Workshop in the Park, Mother Are You The Holy Ghost?

Adelaide (Australia)


Workshop in the Park, Adelaide, Australia, March 5th, 1983.

Shri Mataji: This centre what we call as “left Vishuddhi”. Now have you told them about left Vishuddhi?
Sahaja Yogi: No, not the specific sides, just the general things of it.
Shri Mataji: All right.
Now, this left Vishuddhi comes to you if you have said mantras wrongly. You see, the mantras are to be said only when there is a realised soul who knows what mantras are to be said. And if you do not know about it, you accept the mantras. Anybody who tells you, “Say this mantra”, you just start saying it, without understanding, whether it is given by an authority or not. Also you don’t know whether it is meant for you or not. Maybe it is not required for some. Any particular mantra may not be required. And some of the mantras are absolutely absurd things. So mantras also, it’s a very big science. And just now I am feeling the left Vishuddhi. Also one feels it, even if you have not taken mantras, if you have been feeling guilty. Like, you see, if you are used to confessions and things like that, if you are used to a situation where you feel that “I’m guilty for this”. You know, the norms of today’s modern life are so funny, that even for small thing you have to feel guilty. For example if you put the fork in a wrong way, you feel guilty: “Oh God, I should not have done this.” Like that, the life is so complicated, but very, very small things can also make you feel guilty. So if you are feeling guilty also you feel this centre very much.

Now, this centre is very important, because if this centre is not all right, then Kundalini doesn’t rise. She pulls this, at this point. Half of it is pulled out. And there is a blockage. And so Kundalini does not rise. Now, one should not feel guilty about anything, whatsoever! There is nothing to feel guilty or to going for confessions and all the time saying, “I am such a sinner” and I should not have done this and I should not have done that. Because, as I told you yesterday, God is the ocean of love, He is the ocean of compassion and He is the ocean of forgiveness. So we should not unnecessarily condemn ourselves. Moreover you are the temple of God. And if you condemn yourself like that, that “I’m good for nothing, I am useless”, then you are condemning that temple which is created by God. You have not created yourself. So you have no right to condemn yourself. Now little mistakes if you have done doesn’t matter. Because I am talking of the ocean. So little mistakes here and there can always be corrected. So one should not feel guilty.
Now see, are you feeling the vibrations in hands? Let’s see.
Sahaja Yogi: Can I ask, can you hear Mother, over there?
Shri Mataji: Come along, if you can’t hear, come along here.
Sahaja Yogi: Can you come? There is some nice space over, just around here, if there is anybody at the back who can’t hear. It’s a little difficult with the traffic noises. Mother is talking about this centre which is represented on this finger here. And saying that it can catch if, if there are mantras spoken which are inappropriate. If the mantras being spoken or chanted are wrong, are inappropriate or there is not an authority to use those mantras, then the left Vishuddhi is out. And at the moment Mother is feeling that left Vishuddhi here. Also another reason for that is a sense of guilt. If you feel a sense of guilt, guilt for anything that you’ve done. And Mother is pointing out that… that guilt, I mean, what have we done? Little, little things, whatever sins that we have committed. How can we feel guilty when God is all compassion, all love, all forgiveness? So it’s forgiving others and forgiving ourselves and also stopping unauthorized mantras, which can clear that catch, on this, which is represented on this left finger here, the left Vishuddhi.
Shri Mataji: That means you have to be cheerful people. When you are entering into the kingdom of God you have to be cheerful people. Now, so many people who have a heart trouble are very much affected by this blockage. If there is, this blockage is there, it’s difficult to cure the heart of a person. So first of all we should say that, “We are not guilty at all.” Believe Me, you are not guilty. If you believe Me, it will work out.
It’s better now? (towards the Yogi sitting in front)
Sahaja Yogi: The same.
Shri Mataji: Same? Not feeling anything. ? Put it up. It will help you. Better now. Are you feeling guilty?
Sahaja Yogini: I’m not feeling anything.
Shri Mataji: But are you feeling guilty?
Sahaja Yogini: I try not to.
Shri Mataji: Yes, you are,
Sahaja Yogi: She tries not to. [Laughter]
Shri Mataji: But why? Just say, “I’m not guilty.” Can you say that: “Mother, I am not guilty.” Say it within yourself. Just say it honestly, say you are not guilty, that’s all.

Better now, working out.
Just say one little thing, “Mother I am not guilty”. This is a mantra to overcome this center. [Shri Mataji laughs] It is a simple mantra to say that.
Sahaja Yogi: “Mother I am not guilty” it’s the mantra for the left Vishuddhi.
Shri Mataji: Just put your hands straight.
From Hamsa.
Are you alright?
Sahaja Yogi: Yes.
Shri Mataji: [Hindi/Marathi]
What about you people, you are feeling it? Good.
(to the one in front) Are you still not feeling?
Sahaja Yogi: Little warm.
Shri Mataji: Warm, all right, doesn’t matter, warm will be alright.

Now first of all let us correct that there should be a feeling already starting; it may be that it is little warm, alright.
Now this one, this finger (little finger) is a little bit touching. Now this is a very important finger because this represents the heart, the organ, the heart. That means that you have to accept that you are the Spirit, because the Spirit resides in your heart. So you have to accept that you are the heart and Spirit cannot commit any mistakes also. So both things walk hands in hands. You have to accept that you are the Spirit. So you can again put your right hand on your.
Sahaja Yogi: This finger here which is the left heart which is the source of the Spirit.
Shri Mataji: No, is the-
Sahaja Yogi: is the Spirit.
Shri Mataji: So you have to say: “I’m the Spirit.” Say with full confidence: “I’m the Spirit.” Spirit means the “atma” and not the Spirit that we know of the spirits [Shri Mataji laughs] which about I am going to tell you tonight.
Shri Mataji: Better now? [Ttowards the Yogi sitting in front]
Sahaja Yogi: [inaudible]
Shri Mataji: It can’t even cross Hamsa.
Are you feeling better by saying that? Are you feeling the cool breeze?
Sahaja Yogini: [inaudible]
Shri Mataji: You had some guru or someone?
Sahaja Yogini: No.
Shri Mataji: No one. [Shri Mataji makes a bandhan]
Shri Mataji: Don’t worry, it’ll work out. [To the Yogi sitting in front]
I’m going to see everyone individually. Alright? But let us see how far it goes we can do it.
Oh better, it’s improving.
Mother earth is very nice.
[Shri Mataji touches the ground and put her fingers on her forehead]
I have to bow to Australia, this land, to suck in your problems.
Started sucking.
So now it’s cooled down.

All right? You came today or you have come yesterday. Yesterady or today? Now, if you are feeling hot, very hot, the thing, if it is, the sensation is hot that means first of all, you must be having a liver problem. If not, you could have been to some guru and that’s why there is an opposition. So now, what you do, is to put your right hand on your liver. I’m sorry, left hand on your liver. Left hand on your liver.
Hum, ok. Is it still hot? Better now?
Just put it comfortable on your laps.

All the skin troubles come from liver. Allergies come from lethargic liver. And those who have other troubles of the liver, like sometimes you feel like vomiting, nauseating, your attention is not all right, all that comes from bad liver.
So for that we have to understand that, carbohydrates are required to compensate for the over-activity that you are doing. Now, if you get tonight some sugar and salt, all of you, I will vibrate it for you and you can use it. That will solve your problem of the liver.
It’s better now, just put it like that straight. Are you feeling better?
Sahaja Yogini: It’s cold.
Shri Mataji: See, it cooled down. Now don’t doubt, it is cool. I mean, cool and hot, even a child can say. So there is nothing to doubt.
Sahaja Yogi: The meeting Mother is tomorrow night
Shri Mataji: I’m sorry, tomorrow night. The meeting is tomorrow night.
Sahaja Yogi: So for those who didn’t hear what Mother said rice and sugar and salt, you bring in to the programm on Monday night and She will vibrate it. You put it with your household supply and then it will be vibrated and will clear these problems which we are speaking about. So bring a small quantity, maybe half a kilo, something like that.
Shri Mataji: Also water, if you have got spring water, you can bring spring water because this water is very troublesome.
Sahaja Yogi: Yes spring water is better.
Shri Mataji: [Shri Mataji laughs] Thanls to floods.
Sit down.
How are you today, alright good morning!
It’s better.
Now one has to know that the sprouting of the seed has taken place. But to make it grow more you have to work on other people. You have to give it to others. If you don’t learn to share it, then it doesn’t grow. It will again subside. And it will be, you will feel that you have lost your vibrations. So the best thing would be that you must learn how to give it to others.
Now who is feeling cool breeze among you can come and now try on this gentleman. Let’s see, one or two persons, , let’s try how it works out. Anybody would like to try? Alright.
Sahaja Yogi: Mother’s going to show you how to work it out in a kind of a show. Go forward, if you’re feeling the cool breeze.
Shri Mataji: One or two persons, now come along. Now come along. You sit down here. Come along. Sit down like this, all right? So all of you can see them. Now, can you come to work Warren?
Warren: Yes.
Shri Mataji: As it is now you are putting both the hands towards Me. All right? First of all. Now when I’m not there, you can use My photograph because photograph also has got vibrations. Till you feel all right you can use it, the photograph.
She’s very pale and liver is very bad.
Sahaja Yogi: I think she’s… You’ve been to this divine light business?
Lady: oh I don’t know it. I just don’t know it.
Sahaja Yogi: She has been a disciple of the guru Maharaji
Lady: No, I haven’t got knowledge, I’ve just been going to the meetings.
Sahaja Yogi: Going to the meetings, that’s the same.
Shri Mataji: Knowledge, never have God knowledge.
Sahaja Yogi: You’ll never get it anyway.
Shri Mataji: All right, now, yes, all right, now put your hand. You never get the knowledge, you get the mesmerism. Alright, put it on that. Let’s see, now, let’s see now.
[To a standing Yogi] You just tell Me. Please put your left hand towards me, the right hand on top [of the head of the sitting man] and tell Me what you feel on your fingers.
Sahaja Yogi: I get heat on that one [left hand].
Shri Mataji: That’s all right,
You have been to some guru also. Have you not been?
You see, if it is catching on the left hand side that means either you have some emotional problem or you have been to a wrong guru. All right? That’s it
She too has the same problem. Alright?
Sahaja Yogi: Same thing, heat on the left side.
Shri Mataji: Now, what you do you put your hand down there and you have to say that “Mother, I’m my own guru!” Just say that. Establish your guru principle, that’s all.
Sahaja Yogi: Say it in your heart now.
Shri Mataji: “I’m my own master”. “I’m my own guru”.
You all can do it, those who have been to guru, you all can do it. Please, put your-as they have put left hand towards me and right hand here [left Nabhi].
Sahaja Yogi: Come over and do it here. One of you come over here and do it.
Shri Mataji: Better?
Sahaja Yogi: So you can feel it
Shri Mataji: See. Go on saying that. Just close your eyes and say that. Just close your eyes and say “Mother, I am my own guru.” Just say that.
Things will improve, you’ll see that.
Sahaja Yogi: It starts to cool down on the left hand.
Shri Mataji: Now better, see.
Sahaja Yogi: Yes it is.
Shri Mataji: See it is.

Better now.
[To a standing Yogi] Alright.
[to a man sitting] Alright? Good. All right now? All right.
Now this is your mantra for the time being. Is to say: “Mother I am my own guru”, use my photograph and you have to say that and it will be corrected. See now, it’s better. Can you see in your finger? See your fingers; you see how fingers are, there is enlightenment in this part (end of finger) but this part is not so good, alright?
Now this kind of a hand if you see, yellowish colour,
Sahaja Yogi: it’s liver.
Shri Mataji: It means liver. This is a liver patient, definitely a liver patient, this one. Now, for such a hand, what should you do, is to take the water that I’ve given you and boil it with radish leaves. And take radish leaves and sugar with it. That water you have to take for some time. Specially when you have this flood water. After that you should be careful, because people can get jaundice. You see, this flood is not such a disaster. The after effects of floods are. This water is not good, you should not take any other water but spring water. Spring water you should drink and as far as possible be careful about jaundice. If jaundice sets in, the only solution is that you should take radish leaves, eat lot of radish and boil it in that water that I give you today and put some sugar in it and just take that water, nothing else.
Because that’s one thing one has to be careful when such a flood comes in the after effects of the floods can be felt. All right? So we have to save the Realised souls. They are very precious to God. And you must know how to save yourself from all these problems. So you are – you should go when you drink the water today you also radish leaves, you should take. Boil them. All right? It doesn’t taste very well, put the sugar in it. And you take that water for some time and not any other water, as far as possible, say 2 days or 3 days. Immediately you will find, this will go away and you will feel better. Now, it’s better now. It’s the colour is much better, can you see that? It’s much better colour now?
Sahaja Yogi: The red is coming back.
Shri Mataji: The red is coming now, see? It’s much better, see, but it has to be done in such a way that it’s established. See now her hand. See now, her hand is better, you see? Sahaja Yogi: This is normal colour, that redness, allright?
Shri Mataji: (looking at the other right hand) Still yellow,
Lady: Yes
Shri Mataji: Still yellow, still yellow, but not that much. It’s very yellow thing, all right?
Jaundice. Do you get jaundice in this country?
Sahaja Yogi: Yes, very much.
Shri Mataji: So one should know how to treat jaundice and look after yourself. Jaundice is really, could be fatal and it’s very dangerous, because it spoils your liver very badly. So, to be on the safe side, eat lot of radish and also take that water as I told you, for your jaundice. Are you all right now? Now let us see two other people.
Sahaja Yogi: All right, come. Couple of other people come forward.
Shri Mataji: Now you come here. Both of you. Let’s start. Now, who will try? [Hindi/Marathi] One more person who would like to work. Anyone who wants to work out?
You see, they are here. Why don’t you come?
Come here, that’s it.
You have been to some gurus?
Man: Yes.
Shri Mataji: Which one?
Man: None specifically.
Shri Mataji: Hum?
Man: None specifically.
Shri Mataji: To everyone.
Man: No, I just moved around.
Shri Mataji: You are a seeker. All right, doesn’t matter! So for you the best is, first of all to put this hand down there. And you have to say, that “Mother, I’m my own guru.” Is she getting cool breeze on her head?
Sahaja Yogi: Cool. You work on here.
Shri Mataji: Here, you just work on him. He’s a difficult…
Is it cool on her head?
Sahaja Yogi: Yes.
Shri Mataji: It’s all right. Are you feeling all right, My child?
Sahaja Yogi: Put your left hand to Mother, and your right hand and left hand. You tell Her what you feel.
Shri Mataji: Give him a bandhan [To the Indian seeker who is working on a man].
Sahaja Yogi: We do this to protect the-
Shri Mataji: [Hindi/Marathi]
See his hands are shaking on the right. [Hindi/Marathi]
Sahaja Yogi: Still shaking.
Shri Mataji: Shaking. [Hindi/Marathi] [Hindi/Marathi; the Indian seeker leaves]
Sahaja Yogi: Somebody else come on here.
Shri Mataji: I’ll just tell you what is to be done. Now, if your right hand shakes before the photograph. You see, there are so many permutations and combinations, but some of the major ones, I’ll tell you. If the right hand shakes means you work very hard, first of all, you think too much of the future, you are using too much of your right side energy, which I will show. [Hindi/Marathi] No time for the family! [Hindi/Marathi]
Under these, under these circumstances you have to put your right hand towards the photograph or towards Me just now and put your left hand – if your right hand is shaking. Is it shaking now? See for yourself.
Sahaja Yogi: In front of photo, if your right hand is shaking, you put your right hand to Mother-
Shri Mataji: And the other on the Mother Earth!
Sahaja Yogi: If your right hand is hot or shaking put your right hand to the Mother and your left hand on the earth. Just for those people only.
Hot or more hot on the left or shaking.
Shri Mataji: Centre heart.
Sahaja Yogi: Put it towards Mother and the other hand on the earth.
Shri Mataji: You get asthma?
Sahaja Yogi: What you’re doing is you are acting as a transmitter or the battery, and cool.
Shri Mataji: Now, is he all right?
Sahaja Yogi: Is he getting cooler?
Shri Mataji: Now, will you say that “Mother, I am my own teacher”, “I am my own Guru” We don’t have to search any gurus. Is somebody getting the right hand shaking? Just see. Sit down.
Sahaja Yogi: Check it now. Everybody just check it, to see how the right hand is.
Shri Mataji: [Hindi/Marathi]
Sahaja Yogi: Work on this. It’s a little blocked. It’s really hot here, Mother, on when she’s feeling.
Shri Mataji: All right? Press it hard.
Sahaja Yogi: She’s feeling a severe heat there.
Shri Mataji: Press it hard. He must have taken some drugs also Left Nabhi is here.
Did you take some drugs?
Sahaja Yogi: Not so much.
Shri Mataji: But you did sometimes. Because you see, everything has an effect.
A little bit. Now, let’s see, is better?
Are you married?
Man: No.
Shri Mataji: So you will be marrying. You’ve not decided not to marry, have you?
Man: That’s right!
Shri Mataji: You will marry in case,?
Man: I will.
Sahaja Yogi: You’re quite happy to get married, are you?
Man: Yes.
Shri Mataji: Yes, all right.
Now see, better?
Sahaja yogi: Are you feeling less heat on left?
Lady: Heat is less. It’s not completely gone, but it’s less.
Sahaja Yogi: Less. OK, that’s clear then.
Shri Mataji: See how you are feeling. You see, you are yourself feeling now. Yesterday you got your Realization, today you are feeling it!
Now tell them how to raise the Kundalini! All of you can see how to raise the Kundalini of other people. Can you see them? Tell them how to do it! There you are.
[Shri Mataji speaks with 2 other people while a Sahaja Yogi explains the raising of Kundalini]
Sahaja Yogi standing: Put your hand down at the bottom of the lowest chakra. And you work in this fashion. Put your attention here.
Shri Mataji: This is left Swadishthana. Means you have been to some guru also before.
Lady: Christianity
Shri Mataji: Hum?
Sahaja Yogi: Christianity
Shri Mataji: Christianity.
Sahaja Yogi standing: Keeping your eyes closed at first to keep your attention inside, then turn it about seven times and knot it once. Bring it down like that. And again same. Keep your attention inside.
Shri Mataji: Now tell them also.
Hum, all right, better now.
Sahaja Yogi: Turn it
Shri Mataji: Even you see, Christianity that we follow is not actual, you see, because they don’t give you actually the baptism. It’s all artificial stuff going on in Christianity. All right? And I’ll better see. Better now? Yes. [Inaudible]
Sahaja Yogi standing: Three times and bring it down. Now check the vibrations and you’ll find that there might be a slight increase in the vibrations.
Keep your eyes closed.
Shri Mataji: Tremendous you are, really! He is getting vibratory sensation.
Sahaja Yogi standing: Don’t let your attention go at the moment, just while you’re checking the vibrations and keep your attention inside.
Shri Mataji: You’ve been a catholic?
Lady: Yes.
Shri Mataji: That’s why. Catholicism has given guilt, that’s how, they put you down.
Lady: I was converted to Catholicism. I was converted.
Sahaja Yogi: A convert, Mother, she’s saying she was a convert.
Shri Mataji: Of –
Sahaja Yogi: She wasn’t born a Catholic.
Shri Mataji: Oh, I see. That was a mistake. But don’t think of the mistake. It’s all right. You can feel it. Now better?
Sahaja Yogi standing: And the other you can balance it out.

Sahaja Yogi [to the lady]: Christ is the essence of Christianity, but not necessarily what has happened since.
Shri Mataji: She understands that.
Better now? Much better? Isn’t she better now?
Sahaja Yogi: Yes.
Shri Mataji: Yes. Now this lady was a convert, say of Catholicism. She went to Catholicism. And you know that Christianity that is practised is not true Christianity, in the sense, they do not give you the actual baptism, is artificial. Now in Sahaja Yoga you get the actual baptism: you start feeling it on your head. And in her seeking she went out.
Shri Mataji to the Indian seeker: Tikke? [Alright?]
Shri Mataji to the lady: Are better. So now, it’s better now?
Sahaja Yogi to a seeker: You are feeling it balanced on both hands?

Shri Mataji to a Sahaja Yogi: Just come here. Tell her to ask Me the question of Holy Ghost. Come here, you’ll feel better. Come, come here.
Shri Mataji to the lady: He’ll tell you something.

Shri Mataji to a seeker: Are you better? Did you feel cool breeze?
Seeker: I didn’t feel any sensations.
Sahaja Yogi He didn’t feel any in the hands.
Shri Mataji: Just work on him. Robert, come along, work on him.
Shri Mataji to a seeker: Go, go down there, they’ll work out.

Sahaja Yogi to the lady: Now ask the question three times in you. Do you get the vibrations? The vibrations being the truth, all right?
Shri Mataji [giving vibrations to the lady’s Agnya]: It’s nice. All right? It’s great!
May God bless you. Enjoy yourself! Close your eyes. But you have a little bit disturbance. Turn around, I would like to put your [unclear].
Sahaja Yogi: Just turn around.
Shri Mataji: Turn around. Come back, can I open your zip a little.
Now, hold your breath for a minute.
[Shri Mataji is working on the heart center of the lady]
Leave it.
Shri Mataji: All right? Feeling better now?
Lady: I’m free.
Sahaja Yogi: I’m free.
[Shri Mataji laughs]: Oh, oh, oh.
All right? Good. May God bless you!

Shri Mataji: Now let’s have two other people, if they could come. [Hindi/Marathi]
Sahaja Yogi: Come on. Now that was the two of them.
Shri Mataji: They’re husband and wife, you see, that’s Indian style.
Sahaja Yogi: Can you sit to one side, so the camera can record it. That’s it.
[Shri Mataji speaks in Hindi to the Indian seeker.]
Sahaja Yogi: Couple more people that aren’t feeling it. Come on, you come and feel it and then you can come next time.
Come on
Shri Mataji: Now, come along, two people should feel it and two people should sit down and see for themselves.
Sahaja Yogi: Please stand here. Left hand to Mother, right hand gives vibrations.
[Shri Mataji speaks in Hindi to the Indian seeker.]
Sahaja Yogi: Give a description of what you’re feeling on your hand, on your left hand.
So, what do you feel on your right hand or on your left hand?
First on your right hand. Heat?
Are you feeling cool or- heat here or cool here? Hot or cold here?

Seeker standing: Here is cold.
Sahaja Yogi: And here?
Shri Mataji: That is hot, no doubt Now, this is a professor of mathematics, and he works very hard. See doubly problematic. So he works very hard, he uses right side too much so he has to be raised from the left to the right, all right?
Now, better?
Seeker standing: This case cold.
Shri Mataji: Cooler?
Sahaja Yogi: Is it becoming more cool?
Seeker standing: Yes.
Shri Mataji: Yes, that’s it. See just by giving balance, it’s becoming more cool.
Seeker standing: More, more, yes.
Shri Mataji: Isn’t it? More and more. That’s true.
Just see, this is still hot.
Seeker standing: Yes.

Shri Mataji: Is it all right?
Sahaja Yogi working on the child: [Unclear] my left hand…
Shri Mataji: Left side?
[Shri Mataji speaks in Hindi to the Indian seeker.]
Sahaja Yogi: It’s cool! Comes up very strong. We can feel it coming up from the head.
Sahaja Yogi to the standing seeker: Let’s sort it out like that, we’ll fix it.
[Shri Mataji has a conversation in Hindi with the Indian seeker and his wife.]

Sahaja Yogi: It’s very cool now Mother. He [the standing seeker] felt it was
Shri Mataji: He’s all right. He’s all right. He’s all right now.
[Shri Mataji talking about the benefits of SY to the Indian seeker.]

Shri Mataji: Now, all right? Good.
Sahaja Yogi: This gentleman is feeling more on his right and not very much on his left at all. Left hand not getting very much sensations.
Shri Mataji: Yours? Yourself. All right, we’ll see you.
[Shri Mataji speaks in Hindi to the Indian seeker.]

Sahaja Yogi: Just sit down and Mother will work on you. Come right forward now. Come in two.
Shri Mataji: Now, who else? Now who would like to feel?
Sahaja Yogi: Could you come?
Shri Mataji: Yes, yes, let her come. Come along. But the wife should not treat the husband. It’s not a very good idea.
Sahaja Yogi: So you work on this man.
Shri Mataji: Yes, you work on this man.
Sahaja Yogi: She can work on this one.
Shri Mataji: Let’s see why the left side is in pains. Now you’ve been to some gurus or something?
Seeker: Yes
Shri Mataji: Which one? Any number.
Seeker: Several.
Shri Mataji: All right. Now put your right hand down down. All right?
[To the seekers standing]: Now see now. What’s happening? Can you feel it hot on the left?
[To the seekers sitting]: And you have to say that, “Mother, I am my own guru.” Just say it loudly.
Seeker: Mother, I am my own guru.
Shri Mataji: Again. You have to say 10 times, all right?
Seeker: Mother, I am my own guru.[x10]
Shri Mataji: Void. Cool?
Seeker standing: Yes.
Sahaja Yogi: I think it’s void.
Shri Mataji: It’s cooling down. All right? Better now?
Stomach is very much caught up.
Seeker: Since I was a child I think I had tension here.
Shri Mataji: All right, doesn’t matter.
Sahaja Yogi to a seeker: Just keep still, we’re working on you, you see. Keep looking at Mother. Just look at Her, all right?
Shri Mataji: Yesterday you felt the thing there, is it?
You see, going to these Gurus is very dangerous because there are ten centres in the stomach. There are ten petals on that Nabhi chakra, as you call. Nabhi means the solar plexus. Now what happens, that if you go to these gurus, this blockage takes place and it works out here, what we call as Ekadasha. And when it starts working out here cancer can be set in, anything can be then set in. So these gurus can be very dangerous. One should never take them seriously. Horrible people they are.
Sahaja Yogi: Mother is just pointing out that we, in this area, in the green area there are ten gurus.
Shri Mataji: Would you like to come on My feet and it’ll work it out better, all right? Let’s see it. Now put your both the hands under My feet just like this. Now put down your head a bit. Now you can see the Kundalini. If you want to see the Kundalini, you can see his.
Sahaja Yogi: Bring your knees further forward and stretch them. Bring just your knees. Yes, that’s it.
Shri Mataji: As long as you’re comfortable like, you go back.
Sahaja Yogi: Yes, it is there.
Shri Mataji: Do you want to see it?
Sahaja Yogi: Stretch the cloth down little bit.
[Shri Mataji does three knots to the head of the seeker.]
Shri Mataji: Now better?
Sahaja Yogi: When you go to false guru it damages because it’s here but it also reflects here, that’s called the Ekadasha Rudra. And once that goes out, then things like cancer also can settle. So it’s extremely dangerous.
Shri Mataji: I mean your are vulnerable to such diseases there. A vulnerable situation comes in. Now just see, are you feeling any cool?
Just see, one hand towards Me.
Just see yourself. Just turn around to raise the Kundalini.
You raise it.
Sahaja Yogi: Like this, like this. Come on, bring it up.
Shri Mataji: See, normally these gurus don’t work at all. They take money from you, make you work, while I have to go and clear.
Ah, ah, ah, got up.
Alright, it will be better.
Sahaja Yogi: It comes up to heart now.
Shri Mataji: Ah.
Sahaja Yogi: It’s coming.
Shri Mataji: Like that. Still you fix his Vishuddhi.
You are all right.
All right? Feeling better now?
Seeker: Yes.
Sahaja Yogi: Hold your hands.
Shri Mataji: All right? Better? May God bless you.
I think he’ll just put this right [Vishuddhi], because sensitivity will increase.
Seeker: Yes
Sahaja Yogi: Come and sit here.
Shri Mataji: Yes, just you go that side.

Shri Mataji: Are you alright? How are you feeling?
Sahaja Yogi: He said his hands started to colour little more too, Mother. The other it started going a little [inaudible]
Shri Mataji: Hum,hum.
I think, put his left hand on the Mother Earth. All right? Just like that.
Press it on the Mother Earth.
Tell him to put it on the Mother Earth.
Sahaja Yogi: On the ground?
Shri Mataji: On the ground. Touch it
Other Sahaja Yogi: No need to lock up
Shri Mataji: Now. [Shri Mataji takes his right hand and put it towards Her.]
Don’t, don’t lock up your-thing thing you see.
Sahaja Yogi: He said, he feels it more comfortable.
Shri Mataji: Is it? Ok.
He is better now?
Sahaja Yogini: I cannot feel it much.
Shri Mataji: You didn’t feel it much, alright, come along, let’s try.
Sahaja Yogi: Someone here to work on this lady?
Shri Mataji: Just this lady here.
Now come along. I would like to work on you.
It’s better now? Is it cooling down?
Seeker: [Inaudible]
Shri Mataji: What he is saying?
Sahaja Yogi: You have pain in your back?
Shri Mataji: All the time?
Sahaja Yogi: Always?
Seeker: Sometimes I wake, sometime I [unclear].
Sahaja Yogi: So most of the time, nearly all the time.
Where about is it? This is the point? It’s in the heart, the heart area, there. Not down below?
Seeker: Yes.
Sahaja Yogi: Where are?.. Not down below? Oh, both at the bottom hand… Both at Swadishthan and at Atma.
Very warm hand.
Other Sahaja Yogi: Physical sort of work out.
Sahaja Yogi: Swadishthan is felt.
Shri Mataji: It is [inaudible]
You just go on saying, “Mother, I’m my own guru”. And “I’m my own master”. All right?
Seeker: I am master.
Shri Mataji: You are your own master.
Sahaja Yogi: “I am my own master”.

Shri Mataji: You never felt anything yesterday?
Lady: No.
Shri Mataji: Nothing?
Sahaja Yogi: Just say that now in your heart. Just quietly in your heart you say.
Another Sahaja Yogi: Tu parles le francais? [Do you speak French ?]
Seeker : No.
I am my own master.
Another Sahaja Yogi: I am my own master.

Shri Mataji: What work you do?
Lady: House work.
Sahaja Yogi: House work.
Shri Mataji: House work? Work very hard.
Lady: Yes.
Shri Mataji: You are doing everything. Expert.
Sahaja Yogi: Is it getting cool?
Shri Mataji: Is she hot? [Shri Mataji is rising the Kundalini of the lady.]
Sahaja Yogi: [To the seeker] Better? Go back and you just sit on the ground with that hand like this. Like same position.
Shri Mataji: Ne [means no]. Any position that you want to take. Let him take another position. I think it will be better off, because-
Sahaja Yogi: No, I mean with the left hand to You and the right on the ground.
Shri Mataji: Yes, yes correct. Sitting down, you can sit the other way round.
Sahaja Yogi: Sit more correctly. Ok, come with me.
Shri Mataji: Whichever way you want to sit.
Let him stand up, else.
Sahaja Yogi: Maybe if you stand. Stand like this.
[Shri Mataji is rising the Kundalini of the lady.]
Shri Mataji: Better now? Is it cooler? Are you feeling?
Lady: No.
Shri Mataji: Plan too much of housewife’s job, do you? [Shri Mataji is putting Her Agnya finger on the forehead of the lady and keeps pressing.]
Lady: Ah. [Laughing]
Shri Mataji: [Laughing] I know all your keys, eh?
The mother has to know, isn’t it? All right? Is better now? See, there’s a screw here that gets loose if you plan too much.
[Sahaja Yogi laughing]
I want to fix up the screw. You try to plan too much. How can you plan? You see, in a housewife’s job I don’t think you can plan, but whatever is available in the market that’s all you can cook, you see. How can you plan before hand? If you plan and if it is not there, then it’s headache. All right? Better? Are you feeling anything? Close your eyes.
Do you feel anything?
Sahaja Yogini: Yes.
Shri Mataji: Sahasrara.


Now, are you feeling anything in the hand? Let Me see. All right. Now, you forgive. Forgive everyone. Just forgive, your husband, everyone! And yourself also. Try to forgive. Better still. [unclear-All the time it’s getting cooler.] Better. It’s much cooler. Now put your left hand towards Me and right hand on the Mother Earth, just touching touching the Mother Earth, there. All right. Better? Are you feeling anything or not? Nothing? Little bit? Just don’t think and forgive. Forgive. Forgive. Forgive. Forgive. Forgive. Forgive. Forgive. Just forgive. Forgive. Better? Feeling more? That means you are not forgiving, that’s why you are not feeling so much. Now go on forgiving. All right? Better. Sit down and say “I forgive everyone”. Just sit down and say. May God bless you! Now, you can come forward now. Let’s see. You try on her. – You? – That’s her husband, Mother. Oh, I see, your husband. Now, then you come. Now, let’s… Is he all right? I don’t think I’m very sensitive. Not yet? Not feeling anything? Sometimes I used to feel a burning sensation here. – It will work out. – Pardon? It will work out. Say more. What work you do? Housewife? Unemployed. But you must be a housewife? A clerk. Works in… clerical work, Mother. Warm. You’ve been to some gurus? Have you been? – Yogiji. – Who’s Yogiji? In Dharamsala school. Yogi Mahajan. Yogi Mahajan? Oh, I see! He never corrected your Nabhi, yes? All right. Come forward. And I have to correct your Nabhi. Is very hot! All right. Just come forward! It’s too much on the Nabhi. Just left hand. Is it possible? Can we remove this part? Let her put her hand on the Mother Earth. Now it’s all right. Now, what about these people? I think I feel burning just here. Just here. All right! Can somebody help her? Anybody coming down ? Now, you see, the thing is we have… Is it to be?… It doesn’t relay, does it? No, it doesn’t, Mother, I’m afraid. We are now like travellers, come down here, you see, with all our caravan. And we’ll be going away… But it would be good for you to start a centre in Perth, you see. -In Adelaide. – I’m sorry, I mean Adelaide! Perth was last couple of days ago. I’ve been talking too much. So in Adelaide. In Adelaide… maybe that some people would like to come down here, and take a place on hire, to begin with. And if some of you could join them also, to stay with them, you can build up a nucleus to begin with. Then gradually, as you grow more, then you can establish your own proper thing. To begin with, I think best thing would be to take some place on hire and some of them can come down here. And some of you who are alone can also stay there and pay for your rents together, I don’t want anything. All right? Look after yourselves and also look after this place. This is what we are planning to do. But all those who belong to Adelaide should help this thing, to work out. All right? So, if you know of any place which is spacious enough, please let us know and not so much rent, because everybody doesn’t have so much money. And also, if some of you would like to stay with other Sahaja Yogis, so that you can all learn, there could be a regular place for you where you can go and meet. Because it’s quite a lot to be learned and enjoyed in Sahaja Yoga. Better? I was just talking about here in Adelaide we are trying to open a centre here and if anybody has any ideas, where there might be a large and appropriate house for renting, then it would be a good idea to let us know. Better now? Is she? Are you feeling better? He suffered from stomach? -…to Adelaide here perhaps to help from other centres to get it set up and those people who might like to join and live with the, for a time perhaps, with the Sahaja Yogis, join in, paying rent, living with the other Sahaja Yogis living with one another, starting to help spread, starting to talk to other people This is the way Sahaja Yoga has grown in other centres in Australia. And there’s about, I suppose about sixty people, who live together in Sydney in various places, Sahaja Yogis who share a life together there. And same in Melbourne. And now, it’s now as we start a centre here, so if anybody has any ideas where this might be established, this might be got please let us know. Do you feel better? Is she better now? Feeling the cool breeze? …getting to know what Sahaja Yoga is all about and going to know each other. Now, how are you? Gets trouble. I’ve got schizophrenia. And how? I’m on medication. What schizophrenia? You don’t have any. Who told you that? Doctor. What do you do for that? In what way? What is the symptom you have? Feeling [to my hands these days] sort of powers, [unclear] powers. Powers? What powers? -Devils’ powers.- Really? Not anymore, because of medication it’s got really better. Powers of the devils? Yes. In my left side. In my left side. Up and down in my left side. And now in hands [unclear] responsible to… So they used to overpower you. Or you used to become violent? I don’t know what I [unclear] a violent, terrible, aggressive mood. She is still violent, she gives me this black eye. And you don’t know what you are doing? I don’t know. I just now, I need to be cured, that’s all. Now where did you? Did you go to any guru or anyone? I’ve taken drugs. LSD, and now I’m [unclear]. And what else? You went to some guru? Yes. A psychic healer, he said I had [gangalinie] I had snakes above my head [unclear]. Now, but any other Indian guru you have been to? No. How did you sleep last night? Not very well. I woke up few times, very tensed. Feels tensed. No, let her sit down there. Put her left hand towards Me and right hand on the Mother Earth. All right? That left side towards Me. Now yesterday they told Me that some Lang gentleman has written a book that you have to become schizophrenic to become a higher personality. It’s absurd, absolutely absurd. I don’t know. This fellow is the same I hope of that Dr. Lang. Is it the same of the… R D Lang. [unclear] From London? Horrible fellow! You read him, is it? Did you read him? Yea, I did. I thought enlightenment means skizophrenia. She thought it was enlightenment to be a skizophrenic. Put your left hand. It’s absurd. You see, these are all demons, I tell you. These ideas they give to ruin all human beings and all the seekers. -Because they sound so plausible, Mother.- How? Sometimes they sound so plausible. But how? Then use your brains! God will make you mad? Before giving you the highest? I tell you how what must have happened. St. Paul, he’s responsible. Who is, Mother? The St. Paul in the Bible, you read. Yes is this horrible gentleman. He was… I don’t know how he is there in the Bible. First of all, because he is the one who was just killing all the Christians, he was doing all kind of things, suddenly he saw a cross. According to Sahaja Yoga it’s a supraconscious activity. Supraconscious. And in this supraconscious activity you see, you start seeing cross, you can see even Christ, you can see anything. Seeing is not the point. Becoming is the point, you see? And then suddenly he took over to organize Christianity. And then the way he organized, were all absolutely devilish. Because what he said, he wrote these acts, acts, about the disciples of Christ. He had never met them, he had never seen them. On his own he wrote, saying that they became mad and the Holy Ghost came into them, they were talking like mad and all those things and.. Mother, I went to an… what they call… Speaking in tongues. Charismatic. Charismatic? – Yes, I went to that way.- That’s what they are doing. I mean, they don’t use their brains you see. Excuse me, Mother. What is this they are “speaking in tongues”? So then, what happened, that this gentleman wrote there the Acts. Is one of the chapters in Bible, in which he described these people, the disciples of Christ getting Holy Ghost into them. Holy Ghost making them mad. And they were talking all kinds of languages, talking all sorts of things and that is how the Holy Ghost came in. Imagine. Is this the way She is going to come? That She makes you mad? And how can it be? Who wants such a Holy Ghost? You must understand, it is God, who is kind, who is gentle, who is our benefactor. He’s beneficent. How can He make us mad? And all the christians believe that part of Bible. Is all wrong, absolutely! You must have seen, when people get posessed, they start talking all kinds of languages. Even, you must have seen a film on this artist… What was it? Van Gogh, Van Gogh! The one who became mad and died. Van Gogh. They showed Van Gogh coming into some person and drawing the whole thing just like him, and also painting the same way, the way… You know Van Gogh’s paintings are. There’s very strong lines of different colours. Same style he did, in a free hand he did it. And he said that “Van Gogh has come into my body.” So, this is not what you have to get from God. It’s something so great and so important! Not these cheap things, like talking in another language… Now take out your rings, all right? Please. Take out all of them. It’s not proper to wear rings too many. That’s what my mum says. Your mum gave it. All right. You put them in the water for the time being. All right? Take out all of them. Take out. Oh, better, he’s all right! Are you all right? It should be logical, you know? Everything. This particular…. -It’s wedding ring.- Wedding it’s all right. Put your right hand like this. Do their drunkenness…. I beg your pardon? Drunkenness, Mother, he’s asking about. It is absolutely cleared out, in no time. Like drugs. You bring some water for Me, today? Bring water. I’ll vibrate it. You take that. Put it in your alcohols. Whenever you feel like drinking, you see, just think of Me. Mother, Australian society expects the male to go out and drink with the boys fifteen pints every day and is part of being a man in Australian culture. That’s the image that they expect of a man. And because he doesn’t do it, he thinks for that, you know, “Am I a gay or am I a poof, or something like that?” Because he doesn’t do that, you know? Because he doesn’t go out drinking. You see what happens, that…- He has to drink every day.- No, but after Realization, means now you have your second birth, So you are not born in Australia, you are born in the Kingdom of God. All right? So you are no more an Australian, you are a yogi. The whole thing that you get out of your birth is finished now. No more, you are a Yogi! All over the world there are so many like that. They are all Yogis! So these images may be for people who are not reborn. But people who are reborn, are born in the Kingdom of God. They are governed by the God’s wishes and God’s laws, all right? Take out your rings also, please. Is he better? Not feeling anything? Did you feel before? Now put your left hand on the liver. All right? Better now? Where is he catching? Left Vishuddhi. I have a left Vishuddhi and little bit Swadishthan. As a punishment for feeling guilty! Keep your eyes open here. This is a punishment for feeling guilty, all right? Better. What’s it? It stopped shaking. Put your right on the Mother Earth. Let her put her right on the Mother Earth. Right on the Mother Earth. And hold this hand up to Mother. Better? All right? This punishment helps! Better now? Not yet? Still on the heart. All right. Better ask the question of Holy Ghost. “Are you the Holy Ghost?” Cold. Yes, I feel there cool. That’s the answer. All right? Good! Now let him also ask the same question. “Mother, are You the Holy Ghost?” Shri Mataji: Again! “Mother, are you the Holy Ghost?” “Mother, are you the Holy Ghost?” “Mother are you the Holy Ghost?” I feel cool! Cool means truth, right? Good. Same, you too ask the question. “Mother, are You the Holy Ghost? Mother, are You the Holy Ghost?” “Mother, are you the Holy Ghost?” All right? It’s better! All right? All right now? Nothing? All right, we have to see you. Good! Forget about everything now! Past is past, finished! You are a new born person. May God bless you! Better now? Thank you, Mother! May God bless you! Now you have to progress further and give up all your drugs and everything, after some time. You will be perfectly all right. Good. Tie it up yourself there, on top. Tie it up and knot it. We’ll do it again. Twice. Bandhans Mother, as well? Good. We’ll tell him. Now. Let us see two other people. -This lady.- This gentleman also, we should see. Still here. Come along forward little bit. You come along, here. Come forward little bit. Come forward [unclear]. I remember. After lifting the energy, after lifting the Kundalini like this, you start feeling [unclear]. And there is the bandhan, which is [unclear]. Better? Still here. Very tough. Around you is like a protective shield. Seven. Seven is a good auspicious number. Herbert? Can you, can you light this for Me, please? Bandhan is very useful, any time, any time you need. So, how did you feel? – Cooler.- Cooler, yes,(-Cool breeze-), all right, let’s see. What about this lady? Is she Australian? Also half Indian? No Mother, half Mediteranean, not Australian. Half-Mediteranean, Mother. Egypt. Egyptian. Egypt? Egypt is very good. So. Good? Better? You have a liver problem, sir. A very bad one. Sure? You have. All right. Now you sit down there and put your right hand towards Me and left hand on the Mother Earth. You too! You have a bad liver. Do you know that? All right. You put your right hand towards Me and left hand on the Mother Earth. Right hand towards Me, like this and left hand on the Mother Earth. He’s all right. Y:Just put your two hands towards Mother. Are you feeling the cool breeze? A little cooler. Little cooler. Close your eyes! Let’s see. Still shaking, Mother. The Hamsa. Better? You put your left hand on the earth and right hand towards Me. Have you sun tanned yourself or what? You don’t do that, not good! Very bad for your liver, very bad for your skin. And in the long run it’s very, very bad. It can create very serious problem. All right? There’s no need! You look nice without it, isn’t it? I’m surprised, that they talk of racialism and they don’t like people who are black. And here they are making themselves black. How do you explain this? Isn’t it absurd? It is very absurd this discrimination against black people. Everybody trying to be black, then, why? Either you have this or that. Don’t think about too much. Just, just feel it, just. It’s a little bit warm there, that’s what he’s saying, it’s a little bit warm there but it’s cool there. So if you feel the difference, means [unclear]. Is she that tensed? Is it not all right? I think he is all right. This one is all right. Better now? [unclear] How is she? I think she is all right. She’s all right. You look after her. It’s better. Now you sit down. Now better? This gentleman, left to the right, just put it. Are you better now? Sit down properly. Sit down. The same way as you have been sitting. How is she? I’m just anxious. And yesterday you felt the cool breeze? I was feeling a lot of heat in the hands. A lot of heat in the right hand and a bit of shaking on the right, Mother. Now put your left hand on the [Mother Earth]. Yes, outside, yes. What work do you do? Teacher. Better ask the question. She’s a teacher. “Mother, are You the teacher of the teachers?” Just ask the question, “Are You the teacher of all the teachers?” “Mother, are You the teacher of all the teachers?” Put your hand there, on the Mother Earth. It’s important. Ask the question? “Are You the teacher of all the teachers?” Again. “Mother… “Mother, are You the teacher of all the teachers?” “Are You the teacher of all the teachers?” Getting? This is [unclear] impossible, Mother. Is there? Now ask ten times, so that it’s clearer. “Mother, are You the teacher of all the teachers?” “Mother, are You the teacher of all the teachers?” All right? That’s the answer. Ask. It’s all right. It’s done, it’s flowing. Close your eyes! Forgive. Forgive all the students, first of all. That’s what I’m caring for. Just forgive them! They are good. I have a knot in my stomach yet. Yes, I know. They can be horrible nuisance. Now you see, because parents don’t look after their children, no training, no discipline, they just know how to laugh and mock at the teachers. Not in India. In India is not so. But otherwise… – Thank you! – May God bless you! Now you know how important is this work, you see? We have to also transform the children, so they become good, happy children, secured, feeling the love of God. See, they will improve a lot. All right? May God bless you! This lady, how is she? Just see! Come along! This one is all right? He’s good! He’s really good. You didn’t go to any guru, anyone? No, not really, no. I’ve done some reading. Shri Mataji: Reading only. Y: No, not seeing, not visiting any ashrams. Thank God. Otherwise I have to clear everyone… Now, you’ve been to someone? He’s been to Yogi Mahajan too. Yes? And who else? – Nobody else is.- Only Yogi Mahajan?! Yogi Mahajan is giving Me problem. He did all kinds of things, Yogi, to begin with. Now, you can… He did all kinds of other things. When did you go to Yogi Mahajan? Before or after he got his Realization? When did you go to him? About two years ago, Mother. Did he talk of Sahaja Yoga at that time? Background is Egyptian. Background is Egyptian, Mother. About half and half. How is it? Now which guru you have been to? Somebody, did you go? No one. The Egyptians believe in the mummies and all that. I’m Jewish by religion, Jewish. That’s it! For Jews you have to ask one question, all right, if you don’t mind. Say “Mother, was Christ the son of God?” Touché. All right, just ask Me! In asking there is no harm! All right? If I am the truth you will know it. All right? Let’s have it’s answer. “Mother, was Christ the son of God?” All right, just put it up. Again! “Mother, was Christ the son of God?” “Mother, was Christ the son of God?” All right. Got it. All right? Feeling the cool in the hands? I say what does it matter. Is it coming in the hand? I don’t know what I’m supposed to feel. Are you feeling cool breeze in the hands? No, I’m feeling a concentration of heat in the centre of both the palms. Very sharp concentration. You have to believe in Christ. He was! You can’t help it! You can’t deny the truth. He was! See, Jews said, didn’t deny him because they believed that “we must suffer”, alright? So they did suffer. Now at least, believe in Him! I believe in suffering. Still? Then you’ll have another Hitler. You want another Hitler to come in? I think every Jew is his own Hitler. That’s it. So what? Don’t be against yourself. God has made you to be happy, not to suffer. Wrong ideas about God. Absolutely wrong ideas. It’s very, very wrong ideas you have. How can God make you suffer? I don’t know how these ideas came to you. It’s like it’s burning! [unclear]. Now you want to suffer, so the burning is there. Now just say: “I don’t want to suffer Mother, anymore!” I don’t want to suffer anymore. Again, Say that. “I don’t want to suffer anymore.” “Mother, I don’t want to suffer anymore.” “Mother, I don’t want to suffer anymore.” Better, you see? Is cooler now? Better? This one is very, very hot. Just see. You can see clear, the truth, before yourself. See, that you should feel such heat. This is anti-God activity to ask for suffering. Supposing you have a mother or you are a mother and if your child says: “Oh, I want to suffer.” It’s too much for a mother to see the child suffering. Greater suffering than the child has. It’s some sort of a sadism, I think, to torture God. Isn’t it? Why should you suffer? It’s absurd! God will never like you to suffer. Why will He? He was not created you on this earth to suffer. Did you suffer to become human beings? No, I did not, at all. Then why should you suffer now? It’s all mental activity. Something you must find out to hit yourself, isn’t it? All right. Better. Have faith in yourself. The whole of Bible, if you read, I don’t find anywhere written, that you must suffer. You feel like cool in hand now? Oh, it’s there. What about the Son? “Thou art my shepherd.” That’s in the Bible. “The Lord is my shepherd.” That’s in the Tora. Then how? What did David say? Did he say “I want to suffer”? From where did these Jews get this idea? It’s very bad! Makes God suffer much more. All right? -It’s quite a lot of Vishuddhi here, Mother.- Too much. – Especially on the left.- Now don’t feel guilty, for asking for suffering. Now don’t feel guilty. All right. How are you? Are you also a Jew? [unclear] Now, we have many Jews who are yogis, you see? We have many Jews who are yogis. They’ve lost all that. And then what happened later on, see, they suffered. But the suffering did not transform the Jews. Just see that! If after all that exodus and all those problems they had they became more cruel people. How they behave now? Recently you saw them? Where they killed. There’s no transformation. This suffering has given them a condition which is very volatile and extremely violent. And the reaction. Instead of making them peaceful people, kind people, compassionate people, isn’t it? How they behaved? There’s no transformation through this suffering. On the contrary, it’s very dangerous to suffer. Those who suffer become reactionaries. And bitter. Ah, better. – It’s good!- Come forward! Now, are you a Jew? So what are you? – Nothing. – Nothing. How do you all get these claws? – Because of the machines.- Now, better. Close your eyes! 10% in this country, Mother. And rising, somebody says. Your forefathers have worked for you. This kind for you I think. How is she? There’s a little Nabhi, it shows. Little yellow on the hands as well. What work you do? – I’m a teacher.- Let her put left hand on her stomach. Ask her. “Mother, are you the teacher of the teachers?” Yes? “Mother, are you the teacher of the teachers?” “Mother, are you the teacher of the teachers?” Say it again! Say, ten times you have to say! “Mother, are you the teacher of the teachers?” All right? Better. Do you [unclear]? Little in the hand? To the right? Twice try it. Put your left hand. It’s all right? Forgive, just forgive. Warren? Just see this gentleman!