Joy has no duality

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Public Program, Paris (France), 16 June 1983.

I bow to all the seekers of truth.

Since ancient times man has been searching the truth. He tried to search the truth in various forms of happiness and he discarded many-a-times because he found that happiness was not permanent.

For a short time he felt happy with something and then he found it also gave him great unhappiness.

Like a lady, she had no child so she used to weep and cry; and she had a child who later on disowned her.

Then human beings started seeking happiness by enjoying the power, the power over other men, the power over other countries, that also they were not very much satisfied. Their children started feeling guilty about what their forefathers did. Then the movement started seeking something subtler – was in the art and music.

That also had limitations. It could not give that permanent joy to people.

It is promised that one day you all have to have this permanent joy. And then they started challenging all such people who had prophesized and who have been promising that such a day will come.

So many reached the conclusion that there is nothing like joy, the life is all the time two sides of the waves. Like two faces of a coin, they thought happiness is always combined with unhappiness, like day and night.

Despite all these conclusions human beings did not give up their search.

They were seeking still, they indulged into all kinds of enterprises, jumped into all kinds of dangerous things, followed all kinds of cults and gurus, but they could not find that joy.

This joy resides within us in another realm of which we are not aware. At the human awareness we cannot feel that joy.

Human awareness is only judged by our mental projections.

All our experiences are based on our satisfaction of our ego, or our conditioning.

We project our mind, imagine something and start following that.

All human institutions are nothing but projections of the mind, which is a limited means.

We are identified with different kinds of ideas, thoughts, theologies, they are all mental projections.

All those who came from higher awareness also we dissolved them into these mental projections. Even the great scriptures were transcribed through this mental projection.

But this mind is a limited thing, which cannot enter into that subtle where we have to find the source of joy, the Spirit.

As you know that if you have to study Microbiology or Histology, you have to use a microscope. In the same way, if you have to know about the Divine forces and the Divine love, how they act, you have to become first the Spirit. The mental projection is a very dangerous thing sometimes, because it forms a big barrier away, very much away from reality. To transcend this barrier, one has to forget the mind for the time being.

But whatever is unknown is not divine.

If there is a mad man, he also has forgotten his mind but he is not divine. Or a person who is possessed is also not a person with divine understanding. So one has to understand that when it is said you have to know, it doesn’t mean that you have to know through your mind – you have to know through your Spirit.

So it is most important that you have to awaken your Spirit within yourself.

Now we have so many artificial methods by which we start believing that our Spirit is awakened. Like in India we have one custom called Yagyopavit where we say that this child has now become a Brahmin, means a realised soul.

As we have among Christians the Baptism.

It is not a real happening. It is just an artificial drama. In the same way they have in the Islamic rituals; same in the Jews.

Every religion has this problem that they are indulging into artificial rituals. Now what is the real ritual? If we have to become the Spirit, it is definitely an evolutionary process. If it is an evolutionary process, it has to be a living process.

Logically that this real evolutionary process is beyond human beings. How did we become human beings from amoeba? Can you imagine we were all amoebas, small little, unicellular animals. And today we are human beings.

What did we do to become human beings? Nothing, it is all a gift. The whole thing was so spontaneous and living.

So whatever has to happen to you, has to happen spontaneously. All the spontaneous things are living. Nothing dead is spontaneous. So what is the criteria to understand how we become higher persons?

When we have become higher people than animals, we have a better, subtler awareness.

That is in our central nervous system, we can feel many things, which animals cannot feel.

If you bring a horse to Paris or to London or to any dirty place, it makes no difference to the poor horse. If you take him through a dirty lane, he will walk very nicely like a king.

But human beings can’t just step, even one, one step forward in that lane.

So the awareness of the human beings have to rise higher, that you have to become something much more than what you are. That is what is Self-Realisation.

When you know your Self you must at least know what are you inside.

Otherwise, you don’t know your Self. When we say: “I like this”, “I like that” it is our ego, Mr. Ego that likes it, or maybe our conditionings that likes it. We don’t know what we are using to like something.

Even when we say: “I believe”, mostly the politicians use the word “I believe”.

Now what believes is their ego, or their experiences out of their conditionings.

But it has no absolute value.

Like if there’s a dirty thing everybody will smell it and say: “It’s dirty”.

As everybody who has eyes will be able to say what is the colour of this curtain.

But when we talk about these things, we are not talking of absolute things at all, because there is so much difference of opinions.

So logically again we have to know something that is absolute, and those who know that, all of them are staggering to that point.

All the chaos of the world and all the problems of human beings is very simple, because they do not know themselves. One brain is fighting another brain. Nationwise also some brains fight other brains. And this mind is surprisingly so funny, it tries to find out ways and methods of fighting only.

So there must be something God must have created within us, or the nature must have created within us, that we are not left in this transition period.

We are actually in a state of suspension if you see that. It is such a problem that people don’t understand also what is to be done to be right. Because of mental projections our life is absolutely relative.

[Lady translator: “Absolutely?” Shri Mataji: “Relative”. Lady translator: “Relative”.]

We live relatively. And always we discuss things relatively, there’s no absolute to say that this is how many times.

Like as a child I had learnt that in Paris there is a meter, which is an absolute meter and from that people can measure out how many times other meters are. And it is made of gold, which has very little expansion because of the coefficient is very low. [Lady translator: “Platinum, actually”.]Platinum, sorry, platinum, sorry! [Shri Mataji laughs] Platinum, ha. It’s very little coefficient. But the absolute has to be that which is not going to expand or going to become smaller, it is absolute!

Now from science you will know that we cannot reach absolute zero, in temperature.

We cannot achieve absolute vacuum.

Now how are we to achieve our Absolute, if this is the situation with ordinary material things? So first we have to forget that we can achieve it.

Now to say that also: “We have faith in God”, now “We have faith in Divine and that will work it out” is also not possible.

Even faith in God itself is a mental projection. If you ask any atheist, he’ll tell you it’s only because you are born in a family which was religious, that’s why you have become like this, otherwise there is no God.

When Lord Buddha came on this earth he found the problem very intricate about God. Everybody was talking that they know God. And everybody’s God was different, and in the name of God they were raising wars.

So he decided that “don’t talk of God anymore now”. Because everybody wants to pocket Him.

“Better not talk of God at this moment when they are not knowing about their Spirit.”

So He just talked of the Self, the Spirit. What He said: “Buddham sharanam gacchami”- “Buddham sharanam gacchami”, I surrender myself to Buddha.

Buddha means the one who knows, the one who has the knowledge, means the realised soul.

In Sahaja Yoga also we go step by step.

First of all we have to know our Spirit, not through mental projection but with a spontaneous happening, which is a living happening. The thing that human beings cannot do.

Now what is that living process? Whatever I am telling you could be a mental projection of mind, again. So you must take My words as a hypothesis would be there for a scientist, with an open mind. And if it happens to you, then you have to take it as a law.

Now I say that within us lie these seven subtle centres. Some may say that it is not said in this book or that book; forget about everything now.

There are these seven centres, which reside within us, some in the medulla oblongata, and some in the brain.

Now these centres manifest outside, these subtle centres, the gross plexuses about which doctors know. These centres also control our endocrine systems. They have a much deeper significance than the plexuses, which are only manifesting on a physical level.

These centres also cater to our emotional being. They also cater to our mental being, and they also cater to our spiritual being. So whatever condition we are in, it is due to the condition of these subtle centres within us.

These subtle centres that are placed within us, you can’t see with naked eyes or through any human machinery. They are energy centres and made of three types of energy within us, about which I’ll tell you tomorrow.

But today we have to know that there are such centres within us and the most important thing is that within us lies another third power, which we call as Kundalini in Sanskrit language. Now this Kundalini has nothing to do from what place you come, country you come or whatever language you follow.

It is called Kundalini because kundal means ‘coil’. This is an energy within us. This is the energy of desire, desire which is pure desire.

We have so many desires. We want to have a house, then when we get out we want to have a car, when we have a car we want to have a helicopter. [Laughter]

So as you understand economics, that wants are not satiable in general.

Now actually when this desire, which is the pure desire, is awakened, you get your absolute desire fulfilled, and the absolute desire is to become one with the whole. This desire is to become one with the Divine.

This Divine Power, I call It Divine, you may not call it Divine, but it is an All-Pervading Power. We come in the garden and see so many flowers; we take it for granted.

And when we see the flowers becoming fruits we take it for granted. How they have become fruits? Can we transform a flower into a fruit? We cannot.

But somebody, some energy has done it. That must be the energy all-pervading everywhere. And remarkably it has such a nice discretion, for example a mango tree will only produce mango, not apples.

So this energy which is doing all the living work of the world, all the autonomous work within our body itself, which has made us human beings from amoeba, this Power we have never felt before.

So when you get your Self-Realisation, for the first time you feel that Power, that All-Pervading Power of Divine Love. This you cannot feel otherwise.

It is very easy to believe into something false. We believe more into false than into reality [Shri Mataji laughs]. That appeals to us much more. But reality is the one we should try to achieve. If we have to feel this breeze, or this breeze of the Holy Ghost as they call it, then what are we to do?

Some people think that we should go for a fasting or vegetarian food or starve ourselves, or kill ourselves. Such people only can become thin and die, or become mad at the most.

There is no need to torture yourself. This human body is made with great understanding. It is beautifully, delicately made. It is made with great care, with a very special purpose, that you have to be the temple of the Spirit, that the light of Spirit has to shine within you. It is not for you to venture into all kinds of funny things that human beings are doing.

I don’t know if you have heard of a terrible disease in America called AIDS that has come in. It is spreading very fast and it is the result when man has said: “What’s wrong?” “If I cut my nose, what’s wrong?”

But can you even create one cell of your nose? We have no right to disturb this beautiful mechanism that God has given us.

We have to respect ourselves, because you are the epitome of this creation. Only you are going to become realised, not the chickens.

Let us be kind to ourselves than to others animals and things; and to other human beings. That is much more important, because this is the precious flower that God has created to become the fruit.

Many people ask Me a question: “How is it in ancient times, people had to work very hard and only one could get Realisation?”

In ancient times if you had to go from Paris to London you would never reach. But today how easy it is that we are even going to the moon! Whatever has grown outside so much has to grow inside also.

And the tree that is grown so big if it does not look at its roots it is going to fall off and get destroyed. Same thing is going to happen to our modern civilization if it does not bother about its roots, and tries to develop those roots on which this tree is standing. [Lady translator: “Sorry, Mother?” Shri Mataji: “Tries to develop those roots on which the tree is standing”.]

Also I must tell you when there is a blossom time there are thousands and thousands of flowers, but when the tree is just planted you might get one or two. Today so many great souls have taken birth to become the fruits.

That is the reason why we are having en masse Realisation. Thousands of people are getting Realisation and settling into it.

Today I have told you as an introduction to Sahaja Yoga – Sahaja means, saha means ‘with’, ja means ‘born’. It is born within you. And Yoga means ‘union with the Divine’.

So it is the right of every human being because this is born within him, to have the spontaneous yoga. This is not a new method.

Like a seed that sprouts, your Kundalini also gets awakened. But in the olden days it was available to very, very few people. But now the time has come for all of you to have it.

Tomorrow I will be telling you about the three channels and the three powers within us, and about the Spirit that resides in our heart.

I hope within these three days you all will get your Realisation.

But the problem is that people again start putting mental projection on Sahaja Yoga also. Or they want to avoid themselves. They are afraid of the reality, they are afraid of themselves.

I must tell you that you are the most beautiful thing. You have to just discover your glory within yourself. Once you discover that, you’ll forget all these thoughts which make you so hopeless.

After all we have to know that if God has created us, He has to jolly well look after us also. And if He is God Almighty, He is the One who is going to save us all. Otherwise His creation will be destroyed.

Sahaja Yoga has worked wonders and I hope in Paris, if it works, it will be a very great thing for the whole of Europe. Around Paris we have many Sahaja Yogis, but those who live in Paris live in another world I think. They come to My lectures, perhaps they’d like to have some mental projections here also.

But I request you, you’d better have your Realisation. Whether in Paris or anywhere you’d better have it. And settle down with it. You will enjoy your own powers and the powers of the Divine. You will know all the Divine laws expressing themselves within you.

Then you will know that all the Scriptures of the world can be proved to be true.

If a blind person tries to understand the colours it is so difficult to explain. In the same way, unless and until you have Realisation, you cannot understand any Scriptures.

May God bless you.

May God bless you all tonight, and I hope tonight we’ll try to achieve that Realisation, but it is not that once you have achieved it you are permanently there, because, you see, people in modern times are very wobbly.

And so many things have gone into their heads that they are lost. So it’s better to find your Self properly. And for a change give some time to your Self.

May God bless you all.

If you have any questions, today being the first day, I would invite questions if you have, but ask sensible questions, not like: “In this book it is written”, and “he says so”, and…. No quarrel any more.

Just ask a honest question to yourself: “Have I found my Spirit? If not, let me find Him.”

Also you know you say: “I’ve been finding out, and finding out” but if I say: “It is just here, why go about with your seeking? It will just happen to you in a split of a second. There is nothing to be nervous about it.

It’s a beautiful happening because this is your Mother. She doesn’t create any problem, but solves all your problems, physical, mental, emotional. Sahaja Yoga has cured cancer, myelitis, all kinds of incurable diseases.

And I’m sure it can also cure this horrible disease, AIDS. Once you become realised you can cure others also, and give Realisations to others.

Today I’ve met many people who are from around Paris, whom I’d never met before, who are realised and nicely stationed in Sahaja Yoga, as masters of Sahaja Yoga. This was such a great joy for Me.

Thank you very much.

[Aside to lady translator: “Can you…”]


[Aside to lady translator: “…very hot for people. Very hot for the people, as they are all perspiring.”]

[Some man whispers: Mother…]

Shri Mataji [to the lady translator]: Ask them for the questions.

Translator: Mother?

Shri Mataji: Let them ask the questions if possible for about 5-10 minutes.

Nick? Please go for the microphone.

What he says?

Translator: He would like to know the source of Sahaja Yoga.

Shri Mataji: [Shri Mataji laughs, laughter] Ah, it is something that has no source. It is source-less.

Yes, please?

Lady: Is awakening ever accompanied by fear?

Lady translator: Pardon?

Other lady: Is awakening never accompanied by fear?

Lady: Is it ever accompanied, I said.

Other lady: Ever.

Lady translator: Is awakening ever accompanied by fear?

Shri Mataji: No. Never. I mean, people have given you such horrible books about Kundalini, I’m Myself shocked. When I read about it, I could not understand what are they up to.

But supposing say, you put your fingers in the plug and then you say “I got a shock”, one would say that, that was, that means you do not know how to handle electricity.

But it is much more than that. If a person who raises the Kundalini has the authority from the Divine, it will never, never harm, whatever way he tries.

But such a person himself has to be a pure person. If such a person is interested in your money and in your purse, then it has nothing to do with God. You cannot purchase it, you cannot purchase God or Divine, you cannot pay for it. So those people I think, who have tried I mean, really sinister to do such a harm to people.

Of course in some people it does not rise that fast. If you have problems, say if you have liver problems, then Kundalini will go and show the pulsation at that point.

And some people who have been to wrong type of gurus, or wrong type of cults, may behave in a way that is very funny sometimes.

We have had very funny experiences say for T.M. people, if they are sitting before Me and I try to awaken their Kundalini they start jumping on their seats. [Laughter]

Not all but some did, for a while, but then they settled down. And some people who are called as orange people, also start jumping a little bit [laughter]. It happens, a little reaction comes to some people. But doesn’t matter, as long as you are attentive, it works out, it soothes down.

Sometimes people feel little heat on the hands, specially if you have a liver problem.

And when the Kundalini comes out, She first throws away little heat from your head, not much, but little heat. But ultimately cool breeze starts coming out of your head, and you feel the cool breeze moving from your hand also.

But you need not worry, we know all the permutations and combinations of these complications.


Question [translated by lady translator]: By which way… What is the means…

Shri Mataji: By which way…

Lady translator: …of awakening Kundalini?

Shri Mataji: That’s a good thing. I’ll just tell you after we start. Eh? [Laughter]

Question [translated by translator]: I’ll try to make it shorter. It is, once you are realised, once this, that power, the energy is awakened in you, how to interpret the words of Christ: ‘Love thy neighbour as thyself, love each other’? Does it mean we can love each other totally?

Shri Mataji: Ha, that’s the, that’s the real question, I must say. That’s how you love your neighbours, isn’t it?

Because you become collectively conscious, not through mental projection again, but you just become collectively conscious.

So that supposing the gentleman, he asked Me a question, he has a problem on his throat. I can feel it on My hands that he has the problem [Shri Mataji shows right index finger]. On My fingertips I can feel it, on the fingertips as they say. And that also if I know how to cure that problem I just cure you.

This is exactly what Christ said, that you become collectively conscious. How could He tell to these fishermen what is collective consciousness is?

So symbolically He said that: “You love thy neighbour as yourself”, which is absolutely impossible, because it’s a mental projection.

You can love up to a point, but not absolutely.

But when you become part and parcel of Me, then supposing if this finger is troubling Me [right index finger], I must rub this finger, otherwise I don’t feel all right. And if I’m rubbing My own finger I do not feel anything that I’m obliging it, or trying to do good to it. Because I love My finger as Myself. [Laughter]

Only after Realisation you will understand what Christ has said. You know how we have been loving each other and every country has been loving each other. And what Christian nations are doing to each other. You can see clearly that they didn’t understand the meaning of that.

We cannot follow Christ unless and until we become twice born. We cannot follow anyone because it’s again the same mental projection.

Question [translated by lady translator]: How can You explain this mass phenomenon of Realisation and at the same time the extension of human suffering?

Shri Mataji: Extension?

Lady translator: Of human suffering.

Shri Mataji: Extension?

Lady translator: The fact that human suffering is becoming more, greater.

Shri Mataji: Unless and until it becomes like that, people are not going to take to something greater. You see, human beings are suffering because of themselves. When they suffer they only start thinking of the remedy, or they take it for granted. That’s why Christ has said that a rich man cannot enter into the Kingdom of God, because a man who is materially very, very equipped is so satisfied with himself that he is not bothered about his seeking.

All right?

Now, should we have the Realisation?

Yes, one more.

Question [translated by lady translator]: Do you have a lot of disciples in India or only in Europe?

Shri Mataji: Oh, I have many, many more in India, thousands of them, but they are in the villages. Our cities are still lingering with other gurus who need money. As long as they will have money, they would like to purchase the guru [laughter], and they can’t purchase Me.

Still we have at least about five, six thousand Sahaja Yogis in Bombay, at least, and in Delhi about three thousand or maybe more, I can’t say. Because we are not organized. We do not have any written names or memberships or anything. It’s a living organism, that’s all.

Question [translated by lady translator]: Are they all realised beings, your disciples?

Shri Mataji: Ah, yes, of course, of course [laughter]. They are not only realised but they are mostly masters, otherwise we don’t call them Sahaja Yogis. Those who just get Realisation are not Sahaja Yogis, but those who know the knowledge of Sahaja Yoga are Sahaja Yogis. They could be small little children also.

Question [translated by lady translator]: Do you have to become a disciple of Shri Mataji to have that Realisation?

Shri Mataji: No, no, you just become My children. [Laughter] I’m not a guru. Actually I have to look after you, and as a mother you know it’s a thankless job.

So it is nice to be a mother and the mother is always the person who guides the children. She may guide them to hell or to heaven. [Shri Mataji laughs]

You don’t have to become any disciples or anything. It is you, it is your own desire, it is your own development that makes you understand Sahaja Yoga. It has nothing to do with any formal sort of application or formal sort of an enrolment.

[A question is asked. Lady translator answers: “Exactement”, exactly. Laughter]

Shri Mataji: What she says?

Lady translator [translates the question]: Just being in front of You then one can become realised?

Shri Mataji: Of course, But to become Sahaja Yogi you have to work. It’s true.

Question: Shri Mataji, you told us that all human institutions are rather mental projections.

Shri Mataji: Yes.

Question: Would you say that how these people who are trying to create another world, a better world or something like that, are just using that… [indistinct]?

Shri Mataji: Yes, it is so, I tell you. Everything.

Seeker: [Indistinct].

Shri Mataji: Yes, something, you see, it is doing some good, but it is a mental projection in the sense that supposing those who are trying to do good, you see, to others… Now, as I told you that I look after My finger, you see, I’m not doing any good to it, nothing; it’s my own finger. That should happen to you.

You see that all these, I feel, you see, in early days I used to look at these people how they are. They are so conscious that they are doing great work, you see, they are very great people, all sort of nonsense exists in their head, you know?

They are not the people who really love in the sense they are doing it just because the love flows, you don’t have to say it, it just flows. You don’t have to do anything, it’s just flowing.

Like there is a big Ocean of Love, all right?

And there is somebody who is artificially trying to console you. I mean, put him in the Ocean and let him enjoy [laughing], simple thing!

It is such a mental projection, I’ll tell you how is it that – for example now there’s a big problem between capitalism and communism.

Now I would say I’m a great capitalist, because I have all these powers available to Me, and I’m the greatest communist because I can’t enjoy them, I must distribute them [laughter].

Those who have no money call themselves capitalists and those who really do not distribute call themselves communists. [Laughter]

Moreover, once you say that you are a capitalist then why do you ask for anything? Then you are on top of the world, you are like a king!

For example, if you ask Me, I can go and sleep on the street, I can live anywhere. I don’t need any comfort. A realised soul is a king for ever, he doesn’t need anything; he’s not a beggar of anything.

These dissatisfied people how can they be capitalists? So all of them are misnomers. I’ve heard of so many kings who were misers, can you imagine? And some were kleptomaniac [laughter]. How can you call them kings?

Is all self-opinionated, self-appointed business. For a realised soul [Shri Mataji laughs] they are not kings at all.

All right.

Now let us have it.

Now, how we do it?

As you can see here, these fingers it represents our seven centres, five, six and seven – on the hand you show.

Same on the right-hand side, we have five, six and seven.

Of course the medical science accepts that these are sympathetic endings

[Translator: “Sympathetic?”.

Shri Mataji: “Endings”.

Translator: “Endings”].

They are honest, because they don’t know anything further.

So the left and right both combine together like this and make a centre like this, as you see My hands. Now the third power flows through this and gives you Realisation.

But when She moves, if these are not properly set, or there is any problem, then it soothes that part of the centre, nourishes it, improves it and dilates it. And then rises higher.

So, when the Kundalini is awakened, actually what you do is to spread your hands towards Me like this. And all these centres can get the information. And they inform the Kundalini. Somebody who’s authorized is here. And then the Kundalini rises.

At the end She pierces this area, which is called as the Brahmarandhra. This is the area of fontanel bone where you had a soft bone in your childhood. Of course there’s a big mechanism that works it out. About that I’ll tell you tomorrow. And then you start feeling the cool breeze of the Kundalini in your hands.

Now, Kundalini is the Holy Ghost that is described in the Bible.

So you start feeling the breeze, cool breeze of the Kundalini coming out of your head. So if you little bit cooperate and understand Me, in the sense you have to put your left hand towards Me and right hand towards Me to begin with, and then keep your eyes shut, till I ask you to open. Take out your glasses also, please.

If you have anything tight in your body, anywhere, little bit loosen it.

Put your hands towards Me like this, sit erect but comfortably, not pulling back your neck or forward, just in the centre. Don’t try to fight with your thoughts.

Whatever thoughts are coming let them come. Suddenly you’ll find you have become thoughtless. Moreover, you yourself can establish your awakening when I will tell you how to use your right hand.

Keep your left hand towards Me, and both the hands towards Me just now; later on I’ll tell you how to put your hand, right hand on different centres on your body.

[Shri Mataji raises Her left side on the right side]

Now keep your eyes shut, please. As your Spirit resides in your heart, you have to put your right hand on your heart.

Now you can ask Me a question by saying in your heart: “Shri Mataji, am I the Spirit?”

If you cannot say Shri Mataji, you can say Mother.

You just ask the question.

Now, bring this right hand down on the stomach on the left hand side. And press it where is the centre of your mastery, or of your guru. I mean, the Guru principle in you has to be awakened first of all.

Because you are the Spirit, you are also the Guru, the guide of yourself. So now you ask the question: “Shri Mataji, am I my own Guru?”, or else “Mother, am I my own Guru?”

Please ask ten times.

Ten times because there are ten sub-plexuses in the solar plexus, and the same number of petals in the centre, subtle centre called as the Nabhi chakra. Meaning the navel centre.

So please ask ten times: “Mother, am I the Spirit? Am I my own Guru?”

With full confidence you must ask.

Please keep your eyes shut.

Because if you don’t keep your eyes shut, your Kundalini won’t rise.

Now, don’t open your eyes please, and put your right hand again on your heart. And say it with full understanding and full confidence: “Mother, I am the Spirit. Shri Mataji, I am the Spirit.” Please say this twelve times.

[To the translator:] Loudly: “Please say this twelve times”. With full confidence. You are the Spirit, no doubt, you are the Spirit. You have to just assume the situation.

Your Spirit, which is the witness of the play, has to come in your attention, in your central nervous system. It has to manifest through your central nervous system, enlightening your fingertips.

The whole being is enlightened.

Now, as you know, the Spirit is without any guilt. It is blemish-less, spotless, immaculate. So you should not have any guilt. This is a very common disease, specially with the French that they feel guilty for nothing at all. They do a wrong thing, feel guilty, and a vicious circle is built in.

Now to break the vicious circle we have to just say: “Mother, I’m the Spirit and I’m not guilty at all.”

“I’m not guilty at all” “I’m guiltless.”

This you’d better say sixteen times.

And if you have a habit of condemning yourself, better say it thirty-two times as a punishment [laughter]. For this, saying this, you put your right hand, raise it on the left side of your neck, at the base of your neck.

And now please say sixteen times: “Mother, I’m not guilty.” I’m talking about the Ocean of Love, the Ocean of Compassion, the Ocean of Forgiveness. So now, what guilt you can have, which cannot be washed away by that great ocean?

So open your heart and say that: “Mother, I’m not guilty at all.” Joy will start pouring in.

[Shri Mataji blows on Her left hand]

You are all still feeling guilty. What is your guilt after all? Please say it sixteen times with all sincerity, and belief, and faith.

Too much, still. [Shri Mataji blows into the microphone] This microphone also is feeling guilty I think [laughter].

[Shri Mataji blows into the microphone]

Now better. [Shri Mataji blows into the microphone] Better now. [Shri Mataji blows into the microphone]

Now put the right hand – left hand towards Me, and right hand across your forehead without opening your eyes, please.

At this time you have to say for this centre that: “I forgive everyone. Mother, I forgive everyone. Shri Mataji, I forgive everyone.”

Now some may think that it is difficult, but what is difficult? After all it is a myth. If you don’t forgive anyone, you are torturing yourself for nothing at all. But if you forgive someone, that means at least you are not playing into the hands of the other person. So just say: “Mother, I forgive everyone”.

Everything that we do in Sahaja Yoga is open, there is no secret. So is to be done openly as to say what you have to say, is that “I forgive everyone”.

Now put the same right hand on top of your head. Press your fontanel bone area, where you had a soft bone, with your palm, and turn it clockwise – where you had a soft bone, clockwise. And turn it clockwise.

Now, at this point I cannot cross your freedom. If you don’t want your Realisation I can’t force you.

At this point you have to say: “Mother, I want my Realisation, please give me.”

Or: “Shri Mataji, please give me my Realisation.” [Shri Mataji blows on Her right hand] Say it seven times.

[Shri Mataji massages Her Sahasrara]

Now see that you say it from your heart, because that’s your heart centre represented there, at that point.

[In a very low voice: “Now”]

Now you can raise your hand about four inches and see if there’s a cool or a hot breeze coming out. If not you try the other hand, by putting right hand towards Me and putting the left hand there. Try with your left hand now.

Put right hand on your head [Shri Mataji massages Her Sahasrara] then left hand on your head, putting alternate hands towards Me.

First you’ll feel some heat coming out.

Raise it your hand, raise it a little and then you can feel it.


You can change your hands and see. Hot. Very hot. Think is too much, but they’ll be all right. Agnya is there.

You have to forgive, forgiveness, forgiveness very important. You are catching on the centre of Christ.

Better now. It’s coming out.

Lady translator: A bit itchy, but…

Shri Mataji: It’s very minute. [Shri Mataji rubs Her hands and blows on them]

So, now you put your hands down and see if you are feeling any cool breeze in the hands. You may open your eyes.

You’ll find you have no thoughts in your mind. So without thinking you can watch.

You put your hands up and see if you feel the cool breeze.

Now ask a question: “Is this the cool breeze of the Holy Ghost?” Ask this question thrice. [Shri Mataji repeats several times: “Aham Sakshat Adi Shakti, Aham Sakshat Adi Shakti, Aham Sakshat Adi Shakti”]

Are you feeling it now? Good.

Now bring it down, on your hands also you’ll feel it. Now close your eyes. And it’s very subtle. This is the first time you are feeling the subtle breeze and you are becoming subtler. You are relaxed and there is no thought as you can see clearly.

Close your eyes and don’t think and enjoy yourself. [Aside to the lady translator: “See? Many have got it now”] Don’t think. [Aside to the lady translator: “All right. Good.” Lady translator: “It’s better” Shri Mataji: “Working out”.]

It will be there but you have to settle it down. Again tomorrow and day after tomorrow I’ll work it out. And then you have to learn it how to raise your own Kundalini, and others’ Kundalini.

We have our centres. It is all free for you to come there. Please contact the people who are in the centre and develop your powers of Spirit.

Those who are enjoying should enjoy it.

[Aside: “So many of them are feeling this. It’s tremendous today. (Shri Mataji touches Her Sahasrara) Good, it’s better. Good! It’s good”]

Now don’t doubt, please don’t doubt. It’s a very subtle thing and doubting will again make you gross.

Just try to feel it. Also don’t doubt yourself. Sahasrara there. [Shri Mataji makes bandhans on Her Sahasrara, then: “Hm”. Then She massages Her Sahasrara, then: “Hm”.]

It comes and goes with some people, doesn’t matter. Some people have it on the right, some have on the left – doesn’t matter. In three days you’ll be perfectly all right. Also bring your friends. Thank you very much.