Public Program

Mumbai (India)

1983-05-05 Public Program Part 1 & 2, Mumbai, India, 47'
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सार्वजनिक भाषण मुंबई, ४ मई १९८३- Public Program Mumbai 

I bow to all the seekers of the truth. Human is unaware that in all his quests he is only seeking God. Even if he is running after any material thing, he is seeking God only the path is incorrect. If he is working for fame and material wellbeing, he is still looking for God. 

When he becomes some powerful person and moves around in the world, even then, he is looking for God but his route is wrong. When a man pursues material things like money, property, one finds he is not happy.

Excess money leads to bad habits, children are spoilt, etc bad things follow. Then man thinks why have I earned this wealth? For whom these materials were collected? When he will leave this world, he will go empty-handed. However, when you achieve God and your attention stabilizes then these material things take beautiful form. With the divine light material, things disclose new dimensions. 

He looks at things with great depth. Just as today, it is a beautiful environment with trees around. When you have not found PARAM(ultimate)Atma (nearest usage in English-God) your thoughts venture to wonder if I had a similar place, trees, I should possess similar terrace, ones you get these things then you think to achieve something else. Hence, we do not enjoy what we have. We think of buying a Car yet not happy then desire to buy a big house yet we desire something else.

Likewise, you had achieved all these things, but the real thing for which you had taken up so many problems you could not enjoy and you started chasing other things. Until you did not achieve it, the lust was overpowering, but when you achieved it, lust disappeared. Once you achieve God, the depth in his creation and pleasure in each creation starts flowing inside. What you feel you should get today, but when you get it, you find it is no more so desirable/worthy, but when you achieve Atma everything stands their ground with meaning. 

If you achieve any object but you cannot enjoy it then it is useless to achieve it. If you cannot enjoy it then why create such havoc for it? Suppose you like to buy something but after buying it, you get a headache, to get it insured, and protect it from being stolen so you will have to keep it in the bank and not wear it. It becomes a problem.  In addition, the joy of that thing is not there. Apart from that, when you wear it people get jealous. It means that the status of bliss is lost and what is left is dryness and sadness. Instead, when you achieve God and then you buy anything then you think whom to give it?

For whom this will be blissful. Who likes it? Because your all wants are over. The only thing left in you is whom to give? Then you remember that, that day he/she said that they did not have this. Then you give that thing to them. Not as if you are doing some grateful act or favour but just as the tree gives its fruit. You will realize that your love will seep into it; you have given that thing from inside of your spirit/Atma. Small cherries given by Shabry to Ram, Ram ate with such love appreciating it to Sita.

Lakshman became angry. Sita ji told him “Brother-in-law, please try these berries. I have never eaten such berries in life.” Trusting his Sister-in-Law, he tried one and he found it heavenly.

They enjoyed the cherry Shabry gave them even though she had tasted each of them prior to offering them because she tasted each with love to ensure that only the sweet ones are offered. The innocent offering to God. Similarly the problems arising out of materialism dissolve and perspective changes when you are with God. You enjoy it. Imagine a beautiful carpet is spread out and if you have achieved the unison with God then your attention does not waive to questions like where this carpet was bought from, for how much etc. You admire it in thoughtlessness. You will only enjoy it because you are not related/unattached to it.

However, when you realise that it belongs to someone else then it is even better. The headache to maintain is on the owner. The view and pleasure from a distance is great, the entire thing seeps into you.

Many people ask me that though many talk of God here (place where lecture is going on), yet people are poor. Considering what has become of rich countries because of wealth, I say let this place remain poor for some more time. Societies in these wealthy countries have lost the links with their, children, spouse, home, or love. People become so cruel that sometimes new-borns are killed. Cruelty beyond bounds can be witnessed. 

One man told me that people abroad are honest. I told him that even Aurangzeb was honest, he used to stitch caps to earn his remuneration from the state. It would have been better if he had taken money from the treasury, and instead not have killed so many Brahmins. Hitler was also very honest man. He did not draw anything from the government treasury. But what is the use of that honesty? He was full of cruelty. If something excess entire a human then the same takes a different shape/dimension. If he had honestly accepted that, it was his Nation then it would have been good but if some dirt enters you it is better that you are in balance. 

Many people consider themselves very powerful. They run after power. Nobody has become happy by running after power. You never know when you will lose it. Today you have throne tomorrow your head can be severed. This power is not stable and you cannot benefit from it.A person in whom the power of PARAM aatma/God/ultimate spirit flows and speaks is the real emperor and powerful. Why would he be interested in any bribe? He is emperor it does not matter if he sleeps on the floor or in the palace. Even if he is hungry he is the emperor, he does not beg for anything. He is the real emperor rest are false reality. He has no want, desire, or need anything. Unlike people who get some power and starts demanding everything. You should acknowledge your majestic position, the one inside. If the emperor within is enlightened he can live in every condition and nobody can make him bow down.

We have many examples in India and outside. They are satisfied with their empire, which is stable. This empire is unlike the many others, which are fragile and can be lost in a minute. A person who has achieved God is like a pole star- stable. He neither fears nor gets tempted.

When such a human is prepared in our country no law, enforcement is required. He will live happily on his own. He will not sway. Because the right and wrongs have been designed in our system by the divine. The distortions has been brought about by the human, and that will also change. However, we will have to prepare a man who has achieved a God. Until we develop such men, humans will stagger. 

When the politicians stand for election they promise many things for the poor but once they win the election they demand and do things for themselves. They feel that they themselves are poor and they address it and become a headache. However, one who is in unison with God never demands anything else. He never begs. He becomes an emperor. We have to establish this membership within us. 

Many people complain that in India there is so much of stealing and petty crimes, what is the solution to it? The solution is simple Get your self-realization because you are in darkness, devoid of knowledge that is why you run after such garbage. What is in it, we are going to leave it behind. A small thing, which we see daily, and we forget it. We go to someone’s funeral, come back, and take a bribe. Did you not witness how that person left without anything? Similarly, though you know, yet unless the event within happens after self-realization the knowledge does not dawn/assimilated. Some people are attached to their family, children, and the spouse that they want to do various things for them. Many have suffered the set back from such relations. When children grow up they slap back such a person. You witness such things daily. We all know the story of Valmiki. Children nowadays have become shamelessly practical. People across countries have become such. They only talk about money…….(not clear).. Everyone has converted themselves in monetary items. How to change that. This can be changed only when you see in the light of aatma/spirit that what a menial thing these are. For example, if in darkness something is shining, one may think it is some diamond, etc. and they start pursuing it while that diamond is running around. When the place is lighted up, you find that it was a firefly and we were upset about it. Why should we get upset about such things? This light should come within us.

There are people who claim to be great Holy persons and claim that they have built many hospitals, schools etc. I have never seen such persons getting salvation or peaceful or full of love. I could not find any beauty inside them either. When you do these things without being in connection with the divine. You establish arrogance/pride within you. It is rooted and sometimes it accumulates in the head. We start moving with the help of this pride and we feel happy with it. We get elated when someone praises that we have done so much and we are a great providers of service. Whom are you serving? However, this is not true. 

When one gets the blessings of God, then God’s power, which is present across the Universe, comes/expresses on your hands. Then you serve everyone while you are sitting at your place. When you become one with it, you are serving. If your one hand is in pain and I rub it, does it mean that I am serving. Similarly, such false pride is generated in a human being. Pride makes a man foolish. That is the first gift of pride. When I see their experiences I wonder when will they get rid of their pride and when will they look into the mirror.

Like Narad saw in a lake and went deep into pride and darkness. Some people have pride that we are great Bhakts and follower of God. Most of the people go to God asking him for passing an exam, for job or wanting other things. Nothing will become of it. Krishna has said ‘योगक्षेमं वहाम्यहं’ first achieve yoga then He will make you क्षेमं. Just as Sudama went to him. The Yog happened first. When Sudama was in Yog (literal meaning is addition) with Krishna then the क्षेमं happened. Yoga is necessary for क्षेमं (causing peace and comfort) to occur. 

One may get momentary peace due to instant justice but one must not believe it to be true. However, it can occur in its completeness only when you are in Yoga. In addition, to achieve this Yoga is a pure desire. All other desires are useless and you can never be happy by achieving them and cannot achieve pure pleasure. There are people who think that they have made great sacrifices and can endeavour great sufferings; like fasting, wounding your body, infest body with despicable things, etc.  For such mad people, it is to tell that God has created this body with great hard work. It takes hard work to create a human from a simple life form of amoeba. Why were you created? What are you to achieve? You have not made yourself anything His life forces have created it. You were created to enter into the kingdom of God. This is the reason you have been given this beautiful form, not for wandering aimlessly around. However, our attention is not there. We think that if we move towards the self-realization of Mataji then we will become Sages who denounce the world. Sahaj Yoga is against such sage hood where you evade your responsibilities.

Rather Anti such concept. If some ascetic comes to Sahaj Yog we ask him to change his clothes and then join. Sahaj yoga is for normal people who live in family. Family is a big Maha Ygna (great Puja/Ygna-different form with ritual) One who passes through it can only be in Sahaj Yog. I don’t have faith in sages who denounce the family and world. Because by wearing those special clothes whom do you impress. A real pious person is a sage from inside; he does not put on a signboard. 

There is no need to put up a false board. Keeping yourself in false belief is like cheating yourself. If you can betray yourself then you can betray others also. Some people think that suffering is good like the beliefs of Jews. In India, there are many who believe in fasting, penance etc…many of them only suffer from disease and nothing else. Jew don’t believe in Christ because Christ said that I will suck all your sins in me, which is true because when your Agnya chakra opens the sins are sucked/pulled out by Him. However, they will not believe in Christ. In addition, they believe that man should accept suffering to achieve God. They think that if a saint is suffering then it is fine for he will get God. We made Gyanashewar suffer. We did not follow/accept Ramdas Swamy. We troubled Tukaram. Similarly, in the case of Nanak, Kabir Das were troubled to say you are a saint you cannot get angry. ..(Not clear). As if, we are entitled to all the anger and they are supposed to accept and suffer everything. We find that Jews faced so many atrocities. Hitler made them suffer. Now they have turned around and to make the world suffer. With such deranged imaginations, man cannot be happy. We should not any such strong feelings towards anyone because we all are children of God. Hating anyone is wrong. Dharma cannot be touched. For example Hindu Dharm, is a religion not politics. Dharma is Perpetual….. Life and death, coming and going goes on but Dharma remains.  If you become Sacrilege then Dharma will be destroyed, else no one can destroy your Dharma. First, you have to evoke Dharma inside. Until the Dharma inside awakens (10 guru Nabhi-void) you will continue to destroy your Dharma by vices, greed, false desires, etc. Once the Dharma awakens in you and you become religious. Then you will not be able to violate Dharma. Like I never say that do not drink alcohol, because if I say so half of the attendee will leave, what is the point.  I say get your self-realization. Ways of a mother are different. Once you are a realized soul, try to drink alcohol, you will puke/vomit. The Dharma awakens inside you and will reject alcohol from your system. You will not be able to drink it. A man tried. He started vomiting, and could not stand the alcohol stink. He told me “It smells like rotting stuff” I told him that you were filling your stomach with this for the last seven years, and then you did not feel so. “Perhaps my tongue was dead” he replied. This is how the Dharma inside you awakens, and you are able to distinguish right from wrong and what you can do and what you cannot stand. You will get allergic to bad things or things anti-dharma. That is the reason that there are no dos and don’t in Sahaj and none of it is informed to you prior joining it. People start doing it themselves because there is  ultimate Guru inside you, the shiv form of spirit gets awakened inside you and it explains and teaches you that these ways are not going to continue. Now you become Atma, therefore Atma expresses. In addition, Atma becomes the main, everything else becomes गौण. 

The world has moved ahead in this manner. However, today the environment is different. Like the seed germinates into a sapling and grows into a tree for what but for fruit.  I see that in front of me many flowers are there. I only process these flowers into fruits that is all. You all can become fruits. All religions and prophets, seers, sadhus, and saints have mentioned it and nurtured it. All the avatars have worked for it. This is not the work of one person. We cannot say that we pray only this God and do not follow others. It is like saying I acknowledge only one eye and not the other. All of them are inside our bodies. In addition, a combined effort of theirs is self-realization. Today is the environment/time to accomplish their desires and efforts. This is the time. I do not know why this work has been given to me. However, this work could not have been done by anyone else as well. Only a mother can do this work. 

When the heavy mountain like kundalini is to be raised, then one feels the effort and sweat. That is why this was given to the mother. I am not your Guru nor will I take anything from you. I am doing my work. If you want, I can do this work of raising your Kundalini. However, it should be your desire, I will not force it. Pure desire is necessary for the realization in the absence of it, I cannot raise the kundalini.

Many people fight me on how can kundalini be raised like this. However, the kundalini rise what to do? if you fight as to how it raises. What do I say to that? This is the shubh/pious time for it. It is called Kaliyoga. All the great saints and avatars have blessed you. How and what happens you experience it yourself instead of confining yourself with intellectual limitation.

At present Dharma and every other thing is within the intellectual limitation. I see that people have written such big books, but they do not explain anything. What is the benefit? Someone was mentioning “Pasaydaan”. … It is the description of Sahaj Yog. What else is it? He has predicted Sahaj Yog and described it. What is the point of writing such big books, you have to achieve it. You do not talk about it, it is the truth and you have to get it. I hope that many of you have your realization. There are many who do have realization who look like you. In the beginning, many Sahaj yogi may not achieve a state of great yogis but the awakening has happened and the journey towards yoga has begun. 

Do not leave by seeing them. Many people tell me that I went there I met one person he was doing this-that and they exit. It means you desire nothing. You think about yourself. Many present here may not be realized, souls. However, if you are a negative person, then you will find a way to such a negative person and because of him, you will exit. Therefore, it is necessary to understand that too received Sahaj yoga you should have a pure desire. Nothing else is required.

 Kundalini is pure desire. When this pure desire awakens, kundalini awakens. You all have this pure desire, but it has not awakened yet. To awaken it and to make it pass through your Shahastrar is the work of Sahaj Yog. A lot is covered by that. Fruit contains the tree. The seeds have many potential trees.  Similarly, Sahaj yoga is very deep and vast.

 The entire work of God is in it. I hope you will get self-realization. Another important thing about today is the opening of Sahastrar, which was my main work. I have come to know the kundalini of many people with depth. I used to wonder about the shortcomings of humans and how collectively I can address it, in such a way, that in one go I can awaken their kundalini. This is the time. I examined and deliberated that issue and accordingly opened the Sahasrara on 5th May. This night, I was awake whole night near the sea wondering how to open Sahasrara. The moment I got the opportunity in the morning, I opened it. That is why this day is blessed. Secondly, it is Gauri’s seventh day. Gauri herself is kundalini, the virgin. She has not met shiv. When she is at Gauri status, this event occurred. After this event, I started Sahaj’s work. You know today, thousands have awakened kundalini.

 Today had I been speaking in a village, attendance would be seven times. It is a waste of time to come to a city, because either they do not get realization, or do not get rooted in yoga and trouble me. If you give realization to hundred people, fifty start troubling me, and of the remaining only 25% go deep in Sahaj because people are not of that level, power or closeness to earth or spiritual wisdom. 

People of villages living near the earth have such power and depth, which is so surprising. With one so much change comes as if light has spread, the fire has spread. The attendance in the village is never less than 6-7 thousand. In Mumbai for so many years, people are working so many people have come; I had started with only one.  

Considering that, a sufficient number is there attending today. You must know as it is said in Marathi येरागबाळ्याचे काम नोहे।’ is a work of brave. Those who have bravery can join Sahaj. Half of the people come for “Mother cure my disease” and then they eat my head, Sahaj Yoga is not for them. Sahaj is to attain your spirit. You achieve that, you become healthy and you can help others in the same. When one candle /lamp is lit, it can light thousands. You can enlighten many. Sahaj is a living process. This is not a dead process where you can give 5 Rs, 4 annas for membership. You will have to be something. You will have to change. Then after that change, you have to stabilize and stand like a tree. Only those are fit to be in Sahaj Yog. 

Nowadays people talk a lot about how to inculcate good values in society and the nation. Until you come to Sahaj the same cannot be achieved nor can you help anyone as I explained. Sahaj is the power of Divine love. That power of love starts flowing inside you, this power is present everywhere. However, to make that power work, how to stabilize it and use it you have to learn that. It does not take time to learn it. If you have positive will, then everything happens.

You know that for this you can’t give money. We have no institution, no membership nothing of the kind. This is a thing to receive. When you receive all this and all of it then, half of Mumbai, will be truly blessed. After coming to Sahaj, get rooted. It is necessary. It is deep and mystical. It is fun. If you come to this, there is so much sweetness. The sweetness of Krishna is filled in it. It is so beautiful that after knowing it, human wonders; am I so beautiful inside. Am I so wise? So religious? We cannot understand religion and wisdom. Where the religion makes us filled with happiness and serene happiness that is real religion. 

May God give you all self-realization. May he give you wisdom so that you are rooted and grow in it. Many have grown in Mumbai itself. Many people have joined, not all have come today but many are there. They are working in many centres for free. You meet them and grow.

May God bless you.