Evening Talk Brighton Ashram, Brighton (England)

Evening Talk
For the flowers? This is mummy has done for you? It’s very sweet one. This one is? Wood. No, no, no, it started now. You see a little bit of… Just the thing that we feed. See these flowers. Are they nice? The flowers… Are they nice flowers? Such a smiling baby. Such a sweet baby. Such a nice baby. You must smile. You must smile. Are they still like a nervous person? And… […]

Shri Buddha Puja: Birthday Puja of Lord Buddha Brighton (England)

Shri Buddha Puja, 37 Stanmer Park Road, Brighton (UK), 26th of May, 1983.

This time when – there was no rain, so we went to the sea in Melbourne. I told that would be great if we go to Melbourne, and we went to the sea and I made a Ganesha and they made a Shiva there and they worshipped Me.

Sahaja Yogi: Do we have some towel for Mother? For Mother’s hands.

So, and they made a Kundalini also there. […]

Lord Buddha Brighton (England)

1983-0526 Public Programme, Brighton, UK

Today it’s such a pleasure to be here again, in Brighton; and, slowly and steadily, I find Sahaja Yoga is settling down in this place. When I first came to Brighton just to visit, I felt there must be many seekers in this place, who might have been lost and always had a great hope that one day they will be able to come to reality. Today specially is a very great day because today is the birthday of Lord Buddha. […]