We can get Self-realization so easily

Brighton (England)

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Public Program

I went to your radio broadcasting and people told Me that, “It is very difficult to believe, that we can get Self-realization so easily.”

Also that, “The whole thing sounds so fantastic, so great and how can we human-beings get our realization so fast.” We must know that we have not created ourselves and we cannot create ourselves either; We can destroy but we have not created ourselves. Some energy, some force – call it God, call it anything – has created us and the way we have become human-beings, one can see very clearly, there has to be some purpose. If so, then we have to find out that purpose. Logically, we reach a conclusion, that whatever we know today about ourselves and our being and our purpose, is not sufficient to convince us of our importance, of our glory and the need for this force to create us. To understand what it is, why are we here, why are we made human-beings – are we able to find out with this human instrument we have got? With our human awareness can we find out why are we here, why are we made or is there anything else provided within us that can give us the ideas, the knowledge about ourselves. One thing is definite, we must understand that in these modern times, there are many people born, who do not accept life as it is. They perhaps do not know for what purpose but they want to deny and defy a revolt against the mundane type of life they think there’s something missing in it. They have not been able to find why they are here.

Perhaps, they think the joy is missing in life and what is the purpose of our life. But when we start our search in this direction to find why we are restless, why we are dissatisfied, then we get lost. It’s like, we have come now to Brighton by train and there is no train to go to a particular point any more. Now, if you give up the train, there is no bridge and how to reach there. Everything seems to be unknown also we do not know what are we seeking, though we feel that we are seeking the Truth behind everything else. Then, with our reasoning, we have to understand what are we seeking first of all. Then how are we to seek? The normal way of seeking anything, for example, your power, your money your wealth, has to be changed. There has to be some other method by which you have to seek that which is innately missing in you and that cannot be anything that you have known so far. If you had known that so far, you would not have been seeking.

You go to Science, you go to Arts, you go to any field of knowledge, you will find there is no way by which you can be guided to this new awareness that you are seeking Naturally, you are mislaid – anybody can mislead you because you are going to an unknown realm and anybody can mislead you. Moreover, there are so many books about the unknown that it is not easy for us to discriminate. We have got person like Hume, who doesn’t have much support in U.K., who was a realized soul and what he talked about the Truth, according to Me, is perfect. Then, we have another one, called Mr. Freud, whom I call a very half-baked gentleman, while many would not agree with Me there and there could be so many like that, where we do not know how to discriminate. So many books have appeared, so many things have been placed before you, so many ideologies, so many fake gurus – I could be one of them same time, maybe trying to deceive you to get something out of you – possible. All these things are so much, that I can understand you all are so much confused. But if I were a seeker, in a simple way, obviously, what would I do? First of all, supposing, you are going into a market-place to buy something, what do you do? You go and find out from others, those who have purchased things from the place, how it is. Is it good, is it doing good to you, is it working alright?

You just don’t buy anything because it is advertised; At least a shallow person may do such a thing but not a person, who has earned his money with great difficulties and who understands the value of his money. He won’t just go by and buy something because it is advertised in a big way. So, what are the things that one has to do, is to find out, those who have been going to all these different alternatives, what have they achieved and what am I going to achieve it? Now the first thing we say that, you get something in your awareness if it is a living evolutionary process. In your awareness you have a sense of color you have a sense of beauty, you have a sense of cleanliness. In your awareness, means in your Central Nervous System, whatever you have achieved, you can feel it and understand it. If some thing is hot, you know it is hot, if something is tasty, you know it is tasty; In the same way, the Central Nervous System that is built-in within you, which is your own, you should feel whatever you have achieved. It’s not just a, sort of a, brainwash people can give you. Like if I say, alright, this is not red – this is green. You say, “No, I see it red and it is red – that’s the truth – I can see it with my eyes.”

Supposing I say, “No, this is not wood, this is foam,” you can feel it, “No, this is definitely wood not foam,” you can feel it and as a seeker you must know that you have to feel it yourself, not your emotional methods, not your mental method. To a person emotionally a flower may be very important because it’s given to her or him by somebody whom he loved very much but to everyone that feeling should be the same. Wood should be the same for everyone of you. God should be the same for all of you by all it’s tests – then you have found something. It cannot be the whim of one person, “O, I’ve found God. Now I’m great, I’ve done this, I’m,” but, what is the criteria? It has to be a criteria which is supported by everyone but here also they can beat you, I can tell you. Supposing, I have a power by which I mesmerize all of you. You’ll all say that, “Our Mother is this, Mother is that.” Here, we should go further to understand that you may say anything about Me or say, “I’m above everything and I’m this and I’m that,” and anybody can say like that and advertise about Me but to you, who is a seeker, that’s not important.

You are not going to be a hero worshipper. Just to worship somebody because you think that such a big hero is there – now those days are gone. The days have come when you have to become the hero, where you have to become something. A time was there where there were very few horse-riders, so we used to be enamored by them, “Oh, such a one is there.” Even today, the footballers. We appreciate them, they are our heroes, watch them, the globe-trotters, we watch them but today you have to become that, you have to become your master, you have to know everything; That is the time today otherwise no use seeking. Are you seeking another hero for yourself? Is that hero going to take you somewhere or he’s just going to use you for his own hero worship? So, the second point is that what have you become out of it. When you see somebody, whom you want to judge – a disciple of anyone – you should know what have you got, what did you gain because you have to gain something out of it.

That’s how, you will start neutralizing many people and the last of all, if the seeking has to be fulfilled, it cannot be done the way you have been doing all other things like paying money. If you pay money, you might even get a seat in the Parliament, maybe or maybe that, if you do some social service or something, you might might gain popular votes but you have to change that – that is not the way you are going to achieve. In this new realm of seeking, it has to be a living process of evolution. Under these circumstances, when it is going to be a new method, it has to be a living method. Please come, here there’s a room here. Yes, there’s room here. It’s alright. Now, the living method we, human-beings don’t know. We know and we don’t know. For example, as I told you yesterday, if you have to sprout the seed, then you know that you have to put it in the Mother Earth and it will sprout but you don’t know how it works; You don’t know that.

Anything living you do not know but you know how it happens. You do not know how to convert a flower into a fruit – you do not know, despite all your Science, everything put together but the living process produces all these results, this you know but how it works, that you don’t know. So, if it is the living process, it’s a very different method, which is not so far known to human-beings. So, logically you reach a point, where you try to understand the living processes, how they work. Firstly, all living processes are spontaneous – they are not deliberations. For example, our breathing itself, is a living process within us worked out by Autonomous Nervous System. Now, to understand our breathing, if you have to go to a library or to a University or to a guru, how many will survive? So, it has to be the easiest, simplest, spontaneous and intelligible to everyone of us. You need not be a graduate [ASIDE – You come this side please, if you don’t mind. You can come – there’s a room there also.]

You can not maneuvre or work out a living process. It works by itself – sahaja. Sahaja – ‘Saha’ means with, ‘ja’ means born. It is born with you. Yoga means union with the Divine. Now many people think standing on your head is yoga; I think, it’s a misnomer there. Yoga means yukti, means the joining. If standing on the head means yoga, means you are joining your head with the Mother Earth or something like that, it might be. Joining of your attention with yourself, is yoga to begin with because unless and until you know yourself, how are you going to know the rest of it. So yoga means union with yourselves, which enables you to get united with the Divine, with the All-Pervading Power of Divinity.

To an intelligent man, it’s all Greek and Latin, I understand because you have never heard, perhaps, in your books about Divine. Whatever is done, that is living, is done by this Divine Power and because we are not yet Divine, we cannot do it, we cannot maneuver it but once we become Divine, we can manoevre it, so now we have to become Divine through Sahaja yoga, means Sahaja is not, sort of a, custody of few people, it’s for everyone because it is the right of every human-being to become united with the Divine, to become Divine. Every human being has this right to get this unity; That’s what sahaja yoga means, that is spontaneously works within every human being and you have to get to Divine. Now the problem may come later on with the word yoga is, that when you become Divine how will you know about. Then the second meaning of yoga means deftness – kaushalam – deftness, is the nearest word for that is deftness. Deftness, how to handle the Divine power. So far you have not handled it, you have not felt it, the All-Pervading Divine Power but then when you have felt it, the second stage will be, how to maneuver that Divine Power. So, Sahaja yoga goes into two stages. First is the spontaneous awakening of your Kundalini, which is the triangular, which is settled in the triangular bone, as I told you yesterday and I told you the names of the different centers, which are subtle centers within us and secondly, to know how to handle this power that now you start feeling as cool breeze of the Holy Ghost. This Kundalini is a force, which is residual within us – meaning, when the whole being is created and now as we are human-beings, this is still fully existing there.

Our impure desires, that’s why we do not get satisfied with them; We jump from one to another but this is the purest desire that is within us and this desire has to be awakened within us so that we become one with the Divine Power. As the Divine Power starts flowing within us, actually, we get connected with that source of Divine Power within us or as if we get connected as this instrument is connected to the mains. It is inexhaustible. It flows, fills you up completely. As a result of that, you get rid of all your physical, mental, emotional problems most of them. All repairs take place. Cancer, all diseases which are supposed to be incurable, all kinds of incurable diseases can be cured by Sahaja yog; You can cure them once you become Divine. We have cured, no doubt. If you want to know, you can find out. So many people have been cured and once you get that light of Truth within you, you drop out all that is false, automatically you drop out.

I don’t have to tell you, “Don’t do that, don’t do that,” nothing – no Ten Commandments before realization but after realization, you become a master of yourself, just a master. All that is falsehood falls off and that’s what you have to be. Once you are the Spirit, your Spirit is your master and the Spirit starts guiding you. It sounds fantastic but if you look at a amoeba, he was thinking what a fantastic thing the human beings are! And why this fantastic human being is created after all, is to be known that fantastic thing that he is. But whatever is unknown is not Divine that we must know. Many things are unknown to us because if they come into awareness, they cause problems. Our ears can hear only a particular type of sounds but birds may hear something more than us, which we have lost because for this human body it was not necessary for us to know those things. So many things we have lost and so many we have gained just to suit our this human being as it is and whatever we have to achieve, that also we achieve in such a beautiful manner that all the problems that are existing within us because of our ignorance, just vanish like thin air. It’s really magical but whatever is unknown, is not Divine.

Today I’m going to tell you about that part, which is unknown to us and which part is Divine. Yesterday I told you, in short, about the chakras, today I will tell you about the channels that we have within us. The channel we have on the left side, as you see, is the channel, which is a subtle channel. In the Sanskrit language it is called as the Ida Nadi or the Chandra Nadi or the, or the channel of the moon. This manifests outside the Left Sympathetic Nervous System. Now in the Medical Science, they do not differentiate between the left and the right. I mean, they haven’t reached that state of subtle understanding so they are confused between the two. For them left and right both are just the same So the left side, which is the Ida Nadi, is unknown to us, means, which is not in our awareness – we don’t feel it – is the past that we have, is the present past, is the past past and is the past from where we have come. All that is Collective past, is beyond us, is unknown to us. Quite recently I saw about a year back, a very good broadcast about the cause of Cancer.

Of course, they reach somewhere near there. They said that the vulnerability of cancer exists in everyone and everybody builds in a cancer and dissolves it. We say that the Sympathetic activity builds in cancer and the Parasympathetic neutralizes us, according to Sahaja yog. But they also said one thing very notable that, the cancer is caused by triggering, by, they called them Protein 58, Protein 52 – giving them some names. You see, they don’t know what to call it. By those entities, which can be called as Protein 52, Protein 58 – they enter into our being and trigger the cancer. Also they said, very remarkably, that, “This attack comes to us from the area which is built within us since our creation.” We call it as Collective Subconscious. They are very, very near us. So, cancer is always caused by an attack which triggers this disease and this attack comes to us from the left side called as the Collective Subconscious.

So when we move too much to the left side, we might get cancer but before that we get experiences which we do not know. They are unknown but very dangerous. Now what are the experience we get on the left hand side is, that first people start seeing their past. They find their bodies are removed and they are flying somewhere and they are left somewhere. Sometimes they start seeing things which they have never seen before. They can gradually start feeling a kind of numbness in their brain by which they cannot understand many things. Their memory is very good but they find they are very lethargic, they cannot get up to do work. They feel hopeless in life. The more they go towards left – with so many things you can do it with certain types of drugs, you can do it if you attend to some gurus, by following certain methods which are left-sided. All the methods of mesmerism can take you down there, all the Spiritualists and all that, even people who go to churches or into temples, where people are mesmerized – even the temple people can mesmerize you.

In the church, if you are sitting on top of the dead bodies, you might be mesmerized – anything that is dead can cause it. Say, you are living near a cemetry, in the night if you are going about after 12 0’clock somewhere, maybe in the night you can be possessed and the result of that, ultimately becomes very obvious that people just get possessed in the beginning. Once they are possessed, they start accepting that possession and behave in a very strange manner for other people but they themselves feel quite happy about it. It goes on moving towards the left more and more – people can get epilepsy, people can get diseases, which can be called as Schizophrenic or any psychological problems which doctors cannot cure and the psychologists are also trying to fumble at it because left side is the psyche, that’s why I said, that Freud was absolutely half-baked; He only knew about the left side not about the right side. So, all left-sided problems start coming to you. Recently I heard, about a disease called AIDS, which has now gripping many people in America and may grip people here – is also another left-sided attack. Promiscuousness, all these things are left-sided, are emotional things. You run after emotional things and you go into the unknown and you’re hit there in your ignorance and then you don’t realize, why, we were seekers? Yes, you have been seekers for ages, no doubt but you did not use your common sense, your wisdom, what you were doing. All those gurus who teach you that sex can take you to God and all this nonsense, can take you to the left.

All these funny ideas that they give you, can take you to left. Then the right-sided are also there, so many people who can do that kind of a thing So, this is one unknown area, I’ve described to you, is the Collective Subconscious. On the right side is another channel, called as the Pingla Nadi, is the Surya Nadi, is the channel of the Sun. This is the channel of your action, of your creativity, of your future. Now those who are futuristic people, those who live in the future, plan in the future because future doesn’t exist; What exists is the present. The central path is of the present and the right sided one is that of the future. So those who are futuristic people they can be very austere, they can be without any emotions, you see, specially, say people nowadays, I find, are doing lot of exercise, [UNCLEAR] even doing exercise They can just become like dried fish [UNCLEAR] – not even a grain of emotion inside. So the one on left side, talk of love, “We must have love and all that,” the others, they say, “Disciplined, come along now like military, wars, this, that,” no compassion, no love – talk of love is nonsense – there’s nothing like emotions, forget it. So, the right-sided people become extremely strong-headed, very futuristic. When they become futuristic, they can even forget their names – to that extent they can go; Their past miss even their names.

I’ve known one gentleman, who forgot even the name of his wife and she was crying and crying, “Just see, he forgets my name. Every time I tell him, he forgets I’ve been married with him for 30 years and now, just imagine, he’s forgetting my name. What a mess he’s in! He doesn’t remember my name.” He forgot the name of his father, everyone but she was very upset. She said, “The father is gone, he’s now no more there to weep but I’m there to face this thing that he doesn’t even remember my name – he was that furturistic.” He must be remembering the name of his future wife perhaps, the way he forgot. It is so absurd a thing to be that futuristic because future doesn’t exist but in the presence if you, in the present you live then, you are with reality. Future doesn’t exist, the past is finished but if I tell you be in the present now, to be, you cannot be – it’s not possible. Either we are in the past or the future and beyond the future is there is another horrible realm that exists, which is called as the Collective Supraconscious.

This Collective Supra Conscious was used by Hitler and many leaders can use this. You see, they’ll frighten you, they’ll tell you that, “This is going to happen,” or maybe they might say that, “We are the highest race,” like Hitler said. And everything, you see, looks like that to people. So, the left-sided people are the people, we call as the ones, which are having a big superego or the Pineal body acting and the right-sided are the people, who have too much of ego with the Pitutary acting. Both are equally just the same. The one, who are left-sided, torture themselves. They will starve, they’ll put knives into their bodies, they’ll put nails into their nose or pierce pins into their faces, color their heads. It’s very dangerous to color your head like that. I’ve known people coming from that kind of thing – they’re about to be blind; These pigments and all that – one has to be very careful but when it happens to them, then they come – doesn’t matter, still one can work it out but the right-sided people are the ones, who torture others, who overpower others. They think they are the right.

They’ll convince you that they’re right and you will just be with them. They have a sharper intelligence in a way which is not wisdom. Because to have one person carrying the whole load upon himself and taking all of them into Hell or into a situation that Hitler created for the Germans today. No one trusts Germans and the Germans are so apologetic, you see, all the time, if you have been to Germany, specially to East Berlin, you’ll be surprised. They’re so apologetic. Oh, they say, “It was a political mistake, it was this mistake,” all the time they’re so apologetic. So, a person who is right-sided, can also create an aura, a kind of a big thing and people can jump into that because it is unknown. It was not known to Germans, what it was to feel, that they were a special race but do you know that Hitler used these horrible Lamas to give him this power to absolutely entice these people. He tried all these tricks on them because he learnt how to entice them; It’s an established fact. So a person, if he gets possessed by power, he can get you also possessed by it and you lose complete control over your own understanding and no connection is there now with the Whole – you don’t think of the Whole.

A man, who is ego-oriented, acts on his own and starts destroying others and making others also the same way as he is. Now, this realm of ego is not known to you and that realm, if it comes on you, you will not recognize it. It gives you another type of physical diseases also like, heart disease. If a person has a heart trouble – there are two types of heart troubles, according to Sahaja yoga – one is a lethargic heart another is an over-active heart and the treatment is just the opposite, while in the Medical Science, it’s only heart trouble, whether it is angina or whether it’s coarctation of aorta and pulmonary vein or anything it is, just the same treatment they give to a patient. There are two types of people – one who are left-sided, one who are right-sided and the third type of people, are the people who are in the center, who live in moderation but in seeking you do move to the left and the right. In seeking you do move. If you are wise, you keep in moderation in the center. Tradition helps a lot, if you respect the traditions. Not all the traditions are good but some traditions do come from the Unconscious and the more you are prone to the Unconscious, the more you are guided by it. Simple-hearted people, village folk, who are not so complicated, who don’t use their mental projections so much, are very much near it, very much near.

They know who is an Incarnation, they know who is a Divine person, they know who is fake but people who are complicated, find it difficult – there is a barrier because they have lost that sensitivity, because they have lost that feeling. [HINDI – AAP LOG AISE BEECH MEIN SE NAHIN JAANA CHAHIYE BAHUT BURI BAAT HAI. HUM LOGON PE BURE LOG BAATEIN KARTE HAIN PHIR. YA TO AANA NAHIN CHAHIYE AUR – AANA CHAHIYE TO BAITHNA CHAHIYE. – EMERGENCY KA PATA LAGTA HAI – HAIN? – BATAOONGI KAL MAIN. MAIN AAPKO KAL BATAOONGI [UNCLEAR] I’ll tell You because it’s very urgent [UNCLEAR] – [HINDI – AAPKO TAQLEEF HAI KOI?] – [HINDI – JI HAAN] – [ACHCHA] – [BATAOONGI MAIN KAL] – [ACHCHA, THEEK HAI] – I’m sorry [HINDI – ACHCHA THEEK HAI] She’s not well, she’s saying, so that’s why she can’t sit longer. We can have some people tomorrow morning, if you want. I can see them, if they’re sick or in London, if they can come, I can see them but just now, I’m just trying to create doctors out of you.

You all become doctors, so that you can treat yourself and you can treat others – that’s the best, isn’t it? So, My job is less. Now, with this that there is another awareness, which is here on top of our head, where we have to rise. While, we can call it the Super Consciousness – I mean, there are no words in modern language but we can use super; Cambridge people would say Supa – we can say Supa Consciousness here and that consciousness, if the consciousness we have to achieve and that’s possible not through your mental projections or through your education by anything but by the living process of Kundalini awakening, which pierces through your fontanel bone. It removes all your, so called, artificial identification, sophistication and all this nonsense and you become that pure thing, your Spirit and that’s what is this Super Consciousness, you have to achieve. Then you become, again I will say, it is not just a brainwash – you become that and by becoming, you get completely cured of all these misidentifications, of all these wrong ideas because you become the Absolute. There is no more relative world left for you; You know this is the Truth because once that becomes, becomes your own, becoming becomes your own. You start feeling a new sensation of cool vibrations, of cool breeze in your hand. First time you feel that Divine Power flowing through you and you feel the cool breeze coming out of your head. This nobody can do; Can any human-being do like that to take out cool breeze?

It starts coming out of your head, you can see and it starts coming out of your hands. Then, the second stage has to be achieved in which you have to know the kaushalam, the deftness how to handle this Divine Power which you have achieved. This is a very vast subject because, so far, whatever you have done, you have done through your human awareness. Whether you have accepted the knowledge of this tree or the culture that we see or anything, also that you have done through human awareness and whatever seeking you have done, is also through your human awareness. You have to have the awareness of your Spirit to go to the roots to understand the knowledge of the roots, the roots that are nourishing this tree. Whole economics, politics, everything that you have outside, has deep roots within yourself. Unless and until you understand those deep roots, you will not understand the oneness of the whole thing. An example I’ll give you about politics now; There’s a big problem between Communism and Capitalism; They’re all one, perhaps, you do not know. I would say, I’m one of the greatest Capitalist because I have so many powers within Myself but I’m the greatest Communist because I must share them. I can’t live without sharing it.

Both things meet when you have real power then only you can have real sharing. This is all artificial sharing. That’s why we have to achieve our real power and learn the joy of sharing. You automatically become a Communist, if you are a real Capitalist and there is no problem and quarrel on that point. All knowledge of Economics is superficial – why? because you talk about human-beings who have desires or wants, as they call it; Want is the word. Wants which are satiable in particular but not satiable in general. We talk of the want, which is satiable in particular also in general. So the knowledge of Economics that you have, is still on a shallow level. In the deeper level once you have this, then the satisfaction itself becomes part and parcel of you.

There is nothing to be desired anymore. First, you are facing a person or someone to desire something from that person or from that position from that chair or maybe from that food or maybe from that house. Now, it’s the other way round – you give it back. You take from the Nature morning till evening – you’re exhausting the Nature; Now you give it to the Nature. How? If you now give these vibrations to a tree which is dying, it will survive. We have experimented, in India, in an agricultural college, with many professors there, that if you give vibrated water to the land or which is irrigated by vibrated water, you get ten times more the yield and it’s not like hybrid to taste – it’s very nice to taste; The food is very nourishing They have tried with Indian cows. If you give them vibrations, the vibrated water to drink, they produce milk. Supposing, they were producing, say, 4 litres or say 5 litres, they start producing something like 20 litres. Maybe, an Australian cow may produce 25 litres but they’ll produce in between, say 20 litres but the milk of an Australian cow will make an Indian a vagabond.

He’ll be very rude, he’ll not respect anyone, he’ll have no sense of respect – it’s all funny for us when the children start taking that milk, you see. They hit you back, they become boxers – all sorts of, you see, traits from Australia just crawl into India, which are now we are not used to but if you give this milk to an Australian he becomes a sober person, he becomes a sweet person because he comes in the center. And Indians, who are all the time frightened, worried, upset about money, come in the center. So, it affects everyone. To bringing left to the right, is not the way to improve but bringing left to the center and right to the center and that’s how, you give back to the Nature whatever you have achieved from the Nature you have got from the Nature, you give it back and that’s only possible, if you become the real Capitalist to give back. The whole thing becomes [UNCLEAR], the whole priorities change. As I told you yesterday, that an egg becomes a bird. Now imagine, the similarity left between an egg and a bird – just free to fly. The first stage is, that you become a bird and the second stage is, you learn how to fly and make others fly too. It is fantastic.

To you it may appear to be something very unusual but to Indians it is not. Those who are Indians; I mean, they are Anglicized, Westernized, then I can’t say, but those who know about this that we had since thousands of years this method of giving realization, was adopted. People were given realization but very few, one or two. But today the time has come that thousands of seekers are born and they have to be given realization and it has to work out enmasse; The time has come, that’s why it is going to work out. So, I would request you, that you should today ask for your realization and work it out and get your realization. I’m here only for today, I’m sorry to say, in Brighton but I’m not very far. These days I’m in London. Somehow, it was all organized that I had to come to London and My husband got re-elected three times unanimously and I hope this time he won’t ask for another election because it’s time for Me to go back to India and work there but two and a half years are still there for this term, so I’m there for two and a half years and you need only, I think at the most, two and a half days to be an expert, if you want to. Some people got realization in Louis and today they are giving realizations to others. Only day before yesterday they got their realization, so you don’t need too much time.

Have you any questions, please? I’ll answer. If you have any questions, please ask. Thank you! Seeker – They have been [UNCLEAR] when You tell this to put our hand on our hearts and then here, we had to do this sixteen times and say – Yeah, yeah – “I’m not guilty,” and You said You will explain, alright – Yeah. Why sixteen times – You didn’t say, You didn’t explain Yes, I’ll tell you. It’s very simple. In our book you will know that all these centers have got a number of petals – we call them petals and this is a very important center because by raising our head we have become human beings. It has got sixteen petals and you’ll be amazed that when in the gross we see the cervical plexus, which is the gross manifestation of the subtle center, that also had got sixteen sub-plexuses, so we say it sixteen times that all the petals could be treated. Actually, eight times is sufficient for, if you are only suffering from the left side but I don’t want to leave things to chances because the way you people feel guilty, it is better you say it sixteen times – it’s better – because it’s a fashion these days to feel guilty.

For what people feel guilty, I just don’t understand; Is only the Western people – I’ve never heard Indian feeling guilty. I’ve never heard. If they are not Westernized, they don’t know also why to feel guilty – for what? We have not murdered anyone. And if you are guilty, then the courts will find it out. Why should we criticize ourselves to be guilty or anything and you are not in the presence, so why should you feel guilty – for what? If you had done anything wrong, you would have been arrested long time back. But in the law of God there is something called as forgiveness and as He is the Ocean of forgiveness, He dissolves all these little, little things that you have done – you are children. Human-beings have to make mistakes – after all they are not God So what is there to curse yourself or to feel bad about it? That’s why I said sixteen times otherwise eight times punishment is alright but I said sixteen times because here the people do it in a very big way, that’s why.

These are all different number of petals, as you can see. The four for the first one six for the second, then ten for the central one, then twelve for that one – the heart, the this one sixteen, this is two and then thousand, thousand but we make it simple. There are seven centers in the Limbic area. The seats of these seven centers is in the limbic area, so we just say seven times for this. We should….. yes? Seeker – We have to get realization. I’ve come here for realization [UNCLEAR] What does he say? Please repeat it. Seeker – I’ve come to get realization, I haven’t yet. – He says coming here realization, Mother.

  • Annh? – May he have realization, please. – That’s the best. That’s the best thing – that you’ve asked for. Yes! – How do I get it? Yes, that’s what I am just waiting to see. That’s great! That’s a very good thing to say. Yes, you’ll have it.

Alright? It’s very simple now. Must believe that it has to be simple – one thing. That I’ve told you at length that it has to be simple thing. Only thing, that All-Pervading Power is here, everywhere but we cannot feel it. You see, like a radio can only catch the ether in the same way it is. It’s very simple. Now what you have to do, is to put your feet on the Mother Earth. Why? Because She helps us.

She helps us a lot. Take out your shoes, will be better to give you some connection with all these artificial things, I don’t know, but still let’s start. So, better take out your shoes it will help and also, when you take out your shoes, there’s a little relaxation to your feet, you see. Just take out your shoes like that and put your both the feet straight like that and your hands like this. Why don’t you do it? It’s very simple. Yes, it’s very simple. It helps Now, as I told you yesterday and today again I tell you that these hands, here shown in a bigger way you can see, these from the color you can see that these fingers are the manifestation of the centers which are sleeping here. Now these are five, six and seven on the left hand side and these are five, six and seven on the right hand side, so these centers when joined like this, say, now this is the spinal cord. In the center you can see here, is the spinal cord.

So the left and right join and that’s how a center is formed. Now these centers are represented on your fingers. As I told you yesterday, Muhammad Sahab has clearly said that, “At the time of resurrection your hands will speak.” He has talked more about the time of resurrection than the time of doomsday – really! But those who read Koran, never talk of resurrection – they think they’re already resurrected but they talk of the doomsday because everybody should be frightened of the doomsday, you see, so they all cling to these mullahs or to the priests or to the pundits and all these people but they don’t talk of the resurrection day, which is at length is so much vividly, clearly described. Now, so these hands that you have, you don’t think much of them, perhaps but they are very great. You have to just spread your hands, like this, in a very simple way, put them on your lap and be comfortable – that’s important. There should be no nothing uncomfortable about it. Just put your hands, place like this. Just place like this and close your eyes.

Before closing your eyes you can take out your spectacles because spectacles will little bit be disturbing as the eyes also gets cured. Eyes also get vibrations so better to give a greater chance to your eyes it’s better to remove your spectacles and close your eyes; You don’t have to open your eyes because when the Kundalini is rising like that and She comes up to this center, that time if your eyes are not closed, She may fall down and some of it may not even rise at all. So some of you may not have the awakening, so better is to take out the spectacles also. If there’s anything tight here, you can little bit loosen. I mean, if it is very tight but if it’s not very tight, it’s alright, as long as you are comfortable. Here also sometimes we have little tightness also you can loosen it. Now, you have come here to gain the maximum advantage and so you have to co-operate a little bit with us. So just, you take out your shoes, take out your spectacles, take out your, I mean, I also take out your tooths and nails and keep your eyes shut but if you don’t want to do it, no use being here, you see, just why to be here. Like, the other day, two people came, they said, “We are observers, you see.” I said, “Are you international observers here?”

Here you have come to be, so better get something. What are you going to observe? You are not even a realized soul, what are you going to observe? Do you think, [UNCLEAR], I think, that you have come to observe here? What will you observe? Everything is going to work out within yourself. Why don’t you guide yourself with this greatness? So please, try to put your hands straight, close your eyes. Any observers, please, I will request you to go away because it’s a waste of time for us and for all. So why?

If you have some free time, you can go to some beautiful garden and enjoy yourself. Please close your eyes. Just put your hands straight, just like that and nothing more to be done for the time being. Don’t fix your attention anywhere and don’t worry if there are thoughts coming in you. Just make your attention very loose, in the sense that you just don’t worry about what thoughts are coming; You just watch your thoughts, that’s all and don’t pay any attention to them. They’re coming and going – that’s all. Put your hands straight towards Me, on your lap with your fingers open towards Me – just like that, straight – that’s all, with your fingers little bent towards Me, that’s all. Why don’t you close your eyes? Please close your eyes. There’s no harm in closing your eyes.

If you don’t want to do it, it’s better you go away. Now as the left side is the desire power, we have to keep it fixed – the desire; Desire to be one with the Divine – left side. That is, the left hand is to be fixed as it is, on your lap – as is as simple as that and with the right hand we have to do the action. Is very simple action is, that you put your right hand on your heart, just on the heart. Now, in the heart resides the Spirit. At this stage, in your heart, you have to ask a question to Me, “Mother, am I the Spirit?” You are that but you better ask the question because still you are not sure, so you just ask the question, “Mother, am I the Spirit?” As an answer to that, the Spirit may be awakened within. “Am I the Spirit? Am I the Atma?”