Devi Puja: May all Your dreams get true

Sydney (Australia)

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Puja, Burwood Ashram, Sydney (Australia), 20th of March 1983

Yogi: … become a tremendous family and spread Sahaja Yoga in such a way that the Kingdom of God truly comes on this earth. You graciously declared Yourself, here in Australia at the Mooladhara Chakra, declared that You are the one Who is Adi Shakti, Who is the incarnation of the Holy Spirit. And [UNCLEAR] [HAVE BEEN SO] [UNCLEAR] that mankind has been able to face this stage of his evolution. By Your declaration we truly thank You, Mother. We trust that as Your children we’ll be able to live up to the tremendous challenge and the tremendous work that lies ahead. But no way here do I speak on behalf of the Australian Sahaja Yogis because there is no such thing as Australian Sahaja Yogis. We are, in fact, all one. So from all our brothers and sisters, Mother, all over the world, in all the continents, in all the countries within those continents, we thank You, Mother, we wish You such a joyous birthday on this most auspicious day and we all say: “Jay Mataji!”
Shri Mataji: [INAUDIBLE]. Very nice. [INAUDIBLE] [UNCLEAR] [AND THEN ALL THESE VIRUSES, THIS, THAT] [UNCLEAR] It is vibrating now. You are supposed to [UNCLEAR] to have the [BATH?], you see. All right.
Yogi: Can we sing the…
Shri Mataji: [UNCLEAR], because [UNCLEAR] the vibrations start [UNCLEAR]. [HAVE TO TALK] [UNCLEAR] [UNCLEAR] vibrations start flowing. [INAUDIBLE] “Awaken… awaken them in me.” “Awaken them in me.” [UNCLEAR]. Just [UNCLEAR]. “Awaken… them in me.” “Awaken them in me.”
Yogi: “And You have… You have awakened them in me.”
Shri Mataji: “Awaken them in me.”
Yogi: This is from all Your Sydney children, Mother. Happy birthday, Mother!
Shri Mataji: Thank you. Beautiful! [UNCLEAR]
Shri Mataji: [UNCLEAR]
Yogi: Let me read the telegrams to You, Mother. “This is to Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi.” “Shri Mataji, on the most auspicious occasion of Your sixtieth birthday we respectfully bow at Your Lotus Feet and wishing You a very long life, full of excellent health, happiness and prosperity! We Sahaja Yogis of Bombay pledge on this momentous occasion to rededicate ourself to Your most holy cause. With love from the Bombay Sahaja Yogis.” “Mataji Nirmala Devi.” “Dear Mother, we all wish You a very very happy and joyful birthday! All the Belgian Sahaja Yogis.” “Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi, most glorious One, we now have an ashram in Vienna.”
Shri Mataji: That’s the [UNCLEAR] “May the Sahaja Yoga Centre, this Sahaja Yoga Centre in the world light up this auspicious year. Happy birthdays and pranams! Sahaja Yogis of Austria.”
Shri Mataji: It was beautiful.
Yogi: And there was a telephone call this morning, Mother, from Mary Laura. They now have an ashram in Geneva.
Shri Mataji: Great!
Yogi: She’ll be ringing.
Shri Mataji: And Rustem rang Me up this morning too.
Yogi: Rustem from Saudi Arabia telephoned to Mother also.
Shri Mataji: And also David rang Me up yesterday before the puja. [UNCLEAR], yes.
Yogi: “Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi.” Happy birthday to the Eternal and Divine Mother! May we wish You many more with an ever growing family love and devotion from France. At Your Lotus Feet, the French Sahaja Yogis.” “Mrs Nirmala Shrivastava.”
Shri Mataji: [HE BROUGHT IT?] [UNCLEAR]. “Did You find telegram?” I said, “No, [UNCLEAR]”
Yogi: “My thoughts are continuously with You on Your sixtieth birthday anniversary. Wish we would together on this most important day of our lives. May Your Love for ever lighten the path of true spiritual life! Fondest love, C.P.” And from Your daughter and son-in-law Romal and Sadhana: “Many happy returns with much love! Paper’s complete.” “Paper’s complete.” We know what that means.
Shri Mataji: [UNCLEAR] I find another [BOX?] [UNCLEAR] and [UNCLEAR]. And My grandchildren.
Yogi: There are many many cards here, Mother, which I’ll let You read at Your leisure.
Shri Mataji: Anupama was sick. So Anupama said, “Let’s have a puja.” Rustem told Me on the phone that Anupama, My youngest granddaughter, was sick, so she said, “Let’s have some puja.” So they did some puja in the house of My daughter. And next day it rained, and rained for eight days, and flooded all the horrible places there. And there’s one place known for smuggling, this, that, and all that was flooded. That’s a good thing, something good is going to happen with this. They are all trying to cleanse. Wonderful! It should be [UNCLEAR] by [UNCLEAR]. Like in according to Sanskrit… Sanskrit… Sanskrit… I would say, the literary point of view, or… They have got a big science about what song should be… what words, what types of words should be used for the, say, a song of war now. So you have to use word t’a, t’ha, d’a, d’ha, n’a out of this. These [UNCLEAR] “Thaa, thaa, thaa”, like that. T’a, t’ha, d’a, d’ha, n’a. These are the things used for singing a song — when you are singing the song of war, you must use all these words. So “dis” is the way, it’s a good idea. But it’s still D, D is… Da, ta, tha, dha is little milder. Then the t’a. T’a, d’a, t’ha, d’a, d’ha, n’a. “T’is the way.” If you say “T’is the way…”
Yogi: D’at’s, d’at’s the way.
Shri Mataji: D’aat’s the way. D’aat’s the way. Let’s… better song let’s sing. [IT GIVES YOU THAT?] [UNCLEAR]. They are… they are very scientific in all this. What words to use, in what kind of a rasa, what mood you are singing. There are nine rasas. You know, you have seen that. Nine rasas, the dancing you had the… Please study the dancing, [WHAT KIND] rasas was there. It’s done by this… Pavan fellow?
Yogi: Oh yes. Yes, yes.
Shri Mataji: What is dancing on the… the tape?
Yogi: Yes, we’ve got it somewhere. We have.
Shri Mataji: You must seen that. All the nine rasas are there. You didn’t see the film? How is that?
Yogi: Ah yes, they’ve seen it, Mother. We showed it to them when we came back.
Shri Mataji: Again tomorrow, today, tonight you see, so it will be good. There are nine rasas, so… how they act… Even in acting, you see, what should, what muscles should you put down to express that. Everything is for… Karuna — means compassion — or for… what you call this… Raudra — means anger. Or for the showing this… what you call the Veera Rasa. This is Veera Rasa. This… what you call in English language… What is the mood of war? War?
Yogi: Warlike? Martial?
Shri Mataji: Martial. Martial mood, for the martial mood. See, so there are different different moods, and he has shown that. Even romans, and everything he has shown. How the muscles going to different styles… [I’VE?] finished to [UNCLEAR]? Good. Thank you very much.
Yogi: Thank You, Mother.
Shri Mataji: So, can you give Me My… [UNCLEAR] something for Me to eat.
Yogi: Oh yes. [WE FORGOT IT?] all this celebration. Should the ladies [COME AND HELP?], Mother?
Shri Mataji: No-no-no. Boys can do it. [UNCLEAR]. [UNCLEAR] from Spain.
Yogi: From [DON?].
Shri Mataji: [DON, OUR DON?].
Yogi: With all the signatures of the Sahaja Yogis.
Shri Mataji: [UNCLEAR]. “May all Your dreams get true.” Very [UNCLEAR]. [UNCLEAR]. [THIS IS WHY?], [THIS?] they’ve got lots of people there now. Just count them.
Yogi: One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, eleven, twelve, thirteen, fourteen.
Shri Mataji: Oh great!
Yogi: Fourteen people. This is at the centre in Madrid. “Like something new and wonderful one day you came into my life, which vibrated with its first love. Since then the tender awe of this most innocent joy returns every year, hidden in the first buds of your red roses that say in their silence everything I can’t express.” It’s a quotation from Tagor. Tagor.
Shri Mataji: From whom is it?
Yogi: From Wood Green. It’s from London, Mother.
Shri Mataji: Wood Green?
Yogi: Sally.
Shri Mataji: [UNCLEAR]? They don’t like [UNCLEAR] YOGINI: The English couple that came from Australia to London.
Shri Mataji: Where are they?