it’s all a ego trip, sometimes they give you, they pamper your ego, sometimes they mesmerize you, they do all kinds of tricks and what do they make out of you?

You are seekers of God, you’re seekers of truth and when there is no truth why should you accept it. There is no need to accept but also you must keep your open mind to the understanding that if there are so many plastic flowers, there has to be some real one. And the sign of the real one is that the real one gives you your own powers, talks of the higher things. It’s only worried about your own ascent. The real one is not worried about all these nonsensical things like a Rolls Royce and all these foolish stuff. So one has to understand that so many of them, it’s so surprising that those people who have been elevated as something great, even if sometimes they make a drama, you see, they can be very dramatic also, they will wear a dress like a big guru or just wear a small loin cloth, you see, and also may have punctures in their hands and pours something into their noses and do all kinds of these things just to appeal to your pity side of it, you see, and they may try to do. But that’s not the point. One should understand that it is not in the exterior that you should see a person. The way the whole thing is conducted, the way it delivers the goods and what is the thing, that is the Spirit. You must get to your Spirit.

Now you’ll be amazed that these are the modern times when there are thousands and thousands who are seeking. You are a seeker, you cannot think of this happening about thirty years back. Now there are so many seekers I find of this age group, say, thirty below and thirty above but at My time when I was born, I didn’t find anybody realized except for My own father, I didn’t find anybody who was a realized soul. And nobody had any seeking, instead they were worried about other things because that time we’re fighting the war of independence, they were worried about the independence, was a good idea, that time it was necessary they fought it.

But today the time has come to seek God because we have got this svatantreya, the one that is in the awareness. Now we have to have the freedom of the Spirit, the svatantreya, we have to know the mechanics of this sva, that is yourself, your Spirit. And this is what one has to take to and when there is a demand, people know, these negative forces also know, they come from everywhere and create all these false images and come to you.

Somebody will come with a big hairdo, you see, and stand before you showing some diamonds coming down. Are you asking for diamonds? Think about it, do you want diamonds? What is this? Somebody is giving you diamonds, for what, why to have diamonds? Just ask, do you want diamonds? Then you go to the market and buy the diamonds. God is not bothered about diamonds, what diamonds you have got, how many diamonds you need. He’s bothered about one diamond which is your Spirit. You have to get to your Spirit, that’s what God knows. What is diamond for Him, is not even equal to the dust particle of His feet. Why should He give you something that is dust? He should give you something that is great, parama, supreme, and that’s what one should see.

And your question is all right, I mean, they’re all questionable, most of them who are in the market, I tell you. I’m not in the market, I’m sitting at the backside in a temple, waiting for all of you to come to know your own temples. It’s a definitely different style of thing, is Sahaja Yoga, is that Sahaja, saha means with and ja born. It’s born with you. Sahaja is spontaneous, it’s born with you. This Sahaja becomes a yoga, means union with the Divine and as I told you today, people think they have become realized souls, suddenly they self-certify themselves, born again and this and that. I said, “How are you born again?”

If you’re born again you have to have collective consciousness. And when you tell them, they don’t want to believe it because it’s an ego-pampering to believe that, “I’m a realized soul.” But even if you’re really  realized soul you don’t feel that way. There is no pride or no vanity about it, you just feel the other personality within you on your finger tips. You don’t feel that pride and that ego within you, “Oh you are a realized soul.” On the contrary you become very humble, you become very kind, you become very compassionate and you start thinking, “Oh how will I do it?”

Like I would say, Betty Hubbell who was in Houston who called Me there and when she came here, she was to be transferred to London, she wanted to be there with Me. But I told her, “It’s better you be there in Kuala Lumpur, they need you very much.” And because she came here, she just felt that it must be brought to these people here. It must be given to her, she’s very well-off in life, she lives very well but she felt that, “What I have got I must share it with the other person, it has to be done.” And she said, “Mother you must come, even for two days, you must come because here the people are seeking.” And that’s how one feels, there’s no pride, there’s no vanity, nothing, you become extremely humble and when you meet them you’re surprised.

We have a Sahaja Yogi who is a president of the Hague high court, he’s a judge there and now he’s the president of the world high court. Once he was sitting like this and when somebody came and talked to him and he asked him, “What are you?” “I’m a Sahaja Yogi,” that’s all. Nobody could make out who’s who, because what is important that you are a Sahaja Yogi, it’s not important what you are in life. Such a personality has to develop within you through the Spirit because Spirit is the highest. And that’s how gradually you come to right conclusions.

The trouble is there are so many things floating in the market that you definitely get confused. I know it is so but that’s why you must get your realization. Without realization you will not know what is the truth and what is not the truth. For that you don’t have to pay anything, you don’t have to do any exercises, nothing of the kind, you have to just get it in your being, in your awareness and you start feeling it.

The only trouble is it is so smooth and so simple that when you get it you don’t understand the importance of it. You don’t understand that how you have to grow it and look after it. This is the only point where I would request you that to settle down within yourself and see for yourself and work it out. You must spend this, give realization to others, try to develop that and then you will realize that you are a realized soul. Because you become so humble that you don’t want to accept that you’re a realized soul. You become so meek and so simple that you can’t believe, people just can’t believe it, “How can I be a realized soul?” They just can’t believe it, it’s too much for them to believe that they could be realized souls.

But you must have faith in yourself. Like, say, a computer is there and the computer has no faith in itself that it can do all the work. Once you put it to the mains you see the yoga takes place, it starts working. When it starts working it has to believe in itself. You must know that you are made with very great care by God, very great care. See now how beautifully He has made you, you’re not even aware of it, you don’t know these things exist within you, that these are the subtle centers which look after your physical side, mental side and emotional side.

These are the centers which guide all your movement in life. You have no idea, you’re not aware, and these centers exist within you and these must be known and found out and felt within yourself and by that, bodha, by that awareness, the new awareness which gives you the vibrations but the vibrations are cool breeze, there’s not heat, there should be no heat in the body. If there’s heat that means there’s some sort of an opposition going on.

They experimented with helium gas and they found that the helium gas when it is cooled down, it starts going in a way that is very collective. All the molecules start moving in a way as if they’re collective following a pattern. But once it is heated it becomes <inaudible > and all the molecules start fighting among themselves. So some people believe if there is heat, it is God, how can that be? It is said that it has to be a sheetala, sheetala bhavan, is described in all the books it is true, is described, it is described as the cool breeze of the Holy Ghost in the Bible, it’s described in all the books like that and when that starts coming, but it’s not very, very cool. If your hands become very cool and sort of you feel that you’re numbed out, then there is something wrong. But it is a cooler type of a wind that starts flowing in you and then you feel it all over, the wind is all over and this is the wind of Brahma, it’s the wind of Ruh which is working out every living work, every living function is done by them.

Unless and until you become the Spirit you are not going to stop your seeking, so better become your Spirit, that’s the main thing is. It’s a very different thing, we have no organization as we don’t have members, we don’t collect any money, there is nothing like that. What we have is a living organism, it’s a living organism. Some people who join it become one and those want to give up can go away. There’s no compulsion on people who do not want to stay but mostly when they come, they find such a lot of good coming to them that gradually they get attracted and then they settle down within themselves. They meditate and find their depths and they think this is where lies the Kingdom of God.

Is there any other question? Yes please, we’ll have two questions.

(Question about children)

Oh, they’re the best, children are the best. You see, children are the best to be realized no doubt. They get realization just like that. I went to a village in Trishul, a place little away from the city and they had a residential school and we had about eight hundred children, the professor and the principal of that school was a Sahaja Yogi and he said, “Mother, will you give realization to these children?” I said, “All right, let’s see,” and they all came down. And when I said, “All right, now let’s see, is there any cool breeze?” tremendous breeze started coming and it started coming back on to Me. Normally I never get any breeze from anyone. But it started coming waves and waves and we were enjoying among ourselves.

They are the best, no doubt but I find that, you see, sometimes we pamper our children’s ego very much, sometimes they can be really very ego-oriented. We had two children today in the program when we’re sitting and they had such a terrible ego, I mean, I was amazed for little children of say, ten years old, he had such an ego that the Kundalini would not rise at any cost and they were very egoistical. I don’t know how this ego was built in these two little children, one was, I think, about fourteen years of age and another boy of eight years of age and I was amazed that they were so ego-oriented, so much ego in the little boy and the girl, how they got it we just couldn’t understand. They thought no end of themselves and they’re behaving in a manner that one can’t understand.

There could be some like that but most of the children are innocent and simple and above all there are so many children these days are born realized, so many children are born realized. You don’t know what they talk, how they talk, what they mean. But once you get your realization you start understanding them. The way they talk about things it’s so surprising. In England, a lady wrote a book about what children have to say about grown-ups and she wrote a book and the book was finished within no time and she wrote about…, three thousands copies she had and all the three thousand copies were finished in one day and she had to republish and republish. Because whatever they’re saying, they’re so wise you can’t imagine, they’re extremely wise.

Luckily all My four grandchildren are born realized and they have all the knowledge of Kundalini, they’re great people. And they were very young and I’ll give an example of how they were used to behave towards Kundalini and this and that. One grandchild, one grand-daughter went to Ladakh with her father and mother and there was a lama sitting, his head was shaved and he was wearing a big robe and everybody was touching the feet of this lama and she was looking at him like this, she didn’t like it and then the mother and father also, because everybody was touching, they went and touched the feet of the lama. She was very angry, she went and stood, she was only five years, she went and stood before him like this and she said, “What do you mean? If you have shaved your hair and wearing this long thing, do you mean you should ask people to touch your feet? You’re not a realized soul.” Just she told him off and the parents were so embarassed. They said, “What are you saying?” She said, “I will say it because why did you touch his feet, he’s not a realized soul.” You see, the children are like that.

Then we had one program of the centenary of Brahma Shri Raman who was a realized soul, no doubt, and I was called as a chief guest there and one of My, another grand-daughter had come and she was sitting in front and there were lots of Sahaja Yogis also sitting and the program was about to start and she stood up and she said, “Grand Ma, the one who is sitting next to you with a maxi,” because he was wearing a big thing, this big robe thing, so she didn’t understand what to say, “The one with a maxi, please ask him to get out, he’s giving all heat to us, please ask him to get out.” And he was the head of one of the missions of a mission is there and I didn’t know what to do, that’s how they are.

But we don’t understand them because if you’re not a realized soul you don’t understand. And once the little one, she was only three years, going to a kindergarten school and she brought a paper and she showed Me that this is the paper they gave in the school, imagine the school also is funny to give this to a three year old child. The writing was that if you pay hundred rupees and go to a particular hotel then they can tranform your life and can change your life. So she said that, “How can that be possible unless and until Kundalini is awakened, it cannot be possible.” The little one three years old also said and the elder one said, “But there cannot be course in Kundalini, how can there be a course in Kundalini? My father has done fourteen courses, his Kundalini is not yet risen.” So that’s how they are, you see, they’re so much there, they’re so much there. They understand each and everything and they know how to do it and they express themselves in such a good way that you can’t imagine. But the trouble is we ourselves are not realized souls then can we understand these children? It’s a very good point you have taken up, I mean, without the children I can’t work out. But if you have such ego-oriented children, then it’s a difficult thing, it’s a difficult thing but if you have children who are sensible it works out much faster.

All right now should we start the program in a way that I must tell you about these three…. Whatever I’m saying to you I would suggest that you should be an open-minded scientist because as I told you yesterday this is the knowledge of the roots and you have to be an open-minded person. Now it’s like a hypothesis you must listen to this, you need not believe Me what I’m saying. It’s not necessary but you should keep your mind open as you go into a university or something, you keep your mind open, see for yourself and it works out, you have to accept, even then if you don’t accept then you’re a dishonest person, you’re not a seeker definitely. Once it happens to you, you have to accept that this is the truth.

Now here we have one power within us which is on the left-hand side, you see, the blue line. This is the power of our desire. This power comes to us first because first it is to be desired that we should exist. So this is the power of our existence also and also it gives emotions. So the first thing that comes to us are the emotional ideas, the emotional feelings, the emotional memories. So this represents also the power by which we collect our past. For example, a thought rises in our mind and then falls off, and another thought rises and falls off. The thought comes either from the future or from the past and then it disappears into the past. All these thoughts, all our doings, all our experiences, all our conditionings are managed by this power of desire. In Sahaja Yoga language this subtle channel is called as Ida Nadi or the moon nadi, Chandra Nadi.

Now there is another power we have got here on the right-hand side which starts from this center is called as Pingala Nadi. This is the channel from which we get our power of action, physical action and mental action and it looks after the future thinking, the future managing and it goes towards the future side. So this is the Pingala Nadi amd these two express outside, the left one in the subtle is the Ida Nadi but expresses itself as left sympathetic nervous system and the right one expresses itself as the right-sympathetic system.

Now in the center we have another little one, there’s a void in between, but there’s a little one inside the channel which is not yet fully developed ready to receive the Kundalini from down below which we call as Sushumna, Sushumna Nadi. This is the channel by which we ascend. We’ve ascended so far to be a human being, as being told that we came from amoeba to this stage. This ascent came to us because we have this power within us to ascend. We never think how did we become human beings. Even Darwin, I was told, has said that, “Now the man has come so far, so he has to go further.” But he has not indicated where he has to go but Jung has very clearly said that if man has to rise anywhere higher, he’ll become collectively conscious. It is Jung who said that because Jung was the person who got his realization in his lifetime and he was a changed personality and he talked about it.

So you have to become, again I say it’s actualization, you have to become collectively conscious, it is not just saying, “Oh now we’re all brothers and sisters,” it’s not so. It is the awareness within us, the chaitana within us has to become enlightened with this new awareness. As human beings we have so much awareness, as I told you the other day, higher than that of animal and it has to be a higher awareness and unless and until it works out on that level, it is not a self-realization. So you have to feel your Spirit on your central nervous system, that you have to feel it in your hands, to feel it on your feet, to feel it on your back. You’ve to feel it on your central nervous system as you can feel anything like this wood or anything.

So the awareness has to be such that you must feel your Spirit flowing through you. Now this first power is important for many reasons because through this we try to express our seeking through bhakti. We worship God, we ask His help, we say, “God, please come and help us,” or we pray to Him, we have churches, mosques, all these just to pray to God so that He descends on this earth to help you. This is the bhakti on this side, left side. The right side is by which people did homas and yAgnyas in India and all the intellectual treatise people wrote about ascent and all that, is on the right side.

But human beings as they are normally they use the left side to express their desires and this desire that is the purest desire, the desire that is uncontaminated is the only desire which really we seek, is sitting down there called as Kundalini. It’s the purest desire within us and the desire is that we have to become one with the Divine. This is the only desire that is within us and which we should express, otherwise we’re not going to be happy. As I told you yesterday that material gain or material advantage goes up to a point and you’re not satisfied, it’s not satiable. So this desire which is sleeping because it has not yet manifested itself, you have not known the all-pervading power, your yoga has not been worked, the yoga has to take place.

Now these three powers are within us out of which, I told you, these are left and right sympathetic but this one is the parasympathetic nervous system and if you ask any doctor he’ll say, “I have no idea as to what this parasympathetic is like.” Moreover if you ask a doctor why the behavior of a particular chemical like adrenaline or acetycholine is so different in a human being at different places, he won’t be able to explain. But they’re honest, whatever they see is the science but whatever they do not see is no more there.

So to know about the science of God’s work, one has to become a subtler personality to be the Spirit. Without becoming the Spirit you will not feel these chakras, you will not feel these sides and you will not understand. So now what happens with people who are extremely emotional? They go too much on emotional side, then they start moving gradually that side, that side and beyond that lies the subconscious and beyond the subconscious lies the collective subconscious. Most of these gurus use these methods of pushing people into the left-hand side. “Now do your bhakti, do bhakti.” They go on doing bhakti, bhakti,bhakti and they go to that side. Now by going to the left-hand side in the collective subconscious, resides all that is dead since our creation.

Recently I saw a very nice film on cancer, the recent research on cancer and they said that cancer is caused by the triggering of cancer and this triggering is done by some sort of a protein, which they call Protein 58, Protein 52, all sorts of things, they give just the names because they don’t know. But one thing they definitely said that these proteins are built within us since our creation, means from collective subconscious which is correct. And that’s why I said that cancer is caused by this triggering within us.

Now I will explain to you how when we are too much on the left-hand side, how the diseases are caused. For example now we have in the center is the chakra here, the center is the chakra and on the left-hand side and right-hand side are these two powers. Now when we work too much of sympathetic nervous system, the chakra starts working like that and then suddenly they break. When this is broken then the connection with the whole is broken. When the connection with the whole is broken you become on your own, the cells become on their own, means they become malignant. A person who has broken connection with the whole society can be on his own and can become malignant to the society. Thus the cancer is caused within us. Once the cancer is caused within us there’s no way you can bring it back, and that’s why people cannot control the cancer.

But Sahaja Yoga can not only control but also can cure it because what we do is to just give vibrations to one of the centers there so that they get the energy that they’ve lost and they come back to that central point where they get the connection to the whole and the whole thing is controlled. In the cancer you know, one cell grows so much that the nose will start increasing more, the ear starts becoming big or something and they start oppressing other cells and that’s how cancer is very dangerous and according to doctors it is incurable, but not according to Sahaja Yoga. We can always cure cancer, you can cure cancer and if you get to Sahaja Yoga it’s very hard for you to get to cancer.

Now we have on the right-hand side, there are many diseases like, what are the names, like mellitus and all that; on the left-hand side what are the diseases, poliomyelitis and all sorts of these diseases which we do not understand, this Parkinson’s and viruses and all these diseases, polio, all these come from left side and they can be easily cured if you know how to get rid of these proteins that are invading you and how to make you relaxed and endowed with energy so that you go back to your normal condition. It’s so simple to do it.

Now we have on the right-hand side another power as I told you by which we think for the future and when we start thinking too much what we do, actually medically that I don’t know if the medical science accepts this thing, but it is so, that when we use the brain cells which is replaced by the fat cells of the stomach. It is all the time replacing the fat cells from the stomach and when this action takes place what this center, the center you see there, the Swadishthana which has to do this transformation of the fat cells for the use of the brain. Also it has to look after your liver, your pancreas and your spleen, your kidneys, your uterus. So when you start thinking too much the energy of this center is devoted more for the work of the transformation of the fat cells, and these organs suffer. That’s why people who think get diabetes. Normally the people who are working in the villages, they take so much of sugar, they never get diabetes because they don’t think, they don’t worry about tomorrow, they don’t have insurances, nothing of the kind. They just live for the present, they live happily, they don’t have to worry about, “What is going to happen to me tomorrow, what is this, what is that,” they are just doing what they have to do, so they don’t get diabetes. But thoose people who think too much always get diabetes. Now the nature is trying to give you a balance because it is working so much, on one side it has to be balanced and just to indicate it gives you a disease called diabetes which only can be cured through Sahaja Yoga if you know how to give yourself a balance.

Another disease which comes to you very often the disease of high blood pressure and tension and kidney troubles. This comes to you because of the same thing, if you think too much then what happens that the energy that is to be used also for looking after the kidneys is completely neglected, it doesn’t get that energy which is required by the kidneys and so you get the problems in the kidneys and the blood pressure and tension rises and you suffer from blood pressure, high blood pressure and hypertension and ultimately it results sometimes into all other troubles like, hypertension leads you to paralysis, to things like paralysis and, you see, you get complete paralysis and you can get also a temperament where you have no memory, amnesia. Amnesia, absolutely you forget the past, absolutely you don’t remember of the past, that can also happen to you.

So all these things happen because when this is working too much, as a by-product it produces a yellow thing as you see like a bile, is the ego. This one produces the superego on the left-hand side and this one produces the ego. And when this ego envelops your brain all these things happen that you forget the past and you get hypertension, the whole ego collapses. I’ve seen people getting balloons and balloons of ego on their heads. And then they come to Me that, “I’m suffering from this disease and that disease.”

Then you have another disease of the liver. People have two types of liver, all organs are of two types, one is lethargic, another is over-active. When you’re over-active you’re on this line, when you’re inactive you’re on that line. So over-active liver can be creating nausea and all these things, what you call, the biliousness in a personality and can lead you to horrible diseases like cirrhosis of the liver. It’s a very serious disease and can come to you without doing any harm to yourself. Now this is an important thing to understand that doctors always give medicines, general medicine like you should not have sugar, everybody’s told not to have sugar, whether you have diabetes or not.

But the people who are suffering from liver must take sugar, it’s important. If they don’t take sugar then liver cannot be improved. I’m talking about liver because I found that in Kuala Lumpur many people are suffering from liver trouble. But there can be a liver which is also lethargic. If it is a lethargic liver then you have to take calcium or things like calcium, which give you…, the lethargy is removed and you get more active.

This is another trouble that comes to you is a very serious trouble, comes to you from the spleen. A person who is a very hectic person, who is very tense, who is all the time working, like eating your breakfast in the morning in the car, then rushing about and shouting at everyone and who’s a hectic person, always in emergency gets the problem called as leukemia, blood cancer. The reason is this spleen starts getting hectic itself because it has to produce red blood corpuscles for the use of this emergency. Now the emergency’s so hectic that the poor thing goes mad, actually it becomes crazy. When it becomes crazy it starts producing blood cells at different points with different frequencies and with different sizes.

That is how we are vulnerable to leukemia and if there is triggering, immediately you get leukemia, and leukemia is a fast moving disease and it kills people in no time. You’ll be amazed that Sahaja Yoga has cured leukemia of many people and it settles you down with the proper speed and proper understanding, because we are human beings, we’re not machines one must understand, we should not try to move like machines, otherwise we’ll become machines. Those people who’ve used machines too much, they don’t even recognize their fathers, their mothers, their wives, their children, they’ve become just like machines.

You’d be amazed that in a place like London it’s a fact that two children are killed by parents every week. Can you imagine? And they don’t mind it, they don’t mind, “What’s wrong?” Everything, “What’s wrong?” you see. It’s like a machine, they have no feelings left. Thank God you’re not there. Sometimes I feel that these people have lost all the contact with their heart, there’s no heart, only the brain, the brain is thinking all the time, all the time the brain is thinking. But the heart is not working. So when you become like a machine and you’re so hectic and all that, these problems come to you, like leukemia. And we have to understand that if there is no energy left within us, if we have exhausted all our energy then what’s going to happen to us? If all the petrol is finished then what do you do? You get tense, isn’t it? In the same way if all your energy’s exhausted in this kind of hectic work you get completely exhausted and that exhaustion brings another problem also of another nature that you might get a heart attack.

Now heart attack is a very interesting thing, one has to understand. Heart attack comes to people who think too much, who plan for future. Because they’re outside, they’re extroverts, they have no attention on their Spirit and the Spirit resides in the heart and under these circumstances when the ego develops so much it covers the whole head, it also covers the heart. And when that pushing takes so much pressure on the heart you get the heart attack. So the heart attack person is not to be pitied at all because he’s to be told frankly, because he has to be an aggressive man who gets a heart attack, he’s to be told that he should take his life easy, not push others, not push himself into this rat race. This rat race is a maddening thing and this is the balance that the nature is giving you. The interesting part of it, those who suffer from heart actually have worked with their brains. They have worked very hard with their brains so heart goes out. But those who work with their heart, people who are hysterical and all the time crying, weeping, their brain goes out, they become, what you call in American language, gaga. They just become funny. That’s what is the balance of the nature that comes to you. A doctor told Me that in a lunatic asylum you never use anything that is connected with the heart because there’s no problem of the heart, heart is always sound. And a person only gets problems in the head, not in the heart. It’s surprising , when he’s working with his heart, he gets the head problem.

So one has to understand that one has to be balanced and that is why all these primordial masters came on this earth to tell you, “Be in balance. Keep in balance. Do not go to extremes.” You have to be in the central path and you are not to do anything extreme, has been told by everyone because a balance must be maintained. Everything has to be in balance. Supposing your car is going on one wheel, will it move? It cannot, you have to balance it, even if there are two wheels to a bicycle you have to sit on it to balance it. So if you have to ascend you have to balance and that balance has to come through understanding of religion and religion doesn’t mean by any chance the religion you think of, which hates others, you have a clubbing, which makes another group and which fights with others. It’s not that, religion is within us, is the capacity, we can say it is the valency of man, as the carbon has four valencies, the man has ten valencies. He has to keep his ten valencies and these are the Ten Commandments. In every religion these Ten Commandments are regarded as the highest goal for any human being.

But for a Sahaja Yogi the highest goal is the Spirit. Why this balance, is for your resurrection, for your rebirth. If there is no balance within you then there is a problem. But that does not mean that if some of you are not in balance it will not work out. Kundalini has such a sense now, it has become such a sensible thing now, all of you have this Kundalini, your Mother, She’s become so sensible in these special times of resurrection that She really gives you balance, everything, She corrects you and She just comes up.

Today we had somebody who had a liver problem, the Kundalini was just going and pushing at his liver, all the time. You could see very clearly the pulsation, you could see the pulsation, first it started there and then it went to the liver. It was pulsating there and you could see its working and then when I soothed down the liver, then it went up, very slowly it came up. It was suggesting that, “Look after the liver of this person, he’s very sick,” and he was a liver patient.

So this is how the Kundalini is, She’s your Mother, She’s very kind and She’s the one who looks after all these centers when She goes up and pierces through. What happens, She links up all these centers. Now all these centers have their seats in the brain, all these centers have their seats in the brain, for example, this is Agnya chakra, is there and the seat is also here. Now you have got here is the Vishuddhi chakra, then here is the Heart chakra. Then you have got the Nabhi chakra and round it is the Swadishthana and in the center is the Mooladhara chakra. All these chakras are in the limbic area that you see there, around the limbic area there. Now this is the cross-section but I’m saying if you cut it this way then you can see all these seven chakras lined up on a line up there. So when the Kundalini goes through the Sahasrara, it penetrates through all these chakras and there She arrives at the top of the head, our head and what you find that you are completely integrated, means your physical being, your emotional being, your mental being, your spiritual being all is integrated. There’s no problem, there is no question.

You see, like some people want to drink but they think, “Oh drinking is not good, I should not drink,” but they just can’t do it. They’re empowered to do it, they just want to do something, they just can’t do it. But here once you become realized and you develop yourself whatever you desire works out to that whatever is desired, and the whole being, whole being is so integrated, so beautifully integrated there’s no struggle left within yourself. And you work out the whole thing in such a manner that it pleases your Spirit, not only that, but God Almighty Himself, God Almighty Himself helps you in every way possible as I told you yesterday. But this is a serious work, I must say, Sahaja Yoga is not possible in people are frivolous, who are cheap, who have no respect for themselves, who are people who are wavered, who do not care for the realization and for higher life. You see, that’s how Sahaja Yoga spreads very slowly, it doesn’t spread so fast.

You will not believe, this is the third year I’m in Kuala Lumpur, this is the third year I’m trying. Last year we had few people, very few people. I started with very few people and gradually it is going to come to you but a day will come when there would be many in this Kuala Lumpur who’ll be joining you. But of course, those who are frivolous, cheap type, egoistical and those who think no end of themselves, those who don’t want to seek, we cannot force on to them. Remember that never discuss Sahaja Yoga with people who are not interested in it, no use breaking your head and breaking your neck with these people who are so useless, like Christ has said, “Don’t throw your pearls.” In the same way, we cannot convince a person through reasoning to that extent, we can logically bring it to a point to say that we must seek and we must seek the Spirit and nothing else. But if somebody doesn’t have seeking, he has no desire to it, you cannot force him, even if you force him, he cannot digest it. So the most important thing is to find the Spirit and as he said, it’s Sat Chit Anand, it’s the nature of the Spirit.

The nature of the Spirit is so beautiful that first thing it gives you the Sat. Sat means the truth. Through the Spirit manisfestation within your attention you can find out the truth. For example, the gentleman asked today about somebody. Supposing he gets realization, he doesn’t have to ask, he just have to see the vibrations and see that he’ll get burning on both his hands, maybe blisters from these people, the so-called Brahma Kumaris. He’ll catch it, it is true that these people have such horrible methods that they really burn you sometimes and sometimes they give you blisters. So that’s how you will know what is right and what is wrong. You don’t have to think about it, you cannot rationalize it, you just have to feel it through your hands, so it gives you the truth. Sitting down here if you want to know about somebody, how is that person, you just put your hands like this and you can feel what sort of chakra he has got, what is he catching, what is his problem, how to do it. We knew about so many people like this sitting dowm here. So in the attention it becomes collective consciousness. In the attention it becomes the chitta, the attention becomes the collective consciousnessa and the chitta comes, the attention comes through your liver. So through your brain you know the truth, you know about every person, where is the Kundalini, how it is moving, where it is going, through your brain you understand everything because the brain is enlightened and you start seeing much more than you have seen before. And then through your liver you start getting the collective consciousness because the attention becomes enlightened by collective consciousness.

For example if you have come in the room and there is no light, you cannot understand, you may say, “This door is the room, this chair is the room, this rod is the room,” you’ll go on fighting on that. But once the light is put, you see the whole thing together, you see the relative position of each other because now you see the absolute. And that’s what happens to you when you know the Spirit, means Satya, means the truth, the truth comes to you and everything that you know through it is the truth. Then it is the chitta, as I told you, becomes collectively conscious, the chitta itself the attention becomes so sukshma, so subtle, you can feel others’ Kundalini, you can feel their problems, you can understand them and you can understand each and every problem of another person and of your own person because your attention has now become subtler and can enter into that subtler position when you have to know about others. Normally you will never know about the chakras of others sitting down here. So by that you can diagnose a person’s disease.

I told a person that, “You have such-and-such disease,” he could not believe it. I said, “You go and check up,” and he had that disease. He said, “Mother, how did you know, I never felt the symptoms.” I said, “Only on the fingers, anybody can feel it.” So there’s nothing to go to the library or to go to any laboratory to find out and put… Imagine these people have such horrible methods of finding out the diseases. By the time they find it, you’re half-dead but here you don’t have to do anything like that. Just through your vibrations you can find out what’s wrong with the person and you treat the person and get the best out of it. So that is what it is that your attention becomes enlightened and that’s how there are so many things that it is not possible for Me to tell you in this short time.

But when you come to Sahaja Yoga you yourself will be amazed how things are working out. Like a lady was there, a Sahaja Yogini and she was wanting some Sahaja Yogi to come and help her and suddenly somebody walked into his room. He said, “How did you came?” He said, “I don’t know, I just felt I must come and see you, so I got into the bus and I came here.” Like that, so many things will happen and you’ll be amazed how this attention works out.

Then the third thing that you get from the nature of Spirit is the joy. Joy is not duality, it is not sorrow nor unhappiness and happiness. It is just joy, it has no duality. You just start seeing, seeing the play, the drama and whether it is a tragedy or a comedy you see and the joy is a state of mind in which you are sbsolutely relaxed. You just feel your peace within yourself, you enjoy that peace, abide in it and give that peace to others. Even such a peaceful person is sitting next to someone, for example, in Singapore I used to live with a gentleman who was a drunkard, drink a lot and I had to live with him. The other day he came and told that, “I was a wild man and she never told me anything but now I’ve become all right.” Because I was just then I was not just not saying anything to him and he just, he’s all right now. He’s very normal, he’s normalized because the atmosphere that is created out of the waves of your personality just settles down upon a person and he becomes a normal person, absolutely settled down. And this is what it is.

It’s such a joy-giving thing, it’s such a fun, the whole thing becomes such a fun, half of the time the Sahaja Yogis are only laughing and enjoying the jokes and it’s so wonderful. There’s nothing to be serious, one feels and that the way God manifesting within us. This is God’s work and God’s work has to be treated the way it is. It’s a dignified thing, it’s a glorifying thing that is the work human beings are supposed to do. That’s why you have come on this earth. You have come on this earth to know your purpose and the truth is your purpose is to serve God and to serve Him with your Spirit. May God bless you all.

I hope I’ll be able to come next year again and stay here for a longer period and we’ll have more people and more people. But first of all you who get realization today and those who do not even get should work it out. Now we have given you our address, you can always go to Mr. Lum and his wife is there and we have other Sahaja Yogis also, as I told you, Betty Hubbell is here. You all should work it out and see that you achieve that perfection within you of a Sahaja Yogi, that’s important. This transition is a dangerous thing. In this transition and only many people drop out and then they appear again every year, so what’s the use? A month if you work it out seriously it will work out so beautifully that you’ll be amazed.

Now as far as the workshop is concerned we had it this morning but if you all have any problem you may write to Me and I would like to help you. Even if you write to Me I may be able to help you. If there’s any personal problem you must write to Me and you must get My address from these people.

I hope we’ll again do the meditation and awakening of the Kundalini today and let us see if it works out. If it works out, it’s a very good thing. Those who got yesterday, some of you might have lost it also because you must have started thinking, doesn’t matter. Now today again we have to re-establish it. It happens that you just start thinking about it and you lose it but it will be established very easily if you just go on progressing with yourself. First you must have respect for yourself, must understand that it is you who is getting it. It is your own power that is getting it. It’s you who are important and that you must look after yourself and you must not be illusioned about cheap things and cheap publicity of people. It is you who should respect, who should have faith in yourself, have confidence in yourself, because you are great, no doubt, you have to only discover how God has made you so great.

May God bless you all.