Two Energies within us

Société d'Encouragement pour l'Industrie Nationale, Paris (France)

1983-06-17 Two Energies within us, Paris, France, DP-RAW, 86' Chapters: Arrival, Talk, Self-Realization, Workshop
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Public Program Day 2

I bow to all the seekers of Reality. At the very outset I have to very humbly apologize for getting late, because of the traffic was very funny today. I hope you understand. [UNCLEAR] to reach at the point where one has to reach perhaps.

Yesterday speech I tried to explain to you how we live with our mental projections only. And when we try to go beyond that, we get involved where we are not actually beyond our mind, but our mind gets overshadowed. As I told you yesterday today I will be telling you about the other unknown energies that are within us. Yesterday I told you about the energy of pure desire, which is the Kundalini, which is resting in the triangular bone, called as sacrum. And today I’ve met a newspaper gentleman from [MELOS] and he told Me that during twelfth century people used to give awakening by [CLEANSING, PIERCING] this sacrum bone, among Christians.

This bone is called as sacrum means sacred. And when I went to Greece I asked the Greeks: “Why do you call it the sacrum bone, sacred bone?” They said that they had a report with India, thousands of years, back where they discovered that this bone is a sacrum bone, having the power by which we get our Self Realization. They knew a lot about the Primordial Mother, the Primordial Power, the Holy Ghost. Even the word “ascent” comes from the word “atha”, in Sanskrit it means primordial. And even the name Athena means the Primordial Goddess.

But as the time passed they created all the Gods and Goddesses just like human beings and the whole thing became very confusing. So today I am going to tell you about the other two energies that reside within us. The first energy is that blue one, which is, if you see actually, is on the right side of the brain, starting from here and going backwards. Now this is the energy of our desire, by which we desire. Energy of Kundalini is pure desire but this is the energy of our general desire. And when this desire energy finishes off, a person recedes. It becomes passive and habitudes and [ RECEDES].

The right side energy, which is actually the yellow [BY] light energy is the energy of our creativity, of our action. So when we have a desire, we act upon it and that’s how we use the action to fulfill our desires. These subtle energies express themselves outside as [CLOSED, GROSS] energies of the sympathetic nervous system, respectively left and right sympathetic nervous system. Now, with this energy, by one energy we desire and by another energy we act. The left side energy represents our past and the right side our future.

Whatever conditioning comes to us comes through the left side energy and whatever we think and plan comes to us from the right side energy. Now if we do not keep into moderation and we start moving with our attention towards the left side, by becoming subservient to someone who is devilish, or we condition ourselves very much, too much we indulge into promiscuousness and the perversions of life, if we become alcoholic and we take certain drugs which makes us faint or which makes us sleep, or we so-called worship God too much by singing His songs like mad, going mad about it, we start moving away towards the left. In the left side of our being there is collective subconscious also.

We have also our subconscious, the past subconscious and the collective subconscious so that whatever is there, through from our creation is in that area. Recently I saw a very good film by some doctors who were giving an explanation about the triggering of cancer. And they are very near what I have said long time back. They say that when a person is vulnerable to cancer, because cancer is built in within us all the time, when we use too much of our sympathetic energy and the parasympathetic gives it the balance. But in case, if you go beyond the limit, as I showed you yesterday, if the centers break like this or if you move too much away from the center, then this is a vulnerable state of a patient.

That means that there is no connection left with the whole in that part and such a person is in a condition that the, that the cells are about to become arbitrary. According to these doctors that at this time a protein, a kind of a protein, which they call protein 52 and 58, attacks and triggers the cancer. According to them these proteins come from the area that is built within us since our creation. That means the attack is coming from Collective Subconscious. So all left sided movements, like going to wrong gurus, following dead practices, even maybe that people who go to the funerals too much, or those who are going to churches where there are dead bodies under their feet, or using black magic, spiritualism, charismatic movements, all sorts of these movements in which people get absolutely possessed, all the cults in which the so called disciples are just possessed, they cannot explain, they don’t know how to do, people take to it so easily without even thinking what they are doing.

They don’t want, also want to see, those who have been there, how are they, what is their condition, how much they can think for themselves. They just run into it, like a fashion close in. I live in a very elite society of London and everywhere. I have a double life. They don’t know I have Myself known all these things. And they all discuss among themselves: “So which guru are you going this day?” So that they must get [UNCLEAR] going to this guru. All this has not applied that one as if it is that kind of doctor or some sort of a juggler, juggler’s shows. It is very fashionable to talk like this these days, people don’t talk of prays or anything, they talk of gurus.

These gurus are real parasites, they are not gurus at all. They put up a show, they are very calm, silent [UNCLEAR] people and as if they are really saintly people, they wear dresses like that. But only what they have is that they have, controlling some spirits. They know how to mesmerize and that’s how they managed their show, they take all your money and once you are lost they are not concerned about it. All such people can get cancer, specially blood cancer, they may get epilepsy, they may become mad, because all left sided things affect the brain. The working of the brain is completely out of control.

Now, the right sided people are, are extremely ambitious people, they go on planning, they are very futuristic. I met some, they are so futuristic, that they have forgotten even their names, they have no memory left. And these people go on planning and wasting their energy on planning. For example today there [UNCLEAR] be a [TRACK] and whatever you may plan, whatever timing is that but you will reach at the same time when you have to reach. Most of the things that we plan are absolutely wrong, because future doesn’t exist; it is the present that exists. But if I tell you, you be in the present, you cannot be, it’s not possible. Because something has to happen within you by which you become still in the present.

A thought rises from your mind and falls off, another thought rises from your mind and falls off. It may come from the right to the left and left to the right, makes no difference. But in between these two thoughts there is a little gap and that gap is of the present. As you can see in the brain there are two institutions that are created on both the sides. Because of conditionings you create an institution for superego in the head. And on the right hand side, when you use too much of right hand side you create another institution for ego. Now these two, ego and superego, both of them are like balloons and when they cover each other, we develop our I-ness.

Now, the right sided person, who is a very dashing fellow and he tries to dominate everybody else and there are some mesmerizing procedures also by which you can make a person suddenly over ambitious. Hitler was the one who used these. He had his teaching from the lamas of Tibet. And imagine to what extent the Germans had to go. So now within us these two systems reside. For example when Freud talked about psychic He said about the left sided. Like he said that you should not get conditioned at all, what’s wrong? Actually he was himself a pathological case, because most of the psychologists get pathologic. When they are in contact with all kind of mad people, they don’t know how to protect themselves and they imbibe all their mental diseases within themselves.

And even he died of cancer. But imagine how he has sold away these western people. Indians considered him to be a half-mad man. I mean any wise man can see through, such absurd ideas. He had no sense of holiness, no sense of auspiciousness, no sense of sublimity. He wanted to reduce human beings to the level of a sex point. And those who followed him are today suffering from AIDS. And where is he gone now? Can he save some? Today the press gentleman asked Me if the West is lost and what are the sins, what are the sins according to God. I said that I cannot give the list of sins it’s too much. But I’ll tell you about the virtues. As long as you have one virtue that you are a seeker and you want to become the Spirit, forget about your past. It doesn’t exist for Me.

Like an egg becomes a bird, you’ll become completely transformed and who is bothered about the blemishes on the shell of the egg. Now the, both the sides if you start using too much, we develop imbalances within us. A person who is too much ambitious, uses his brain too much, you’ll be amazed, to give him a balance his brain doesn’t go off but his heart goes out, he gets a heart trouble. On the contrary, the one, like a lady who cries too much, she’s always miserable, and she’s saying: “This is miserable, that is miserable”, who suffers from the left side pang of life, who always says: “[I’VE A BIG HEART], others don’t have a heart” loses her head. I don’t know if it is a trend [UNCLEAR].

So here we are to understand that we have to be in the center, in moderation. That is how the great prophets came on this earth, to preach that we have to be in moderation. Abraham, Moses, Mohamed, they are all of the same personality. They represent the same person, the same divine principle, the principle of a master, guru tattwa as they call it. Now, when you have got ten valances within you, which are the Ten Commandments, and when, when you try to disobey completely, then you are a person very vulnerable to diseases, either mental or physical. Now in this area, as you see the greenish area, what we call as the void in Sahaja Yoga, resides these ten valances, the religion, the inner religion, not the outer one.

Like there are some people who are very fanatic, say in India we have people called Sikh, Sikh people. They are told not to drink at all, and not to smoke at all. But in England they drink much more than any Scotchman can drink. And they smoke so much that all the empty chimneys of London can be filled with. But they told that they won’t bear a helmet while driving a bike because it is against their religion. And the poor Indian last Home Minister had a problem so I said: “You just tell them the one who doesn’t drink and smoke needs not to wear.” And you’ll be amazed there was not one. This is the condition of fanaticism.

Now, look at the Christians. They go to church regularly, they take their baptism regularly, everything is done outwardly. But Christ has said very clearly that: “It is said in the Ten Commandments that: ‘Thou shall not commit adultery’ but I say, verily say thou shall not have adulterous eyes.” Now, where are those Christians who do not have adulterous eyes? It’s very nice to dress up nicely, to go to church and have your adulterous eyes moving [EVERYWHERE INTO CHURCH]. They are just doing what was told not to be done. Same about Islam. Same about every religion you’ll find out. People are just doing some things out of fear but not out of virtuousness.

Sahaja Yoga is the only way. When people come to Sahaja Yoga they become the true Christians, true Muslims, true Hindus. I don’t have to tell them: “[DON’T DO, YOU DO] this, or do that” they just don’t do it. Because as your Spirit is enlightened in your attention it is the Guru principle. You become your own masters, you become your own Gurus. You don’t need any other Guru. In the car just now one of the very great Sahaja Yogis told Me that: “Mother, this concept of being Yourself the Guru is difficult for people to digest, because now as they are without jobs, they do not want to take the responsibility of their own Guru”. But on a very baser level also I would say Sahaja Yoga helps there. Those people who were unemployed and young, and they are made to sit without doing anything, idle, it’s like imprisonment.

And the idle mind, it doesn’t know what to do. That’s why they break their legs in different directions. They tried all these gurus, these drugs and all that because they are unemployed. Young person has to be busy. Of course they have to have money, no doubt. But they get money all right, money, they have no [MODERATION, BOTHERATION]. But to get some money and don’t work, they go frustrated. If you ask some of the politicians to be unemployed we can see what will happen to them. They will break each other’s head, I think. But these young people what are they to do, what are they going to do now, how are they to live?

Then, we have people now, who have got into Sahaja Yoga. Some of them came under comas, you won’t believe it, absolutely drugged and they got Realization. As a result of that their self-respect came. They tried to find out some sort of a work for themselves. They took to education and apart from that, they, what they did really was to come up to Sahaja Yoga to help others. They became active and they said: “Now, we are employed by God”. So even the unemployment problem is solved. That is how things can be solved if you find your Spirit.

Now, at a higher level, at the spiritual level, what happens to you? Spirit is the reflection of God Almighty. And when it reflects in our attention, one of its quality is that the Spirit is collectively conscious. So in our attention also we become collectively conscious. I said yesterday that our central nervous system becomes collectively conscious. So on physical level also you start feeling others. But it is not physical. Like a room is dirty and you have to clean it and clean it, and clean it. But there won’t be any light. You have to enlighten a light there. By cleaning the room you cannot put the light there. But if you enlighten the light then the whole room gets enlightened. That means light is not the room, it’s not physical.

Now the Sahaja Yoga that we are doing now, is first enlighten the light. And then let the people see within themselves what’s wrong with them. It is much better to talk to such people who can see themselves clearly. Now if you tell somebody that: “You are very ego oriented”, after saying that you must run with such a speed of five minute mile, because that person must come and really box you. But in Sahaja Yoga when they get Realization, they come and tell: “Mother my Agnya is catching here”. That means my ego is growing like a balloon. After Realization you start feeling the tension of your ego on your head. You just experience it and you want to get rid of that ego. It is very interesting how people start seeing themselves and detaching themselves and telling what’s wrong with their ego.

The second quality of the Spirit is that it is the joy, source of joy. You get out of the, get out of the duality of happiness and unhappiness and you start enjoying the joy in a complete space where there’s no thought. For example now this Champs Elysees is a beautiful one. But if somebody sees it without Realization he starts counting all the things and how much it must have thought for cost, what is antiquity and all those things, which you’ll think. Even the sense of beauty has become mental projection, men are used to only think. But for a person like Me when I see something beautiful I don’t think. The mind becomes just like a ripple less big lake, like a mirror. And the joy that is created in that beautiful thing, completely reflects in it, and sometimes you feel a torrential rain of joy flowing down your being. And you get completely drenched. This is what the second quality of the Spirit is.

The third quality of the Spirit is that it is Absolute Truth. It is completely absolute. For example now if you want to know if, say, Michelangelo was a Realized soul or not, how will you find out? Sitting down here if you put your hands like this and ask a question: “Was Michelangelo a Realized soul?” and immediately you start getting tremendous vibrations. Whatever I’m saying you can get it like that, because like a computer you are and you get connected to the mains. Unless and until you are connected to the mains how can you work out your machinery? Like this instrument has to be connected to the mains, we can say this is the [COIL], [THAT, OF] Kundalini that is working here. And that [COIL] was connected to the plug, which was the Spirit and then the energy, All Pervading Energy started flowing through you. But one can doubt [THAT, BUT] when you receive your answers how are you to determine if this is true or not.

Now for example if you ask: “Is there God?”, you’ll get a cool breeze in the hands, whether you are an atheist or not. But how to make out, I will tell you a story. In India we had arranged a program in a place where there were very fanatic Brahmins. And I’m a Brahmin because I know the Brahma, I know the…, all this All Pervading Power, so I’m a Brahmin in real sense. But I was not born in a Brahmin family. So they refused, that I can’t speak in that hall. But the boy, he said that: “All right we’ll announce it in the newspaper’. They were frightened of that.

I did not know about this story. But there were some people sitting in the crowd who looked very angry. So I asked, suddenly I said: “Those who think they are Brahmins please come forward.” And all these people you see crawled up to the front. So then I asked them: “Put your hands towards Me like this”. And they started shaking like this, and they could not stop their shaking. I said: “What’s happening to you?” So they said: “Mother, now we accept you are the Power, that’s why we are shaking”. But I said: “Nobody’s shaking. Why are you only shaking like this?” So they said: “We are Brahmins, we are more sensitive, that’s why we are shaking”. And there were five six people sitting in the front and they were also shaking. So they said: “Look at these, are also shaking. They must be Brahmins”. I said: “Better ask them.” They said: “We are not Brahmins, but we are certified mad people from the lunatic asylum.” So this is it, that you see when we have wrong ideas about things, how is related. You can see that those who were not Realized were not shaking so much as the mad, fanatic and the other certified mad, you see. They were not certified but they were mad, certified by the Divine as they were certified by the lunatic asylum.

So one has to understand that when you ask a question relatively you can also find out that whatever is truth shows in the hands as vibrations and whatever is false always shows maybe little burning, maybe little stinging or maybe numbness in the hand. Actually many people feel that: “Why should Mother do all this job? Who is She?” I’ve always said: “Better if you can do it I’ll be very happy.” I’m a very happily married woman and My husband would really be so happy somebody to do my job. But one has to understand that if this is so, somebody has to also decode. Somebody has to tell about the Divine, what is He speaking to you. If I can do that you should not be angry on that point. But I must say that I am just like an enlightened candle, which can enlighten another candle. As Alexander told Me that he is already, so all of them have felt the Realization. He is a young man who got Realization and he is giving Realization to so many. But he is not a half-baked person, he’s not a half hearted person. There is one in India who was given Realization to ten thousands. And they have not even seen My face.

The other quality of the Spirit, that it is the attention of God Almighty that the attention of God starts working in us. That means Divine starts looking after us. Most of the Sahaja Yogis now say that miracle has lost its meaning in Sahaja Yoga. So miraculously people are helped that they cannot explain. If you have to write about them, I think I’ll have to write ten volumes. You believe it or not but God is really Almighty. He is Ocean of Love and He really wants you to get your Realization and enter into His kingdom. He is so anxious that I’m Myself surprised how things are working out. And how He keeps you in His attention it is remarkable, how He helps you in every way. Of course spiritually, you feel completely relaxed, you feel very young, you look all very young and you are all the time a magnetic person, so dynamic.

The whole day you will work and you will not feel tired. Suddenly you develop a beautiful voice to sing, suddenly you become a great poet and you feel so blissful all the time. Jealousies and vanities, all disappear. And you become really a beautiful person. When the Sahaja Yogis come to the airport, you can see the vibrations, but you can see the flowers like this. You forget all the artificial barriers of race, cast, everything, everything you get rid of. And of course the highest thing is that you are absolutely contented in yourself. When I came first to Paris, people told Me: “Don’t tell them, Mother, that you are a happy person.” Because French people think those who are happy are ignorant. And when the people came, I said: “They are all ‘Les Miserables’.” Same people today are beautiful flowers, doing the work of God. Entirely you change, all your priorities change and you become a very secure, humble person.

You know then when to get angry and when to be humble. As so many Jews who never respected Christ, now know the value of Christ. So many Christians who never respected Mohamed Saab now know the value of Mohamed Saab. They are so knowledgeable. Like in America somebody asked Me: “Are they all, have they some doctorate?” It is so much inside the complete library of real knowledge, that we should not be illusioned by other things, which are unknown to us, as divine. When you become the Spirit everything is logical, everything can be proved. You can see the movement of the Kundalini at different points. Supposing this center is catching, you have to say Lord’s Prayer, that’s the mantra. So… Otherwise the Kundalini won’t move. So everything that it is said in Sahaja Yoga can be proved, every word of it. You become the master, you know everything about it and you are so much blessed that you live in the Ocean of Joy. May God bless you!

You all can put your hands towards Me like this. Please put your hands towards Me like this. It’s a very simple method as I told you that your fingers have those seven centers within you. Those who do not want to meditate should go away. It is better for us. It will be very fair. Put both of feet on the ground straight and be humble about it. This lady doesn’t understand, [UNCLEAR]. If she doesn’t want to meditate she should go. It is kind of you if you can go. Now please put both the hands straight like this. And… This lady is not [GOING OFF], very obstinate. Should go. Please, please go out that you disturb us very much. It should be fine. This is not proper. If you don’t want to meditate then why should you sit here? You better go. Now this is too much. This is too much aggression. Please, please! Madam, please go! Thank you. You should not divert, that’s not a good thing. You see, if you have come for the lecture, all right. Then after the lecture, don’t want to meditate I’m not forcing you. But that means you should not force Me also, isn’t it? We should be fair.

Also I cannot guarantee that you’ll get your Realization; you have to be very humble. You should not have a shopping attitude towards Sahaja Yoga. You have come here to get something for yourself. It’s not for Me and you should not disturb others. Whatever you may feel you keep to yourself because you know Sahaja Yoga, it has thousands of people, all over the world. And you should not be troubling others because that’s not a good thing at all. Whatever your ideas keep to yourself. Or you may write to Me about it, but don’t force others. You are asking for the highest, but it is not any other lecture, it is a process of God’s grace. And we should be really worthy of His grace. First of all if we don’t respect ourselves, we can’t respect anybody else. So first respect yourself and not to feel guilty, not to feel guilty at all about anything. Forget about all the things, everything that you have thought of. Just forget it. At this time nobody is a sinner. Everybody is a temple of God. That’s how I respect you and love you. You also, please, respect yourself. Please, have no guilt in your mind. Know that God has created you with very great care and unlimited love. Now close you eyes. Just close your eyes and you’ll start feeling the cool breeze in the hands.

Forget about your problems; they will be solved and resolved. Everything will be washed off and cleaned and redeemed. I can console you, I can comfort you and Sahaja Yoga redeems you too. But you should be ready for [IT]. Just keep your eyes shut. Now, please, put your hands on top of your head about four inches. One hand, one hand, right hand. Left hand towards Me. Little higher and see if there’s a cool breeze coming in. First a hot breeze will be there. Put the hand parallel to the ground, facing upwards, on your lap. Put the hand on your lap facing upwards, facing upwards. Now please see if there’s a cool breeze coming in or if hot is coming out. [Sakshat NIRMALA repeated several times]. Now you can turn your hands otherwise: right hand towards Me and left hand in the air. [Sakshat Moksha Dayini repeated several times] See if a cool breeze is coming out of the head. All right. Are you feeling the cool breeze? You put your hand up now and see. Straight like this, towards Me.