Birthday Program

Mumbai (India)

1983-03-31 Birthday Program, Bombay, India, DP-RAW, 184' Chapters: Singing, Debhu Chaudhuri, Shri Mataji Sister (Marathi), Yogi Mahajan, Shri Mataji Talk, Bhimsen Joshi
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1983-0331 Birthday Program Talk, Bombay, India

I bow to all the seekers of Truth. At the very outset, I would like to thank our revered minister Mr Ram Rao Adhik who has very kindly consented to come and grace this occasion, which is extremely humble from My point of view. Also, I would like to thank Shri Balasaheb Thackeray to come to this program. Apart from that, as you know Mr Rupmatay has been taking so much trouble to organize this program and helped it to be successful. I do not know how to thank all the other Sahaja yogis who have worked so hard to celebrate My birthday which I think is beyond words for Me to express.
As we are all Indians and we have a strong mother’s feelings within us. In this Kaliyuga, it was said that it will be known by the way people will treat their mothers. But today when I see this love poured out to celebrate the birthday of your humble Mother, I have no words to say how we are to believe that there is kali yuga still existing on this earth.
I am very much thankful to all the Sahaja yogis who have come from abroad. There are so many. They have sent telegrams, flowers, so much that today I have a feeling that of such tremendous joy which is being reflected on me as if I am dazzled and I do not know really how to thank all of you for this great expression of your love.
I am thankful also to people who have come from Delhi, the artist, I have always had tremendous respect for Indian art and especially Indian music. By God’s grace, there are many Indian Sahaja yogis who are great artists and it’s such a pleasure to see them working it out for Sahaja yoga, the beautiful melodies that can evoke the eternal love of God within human beings.
From my childhood, I knew what I had to do. Actually, I would say my great father who was a great realized soul, he was my guru as far as human beings are concerned because he told me to understand human beings you have to become absolutely a human being. And those people who came on this earth did not understand that human beings are absolutely blind. Unless and until you raise the Kundalini of people amass, you won’t be able to communicate with them and you can see clearly that any discovery that is made in any field whatsoever has to be made amass for the utility of everyone. Unless and until that is made, the dilemma of religion manifests itself. Whatever has been said about religion as they appear to us and are apparent, is true I agree. But for that, we cannot blame any one of these true incarnations of divine love.
The manifestation of that has been absolutely just a position. The reason for this is not, I will not blame human beings because they are the epitome of God’s evolution. God’s complete creation is represented through human beings. So also we would not say that it is there in any way a deliberate thing. But it’s an automatic result of the mental projection of a human being who wants to bring God to their level of their mental capacity. God cannot be conceived through your mental capacity. And whatever you have conceived so far through your mental capacity is not real. It’s just a conception. It is not real, that one has to understand that it is just a conception and that is why all these problems have risen. This is the reason my father told me that you have to work out the permutations and combinations of all the human beings whom you meet and find out what is the problem and how you can raise the kundalini amass. That was his point. Before that, you should not talk on religion.
That was the time when our country was not independent. We were not free people to talk of anything, leave alone God. So the first duty I felt was that I must go all out, put all my attention for the freedom of my great country which is the land of yoga. Perhaps Indians do not realize on what soil they stand. This is the country which was created especially for this purpose by God Almighty. It’s the country of Yoga. It is the country where Shri Rama also had to take his sleepers and shoes to touch this land. Where Shri Krishna has danced bare feet. Where Radha ji has carried her message in bare feet.
This is such a great country, we do not know that every moment when I see the soil vibrating the divine love, I sometimes feel, I wish, all the people, the leaders of this country would know what are they doing. This is the land of yoga, as many people say. But what does the land of yoga mean? Perhaps people have no idea about the greatness of this country. Specially Maharashtra. Its call Maharashtra since time immemorial, that’s why I took my birth in this great land of Maharashtra. Kundalini of the whole universe resides in Maharashtra in three and a half coil. And the Ashtavinayak, which is the expression of God’s innocence resides to protect the Maharashtrians. Then this great country, as my motherland, has got tremendous capacity, a tremendous capacity to suck in all that is a sin, all that is anti-God, all that is Satanic. I will give you a simple example of why I say so.
I went to a place called Kualalampur, where I was alone. I had nobody, no Sahaj yogis to help me. And I said, now how am I to cure, there were 3000 people in a garden of a senator and they were supposed to be cured by Sahaja yoga. So, I just touched the mother Earth and said O’Mother Earth, please take away their sins. You can do it. But nothing would happen. Nothing would happen. The Kundalini of the mother Earth is not sucking at all. I said O’ Mother Earth, I come from the country of Yoga. A country where great seers, saints, incarnations have poured their love. I have touched that mother Earth with my feet. Now, I touch you with my hand. I take the name of that great country of mine. You will be amazed that vibrations started flowing in and one and all, all of them got cured. This is your land. This is your soil. This is your heritage. And what are we talking about, I just don’t understand. For me, it is beyond my understanding where are we. Even in the times to come or which have gone through, such a great potential of energy, the Shakti, you cannot find anywhere.
Once I was coming by plane with my husband and I said we have touched our motherland. He said how do you know. I said I can see the vibrations all over. He said how do you know? I said you ask. He went you see out of curiosity to ask the pilot, have we touched India? He said only 2 minutes back we have touched India.
So we do not know how to utilize all that God has given to us, the Indians. To be born in this country itself you need a lot of accumulation of good karma. But somehow with Sahaja yoga I find in the villages of Maharashtra, thousands of people getting realization, thousands. These boys have seen six thousand people in a village call Karus got realization in 10 minutes time. The whole country is helping you and they themselves when they come here. Recently there were people from 12 countries had come. I had taken them to Maharashtra. Of course, we had to go by bullock and all that doesn’t matter. They had to live in a lot of discomforts. Doesn’t matter. But they could feel the vibrations of this mother earth. We do not realize in this country that we cannot follow the politics of these western people. They have nothing to teach us. They have nothing to teach us. They have to learn from us for ages to be somewhere near us.
The power that we have in this country is not of talking, of mental projections or of thinking, but of reality and Truth. This is the motherland who has been giving us green pasturelands. But to understand even the value of this motherland is [ unclear, not easy]. Such a great country. You have to become the spirit. Without becoming the spirit, everything will be the same. Again the same manifestations, all non-sense going on, Hindu Muslims fighting, and these communists fighting, this fighting.I can’t understand. Let the western people fight. Then they will come along. But for you, you are born of one Mother and we have to see to it that whatever projections we have of our mind has created problems from the west. So the knowledge of the roots, of the principles if you [unclear, hide], you will realize that the mistake lies that we are always identifying with mental projections.
Now take the question of politics. With all due respect to great politicians here. For example, now somebody says that I am a communist. What is this communism? Somebody says I am a capitalist. What is this capitalism? What power has he got? Today he is a rich man. Tomorrow he will be a poor man, then he becomes a communist. The poor man becomes rich then he becomes a capitalist. [ Marathi lang ] Because there is no principling. Now, what is the principle? The principle is the person with a realized soul is the real capitalist because he has the whole capital, the complete divine opulence within himself and without distributing it to the people, he cannot feel happy. So he is a real communist. Because he has something to distribute and what is to distribute, is Love.
So the mental conceptions only work for hatred. Because if the idea of love is money. Today they say Indian- Chinese are brothers then tomorrow they become great enemies. Why it happens? we should know. Not blaming anyone. Why it happens like that? Because the collective being in the Chinese personality and in the Indian personality has not been awakened. Otherwise, within you lies this Atma [spirit], which in nature, in nature again I am saying, is collective being. Means your central nervous system feels the collectivity, actually, in reality. Think of it. We have not yet allowed that to come in our attention in our central nervous system. Once it becomes, who is the other? who is the other? Like today people say mother has been very kind and this and that. I have been wondering. What have I done? Nothing. I have done nothing. The reason is if I am a collective being. Supposing you become a collective being also. You just feel the other person within yourself. You see. So by helping one finger, your own, its your own part and parcel, your own. Then what have you done, Nothing. You are looking after yourself, nobody else.
But this has to happen not by giving lectures that we are all brothers and sisters. You don’t need to. But when you are a realized soul, you become. You really become brothers and sisters. You speak another language. The language changes, the priorities change. And you start saying like this ‘ Mother my Agyga is catching’ means I am becoming egotistical. Correct it. You separate yourself from all these conditionings and all that and become that collective being which is the part of the whole Virata ( God), part of the Virat, of Akbar. Where Mohammad Sahib has said ‘ Allah ho Akbar’ he means nothing but he was talking about Shri Krishna. There is no fight between Mohammad Sahab and Shri Krishna. You will be amazed. Because Mohammad Sahab was nobody else but the incarnation of Dattatreya himself. There is no difference between them. If you see the history in Sahaj yoga, people are surprised when I say that all these incarnations reincarnated themselves. They are one principle. They have no problem. Christ has also said, those who are not against me are with me. Who are those people? So this integration also is also a mental projection. Some people say we are having unity of all the deities. Even that could be just a mental projection. You cannot do it. Because the whole thing is documented. It’s just a thinking of the mind that you think like that. You cannot unite the artificial. Which is the way you can unite is to get your realization first. Once you get your realization, your Atma starts working and your hands speak as Mohammad sahib has said that at the time of resurrection your hands will speak. Then you can ask a question if I am telling you the truth or not. That Mohammad sahib was Dattatreya himself.
I met a doctor a long time back. About 10 years back, who came from Iran to see me. He was suffering from cancer of the stomach. I told him you are a fanatic. He said, No, I am not. I said you believe that Mohammad Sahib was the only person. [Other man said ] ‘yes of course’ I said then I can’t cure you. He said then what was Mohammad Sahib. I said he was Dattatreya. He said who is this Dattatreya. I said that’s the problem. You should find out who Dattatreya is. He was Nanak. He was Janaka. He could not believe it. I said you will have to accept Nanak as a Guru as much as Mohammad Sahib, then only I can cure you. This was too much for a Muslim mind. But cancer is even greater than that, all your hatred. And he came to me and said, his wife said Mother [unclear, I ‘ll do what you would like] ……I said tell your husband to accept it and when he said so that Mother I accept that Nanak and Mohammad were the same. You will be amazed that I could cure his cancer and he is there. He is very much there. So the idea of our integration of religion is also superficial unless and until you get your realization. Unless and until you become. Becoming is the point. Unless and until you become self-realized, you cannot understand the language of your spirit, which is the collective being. That is the reality I tell you. For that, how can you wait? I mean this is absurd to understand. Any person who takes the name of God and collects money you should know that he is a hypocrite. How can you take money? God does not understand money. He never knows what human beings have done out of their stupidity. So he does not know what money is. All these things are so superficial and frivolous. It has no relationship with God whatsoever. So, we cannot blame God or His incarnations.
Now I would say, communists, whatever they may say. I saw Lenin’s body in Russia. He was a realized soul. No doubt. Poor man tried, you see his level best to talk on those lines. If you read his history, he did. But the party people said you won’t be able to talk all these things. See, they pressed on him. Because of these mental projections, human beings become so much addicted to each other, that they club together and they form such a formidable barrier for any saint to talk of anything. That’s why every saint had to be butchered, had to be tortured, to be crucified, to be poisoned. Because they don’t know that this is sinful, this is anti-God. But a person like Lenin, imagine, he was oppressed by the party people and he had to accept the other situation otherwise he would have been a great Sahaja yogi himself. So many great Sahaja yogis have been. Abraham Lincoln was a realized soul. Now how do I say so? Now you can ask me a question Mother, how can you say that Abraham Lincoln was a realized soul. If you are realized soul, you can feel. You just ask a question was he a realized soul. Tremendous vibrations will start flowing.
It’s not only the custody of Indians that we can become self-realized. You must know that great saints are born all over the world and their feeling is much stronger than ours. Because we are living in a very wonderful country where everything goes hand in hand [sarcastically]. Nobody minds. People are casual. Here nobody is bothered. We are very happy, festive people. We are not bothered as to find out why things are going wrong. Till we will be completely cursed. Like cancer disease. It will grow slowly slowly. Malignancy will spread and suddenly when it will become before us, we will be starked and we will be surprised. Oh God!! what is happening to our country. 2:05:06
But by God’s grace, this country is specially blessed. I assure you that nothing can happen to this great country. Let Pakistan purchase any number of these big machines you are talking about. This is country where Hanumana and Bhairava are sitting on both sides.
You must develop Sahaj Yoga here that is important. Because Krishna has said if you get yoga them only you will get protection, not before that. So try and get the yoga. If you get yoga, let us see who can touch this country. But shakti [ power ] does not mean destruction. Shakti means the divine love. We have never worked on the principle of divine love. Once we start working on the principle of divine love there is no one in this world who can be stronger than that.
Maybe today we look like a developing country. But I personally feel the other way round. Because we are so much enamoured by the western people. What will you have to learn from them? Because we do not see within ourselves what we have got. I am not talking about fanaticism or any kind of a narrow nationalism or anything. I am beyond that. What I am saying, the thing that we have within us is that deep down lies the kundalini itself of the whole universe. Where the kundalini lies, people are sleeping. England is another country where Shiva element lies in the heart of the universe. Where people are permanently sleeping now or on strike.
One has to realize that the responsibility of Indians on the spiritual level is much greater than any other people. We should have no time for frivolous talks. We should get to spirituality and the whole world will come under your feet. The Whole world. You will become the leaders of this world because you have all these qualities in you. But if you want to run after and mimic others and learn all the things from other people which is frivolous, which is nothing but plastic effluents and all that non-sense, you are not going to become anything.
Please remember that get your realization. Has been talked much later in other countries but in this country, even Indra [God of Rain] had to get his realization. This art of getting realization has been known to us but in a very secretive way. Very few people were given realization before. Very few. Nachiketa was the only person, was given realization by King Janaka. But today the tree of life has blossomed and there are so many flowers of the tree of life and they all are going to be transformed. No doubt. But you please don’t lag behind.
As for Bombay( now called Mumbai) place, as they said, I agree with you Adhik sahib that I should have spent more time, but the maximum number of time I have spent in this Bombay of yours. Because, Mahakali, Mahalakshmi, Mahasaraswati you know is here. But the least has been done in this place, Bombay. Because I am told that people are more after materialistic things here. Bombay has been the place where I had to work, I worked very hard but so far, in my opinion, Bombay people have now grown, no doubt, the Bombay Saha yogis are very deep people, very deep and they are very great Sahaj yogis, no doubt. They are absolutely profound which you can see from the Divine book collection that you have got. The way they have studied it through, I mean they are really thorough with the knowledge. But they are very few. Say about here in the whole of Bombay where the whole people were crowding I don’t know for what, like a rat race, how many do we have in this hall? But if you go to a village somewhere at the place near Shirdi, Sai Nath has done such wonders. Thousands and thousands of people come and get their realization. They have given up all these dirty habits, they have given up all the drinking. I don’t have to tell them. Overnight. When they get this nectar, why are they going to go to these things which enslave. So the complete freedom, the supreme freedom can be only enjoyed if you become the spirit. The rest of it is all mental conception, take it from me. And the mental conceptions cannot agree with anyone. It’s like some sort of a modern art. That you have to take the artist to understand what he has done. Ultimately we will all end up with holding one flag of the organization each. Everybody will have one organization of each because you become individualistic, on your own, malignant. But if you want to find out the collectivity for which you are working, you must know that it lies within yourself, and you have to have self-realization.
So far Sahaj yoga has nothing to do with their politics. What you call politics. But there is a great politics working. Politics of God. Because we believe in the kingdom of God, and that politics is so tremendous, so great that it plays up and down. We know all this, what is happening. But you all, I would request you to come and join us and see the whole play, the whole game, the whole theatre of this world and enjoy the bliss of God who is so very anxious to save His creation because the time has come for you to achieve it.
This is the time of resurrection, the time of the last judgement as described in the Bible. Those who lag behind, I am sorry, have to suffer. So better to take to Sahaj Yoga. Take to your spirit. Take to your Atma and become your spirit and then talk to me. What about Shivaji, he was a realized soul. Can’t you see from his life? Ramdas, what was he? He was Hanuman himself. You can see it so clearly. We have discussed Ramdas in the spiritual gathering discussion. Tukaram, another one. Who were they? what they were? What was their incarnation for? How they came to Maharashtra to work it out. The whole thing worked out for today, for this Kaliyuga. And if you understand that, at this juncture. When the whole thing is laid down. Like a beautiful occasion. For a beautiful message. For the greatest love of God is to spread. It is a big presentation of God. He has prepared all this for you. It’s just ready for you to have it. Why fight. Why grumble. Why grudging. Why not enter into the kingdom of God and enjoy your own powers. Your own beauty. Your own glory. And your own love that manifests. May God bless you all. Today they have been very very kind to me on this birthday of mine. Only about 13.5 years back, I started Sahaja yoga, in Bombay in a very slow way. I had only one disciple, to begin with.
Now, By God’s grace, there are so many Sahaj yogis all over the world. And the love of the Sahaja yogis ! We don’t have problems. We don’t have any problem like this as you have in the normal life. Never. We have no pulling of legs. We have no cutting of throats. We have no money problems. We have become absolutely honest people.
My sister has told you I used to be quite hard in the house because I had certain principles of my own on which one has to live but she herself said today that see what you did as a child, as a grown-up person when you were in the house, we see that the reflection of that is on other people. You will enjoy you much, you will enjoy your righteousness and people will enjoy you too because today’s ideas of ego are also so different that the ego is to attack the righteousness, to attack the virtuous people. All the time it is trying to attack. But when so many will be virtuous, so many will be righteous all the problems will be solved. But with this, you get your physical, mental, emotional, all happiness. Everything is done for you. You are looked after like a great son and when you enter into the kingdom of God, it is not like any other kingdom. Where, it is the most efficient place, full of miracles, full of love and full of enjoyment. There is nothing to be asked for. You are just drenched into the beauty of His expression, of His power, of His love, of His magnanimity, of His greatness, of His forgiveness and His sweetness. All this is just at your doorstep. So please just try to get your realization. That’s all I have to say. I have nothing to ask for. What they say I work very hard. I think… I don’t think I work very hard at all because when one person gets realization, you yourself when you will give realization, you will know that you get a hundred times more energy. You feel so happy about it, the whole thing becomes a different atmosphere. The energy just fills you. As the light that is kindled, it sucks more energy. In the same way, when you are enlightened, you start sucking the energy within yourself. And you have never a dearth of energy and you just enjoy yourself and you just live in that beautiful reality which is so much greater, higher than anything else in this world. May God bless you.