Birthday Puja: Overcoming The Six Enemies

Sydney (Australia)


Birthday Puja, “Overcoming The Six Enemies”. Sydney (Australia) 21 March 1983.

It is so great to be with you people today on this auspicious day; to be with Australians who have proved to be very good Sahaja yogis and who have progressed in a very speedy manner in their spiritual life. It gives me greatest pleasure to be with my children here. As you know I have so many children all over the world apart from the ones whom I actually physically gave birth. We have to think of all those today who are away from us, thousands of miles, praying to God Almighty for their spiritual ascent. One has to only pray for the spiritual ascent. Because as you ascend you get all the rest of it. Because you do not ascend you do not get what is needed. That’s why there are problems. And even today I had to solve some problems before I could come to puja. But if you decide that we have to ascend spiritually within us then everything that you have to receive, all the blessings that God wants to shower upon you, to make you the citizen of His great Kingdom, where you are no more judged, you are no more chastised, you are no more put to any test, of where you reside in eternal love of God and in His glory.

I could not believe about ten years back, that within ten years I’ll be able to achieve this result. We should not judge the progress of Sahaja Yoga in relation to other plastic gurus. Even to create one saint will require thousand lives to pass, and so many have become prophets, it is a very big thing for you. Let us forget about what dents we have within ourselves. We have to know that we are prophets.

This assumption has to be established – that we are prophets. If you could just assume what you are, what you have become, you’ll emit the glory of God!

Like a flower when it blossoms, it has its fragrance which flows automatically, but it’s only human being who have freedom even not to assume, to dramatise or to assume what they are. Even if they have become prophets they still linger on with what they are not, in imagination and are still frightened, are still ego-oriented. Is falsehood. Is not your true nature. It’s like acting in a drama, becoming the actor. Like somebody is acting like Shivaji, so he becomes as if he’s Shivaji. The whole lifestyle, everything changes – he becomes like Shivaji. But the same person if he’s acting like Hitler, he becomes like Hitler. Both are artificial. But artificial they become.

Now when you are really prophets you find it difficult to be the real person what you are, but artificial which has gone back, which is no more there, all finished. The sinner is dead, the egoistical is not there, the frightened one is gone forever, you are a prophet. Rise in the glory of that personality. People who are not prophets, who are not Godly, who are doing anti-God activities can assume to be prophets. But those who are really prophets do not want to assume the situation – that they are.

As soon as you assume, you become that. We must today get over this kind of a play our mind has been doing so far. All falsehood has to drop out. Of course as I said, I could never have dreamt that in ten years, I’ll achieve these results, with so many devils around us to entice you. And credit (?) must go to you people also, that despite all hurdles and problems you had, you have ascended, ascended so far, and have become beautiful prophets. You are so transformed that little more – just to assume what you are, will make you feel so sweet.

I talked to my granddaughter, elder one, and she’s just a little girl, only 11 years of age, but she told her mother: “Now I can’t talk to Nani (Grandmother) because She’s a Goddess. How can I talk to Her! I feel shy.” At that age! While in her own life as they are saying she’s topped in all the class, she’s got the, she’s the editor in a magazine in her school. She’s tremendous. And she’s so humble that she told her mother, “I feel shy to talk to Nani, She’s a Goddess, how can I talk to Her?” And Rustom told Me that she, there are vibrations emitting from her.

That’s how you have to grow. First of all you have to know you are prophets and you must know that I am the Holy Ghost. I am the Adi Shakti. I am the one who has come on this earth for the first time in this form to do this tremendous task. The more you’ll understand this the better it will be.

You will change tremendously. I knew I’ll have to say that openly one day and we have said it. But now it is you people who have to prove it, that I’m that. Christ had disciples who were not even realised souls and they have spread Christianity – whatever it is. Under such circumstances that Christ was crucified and they were left high and dry, just twelve people struggling but they put it up. They were very humble people, their quality was extremely humble and they knew the difference between them and Christ and the Mother. Also they knew the difference between them and the others and they took to lives which were pure, illumined by the name of Christ. They were not realised souls. They cleansed themselves and kept their lives beautiful.

So Sahaja yogis can’t afford to have these six enemies. First of all, the temper which really doesn’t behove. Compassion! Replace temper with compassion. Today is 60th birthday and we have to just fight only six enemies within ourselves. Second is which you have, most of you have done, is to retract your attention from perversion. Most of you have done it.

Your eyes are better now, steady. But still you are egoistical. Vanity. Still people are jealous, competitive. You still have some lurking materialism. A new thing that is coming, you are getting attached to your families.

So we have to change it now, in a different use. Same thing can be used for doing God’s work. They can be used as the six hands of Sahaja yogis.

The first one is the anger. You have to be angry with yourself when you do wrong things. And not to feel guilty but angry with yourself for doing wrong things. Guilty is the best way never to get rid of it. It’s like a storehouse kept for personal archives, locked up. I have suffered a lot because of your guilty business very much.

And they come out one by one.

So you have to be angry with yourself when you feel guilty: “How can I feel guilty? Why did I do such a thing? I’m not going to do it.” So develop your anger against yourself and not against others. And anger could be reserved for the day of war. Otherwise when the war will break out all the Arjunas will drop their weapons and it will be said that, “Arjuna was a great warrior – till the war started.” So we are not going to waste our energy in warring with things which are just like shadows. Not to fight the shadows.

Sex, perversion, has to be diverted towards your family, your wife and you have to respect your chastity now, the whole thing becomes nothing but chastity, you lead a chaste life. Not to be like a dog, but like to be like a human being. All that attention has to become chastity which is your power, which is your protection, which is your connection with the Divine. Not forced chastity but a chastity of balance and understanding. With your family, with your wife, in a very chaste way you can live. Same with women – is more for women, I would say. That they should not join hands with other men who talk against your husbands, or who teach you against your husbands. All such men should be thrown out of Sahaja Yoga, who try to tell women against their husbands. This is a very sanctum sanctorum place where you should not interfere against the husband. Nobody has a right. If there is any problem you should let me know. It’s a sign of stupidity.

Then the vanity must be made into pride. You should be proud that you are Sahaja yogis, really proud. Raise your heads with pride that we are Sahaja yogis. Pride is never oppressive, it’s a glorious thing to be proud. But vanity is. Actually pride is nothing but the expression of self-esteem. Begging, borrowing, mimicry, all these things come from the less understanding of yourself. So vanity should be the pride, and the pride should be the expression of self-esteem. Self esteem is very different from ego. One is reality, another is complete artificiality.

Men now should behave like men and not like women, docile, like cows to be tied with a rope whenever their women want them to. They have to lead the society.

For the women’s rights in India, the women never fought: is the men. They never fought; is the men, because men are also the fathers, the brothers, and they are concerned about the well-being of women.

Women seldom fought there because they knew once they start politics of this fighting with men, there’s no end to it. This is basically, they knew they have to live with men, they can’t fight them. But men themselves fought; even in America it was Abraham Lincoln who fought for the liberation of women, not women.

So you have to be not egoistical, but proud. Proud that you are Sahaja yogis, proud that you are born in such a time when you have to carry on the duties of God’s work. That God has chosen you! So that you should come up to that level.

Like some people I find suddenly become morose recluses, in Sahaja Yoga. They will never be forgiven because God has given you so much. Supposing somebody gives you a diamond. You are proud, you put it on and show-off. But when you have been given your Spirit you should be proud and not to behave like recluses. Some people feel, “I should not take any job now. I’ll not go out, I’ll sit at home and meditate.” There’s no place for such people in Sahaja Yoga. “I can’t do this.” The word “can’t” should go away from the dictionary of people who are supposed to be Sahaja yogis. You just can’t say, “I can’t do it.”

So the self-esteem will give you that kind of a dynamism which is needed for Sahaja Yoga, a discreet dynamism, a wise dynamism. I won’t have to solve your problems any more.

The quality of competition and jealousy should be brought round. There should be competition between yourself, the one what you were and what you are. Who wins? Whether your past or present? Your present should go fast, faster and faster, leaving this past behind as much as you can.

There should be no competition between Sahaja yogis in acquisition. Sometimes I have seen also competition in shouting, screaming and being harsh to others – there’s a big competition on. Let us have competition in compassion, in mildness, in sweetness, in beautiful behaviour. Who is more cultured, who is more gentlemanly, who is deeper; keep somebody an ideal before you like that, whom you think is a very gentlemanly person or a lady who is really like a lady. But on the contrary if you have a lady who behaves like a man as your ideal, that is also not alright. Or a man who behaves like a woman, that’s also not ideal. Or the other way round. A woman who tries to show that women are different from men and women must get this…

In Sahaja Yoga there is nothing like women and men, that women must get this and men must get that. Because you are Spirit. But the cover that you have, the body that you have, the light you have, the lamp that you have, is a different thing, and to keep the light on, a woman has to be a woman and man has to be a man.

As yesterday I told you, that an apple should not try to be a mango and mango should not try to be an apple. It looks nice to be the best apple and looks nice to be the best mango. So the recluses, those who say, that you have to get out of it, behave really not like human beings but I think like – I don’t know what animals do that way. Like when you get your doles you cannot become indolent, you cannot.

As far as possible I don’t like people taking doles. Not a sign of good Sahaja yogis. You all should be hard working, you must have qualifications, you should be good people on top of everything. Good students, good cooks, good mothers, good fathers, good administrators – from where are we going to get these people? We cannot be dishwashers, can we?

So the competition between women and men must be stopped. Women must have their own place and men must have their own place. And women must know that men are their hands. If you are the shakti, they are the machines and don’t kill your machines by shouting at them, by screaming at them and by putting them down, making them diffident. We’ll have no place. We have to encourage them to do God’s work. You have to support them, look after them, because they are the machines, they are the hands and you are the power. Of course if these hands go against the power they will suffer. So there should be no competition between children and you – my child, and his child, there should be not such competition, take out your mind from there.

There should be complete sharing. So the competition should end in sharing. How much we share? How much can we share? See drunkards can’t sit and drink alone. They have to have some people to share. The thieves must have ten people to thieve. But when it comes to the nectar of God’s love how can we alone have it? Cannot enjoy.

There’s no enjoyment at all in it. So let us be gentle and kind with each other. The people who are going to enjoy the nectar should have competition in sharing that nectar by which they get more and more of that. Who shares more? Who is more generous? Materialism should be taken to its beauty. You can have one thing done with your hand. That’s much more beautiful than running after money, counting money, you’ll become crackpots really. Those who count their money morning till evening are real crackpots.

They always lose money, there’s something wrong with their brains.

Count your blessings. See life, the beauty in matter. How life has worked. See a wood, I see, I see the pattern it has created on that, the life. But it’s not morose, it’s not dead, it’s not insipid, it’s bubbling. You can see in art, you can see in all that is beautiful, the reflection of God’s creative power and the joy that He wanted to emit for your happiness. While you become slaves of matter. He never wanted you to do that. You are the masters.

Last of all is the attachment to your children, to your wife, your, your, your… Whatever is mine is not ‘I’. My house, that’s not ‘I’. My this, my, my, my, must be given up, ‘Mamatva’ is to be destroyed.

Instead of that, you should say ‘we’. ‘We’ is a good word. I so many times say ‘we’. And then people start wondering… One day, somebody asked me, “Mother, when you say ‘we’, what do you mean? How can you make us feel that way, that we are all one, the way you say ‘we’?” I said, “Why not? You are part and parcel of My body. Aren’t we ‘we’?” Do I separate My finger from My heart? If you are part and parcel of My body then I have to talk like ‘we’ because I’m conscious of this collective being sitting here. So we have to talk like ‘we’ and not ‘I, my’. And when you have to address about yourself speak it in a third person.

Like you can say: “This Nirmala is now going to London.” Really, is true, because this body’s going there but My heart is going to remain here. So to say that I am going is not true – if I am Adi Shakti where am I going? I’m going nowhere, I’m everywhere. Where can I go? There’s no place where I don’t reside and if I have to go to such a place, it’s Hell only where I don’t want to go (laughter). So, what I say that, “This Nirmala is going now. Leaving Australia.” Tomorrow I’ll be leaving. So what happens? Just this body has to move – that’s all.

Like that, you start saying about your body. “This mind of mine, this mind of Mr. So and So.” Is better to address yourself as Mr. or Mrs. or Miss. “So Miss, will you please get up now?” Better address yourself. Children talk like that. Like a third person.

You’ll be amazed, you will see the joke behind the whole thing. You’ll know how to laugh at yourself. “Oh so Mr., come along, now he’s behaving like this.” And you’ll really become a master of yourself, because you know how to handle this baby (laughter).

It will give you that sense of maturity. So to say, “This is my child, this is my wife”; of course, you have to look after your wife and your children because they’re your responsibility but do for other children more than you would like to do for your own child.

(There is somebody who has come.)

So this complete identification with your children, over protectiveness, will give you trouble. You have to believe that your family is the family of your Father, and your Mother is looking after it. If you think you can look after your family by yourself – go ahead! So don’t be overprotective, don’t be too worried, too upset about your family.

And keep a very sociable temperament so that your children also don’t become like you. Tell them how to share. If one child has fallen off ask other children to help. Form plays in which you should show, how a child who is coming, who cannot walk properly, how other children go and try and find out methods how to help him to come out. Teach them, through dramas, through stories, through various things, what is goodness. You must help even without the idea of help. It’s a pleasure, it’s a privilege. It’s a great honour that you can do it.

We must change our ideas completely. Many people have a habit to serve ‘your’ child first – is absolutely very vulgar, shows bad breeding. Must serve others first, and then your own family. Keeping something back for your children, hiding some food for your children – is all a sign of a person who is like a ‘kupamanduka’, means ‘a frog who lives in a small well’.

Get over it. Try, men to form your own group of men and women should form their group of women. There should be no instruction to women from men too much. Is not proper. I have discovered so many funny things, I can’t understand, how these things work out. But, it is because one side you feel your family is too much, your husband is too much, you must be absolutely secluded from all the rest, or on the other side it is that you give up your husband completely – he is no good, the marriage is unsuccessful, stick on to something else which is supposed to be a something, higher goal of destruction. So both things are not good.

You must stand for your husband or wife or for your children, when it is right. But obviously you should not do it, apparently you should not do it. You should tell your child, “Alright, I understand, but I don’t want to do it in the public.” People should not also know that he’s your child. The way he mixes up with others, stays with others, shares with others, that’s how a Sahaja yogi should be.

You know as for myself, I’ve not even given realisation to my children so far. Can you believe it? Leave alone the knowledge of Kundalini. You can teach them. I know I can give them any time I want to. I have not given them time at all, no time to them. If you see, how much time do I spend with My own daughters? Very little time. In the whole year, this year I was there for three days with her.

So the relationship at this time is the most important, is of Sahaja Yoga and Sahaja yogis. I have seen some Sahaja yogis write to their parents, to their mothers, to their brothers, much more than they write to the other Sahaja yogis. Is very amazing. To their fathers but not to other Sahaja yogis.

You must start writing to other Sahaja yogis. Those who have lived in London, how many of them are writing to people in London? Have they made any friends or anything? – Nothing of the kind. They are so busy with their own problems, they’re not bothered, to create that bondage of love. As if they have no interest in Sahaja Yoga. They stayed in the ashram, in London. How many of you are writing letters to them? To London people. How many letters do you write? Now you have met them in this programme, how many of you are writing letters to them and keep in contact? How much does it take to write a letter? Nothing. I hope as soon as you go back today you all should write letters about today’s Birthday – how it was celebrated, in a beautiful way. Not to your family, not to your people, but to others. All of them are all over, you know how they are.

You write to them because you know they are the heads of the thing. Like if you write to Gregoire or you can write to Ruth in Italy, you can write to Genevieve in Geneva. You have met all of them – you should write! Ladies must write to ladies and men must write to men. Arneau is in Lausanne: why not write to him? He’s there; now do you know that his wife has to go to America for a delivery? We should know about each other, very intimately. About how many people I know so many things, all the details. That’s how; you must flood yourself with that love. Tomorrow you go to America or to any one of these places, you have there your brothers and sisters already established. Write to them about your Mother, what you think. You only write to Me sometimes but never to each other. Don’t write too big letters to Me especially. But write nice, sweet letters, poetic letters, they’ll feel happy, it’s like sending flowers. Taking ideas from there it will be a very good idea. (What’s the matter?)

Thus will overcome these six enemies and make them your slaves and use them for your purpose. Then they’ll become great things. Then they’ll be your assistants, then they will be your commanders of your army, they’ll be your decorations. It is all in your hands. With wisdom, you have to do it. At this time, at the age where I’ve reached – I was always there, same age, I’ve been always mature like this, child like this, just like a young girl and an old woman, all put together, every year, every time. But I’ve definitely matured in understanding human beings. I’ve definitely got better understanding and maturity as far as My knowledge about human beings are concerned because they are…When I was born they were strangers to Me – just strangers. Imagine that Adi Shakti should say this, but it’s true! Despite I have created you, I was absolutely a stranger. But now, I’ve grown, I’ve understood you very well, I know you are My children, I know how much you love Me and how much you are close to Me.

[Shri Mataji: Why is he crying so much?

Yogi: He wants to go to the toilet, Mother.

Shri Mataji: Let him take away.

Yogi: He wants me to go with him but I’m trying to say he can go himself, but…

Shri Mataji: Let him go, this is the thing, you see, these children are very obstinate, I personally think.

Yogi: Yeah. He wants me to go with him. That’s the thing, that’s why.

Shri Mataji: That’s it. That’s bhootish, isn’t it?

Yogi: Yes, that’s what I’m saying.

Shri Mataji: We can think – let him go. He won’t listen. Better go. See. All right, take him down.

What to do, you see, they are very obstinate. They are bhoots. Such a big boy can’t go to the toilet?

Yogi: Yes…

Shri Mataji: Just to disturb him, that’s all.

May God bless you.

He must really slap him now, if you give two slaps now, his bhoot will go away. Two slaps are needed. Next time he won’t do it. You see at this time you must slap, not very hard but let him know that you don’t like it.

Bhoots can sometimes can go away only with slapping. I have seen especially with children it happens. Two slaps on the face and they’re alright. Because they’re bhoots, you see, and they have to go away.]

Now whatever I have said to you yesterday for children be careful. You have to make your children assets and not liabilities, on Sahaja Yoga. So try to train them up properly. Bring them up, they deserve a good hand, to handle.

In the beginning you have to be very strict and punish them if they do anything wrong, so they know what is right, what is wrong. And once they grow up you’ll be amazed what an asset they are. Some of them are very good children but if the influence of the bad children comes up too much, they might spoil the good children also. So better encourage children, who are good, who have been very sweet.

So I think of My young age, of My childhood and the dream, how it has come true. Whatever I have dreamt, is beyond my imagination. It’s done now, as far as I’m concerned you don’t need Me much, any more. I’ve told you whatever was needed for your counselling. I have taught you the methods how to redeem others, and comfort them. You know everything. Now just become masters in this art. Forgetting your past. You are all great people, all of you. So, even next year, I should see you sitting on this seat, not in My lap (laughter).

On your own, teaching your children. Let the second generation start now. The first generation is ready, now the second generation has to come and you have to look after the second generation. I want to be a real grandmother of very grand children, that’s a special privilege and real promotion and maturity. Look at this (rain is pouring down). He’s going to flood your Parramatta (river in Sydney) (laughter).

Because I have said now I’m the Holy Ghost, everybody seems to be over-happy and joyous. So thank you very much, for having Me here and think of all the Sahaja yogis all around the world, all of them. Today, I think we should send some telegrams, about twelve telegrams if possible, to all the centres, saying 60th Birthday of Mother was celebrated with great joy. She sends blessings, or something. They’ll be very happy. But according to Indian method it is 61st because the day I was born, that was also a birthday. That was a real birthday.

So they call it 61, and we are going to have a big programme in India also.

You are specially favoured people, and I hope you’ll favour Me specially too. This year I hope, all of you are going to take up a new role and a new style of life where you become mild people, not docile men but mild people and docile women. Women have to be more docile, domesticated. They’ll look nice. They’ll become gentle, they’ll smile better, they(’ll) create such joy. We are here to create joy and not to enjoy some rights, which are artificial, to create joy. How much joy do we create? How much joy do we give to others? So today on this great occasion, we have to feel our joy, within our heart. Very deep down within us lies that source of joy. So we have to go deep down within ourselves and feel the joy of this sixty-year old Mother of yours, that I have within Myself. Go deep down, it’s there, enjoy it and then give it to others. Like a fountain of joy you should give.

May God bless you.

Declare to all the nations now, that I am the Holy Ghost and I have come for this special time, that is the resurrection time.