Shri Ganesha Puja: He is the tremendous purifying power

Perth (Australia)

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Shri Ganesha Puja. Perth (Australia), 1 March 1983.

…. To sustain our spirit. I think it is the quality of wisdom which is still lingering or is manifesting in many Australians, (unclear) which many have lost because they have taken to the gross side of materialism. Shri Ganesha is a tremendous purifying power, because it cannot be contaminated by anyone, whatever you may try, it cannot be contaminated. Only thing is, it may recede back, it may not manifest, but whatever it is, it is in its Absolute Form.
If you know how to use it, you can impart everyone. So, the responsibility of Australians, one must understand is very clear, because they are living in a country which is ruled by Shri Ganesha, so first they have to maintain their purity. Purity of their being. Many people sometimes think that purity is only limited to the gross side, that purity of their sex life is sufficient, it is not so. That is why Christ has said “Thou shalt not have adulterous eyes”, meaning, your eyes should be clear, and as you know, eyes represent both your ego and super-ego. So, when He said that your eyes should be clear, He meant that your thoughts should be clear.

Now, what is the generator of your power, we have to go deep into it and see how thoughts are created. The brain of human beings as you know, is like a pyramid. It’s elevated through a central point in a conical way, it’s the epitome, it’s the Brahmarandhra, and when this mind elevates to that state in human beings it goes into a tremendous change of its reactions to its environment. 

For example, an animal, if it sees a thing, it doesn’t think about it, there’s no reaction created. But only in human beings this reaction takes place because of its conical brain, we can say that this attention that’s coming in, goes into a parallelogram of forces, because we have two types of densities in our brain. There is also refraction, and because of refraction this parallelogram of forces acts in such a way that your attention goes out, and the attention that goes out, reacts. And when it reacts, the thought waves start coming in to us. You must have seen a lake. If you drop a stone in a lake, the waves start and they come to the shores of the lake, and then it is the shore that gives it another wave which goes back. In the same way, when human beings look at anything, they put attention to it, there is always a reaction that comes to you.

Now according to Christ, we have to have non-adulterous eyes, there should be no adultery. The word adultery in the pure sense is not so bad. Adultery means there should not be any mixture of what it exists, simple as that. When we say there is adulteration in the milk, we mean that it’s not purely milk but there’s something else in it. So, when you look at things, say this is a wall, a wall is a wall that’s all, what is there to think about? But a person who is not a realised soul will immediately start thinking about a wall even. Now depending upon the conditioning of a person, if a person is a very perverted soul, I don’t know what he would think of the wall because I can’t go to every limit of thinking also-I’m sorry I have certain limitations. But a person who is say a normal person, also may start thinking about the wall, how much it will cost and what will happen and this and that and all sorts of conditionings according to the money point of view, if he is money oriented. If he is ego oriented, then his thoughts would go reacting that same way. This is the adulteration, that when you look at things there is nothing to think about, what is there to think? Whatever is, it is, but we think that by thinking we solve the problems. Also, this kind of a myth exists among human beings, that when you look at something or you think about something then you solve the problem. It’s not true. It’s a myth, because thinking is just an empty process of the mind. It’s like a wave passing toward the shore and thinks that it can just engulf it or dissolve it completely. So, the thought is just an empty vessel which carries nothing. It cannot do anything; it cannot bring forth any fruit whatsoever.

Sometimes this statement might look very big and you might think how can that be Mother, we’ve done so much by thinking and this and that. But you’ve not, whatever you have done is through spontaneity because the unconscious has helped you, has given you the ideas, the inspiration, you have done everything through inspiration and not by your own thinking. Now there we do not want to agree, because we have to give up our ego because we think we have achieved it through our thinking. But when you think too much, too much, too much, like that, then what happens? The unconscious gives you the necessary information, because it has compassion, it has love for you and suddenly you find something there. You are just pushed into that corner where you find it. And for this you must know, it is Einstein is the person who says that the theory of relativity dawned upon him from somewhere unknown, because whatever is known is already there. And whatever is unknown you cannot find out by this brain which is thinking, but by the brain which is enlightened.

Now when He said, “Thou shalt not have adulterous eyes”, of course the adultery as we understand, is that we should not have lust in our eyes. But I would go still further to say that our attention has to be so pure that we should not have any idea of return coming to us from a particular thing, but just enjoying it, just the joy part of it. If I see a beautiful thing, then I am just enjoying it, not that I should possess it, nor should I think about it, nor do I need that I should repeat it. Just enjoy it as it is. Maybe if you just enjoy it you will just create it again. That’s the capacity one should have of purification.

So, sometimes people think that Sahaja Yoga is a very Victorian sort of a System in which you can’t lead a life like this and the freedom we have achieved and the abandonment we have achieved we cannot enjoy in Sahaja Yoga. But this virtue or this righteousness that we have condemned so far, is really the sustainer of life, is our quality, is our gold, is our wealth, is our property, is our security which we have lost, and we have to just again have a cleansing. It is there because if it is fundamentally eternal it cannot be lost, it cannot be permanently destroyed. It is like you have seen a brass metal or something like that, which gets covered with atmosphere, is black, red, yellow, every sort of a colour and ruined. But again, you polish it out, it comes back to it. But if it is gold, it is untarnishable, but if gold is allowed to rust in the dirty gutter or something, you cannot see it, it is covered with all kinds of things and you think it is just finished now. It exists all the time, our innocence exists within us. It’s not lost, it’s there, only it’s covered. Just like the sky can be covered with clouds, it is covered now because of the atmosphere, because of the way we try to dent it. That’s why I say don’t feel guilty, because if you feel guilty then you have a hand which is weak, a mind which is weak, a mind which is wobbly, and then you don’t want to cleanse yourself. But it exists all the time within us, untarnishable it exists within. You have to just get to it.

Now Shri Ganesha is the one who does that job for us. He is the one who cleanses it. That not He is the embodiment of purity, but He does that job. Only a person, or only the Deity which is embodiment of purity can do it. As like you can see a soap. Soap is the one which is in a quality, is a pure thing and it purifies too. Supposing it is not pure, it can become contaminated. In the same way our innocence is absolutely pure so it is our innocence itself cures ourselves. Just see this. The One which is lying under, which we have always repressed, which we have undermined, which we have not respected, comes to our help, and shines within us. It’s such a great blessing that we have so many eternal things existing within us, otherwise human beings would have been finished a long time back. There would have been no trace of human beings the way they have been playing about with their chastity, with their real power of their character. 

So, when it is very much always impressed in every religion that you have to lead a proper life, a sane life, the reason is this gold that is within you must be made to shine and the brilliance of such a face. You can see a person who leads a very fast life, as you call it, this. sallow face the sad life, and all kinds of unhappy lines on his face. But a person who starts shining one’s own being with that wisdom and that purity beams, absolutely beams with the lustre of Shri Ganesha. The innocence of Shri Ganesha, His playfulness, His joy, the way He enjoys joy, the way He manifests joy. He is the source of all the joys of the world. 

Now in English language there are no names given to joys, there is only one-word joy, and I find it sometimes difficult to describe the different kinds of joy that you can have at different levels of our evolution. But when you get to your Sahasrara the joy is called Nirananda. Now Nira is my name, you know that. Ananda means joy. Nira means that there is nothing else but joy. There is complete joy, no reaction, nothing just submerged in joy. That quality also evolves through the quality of Shri Ganesha. It’s the Shri Ganesha who evolves that quality of Nirananda within us. He goes into evolution gradually as you see up to Agnya Chakra (tape corrupted) until becomes Christ. That doesn’t mean that he goes into evolution, but we can see a seed growing into that tree and ultimately what we find is that we are sitting on top of that tree in joy like children. The joy that our heavenly Father has bestowed upon us at the Sahasrara.

Now the puja part of it one should understand. It is very important in Sahaja Yoga, but everybody should not be exposed to Puja to begin with, from two points of view. Sometimes the people who come to puja actually are not really worthy of it and then they react, they react to puja. They think why this puja and this is subservient and all sorts of things because they are not worthy of it, they have to find out some excuse to justify their unworthiness. So, we have to first find out if the person is worthy of puja or not. If the person is not worthy, it is better to leave the person alone till he becomes worthy of the puja because doubts and all those things can obstruct the flow of vibrations to other people and such a person can create a problem for others. So, it is not civil of that person also to be in the puja. If the person has not got an open heart and understanding of what puja is. Doing puja to any Deity as such is not an easy thing, especially to Shri Ganesha. (Volume on tape very low) Those people who do puja to Shri Ganesha should know that of course it has to be a Swayambhu, means the one that is created by Mother Earth. None other than Ganesha should be worshipped. And if they are not a realised soul, they can never worship Shri Ganesha. They cannot even think of Him, they cannot even take His name, it is so difficult to reach Shri Ganesha. But after realisation the first thing you have to do is to worship Shri Ganesha because that’s the basis on which you got your realisation. He’s the One first who got His crucifixion then His resurrection and it is the One who opened the path of realisation for you. So, you have to worship Him before any other Deity with the greatest sacrifices.

The greatest evolutionary ascent He achieved for your sake to become a human being to die and to suffer like a human being so that you should not find it difficult to get your realisation. Today when we say it’s so easy, how do you get it, we forget that people have done a lot of work to achieve it for you, to create the path. Like supposing I come to Perth. Say, when I was studying in schools, I used to read the word Perth, and I could not imagine that Indians could easily reach Perth from say just fly out and you are just there. But it’s possible today that we have achieved this kind of an ascent from India to Perth so easily because people have worked for it. People have sacrificed. How many people must have died creating an aeroplane, how many must have had shocks and things like that? We are so privileged to use their sacrifices for our benefit. We take it all for granted.

In the same way in spiritual ascent when we say it’s easy, it’s not so easy as you think, because it has worked out since ages in a very deep way, and even your Mother has worked very hard to achieve it. So, somebody has done the job. So if it is easy you should thank your stars that it’s not difficult for you instead of doubting why is it so easy that you want to contribute something to it, alright you can, but first take advantage of what is available and then you can contribute something more to it. If you have not known an ordinary aeroplane, how are you going to build a complicated one? So first know that whatever is achieved in Self-realisation and the cleansing power of Shri Ganesha. Establish Shri Ganesha within you. First of all, you must establish Him and then you can use it for others, for yourself and for bettering and bettering the methods of Sahaja Yoga that you have learnt.

That’s how Shri Ganesha is so important for all the Sahaja Yogis; to be understood in all its aspects, but this principle is very enormous I should say. The principle is very spread out, it’s very subtle, so to understand in all its aspects is not an easy thing. The only thing you can do is to become One with it, like the ocean. If you become One with the ocean you become the ocean. Just become One with it and that’s how it works out.

But if you use your brains to understand it, your brain cannot even capture a wink of it. So the best thing is that you just be humble about the whole process, just to try to become One with it, and those who can achieve that will realise that they have become joy themselves and they have those joy-giving qualities, they have those qualities by which they just give bliss and peace to others. Just them being there itself is sufficient to create this feeling. I always have great hopes on Australia and I’m sure that one day it will happen here in a big way. And when it happens here, we’ll achieve greater results in in other places. I have to work hard, and you all have to work very hard to understand the importance of this country, your importance as Australians.

Just before Puja, I would like, anyone who has an immediate question, because I don’t want the Puja (Unclear … tape corruption) The one who is a householder, the one who stays in the house (unclear) Establish, establish (unclear) Or we should say (unclear)

So, a great message to Perth, and this centre is the door. This is the door of Shri Ganesha and you have to find more people who are true seekers, and don’t quarrel with people who are doubting Sahaja Yoga, just don’t quarrel. Gradually all of them have to come and if they don’t come don’t despair, that’s alright, that’s their luck. So, you just don’t argue on that point. Don’t waste your energy arguing with them. We have other methods of convincing them: of giving them bandhan, of all the Nirmala Vidyas that you use.

So, you don’t despair and you don’t get angry with them, because they’re ignorant and you must know your past also, how you behaved towards Sahaja Yoga in the beginning and then you will be kind to them. Be kind. Gradually everyone has to come, those who are seekers. We’ll see that they’re all in before we close the doors.

Is your last chance……………this must have come from Shri Ganesh

Yogi: We would have like to have taken you to Ayres Rock to…

Shri Mataji: Yes, I would like to see, but how far is it?

Yogi: (Maybe Warren Reeves) It’s quite a long way and it means one air journey to Alice Springs to the Centre and then another smaller plane to the place, we could do it, if you wish. (Unclear) It’s such a beautiful place full of vibrations.

Shri Mataji: I’ll see tomorrow (unclear) so if you could have some things.

Yogi: (Maybe Warren Reeves) Actually we could put together a little exhibition.

Shri Mataji: Yes, you can see the trunk going like that, what more you want?

Yogi: (Maybe Warren Reeves) And it’s exactly on the parallel  latitude of Chindwara

Shri Mataji: As Chindwara, In Capricorn?

Yogi: Exactly, not within a few degrees but exactly!

Shri Mataji: What is the latitude?

Yogi: It’s 22 or 23 degrees

Shri Mataji: And altitude?

Yogi: I think it’s on a plateau about 1800 feet or something like that!

Mother asks some other questions maybe longitude

Shri Mataji: We should find out what is on the other side!

Yogi: Should we begin with Your Mantras Mother or Shri Ganesha’s

Shri Mataji: Shri Ganesha’s Mantras is alright, take shoes of washing my feet please (unclear)