Why am I concerned is the point

Maccabean Hall, Sydney (Australia)

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Public Programme Day 4. Sydney (Australia), 18 March 1983.

To all the seekers of truth I bow I must say Dr. Warren has done a good job. Perhaps you don’t understand that the situation is quite different in the western countries. I don’t have to have any introduction in India, nor anybody has to give any apologies all the time, you see trying to convince getting this that into the whole argument to prove that I’m the truth and that I’m genuine, that there’s no hanky panky about Me.

It’s very embarrassing for Me to say and the background is like this: when I came to Australia this time from all over the world, all the Sahaja Yogis who are in the West, we have many in every country and they are known that this time Mother must say who She is, is important because the questions like this then how can You do it how can it be easy are You the one who is doing all kinds of questions coming and I just don’t help, please don’t do it, it’s not easy for a Western mind to accept it you see, they all come on you and you see and so I told you the same and it was accepted by many people because they felt the cool breeze they did feel the cool breeze coming out of their heads but some did not and because they did not feel it, they challenged and they were angry about it now the position is like this that so far if your mind has been guiding you properly there was no need for Me to say it.

,We are living in the atmosphere of great confusion. Tremendous confusion exists. We don’t know what is good what is bad. Some people say that it’s better to have a unmarried life. Some say it’s better to have the married life, some say it’s better to keep the children out in the school, some say it is not. The governments don’t understand whether communism is all right or capitalism is all right, economics is dwindling they don’t understand what is happening. So, the result of all our enterprises is very confusing. And we don’t understand really what is right and what is wrong. So, we use whatever we think right as the right. But whatever we think as right, is it coming from something absolute or from relative? Because we are conditioned people. For a lady who, say, comes from a catholic church, she won’t like Me to tell her that I’m the Comforter or I’m the Holy Ghost, she won’t like it. But I would ask her one question: supposing if I am, how will she recognize Me? If supposing tomorrow Christ comes in, how would she recognize Christ? It’s a very apologetic ,you see, low based stuff which really I didn’t want to start it, because it takes you down to such a level that you just don’t want to talk about it. B

ut it happens. With the western people you have to stoop down too low to convince them who you are. Of course you are not going to crucify Me, I know but you’ll crucify yourself if you don’t accept, that’s the point, because I have a concern, I have to do this job and I have to do it with great care that you are very great seekers you have been seeking truth for ages now and the time has come for you to get it. And this is the time your Western ego stands up and says that, “How can that be, why it is You?” You see.

So, I said, “All right, you do it, I don’t mind if you can do it nothing like it”. The problem is this ego is such a thing that we are never aware of it that it’s the ego that is working it out like Hitler, when he destroyed people he was never aware that he was doing it just to satisfy his ego. He thought that what he was doing was right and all of them will do such things always believing that it is right. So,

this is a problem and then the question comes in that “Mother you might be also doing it out of ego”, possibly one can say. That could be so, but what is my gain out of that ego is nothing As it is you know I’m a very happily married woman of a very rich family, I don’t need anything from you and in a very great position. But why am I concerned is the point. Now put your mind on this position that just now we do not ask any questions, let’s have it first of all, let have your Spirit if she is saying I’m going to give you the Spirit all right have it no harm. After all, I have done no harm to anyone so far. There’s no one who can say that I harmed any one or somebody has loss. Today with me there was a little child with a limb hand. The child would never have been cured so meningitis she would never have, all the life the child would have had the limb but within ten minutes with Sahaja Yoga the child was cured. It’s a fact, I’m telling you the truth but that doesn’t mean that you should believe Me but by believing Me you are not the loser On the contrary it is just the other way round the whole situation is the other way round thing. It’s like the river Ganges is flowing and you have to fill your pitchers now they don’t expect Me to fall at your feet, all right. You take your Realization it’s too much.

But I’ve heard one thing that the way other incarnations came and talked. Human beings are not easy people they are really complicated full of their ego they live with their ego, morning till evening they float with their ego. So, they are not going to accept anything unless and until somehow you bring it down to a point where they receive their Realization. This is exactly my father told me that you have such and such wishing them to do it but don’t write about it and don’t talk about it till you have found out an en masse method by which you can give en-masse Realization.

This is my job for which I have come on this earth and he told me that if you write a book it will become another bible. If you say anything it will become another saying and people will just use it to pamper their ego and they have crucified all the people like this. Now why in India you see people understand because they are educated as I told you. There’s this book which is a prediction written by Brighmuni who is the I should say the originator of astrology in India. Thousands of years back and he wrote a book called Nadi Granth which was the original book he wrote in which he has mentioned about these things happening. Was revised 300 years back and was said that in 1970 this work will start by someone and I started my work in 1970. Because you do not know it is so describing details how to recognize a Holy Ghost. Christians don’t know much about Holy Ghost at all I would say they don’t want to know also they have never read any other book to know what is the Holy Ghost is. But there are all the descriptions in details given as to how to recognize the Holy Ghost. But I must admit that this work I have never done before of giving en-masse Realization.

This is the first time I have been able successfully to do this job which I have to work out. It’s a great penance I have to go through by which I learned what problems human beings have. Their permutations combinations everything and they are so many that now you see you have seven chakras and three gunas so 21 then raised to power say all these centres have got different number of petals raised to power all these you have permutations and combinations so you can imagine how many permutations and combinations you have so first you have to be [BROUGHT?] the basic points You see where the problem into the basic thing and then to realize what can one do to take the kundalini out here by which method one can do it, it’s a technique. It’s the technique of the divine laws you see this is too subtle a work within us but the movement of the kundalini stops at the first point or at the second point or at the third point.

Now what is the method by which you can raise it, you see. Now this I had to first find out. What’s the problem with the human beings are. So, I did not only study human beings but I also went to all these horrible boots to find out what they are doing to you how they are and very close I went to find out how they are spoiling your chakras. Then the drugs I studied with some people who had taken drugs and all that what is going wrong with them what is spoiling them. Then there are people who had problems, physical problems. To study the physical problem was very easy for Me because I know what is this physical body is, but I did not know what you say it in the medical terminology because these are your words not of God. So I studied medicine for that.

Then the psychologists, I thought the psychologists are creating another problem they are not understanding what they have to say except for you, I would say the rest of them were half-baked. Something’s wrong with them. So, then I realized that they are treating people who are pathologically upset or who are pathological cases and they do not know how to protect themselves from these pathological things, you see, and they just handle the situation as they have. It’s like putting your hand into the hole of a snake, you see and they get bitten by it and because of that, you see, they become exactly the same what their patients are. And then they start universalizing that pathological problem to the whole world that the person they meet is a man who is a pervert. Say, for example, himself Freud was a perverted man. He had relations with his mother, so first he must have met somebody, I give him all the chance, you see, maybe he is born like that I don’t know. But he must have met someone whose mother must have had bad relation or something like that and he must have treated this fellow. By treating him he must have got that upon himself.

Now he made it a universal truth for everyone that everybody has this within them. It’s absolutely wrong it’s an absolutely wrong step. I mean in India, if you tell anybody they laugh they say God, we have nothing to do. There was a gentleman, Freud fellow, he came and started criticizing so he wrote an article and people wrote him back answer saying that, “Now you the Freudian you go back to England you are not wanted”. He’s an Indian but they said, “We don’t want you here.” We understand all these things better because traditionally Indian mind has understood so many things. And this trial and error method that we know that this is all nonsense people are talking about but because you people are naïve and great seekers. Moreover there is also ego problem I have to balance it somehow and that’s why today because I told Dr. Warren that I had told you that I don’t want to tell these people and you and the people who telephoned to Me after called to Me that “Mother should be clear” and we did it and there is an opposition so now you pay for it and that’s why he wanted to make an apology for everything. There’s nothing to be apologetic. It is for you to receive it. The position is very different. It is you who have to ask for it. It’s my no gain for Me, I have nothing to gain. I have to give you something. and when I have to give you something then you have to get it yourself and not to doubt another. What will you get by doubting? What are you going to get out of it So first of all to put down your mind in proper shape because it was too much of a shock yesterday to many people. There are people who said that all right today get Warren talk about these things and pacify them, you see, it’s like pacifying a son-in-law who is angry. All right, so this has worked out.

I hope you people understand that there is no need to feel disturbed. we have to get our Realization. On the contrary, if you do not get it you must worry about it, that’s not a good thing. You must all get your realization. Now this is the seventh chakra we were talking about. Seventh chakra is the chakra where the limbic area in the brain you see the limbic area is there. This limbic area is covered with all the seven chakras. For example if you start from here from the back where the protrusion is there is the Mooladhara chakra which is down here. So when you people have problems with sex. Say, a person who has led a perverted sex life. Gradually, this chakra gets influenced and a person becomes mentally soft as you can say. He starts getting you see hallucinations and sometimes he loses his balance also, The scent. Because the effect is on the brain. So I’m just trying to explain to you these seven chakras around the limbic area which is the Sahasrara, the last chakra and how it affects. So now the second chakra is Swadishthana which is round that Mooladhara here at the back. Now Swadishthana is the chakra which as he said on the gross looks after your liver, kidney spleen, pancreas and your uterus on the gross, on the physical level. Also is responsible for giving you more creativity future thinking and also can be damaged if you overdo that or if you try to take to something that is unauthorized as God is concerned. So it affects both ways. Now when this happens what are the problems, let’s say. First problem comes in that when you the central portion is out of gear this center shows results on the brain here. and the effect on the brain is that.

For supposing you are suffering from diabetes take one example of diabetes, your eyes will be affected. You have seen diabetic people go on losing their eyesight gradually. And they become big because it is on the optic lobe sitting here and controls the optic lobe so when you get diabetic that oppression of this centre or you can say the lethargy of this center makes your eyes weep gradually because there is something wrong in the void something wrong with the Swadishtana chakra, I will tell you shortly, because seven chakras we have today.

So now the higher chakra than that is the Nabhi chakra. Nabhi chakra is left and right on your head here at the back, here. Now this is the centre of, as he said, of your seeking. and you are seeking money or you are seeking power or you are seeking love, all these things get indicated in this part of your head and that’s how the Nabhi chakra gets caught. Now you can see when the kundalini rises also in the brain you can find out what chakra is catching because that is the portion if you put your hand you’ll find is still very hot the chakras which are all right that portion in this line where all the centers are placed is soft but where the chakras are wrong you can see it there. Now this is tallied also that you feel on the left hand this is the Nabhi chakra’s finger or the right hand some sort of a sensation of burning, maybe numbness or whatever it is to show that these chakras are out. Also you can see that the kundalini is rising that the kundalini has stopped there and she is moving here and there and you see the pulsation like that. So it’s all tallied you can see for yourself clearly.

So this is the Nabhi chakra which is very important because it is your seeking, so it has to be put in balance after that comes the higher chakra called the heart. Is a very important chakra because this chakra is placed in the center here this is actually is the fontanel bone area just in the center, here. Now the pulsation of the kundalini is felt here first when she has not pierced through. but when she pierces then you start feeling actually the cool breeze coming out of that portion but in the beginning maybe due to the little friction between the kundalini and this portion of the head maybe you might feel hot or because of other things also inside the chakras. But gradually kundalini corrects you and you find the cool breeze coming out of your head so this is a very important chakra is heart now this heart chakra is so made you’ll be amazed, that heart is the one which has the Spirit, also it has the center heart which is the Mother’s.

So, this chakra is the most important chakra in the last happening of the kundalini and unless and until this breaks through it won’t work out. So, motherhood is important, motherhood in your temperament and motherhood as a blessing to you, all these things play a big part. now that’s why motherhood is very important that you have to respect motherhood. Freud gave just the opposite of incentive I mean this is anti-God activity because the kundalini won’t come up if you have no respect for motherhood. Maybe your mother may be a bad woman, all right, but in general you must have respect for motherhood. Or if you are a mother or if you are a woman you must have respect for yourself as a mother. The men should also have respect for mother. Motherhood is a very important part of Sahaja Yoga, where you find that the heart chakra is this called as the Brahmarandra. Randra means the hole and the Brahma is the divine power that is spread out. So, this is the hole which has to be broken or is to be pierced through and this is what is the actualization of baptism. This is what is the real baptism. It is not just artificial that anybody can put hand on your head and say: “All right now you are a christian” or “You are a muslim” or “You are a jew”. It is not so, this has to actualize within you. Now this happens when it comes up through this one. In front of that here, if you find, is a part of the Nabhi chakra a little bit here, you can feel it sometimes. But here actually is the Vishuddhi chakra, if you see. This is the Vishuddhi chakra means at this point your throat is controlled. But it is the center where this Vishuddhi chakra Shri Krishna becomes the primordial Being, the Akbar.

So when you are not one with the whole, when you are detached from the whole, this becomes very problematic. Now I have to tell you something about cancer, because it is threatening the world today. Is very simple can be cured, a little bit I will have to tell you about cancer how it develops in a person, whether he may be a good man or a bad man is not the point. As it is cancer is built up every moment and is broken up because when the sympathetic nervous system which is looked after by these two powers within us goes into overactivity, like the left and the right, the movement is so strong that it breaks the chakra, and the chakra moves apart. And the relationship with the whole, which is here in the hole, with the Medulla oblongata gets disconnected. Then anything on the left or the right, it is triggered by something, which I have told you before. This triggering when it takes place, it really gets seperated and the cells starts growing on their own, they become malignant. means they are separated from the whole. Any man who behaves like that, who is broken from the whole, doesn’t understand of the whole is a malignant person. So the malignant cell starts growing in such a way that that cell whenever it touches another cell, that also becomes malignant. You may develop a nose very big or ears very big or a tongue very big not related to the general growth of your body, so the controlling point of the whole is lost. Now this is come when it starts, you see this [thing] really becomes a very big obstacle here the Vishuddhi chakra. Is very important, but when it starts developing here the whole what you call the pressure comes up here. which starts spreading on the sides, moreover to add to the problem if you have been to wrong gurus, and wrong people your void gets caught up. The ten centers, these are the ten centers here. So we have eleven centers and these are the destroying forces of Shri Kalki means our Lord Jesus Christ when he’s going to come again on the white horse, is this one and this is called as sambha.

At the equal level of the head and here there are eleven forces which are the destructive forces which come into play. Sometimes this side is more or sometimes this side is more, but when it starts working out they start destroying you and you may get any disease which is really destructive gradually to you. It can work out as any incurable diseases, any disease that eats you off, all those things will start and this portion of the head is a very important one. You are not supposed to bend this before anyone. You should not bend this before anyone, but when you have found out the right person, you can do it. Before realization, I do not allow anybody to touch my feet at any cost but if they are realized and approved as people who have started their vibrations cool, then only they are allowed to touch my foot. That has to be very discretely seen because maybe the force is so much there that you might faint. So one has to be careful as to see if you can bear it. So I was saying it is the other way round thing that works out. Now what Sahaja Yoga does is that it’s the power that is flowing through these Sahaja yogis who are here. And even my photograph has the power.

If it has it has. This can be used for giving vibrations to that part which is suffering. or that center which is not all right. People don’t talk in the language as the doctors do, they just say what center is out. If they say ekadasha is forming that means there’s a possibility of it turning into a cancer. Because cancer as I told you is built in all the time with overactivity and again neutralised by parasympathetic nervous system But the cancer that is going to settle down is indicated here and you start feeling the throbbing over here of the parashakti as it is called but not necessarily, it can be the other way around also and it is one of the symptoms, I would say But can be that if you feel here that kind of a heaviness or that kind of a pulsation here not necessarily that you are going for a cancer but it’s one of the symptoms one can feel. But the best way is not to talk about the diseases, but better to talk about thesubtle thing which are the chakras. If your chakras are in perfect state, if you can correct your chakras properly, then you will have no problem of any kind.

So now we are here up to Vishuddhi chakra, and this is the Agnya chakra about which I have told you yesterday. So we have all the seven chakras in the brain. Now the kundalini is brought up through this Agnya chakra and enters into this limbic area which is the kingdom of God. But here all these seven chakras get related to each other, because these are the seats of the chakras and that’s how the integration start taking place. When little bit of integration is worked up, this opens out and the Kundalini passes out. This is what is the real knowledge, but people are so much enamored by their ego, by their own ideas that anybody who says all right you wear this dress you become a yogi, you take this name you become a yogi, like this falsehood with which they live, you should not live with falsehood, because falsehood is not the way, life is. Life is reality. And it is such a beautiful thing to know the reality, because reality is nothing but glory and beauty. One should not be convinced if somebody says all right you take this name. Your name is swami such and such. or they say you are a Falana and [Makada]. This is not to be believed in because you are deceiving yourself. There is no need to change your name. Nothing is needed, the change comes within. You should not be satisfied with this changing of the dress. Supposing you wear a [dai… ] coat or you wear an ordinary coat makes no difference inside, does it? In the same way, if you color your clothes and go ’round saying that: “I’m such a yogi” and all that Remember that this is misleading Don’t take to these things. You should not mislead yourself. You must face yourself up to. Now if you take drugs also, in the same way it harms you very much in your awareness and your brain and you find that there is a problem on the right hand backwards. Most of the [ ] also give you on the right hand side a problem Because here the superego touches on the right head Now those people who are extremely aggressive and have taken to aggressive methods and all that, this left side gets caught up.

Now you must see the nature has built within us a beautiful balancing phenomenon. Supposing you are a person who is very hard working. You work very hard, you go for the future and you do all kinds of things with your mind and all the time you are planning and this and that, the right side you are working on. Actually, you are working through your brain and your brain must go out. But no all such people even till the end they go to their grave they are very alert in the brains. Nothing goes wrong with the brain but the heart. Heart is the one that is caught up. You’ll be surprised that never a person who is mad gets a heart attack. Because he’s on the superego. Now, he’s using his left side. She should get his heart, but he gets its brain out. Just imagine the balancing forces that are working in you.

Actually, when you get your first attack remember that you are overdoing it, stop it at that moment. It’s a indication coming to you from nature. But we know we have an operation and again go like big horse. There’s no need. But another thing is that in Sahaja Yoga you really settle down in the center. You don’t have this problems of going to extremes or getting to extreme behaviors. And you get to a point where you really realize that you are the Spirit and you are the absolute being. It’s not any ego and superego because then you don’t say that I did this.

Like supposing- there’s a lady who came with me to America and she called herself [a moanor] and she said: “Mother, You must give him Realization.” I said: “I’m trying”. So breaking my hands on the working morning till evening I’m trying but what to do I can’t do it now. I said, “All right you are a Realized soul, you give a certificate.” She said: “How can I give a false certificate?” “Because it is not there.” You start speaking in the third way. You say, “It is not there.” “It is not coming.” “It is not working.” You don’t say: “I’m not working it out.” You don’t say that “I’m not doing it” or “I am doing it.” What you say that “I’m trying but it doesn’t come”; it, you start talking in a third way and that is what happens to you, you lose your ego. In Sahaja Yoga also we have seen some people who come to Sahaja Yoga get into ego trips, because it’s a habit. It’s a very bad habit in the West, you get into ego trips, you see. They jump into some imaginary balloons, I don’t know what.

And they start thinking: “I’m this, I’m that”. I’m quite frightened to see this fellow was quite a normal person till yesterday. Now what has happened. So you see this ego is such a thing that if one egoistical person comes in another can take up from that person. It’s such a horrible stuff is very contagious. and that’s how you will find that one egoistical nowadays the husband shout the wife will shout. And the wife shouts and the husband breaks. If supposing one person just stops not shouting, it will calm down, definitely. But the contagious disease goes on including that the children become shouters, it goes on like that. So the ego is a thing that one does not feel it, does not understand it and it goes on destroying you, all the time. And the ego gives you a self-importance, but not self-esteem. It just gives you self importance and weight but what have you achieved? So, to be the Spirit you become humble yourself. You become absolutely humble.

One gentleman once told me that, “I’ve heard you are doing such great things. And I’ve known you for 25 years I did not know that you are Mataji Nirmala Devi, I only knew you as Mrs. Shrivastava wife of such and such.” And he was the high court, Hague high court’s, German he is. So, I said,”All right”. He said, “No you are coming tomorrow to my house. You have to give me Realization. I never knew”. So, I said, “How did you come to know?” They said we have a, he is from royal family, another maharadja who had your photograph in his pocket and he took it out and put it to his head. So, I said, “What’s the matter?”. He said,”You see I had a very bad heart trouble and Mataji cured me”. So, he simply took the photograph and he said, “Oh God, this is Mrs. Shrivastava I knew her for 25 years, I never knew she could even speak. So oh she speaks and not only, she speaks to all them”. He said, “We can’t believe it, this woman could speak. Because what I’d known her for this thing she’s a very quiet person”. So, for all practical purposes I’m a very quiet person. And then he came and he got his Realization and he’s such a humble man, you won’t believe he’s such a humble man. He said, “I found it”. It’s a very learned personality.

There is so many like that, we have an ambassador of Spain who was another humble man you see and he came to me and he said Mother give me realization I’ve come to know about it. Of course on that level I don’t talk to people. He got his realization and if I’m sitting, say, on a chair he will not sit, he will sit on the ground the governor of Kashmir, I tell you. This is a very different style thing in India is I must tell you we people are very different. even a garbage cleaner becomes such a big governor here that it’s impossible to talk, it’s a very funny thing. I’ll tell you a story once a garbage cleaner came to our house you see and I said all right this is an extra garbage you throw it away So he said all right I’m willing to throw it away the garbage, but how much are you going to pay me? I said all right I’ll give you some 10 pounds or something. He said you Indians you don’t know any laws, rules, regulations and started shouting at me. And this gentleman of the Hague high court the chairman of Hague high court, the judge was standing there he came out he said why are you talking so loudly to her, this is not the way to talk to a lady. He said: “What do you know about laws?” He’s the one who’s in charge. “Oh you Indians, I know how terrible you are, you have no idea of laws”. You see he was the one who was taking [br…] from me actually and he was telling off this fellow like this. There is no humility, there’s no respect. A garbage cleaner talking like to the head of an organization which is dealing with law, who has written so many books on human laws. There is no sense of proportion out here that, what are we? Why should we be so boastful, arrogant and rude it’s not good it’s not human it’s like animals behaving it’s not a good thing, we have to be gentle, absolutely gentle, because we are human. God has given us so much, what blessings God has given us.

I find Australians [tend] very much better than any other Western people I must tell you whatever people may say about you. That’s my experiencing and I always tell everybody you have to learn a lot from them because they are innocent. They’re simple, they’re innocent and all the time they want to know what’s wrong with them. They are simple people. They want to know about it. But I’m just telling you be careful of all these mister ego. He’s a horrible stuff, it always comes up for nothing at all, and is of no use it’s an empty vessel that makes too much noise. So now today, we are going to again have the session of Realization and this is the seven chakras on the limbic area. When you get the Realization, all these chakras get completely enlightened within you as you progress. And all your centers get absolutely enlightened. And you get all these different deities awakened within you. Then the power that, you see, you receive first is that you receive complete bliss and joy. Of course in the west, people feel joy the last I will say. But mentally they understand, they become very equipped mentally. Dr. Warren who is sitting before you he was the same. I’ve seen it all of them first they become mentally very equipped. They know so much because the whole knowledge comes into their head first but their brains are more developed. While the people who have heart more developed they first feel the joy. You know the Fiji people who were here yesterday, day before, I said: “How are you feeling?”. They are feeling the joy “ananda rama” that is the joy coming up because their hearts are open, so that is what happens to people who are too much mentally involved this is what happens to them and those who are involved in the heart they start feeling the joy, doesn’t matter. But the growth takes place, a transformation takes place. Overnight people have given up their drugs, their diseases, so many things have happened. But you must know that truth can be little shattering to your preconceived ideas. But God can not remain with you as he wanted to. He is what He is, He will be what He has to be. you cannot command God that You stay like this now I’m going to organize you. He is organized everything for us, we cannot organize for Him. He works the way He works, every time, every minute for Him is all perfect and for you also it will be because you will be living in the present. When you start living in the present, every moment is dynamic. You really become a dynamic person, not a cabbage, not a madman but a dynamic wonderful person, who’s rid of all his problems.

Dr. Warren himself had blood pressure, I don’t know all sorts of problems he had and it’s all got corrected. But there are so many who are sitting here at this, there are 30, 40 people who will tell that, how they got cured of there problems. So you all should think that here is somebody who is just here for your benefit and there’s nothing to worry, that’s all he was trying to tell you. and I have to tell you the same. But this Sahasrara has to open out in a way if you start doubting Me Sahasrara doesn’t open, because I’m there. I must tell you I’m in the Sahasrara. That’s the way, I am there. You can find out later on when you find pressures on you head, you have to take my name, otherwise, doesn’t open up. What can I do about it, I am there. So you have to just not accept me or surrender. What are you going to surrender except for ego what do you have? So there’s nothing to be surrendered, nothing to be given to me nothing, just you have to take more, become deeper and deeper and deeper and a personality who is [envished]. But in Sahaja Yoga there are no courses, nothing of the kind, you have to work it out. Come to the center, it’s a collective happening, it’s not a single person sitting at home. You all have to come, make your progress, progress further and further. You’ll be looked after very well with love and you will see how people are transforming. How gentle they are, how nice they are, how kind they are. Maybe one of them may turn out to be egoistical, so you just treat him as a madman, can be. You see, who is used to this thing they go mad, for again circle. and again they come back, but doesn’t matter. So I have to request you that you must come on a Sunday where I would like to meet you all and today let us see how many of you feel the cool breeze. Now I would request you to take out your shoes and sit in a way that you are touching the Mother earth with both the feet. Sahaja Yoga is only meant for true seekers, not for people who are false people or who want to satisfy themselves with falsehood. You have to ask for truth and if you ask for truth, you’ll get it. Now the first thing as I told you before, you have to understand that you should not feel guilty, that is very important. Now somebody started arguing with Me, that God has told me to feel guilty. Now I don’t know which God has told you. All these ideas you you give up. Please do not feel guilty at all, because I’m saying that God is forgiveness, God is love, He’s anxious to give you realisation. He’s extremely anxious that you should get it, the time has some, this is the Last Judgement. You see the resurrection time, you have toget it, there’s no other way out for Him also because He has to save His creation and His creation are human beings, so please for Heaven’s sake do not feel guilty. This is a very important time. If you are feeling guilty, you just tell yourself that Mother I’m not guilty, that is the first condition, that you should not feel guilty at all at this time. All right, then the second condition is that you close your eyes and put your hands towards Me. So that you understand that there is no mesmerism, for what I should mesmerize you, very sorry. But you see, you have to close your eyes and please don’t open your eyes, because when the Agnya chakra when your eyes are open, Agnya chakra doesn’t allow the kundalini to pass through, So please do not open your eyes till I tell you. Because as I told you there is no mesmerism, nothing it works like sunshine, so just pur your hands towards Me like this, on your lap, very comfortably. Very comfortably be seated, extremely comfortably you all should sit down. Put both the hands with your fingers little bit stretched and close your eyes. You can remove your spectacles will help you or any [malas] or anything you are wearing in your neck which is heavy, if there’s something heavy, please take it out, also one has to be a little bit loose in the waist, if it’s very tight something on the waist maybe not good, so something or in the neck, necktie or something, should be also loosened. Please put your hands towards me. Please take out your spectacles please, because it affects your eyesight also, it might improve your eyesight. Both the hands towards me, like this, on your lap. Now, as I told you the left hand is the desire so keep the left hand as it is. but as I tell you you have to move the right hand. Just don’t open your eyes, that is very important. You must sit still and don’t do any movements. Just keep it still, you need not bend your head or push it back, make it straight, that’s all. But no pressure on your neck. Sit in a way that is comfortable to begin with. Now we have to put our right hand on the heart. Just on the heart and to say: “Mother, I am the Spirit”, with all confidence. Say it thrice. Because you are, you are the Spirit, no doubt and that Spirit has to manifest to show you what glorious thing you are. You’re not your ego, you’re not your mind, you’re not your body, but you are the Spirit, the reflection of God almighty within you. So say it on your heart. Steady down, steady. Put your left hand towards me, yes. Steady down, steady, you must steady yourselves. Now put down this right hand on the stomach, on the left hand side. And with full confidence you have to say – to awaken your principle of primordial master within you – to say Mother I a my own master, I’m my own guru, I’m my own guide ten times. Because, if you are the Spirit then the Spirit guides you through vibratory awareness. And once you said I’m the Spirit you have t0 accept all the aspects of Spirit by saying that the Spirit is my guide and I’m the Spirit.

Please say it ten times. Now put your attention there where you’ve put your hand and say that “Mother I am the master, I am the guru, I am my own guide”. This is to awaken within you, say it with confidence, please Now put your left hand towards me and right hand towards the stomach I said on the stomach. Press it with your fingers on the left side. Now if you have said it ten times you put the hand again on your heart, again go back to the same point, that you are the Spirit. That’s the second point, so you have to say: “Mother, I’m the Spirit”, but twelve times. Because this center has got twelve subplexuses. This is very good for all the people who have heart attacks, heart troubles, heart problems, it’s very good for them. This is the mantra. Now raise your right hand on the Vishuddhi chakra, left side of your neck, that’s the Vishuddhi. Left hand side of your neck. This is the center which goes out of gear in many people because they feel guilty, it’s very simple. So you have to say: “Mother I’m not guilty”, for anything whatsoever. Don’t think of your guilt, of the past. Forget it beause you are going to be transformed. As I told you yesterday an egg has to become a bird. Then the start matter, the egg, whatever specks it has is finished once the shell is out. So just say sixteen times: “Mother I’m not guilty, I’m not guilty”. Now you are entering into the temple of God and a guilty person cannot enter, because you are the Spirit, how can you be guilty? You cannot be guilty because you are the Spirit. Come back to the same point. Because you are the Spirit you cannot enter into the idea of guilt. Spirit is never attached to any such ideas. Now put the right hand on your forehead. Across. At this point you have to say: “Mother, I forgive everyone”, you have to forgive everyone. Please forgive everyone, because the Spirit is the forgiving force within us. Christ forgave people who crucified him. And not only that, but he asked God, His Father to forgive them, for they did not know what they where doing. In his name you have to forgive everyone. Just forgive everyone. It’s very easy to say that and you just say it and it works out. It’s amazingly powerful. Now put this hand steadily on your head. On top of your head, now you find it’s rather heavy in the center part. Try to press it with your palm a little bit. At this time, you have to say: “Mother, give me realisation because I cannot cross your [fate?]. You’re free. So you have to just say: “Mother, please give me my realisation” at this point. Say it seven times, because there are seven centers. Now just put you hand up at four inches and see if there’s a cool breeze coming in. Now try with another hand, put right hand down and left hand you try if there’s a cool breeze coming in. I think it has worked out. You can put both the hands towards Me now.

It’s like raising the mountains I tell you, it’s really like raising the mountains. Now put your both the hands up in the sky, let’s see. Just like this, higher and ask the question: “Mother is this the breeze of the Holy Ghost?”. Just ask in your heart: “Is this the cool wind of the Holy Ghost?” “Is this the brahmashakti, is this the all-pervading power of God?” Just ask the question only these questions will give you answer as answer. And now you can ask also: “Mother are you the Holy Ghost”, let’s see. “Mother are you the Holy Ghost?”, ask three times. It is start working faster that question. Felt it? Now put down your hands and see for yourself, slowly open your eyes. See if it works in your hand a kind of a sensation flowing in. Now we’ll [still] show you also how to protect yourself because once you are realised, you’re like a absolutely a newly born or newly awakened seed. So you are to be protected and how to protect yourself, nicely and how to give kundalini awakening, both things Dr Warren will show you, how to raise your kundalini yourself and how to protect yourself when you want and I hope you will make it convenient all of you to come and see Me on Sunday, thank you. Dr Warren: “Just put the left hand at the level of the kundalini and the right hand above and at the front take it down, back and up, this is the manner of turning so lift it, putting your attention to the kundalini. Take it right up, give it a twist and knot it once, and bring your hands down. Again we raise it hands down at the kundalini, turn it. Up, and raise it above the head and twist it, and knot it once, and this time three times for the three channels.” Three gunas. Dr Warren: “three knots”. Three powers. Dr Warren: “Whirl it and knot it once turn it and knot it twice turn it and knot it three times and just bring your hands down and put them towards Mother, open your fingers out and see if you’re feeling.” Now ask them to give bandhan. Dr Warren: “Now the second aspect, as Mother said is to protect yourself. We do this by what is called a bandhan, it’s like an umbrella we are putting over ourselves.” Your aura is to be protected. Dr. Warren: “Put our left hand towards Mother and our right hand over the side at the lowest chakra and we come over the top and down once, back twice seven times, again over, three times back over, four times, back over five times six times, six and seven put your hands back out. You protected yourself by a bandhan, which simply means a bond of love.” There is another thing one has to know, that when this is a power of love showing through your hand now it’s a power of love, you have to study it of course, you have to know what it is, how it works, how you have to give realisation. Now you can give realisation to people, you can show people all these powers you’ve got now, but first you must tell yourself, steadiness is very important in Sahaja Yoga to begin with and then you will be amazed that if you are standing somewhere you tell somebody, the person will feel healed. It’s tremendous thing because you’re tremendous, but you have to feel that within yourself. You must practice it first of all and then test it if you have got it or not, but not with doubts but with confidence that you are now the saints. You are the prophets as William Blake* has said that God of man, he’s described these times, God of men will become prophets and the prophets will later on make others prophet and this is exactly what is happening. another person is William Blake who has completely described Sahaja Yoga. So I would like to meet you personally when you come there and I hope we’ll be able to provide you with good lunch also. It was very kind of you, all of you to come down and meet Me. I’ve been very anxious to meet you all, may God bless you.

What’s it? (It’s OK) Who’s talking? Dr.: “For those people who don’t know the address, I think it’s well implanted in your mind that 172 Albert Road, Stratfield, 10 o’clock on Sunday.3 and ask them to bring sat, sugar and oil. Dr Warren: “As I told before Mother’s requested you to bring salt, about half a pound, something like that. Salt and sugar and a small bottle of water, She’ll vibrate it for you have your own vibrated drinking water” and oil, olive oil Dr. “and some oil, because you may need it for massage purposes or otherwise for healing, so salt, sugar, about half a pound a bottle of water and some oil, it can be olive oil it can be”. White sugar, more of the sugar cane. If they can get of the sugar cane?

*(about William Blake)