Kundalini – the most ancient science of spiritual life

Hindu Centre, London (England)

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1983-06-05 Public Program, Hindu Centre, London, 

Sahaja Yoghin: …of India, in the Constituent Assembly of India. Mataji, before She took up this message of spreading Hindu philosophy and Hindu thoughts, She was married in a very intellectually, prominent family and She was married to Shri C.P. Shrivastava. [Those of you] who know the post freedom leadership, among the IAS community, very well-known some of the names, and Shri C.P. Shrivastava’s name was one of the most prominent names. He had the distinction of being the principal private secretary to Shastriji, Shri Lal Bhahadur Shastri. And only now, after seeing his name, I remember Mataji.

When I was a secretary Government Teachers’ Foundation and we had a conference in Delhi, when we were invited to Shastriji’s house, it was Shrivastavaji who conducted the guests to the, to the house of Shastriji. And I have great pleasure that God creates situations, that we meet different people at different situation, just to prove that the world is so small. Shrivastavaji, after serving as a distinguished person with Shastriji, then he was transferred to the, to the to the Shipping Corporation of India, where he was the secretary, and later on he was with the United Nation Agency, in the form of International Maritime Agency. Now this is the background of this intellectual family. As the holders of important positions in the government of India and in the International Assembly at the UNO, they must be coming in contact with highly prominent international personalities. And Mataji among them all, instead of glorifying Herself, in those positions of contacts and great places, Her bent of mind was towards spiritualism. And today [with the event], She lectures to us, when She tells us some of the mysteries of our teachings, we will have the occasion of knowing Her more of the message.

Born near Nagpur, at a place called Chinddwara. She is younger than me and the glow of the charm of the spiritual world, as you see on Mataji’s face, it is a rare thing to find people so radiant invariably. And then She speaks to us [unclear]. I welcome You Mataji on behalf of the members of the Hindu Center and before all the Hindu community principals. You are in the program and when the time comes we tell You, request You to come and speak. If You like to sit on the platform and speak. Or You would like to stand? As You like.

It is also our practice to let you know as to what we have been doing during the month when we met you last and now. We celebrate the Independence Day in this country and the High Commissioner invites the various organizations to plan and organize the 15-th of August program. We were invited there and we did a promise that we will take part in whatever the activities are being done. We had a meeting at the Coffee House arranged by the founder of DfC (Department for Communities) on race equalities, which I attended on behalf the Hindu Centre. And at the New Life office, Ken Livingstone, [on the year] he was invited…

Hindi talk

Shri Mataji: First of all, I thank the coordinator and founder of the Hindu center. I give heartfelt thanks to all, as they have given Me an opportunity to meet and talk to you all. In the beginning I would like to talk in English to the guests about Kundalini. And after that I will talk in Hindi. If you all give Me the permission, I will tell to the Indians how they should live here.

English talk

Shri Mataji: Kundalini is not a new thing or something that has started in the modern times. It’s the most ancient science of spiritual life. It’s not that it was not understood or seen in other places than India, that people knew about Kundalini. But the language used can confuse many people to think that Kundalini is something very localized or may be something nationalistic. In our country, historically if you see, I mean India, we had three types of movements brought in.

The first movement on spiritual grounds was that of what we call the right side movement, meaning we were trying to control the nature. Or we were trying to control the nature through the will of God or through the will of that All Pervading Power, which we call as chaitanya. Accordingly we started having yajnas and other methods of invoking the Spirit of these elements, by which we could understand them and they could understand us. I feel the result of that, today we see, is the science that we have developed. The result of that, many seers in India saw so many things created in that great country. Much before we even started writing the history, they had created great aeroplanes and all kinds of pilotless, not bombs, but aeroplanes, in those days. That’s a fact. Of course it is difficult to face it, because people can’t believe it, that our country could have produced such great things.

The second kind of movement started in India, was that of bhakti, of worshiping God. The people who were intellectuals, started working through the intellect, to create a rapport between human beings and the nature. And the other part of the people who were seekers, thought it is better to sing the praise of God and invite His grace upon us, so that the light of His love will expose all that is spiritual and higher than human awareness.

And the third type of movement, which was very secretive in those days was the movement of evolutionary process, by which a human being was to make, to be made aware of his higher Self, that was his Spirit, his Atma, through Kundalini awakening. You will be amazed that at the time of Shri Rama, His own father-in-law, who was Raja Janaka, had one disciple called Nachiketa. And he asked that he would like to know about his Self, about his Atma. And Raja Janaka told him, “You can take all my wealth, you can take everything that I have, but please don’t ask me to give you enlightenment”. But Nachiketa was very anxious and assiduous and he achieved his goal ultimately.

So at the time of Raja Janaka, we can say, there were very few people, who really received their Self Realization. But on the whole, the people at that time, not being so complexed, by mental projections and other problems in life, they were very simple and were sensitive to the living things. They understood who Rama was, they understood who Sita was, and they understood what divine power was in those days. Though they did not aspire to be the Spirit, maybe, but they, so many of them knew about it. Now the Patanjali yoga, as described, is the yoga was practiced in our country thousands of years back, thousands and thousands of years back, when we had a very different type of a system existing. When we talk of yoga I see here some sort of a exercise people do. I am really amazed, it has nothing to do with yoga at all.

Patanjali yoga has got eight-fold processes – Ashtangas. Out of that the first and the foremost is Ishwara Pragnya, meaning you must establish your Ishwara within yourself. Means, your Ishwara means the Spirit. The Spirit must be first established and then all the other seven followed. Yama, Niyama are there, which are very strict and if you read them, you can think that hardly one or two persons in the whole world can follow that, and people can get a shock to know that you don’t have to lead a married life, and all those things were there. But because in those days there were hardly one or two persons only who could get to that kind of thing, all these austere methods were given and were practiced in those days, and people did achieve their highest goal, by first getting their Self-Realization and then going through the different training of their life style, to achieve the ultimate. So to say that Hatha Yoga means only standing on your heads, it’s a very wrong, wrong idea about yoga.

Yoga is a word, comes from the word yuthi – joining. When your attention is enlightened by the Spirit or when you, the Jeevatma, becomes one with the Spirit or with the Divine Power, then it is the real yoga.

The another meaning of the word yoga is – which is being now misused – kaushalam, means the depthness. Those who first got their Realization had to know the methods and the laws that govern human beings on the divine level, means the divine laws, how they are acting and how you have to utilize them. And this knowledge was the real yoga kaushalam, or the depthness about divine laws, how to operate them. As the time passed by, many things disappeared into thin air, and the great seers and yogis disappeared also in the Himalayas and all farfetched caves, because they thought human beings are incapable of understanding them. Now those half baked people who went round to them – they tried their level best to convince them that yoga is to be done only on the spiritual level to begin with, and once the Kundalini rises in this yoga, then only you know what problems you have and what it is related to, and then accordingly you have to do the ‘yama’ and ‘niyama’.

Now two words ‘yama’ and ‘niyama’, one relates to the collectivity, to the ‘samastha’ and the ‘niyama’ relates to a human being. That means what you have to follow in your regular life is the ’niyama’  in your person, what you have to change. And the ‘yama’  is where, how much you have to bother about others, the society in which you live, the people with whom you have to relate. All that sort of a system doesn’t exist today. Because in those days, as you know, there was complete ‘brahmacharya’ for the students till the age of about 22-25 years, when they got married, to such an extent, that even the university in which the children studied was called by ‘their gotra’. For example My ‘gotra’ is ‘Sandilya’. Now even today I cannot marry in the same ‘gotra’. Means in one university, you could not marry another person, for generations together. Such a kind of a pure celibacy was exercised till the age of 25. But after marriage people did not talk of these things. This was only till the age of 25 years, a kind of education, in Patanjali style of university, was given. So, today we are faced with the modern life. And in the modern life to talk of Patanjali yoga, as it was and as should be, is a very, very difficult thing.

We can’t expect people to give up their families, run away from their families, go to the remote corners of Himalayas and meditate. This is not the time for that. And the problem of the Divine is this, that after creating this great world, after creating human beings, He finds that in our seeking we have gone astray, everywhere. I would not even say that in India we have not gone astray. Everywhere we have gone astray and we have to accept that we have gone to extremes in all our seeking, whether it is Christianity, Hinduism or any religion. We have gone to extremes and we have committed mistakes and the time has come for us to look back and see where are we.

When I was born as a child, I felt now the time has come for people to get en-masse Realization. Otherwise there is no saving, because whatever has happened has happened, doesn’t matter. Wherever they are doesn’t matter. They have to get to their Spirit, otherwise you cannot talk to them about God. This is a fact. Today if you talk to young people – now you see this church, this has become a Hindu center. And also Hindus as such today are, their children, if you see them, they are not interested in religion, they are not interested in God. And we must face the reality as it is and not have our own imagination about it, because in that imagination we will lose the whole thing. So today, when the world is so pressurized, with all kinds of conflicts, and all kinds of funny ideas, and all kinds of unholy attack on human beings, what is the solution? To give people the Self Realization. As they are, wherever they are, they have to have their Realization. And I decided that I’ll work on the permutations and combinations of the problems, of all the people, what problems they have, what we are, what they are suffering from and…

Can you remove the child, please? What… Just take the child [a bit faster]. Better take her out. That is better.

So the problems of today are to be faced as they are and a solution has to be found out. As I told you, through My meditative powers or we can say meditative surrendering, I found out that human beings have very few problems. And wherever they are, under whatever circumstances, whatever they have done, whatever mistakes so-called they have committed, whatever anti-God activities they have taken to, it is now absolutely essential that they have to get their Self Realization. No use talking about God, no use talking about divine power, and no use telling them that, “You must balance your life. Don’t do this and don’t do that”, like all the Ten Commandments. “Take to a [new start], take to this, take to that”. Nobody is going to listen to. This is what I found out, and that is how I have worked out all the permutations and combinations that are hindering the growth of human beings into a higher realm of Self. And when I worked it out I was amazed that it’s very little to be done.

Human beings are already ready to be there. But the biggest thing that human beings have to have is the desire to change. As he said that I am related also to very sophisticated people of London and all over the world, but what I found among them, they have no desire to change. They are so self-satisfied and self-opinionated. They have no desire to change themselves nor the world, nor any. So no question of talking these things to them. But there’s a category of special people who are called as “seekers” today, whom William Blake has called as “the men of God”, that, “they have to become the prophets and they will have powers to make others prophets”. And that time, that prophecy can be fulfilled today in this England, which is the Jerusalem. To Me when I am in England, I must say I am English, and all the problems of England, I face them as any English seer would like to see. At the time of Blake, as he saw it, I could see the same way.

Now, when this Kundalini, which is placed within us in the sacrum bone, is awakened by some enlightened person, then She pierces through the fontanel bone area, which is called in Sanskrit as ‘Brahmarandra’, you get your real baptism as they call it. This is what Christ said, “You have to be baptized, you have to be born again”. But it does not mean that anybody puts their hand on your head or makes you wear Indian [unclear], you are born again. It’s happening. We must understand, as all reasonable, sensible people, we must understand that is not real. It is some sort of an artificial ceremony, which is symbolic of something real behind it. So to have the real ceremony, what do we do? To have the real ceremony, there must be some method within us, and that method is already built in within us.

All the scientist can ask a question, a simple questions to themselves, “Why God has made us human beings from amoeba to this stage?” What is the purpose of God to make us a human being? And the answer? Then we say, “We don’t know”. But perhaps if somebody says, that one [can know] this answer is that you are made like this, you are in a transition to become the Spirit. When this instrument is put here and made, it has to be put to the mains, otherwise it doesn’t work. First of all you should be put to the mains, otherwise whatever you are doing, you are doing it in a relative world, not in an absolute world.

Once you become one with that then your whole language is – like Kabera says – is so much there. You can see he was a realized soul, and when he was a realized soul he spoke with such authority, with such understanding of the Divine. And when he said something, people never understood him. They used to laugh at him, mock at him. They have crucified people, they have beaten them. We have done, not only in England, it is done everywhere. So the basis of all that is a simple ignorance, [Agnyaka], that there is God, that there is All pervading Power, [it is so kind], which we have to feel for the first time, you feel after the Kundalini awakening. Before that it doesn’t happen.

So Patanjali yoga will be used in the sense that once you get your Realization, you have to understand how to maintain it. You don’t have to give up your families. On the contrary, in Sahaja yoga, if you are not married, I find it’s difficult to give you Realization. It is surprising, in the whole of England, where we have thousands of people who have got Realization, there’s only one person who is not yet married, hasn’t got Realization. So those who don’t marry are in little bit in imbalances, we think. They are on extreme sometimes, so you are supposed to marry after a certain age. Not only that, but you have to lead a very, very normal life. All the great saints of India have been married people, like Nanaka was a married man, Kabira was a married man, Janaka was a married man. Even the incarnations like Rama, Krishna, all of them were married.

So to say that austerity is going to bring in any good results, I don’t think, because it is also a mental projection. Like some people came to Me and said, “Mother you are living in all luxury and how is it you are so spiritual?” I said, “What, what have you done in spirituality?” He said, “I have given up my wife, I have given up my house, I have given up my car, I have given up everything. And now I am sitting before You here.” I said, “Really? “Well”, I said, “now you worship Shri Krishna and if you think anything worth the dust particle of Shri Krishna, you can take it from Me. But should be equal to the dust particle of His feet. That’s one condition”. He looked around everything, he said, “There is nothing equal to that part”. So I said, “What do you give up? You give up stones. What do you give up? It is just a mental idea you have got in your head, that you are giving up this and giving up that”. In our Hindu concept, our idea of ‘sanyasa’ is from within. As Janaka was called to be “Videhi” and His daughter as “Vaidehi” because though he lived with everything around, inside he had given up everything. It is how you are detached, because you are attached to your Spirit. You are not attached to anything it exists.

Now supposing today, as he has told you that I may be living in great luxury, but you will be amazed even if I have to go to villages in India, if I’ll go and stay in villages, I can live anywhere. I can take my bath in a river, I can sleep on the streets I have no problem of any kind. Because, you see, what is there in comfort? If it cannot crawl upon you, you cannot become slave of comfort and you don’t see the value of this thing. But some people have told Me, and asked Me the way – it is a question that sometimes is very hurting – that, “When your country is such a spiritual country of yoga – you call it a ‘yoga bhumi’… I say, “It is a ‘yoga bhumi’, no doubt”. “Then how is it you are so poor, your people are in troubles, and why are you suffering?”

The thing is, Krishna has said, “Yoga kshemam vahamyaham”. He said, “When you get yoga, you will get your ‘kshema’.” Not ‘ksema’ first and then yoga. First you must get your yoga. If we get our yoga, then only our wellbeing will be looked after. Krishna said very clearly. “Yoga kshemam vahamyam”. So first we have to get to our yoga.

And those people who have tried to get yoga, have improved in everything, spiritually and materially, as well. Because within us is the power to give us everything, knowledge, wellbeing, the joy which is the quality of your Spirit. And once that joy starts pouring into you, you get rid of all your problems, physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. You must be knowing, perhaps, that Sahaja Yoga has cured many patients of cancer, of leukemia and so many other diseases, by not giving any medicines whatsoever, but only by awakening the Kundalini. Apart from that many mad people have been cured through Sahaja Yoga. There are many people who have been taking drugs, alcoholics they have been, they came to Sahaja Yoga, overnight they have given up everything. Because once you get the ultimate, the highest, then you don’t indulge into all these things. And that is what it is.

I have to request you all that you must also seek the highest; and all other things you forget. Just now you forget all your differences between say, formless and body-form. All these differences you forget. Just forget all the differences. First you get your Realization and then we’ll talk about it. If should be something – there is a very simple analogy that you come to this centre and it is all dark and I ask you, “What to do?”. They said, “All right press this button and you will get the light. It is as simple as that. First you get the light and then one can talk about the rest of the things, what is to be done and how to develop the depthness. The birth of Sahaja Yoga started with only six people. For four years I was struggling with them.

But today I am very proud to say that in England itself, I don’t know how many thousand people we have got, who are in peace, who are yogis, who are real yogis. They are not the ones who carry a “mala” (garland) and say, “I am this ananda, that ananda”, all these names they don’t take. They don’t change their dresses, nothing. They are normal people. They live a normal life but they are yogis, because their awareness has become, – now, I again say, it has become collectively conscious. They have achieved in their spiritual awareness the collectively consciousness. And that has to happen.

It is not giving any certificate. It is not giving a lecture. It cannot be a brain wash. Your Kundalini has to rise and you yourself have to feel the cool breeze of the Kundalini, which is said as the ‘chaitanya Lahari’ or ‘Ananda lahari’, described by the, really I would say the one who has described it the most, is our Adi Shankaracharya. He is the one, we can say, the one who revived it into his, his [literature]. He has all the time described about Kundalini and talked about it. Hindus should be proud that in their country there is such seers and such great people. But it is no use being just proud. It would be something like the lotuses in a pond, you see, and a little worm thinks, “Oh! I am in a pond where there are lotuses”. That not the way. We have to be proud that we have to become the lotus.

Hindus have very great responsibility in this country. You don’t know how much responsibility you have about which I will talk to you in Hindi. But the main thing is, I would like to know, how many of you are really seeking God, really, innately, from within. And if you are seeking it is for your benefit, that somehow or the other My husband got elected to this job and I came here and this work has started. But I am very sad to say that My disciples are many, out of which Indians are very, very few. And those who are really doing a substantial work are mostly British people. It is surprising that they know more about ‘chaitanya’ and ‘omkhara’ than we know about. It is not a very good thing. Tomorrow your children will ask you. I went to another lecture where there were Muslims and Hindus, all sorts of people, and they were more worried about politics. All the ladies, I was surprised, they were so politically worried about things.

Now the political side of it also it is very simple to understand. All human politics is artificial, it has no meaning, because it deals with money. Whether the money should to be distributed to everyone, or to be kept to one person is all that politics is. To Me is a child’s play. Actually it is so artificial that to a person like Me, I cannot take it seriously. I’ll tell you how. For example, now, supposing if I have My own powers I am the greatest capitalist because I have all the powers within Myself, because I can do what I like. But I am the greatest communist because I cannot live alone, I can’t enjoy it Myself. I must distribute, I must give to others; because this is love. This is love to be enjoyed, when it is reflected in the eyes of other people.

So this is the main politics. This is the work of God and this is how He does His politics, that He is a capitalist, He has everything within Himself, He can do whatever He likes, but He wants to distribute it, he wants to give it to others. And He wants to see that others reflect His love. And this is what it is the politics of God you should take to.

Of course these mundane things of life, every day to day life, do disturb us and we feel upset about it because you are in this country. But I assure you, if you take to Sahaja Yoga, a new type of rapport will be established between you and the Sahaja Yogis. It is a new family that is coming up in England and it is a very strong family, and they are all, for Indians, they have tremendous respect for you, for various reasons of which you are not aware. They have tremendous respect for you. As it is, even if you are not Sahaja Yogis, they have tremendous respect. And that is how I feel that I should really be very thankful to you sir, for bringing Me here so that you have new friends to give you a very brief reality here, so that you understand each other and help each other and bring forth the fruit of that Hindu philosophy.

It is not an organized religion, it is a philosophy. And it is not even a philosophy, deep [down], it’s the roots, if you understand. It sustains everything and helps everyone. Even Christ is described in the Devi Mahatmayam as Mahavishnu. But nobody knew about it, because it is such an organized religion that they never wanted to see what Mahavishnu is. Same in India, nobody wanted to see what Christ is. What Mohammad Sahib is nothing but Dattatreya, and we can prove it on ‘Kundalini” that they are all one and together. Christ has clearly said, “Those who are not against Me, are with Me”. Who are those? All these discoveries you have made through Sahaja Yoga, and I hope you make your discoveries and understand that Hindu religion is not a thing to be put into a cup. It is a very vast thing. It will encompass everything, if you understand the essences of it. But we have forgotten it has got roots and the roots must be understood how deep it is.

Now I am going to tell you something in Hindi language, I hope so, I hope in this short time whatever is possible about Kundalini, because it is a very mysterious thing and one has to understand because people do not know that’s a big [unclear] mysterious but as you know it is the easiest thing to do. And I would request you all to attend our programs. We have at different places, at Caxton Hall and also at Town Halls, we have programs. You please attend. Take it up seriously and learn about it, the deep roots that have sustained Hindu philosophy. Unless and until you know that, you will be always challenged. You challenge yourself. And tomorrow your own children will say, “It is all nonsense, why did they go to a temple, why did they do worship? What is the need of talk of God? Where is God?

But the time has come today. Not only to talk about God, but to prove the existence of God, and the existence of ‘Chaitanya’. May God bless you all!

Hindi talk

Now I will talk a little bit in Hindi, and tell you things which I feel are not right. You have left your countries and have come here and after coming to this country the problems of this country are affecting you. I know this very well, and I understand what you face, but we must know the reason why we are facing these problems.

First of all, we must understand that whichever country we are in, the biggest tradition our country has is that we have not come to this world to earn money. Earning money is not the purpose of our lives, but achieving God is the aim of our lives. Rest of the things, earning money – in our country, many saints, all of them have said that they are transitory, and we should fall into it. Any bhajan is talking about this. You also see every day those who have earned a lot, what state they are in.

Looking at the children here, you can see they have started taking drugs and doing all kinds of things. The reason is the parents were chasing after money, completely after money, and did not give attention and love to the children. When love went towards money, the children were left out. They did not mentor the children, so the children went the wrong way in life. Tomorrow your own children will take these ways, too.

So much ego regarding money never used to be in Indian people. We never worshipped the money. Humanity was most vital in our culture, and you must never forget that. Still, in our country today, there are many thieves. You can’t deny that. This is also because of you. Those who came abroad and tell that people abroad live like this, these things are there… Until our country was ruled by the English our minds were not so polluted by these ideas. But once you people started going back to India taking things from here to there, going there and praising the West, their brains went off.

And now in India, you see, people are in such a state, that if you bring something from abroad, even if it’s just a soap, they will show it to everybody. Don’t we have sandalwood in our country? Don’t we have face packs in our country? Don’t we have things that exist here, that you need to boast about all these, to impress Indians, as if the West has something great?

I want to tell you all, clearly, that you have nothing to learn from the West. There is nothing worth learning in this country. You should understand very well that learning something here is dangerous, extremely dangerous. The wrongs they do, you too will do the same. In that dirt you will be stuck, unable to reach anywhere. So I warn you here today that you should learn nothing from this country. If you have to learn anything, it should be that these people who have made mistakes, have now returned to God. Similarly, by keeping the pride, the pride of your nation, you will return to God Almighty. There is nothing more beautiful than that.

I came here and found out that the wife of a disciple who came to Me, ran away with someone, or somebody’s husband ran away with someone, that some do not respect the elders. By doing all these you can be worse than them (English)! I’ve met an officer, a minister actually. He told Me that it’s a big concern that Sikhs don’t agree to put anything (a cap) on their turbans, as it’s not written in their religion. So I said, “In the religion it’s also written not to drink”. I told that minister to bring any Sikh who is not drinking, any Sikh who does not touch the alcohol. Not a single person who does not drink alcohol was found in London.

By hiding like this behind religion, by finding things to fight about, nothing can happen. The second thing I want to tell you is that you don’t have proper knowledge about your traditions. Unless you have knowledge of your traditions, who will respect you? Morning till evening you keep copying these people. Then who will respect you? You must know your own culture, you must know what you were and what you are now. Indians can learn from you all. Instead, tell Indians about the faults here in the West. You influence them, and tell them you are not sitting in the heaven. I know some women who are cleaners in the airports, although they are brahmin caste. They belong to brahmin caste but they clean the airport! In our country nobody will do this for money. I am not saying doing this kind of work is bad, but they do it for money. If you do something for someone, any kind of work serving others, is nothing wrong with it, but doing any kind of dirty job for money, does not behoove Indians.

I keep saying this to Indians and some have changed after that. But I am specially requesting you because when you come to this country, you are like a huge mirror for these people. They look up to you and think: “Oh, Indians are like this. Then why Mother is telling us off?” Anything I tell them, they come to know immediately where you stand. I have seen they are listening to classical music eagerly, as our music is heavenly. It originates from Aum. Even though they don’t understand ragas, they enjoy even most difficult ragas. Here people tell Me that when Indians go for shopping, their children buy strange, dirty music and dance to them there (India). We should tell our children not to do that. This is the rule of our country that we can raise the children the way we want.

In our country liberty never meant that you become offbeat, having no style or attitude left in you. It’s called abandonment. It happens. We should not satisfy our children with games of the West, but make their characters. Among the Indians here, if you are able to find a very special example of a good character, then these westerners won’t utter a word against you. We have spoiled our images ourselves. That day is not far when these people who worship you so much… When they see you are Indians, they feel you are great. Because whatever happens, we still understand Ganapati. We know what is wrong.

In India when we do a wrong deed, we don’t say it’s a good one. Here the situation is such that wrong deeds are called good! They have made all kind of laws that astonish you and you can’t believe it. We can’t believe that these can be good deeds. Listening for thousands of years from our ancestors, these things are in our minds and blood. Being the truth they won’t change so easily. But slowly we are getting affected by these people instead of learning from our ancestors.

So, I ask you with folded hands become enthusiastic about your culture. Put your attention on it. Not only this, but achieve it in yourself after coming to Sahaja Yoga. Sahaja Yoga is the only thing which awakens the Kundalini in you. And you have your Spirit. After achieving your Spirit all questions disappear. The day the entire world will bow down to your country is not far. That day is not far! What can we compete with these people in? You say you can compete in science. You can never do that as they are doing that since long. As we started going towards science, they went further to computers. But they cannot compete with us in spiritual knowledge. For that they must come to us and learn and become like us. They must accept our habits and manners. Otherwise they won’t get it.

The best way is to become a special person, a symbol of awakening. If that thing shines in you, they will say, “These are Indians. This happens in India.” But I hope you people don’t feel bad, Take it as a mother is talking to her child and accept it. You have to be wise and alert. Start practicing this. Nobody will dare move you from here or trouble you, because they are all running to help you. If someone is hurt they will all come running to help you. Today at least 3 to 4 thousands people are standing here for you; your brothers and sisters are here. But if you don’t you don’t have it (Realization), then you are not worthy of being worshipped.

I will ask the ladies and girls specifically. They have spoiled this country. In our country ladies have a very good position. Ladies are respected in India. Long time before the time of Manu (Noah), it was said about ladies, “Where women are worshipped, there reside the Gods”. This is said, but ladies must be respectable. Don’t learn from the dirty habits of women here. We are as powerful as the Mother Earth. We have immense capacity to absorb many things. Like these stupid women, fighting with their husband, staying away from children, becoming westernized, and learning all the bad things. A day will come when with five husbands or more, they will end up in asylums and orphanages. It’s important to understand that we are women and they are men.

Of course male and female are alike. We can say they are equal, but not similar. Woman, you must know, is one wheel on the left side of the carriage, and men are on the right side. It doesn’t mean men have the right to dominate the women. They suppressed the women, that’s why they have this crisis. Men in our culture must understand that. Our social set-up must not ruin due to them. You must unlearn whatever you learned wrong from Muslims.

And that place in our hearts which was for women… Even before taking Rama’s name, Sita’s name is chanted. Before Krishna’s name, we take Radha’s name. That is why respecting women and the housewives, keeping them like that and respecting them, you will see, that your children will start respecting you and the entire world will be transformed. We have seen a change in these people, who have never seen Indian traditions.

You have all been Indians for a long time. Your grandfathers and great-grandfathers have grown up in India. This work will be easy for you. I am glad to see you all among them. Thousands more can be with you. I am standing with you in any of your troubles. For that, first of all become Indians, the real kind of Indians. This does not mean that you become hostile to this country.

In the end I will tell you that in Sahaja Yoga, England is known as a very high place. Sahaja Yoga considers England as the heart of the universe. You will be surprised to know that India is the Kundalini and Mooladhara, the place of Ganesha, and England is the heart. That is why you people are here. But you must absorb good thoughts and qualities from here. You must share these healthy and good quality thoughts with people so they can establish having a new shape and new form. Because of Sahaja Yoga their hearts have changed a lot.

My husband used to think, “What can you teach these people?” He used to laugh a lot, as I worked hard with six people for a year. Now he can’t say anything and he sees how they have changed. He says, “If I say anything against it, I will be a liar”. This is what it is. The truth is that doing Sahaja Yoga, one can change immediately. A person’s Spirit which is his Self, his guru, becomes enlightened and takes care. You cannot pay for it. You cannot give anything for it. You can only ask, “Give us our Spirit”. You can only ask for this.

Thank you all very much for listening to Me.