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Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia)

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Public Programme, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, March 23rd, 1983

I bow to all the seekers of truth.

I know what Dr. Warren has told you, was quite shocking, but I didn’t know how was going to announce it in Kuala Lumpur. It’s all right in Australia where I’ve been many a-times before and there people started asking very direct questions about Me, that, “How is it Mother can do such a thing?”


So far nobody has been able to do a thing of this kind where everyone gets self-realisation. We were so much pestered that ultimately I said, “All right in the last lecture you may tell them about Me.” And it so happened that we did felt an amazing feeling that people really were convinced because they were just at that point where they were wondering, “How can that be? How they have become so powerful? How they are manifesting their own powers? How is it they know that what is to be done?” It’s all written down and comes to you. They just could not believe it and they used to wonder how is it that what they have got has become so practical, so simple and so much in their own power.

So far so many of them have been to other people, to other gurus, to other masters, to the churches, to other all kinds of people and what they said that, “Nothing was under our power, you see whatever they said we were doing under their power, but we never felt our own power, it’s the first time we are feeling our own power, under our control, completely we are the master of the whole thing, then we must know who Mataji is.” Under these circumstances then I had to say, “All right.” Of course this is too much of a thing for people to bear and I have been over-cautious.

Now from 1970 I didn’t talk about it openly to anyone till people got into Sahaja Yoga much deeper and much deeper till they reached a certain stage which we call as the doubtless awareness. In that stage people can give realisation to many people, can cure any kind of disease and can achieve lots of spiritual heights in such a way that they manifest it, that their compassion which is just a conception becomes active and they can see it actualising their own powers. At that stage where they become so much one with the Divine that we used to tell them about Myself, but not to everyone. Because truth is a very difficult thing to digest. Like Christ came on this earth and He just said that, “I’m the light, I’m the path,” which He was. But people refused to accept it, they crucified Him. For what did they crucify Him? What crime did He do? On the contrary, He cured lot of people, He helped everyone, He talked of God. There’s nothing wrong but surprisingly these were the priests who crucified Him. They’re the ones who supported His crucifixion. The reason for that was that they could not bear the truth.

Somebody has to do this job, it’s a job of tremendous patience and tremendous work. We have to raise mountains; it’s easy to say that Kundalini is raised sahaja, means simple way, very spontaneous, but that spontaneity doesn’t exist in human beings. They’re very doubting type, you see, egoistical, they start thinking about everything and the Kundalini, poor thing is also is so much hurt, and she cannot rise. So it’s not an easy thing to raise. Actually sometimes I feel I’m raising some mountains after mountains the way people are, specially in the West and when people are westernised by their contact with the West, these people become so difficult and they have such a big ego just like a stone on their head. It’s not easy to overcome all these hurdles. Despite that it has worked and now I’m sixty years of age and in My own lifetime I’ve been able to see the result of it and I’m very happy about it.

Last time I told you that you cannot pay for God, you cannot pay. You cannot pay for your realisation, you cannot commercialise God by anyone, whether it’s a church or anything, you cannot commercialise it. It has to be free because everything that is Divine is free. But people who pay them, you see, get nothing, you cannot get anything because these people have nothing to do with…, if they had something they would not have charged you money. They have nothing to give you, they make you run up and down, do all kinds of circus and you think your ego is so strong that you have paid for it, so better go through with it. And people don’t want to give them up at all till they are absolutely finished and fagged out. That’s what it is.

I’ve known people who are ruined by these gurus to such an extent that they end up in lunatic asylum. But they would not give them up whatever one may try. So I’m so fed up with them that anybody comes from a guru I tell them that you go back to your guru and better not be here because you cannot drag a man on to a boat who wants to go into the mouth of a crocodile. If you drag him away, again he puts his foot in the crocodile, so what can you do with such an obstinate personality. You see, he wants to get himself destroyed; how far can you work out with him. I tell him, “My child, you have to come in the boat and save yourself from this crocodile.” But to him the crocodile seems more attractive, he goes to the crocodile much more. So under these circumstances we find it impossible to give them realisation first of all and if you don’t give them realisation then they think, “Oh, nothing, you cannot work on me,” as if it is something to be boasted of. We can understand also that people how they think about realisation.

In Poona once we had some people, about five, six people sitting down before Me. Actually I didn’t know who they were; they were the priests, Brahmins and rather against Me, I didn’t know that, and when they put their hands towards Me they started shaking very much. So I said, “Why are you shaking so much.” So they said, “Mother must be you are real Shakti, that’s why we are shaking.” So I said, “But others are not shaking why should you alone shake?” “No, no the other people sitting there, they’re also shaking.” I said, “You go and ask them from where do they come.” So they said, “We’re coming from a place called…,” but a lunatic asylum, is a famous lunatic asylum there. “We are coming from that particular lunatic asylum which is meant for very, very serious type of lunatic people and we are coming from that and that’s why we’re shaking before you. You better get us all right because one lunatic who came to you got cured.” I said, “All right.” Now I said, “Now see relatively if you understand what you are, the way these people are shaking you are also shaking in the same way.” But they would not accept that at that time.

Later on all of them had become great Sahaja Yogis, today you’ll be amazed how they are working for Sahaja Yoga. And they have taken a vow that, “If we are really priests of God, we must correct all the priests who are doing these things on commercial lines.” And they have really taken a vow, they have taken most of the temples now, in charge of the government and they have said that, “All these people who are making money in the name of God should be given just some sort of a pension or some sort of a little pay for their work that they’re doing in the cleaning and all that, but they cannot charge any money from the pilgrims who come there for the pilgrimage.” And that’s how they try to save so many people who have been hurt and absolutely looted by so many priests who live in those far-fetched temples. And that’s how if you go on from temples to churches, churches to mosques and mosques to everything. Everywhere what you find nothing but artificiality.

God is one, no doubt but He has many aspects and the aspects of God must be understood in its full form. Once you say,”God is one,” doesn’t mean that He’s just Rock of Gibraltar, just one piece lying somewhere. He is a living God who has eyes, who has nose, who has a liver, who has a heart, who has a brain. All His aspects are there and out of them, the one which is the stomach evolves, evolves to a high position. Even the cells of the fat of the stomach evolve to become the fat cells of the brain.

The other day I had told you about the Swadishthana chakra, how it works and how people go to extremes and fall in problems. So now we have seven chakras built within us which you can also read from the books and find out, because last time I gave you a full idea about these chakras that are within us and how these chakras work out. In the book also we have given the different chakras but in short I’ll tell you.

The first chakra is the chakra of your innocence, it’s the chakra which is your basement. If you have lost your innocence, if there’s no chastity in your life, you are a difficult person for realisation. This is the chakra which is bestowed upon by the great deity called Shri Ganesha. He later on incarnated on this earth as Lord Jesus Christ on this Agnya Chakra, on this cross. Now this chakra is so important like it is all the excretion that man does, sex, and all the things are done through this one because it looks after the plexus called pelvic plexus which manifests this action within us of excretion. Now this excretion takes place because of this centre being alert. If the centre is not alert you have problems on this.

Too much indulgence into wrong things is against God. And also of a life that is not moral sexuality is against God, immoral sexuality is against God. And you can see the result of that, that how many people today are developing horrible diseases. We do not know how many people have got secretly those diseases within them. Apart from that in America I would like to tell you that among young people who came to see Me, sixty-five percent of them were impotent or were suffering from some sort of a disease like that, in America. So you can imagine how terrible it is to go against Him. This can create terrible disease and people do not know how it works and once it happens doctors will just tell you, “You’re just suffering from an incurable disease, we cannot cure you.”

So this is one thing one should know that the Kundalini is placed above this centre, that means it is not that it has to pierce through this centre. Only this centre is down below to protect the Kundalini, the Mother, the Gauri; the Mother who resides within you, the virgin, and this centre looks after the protocol of the Mother and informs this Mother what you have been up to. I have seen people who have such horrible Kundalini as if it’s a kind of a beaten up personality, <inaudible>, < inaudible>, trying to come up and just helplessly feeling absolutely sick. It is sometimes when I think of those days when I saw these people in a row having to this guru, that guru, and to see what’s going to happen to these people, their Kundalini is there, frozen, finished, what to do with them, how will I give them realisation.

And this is today also I see some of them do have these problems and I feel so much concerned that so many people who are seekers of God, who are seeking God are just going down the drain because it’s all mental projections that they accept. It’s through their mental projections they think, “What with this? What’s with that? What’s wrong?” So those people who told us that this is not to be done did not tell us because they just wanted to have a <inaudible>, they told us because they were the people who were telling you the truth, they stood for the truth. But those who are today are talking all this nonsense, new style of religion they have started condemning all others are the people who are just commercialising, trying to make money out of your weaknesses, they want to make you weaker people and weaker people. And you too do not want to understand that you’re seekers out and out. Today if you miss this chance you will never get it again so as a seeker you must seek the truth and not the misguidance and the wrong doings of these people.

Now this one chakra I have told you about is important and sex does not play a part in our evolution, it does not. Sex is just for a married life, for a good married life, for a honest married life and is for producing children. Those who do not lead a good life like that and are, you can say, wrong type of people do have a weak Kundalini because Kundalini feels absolutely incapable of rising if this centre is not all right. Even if it rises it is again sucked back. So this centre if it is strong it works out very well.

Dr. Warren has told you that he has seen six thousand people getting realisation, not in the cities, not in the cities, in the villages. Because city as it is, ego is too much and we have had such a great influence of all these horrible people who have destroyed the dharma, the sustenance of human beings so much to such an extent that it’s not possible to give realisation to so many people, even if they’re there, six thousand people, if anyone still had six thousand people out of which I think very few got realisation. The reason is they are not yet ready for their realisation or maybe that they have been indulging into anti-God projections of their minds.

So God is a person who understands everything, one thing, and He’s also a wrathful God. If you want to do what you want to do or what you like to do and you say, “What is wrong in this?” then He will tell you, “This is wrong,” and at the time of realisation you’re judged. At this time one knows what centres you’re catching, where is the problem is and how you have been dealing with yourself, everything is judged at the time because this is the Last Judgment. This is the Last Judgment but in a judgment as you know you are judged and you are elevated, you become the Spirit, when you become the Spirit you enter into the Kingdom of God and you become a total personality. You become a complete personality, you become a completely integrated personality. You do not become an abnormal person, you do not have to wear some sort of a mark on your head and walk about say that, “I’m a realised soul.” The whole being changes into such a beautiful thing that you’re amazed to see what has happened, how it has happened and how you have become a different person altogether like an egg becoming a bird. Real transformation takes place. If that does not take place then one must know that you’re not yet fully realised. The transformation works out but you have to work it out alongside with it and see that you’re completely transformed.

So today instead of telling about all these chakras I will just tell you that the first is called as the Mooladhara Chakra which looks after the pelvic plexus which looks after the excretion. In the second chakra is the Swadishthana Chakra which looks after the mental side and the physical side whatever we do, action that takes place to this chakra and also it manifests outside in the gross aortic plexus. On top there is another chakra called the Nabhi Chakra which manifests outside the solar plexus by which our food is digested and all the viscera in the stomach are looked after and also the Swadishthana in combination with that looks after all the viscera within us and our balance.

Balance is the one we have to achieve in our sustenance. Sustenance is like your valency as a carbon has four valencies you too have ten valencies. And these ten valencies must be adjusted. If Mohammed Sahib has said, “Don’t drink,” He was not a man who would tell you lies. Why He said it, “You don’t drink,” because drinking spoils your liver, it spoils your awareness. But I don’t say that, I don’t say you don’t drink. When you get your realisation you’ll drop out, you’ll not drink because you will be drinking the nectar of God’s love, then you won’t drink yourself. So I’m a Mother, I have other tricks of giving that <inaudible>, it’s not the way these people directly said no use, if you tell, “Don’t drink,” then immediately they’ll go to a pub. “If you said don’t drink then I’m going to drink ten bottles,” and die, that’s what it is. But if you said, “Don’t, you can drink,” but later on you find you just cannot drink. I’ve known people who have just stopped drinking completely. You become a beautiful man, after getting your realisation because you are beautiful and you are a radiant personality.

I’ll tell you about the third chakra, the most important thing about the third chakra is that it is for your seeking. Through this chakra you seek. First you seek your food then you seek your shelter, then you seek your powers, you seek your love, all sorts of things, and emotions also join to find your love and all that and then you seek ultimately God. You find there is nothing in all these superficial things, these parties and politics and all those things that you have been doing is just useless, there must be something beyond. Then that is the time you’re caught up by these fake gurus and you get lost in that. How they work out I’ll tell you later on.

Then on top of that is this another chakra which is called as the Mother’s chakra. This chakra is bestowed upon by the Mother of the Universe who looks after you, gives you security and if this chakra is spoilt then you get a problem like breast cancer and all other things. I used to tell people that women should not smoke at all. It’s the worst for women, of course men also should not smoke because they’ll get the throat trouble, they’ll have cancer of the throat. But when I told the women, they said, “Why? We have equal rights. We have equal rights to kill ourselves and cut our throats.” So I said that, “Because you are more sensitive and you’ll have breast cancer.”

Yesterday, the day before yesterday, we read in the newspaper that in America the president of the cancer research has said that women who smoke will definitely get not only throat cancer but also breast cancer. And I Myself have said it many a times but they used to fight because men have no breasts so they cannot get it. But these women fight for equality all right but cancer does not know that. Cancer says, “If you’re a woman you better get it,” that’s what it is. So women should not smoke at all, men also should not smoke but after realisation they just cannot smoke and they just stop it. So I don’t say don’t smoke because men will just run away.

The problem is when someone tells you something people don’t like it but actually I’m not here to take anything from you; to give you something, something that you have within yourself, is the Spirit and you have to take it because it is your own, to <inaudible> your bank, you have come to your banker, he will know what you have. I have to just stand in between to give you what you have cashed inside and I have to just pass that to you as your cash. It is multifold, whatever you have put in the bank has grown in multiples now so you will get such a lot you can’t imagine. But you have to have a banker standing before you, you don’t get angry with your banker do you? Then why should feel hurt when they say Mother has to do it. It’s a thankless job I tell you, the real thankless job which I’m doing. I’m a very happily married woman, I’ve got My children, My grandchildren and I’m not doing it for anything but because I cannot enjoy My life without making you enjoy your life. That’s the only thing is because only the compassion that is within Me doesn’t allow Me to enjoy the life of that spirituality which you all can enjoy very well, very easily and that’s what one has to do.

Now on top of that is the other centre, here we can go in a slow or fast way which is the chakra is a very important centre and is a centre called your collectivity, for your collectivity. When this centre is enlightened your hands become collectively conscious. You start feeling the cool breeze in your hands and in your hands you can feel what’s wrong with you and what’s wrong with the others. Because these fingers are shown there are on that side also. You can see very clearly, are showing all the centres that you can feel. So on the left hand side is the emotional side and right hand side is your side which is doing the action, all physical and mental action and these how you recognise the left hand side you feel the left centres and the right hand side you feel the right centres and this is how you decode them and you’ll find ultimately that it’s a fact. You can immediately verify it and find out for yourself. If you find some lady is suffering here and you ask her, “Have you been to any clairvoyant or some guru,” she’ll say, “Yes.” If she’s suffering here then you can ask her that is she over-active, is she thinking too much, she’ll say, “Yes.” And that’s how you can find out the patients what they’re suffering from also then you’ll have to learn how to cure them of their troubles, apart from this you must know how to raise the Kundalini and give them the ultimate that is their self-realisation.

Now after that you will see on top is a very important chakra, Agnya Chakra where I said Lord Jesus Christ is crucified there, you can say, because these two institutions of ego and superego, are <inaudible> each other very gentle here and to pass through that the Omkara itself, the <inaudible> as they call it or the chaitanya or the Ruh or they call it the cool breeze of the Holy Ghost. The son of God has to come down to get crucified so that He could prove that He is settled within you in that part. Now this is a centre between the pituitary and the pineal bodies, a very subtle centre which people call as third eye, but you don’t have to develop an eye, you have to see through the eye. Actually when you see the eye means you’re not seeing through the eye. So those who see the eye are outside, those who see something are outside. You have to go from inside and see yourself outside and not to see yourself outside in. This is what many prople do not understand; if they see a cross they think they’ve become God; if they see a light they become…, they have become great. To see light is very simple, you can see this light, what’s so great about seeing a light. But have you become the light? You have to become the light and that’s the point people miss that you have to become and not to see something.

This centre is important because this is the centre of light and this controls your ego and superego, it also controls your eyes, it controls many things, like it controls, if you are possess by a, some negative force or anything it will show on this centre. And it will show also a person who is over-active, who has insomnia, who cannot sleep, who cannot relax. Sop we have two sides of this centre, here and there, one controlling the ego, another controlling the superego.

On top of that we have the last and the most important centre which is called as the Sahasrara with one thousand petals are there. These one thousand petals can be seen if you have a transverse section of the brain you will see that it’s created like petals and even if you have a cross-section you can see the petals going like that, just like the petals of a lotus and if you cut it also you’ll see that there are. Now the quarrel is whether nine hundred and ninety eight or one thousand, this is what the doctors will quarrel, that’s not important. There are one thousand, if we have not discovered two, we’ll discover them later on. But first of all discover yourself, have the light within yourself and then discuss these small little dogmatic things which have really ruined the world completely.

Now on top of that is the one that has shown, is the place which we call as the brahmarandhara, is the point where the fontanelle bone area is where you feel a kind of a softness when you are a child which pulsates. Then this area gets covered where the ego and superego meet and it becomes calcified. Then you develop your I-ness, you become Mr. I, Why, like that. But when the Kundalini rises, first you hear there in the head a kind of a sound, you can also see the rising of the Kundalini in many people who are not normal, who have some problems. But mostly if they’re normal people it just rises fast and it breaks through here and you can feel the cool breeze coming out of your head very clearly. So many of you who are here have felt it, have felt it in the hands also.

So now we have to progress further with it, little more I would like to tell you about the sides that we have. The body that you see here is of a normal human being. Now a human being has a left and a right side. So left side of a person, the blue side, left side of a person has got the power which is called as we call it the Mahakali power, but you can call it as the power of desire, the desire by which we exist. And then you go beyond desire, you start imagining things and all that, you go into another area because that is the sub-conscious area, you start going into sub-conscious area. And beyond that if you go, you go into the area called collective sub-conscious. Now this area is very dangerous because all that is dead from your creation within you which accepted by doctors that there is an area like that within us, which is built-in within us since our creation. Now cancer according to them is caused by triggering of our being by proteins called Protein 52 and Protein 58. Now these proteins enter into our being from that area known as collective sub-conscious.

Now this collective sub-conscious is a very dangerous area where people enter into through the forcing of the gurus or by mesmerism or they try to push them through some extra activities and things like that they put into and the people are pushed into the left side, these are pushed into left side they can get anyone of these diseases like mellitus and so many of these, like cancer and leukaemia, all these things come from the movement towards the left side. It’s not only the gurus, even if you go to, say, a cemetery for quite some time or if you’re under a shock and then you meet somebody who takes you to a cemetery or if you have some relationship with the dead or clairvoyants or these ESP and all these things, all parapsychology give you this side.

So all these people are absolutely taking a very dangerous situation. If they’re vulnerable, if they’re over-active people they’re already vulnerable and if they’re vulnerable and attacked by something from the left side they are absolutely there for cancer, waiting for it. Though cancer is built-in within us every moment we can say because of the sympathetic activities of the left and right side but the parasympathetic, the central one is always trying to neutralise it. Like if you are running very fast you can increase the rate of your heart but you cannot decrease it, it happens automatically. So the one that increases is the sympathetic which can use and the one that brings it to the normal is actually the one which is parasympathetic which a part of autonomous and this “auto” is nobody else but our Spirit. If you go and ask doctors what is autonomous they will not be able to tell you because auto means Self, now where is the Self, where does it reside and that’s what we have to find out.

The another area is the supra-conscious area on the right hand side and if you enter into too much into your right side, means you’re thinking too much for future, going for future, very futuristic and all that, you might enter into an area called as supra-conscious. Such people see visions and things and they can predict things about future, they’re good predictors and they can also be very cruel people. They become very dry and cruel people and an example of that is Hitler. Hitler used the supra-conscious powers, he mesmerised people with such ambitious people and that’s how he could managed the Germans to behave in the most brutal fashion the way they did it. It would have been impossible for any normal person to accept what Hitler said but he was so much using these powers and he used Tibetan lamas for that purpose because they too deal very much with supra-conscious powers. And that’s how he had a Tibetan lama with him throughout and that’s how he managed it, the supra-conscious attack.

Now the lower part of it is the hell I can say where people can pass into the hell that is called as the absolutely a base rotten stuff from where you have risen. But a hunan being who does not follow the human balancing processes does not become an animal, he becomes worse than an animal with the brain of a human being and the whole body like an animal, so it’s a horrible combination he becomes and they become what we call in Sanskrit language, the pishachas, rakshasas and other people of that kind who are devils and these devils can be born again and again and they try to become, this time I find they have all become gurus and they’re trying to misguide all the seekers because that’s what their job is, to establish their own kingdom and not of God. And that’s what they’re doing and that’s what they’re expert in and they have managed so many people that you can’t imagine.

And these people are now falling into such traps like I went to Australia the government is worried. Government says when they go there they become penniless. They come here they are brainless, they are like cabbages, they have no money left with them and some of them end up with drugs and most of them are now going to lunatic asylum. Within ten years they start <inaudible> reason of what they have been doing in <inaudible> and they told Me that, “Why not your government take it up,” that they should look after these gurus and tell them to behave. I said, “You see, we cannot tell any government to be that idealistic, it is you who should look after your people and see what they’re doing, why they’re going there, who are their gurus and how they’re spending their money. They said that under the circumstances that we are all free countries, we cannot do, such are the laws. I told them that laws are not for you, you must know that you are for the laws, you can change the laws. Because this is a new thing that’s happening in your country. They said fifty percent of our young people are just living for them and there’re all going to India, spending all their money and people have got sixty thousand, seventy thousand crores of rupees in their banks and they have got Rolls Royces, aeroplanes, this and that but these people don’t see and think, what to do? So I said, “Now I cannot suggest what you can do about it.” But as far as Indian government is concerned, what can they do? Because they are not asking you to import them, they are not asking you to spend money on them. It is you who are going and spending money on them, you must keep a little watch on your people who are going there. But every government is so much worried today about these people and they don’t know what to do with them and the more they’re worried the more the people become adamant and they say, “What, you are going to pass this law, I’m going to break it.” That’s what it is and people are really going towards destruction.

So one has to understand this left side and right side very clearly that if you become right sided you start seeing visions, seeing lights and all those things. If you go to the left side you start jumping, like a dog you may bark, you may bark like a, absolutely like a ordinary bitch, some sort of a thing that you do which is absolutely wretched and useless. I mean something that you just cannot think that a normal human being would do. First of all they do is that they give you no self-esteem.

They give you an ego, all right, they can tell you, “Go naked.” So you will say, “How can that be?” “Oh are shy, you are absolutely shy and why should you be shy, you must get over it, what’s wrong in that?” So they pamper your ego. But that is not self-esteem. “Why should I become naked? I have my private life. Why should I become naked?” This sense of esteem is finished, once the self-esteem is finished you can start taking to all their ways and things and they become like that. And they do all kinds of things like <inaudible>, they said things people do that’s unbelievable, that human beings can be like that. And there has been so much unholy attack on the children of God, on the seekers who are so beautifully <inaudible> on this earth for this great occasion where you all have to get your realisation and they’re permanently finished and permanently killed by this horrible thing.

So it is not a mental thing, it is not a mental conception. Compassion is not a mental conception. “I love you,” has no meaning because mental conception today, “I love you,” and tomorrow, “I hate you.” But compassion is a thing that acts, that just flows and it just works. You don’t have to do anything about it. For example now you must have know that I have told many people, I have but I don’t have to do anything about it, it just flows, it just works out. Gradually everything goes all right and it works out. So I don’t have to do this to tell you mentally to think you’re all right or some psychological treatment, nothing of the kind. It is just like sunshine. If it is compassion, it has to be just like sunshine, so the idea that if you talk of compassionate thing and give a very third-rate sermon on compassion and love and this and that. That doesn’t that such a person is loving. It’s not at all, it never means that, it means that such a person is trying to put up a show which doesn’t exist. If a person has compassion, it must act.

Christ was once touched by some sick person and He felt it and He said some energy had flowed into that person, that’s what is compassion. That’s how it should happen but that doesn’t mean that Sahaja Yoga is meant for sick people, not at all. It is meant for people who are healthy, who are courageous, who are honest, not for people who are dishonest and who are cowardly, who have no brains to understand things which is meant for really special type of people. And that special type of people, they may not be kings, they may not be queens, they may not at high positions, they can be at a very ordinary level, but there are many I found out, so many, thousands of them are there who are really special people of God and Blake has called them the men of God will become prophets and they will have powers to make others prophets.

All these prophecies that have been made are to be proved today. All the religions that have been created by these great incarnations are to be proved today. All their integrations and their co-relationship is to be established. All that can be done through Sahaja Yoga. I know it has to work out. You people have to really understand that you are the Spirit and I have to tell you something about the Spirit also today because in such a short time I don’t know how much I have to tell you. Moreover, for the last twenty-one days in Australia I’ve been speaking everyday to so many people and looking after them, giving them realisation and after that I was very anxious that I should again re-visit Kuala Lumpur because last time I saw the response was very good and they were such nice people who got realisation and such nice good people who got realisation and are working it out further.

I was really amazed how this place which I visited, actually only the second time and the first time I couldn’t meet so many people and only the second time there’re so many people who came in, they got their realisation and they felt so much better and have grown so much in such a short time. It was so amazing and so joy-giving. I said, “I must go and see these Kuala Lumpur people.” As you know that I’ve had really a hard time all this time and I may not be free for you people, for next day but I would request you that anyone of you wants to know more about Sahaja Yoga or anything you can always go to your centre, find out from the people who know such a lot. There’s nothing to feel bad about. Tomorrow you’ll become a master, when you become the master you can also tell people. So you should keep your ego outside as you should keep your chappals and shoes outside. You should not carry your ego inside because if your ego is there then nothing can go into your head, it is like a slab of stone on the head. So you keep your ego outside, you are coming, you have to learn something, to know something, to gain something. With this idea if you come to Sahaja Yoga you will progress very fast and you will really become a master, a real guru of yourself. You don’t need any guru because your guru is your Spirit.

Now what is the Spirit? Spirit is the reflection of God Almighty, while the Kundalini is the reflection of the power of God. The power of God is called as the Adi Shakti in Sanskrit language and Holy Ghost in other languages. Now this is the power of God which manifests within you as the three powers, as I told you. But there’s a fourth power which is the complete desire, pure desire within us. First of all the desire power gets into there, is pure desire and this pure desire is the representation of the Holy Ghost within us. This pure desire is to become one with the Divine. Unless and until it is manifested, a man cannot be happy, cannot be satisfied. With all other desires you can never be happy, you can be partly happy, then unhappy. But by this you become the joy, you become the joy, then there is no two sides to it, there’s no happiness and unhappiness in joy. So the first quality of the Spirit is that it is joy, it is joy. Now joy is something that is to be experienced and to be felt, not to be described.

Actually sometime today when I was coming say, for example, and I saw the cloud jutting out of the beautiful tree cloud, such a beautiful, as if some islands have come out, such a beautiful scene. The whole joy started trickling down My head absolutely and there was a Sahaja Yogi with Me, he also felt the same way, the whole thing is trickling down, the whole being and filled Me up completely and I was absolutely thoughtlessly watching that beauty. That’s what happens to you when you see something great, something really divine you start just getting that feeling within yourself. You don’t jump, you don’t shout at it but just the soothing feeling you get within yourself, actual soothing feeling within yourself. Even in Sahaja Yoga when you are sick and all that when you try to take vibrations you’ll be surprised the soothingness comes as if some soother has been put on your body. The whole thing soothes down your brain, soothes down your nerves, you become so relaxed absolutely that this Dr. Warren was a patient of very high blood pressure but after his realisation he forgot about his disease because the whole nerve, everything gets completely soothed with this immense power that runs on your being, this power of your Spirit. Now the power of Spirit, one is joy. The another great thing, I cannot describe Spirit in such a short time. I don’t know how many lectures I have given about it and you can yourself listen to those because we have those tapes here already in this place and you can listen to them and you can understand what it is.

But one of the, another special quality of the Spirit is that it’s the collective being within us. It is a collective being, means that we say that, “You’re my brother, you’re my sister,” but it is still a mental projection, it’s not a collective being but you become a collective being, then you become the Spirit, means you start feeling others within yourself. The others who are not other, as if this finger feels this finger, in the same way you start feeling others within yourself and because this Spirit which is the collective being gets awakened, it’s not yet in our consciousness, it’s not in our attention. When the light of the Spirit comes in our attention then you start becoming collectively conscious and this is what happens to you. First thing that happens to most of the people is that they become collectively conscious.

Now Jung has said that next evolution has to be where people become collectively conscious but I don’t know how many people understood him because there’re very few who follow Jung, most of them follow Freud because it is easy to go to hell, take two running jumps and you are there. But to go to heaven you have to work hard and you have to be confined to many things and that’s why people don’t want to bother about people who talk about heaven. But hell is not such a simple thing to live, hell is not a place where you are planning to go. The creator has not created you to go to hell and get yourself destroyed. It is He who is going to look after this creation, it is He who is anxious to give you realisation, it is He who is working it out so much and that you should just open your hands towards Him and get it to yourself, that’s what it is, just open your hearts and open your minds and just get it because He is anxious to do it for you.

Now the last is about Spirit, third thing is that He is, as I said, He’s joy and He’s collectively conscious, so that your attention becomes collectively conscious, that you start feeling others on your finger tips, sitting down here you can feel anybody’s vibrations and you can say what is he suffering from, what is his problem, what is the way we can help him. Also you will learn through Sahaja Yoga and you can help him sitting down here you can help that person because you enter that ether of God which is within everyone. So once you are there just like a radio receives messages through the ether the messages you can receive about others, what is happening to other people when you are sitting down here. It is much more than this but in a short thing I would just say that you become collectively conscious.

The third great quality of Spirit is that it is absolute and because it is absolute it is not relative you jump into a life that is absolute. There is no relativity, there is no alternative. You see, these vibrations will tell you always the truth, nothing but the truth because Spirit is the truth and it’s <inaudible>. It is the truth. So when you want to know about somebody, “Now how is this person?” The vibrations will tell you. Another person who is a Sahaja Yogi will say the same thing. Even if you have ten children and tie up their eyes they’ll tell the same thing that this person has this problem or this problem or this problem. Everyone will say the same thing because truth is one and that’s why you just say, everything says the same and there is absolute collectivity among Sahaja Yogis.

There’s no quarrel, no fighting, nothing. It is said that helium when it is heated up every molecule fights with each other. There’s a big commotion there but when it is cooled down it becomes collective and starts moving in the same direction. In the same way what happens that everything that you do becomes nothing but your vibratory awareness because you get a new awareness, a new dimension bu which you can judge others. For example if you want to know, “Is there God?” If you have to put your hands like this and ask the question, you’ll get a cool breeze in your hands. If you want to know about Me, if I’m the Holy Ghost, all right you ask the question, put your hands like this, ask the question and you’ll get a cool breeze coming. But if you want to ask about somebody who is a thug or who is a false guru, you ask about him and you’ll not feel anything, on the contrary you might get some blisters. There are many gurus who have given Me blisters also. I have been touching some people and they gave Me a blister in My hand. Such horrible gurus people have created, they’re nothing but just burning satanic forces. They’re trying to destroy all God’s work and we are playing into their hands though we are seekers of truth, though we are seekers of God we are playing into their hands listening to their third-rate talks about God and third-rate talks about divinity and love. They cannot do anything, they’ve never done anything, they have never given realisation to anybody, to anyone. They have nothing to be, except to take your money or do something like that.

Now the quality of God as I said is truth but all this put together of the Spirit that is His love. In love, if you have love, it’s truth then you know everything about another person. But love that we know of is not the love. The love of God gives you all the knowledge of a person, it has that power built in itself that it gives you all this knowledge that you want to know about another person whom you love. The love need not be that you love that person in the mental way but you just extend your attention to that person and the love will tell you what’s wrong with that person, what he has done, how to help him and you go all out and work it out, hours together you work it out and try to help him.

But there can be some people who take you for granted, many people I’ve seen they come to Me, three hours they’ll sit down and just work on them, cure them and I said, “Will you come to the meeting?” “Now I have no time, I have to go to a party.” Where did I have time to be with this woman? It was just a waste I think. This is what it is, your priorities are so wrong. So then she’ll develop some other disease tomorrow she’ll come to Me she’ll say, “Now please.” She will definitely because you are not yet totally all right. You have to become the Spirit in a full way. You have to work it out that you become totally a Spirit, completely the master and then not only that you’ll be perfectly all right, you’ll enjoy your life, you’ll have all that is within yourself to give you complete feeling of <inaudible> and complete feeling of Her glory. But that security and that openness of your heart that you will give and give and give to others, no money, nothing but this love of God, these vibrations, the chaitanya that flows from you.

So for this short lecture whatever it is, I’m sorry that I’ve to make it very short, just I came back and I dropped here just to see you all. May God bless you, I hope you will understand your importance in this area. We have not much support in Singapore I think because the people are very funny, we haven’t yet been able to do much. Now here on this side, on to Bangkok, on those sides also, I have not been able to build up much. On the other side if you see Malaysia is the only place that I can say I can put down My foot here. So this is the beginning and those people in Malaysia if they become wise enough and if they understand that they have to sustain Sahaja Yoga here. You are the ones, if you do it you will be responsible for all these nations around here and that’s why I say that you should take up responsibility upon yourself that in Malaysia you’ll establish Sahaja Yoga in a proper way, in a perfect way so that others will come to Malaysia, it will be a centre for them to come down to you to learn about Sahaja Yoga and take this to their own countries to create a very, very beautiful aura, a beautiful atmosphere for them to live because the world has to change.

The time has come for the world to change, only through the transformation of human beings the world is going to change. And it is working out everywhere in every country except for this area which I tell you, Singapore, you people, Bangkok and others surrounding countries I’ve not been able to do much. So I request you to be steady about it. If you can manage it I’m sure we can spread it from here, a nucleus can be created here. For this you don’t have to spend any money, nothing has to be done, there’s no need of spending money or anything but simple thing is that you have to establish yourself. That’s the only thing you have to do, is to have full faith in yourself, confidence in yourself and to get to your realisation.

May God bless you, thank you.