Guru Puja: Awakening the Principle of Guru

Lodge Hill Centre, Pulborough (England)

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Guru Puja, “Awakening the Principle of Guru”. Lodge Hill (UK), 24 July 1983.

Today you all have gathered here to do the Guru Puja.

Your Guru is a Mother first and then a Guru and that has given Me a greater help.

We have had before also many Guru Pujas, mostly in England. And you should wonder why Mother always somehow is doing Guru Puja in London.

The time falls in such a way that it is in Guru Puja, I am here, during that time I have to be in London. So many years we have been doing Guru Puja in England. All things happen if according to Ritambhara Pragnya then there must be some reason why Mother is here in England for a Guru Puja.

It is stated in the Puranas that the Adi Guru Datattreya worshipped Mother along the banks of the river Tamasa. Tamasa is the same as your Thames and He himself came and worshipped here. And the druids, those who had the manifestation of the Stonehenge and all that, are originated from that time in this great country of Shiva, of the Spirit.

So, the Spirit resides here as in the heart of human beings, and the Sahasrara is in the Himalayas where Sadashiva exists at the Kailasha. This is the great secret of we having so many Guru Pujas here. To culminate it today and to this special type of Guru Puja in the year of the sixtieth birthday of your Mother is, has a special, very, very special significance because is the Guru Sashti – is the sixty years of your Guru has been celebrated today. And that’s how it’s a very big occasion that you all have gathered under the influence of again Ritambhara Pragnya. So, all that has happened has happened by the nature’s own gift to you and everything has worked out so well because that was the desire of the Divine and the design of the Divine.

So, the river Thames, which we call Her as Thames – you see, English have a method of making everything English; like Bombay they made it, Mumbai was Bombay, you see, like Calcutta, like all other words just like that. Like Varanasi was made into Benares, River Thames which was really Tamsa was called as Thames. Now from the name Tamsa one should know that is a place of Tamo Guna. Is a place where left-sided resided since long.

So, people were very worshipful, left-sided people, emotional type, and they worshipped God more than that they went into Yagnyas (havans)and all that. And Datattreya lived here and meditated on the banks of River Thames. That’s why Guru puja here has to give us a great background for your awakening of the Guru Principle. We have to go to the roots of everything so that we understand the importance of it. Unless and until you know the roots and the traditions behind you cannot understand the depth, the gravity, the intensity of any puja.

Today, we have gathered here to do the Guru Puja, again. The reason is we have got a Guru Principle within ourselves as I told you last time and also I have given elaborately the Ten Commandments as expressed within us which are describing the different the different types of essences within us. The essence of Guru Puja has to be awakened within us. That’s how we are having this program here.

Now it is important that we have to establish the dharma within us. Without the dharma you cannot have the ascent. And as I have told you before that the cleanliness of your being depends on how much dharma you follow, religiously.

At the time of Moses it was worked out and all the rules and regulations were created for Realized souls. But as I read in one of the books – it was very good, because if I had said this, people would not have believed – that it had to be changed.

[A child is crying loudly.] I think during the speech the children should not be here, it’s better to take them out. After the speech you can bring them along – those who make noises. Those who are quiet it’s all right, but those who are making noises you better bring them out. If they are going to make noises, better to be out or near the door so that if they make noises you can get out, so there is no disturbance. And during the puja is all right, you could be at the gate, door or some place from where you can go.

So, the laws and regulations that were given to human beings were actually for the Realized souls who would understand. But when Moses must have discovered the way human beings are, He must have changed them to very strict rules, because with human beings as they are, one has to be extremely strict. They can’t understand anything but fear. If you have a stick in your hand, you can put them right. Without that stick human beings won’t listen. They are only all right if there’s a fear. Now if you see the today condition of all the nations, those who are having leaders, or prime ministers, or presidents they are all people extremely strict, very dominating and very dry. And normally people like such people. Even Hitler succeeded because of that nature.

So, the character of a guru so far has been of a very strict nature for people who are not Realized. Normally a guru doesn’t – a good guru, Satguru, He doesn’t like to talk to people much. They throw stones or they don’t like to talk to people who are not realized. But if they are Realized then these Gurus change their attitude towards the people who want to see them. There is a tremendous difference between a person who is a Realized and non Realized in the protocol of God. A man may be the king or anything, he’ll be asked to sit outside. It has nothing to do with what position you enjoy. As long as he is a Realized soul and not possessed he is given the highest position. But if you are possessed then also the Guru will tell him that “You get out from here, first get rid of your possession and then come.”

And all these strict rules were there, that such and such person must be killed, such and such person must be given a punishment of cutting the hands, cutting the feet, even absolutely destroying the eyes.

This was done because they were not realized souls. It was the great realization of Moses, I think, that He took to another kind of law which is known as “sharia” now and that’s what the Muslims are following. In a way, it’s good I think, because people who are now normal people really deserve such a rule, but it should not be so fanatical that you cannot discriminate between a Realized soul and a non Realized soul.

Now the Guru within you will be awakened if you are strict with yourself. That’s one point is very important. Unless and until you are strict with yourself the Guru will not be awakened within you. People who are lazy lumps, who cannot sacrifice anything, who are very fond of comfort can never be gurus, take it from Me. They can be good administrators, they can be anything, but never a guru. A guru should be willing to live the way he has to live. He should be able to sleep on stones, he should be able to sleep under any circumstances. Not that the disciple should force on him, but it should be his own nature, that he can adjust himself. Comfort cannot crawl on a guru. Now those who want your Guru Principle to be awakened must know that you should not ask for comfort.

Even for a thing like that, yesterday you saw the dancing, one has to do real tapasya. Intensive tapasya you have to do, you cannot learn even a thing like dancing without going into a penance about it. So, a guru has to go through all penances is important. Sahaja Yogi need not go, but a guru Sahaja Yogi has to do it. We have to have penances, and the penance can be any kind of desire you have.

Say, supposing you are very fond of food, just don’t eat the food that you want to eat. If you are very fond of sweet food, then eat something very bitter, raised to power hundred and eight. And if you are fond of some sort of a very … – as Indians are, sometimes – … very spicy food then eat so bland the food, without salt. Teach your tongue to behave itself. It doesn’t behoove a guru to put his attention to food. I have seen some of the Sahaja Yogis, they are all right when the food is there, quite concentrated, but when it comes to the programme they have no concentration. Such a sad thing, such people cannot be gurus. They can be cooks, good, or could be food-tasters or something like that. Will suit them better, but if they have to be gurus they must learn to control their tongue and their desires.

I mean, fasting is a good thing for such people, fasting is very good. All the time they are worried, what are we going to have for lunch, what are we going to have for dinner? Such people cannot have their Guru Principle awakened, neither they can be gurus. So, please, be careful.

The guru must have control over the tongue. He must know when to get angry and when to be gentle. He must know what to say when, how much to say. That’s why many gurus have been more effective by not speaking. Silence is the best way you can help others, but when it comes to explaining Sahaja Yoga, you should speak. But I have seen with some people they are very eloquent when it comes to nonsensical things, but when it comes to Sahaja Yoga, they don’t know anything about Sahaja Yoga. So you have to be the master of Sahaja Yoga, if you have to be a Guru, not only in talking, but in your behaviour, in everything. And the karamat is the … I don’t know if you use charismatic-word, charismatic they call it or you say, the one how to do it how to raise the Kundalini, how to put it at the Sahasrara, how to break the Sahasrara, all these things you must know, how to spend your knowledge is viniyoga in Sanskrit.

Guru principle is awakened in a person when he himself has achieved something. Imagine a half-baked guru going along talking as a Guru. He’ll end up as a disciple ultimately. So, you have to be master of your own, but when the Guru Principle comes in you have to give it to others, it’s a question of giving it to others. So you have to be at a higher level to give it to others, have to be at a very high level. If you are attached to money, if you are attached to food, if you are attached to mundane things of life, you cannot give. Now the higher state than that can be achieved, which is naturally in Me, but can be achieved, is that you don’t have to have any dependence like that, that any rules and regulations, like saying that I will have no worry about food, I should fast, this, that – it all ends up. When you eat but don’t eat, that’s the state one should have, that you are eating the food and if you ask, “Did you have your lunch?” “I don’t know …” “Will you have your lunch?” “I don’t know …” Absolutely indifferent to the problems of the body. “Where did you sleep?” “I don’t know …” “What did you eat, what will you have?” “I don’t know …”

This kind of a state is called “atita state” where you go beyond and whatever you do, you are doing it because it is to be done. Without paying any attention to it, is automatic. Nothing is important, but this is – before becoming atita you have to steady yourself, “Nothing is important,” you see, is a, “avir bhava” they call it, is a kind of a drama you have to put in. “Oh, nothing is important, this carpet is not important, I should try to sleep on the cement.”

First, you have to do that. But after some time it happens that you don’t remember whether you slept on the cement or on a cot, “Where did I sleep? I don’t know.”

That is the atita state. And that state is to be achieved now by many Sahaja Yogis- in a state where you go beyond. Say there is somebody who is before you and you have to get angry. All right, you give them left, right, left, right nicely and then you are smiling next moment. Did you get angry with that person? “I don’t know, did I?” Like, Buddha once said something in one village and there was a horrible fellow who got up and said lots of things to him. And when He went to the next village the fellow felt that “Oh, I should not have done that,” Left Vishuddhi, perhaps. So, he went down and said, “I am sorry Sir, I have said so and I should not have said it, I didn’t know You are the enlightened one, so it happened, so forgive me.” He said “When, where did you say?” He said, “In the last village.” “Oh, everything in the last village I have left there alone I don’t take with me.” That is the atita state that you have to reach.

So, even not to feel, it’s not important. These identifications when they drop out completely then you are doing things in akarma state, where, like sun is shining it doesn’t know it is shining. When the vibrations are flowing you don’t know it is flowing. Already it has started working in you. You are surprised, you raise the hands and the Kundalini is rising. You don’t know you are raising the Kundalini actually. How do you raise it? You don’t know, that’s it. That state has already started atita in you, but get it established in every walk of life, everything, that you go beyond. And if you can manage that, that’s the highest that you have to reach.

Now with the incarnations it’s very different, it’s the other way round. Everything is the other way round. They don’t have to do any tapasya. They don’t have to starve, they don’t have to cleanse themselves, whatever they do is the punya. They don’t have to collect punyas either. If they kill somebody it is dharma. If they hit somebody it is the dharma. Nothing they do wrong. They are absolutely immaculate. If they deceive someone, they cheat someone, it’s perfectly all right. Because for a higher goal you have to give up the smaller goals. It’s justified in our day-to-day life you’ll see, that when you are defending your country, there is an enemy on you, if you have to defend your country you can slay him. You can cheat him, diplomatically you can befool him. Is allowed, why? Because for a higher goal you have to give up the smaller goal. But for an incarnation it is always the higher goal. He is not bothered about smaller goals at all. He doesn’t have to weigh, think, rationalize or to train himself or do some drama or anything, it’s all done.

Even the movement, every movement, every movement of an incarnation has a ripple in it, which is for the good. There is nothing, not even a moment is such which is not for the good of the world. So the incarnation is a very different thing, that is not to be achieved, that has to be. Now for example the incarnation is the “bhokta”, is the enjoyer, He is the enjoyer of everything. Many people, say, have created, now we have a carpet here from Turkey. These carpets were created by Turkish peoples some time back for an incarnation to sit. So, the Ritambhara PrAgnya will bring it round in such a way that at least I see it, or I have it, so that their souls will be blessed, so that they feel nice.

Like Michelangelo has made that not for popes, I can tell you, and not for all the rubbish people who go there. Neither Blake did all that work for the useless people who want to go and see nude artists. It was all done for the incarnation to see. That’s the way they have blessed the most, because they are beyond, nothing touches them, nothing is important, but it’s not rational or anything that they have trained themselves, but it is automatically they have.

Like Shri Krishna had to marry sixteen thousand women. Can you imagine? In those days of monogamy he would be prosecuted hundred times. The reason was he has sixteen thousand powers and He was to be born with those sixteen thousand powers on this Earth and five elements became His queens. He had to do some justification to have them around. And as I have now Sahaja Yogis whom I have, I mean, given Realization. So automatically I am your Mother, is established. But for Him there was no way out but to marry His sixteen thousand powers. And so He married, but He was never married, He was a bachelor out and out all His life. Because He is Yogeshwara and He is a brahmacharya. Who can marry … Him?

So, for Them all these worldly things are just a drama, has no meaning at all. It’s just a drama. A person who is not an incarnation should not try to be. That’s not the right of a human being. Like a policeman standing on the road, if he puts his hands right, left – we follow it. But you ask some mad man to go and stand there, he will be arrested. So for normal people, even you are a guru you shouldn’t allow them to touch your feet. Only an incarnation’s feet must be touched and nobody else’s feet must be touched. Of course in samayachara like as we have in India the custom to touch the feet of the father, but because the father is a representative of the father in you, that’s why – or the mother. But that’s symbolic, but in reality you are not to surrender yourself to anybody else, but to an incarnation. Also, if there’s a teacher in your room, any art or in anyway the master, you must touch his feet. Even to take his name you have to pull your ears. But nobody who is a human being should make touch your feet, especially the Sahaja Yogis should not. Nobody should ask anyone to touch your feet. As an elder you may, that’s a different point, but not as a guru. Is a very dangerous thing, once you start it, you know what it happens, with so many, they have just gone out of Sahaja Yoga.

So, to develop the Guru Principle within you first of all you must develop yourself, fully. Now how to develop yourself a Guru Principle, one must see. We have got the ten principles within you, as I told you before and we should develop these all ten principles in such a way, that we stand out from others. Yesterday as I told you that when we do dhyana-dharana-samadhi and achieve the blessings of the Ritambhara PrAgnya, then put that whole thing onto different areas as called as desh or bhoomi. How you spend them is the point – is through mantras, cleanse it through mantras, cleanse it through your attention, every day you must know which chakra to be cleared out. You must know about yourself, where is the problem, how it is to be cleansed, how we have to clear it out. Do not take it for granted.

Many people who have got, say, left-sided problem, you will just bring them lemon and chillis and think that Mother has done the job. I can only do the job temporarily, but if there is a vacuum again you will suck in. You see, these vacuums within you feel hungry again to have some more. So to take out that vacuum is your job and for that you have to religiously get after all your defects. That’s the most important thing for all of you.

And try to put full attention to all these different deshas – is the nations, they are called like this. And once you have cleared it, it is enlightened, is full of light, then you call it pradesh, means the desha has been enlightened. Once that has achieved then you have reached the point you can become a guru, but still you are not a Satguru. To become the Satguru you must achieve the state of atita.

The atita state is such that the person who is not a good man will tremble before you. A man who is a liar, who has cheated others will lose his tongue. A man who has adulterous eyes, who is a man without, no control, without any control over his mind as far as the women are concerned or men are concerned, such a person will have shaking in his eyes. Some of them will shake, those who have been possessed will be shaking with it. They’ll be all exposed before the light of a Satguru. When you achieve that you don’t have to fight them, they will themselves be exposed and you won’t have to do anything.

One day, I was told that there is a servant, lady-servant who is a very possessed person, in the family. So, I said “Get rid of her.” I went to the airport. On My way I stopped at that house and the maid-servant just walked in, you see and there was a big gutter flowing, I mean not a gutter but a open sort of a thing and she saw Me and she fell in that. I said, “Oh God,” so I told the driver to take the car a little ahead. And she fell in. It happens. I was traveling by plane one day and the gentleman in front started just jumping. So, a Sahaja Yogi asked, “Are you from TM?” He said, “How do you know?” He said, “We know.” So I sat back. It may be they may all have … A day may come when they might start jumping like that. Or a pilot might start jumping. It’s a big problem for Me. [Mother and Yogis laugh.]

Even the lights: you enter into a church and suddenly you find all the lights going off like this. Even in big banquets, I find, when I am sitting there and suddenly everybody comes and sit down and all their bhoots come around, they start jumping and then people start looking, “What’s happening, is there a fire on?” So many things can happen, like there was a gentleman very much possessed in a war and we were going to a ship and there was a little platform on which we had to first jump and the platform started doing like this, like that and the fellow didn’t know what to do with it, he didn’t understand why it was doing this. So when you reach that state you don’t have to argue or do anything, even if you lift your eye it happens that the person gets into problems. Or there could be some ego-oriented people, they’ll melt down.

First you have to do the drama of a guru, dress up in a way which is simple, you have to behave in a way which is very gentle, because you have to attract them. “Come along, come along, come along.” That’s advertising, Advertising Department. And once it is done, that drama is done it can be exposed very soon, if they will find out that you are not good, you are just a dramatist. Once the drama has been done then very cleverly you can bring out your real self before them. So first you don’t show them that you are a real, hard taskmaster. Never. First use all your sweet qualities. The more they are difficult the more I am gentle with them. Then they come inside. Then you put to the mill and you can cure them. First, prepare them. First of all, sometimes they are so frightened, they are so nervous, they are so upset, sometimes too much of ego. So be gentle. Gradually they’ll strengthen themselves also in your company and then, even if you hit them they are all right. That’s how it has to be done very cleverly. and if you see the way I manage My Gurudom you can also manage.

But the key to Guru is patience, a complete patience and complete dependence on God Almighty. That’s the key, complete patience. First, you tell them that this should be such, but they will not accept. They will argue – how, why, this, that. All right, go ahead. Then they will come back with a black eye. Or they may come back with a punched nose. Then you say, “All right, I’ll soothe it down.” You soothe it down, and then tell them. So is the wisdom, the discretion of Yogeshwara you should have. How to deal with people is very important, why I say Yogeshwara. Because at the guru state you have to give it on a collective level. Individual level finishes and you jump into collective, once you start becoming a guru.

So, all these methods which I explained the other day to Modi, you can understand that the ten of your problems at the void – once solved – you solve the sixteen problems of the Vishuddhi. And once sixteen problems are crossed you come to Agnya. And at the Agnya Chakra there is such a tremendous sacrifice without feeling the sacrifice, is awaiting. And one has to see what you can sacrifice in that atita state, because you don’t sacrifice anything. Everything is already sacrificed, what is there to sacrifice? And such a state should be achieved by realizing that you are Realized souls. You are not ordinary people and you cannot have ordinary, mundane types of rules and regulations. Like yama and niyama, the niyamas are for yourself, yamas for others, nothing. There should be absolute truths with you. So much so that you should manifest them and all these truths have powers. By every truth that is within you established, you don’t have to do anything, they work out themselves. So, first of all, you must get your chakras all right. On the chakras you must put your attention. After the samadhi state you will start opening them out properly. Clear them out. Know what are the chakras that are bad. I have seen people who have very bad few chakras and many good chakras, but they will be only enjoying the good chakras and will not worry about the bad ones. Pay attention to your bad chakras, cleanse them, cleanse them. Put all your attention to that. Put the attention of the God, of the Deity whom you worship and you’ll get the complete manifestation of their power within yourself. So, clear all the chakras, all the pradeshas to be established and after the establishment of the pradeshas you’ll have to establish the rapport with others on the collective level. Then a state when you become a complete Spirit at the Agnya Chakra.

It’s a, easiest in Sahaja Yoga and I have told you the reason, because you are such fortunate people. The easiest of easiest is Sahaja Yoga. The essence of Sahaja Yoga is that it’s the easiest thing to do. And that is why we should take full advantage of that easiest method, made easy, absolutely for you. This is the blessing of Guru Puja for you that you all should become gurus by next year. Just you have to dedicate and say today in your heart, to promise Me in your heart that, “Mother, not we’ll try but we will be and thrice you should say, ‘We will be, we will be’.”

Now last of all I want to tell you that now I have completed My sixtieth year and no more celebrations of My birthday, this is the last. Please remember this. I have accepted whatever you said, because of sixtieth birthday is very auspicious. After this no more celebration of My sixtieth birthday.

You have already thought of giving Me some present from all Europeans. On the sixtieth birthday I have accepted, but no more of this kind of planning should be done anymore for the sixtieth birthday, which is over now. I am telling you very frankly, all right? So nobody is going to celebrate My sixtieth birthday anymore. I hope it’s clear to you.

So, the protocol of the Guru and the Mother is to be understood in Sahaja Yoga mostly by experiencing it. But that doesn’t mean that you go out of the way to experience the other side of it. By being protocolish more and more you will find you will receive much more help. Like Nick one day I told him, he will tell you that, there were two ladies who wanted to go to Belgium. I told them they are going tomorrow. And the ladies said, “No, we are going today.” He said, “The Mother has said that you are going tomorrow, so you go tomorrow, whatever it is.” They said, “No, we are going today. How is it Mother has said that we are going tomorrow?” He said, “But She said it” – they wouldn’t listen. So, we sent them to the airport and they found they had to go next day. [Laughter]

So, that is how it is, that the protocol should be that, “Yes, Mother has said it, doesn’t matter. It may go wrong, doesn’t matter. Whatever She says, let’s obey and see.” By experiencing only you will know. But in the beginning only you will say, “No, we’ll not do this and that,” – it’s not good. So, the protocol is the simplest of simple to do. So, that’s the essence of Sahaja Yoga, the simplest of the simple is the protocol. If you understand the protocol you don’t have to do anything, you will grow by it automatically. But you lack in protocol and that’s how you do not grow. This is the point is, that to grow best in Sahaja Yoga is to know the protocol, which you can ask others. With experienced people you can ask, or if you want to have your own experience you can have. But some people try the other way round, like answering Me back, by saying all kinds of things they think “Let’s experiment what happens.” And then they break their necks and come to Me for curing.

So, that should not happen. Experience should be for betterment. And that’s how if you can ask others, take their advice, those people who are rising higher than normal, what is the protocol? And put your attention to it, how can you improve your protocol, what should we do to observe protocol, what wrong are we doing, where are we going wrong? Because the essence of Sahaja Yoga today is the protocol, which should be the simplest. Should be the simplest thing to do and once you know the protocol that, “If She has said it, if it is meant, then it’s all right.” But some people are so funny that they start using Me as a quotation. “Mother has said everybody must fast.” I told somebody that “You’d better fast.” So, a thin man comes next day fainting, I said, “What happened?”[Laughter]

When I say something to a particular person, they just circulate it, because they think, “Why should I fast alone, everybody must fast.” Is a big problem, that they always quote Me. Nobody is to quote Me to others, because one thing is important, whatever you have to say you put it on the notice board maybe with My signature, better – for general things. And for particular whatever I say, you should do it for particular.

At least, that much discretion we all should have. And try. You’ll be very much helped, you will be surprised, you’ll be very much helped, because it is for, everything is for your betterment and a special grace, if you understand the essence of protocol.

So, I am taking you to that point where you’ll start understanding that nothing is to be surrendered to Mother as such, because She doesn’t take anything, nothing goes to Her. Is only your surrendering yourself, by leaving all that is not wanted. It’s a very beautifying process which one should take. You all have come up so much and you have to grow very much further, I am sure you will go ahead and will become great Gurus as you have promised today, by next year.

So, I don’t know what is the procedure of the puja today is, whatever is the procedure, let’s start.

So now the first, the twenty-one names of Shri Vishnu, because it is for the sustainance. Then is the Ganesha Puja, Ganesha’s Puja. Then the third thing … Then sankalpa. Sankalpa is the dedicated vow – for what are you doing this Puja, that is to be said by all of you. Then the Ganesha Puja. After Ganesha’s Puja then you do the Guru Puja and after the Guru Puja after the Guru Puja we will be doing Devi Puja. After the Devi Puja we will be going out for our Havana, then after that – if you are not worried, I’ll tell you – is lunch.

So just now put all your attention to the Puja.

A little suggestion is that these are the mantras for your central path of Sushumna Nadi. Every mantra has a very great meaning and deep significance. The resonance must help your chakras to open out.

First and foremost thing, you must say it from your heart. Not from your tongue but from your heart. Say it from your heart, then the intensity will be great. We are not ordinary people who are just saying ordinary mantras. We are realized souls, we have to say it from our heart. This is the part called sankalpa where you have to have the dedicated declaration to Me why you are doing this Puja. It’s to all the world, to everyone, to all the directions, all the Gods, every word is noted down in the historical documentation. So you have to say why you are doing this Puja on this day, at this time, where …

What’s the name of the river here? You tell him. Arun.

Sahaja Yogi: On this day, Sunday in 24-th of July 1983, at Lodge Hill and west bank of the river Arun in the county of Sussex, in country of England in Europe, in the summer season, at 10:25 in the morning, when the sun is in the Leo and the moon is in Aquarius, we are doing this Guru Puja to our Mother Shri Adi Shakti. On the full moon day. On the full moon day, the Guru Purnima. We do this Puja on behalf of all the Sahaja Yogis, from all the countries of the world. And according to all religious Scriptures, all of us with all of our families, pray now for wellbeing, the spiritual wellbeing, the victory over all obstacles, the fearlessness, for longevity, for the longevity of our Guru, for health, for wealth, for nullification of all the baddhas of the Sahaja Yogis, to be the master of eight siddhis, to give peace to all, whether on two legs or on four. We pray for the health, satisfaction and auspiciousness, for all those who are now handicaped, for the emancipation, for all the people. to give them the highest knowledge. And whatever is our powers, whatever our knowledge, whatever offerings we could bring, through meditation or by whatever means, are given sixteen times, these we surrender in the Puja. And to the seat of the Mother, to the water jar, the conch and the bell, we are doing Puja to all of them. We request all the rivers to cleanse our bodies. Above all we worship MahaGanapati and request Him to continue this Puja without any hindrance. And we invite the Goddess, oh, Mother who has all the thousand purushas in Her, You have a thousand eyes and you have surpassing powers, we request You, invite You very humbly, be present for this occasion on Puja.

Shri Mataji: You tell about this water. Just stand up and say what you have got it for.

Sahaja Yogi: This is rose water.

Shri Mataji: Loudly.

Sahaja Yogi :Rose water, made from rose petals. They fell in Scotland on Guru day, today, three days ago, on Thursday, and from Highland spring water, so that we bow with washing Mother’s Feet with this rose water offering the Guru tattwa of Scotland and all nations. with Mother’s blessings.

Shri Mataji: Put it in that water so that….

Sahaja Yogi: Let our ears hear that which is true, let our eyes see that which is pure, let our beings praise that which is divine, and let those who listen hear not my voice but the wisdom of God. Let us worship with the same song, the same strength and the same knowledge and let our meditation enlighten and enrich. Let there be amongst us compassion and peace.

Now the prayer: Salutation to Shri Ganesha, sakshat Shri Jesus, sakshat Shri Nirmala Devi namoh namaha. It is You who is the beginning of all the beginnings. It is You who is the doer of all deeds which have been done, are being done, and will be done. It is You who supports all things that are supported. It is You who protects all things that are protected. It is You who is the complete, all-pervading Spirit, God’s divine energy. Think clearly brain, speak only the truth. Let Your presence, awakened in us by Kundalini, speak; let Your presence, awakened in us by Kundalini, listen; let Your presence, awakened in us by Kundalini, bless; let Your presence, awakened in us by Kundalini, protect; let Your presence, awakened by Kundalini in us, Your disciples, be the disciple. You are the essence of all the sacred literature and holy words and You are the energy that understands the holy words. You are the divine combination of complete truth, complete happiness and complete energy; and You are beyond. You are all knowledge, and You are the use to which knowledge is put You exist until the end of all things, and after the end of all things You are. You create the end of all things, and after the end of all things, You remain indifferent. You are the earth, You are the water, You are the fire, You are the air, and You are the space above the air. You are the gunas and You are beyond the gunas. You are the body and You are beyond the body. You are the essence of time and You are beyond time. You and only You exist at the Mooladhara chakra. You are the Spirit and You are beyond the Spirit; and those who would join God meditate upon You. You are Brahma, Vishnu, Rudra; You are Indra, Agni, Vayu; You are the sun at noon, You are the full moon; through all of these and more, You are the all-pervading energy of innocence and wisdom. You are the divine servant who stoops to wash the feet of saints; You are the tiny core of all things, without which the large have no purpose; You are the key to the libraries of all the scriptures, without which the truth is hidden; You are the full stop which completes the sentence, and without which the sentence loses its meaning. You are the crescent moon, You are the stars and You are beyond the stars; all the things, from tiny dot to universe, is You.

Shri Mataji: You are not to put your hand inside. Just pour water on My Feet when he says the mantras.

Sahaja Yogi: You are the future and beyond the future. You are in all forms. You are where the sounds combine; You are the silence between the sounds; You are the rhythm of all music and all prayers. This is the knowledge of Nirmal Ganesh, and You, Nirmal Ganesh, are the master of that knowledge, and all knowledge. You are the God and You are the Goddess. Aum Gam Nirmal Ganapataye to Your powers, Ganesha, let all surrender; and the left side of memory and the right side of action surrender to You. And let Your enlightenment prevail. Your first tooth You have, and four hands: one holding a rope, the second a goad, the third is raised in blessing and the fourth offers sustenance. Your banner is that of a humble mouse. You have long ears and are clothed in red. Red decorates You and You are worshipped with red flowers. You have compassion for those who love You, and it is for those who love You that You come to this Earth. You are the force that creates, the energy that pervades and the Spirit that protects. Those who seek union with God pray to You. Those who seek union with God worship You. Aum Gam Nirmal Jesusye. To Your powers, Aum Jesus, let’s all surrender; let the left side of memory and the right side of action surrender to You and let Your enlightenment prevail. You are the Word that was the beginning; You are the Word that will be the ending. You are He who was born of a virgin, and died on the cross. You are He who absorbs all sins, and who died to live again. You are God in man, and You are worshipped with red flowers. You have compassion for those who love You, and it is for those who love You that You come to this Earth. You are the force that creates, the energy that pervades and the Spirit that protects. Those who seek union with God pray through You. Those who seek union with God worship You. Shri Ganesha, salutations to You. Shri Jesus, salutations to You. He who is the beginning of all worship, salutations to You. He who destroys all the powers of evil, salutations to You. Sākshāt son of Lord Shiva, who is unending blessings, salutations to You. Sākshāt son of Mary Mātājī, who is unending love, salutations to You. Sākshāt Mātājī Nirmalā Devī, who is unending joy, salutations to You.

Shri Mataji: Now the Sanskrit verses which are being translated in English as you heard it will be said, at the time when they’ll be pouring water on My Feet, called as abhisheka.

Loud speak. Slowly.

You have to put hand, to hold it up. See now viniyoga, the word has come – the spending of it. What is the spending of the name of Shri Ganesha? When you remember Him, then where do you spend it? Viniyog, is a very good word. All right.

The girls come. No, unmarried.

Now they will read about Shri Mahavishnu in English, who was an incarnation, came on this Earth as Lord Jesus Christ. How He was created and the essence of it was that of … That when, was the One, had the essence of Shri Ganesha and He came on this earth ultimately as Shri Lord Shri Jesus Christ. But how He became Mahavishnu and what were His blessings, we should say, who was the Son of Shri Krishna.