How can it be possible to have Realization so fast?

Maccabean Hall, Sydney (Australia)

1983-03-17 How can it be possible to have Realization so fast? Sydney, Australia, DP, 96' Chapters: Introduction by Yogi, Talk, Self-RealizationDownload subtitles: EN (1)View subtitles:
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Public Program day 3. Sydney (Australia), 17 March 1983.

To all the seekers of truth, I bow. Warren has said something today which I’ve been trying to avoid all these years because I thought it was not advisable at this time to talk so directly to human beings about it. Because as soon as somebody says such a thing a snake called ego comes up or else people try to harm the cause. They don’t want to hear about it. This has happened with all the great incarnations. And you have seen how Christ was crucified by people because He said that “I am the light, I am the path,” which He was. This was the truth, no doubt. But I realized that everything that is truth is not to be said. As He Himself has said that “Don’t throw your pearls.” Because those who do not understand the value of the pearls will destroy out of ignorance or out of aggression. I have to accept today that in Australia, today is a first moon day that what Warren has said is the truth, when people asked Me how can it be possible to have Realization so fast. In India it is not necessary to tell them. They just know. Because Adi Shankarcharya has written so many books about Me. And He said it is only She who will come and give en-mass Realization. Whatever you may try else, it’s of no use. And that is why, it is very easy for them to recognize Me. But we have also westernized Indians in the cities which are left to the gurus who teach them nonsensical things that you can achieve God through your sex. Because they have certain weaknesses developed and they don’t want to accept Christ at all. They accept what these pseudo gurus are telling them and pay money for it an harm themselves very badly. As I told yesterday, Christ has said that Ten Commandments it is said “Thou shall not commit adultery.” But I say, “Thou shall not have adulterous eyes.” What a subtle idea of purity He had. Do we understand what He was saying to us or thus by going to the church we think we have become the followers of Christ? And that’s why He said again, “You’ll be calling Me Christ, Christ. I won’t recognize you.” That’s a fact. I’m not against any church or any organization whatsoever. But when they profess that they are following a particular ideology or a particular incarnation, they should not do just the opposite what the incarnation taught them. It is hard to understand in these modern times that people still have some faith in Christ. Today I’m going to tell you where He resides and how we have to awaken Him and what is so important about Christ’s life and why did He die on the cross, when He could kill everyone of them and destroy the whole universe. He has got eleven rudras, that is He has got eleven powers to destroy. When He will come in His real form, then there will be no time for us to think, no time for us to meditate, no time for Me to counsel or to redeem you. That time is such that you will be just sorted out. No arguments, no talking, no questioning. You will be just redeemed by just being get sent to the hell or to heaven. There won’t be any compromise at that time, when His powers of the eleven rudras will start working. Even today there are people who do not believe in the Incarnation of Christ. Very nice because that’s the ego behind them and those who pamper their ego like this they like such people. We do not understand what Christ has done for us. Let Me tell you about His own subtle methods by which He came on this Earth. In the Devi Puran, which you people seldom read – I think it is translated in English – which was written fourteen thousand years back… As I told you, only fifty years back all these nonsensical people came and got all the perverted, useless literature printed and everybody is basing their analogies on those fifty years, which are nothing compared to the traditional thousands of years which were spent in India in seeking God. Fourteen thousand years back, Markandeya, a great poet, has written about Kundalini, has written about the Mother. He has written about Christ. He called Him Mahavishnu because He is the Son of Vishnu. He has described it in such a way that if you read it you’ll be amazed, you’ll think all these special points of Christ are described. He was called as the support, Adhara, of the universe. On Kundalini it can be proved also that He was Mahavishnu. Because when the Kundalini rises, which is a living process as I told you, is not some humbug that you just start jumping and shooting and this thing, all this is a kind of a nonsense. But when actually you see the pulsation rising within you, then you can see very clearly that when it stops here you have to take the name of Lord Jesus Christ, otherwise it won’t open out. This position where you see the Agnya Chakra is, it won’t open out unless and until you take the name of Lord Jesus Christ. All over the world whether they were Hindus, Christians, Muslims or anyone, Jews, they have to accept Christ, as the gate through which you have to pass. Of course other incarnations are there, but He is at this gate through which everyone has to pass. Not by going to church or by artificial method of baptism, but actualization of the baptism. It’s the actualization is the point, not artificial things. And when it crosses that, you suddenly find that there is a suction that takes place of these two institutions of ego and superego. That’s how it takes away our sins, our conditionings, and our karmas. Everything He sucks in within Himself. By that suction you find a space is created in the Talu area, in the fontanel bone area, and where the Kundalini pierces through you can feel the cool breeze of the Holy Ghost. That is the real baptism. Because the churches could not deliver the goods, people took to another kind of life. They are also exactly the same. You go to any religion, every religion is doing artificial things. For example in the morning Muslims are standing saying, “Allah hu Akbar, Allah hu Akbar.” They don’t know where Akbar exists within them. Akbar exists here, is the Virat. Is the great Primordial Being starts from here and is over here expressed in the brain. There is no connection whatsoever with that Akbar and mechanically they are doing this namaz, while namaz is nothing but the awakening of the Kundalini. It can be proved now. Once you get your Realization everything can be proved. But you cannot force truth to be the way you are. You cannot ask God to be organized by you. You have to surrender to His ways and His methods if you want to benefit and to become the higher personality. If we are seekers, we are seekers of truth and truth is the Spirit, that resides in the heart of human beings is the reflection of God Almighty. He is the One who represents all the three aspects of existence, of creation and evolution. He is reflected in your heart. Depends on the kind of a heart you have. If the heart is clean, is beautiful, above the mundane things of life, above the animal instincts within us, that heart reflects God very easily. Holy Ghost is the power of God. I know in the Bible not much was written about Her, because they allowed Him just to live for four years. Just imagine. I’ll tell you about My own life. In London I was struggling with seven Sahaja Yogis for four years. Seven Sahaj Yogis. It’s not easy to crack that English brain. It’s a horrible nutty thing. Thinks no end of itself. Seven of them, I fought with them for four years. You cannot believe it. In the short period of four years what could Christ do? What could He achieve it is not easy. You know the people are so ego oriented, that they cannot accept a carpenter’s son to be God, to be the Incarnation. It is so difficult for them to accept any such thing. They immediately get identified with their riches, with their power, with all these worldly things, which has no meaning to Christ. To think that Moses was separate from Christ is another very big mistake. There’s no difference at all. Christ Himself has said, “Those who are not against Me are with Me.” Who are those who are not against Him? Moses was there on this Earth to cross only this path. It’s very symbolic the way He crossed the sea to show how to cross this path. He was the Incarnation, one of the Incarnations, of the Primordial Master. There were ten, great Incarnations of Primordial Masters. One of them was Moses, Abraham, Lao Tze, Janaka, Nanak. There are ten of them who were major Incarnations of the same principle. Mohammed They are all related to each other. You’ll be surprised what relation exists between them. There’s no fight, which you learn in your Kundalini. They are so integrated and such a concord exists between them. There is no fight at all. If there is any fight it is between the evil and the good. But the good is all together. They talked of righteousness. We want to have God, but we don’t want to have goodness. We go against Him every minute. We do every work which is anti-God activity, either harming ourselves or harming others, and then we think we are seekers of God. There should be no delusion, no deception of yourself. Please remember, this is the last chance. This is the last judgement. This is the Resurrection time. You have to be very careful about it. And if you lose your chances now, you will have problems later on of such variety that you won’t be able to solve them. Already there are signs of these problems, which are incurable, which cannot be solved, which are beyond human solution. So we have another centre here which we didn’t deal yesterday, is the heart centre. But before that in this Void, this place where there is a gap, ten Incarnations, as I told you, reside and they give us the balance, the balance of our being. That is the religion. The valency that we have, the ten valencies that are within us are balanced by this. People say that why should we be righteous? All right be not. You suffer only in this world. Those who think they can make money by deceiving others are not happy people. They can’t sleep in the night. They have problems. All the gurus are suffering from diseases and things. There are some who cannot even smell flowers. You can imagine this is their situation. Flower which is the most beautiful thing that God has created they cannot smell. While it is written in all the ancient Scriptures that God is fond of flowers. In the name of Shri Vishnu there are at least fifteen names which say that He is mad after flowers, He’s very fond of flowers, He must smell the flowers. And we also know that God is fond of flowers. Somehow we know through our unconscious understanding that God is fond of everything that is beautiful. He doesn’t like ugliness, but beauty that is sublime. Now these ten Incarnations came on this Earth, one after another at different places, to teach us how to be in balance. And they said “Don’t do this and don’t do that and don’t do that”. But human beings are very good at finding out loopholes. At the time, say at Mohammed Sahib’s time they had alcohols, but no smoking was there. So He said, “Alcohol is of no good. You should not touch alcohol because it spoils your liver.” It spoils your awareness is the point. It goes against your awareness. He said, “Don’t take alcohol.” But He didn’t say “don’t take smoking”. But He didn’t know that human beings are going to discover more methods of destroying themselves, that they will take to smoking. Not that tobacco was not there in those days. It was there. But he never said so clearly that “don’t take to smoking”. Because He did not know that people are going to take this insecticide for smoking and they will be so stupid to spoil their centre of Vishuddhi. So He did not say clearly, neither He mentioned it, I should say. But when He found out that all the Muslims were smoking, He came back again as Guru Nanaka and He prohibited and He precisely said, “Anything that gives you intoxication should not be taken and harms your body should not be taken.” But, “Smoking” He said, “absolutely prohibited.” He had to correct Himself. Because human beings are such great adventurers that every time these great incarnations had to come to tell them, “This is a mistake. You go the other way.” Then you put them on the other way, they will start moving that side. Not that way. Now keep in the centre. Everybody has said, “Keep in the centre. Keep in the centre.” Because the ascent can only take place in the centre. Keep in moderation life. Any kind of immoderation takes you to trouble. Extremes take you to trouble. You have seen now fanaticism where it has gone. Fanatics, what has happened to them? Where are they going? How they are behaving? They are becoming cruel people, killing others, destroying other human beings. Only the human beings can do such a thing. No other animal does this en-mass destruction. This is a specialty of human beings, which are the most beautiful creation of God. God has spent all His energy in developing you into a human being. You can see how beautifully He has made within you, all this things. And despite the fact you have been always trying to destroy yourself, how He is going to help you further, how He cleanses you, how He gives you the bliss. You may deserve it or not, does not matter. It happens to you and you get it. This is what one has to realize, the Divine is so gracious, and is so anxious to bestow upon you the grace, the beauty, the love, by forgiving everything that you have done. So the centre that is above that is the centre what we call as the Heart Centre or in Sanskrit language it is called as Anahata. Anahata mean the sound without percussion. In the heart you hear the sound, lub tub, lub tub. That is called as Anahata. That sound, according to that sound, this one is called as Anahata. This centre is placed in the medulla oblongata, along the spinal cord, behind the sternum bone. The beauty of these gurus is that they don’t know even the physiology or anatomy or anything of human beings and they think they are God. How can it be? You should at least know what is inside the body of a human being. Now in the sternum bone till the age of 12 years, the antibodies are created and the deity is called as Jagadamba, meaning Mother of the Universe. She resides there. On one side She protects Her bhaktas, Her children, Her true seekers, to cross through this Ocean of Illusion. We live in an Ocean of Illusion. And on the other side She creates within us those antibodies who fight all the other anti-God or anti-productive or anti-life aggressions on us. So these bodies are created in this part and they get distributed all over the body till the age of 12 years. After 12 years of age this portion is just a communicator. So when you see some sort of a horrible thing or a fear that comes into you, this starts pulsating fast and informs with that frequency, without any ducts, without any other method of message, but through reflection, the antibodies to fight the disease or any other kind of aggression on them. Now this special time of an incarnation is alone, single. All other incarnations have been so far accompanied by their powers. But this one came on this Earth just to protect the seekers. Just to remove them from their hurdles and their attacks into safer places and give them the sense of security. This is the centre of the Mother. On a subtler way you must understand that it is very important to respect the motherhood in every place. Woman is great, not because she is an actress or a prostitute, but because she is a mother. Every woman should aspire to be a good mother. That is what you are walking in the path of God. This motherhood when is challenged in the lifetime of women… Say the husband doesn’t respect her motherhood. He runs after other women who are younger or some sort of a thing that way nowadays. She may develop trouble of this centre and may develop a kind of a disease like breast cancer or any breast trouble. If this centre is put right, breast cancer can be cured completely without any operation or anything. Sahaja Yoga has done that for many people and we have saved many people from going into horrible operations. On the left hand side of this, if you see, is another centre, is of you physical mother. The physical mother if she is doing some anti-God activities or if you have been nasty to her for nothing at all or any such relationship between her and you is disturbed or if she has died very early in life, you have never felt the love of the mother within you, you develop this centre and such people lack confidence in life. They hang on to people, they can be very irritable, sometimes getting into tantrums and can end up as lunatics also. Because the basic thing is the security of a mother in childhood. And this is what the father has to see that you give that security to that mother so that she looks after her children very well. But as a result of the insecurity, the women have suffered in the western countries. They thought that money will give them that security. So they have made horrible laws and these laws are responsible for the irresponsible behavior of today’s mothers. She can never be happy without a husband and husband can never be happy without a woman. So why not have one who loves you and be with her? In the same why it applies to the woman. This kind of choice which has started in the west, after marriage also the choice is on, in every thing they go on choosing, it’s a kind of an ego trip one must know. Like in America I found every tap has a different handle, a different opening. You don’t know where you land up in that place because you don’t know how to open the door, you go into, get locked into one thing, you don’t know how to open. Even the doors of cars are differently made. The four doors could be also differently made, because they think it is their choice. In everything they say “I like it.” But what is this ‘I’ that likes it? Why waste so much energy on these things of choices, I can’t understand. Every time there is a choice of this going on, choice of that going on. Such a headache it is. Why not settle down once for all? At a certain age, that finished, now no more choices. Done. Now let’s enjoy it. But if you will go on choosing, choosing all your life, you will be like a spinner going round and round and round, without getting anything out of it. You must stop and enjoy what you have. There’s no end to it. It is a mad race. I’ve seen people in England or America, because now I’m living there, they have truck loads of things going out of the house, and getting another truck loads inside. So i said, “Why? What’s the problem?” “Now we don’t like it, so we throw it away.” “But why don’t you like it?” “Because when we bought it we were in a different temperament, now in a different temperament.” The reason is, we do not put our attention to it, from a deeper side. Even one chair made beautifully, with good vibrations, is better than hundred chairs, which are going to become plastic mountains later on. So this is how we go on madly possessing things more and more and more and what is lost in that is the absolute motherhood. She has to worry so much about all these plastic things and not to worry about the special thing that is the child in the family. The child that has to have the love. The child which is to be cared for. I mean here till the age of 18 years, if they stay at home, is a very big thing. But in India, even they become old, 65 years old, they won’t leave their mother and father. They stick on to the parents and they respect their parents, they love them and the parents also love them, because for them the children are the highest. Nothing is more important. All these worldly things are of no importance at all. Even if a child spoils say a carpet, we say, “All right, it’s auspicious”. We can clean it. So the main importance must be given to the child. But not to spoil them. The way people handle the children these days, is just spoiling them. Buy them expensive presents, expensive toys and they are busy with the toys made of plastic. But why not talk to them? Why not have friendship with them? Why not play with them? Why to have something in between? Even if they are sitting together, they’ll have a television, a third thing going on. So there is no report. How can we live like this? If father and child, and mother and child, cannot have report, how can we have report of the whole world? How can we have connection with the whole world? So the motherhood must take its responsibility, must understand that you are no more a bride, you are a mother. Be proud of it. It’s great to be a mother. It’s all right for a change, once to be a bride. It’s really great to be a mother and this is what is in this chakra. If you are a confident mother, this centre is such a great help, support, gives you confidence all the time and you can not feel afraid of anything in this world, if you have that centre properly built up within you. I know some of you are very angry with your mothers because they have been unkind to you. Forgive them, forgive them, because they are ignorant. Because they have been ignorant, forgive them. That’s the only way you can live happily, that by forgiving them. And you will be amazed, if you forgive them they’ll come round. It will all change once you get your Realization. All relationship changes. In Sahaja Yoga all those who have forsaken their parents, have forsaken their mothers especially, have gave got back their mothers and mothers are also in the Sahaja Yoga and they are all enjoying together. There’s no age difference. There’s no adolescence and this and that. Everyone enjoys together, speak the same language of love. It’s such a beautiful ocean of human beings, as if connected by the same wave of love that flows through them. Now on the right hand side you have another centre, centre of the father. Father also is a very important thing and I think western fathers are a bit too docile. That’s not a good thing. The father has not to be docile. Mother has to be docile, because she is a woman and a woman has to have a power so great, that she can bear so much. She is a powerful thing. She is the shakti behind the man. Men are just like children. Because you don’t know how to handle them, that’s why it’s all problems that you want to have liberty and liberation. You can’t live without men, try anything. But not by dominating them or becoming like that, but by becoming like women. I would say, many people think that Indian women are dominated, but you see our Prime Minister is a woman. Nobody can dominate us. We live with our values and they can’t live without us, because they know how substantial we are. We have established that within their minds. And that’s how you know that we have very few divorces or anything. Woman is respected because she is respectful. She will not be respected because she has money. She will not be respected if she is dominating. She will not be respected if she tries to have her own way. But she is respected because she is respectful. Her ways are such that you have to respect her. You just can’t help it. You have to respect your woman and that’s what a woman has to be. She is much above man and she should not try to stoop down to the level of men, wearing pants and things. I mean if anybody ask Me to wear pants, I would say this sari is the much better dress for Me because the sari gives food to thousands of Indians, thousands of villagers. They make the sari. How can we forget that we are women? And men are men and women are women. Don’t take these funny ideas. You see you can’t put your nose here and your eyes here. They are placed at right places. God has placed you in right places. Now don’t try to shift them. That you cannot do. In no way I would tell you, you can be humiliated or subjugated, if you establish your importance. If you establish it with proper understanding, it is you who can bear up. You are like this Mother Earth around. Mother Earth gives us everything. She bears up. Can we do without the Mother Earth, specially Australians? She is the one who is giving you all your ores, everything. You can’t exist without Her. And how much she is bearing up. So many things you have done against God, but She is bearing it up. Of course She’ll become volcanic one day, if you try to be too much like this. You have to take to God because She is one with God. She is absolutely one with God and She knows. She forgives you because God forgives you. So we have to take the methods of God and not of our own ego and of our own ideas. “What’s wrong?” This Mother Earth, as She bears us, the woman has to bear all the family. In My own work as a Mother, I have seen people coming and insulting Me, misbehaving. All kinds of things they have done to Me. There is no end to it. But to Me it’s a joke. They are all children. They are stupid. They are foolish. They’ll be alright. I don’t lose My temper. I’m unruffled. One lady once came with a Bible, to hit Me hard In a temple. And they have taken My tv and I’m just laughing at her. I couldn’t understand how could she use a Bible to hit Me? Something else she could have had. But it is so. It’s so surprising you see that how people are in a paradox, and such a confusion. A complete confusion exists now. Only way to get rid of it is to become your Spirit. Because Spirit is absolute. It is absolutely there within you, which is the absolute. It’s not relative. We live in a relative world. We haven’t got our absolute values. But Spirit, when it manifests you start feeling these vibrations of cool breeze. All over you start feeling this All Pervading Power. And you ask any absolute question and you get an absolute answer to it, an absolute answer to it. Because whatever you are doing, you are doing in a relative way. Because you are harmed, because you are supressed, you have a reaction. Because that thing has happened to you, that’s why there’s a reaction. Reaction is not the way we have to live. We have to live on our absolute wealth and that is the Spirit within us which has to come in our attention, means it has to manifest in our central nervous system. Now beyond that, is the centre here. So about fathers I have to say, that fathers have to be very kind to their children. They are not to shout at women. They have to respect. They must respect because she is the goddess of the family. If they respect her there won’t be any problems. I can tell you this much, if you don’t know how to respect your women, they can become shrews, they can become horrid things. You see you make them whatever you want to do, you make them. Whatever your ideas, if you run after prostitutes, they’ll become prostitutes. If you run after another men, they willl run after another men. If you run after money, they’ll run after money. Whatever you do, they will do. So it is the men who spoil the society. But the women must have their courage to stand up to it, because for the society the women are responsible. If children are the most important thing, then for a mother the society is the most important thing. And she keeps up the society, in a proper method by educating her children to be good citizens of that society. But if your father is a cruel man, or if you have lost your father in your childhood, or maybe there is some problem between you and your father, or if you have been a very bad father, or the children are tortured by you, or you have lost some child early, all these things, the principle of father gets into problem. And when this is in problem, you get asthma. Asthma comes because of this. Asthma can be easily cured, if you can assure the fatherhood to be settled down through the vibrations, asthma can be cured. I have cured a [case of] asthma of governor of Kashmir, who was suffering from 25 years, within 10 minutes time. It is very easy to cure asthma, which can be cured. Because the compassion that people talk of, love, love, love, it doesn’t work. God’s compassion works. It works. It doesn’t talk about itself that” I am love, I am compassion”, nothing of the kind. It just works. You can feel it, it works, because it redeems you, gives you salvation, gives you Realization, gives you all that is the best. It is the beneficially force which acts and you see it every moment and you are amazed how you are looked after, by this great force of compassion. Sometimes you feel as if the angels are taking you up somewhere and you are avoiding all the hurdles of life. It’s so amazing if you talk to Sahaj Yogis, you will think these people are talking something imaginary. But it’s a fact. It’s a fact. But to establish yourself into Sahaja Yoga is difficult, because we have no outer ways of doing it. Like we cannot say you pay your money, or you become your member, or we can say that all right now supposing you all to become a Sahaja Yogi, we’ll give you a plate here or a plaque on here and all that, not possible. You have to actually become inside. There’s no hypocrisy about it. You have to be inside. There’s no pronouncement about it. It has to be inside, something has to happen. You have to be transformed actually. Has to be honestly done. It should be a truth and not a myth, with which you have to live. So now we have another centre which is very important, is called as the Vishuddhi Chakra. This is the centre presided by Shri Krishna Himself. Shri Krishna actually first manifests at the solar plexus, as Shri Vishnu. The power of Vishnu is Lakshmi at that point. Laxshmi is the power by which people get the blessings of the Goddess, on material level, but not the way we understand it. Laxshmi is a Goddess because She is a woman, She is a mother. So first of all, a man who is wealthy has to be motherly. That you don’t find anywhere. Then there are, the image is made is so beautifully that in the hands there are two lotuses. They are pink in colour. The pink colour suggests the love. The house should be cosy like a lotus. And there’s a very, I don’t know what you call her, gnat or something, you call it a gnat I think, that horrible insect gnat like thing, which has got lots of thorns on its body, also enters into this delicate lotus, but it has a place to rest. It does not that judge the outward thing of a person. So it has to be a cosy place, a welcome place, where people should enter and be happy. That is called as a Laxshmi pati, the one who is rich, in the sense that he is the owner of Lakshmi. Then one hand is like this, another hand is like that. The hand like this means he is the giver. He has to be extremely generous. All the time flowing, the generosity. Generosity not to wrong type of people, but to the people who are needy. But he doesn’t say that I am giving. He doesn’t talk about it. He just does it secretly. And this hand like this is the hand for protection, protection to the weak, protection to people who do not have so much. This is the sign of a Lakshmi pati, a rich man. And She stands on the lotus, means she doesn’t exert Her pressure on anyone. She doesn’t exert pressure on anyone. Is a very beautiful image made of the power of Shri Vishnu, who is the aspect of God which gives us our evolution, the force which gives us our evolution, the force by which, that aspect by which we have become human beings This is the whole thing is called as the power of Mahalakshmi. And Christ’s Mother was the incarnation of this Mahalakshmi, of the Great. Mahalaxshmi represents the seeking, the power of seeking, of highest goal, seeking of God, seeking of your spiritual ascent. She was representing that. And that’s how She came on this Earth. She was, to an Indian people who was told that She was Mahalakshmi they can’t believe it. “They say She was crying all the while. How was She a Mahalakshmi?” To them it doesn’t go into their heads that how can a person who is a Mahalakshmi could be just a mother crying for her son. But why She was not She exposed as Warren has told you that if Christ has mentioned that She is Mahalakshmi, the Adi Shakti, or the Holy Ghost, people would have attacked Her first, instead of attacking Him and that was not the game. The drama was, for Christ to get Himself crucified. And why Christ? Because Christ is the embodiment of the Spirit. He’s made of these vibrations He’s Omkara. He’s without body. He’s a bodiless person. It’s only He who could do it. Nobody, no other incarnation is like that. All other incarnations come on this Earth, they have to have a body. But He was made specially. The body was taken down. It’s a big story, which I’ll tell you later on. But the part that was the Spirit, Christ was made, because the message was resurrection and not crucifixion. Resurrection means He passed through this cross here. You see the Agnya is between the ego and superego overlapping and when we have a very thick conditioning and a thick ego, just there is no space at all. And it is He who came and established Himself there, in that little space, because He is chaitanya, He is this subtle power, Omkara. It’s all described. Whatever I am telling you is not My story, it’s all described about Him. Unfortunately you people have not read these books, but you can, later on, after Realization get to these books and understand what I’m telling you is true or not. If you have to depend on books, but if you have to depend on vibrations, you can ask the question, “Was He Omkara?” So He crosses over into the limbic area, here, which is the kingdom of God and that’s why He’s called as the gate. But Vishuddhi chakra is the one which is bestowed upon, by Shri Krishna, who is actually the evolved manifestation of Shri Vishnu. The story of Shri Vishnu’s incarnations suggest that we have gone through different, various aspects of evolution. If Christ has not talked about evolution, that doesn’t mean He did not know it. People never gave Him any chance to talk. I mean Darwin had no business to criticize Him. He himself has said that, “We have come so far, we have to go further” and Christ also said, “You are to be born again”. Christ also said the same thing in His own words, in His own style. In evolutionary process is described, in the dashavatars, in the 10 incarnations, which is exactly the same as has happened. First is the fish and then is the tortoise. I know Indian names so I…. Then is the quadruped. Like that it moves from one to another. Then a small man, and then a large man and then Shri Rama. Shri Rama resides on the right side, as the father, right side of the heart. So now Vishuddhi Chakra is Shri Krishna’s. He came two thousand years after Shri Rama came. Like Treta and Dwapara, we have two yugas out of which He came here. There are many people who say they are Shri Krishna and they don’t know anything about Him. They don’t know anything. And to the naive people they can’t understand that how this man is Shri Krishna. It’s very easy to say “I’m Christ”. You see, the other day in London, somebody told Me, “Mother, he is saying “. “All right,” I said, “you ask him to walk on the water”. That’s the sign. Find out. It’s very easy. If I say I’m Adi Shakti or Holy Ghost, let Me give you Realization. That’s the sign given, that She raises the Kundalini of thousands of people. It’s described already. But if He said He was Christ, “Then let him walk on the water”, you will say. And the one who says he is Shri Krishna, he has the samhara shakti? So many, there are so many thing by which you can make it out a person who describe themselves as this and that. So now we have come to this Vishuddhi Chakra which is 16 petals and these 16 petals represent 16 sub-plexuses of the cervical plexus. Now these are all gross plexuses outside, but in the subtle it is Vishuddhi Chakra, with all the vowels, the 16 vowels as the bija mantras in it. This is the most important centre for human beings because when human beings raised their head this centre started becoming complete by itself. By raising it only, we have created this ego business. Because we raised our head we actually symbolized it with our freedom. This I-ness develops as this ego develops within us. The ego and super ego both meet at the fontanelle bone area. By about 12 years of age it becomes absolutely calcified and we develop our I-ness. Before this we are under the complete control of the nature. that’s why is animals are called as pashu. Pashu means the pasha, the control of God, control of nature. But human beings have been given freedom and individuality, to grow. Because if you have to go to the supreme freedom you have to know what freedom is and in that freedom, of course it could have been short circuited also if Adam and Eve had listened to God. But they did not. They just wanted to find out for themselves when the freedom was given and the mistake was carried on to this extent that the incarnations had to come to correct it and it was such a long process. And now it has come to this position that to achieve that supreme freedom you must learn to use your freedom properly. This is trial and error man tries. I have seen many people. I went to Tehran once. I saw many Muslims sitting before Me and I thought or they looked like Brahmins of India, who were another fanatic group. They are not Brahmins. Because they say they are Brahmins, they are not Brahmins. They don’t know anything of Brahma. So they looked exactly like those Brahmins, in their past lives. That means these extreme people from India are born as Muslims to hate themselves and this extreme movement goes on like a pendulum from one to another end till you come to a point where you understand that fanaticism is wrong. This extreme behaviour is wrong. This why do I do it to such an extent? Can I not come to moderation? And the family system is one of them, which makes you understand that balance in life is very important. Without the balance and moderation you cannot have proper growth or proper children. A day will come if you go on like this, you will have children who’ll be just devils. I have seen children in England, some of them are really devils, absolutely devilish. Some children killed their grandmother and grandfather rocking her and his chairs. Can you believe it such a thing? Only six, seven years old children. Devils actually. Six, seven years old children, they killed their grandmother and grandfather like that. And in England it is said that two children are killed every week by the parents. I mean this is devilish. Even the devils don’t do that I think. It is done by human beings and how can children be born there? What child would like to be born in a country where there is no love for them? Perhaps that’s why India is suffering so much with over population. All the children must be wanting to be born in our country. And also your children who are seeking God, are coming to our country. Of course they fall a trap, They fall into wrong traps. It’s all right. But they are seeking. They are seekers and that’s why they are going to India and in India you can seek it better. Because that’s a country of love and affection. But these people do not come in contact with any Indians at all. Because Indians don’t like these gurus at all. They have nothing to do with these Indians. They are hated by all the Indians. They think they are inauspicious. Whereever they stay there is fire. Whereever they stay there is bad time. None likes except for business people who try to make money out of these. Indians have no report. But you should ask Sahaja Yogis. They go to villages. How they mix up with Indians, how they talk to them, how they have lived with them. We lived with them in their huts. We lived with them with their beautiful generosity that they have. So Vishuddhi Chakra, which is the chakra of Shri Krishna, is to be understood that ultimately this becomes the Virat, the Primordial Being. So, the heart, which is the reflection of the God Almighty, has three aspects, as I told you. The first aspect is of existence, which is expressed in the left side, power of existence, and when existence finishes also it is destruction. So it is called as the giver of existence, as well as destroyer. The another one, on the right hand side, is the Creator and the centre one is one who gives you evolution and one who gives you evolution becomes ultimately 16 petals. It starts from the 10, becomes 16 petals and becomes Shri Krishna here. Now there are people who are standing on the streets sing ‘Hare Rama Hare Krishna.’ I really feel so ashamed of it. Imagine the people who worship Krishna as their God, should beg? It’s something I just can’t understand. Is impossible for Me to see. Krishna’s friend was a very poor man, called Sudama. In childhood they used to study together in a school of a guru, and when he became the king, Sudama went to see him, and he just sent a message that go and tell Shri Krishna that I’m his friend Sudama. So everybody laughed at him. But he said “No, please tell Him, He will recognize me”, and Sudama didn’t know what to take. So he had taken a little bit of rice, a kind of a rice we get, pounded rice, with him, to give it to Shri Krishna. When Shri Krishna heard that Sudama has come He started shouting and roaring and, so happy and joyous. He said, “Oh my great friend has come.” He came down from His throne and He ran to the door and He just took him in His heart and said, “Oh, my great friend you have come.” “I’m so much happy that you have remembered Me and have come.” He brought him, brought him in, made him sit in His throne. He was so embarrassed. He said, “You sleep on My bed. I’m going to sleep near you here. He asked his all queens to look after him, all the maids to look after him, all the men to give him everything that he wanted. Then he dressed him up very well. He said, “You are My friend. You are My king.” He took him on his chariot, carried him along, and on the chariot, they were throwing – in their custom in India is to take the bad eye, you have to throw some coins or some pearls – just throwing pearls and diamonds and rubies on his chariot. And Sudama was saying, “Let one fall into My lap also,” in a very sweet way. And then Sudama just came back to his family and he found his family was not there. He said, “Where is My family gone?” They said, “They have moved to that another house.” He saw a huge big house made of gold and beautiful things. He said, “This is not my house.” They said, “This your house where you have to go. “So he went there, and he saw his wife, his children given with all comforts of life, all the beauties of life. Krishna has said,”Yoga Kshem vahamyam.” “You should come to yoga first, then I give you the well being.” First come to yoga. First receive your Realization. First yoga and then kshema, not kshema yoga. Look at that and look at this. Any Indian who knows feels ashamed. But they beg so much. You see they go in the South Hall and beg all the time. So the Indians are quite rich in England. They give them money. They can’t bear to see this begging in the name of Krishna. Just to get rid of it. But every Saturday they are there. Because Saturday there is crowd they are there begging. Even on Oxford Circus they are standing there and begging. Such a shameful thing. As Krishna’s disciple you have to have self-esteem, self-respect. Beggars cannot have that. Begging is not the way a yogi should behave. He has to have self respect and self esteem. Otherwise who is going to respect a beggar? Apart from that when you go on saying these mantras, from this throat of yours which is not been yet initiated, in the sense that the Kundalini has not crossed this chakra, then you get, develop, troubles of this throat maybe cancer also of this throat. I have got three people coming from there. They all had cancer of the throat. So it is a very wretched condition. There is no need for you to say, “I should, I should live like this. I should discipline myself. I should go to that extent that I just destroy myself.” It should be in the centre. You should not do something too much to destroy yourself by indulgences and you should not do any kind of a cruelty to yourself. Also that is destruction. Try to be in the centre. Again I’ll say as Buddha has said, that you be in the centre. Now today, I have described to you all these centres in very short. I have given lectures on every centre and there are thousand and more lectures with the ashram people here. When you get your Realization, then you can hear them very well, and you can understand what I am saying about these chakras is true or not, which you can verify yourself. But today in short I have told you about these three chakras and tomorrow I hope to tell you something about Realization, Spirit, and what after Realization. May God bless you! Shri Mataji: No time. It’s quarter to nine there. Tonight we’ll just have the Realization and don’t forget that on Sunday we are all invited to lunch. Mother has generously offered to cook for you. Those people that would like to come to lunch will tell you the details later. But in the meantime, just put your hands out and slip your shoes off, and let this experience deepen. Put your feet flat on the ground, that’s very important. Put your feet flat on the ground, so that you could be earthed, and so the vibrations could flow. Now you know why we are putting our feet on the Mother Earth, but keep them separate, because these are two powers. So keep them separately. Put your left hand towards Me and the right hand also towards Me, like this, for the time being. But then we have use the right hand, for the action, of raising our Kundalini on the left hand side. As I told you the left hand is the power of desire. So first there should be a desire to ascend, to be the Spirit. Just put your left hand towards Me. You should not be adamant. Just let it go. It will work out for all of you. If it doesn’t work out then there is something wrong, maybe your principle of Guru is wrong, or maybe you have got some problems with your physical side, or maybe some emotional problems are there. Anything like that can be corrected. Everybody will get Realization. And nobody should get anxious about it. There should be no anxiety. With all cheerfulness you must sit with your left hand towards Me and right hand little easy, so that we can move it later on. But just now put both the hands on your lap and close your eyes. Please close your eyes. Please take out your malas and things like that, you see. That won’t work out. Vishuddhi, it won’t work out. So please take them out if you don’t mind. If you want to have your Realization, please take out your malas. Please help yourself a little bit. Please listen to Me, take out your malas. Because we want to achieve it for you. If you have also some neck ties very tight on your neck you can loosen it a little. Or on your neck if you have any heavy, very heavy thing you can remove it. Better to remove it if you have, there’s anything heavy on your neck or on your waist there is anyting very tight it is better to remove anything heavy on your neck, or on your… Yes, if there is anything that is tight better to remove. It’s better. Just put your right hand. Close your eyes please first of all. Now don’t open your eyes at any time till I tell you, because the Kundalini won’t rise after Agnya, if you open your eyes. You’ll feel a cool breeze in your hand first of all or maybe on top of your head as we go through the various levels of our chakras. So first of all you put your right hand on your heart and just say, “Mother, I am the Spirit.” Now put this right hand down, on your stomach, on the left hand side and say, “Mother I am my own guru”. With all confidence, “I am my own guru.” “I am my own master.” You have to say it ten times, as I told you, there are ten plexuses. “I am my own guru.” That’s how you will neutralize all the bad effects on your principle of guru, principle of master. He must shine. Better? Now again put the right hand… Left hand towards Me. Keep it steady toward Me. Your fingers towards Me, left hand. Please keep it on your lap. Left hand towards Me. Now put the right hand again on the heart and say “Mother I am the Spirit.” With confidence. Now you have to say it 12 times. Because there are 12 petals. Now put this right hand on your neck, on the left hand side. At this point you have to say “Mother, I am not guilty.” Whatever you have done at this moment is all finished. You are going to be reborn. Like an egg may have any number of specks, but a bird doesn’t show that. In the same way you should say, “Mother I am not guilty.” If you are the Spirit, the Spirit can not get any blemish. 16 times we say. Believe Me that you cannot comit any guilt which cannot be washed by the grace of God. Now raise the same right hand, keeping the left hand towards Me, on your forehead across. Touch your forehead across and say now, “Mother I forgive everyone.” It’s not difficult if you understand that it is a myth, that you do not forgive. Actually you don’t do anything like that. Only thing you are torturing yourself by not forgiving. So just say “Mother, I forgive everyone.” Because this is the centre of Christ. Say, “Mother, I forgive everyone.” There is no need to see other people. Just now you have to see yourself. You have seen all of them before, you better see yourself. So put your right hand across your head. Better get it. It’s a very great chance. And now put your hand on top of your head, on top of your head where you had a soft bone, the area, fontanel bone area. Put your left hand towards Me. Left hand should be down below towards Me. On top of your head, in the centre of your head, just press it, with the palm of your hand. Now raise your hand about 4 inches and say that you want your Realization because you are free not to have it. I can not force you. So just say “Mother, I want my Realization” or “Please give me Realization, Mother.” Now you can change your hand. Put your right hand down and left hand up and see, if there is a cool breeze coming in. You can change again and see if there is a cool breeze coming in. Some people might be getting little hot. Doesn’t matter. Raise your hand higher, on your head. Move it and see if there is a cool breeze coming in, not very high, say about 6-7 inches. That’s the wind of the Holy Ghost. Now ask a question by putting up both your hands, up there facing Me. Both the hands up in the air and ask the question, “Mother is this the wind of the Holy Ghost?” Now bring down your hands and see if you are feeling any cool breeze in your hands. Left. It’s left. It’s all right. I’ll balance it. I know it’s left. It’s less, it’s all right. Now better. You may gradually open your eyes now. Also Mr Warren will show you, Dr. Warren will show you how to raise your own Kundalini. Just follow him. Y: Put your left hand at the point at which Kundalini is, and then you put your right hand, because this is the hand of action at the top, lower, back and here. In other words, it should go in this fashion in a circle, keeping your attention to the Kundalini, you slowly raise it, in this fashion. Raise it higher, and higher, and above your head give it a twist. Shri Mataji: Push back your hands, push back. Push your hands right back and knot it once. Bring your hands down. Again, do the same thing, around, slowly raise it… Shri Mataji: Push back your hands. Push your hands back and dwell it and give it a knot. Shri Mataji: Now three times knots. Y: Three times we knot at a time. Shri Mataji: You don’t have, not have to take down the hands. Come along. Y: Start again and raise it, the third time. Twist it and knot it once. Twist it and knot it twice. Again, and knot it the third time, and done. Shri Mataji: Now, see. All right? It’s very subtle. We are going from gross attention to subtler attention. You are absolutely thoughtless. There is no thought in your mind. Those who have felt the cool breeze please raise your hands. All of you. Those who have felt the cool breeze, raise your hands please. Both hands, those [who felt] raise both hands. Shri Mataji: Those who have felt it. It’s all right. If you have felt it better raise it. It’s good. Quite a lot of them have felt it. Now what we have to do is tomorrow is the last day, and I will explain to you last centre which is very important and how to keep your Realization growing. First of all you can’t think about it. It is beyond thought. So you don’t discuss it. That is definite. Then it is a very delicate thing. Just now is just the primule. The germ has touched it. It’s a very thin line which passes through the Brahma nadi. The whole Kundalini is like a rope with many, many threads and one thread has touched it. So you have to learn how to keep it there, how to maintain it there, and use it for your own ascent, for repairs of yourself to begin with, and then how to go to the collective, how to help the others. So first of all one has to be very careful. Tomorrow I’ll be able to tell you about Self Realization. how to continue with it and what powers you have got now. Because you have felt the cool breeze but you don’t know what powers you have got. So tomorrow I’ll be able to tell you exactly what powers you have got already and how to use them. May God bless you! Just before Mother goes I’d just like to remind you there will be a workshop in which you could meet Mother and develop your Realization on Sunday at 10 a.m. at 172 Albert Road, Stratfield. There will be many Sahaja Yogis at the back, who can advise you in detail of that address. Please give your address to them so that we can advise you of the programs in Sahaja Yoga, after Mataji has gone. Just take a card from them and they can give you a pencil and you can write your address on it and we can keep in touch with you. But in the meantime come along to the workshop on Sunday and too stay for lunch and stay for lunch and we’ll show you more abouit the practices of Sahaja Yoga, clearing the chakras, how to work it out, and also of course you’ll have the opportunity of meeting Shri Mataji. Thank you very much, ladies and gentlemen. Good evening.