Public Program Day 2 Royal Exhibition Building, Melbourne (Australia)

Second Public Program. Melbourne (Australia), 9 March 1983.

I bow to all the seekers of truth. May God give you wisdom and understanding about the truth and about Himself.

Doctor Warren just now brought out a point that if somebody is doing this work in a split of a second, even on the television when it was only one minute, if it works out, then there has to be somebody special. All this kind of talk is not necessary in India, […]

Dedication is so Joy-giving, Puja in Ashram Kew Ashram, Melbourne (Australia)

Dedication is so Joy-giving, puja at Ashram, Melbourne (Australia), 9 March 1983.

I congratulate all the Sahaja Yogis of Melbourne for doing such a wonderful job of this ashram and working it out with such dedication.

Dedication is a very great, rewarding effort. Nothing can be more rewarding than dedication. It’s so [much a] joy-giving and peace-giving and satisfying effort or work you can call it. When it comes from the heart, with love, when you try to do something, […]