The Essence of Sahaja Yoga

Holborn Library, London (England)

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Public Program, “The Essence of Sahaja Yoga”. Holborn Library, London (UK), 6 June 1983.

First time that I have come to this area.
Now, the essence of Sahaja Yoga, I am sure Mr. Gavin Brown must have explained to you, what it is. And so many of you are from Sahaja Yoga itself. So I need not explain to you all the details. But today we have to understand one thing: that it’s a very serious time we are born into, extremely serious. And when we look at life we do not understand that if we miss this chance of our evolution, not only that we’ll miss it for ourselves, not only that we’ll miss it for England, or only for one country, but we’ll miss it for the whole creation. The trouble is, in the name of God, in the name of evolution, in the name of higher life, so many spurious people have come up that it has become impossible to convince anyone that there is something like Truth left in it.

Under these circumstances, one has to talk about Truth. And talking about Truth doesn’t give you the experience of the Truth at all. Discussing about it will not give you, it’s a different realm in which one has to go into, it’s a new awareness which you have to get, to understand the Truth. For which I don’t know how many are prepared, and how many would like to know, and even if they like to know, how many will get it.

So the problem is the other way round. It’s not the problem that you have few people, it’s not the problem that Sahaja Yoga cannot give you Realization, it’s not the problem that you will not know the Truth, but the whole circumstance is such, that whatever is false, whatever is spurious, whatever is silly, stupid, appeals to the masses. Sometimes I feel I have developed a method by which I can give really en masse Realization all over the world. Definitely I have. But the problem as it remains, the masses are not interested. It’s only very few who really can keenly take interest into their evolutionary process and would like to come out of the ignorance in which they have been living. In all the ego-oriented countries it’s very difficult to establish, that we are still ignorant, we have to know a lot. It’s very difficult. Because they think we know everything, because we have been to the moon like the Russians say, ‘ We never saw God, we went to the moon, we never saw God.’ It would be like saying that I have come to the third floor, I haven’t seen God.

Where does God reside? Where it manifest within us? In what way it manifest, we don’t want to see. What we want to see is that through our effort, if we have not been able to see God, then He doesn’t exist. This is the way our attitude is. But better say, ‘No,’ to all that we did not know through our effort, because so far we have not known about Him. So He doesn’t exist. So you turn round in a cave when you see the shadows of yourself, you believe in them only and say, ‘ It never existed anything else, the light does not exist.’ That kind of an attitude exists or is persistently I am facing. And sometimes, I don’t know how to give them Realization.

Now as I said, it’s the other way round. You have to seek. You have to ask for it. You have to truly ask for it. Nobody is going to fall at your feet and say, ‘All right, you get your Realization. All right, you have this for heaven’s sake, just have it.’ Because nothing is selling here. You are so much used to the salesmanship, you see, you see, that we think that if anything is selling, people have to persuade you, to request you, ask you, you can save pounds, you see, for sale and all that. But nothing is for sale. That’s a very difficult proposition to understand in the present atmosphere, where we do not know if you can get anything that is not for sale. But, I hope slowly and steadily, all of us have to get it.

Somehow, one has to work very hard. Sometimes it’s very frustrating and it’s so stupid-the way people react, that I just don’t know what to say. Like the other day we had a meeting in Brighton. I was laughing all the time. But so saddening. A gentleman came to our program, and he complained, he thought, he said, ‘ I was videoed.’ See, who has got time here to put him for a video, who is interested in taking his photographs. I mean, he says, ‘I am a managing director.’ So what? In the presence of Divine, what is a managing director, what is a King, what is it? Just think of it. Who is he? What does he think of himself and he has complained against us. I hope he doesn’t go to police for that. Even the laws are so stupid sometimes, I can’t understand, how has he got any right to complain if you come to a program which is being conducted with a video on Me and if you are photographed, how can you complain?

One thing I feel that on one side is such stupid, useless people, the other side are such great seekers. And how to reach them? Like a diamond covered with lot of mud. So much mud. It’s all mud. In that to find out those diamonds, to dive into this mire of ignorance, to get out these diamonds which are lost. It’s such a concern, that I feel sometimes that this mud is going to cover their brains, their ego, everything, and they may not receive their Realization. They may miss this point.

Actually, Divine does not know what human beings have created. Really, I tell you, Divine has no ideas what nonsense you have created around. All kinds of nonsense you have created out of your ignorance, out of your ego, out of your choice that you had. I can’t explain why people have created this kind of ignorance which cannot be broken, cannot be removed. Because they are so much identified with it. It’s like a stuck-up stamp which cannot come out of people. And when such a thing happens you feel, Oh, God! The whole creation has been created, whole working has taken place, the human beings have grown so well, out of a amoeba they have been brought to this stage. Now in this modern times you find the human beings so stupid, so foolish, and deluding others with their stupidity and foolishness.

How are we to approach the people who are true seekers? Have been seekers for ages? Those who have sought for years together, all their lives before, who are lost. Sometimes it is very, very disappointing. But still, hoping against hopes, I hope we reach all the corners of this universe where we find all the people who are true seekers.

It is their right to know, it is their power to know the Divine. It’s not for everybody because he’s somebody is a managing director or a king or anything. What does it matter in the presence of God, they’ll be pushed out. They will not be allowed to enter into the Kingdom of God. Who will be allowed to enter into the Kingdom of God. Those who have known. Also, not those who just talk about God. Those who say that,  ‘We are the worshippers of God, we have learned so much’. They will say, “All right, go with your books to the places from where you have come.’

What have you to know is through your awareness, in your awareness you have to know. The awareness has to be enlightened. It is not, what you know it is human awareness, which is still at a point I say has to grow so much. First it has to be awakened and then it has to grow in its light. It’s such a lot of journey we have to do even after Realization.

It takes no time, sometimes, to give Realization to many people. I know it has happened with so many. But, they don’t know what they have to achieve. It’s such a horrible stuff is this ego is, that people don’t want to see what they haven’t got with them, and what they have to hide, have and what they, they deserve. They are so identified with ego and satisfied with it, that they don’t want to see that beauty that lies within them, the Spirit, the reflection of God’s Love which is like the highest and the most precious thing that you could think. In this England, I don’t know how many lectures I have given and how much I have worked hard. Of course there are results, no doubt. But it is so slow. Compared to the fake, compared to the artificial people, compared to the people who have made money out of you, those who have exploited you, have ruined you, Sahaja Yoga is working so very slowly.

I would not have been so much disappointed if it was at the time of Christ because at that time there were very few seekers. Actually even the fishermen who Christ collected, were not seekers. You are seekers of the Truth. And so many of you have taken birth just to seek the Truth. And where are we going? What are we doing about it? What are our ideas about the Truth? Can we have our own ideas, conception about the Truth? Is it not that our ego itself has given us lots of ideas? Is it not that we do not want to see the Truth? I meet all kinds of people in this country. I must say they are very highly placed, very great, somebody is a lord and somebody is a lady and somebody is another huge personality, and this and that. But, they said, ‘Who wants to change?’ I said, “Really. That’s true.” Because they think they are the greatest people ever born and they’re going to take all their lordship with them to the heaven. They said, ‘Who wants to change?’ I said, “Then, such a lot can be said on the point, but if you don’t want to change, that’s a full stop, complete full stop. You cannot talk to them”.

Now this, I must say is, only can work out with people who are seekers, who want to know, through their awareness, what is the Truth? You have to know your Spirit. Without knowing your Spirit, you cannot know what is the Truth. Whatever I may talk to you is a waste, complete waste because you haven’t got that awareness today, to know what I am talking about.

So, first thing is, I request you to become the Spirit. Is simple thing as that. Like now I have to see into your skin for example, I’ll have to use a microscope. And then people will say, ‘All right, to see through the microscope you cannot see with your naked eyes.’ All right. Supposing I want to listen to somebody’s heart, then people will say, ‘Use a stethoscope, otherwise you cannot listen to somebody’s heart.’ All right. You don’t question that time do you, you just put it there and try to listen. In the same way, why not we do about the Spirit, why not we do what it is told to you, that you have to get your Realization, that you have to become the Spirit first, that unless and until this awareness is enlightened by the Spirit, you cannot see. Is like telling something about the colors to a blind. You have to open your eyes, but this simple thing also people don’t accept. The reason is people are very naive. They don’t know, what is it, and also they don’t want to understand. Now as you see a tree standing there, and so many trees are there, you must also know, that there are roots to it.

But somebody has told you there are roots. You may not believe into it, but why not see, is the point. Why not see if there are roots or not? Supposing I say, “Whatever you are outside, you are much more inside.” So why not we see it? This is a simple question we should ask ourselves, ‘Why should I put any barrier to that seeing, if that is going to give me all the best in this world. If it is going to give me, even the inkling, of that beautiful thing called Spirit, why not have it?’

You don’t have to pay for it, you don’t have to exert for it, you don’t have to do anything, but you have to desire. This is the point I am trying to make, that if you do not desire from your heart, then God is not going to fall at your feet, now please desire for Me, is He?

It’s a simple thing like that, and if you people understand that you have to really desire it, because it’s such a vicious circle I must tell you, that this Kundalini is not here the picture, the Kundalini is the pure desire within you. Is the desire which is not yet manifested, it is not yet awakened in the sense that it is acting, but it has not acted. So, if so, how much important it is that you should have the desire to be one with the Divine, to be in Yoga, to be one with your Spirit.

The desire has to be strong, if it is not a strong desire you are challenging your own Kundalini, you are anti-Kundalini and then the Kundalini won’t rise. But what is this brain has achieved so far, just look at it. You must understand, what have we achieved by this brain? For example, this stupid managing director whosoever came there, just ask him what good has he done to anyone? What does he know about spiritual life? What does he understand about Christ’s life?’ But if he sends a letter, the newspaper is very willing to write it down.

I mean look at the stupidity of the whole stuff. Without understanding that anything that has to go to the masses should be something sensible, from a sensible man, who is supposed to be an authority on spiritual life that he is talking about. What good this fellow has done, nobody reads that. But if I write something or any Sahaja Yogi says that, See, by coming to Sahaja Yoga we dropped down all our bad habits, I got cured of my cancer or anything, nobody wants to listen to Me. They think you are mad. But a man like that, if he writes, then they publish it.

So it shows very clearly that you see we are living with people who are really not only mad but are absolutely foolish people, who have no sense at all as to how they have to live and how they have to move.

This is what we have come to know about so many people now, that sometimes you people have to take upon yourself to go into it, and find out what is the Truth. It is you who have to find it out. You see, it would be something like that I say now, “This is a place where there are lots of diamonds,” say, I say that, or, “This is a cave in which, if you move there, is a lot of say, gold.” Now if the gold is not going to come out from there, is it? Simple as that. You have to go towards the gold to find it out or not. You have to go towards it, but here I’m not saying that you walk towards anything or do anything like that, just you have to desire, and desire it from your heart. Is impossible for me to work out Kundalini if you do not desire, because the desire, the pure desire, is the Kundalini. You understand My problem is now. Pure desire is the Kundalini and if you are against your pure desire, what can I do about it? Can I force it?

You cannot push it out, you see, like a seed if you have to, if you want to have a seed sprouted, you have to put it in the Mother Earth, but you cannot take it out the bits of the seed and sprout it, can you? It’s a living process, and for this living process you have to have a pure desire. And if that desire is not there, I am breaking My head against stones, I feel. So it is important that you understand that you must have that desire which is the highest. But if you are satisfied with things which are useless and nonsensical, then what am I to do with that? Now you just tell Me with someone who is interested in things which are nonsensical, now how do you bring them round. I mean, there is no psychology that can bring them round, you see, because you have to have the desire to be all right. But this is something so innate, being the process itself is a living process and doesn’t work out if the people do not have the pure desire. Now this written down since long. It cannot be changed, it cannot be forced, it cannot be sort of explained, or discussed, or argued, nothing can be done; it has to work out within you. Now even when you have worked it out on someone, you may not achieve the results. That’s possible. You may, you may not. So, when the situation is so difficult and where the children are also so adamant, then what can Mother do? Is to push them in. See, I am very much concerned, that this ego which is sometimes so selfish and so conceited, that it satisfies itself and it’s very happy, it will not allow you to get to the, that point where you really stand, where you have all your powers, where you are the master of your being. It will not allow. The identification with the ego is so much, that’s easy to take a bull by the horn but to take a ego-oriented man through Sahaja Yoga’s practices is very difficult.

I am rather today in a mood of, I should say little disgust, I should say, but also the other mood comes on me – of complete compassion, and tremendous love. That somehow I should do something to bring sense into the heads of these people. Something should happen to them because otherwise what I see is a complete disaster. It’s going to come, believe Me, it’s going to come. I don’t want to frighten you like Mrs. Thatcher does about Russians. That might be imaginary. But this is real and I am telling you it’s going to come to us. It will come as diseases, self-destruction. But the greatest thing is the failure of the Divine Itself that it could not communicate with you people, who were made specially, who were brought to this Earth on this time, who have to have the Kingdom of Heaven. And suddenly you find they all dropped out of the sieve.

Sahaja Yogis also sometimes feel very frustrated, I know. But whatever it is, as far as I am concerned, I have tremendous desire now. But I am so desireless that this desire also may not work out. You see, I am a desireless person. Now what to do. So I ask Sahaja Yogis to desire, that the people should have that great desire to become the Spirit. This is the greatest thing that we can give to our brothers and sisters, to the progeny, to the people who are children today, to this beautiful world. We need these beautiful lights and the beautiful time which they all have to enjoy.

I hope those who have come for the first time will understand My difficulty and will try to see that you desire only your Self Realization and nothing else. Just desire that. I request you to desire your Self Realization and forget about everything, even if you are managing director or may be the King George the Vth, you see? Better keep all your shoes(Issues?) outside about it, and just desire that you become the Spirit.

You see the difference between Me and Christ is here: He got so fed up that He said, Let Me be crucified. I mean, of course it was in the plan that He should be crucified also. But I mean that won’t solve the problem now. I have to see that you all get your Resurrection somehow. It’s like a Mother’s desire who wants to give a bath to the child and get him cleansed somehow, you see. So whichever way you like – whether you like a chocolate or whether you like a little rebuking or whatever way you like, I am willing to work it out, but please at least desire that you have to have your Self Realization.

May God bless you all.

I hope those who get Realization will settle down with it seriously, understand it is your responsibility to know that you are born today here in this country, which is a special thing for Me and for Sahaja Yoga, and that you should get your Self Realization, understand it very well and digest it and go into it and become a very, very powerful personality that you have to be.

But even a small thing like that, they said, ‘You take out your shoes.’ Because, you see, shoes make you little bit tightened up. Even that much if you ask them, oh, they, as if I’ve asked a hundred pounds from them! Even that little thing they don’t want to do and why are they here, I don’t understand, all the way they come for what? You don’t want to get your Realization? You don’t want to get the greatest blessing of the Divine? Then what am I to do? How am I to deal with you? You may be very well educated person, all right, a learned man, but you have not known so far. It happens with gurus, it happens with everyone, they are sticking on to a guru and they are sticking on to a guru that cannot give up that guru, whatever it is, is another kind of a ego because they think of, ‘All right, we have eaten the crow; so what if we have eaten the crow, we have eaten the crow! So, go ahead with it.’ This is another category of people who don’t want to give up whatever is nonsensical.

Then the third category is another one who are just waiting, ‘All right, let the catastrophe come. We are just waiting.’ I mean, they told Me,‘ Mother, doesn’t matter, don’t You worry, we are waiting for the catastrophe. See, disaster. When is it going to arrive? You just tell us that. We are all anxiously waiting. If it is coming, it’s a very good thing, now we are reconciled to a situation like that.’ On the streets of Paris, if you go there, you find many like that, discussing, when are the ten stars going to meet, so that we are all collided and made into a jam. We won’t be made into a jam, I must tell you, but something horrible which is one-thousand times worse than what you are doing on the streets of Paris.

But this kind of attitude of three types of people, I don’t know, I may, I’m thinking, now I have been in London for so many days, and My going time is coming and I don’t know what’s going to happen now, because Sahaja Yogis themselves are desperate and they all want to settle down in India. I will not allow them to settle down in India unless and until they at least get half of the English people realized.

Yes, that’s for very sure. If you think that now Mother has gone there, so let us take our baggage there and let us settle down in a nice little ashram enjoying yourself, nothing doing! You have to work hard. You have to get at least half of the British people realized somehow; if you can’t do it, you’re not allowed to enjoy any rest and I, too, will not be able to have any rest in My lifetime, if these things do not happen. I hope you all understand My concern, My great concern and My love for British people here who must understand also their place in this great work of God, how they should come.

May God bless you all.