Workshop Sydney (Australia)

Workshop in Sydney, Australia

WR: Well, he still feels as though, even though since realization, he still feels as though the effects of the drugs are still there in the sense that he gets the same experiences. Is that true? Seeker: Yes
WR: He gets the same experiences as if he was still on drugs.
Shri Mataji: Uh hm. Why don’t you sit here with your left hand towards Me, right hand outside Let’s see. What about, […]

Picnic, How To Bring Up Small Children Lane Cove River Tourist Park, Sydney (Australia)

Advice to Sahaja Yogis in Lane Cove Park, Sydney (Australia). 19 March 1983.
Shri Mataji: [unclear: sounds like sweets] like [unclear: sounds like fruits or soups], something [unclear].
Q: One month old –
Shri Mataji: Perhaps you should start. A little bit soup, it’s all right. Nothing wrong [unclear].
Warren Reeves (WR): Strained.
A: Strained, absolutely strained, that’s what. But, little soup [unclear] would be good for them.
WR: Some barley water, some barley soup and – […]