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Adelaide (Australia)

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Public Program Day 2, Adeliade, Australia 1983-03-07

1983-0307 Public Program Day 2, Adelaide, Australia.

We have to be the true seekers of truth, which is a rare quality people think, but I have found out that in this world there are many seekers who are honestly and earnestly seeking. They are seeking the truth; they are trying to find out what is within them. They are trying to find out what is being prophesized about them. It has been prophesized that the Day of Judgement will come. This is the Day of Judgement when you are going to be judged. You are not going to be put into any scales or there is no other measure by which you are going to be judged, but by knowing how far truthful you are about your seeking and how far you can gain something about it. Today I had a chance to be with some media people, and yesterday also. I feel some of them just want to bring some controversy, to make it more interesting perhaps. Whatever it is, as a Mother I have to tell you that I have to take nothing from you. I have come here to give you. If you’re identified with any organisation, or you think you can fight for an organisation, it would be very much better that you should not disturb us who are the people who are real seekers sitting down here. It would be very civil of you to be away from us because we are not identified with any organisation but with our own Self. We have no organisation you know in Sahaja Yoga and every type of a person is allowed to come in Sahaja Yoga so that he gets the full advantage of his destiny.

In My own experiences I have found out that people in the west are rather difficult to get realisation to begin with. In India there can be six thousand people and just in a split of a second their Kundalini rises and they get their realisation, it’s a fact. But even when they get realisation they are not so seriously adhering to it and they don’t try to learn about the technique of the laws of God’s love. But in the west on the contrary though the first motion is very slow, some people get it and lose it, but they are very great seekers, they get completely transformed. I’ve seen people who have been drunkards, alcoholics, who have been taking drugs, and who have been homosexuals, who led a very wretched life, did all kinds of nonsensical things to ruin themselves, once they get realisation they really become so aware of themselves, their self-esteem rises and they take to Sahaja Yoga in a very proper, auspicious way. It’s something surprising that those who can get realisation very fast are not so good for giving realisations to others. They do not seem to understand that it has to be given to other people. While those who take more time, those who have suffered so much, those who have had a miserable life before, those who people could be condemned as the worst people on this earth, become so beautiful. Not only that but they take it upon themselves that this great joy of God’s love must be given to others.

But of course, despite all that we do have some funny people in every group sometimes, who are like ‘dog in the [a] manger’, they don’t get their realisation nor do they allow others to get it. Is a (sounds like- self) feeling it’s very frivolous and flippant people who are harmed very badly, still they don’t want to have the blessings of God and try to create problems for us. It is a sad thing that it should happen in a country where there are so many seekers who are already lost. So many people who are God’s own people are lost. One must have some civil sense in understanding that those who are lost are the people of God. As William Blake* has said that, “The men of God will become prophets, and those who will become prophets will make other prophets.” This is the first thing that happens to you that you become a prophet, in the sense that you become a saint, in the sense that the energy of God which is All Pervading, which is doing all the living work starts flowing through you. And when it starts flowing through you, you can use that power, not only to correct yourself and improve yourself, but give this the blessing of peace and bliss to God.

(Please be seated properly, if you can’t sit, [just] please sit on a chair, [all right].)

Now for us it is important to understand that I’m here talking about something that is extremely Holy and auspicious. It has not worked out before. This is the first time in the history of spirituality so many people are taking their realisation. As I said, “This is the time of last judgement.” This is the time of resurrection, which Mohammed Sahib has described that, “At that time your hands will be speaking.” How can hands speak? Anybody can say that, “How can hands speak?” But the Muslims don’t think about it, they just say, “Let us do Namaz all the time morning till evening, do the exercise of Namaz and we’ll get realisation.” Christians think that they will get their realisation if they take their baptism. It’s not so. All these religions were established much before just to keep you in balance, to live a life of moderation. On the contrary human beings have gone to the extremes. But I must tell you that the Divine is so generous, is so kind, is working so fast that despite all these things that you have done to yourself and to your society, and as human beings, the way you have erred or whatever you have done, It just forgets and forgives, because you are the children of God, because He is your Father. He’s the Father who is love, who is truth, who is joy and He’s anxious that His children should enter into His kingdom and enjoy all the blissful things that He has to give. Now if you want to see how you are made you’ll be surprised. We must have self-esteem, we must understand that God has created us with very great care, with very great love to become human beings and we should not for anything whatsoever, whosoever it may be, the guru, or the cult, or the religion or anything, should neglect ourselves. Then you will be responsible for you own neglect and not God Almighty or any one of these prophets they have said that, “You can be saved.”

Now as you see, within us lies these subtle centres. These subtle centres are the ones which, whose represent within us a different stage of evolution. First of all if you see the first centre is the Mooladhara. Now this centre is very important because for us Australians I should say, because in the universe this centre is Australia. Australia [is] the place where this centre we can consider as manifesting the powers of Mooladhara chakra. It is the most powerful centre in the whole being, because it is the power of innocence in a human being. The innocence that is the matter, matter is innocent, animals are innocent because they haven’t developed their ego so far, neither they have got those conditionings by which we are supposed to be sinners. A dog or a horse or a camel, none of them think that they are sinners, it’s only we think that we are sinners and we have done something wrong. The reason for this is that God has given us freedom, so whatever we have done in that freedom we feel responsible for it and we start condemning ourselves as sinners and all [those things]this. But who feels that he’s a sinner is the ego and not the Spirit. The Spirit does not commit any sin, is the purest of pure. Nothing can contaminate it, nothing can destroy it, nothing can make it absolutely invisible. It is all the time there within our heart watching what we are doing, as described in Gita it’s called as (sounds like-chetrughra) the one who knows the feel, who watches the feel, who is the witness of the feel, which resides in our heart. All these things whatever I’ve said has to happen to us otherwise it just becomes all a mental activity.

I’ve nothing to bring in anything that is controversial everybody has brought out some sort of a thing and said that, “This is this and this is this.” But one must know that once you get your self-realisation it must work. That’s the point people do not understand. That if you go to a guru, did it work out your own powers? Maybe they might be paying you for doing some work, doesn’t matter, that’s another enterprise. But did it give you the reality? Did it give you absolute meaning? It has given you purpose or not? Has it finished your seeking or not? You must ask these questions to yourself and be truthful about it. If not then you better get it. Now to say that I’m the only person doing this all comes out of these people asking funny questions to you. Now the thing is, she asked Me a question, “Are You the only person doing it?” I said, “I don’t know of any other.” I mean you can twist it the way you like. But so far I haven’t met anyone who is giving mass realisation. I’ve not met anyone and if I meet I’ll be very happy to retire. Even if the SahajaYogis who come up to that level can give mass realisation just like that, it will be a nice idea to retire because I’m going to be sixty years of age and I think I deserve retirement after the hard work of fourteen years. 

This one is the first centre as I told you, is this great country of Ganesha, Australia. The symbol of this is already expressed in the place called as Ayers Rock. Ayers Rock if you go and see has the symbol, which is embody the great Deity that resides on this. That has the same colour if you see there, and it has the same Deity sitting down there, which is called as Shri Ganesha in the Sanskrit language. Now this Deity, innocent Deity or the one, which is representing innocence, incarnated on this earth for our save, for our salvation as our Lord Jesus Christ. He incarnated and He is bestowed upon that centre of Agnya, which you see there, which is actually the body is made of the sun, that’s why most of the Christians are sun worshippers. This great personality came on this earth with a very great work, because all others also you can see, but today I would like to speak about Him. I was told in Adelaide there are lots of churches, but every human being is a church of God and temple of God. In that resides Christ at this point which is the gate you can see very clearly, in that gate He resides and that is the cross which He has carried, on which He was crucified because this cross was too tight and something had to pass through it. His resurrection is the message to all the Christians that the way He resurrected you are going to be resurrected by God Almighty. He came on this earth suffered for you and He died on the cross just to give you this special privilege of having this great Agnya chakra there, which He adorns. This is the Agnya chakra within us.

Now the mistake lies in one thing, that when we say of baptism it is not an artificial process. This is a living process. Christ could not have talked of something artificial or ritualistic. What he said, “Baptism was that the Kundalini should be awakened and it should penetrate through this fontanel bone area and should give you the experience of the Holy Ghost.” Now this, what I’m saying is also written in an Indian book about our Lord Jesus Christ and we do not read the right books in Sanskrit because they are not translated. What we are reading are the so called pseudo people who came about from fifty years back and tried to preach about Hinduism or some sort of a “ism.” But about Christ nobody told, when they came from other countries to visit India nobody told that He is the Mahavishnu because no body knew about it, they could not relate it. They could not relate, they could not tell that He was the incarnation of the Mahavishnu, and Mahavishnu is the one if you read in the Devi Mahatmayam everything tallies exactly with the character of Shri Jesus Christ. If you read it you’ll be amazed how clearly he’s described, even it is described that first He was an egg and out of the egg, half egg was Shri Ganesha and the half egg became Shri Jesus Christ. And then that’s why on Easter day if you know we always give eggs, meaning we human beings are eggs at this time as human beings but we have to become the bird.

He came on this earth specially for creating a very special type of device and an awareness within us, because this is the gate as I told you to the kingdom of God, which is the limbic area within us. Whatever is in the subtle is in the gross, so this limbic area was to be achieved through piercing through one gate that is our Lord Jesus Christ. Now how to pierce it was a problem because if anybody tried to pierce it he may just go on the sides and become something else but a super conscious man. So it was Jesus Christ who is the embodiment of the Rhu, the All Pervading Power, the Chaitanya, the Omkara, He came on this earth and He did that job for us because He resides there. Now what He said by the second birth or by baptism was, that this Kundalini which is lying at the triangular bone there, has to rise. Rise and penetrate through this centre, awaken Jesus Christ there. Now the what great miraculous thing He has done, that once you awaken this centre within us these two institutions on the left and the right, one is the ego another is the superego. One is the ego which gives us all ideas about ourselves which are not really self esteem but something false, and superego is the condition in which we human beings become conditioned in which we accept conditions, “I am this, I am this, I am this”. Both the things are sucked in by the awakening of the Kundalini of this great incarnation on this earth. Once it is sucked in what you find, that on top of your head where you reach this place, you find that it has become an open space now and suddenly you find the Kundalini’s rising and you can feel the breeze of the Holy Ghost.

In the Bible about Holy Ghost very little is written but for that you have to go to Indian scriptures where it [she] is described as the power of God Almighty as Adi Shakti. It is not proper to bind yourself like a horse and see whatever is available but open yourself out and see the references that are given about the great happening of the advent of Shri Jesus Christ. Now what relations he has with Shri Krishna, with Shri Rama, with other deities and other prophets is to be seen later on when you come to Sahaja Yoga, gradually you’ll realize that they are all relative to each other. And Christ has openly said that, “Those who are not against, are with Me.” The three people who went to see Jesus when He was born were Brahma, Vishnu, Mahesha. Is described, were the three great people who went to see Jesus He was born was Shri Krishna as Vishnu, and Mahesha is Shiva and Bhrama as Brahamadeva. All these people went to worship, nobody knew from where they came who they were, they were called as the three wise men. Now whatever I’m saying has to be first experienced, because if I say something need not be true. As I would say that it is not essential that you should believe every word I say, on the contrary blind faith is against Sahaja Yoga. It should happen to you first, once it happens then you will be amazed that you yourself is a very great miraculous instrument of God. You’ll be amazed how this instrument works. Even the people who come to Me say, “Mother we are gone cases we are good for nothing we led a very bad life, we are inauspicious, every sort of thing. I said now, “Let it be, you don’t judge yourself, let the Divine judge you, let’s see what happens to you. Why are you after yourself? Forget it.” First of all you did mistakes doesn’t matter but now you are using that again to harm yourself. So please forget all the mistakes everything that has been done, all wrong things you think you have done. Only you get what you have, I’m here just to give that what you have.

Now this great happening takes place in such a smooth way in people who are normal people, but not in all people I would say. Some people do not feel it because they have some abnormalities in their different centres, which are placed within you. These are the subtle centres expressed outside as the gross centres. They’re all the time there but the deities within them are not yet enlightened. They only get enlightened when the Kundalini rises and pierces through the fontanel bone area. Now the Spirit resides in the heart. Spirit is the reflection of God Almighty and Holy Ghost is the power of God, the Shakti of God, which manifests everything else. You’ll be amazed how in the gross these things can be seen, absolutely in the grosses thing. My son-in-law is a great photographer and he was working on Himalaya. Ultimately I said, “You take it from some old books and find out about it.” So I gave him an idea that you go and see near (sounds like-Munisarhora.) There’s a place called (Sounds like-Munisarhora) where also you find the Sada Shiva is kept, just like a human being, human face. Twelve miles of area you can see that it’s just a human being, a face of human being, which is called as (sounds like -Dukshanamurti) which is looking towards the south. And this one is just a [there], not melted at all, nothing, is all the time there. And if you see the face there are two other aspects of Him are shown on His head. But I told him that in Munisarhora, if you go that is the superego. Munisar, munisar means the emotional mind you see, English language is rather funny. But I’ll tell you (sounds like-Munisarhor) the emotional mind. There is this emotional mind represented as Munisarhora and after that I told him that there must be another one. He said, “Yes there is another one which is called as (sounds like -Rakshistar).” Rakshasar you know, the word rakshasar means a devil. Rakshistar and now that Rakshistar is so turbulent despite the fact they’re close to each other and between them is placed this Sada Shiva’s image. But this Rakshistar is so turbulent that one can’t believe that the same, at the same place these two are having a different type of nature. And those people who went with him would not even touch that water of that Rakshistar because it represented the ego, less they become ego-oriented. So they would not touch it. 

So this was nothing, you see there were [are] so many things in the gross you can make it out whatever is described in the old times is there existing, it is there. In the same way human beings are in the intermediary state and if you go even subtler you’ll find all these centres (inaudible are here?) Now how can you prove through Kundalini that what I’m saying is true? That we have to see for oneself. Because in the west I have to go on convincing people, convincing people, pleading them for their realisation. Just for getting realisation I have to put all, put forward all kinds of explanations, all kinds of suggestions that they should believe that they can get self realisation. There are people also who say, “How can you get is so easily?” But if I say you can why not try, what’s the harm? It is so difficult to convince a mind, which is all the time thinking about it. You can’t think about it. You can’t think about a sprouting of the seed it just works out. If you put a seed in the Mother Earth it just works out, you don’t have to think. If you start thinking about it will it sprout? It will not. It is the capacity of the Mother Earth that does the job, but that time we take it for granted.

In the same way if I say you can get you self-realisation people start being doubtful about it. 

Another thing is that it is the other way round, it is you who has to take something, not that I have to take anything from you. You cannot give Me anything; it’s you who has to benefit by it, not Me. So why there should be a question when I’m not selling anything, when I not acquiring anything out of you, when there is no possibility of you being exploited or plundered by Me or used by Me, why should you get this doubt in your mind? Is it also that you feel doubtful about yourself? But that is to be decided by the Divine and not by you. So please first of all try to know that you are the Spirit, and that you have to become the Spirit, and that once you become the Spirit you become collectively conscious. Today only when I went for this interview for the ABC, the gentleman was, of course interviewed Me, when I came out there was a lady, when I told the lady that, “You have got liver trouble.” She asked me, “How do you know, did he tell you?” I said, “Nobody told me but I know because I know.” So that’s what happens to you, that you become collectively conscious, you can feel it on your hands what’s wrong with others and with yourself.

Now when we come to this point of realisation we have to know that the problems of this world are due to one fact, that we have not achieved our absolute. Some people think by doing alternate work we’ll be happier. Supposing somebody is a capitalist he become a communist, then if he’s communist he become a socialist. These are all manufactures of this brain. But actually if you ask, I am a complete capitalist because I have all the powers and I a complete communist because I can’t live without giving it to you. So how the communism and capitalism, which is so artificial outside, becomes a reality with you, that you become empowered with your real powers and not unreal powers, because possessions and things are unreal. They are not real powers and once you get these real powers, you want to share it with others; you want to give it to others, you want to work it out for others. And under these modern circumstances where we think we are very frustrated, and we are unhappy that’s why we are going to God is a wrong statement. You are coming to God because you have been seekers of ages, [you]we have been seeking long time back and this is the time the fruit of it is coming. I have met so many children even in Australia who are born realized. Great saints are taking their birth today, just to do this God’s work, and you will find that you are one of them who has been seeking.

In (inaudible ) Koran which was written I think sixteen thousand years back it is mentioned that this Nala got very angry with Kali, Kali is the one who governs this modern times and he said, “I’m going to kill you because you create confusion in the minds of people. You create complete confusion of values and you make them destroy themselves, so I better destroy you once for all, so there is no problem for human beings.” So Kali said, “All right you can destroy me but I have some good points, you must know also the importance of my being there.” He said, “What is your importance?” He said, “The importance is that when I will come on this earth to rule that time these people who are now wandering in the Himalayas, wandering in the hills and dales all over the world, who are seeking outside the cities, outside the houses will find the answer. They will find the God Almighty; they will find their Spirit.” He said it about sixteen thousand years back and that is today has started. The point where we have to be really sure is that this is the time, because the signs and symptoms are like that. 

You can’t imagine so many people seeking anywhere in the world, anytime, when even Christ came it was so difficult to carry this [these] twelve people with Him. Nobody was seeking at the time. He of course gave sermons, He talked about it, that is the last we can say who was such a great incarnation on this earth but nobody listened to Him. After that Mohammad came when he lived how people treated him. They tried to poison him, they tried to torture him and he had such a miserable life that the Muslims today when they behave in the same manner it is most surprising that whatever he has suffered the people have to suffer at the hands of these Muslims. There are other also ideas people have got, like we must suffer for our emancipation, or we must cleanse ourselves. Already somebody has suffered for us, there is no need for you to suffer and do all these things. As I said that, Jews believed in it and they denied Christ. Then they suffered. Really they suffered. But after that suffering was there any transformation? On the contrary, they were so embittered the way they behaved while killing these PLO people you will be amazed, the same people who suffered so badly forgot all that and became such cruel people, and they killed so many people.

So this kind of a suffering doesn’t bring any kind of transformation within you. Transformation has to take place, this is a condition of your Self [yourself]. If the Self is manifesting, it is not that you believe in this and I believe in that. It is. It’s no question of believing, it is. That is what it is, nothing to believed into blindly or to be professed into or to accept something, but it is there within you and that is an absolute truth. Even if there are ten small children sitting and they’re realized souls and if you ask them, “What is the condition of this gentleman?” they will all raise one finger, this means only one thing, because they can feel it on their fingers something burning, maybe something numb, maybe something heavy. All of them even if you tie their eyes will say the same thing because truth is the same. As all of us are sitting here we know it’s night, and that the colour of this thing is creamish or whatever it is. In the same way when you get your realisation the feeling, the awareness comes in you feeling, and this feeling tells you exactly where you are and what you have to do.

It is a remarkable thing that you are a human being. Is the greatest work of God, the greatest creation of God is human beings. Of course you may think they’re ugly and you should have nothing to do with them. There are some people who just believe that human beings are the ugliest things, but they’re not. Only thing they’ve not been put to the mains, this is yoga, is the union with the Divine. Unless and until an instrument is put to the mains, to its source, it has no meaning. In the same way unless and until you are put to the mains you will have no meaning. So the best thing is for you to be convinced that you have to have your realisation, and it can work out in a split of a second, and let it work out. Just work it out, is the best for you that anyone can suggest that you become the Self. 

Now about the self I have talked many a times, I told people that, “Self is the one that is residing in your heart.” But the seat of the Self is here, the Sada Shiva, it stands here and when the Kundalini rises and touches that, the seat sends message to the heart and then the heart starts feeling, throwing those vibrations. Actually it is not the Spirit that does, but it is the Kundalini after enlightenment starts pulsating. Is so clear-cut you can’t imagine, it is so beautiful you can’t imagine.

Now the result of this self-realisation, in this short time I have to cover many points and that’s why I’m trying to cover it up [now], is first of all you get your physical fitness. People ask me, “How could you cure physically?” If you are doctors here you will understand that doctors do not know anything about parasympathetic nervous system. That is the expression of the central path within us called as the Sushumna Nadi. This parasympathetic nervous system gives us the balance, the sustenance. For example if you are running fast your heart beat increases, but it is slowed down by the action of parasympathetic nervous system. When the Kundalini’s awakened this parasympathetic nervous system becomes evident in our awareness. First time the Spirit starts becoming one with our attention, our attention itself becomes enlightened. Now when this Kundalini rises this parasympathetic nervous system start manifesting itself, and whatever centre is exhausted, by which an imbalance is created within us, in our physical body, or in our emotional body, or in our mental body, or in our spiritual body, it starts absolutely behaving in a manner as if we have reached our total blessings. It just disappears, it just disappears and it is so surprising that people don’t want to believe it because they have seen a person behaving this manner and that manner and suddenly next day overnight they find the person who’s a alcoholic becomes a free bird, they find a drug addict becoming a free bird, they can’t believe it. It is fantastic.

Everything that God does is fantastic. All His work we have taken for granted. At least this living work of God you can understand, that it works within you. It is beyond all your dogmas, all your philosophies all your complications because it is unlimited. While your brain is limited, your intelligence is limited and if you want to understand God you cannot understand it by this limited thing, which is your brain. Of course logically you can come to conclusion. You have to come to conclusion logically, understanding that you cannot pay for it, you cannot work it out, it has to be spontaneous and you cannot do it yourself. Everything you can do it yourself but realisation has to be worked out by somebody who’s an enlightened person. For example if I work it out for any one of you that person can work it out for others. This is so simple as that and I think it is high time that we should go in for realisation. We have so many people and I won’t be able attend to you if I continue with the speech. Is it all right for you to have the realisation now? (Delete- Open any windows -talk of air conditioning and windows) If you do not treat yourself with respect nobody can treat you with respect, so be respectful about it and try to get the blessings of realisation that would be a nice idea. 

By the way we have now been able to get some people to work in Adelaide for you to go further with your realisation and understanding of what it is, to learn the technique of it. And once you learn the technique you will find it will help you a lot to help others and if you are intelligent enough you can do it and very well.

Will you please all put your hands towards Me like this. Just like this. Those who don’t want to do it should please go away and leave us alone. I would request you those who don’t want to do meditation should go away and don’t disturb others because it spoils the vibrations of people.  So those who don’t want to do it please go away. 

You don’t want to do it? No,no,no, no questions,

Seeker:  Can I ask a question. 

Shri Mataji:  No,no,no, no questions today. I have had enough of questions this morning.  Will you please go.  No, you can write.  All right.  You can write to Me.  You see the questions I have had too many and I want to attend to everyone. You  remember last time how much I had to work and I couldn’t attend to everyone. So it’s better not to attend to anybody’s personal questions. It’s not proper because I want to give attention to you all. You see if you have any questions you may write to Me and I will get to it.

Please put your hands towards Me.  All of you should do it.  Those who do not want to do it I way very nicely, please be civil and kind, and go away as proper people. And don’t try to disturb others. Please put your hands towards Me. 

You may write your questions and come and see Me tomorrow morning, all right, if you have any questions I  will give you special time. You have also questions? All right so can you go out now and write down.  Why not. You cannot force yourself to be here. This is very wrong. You want to force? Why? No I’m not going to waste any time with you.  But it’s very unkind of you to force us like that. We never come to your meetings.  Why should you come to our meetings and disturb us? It’s not proper. 

Argument from person in hall.

Shri Mataji:  It’s all right, forget it now. We have had – I have nothing to talk. No, no don’t disturb us.  Please. Please will you behave yourself, or I’ll ask you to get out. 

Argument from person in hall. You call yourself God. 

All right forget it just now. You aren’t God. What good have you done to anyone that you are here to abuse Me? Have you done any good to anyone so far? Not even to yourself. 


Shri Mataji;  Then why don’t you allow Me to do good to others? All right. Now don’t talk. Keep your hands like this. 

I could see the way he is. I could see that.  Immediately I found it out.  All right keep yourself shut.  You don’t know how to talk.  You have a big mouth. That’s all. Nothing more.

Please close your eyes. Please close your eyes. 

Keep both hands towards Me. You just close your eyes.  And don’t worry about others. Just think of yourself just now that you have to have this experience.  01.01.43

So many people had experienced in the last meeting and you all should have it.  Even if you are thinking it does not matter. Let loose your attention.  Don’t put any pressure on your attention. Just let loose your attention. 

Now as I told you the left hand is the power of your desire and the right side is the power of your action. So with your left hand on your lap in a very relaxed manner, you raise your right hand to your heart. To your heart and ask a question within yourself, not loudly, “Mother, am I the Spirit?” Just put your hand right, on your heart. Left hand towards Me.  Just ask a question, “Mother am I the Spirit?” 

Now put this right hand on the stomach on the left-hand side which is the centre of your guru. The primordial master. As you are the master of yourself you just say, “Mother I am the master.” Am I the master”, you asked the other day.  Today you say MotherI am my own guru. I am my own master. With full confidence you should say. You should understand it fully within yourself that unless and until you become a master you cannot make out who is true, who is not true. You cannot make it out, so first of all you become the Master. Put your right hand on your stomach on the left hand side and ask a question if you have come today for the first time. But those who got realization the other day must say, “Mother I am the master. I am the guru”. You don’t need any guru because your spirit is the guru.  Just awaken your spirit.

Now then raise your hand higher on the heart and say, Mother I am the spirit. Just say that. Now put this right hand on the left side of your neck which is another centre of visshuddhi. You are yourself raising your own kundalini. At this centre you have to say,”Mother I am not guilty”. Say it again. Not to feel guilty for anything that you think you have done wrong. Just say, “Mother I am not guilty”. Because the instrument that you are has to be cured by the Divine, because you have to do God’s work. This is God’s work. Unless and until you feel completely relieved of your guilt how can you work out whats safe. If you have said mantras or something in an unauthorized way also you develop this trouble of the left side. This is a very dangerous thing to develop and thus you develop a heart trouble and can be at a very early age you might suffer from heart trouble. So better say Mother I am not guilty. If you are the Spirit then how can you be guilty?. There’s another danger that lies by saying all these mantras that one can develop diseases like cancer, osteomyalitis and all these by saying wrong mantras by guided by some wrong guru. So if you have done anything like that you have to say, Mother I am not guilty. It can have very serious effects. Very serious effects. Especially the muscular part can be absolutely paralyzed on the left side.

Now put your right hand across the forehead and say, “Mother I forgive everyone”. This you have to say with full heart and full understanding. Because the other day you remember that when you said it immediately you got your realization. Before that it was all blocked up in the blockage.  You have to forgive. Forgive others. If you have self-esteem then you will respect others also.  Otherwise you cannot have respect.  If you do not respect yourself you do not respect others. The first thing you must say is, “I forgive everyone”. Not to get upset by what has happened or what somebody does to you but just to say, “I forgive everyone”. Some people say it is difficult to forgive but I think it is a myth because when you forgive what do you do?  You just are forgiving yourself because you are not anymore suffering from the embitterment from others. 

Now put the same hand on top of your head. Press on top of your Sahasrara. Now you have to see, it has to work. It has to work out, It’s not just talking but it has to work out. Now see for yourself, raise your hand a little higher. At this stage you have to ask for realization because I cannot cross your freedom, Say “Mother, please give us realization at this point. Just put your hand parallel to your fontanel bone area. Now put the other hand and see if there’s a cool breeze coming out. Put your right hand towards Me. Just put your right hand towards Me. Whether you are sick or anything you just work it out.

It’s there.  You have to convince yourself. Nobody can convince you. It is you who has to convince yourself. You have to feel it yourself. If you are not feeling it then there’s something wrong with you. Doesn’t matter. We’ll work it out. It should work out.  If you are not feeling it then it’s not correct. Now you can also change again the hand and say that, find for yourself and ask a question, “Is this the cool breeze of the Holy Ghost?”. Ask the question. Now the chord is established just see for yourself.

See now how you are feeling cooler. It’s just the same thing. It’s because you have become yourself an air conditioner. That’s why you all are feeling cooler. Otherwise you are feeling so hot. Just see the proof. If there is too much heat that means that you are either a liver patient  or some disease that is to be attended. See for yourself. Even if you are paid by some guru better get your realization because they can give you money which you cannot pay.  Better take your realization. To be wise and sensible. Be good children. Take your realization. This is a chance of lives. Now put your both hands like that and ask the question in your heart, “Is this the breeze of the Holy Ghost you are feeling? You will start feeling the cool breeze in your hands. A sensation falling down your hands. All right?  Now put your hands towards Me. I will also teach you how to give realization. I will try to teach you how to give yourself  realization. Which is a very simple matter of maintaining your realization apart from that there are going to be some Sahaja Yogis here who are going to help you to progress further.

This hand is to be placed in front of your kundalini like this. This the sixth time that I say the fixed movement. This right hand is to be taken round like this. Higher in front. Everything should be intelligible. You should understand why this is. See clockwise is better to raise the kundalini. It’d not just you chant some mantras to someone and you jump like a frog. Really it should happen in a way that is happening. Now put your hands like that. Now take it down.  Again we have to give a knot up there. It’s the raising of the kundalini. Just do again. The truth is so obvious that to deny it is dishonest, completely dishonest. One more. Now bring it up. Now tie yourself up, one, two, three. Now see for yourself.  All right? You feel very peaceful. 

The other day I had a lady who came that  She could not believe that she is so much changed. She said, “I’ve become a free person now”. All right?  Good. Thank you very much and if you have any other problems of some disease or anything you can come and see Me now.

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