Talk to Sahaja Yogis

Surbiton Ashram, Surbiton (England)


Talk to Sahaja Yogis Surbiton ashram July 25th 1983

How did you like my lectures for Guru Puja? I was rather boastful, I should say. But it’s very simple; Sahaj Yoga is very simple. It seems you don’t have to go to Himalayas, you don’t have to do anything, er, you don’t have to stand on your heads or break your necks. If you read your Patanjali sometimes you’d be amazed how much they have agreed (unclear)that you lead a life of complete brahmacharya; no entanglements, anything else, they had to stay in a very secluded place with their guru, they were not supposed to see anyone, meet anyone, talk to anyone, because that would take away their attention, and, er, they told me there were very few people who could do such a thing. Can you translate to me? (Marie Rouger is there, speaks) French? You understand French? (He’s Spanish but he understands English. )(Various exchanges) (Spanish people don’t understand French)Who is the Spanish who doesn’t understand? He understands English all right. (Only one Spanish understands French). But you understand English all right? Both of you don’t? (‘No very very little) I didn’t know about that. So, now, what you can do is, to when I say ‘You tell them’, and, er, she can tell them, also those who don’t understand come later (unclear phrase). (Warren ‘All the French sit near Marie’). Better. Otherwise everyone understands English, isn’t it? Italian? All right you can translate. How are you? All right? Are you comfortable here? (some conversation in Marathi with Shri Mataji’s granddaughter?). Katie, take her to my room. (Marathi) Thank you. Thank you. Now, I was saying that it’s very simple in Sahaj Yoga to achieve heights. When we talk about Shankaracharya, from his life, you see he first talked lots of treatises, like the (Legachuravani (?)) and all that elaborate explanations and how he learned (vaitarnies?) what is you have to give to Brahma(?) and all that and I would say one thing, I was about to tell you and, you people-why do you shake your children? Is not a good thing, I have seen it, all the time why do you shake your children? You should not shake your children so much, it’s wrong, absolutely. (Warren ‘They Jiggle’) Leave them on the ground, let them move about. Don’t shake them. Why do you shake your children so much? You see the whole system goes out. I saw even that Susannah was continuously shaking her child. Poor things, these realised souls, must be thinking ‘what are they up to?’ Don’t shake, there’s no need, they’re very quiet children. Let them be on the ground. (‘excuse me, Mother’. noise of teacup) What’s that? (Warren ‘a scone, Mother’) That’s all? (‘just plain’). So what Adi Shankaracharya has done you all can understand from his life how to become a simpler personality, understand the simple knowledge to rise higher and higher. Now the process of Sahaja Yoga is the other way round than the process, just the opposite juxtaposition, than the process of any human enterprise on a material level. So in science, as you start growing more and more in its awareness you start becoming more complicated and the whole thing is so diversified, so spread out, that, as I told you before, we can have a doctor for one eye and another doctor for another eye! Now the Sahaja-ward (?) movement is in the other direction from where we have left. Like we can say we come from India to England, by a tape recorder here. Achieve that tape recorder you have to come all the way to England to get complicated a lot. But then you are going back again to India, so this time we have a tape recorder but we are going to also blood country. So when you come up to this level of human level, which is so complicated and when you grow back from there, from where you started, from the very beginning, becoming simpler and simpler, you are very much more aware but you are very simple. (sips tea) See the point? Like in Sahaj Yog nothing is working out, so what do you do? Give a bandhan, finished. The most simple thing, you just give a bandhan, finished, it’s all done. Now if you want to use any material instruments, say, so remove the jam (?) only it’s impossible also, but supposing you have to, then you have to telephone to the police, they have to telephone to somebody there, that they have to find out the reason for the jam then they’d send people to correct it. After that the cars will start removing it, removing the trouble from there, and when that is removed then the cars which are without problem will start moving. It may take the whole day, God knows, when they do this. But for us, thrice, one ‘Mataji,’two ‘Mataji’ and three ‘Mataji’ and the cars start. ( Warren: We had a very good example of that yesterday Mother). Yesterday? (One of the Swiss gentlemen, I think it was, thought he’d lost his ticket, his wallet, everything down at the seminar place, and he was getting all flustered here on the balcony and telephoning to them, they had had a look they couldn’t find it, this and that; I said just put it in a bandhan and within, I think two or three hours, it turned up, and where did it turn up? In the pages of the thousand names of Dattatreya which were used at the puja, in between the pages of that mantra(?) And what we are saying (unclear)you can see as light and the people who have done the job or not can see by vibrations coming out of them and we have appreciated them, oh yes we did the job. Imagine, what an intricate machinery they must be having. Gregoire telephones to me that my wife is getting pale and now she’s going for an abortion and doctors have said that it has to be, cannot help it, and he goes back from the phone and the doctors say a miracle has happened that moment, the whole thing stopped and the child is better. What a machinery it must be, what efficiency! And what obedience, it never gets stuck, so (aside …just tell her, you should tell her, she’s just……

( several comments in Marathi…) try to say only 108 names. You are saying before me, It’s tremendous, you see has sufficient vibrations, you need not say one thousand. But he is a real Sahaj Yogi you see, so I didn’t take the test of him but I just said alright we should do 108, so he said ‘Why Mother?’ and I said ‘because everybody’s late they have to eat the food, I’ve given a very ‘material’ sort of, er, explanation. I didn’t want to tell him what was the problem. But he argued on that, he said ‘no, no, we always eat food, why should we worry, this is today a special day, Guru puja, what is there in one thousand names?’ I said ‘Go ahead’. He was caught up, you see, he was very angry with John and all these people in the house, I know that and then their bhoots had caught him. He told me that ‘in this house, I don’t know why, I should get only light head. It’s very heavy.’ I knew he was so much caught up and I knew these bhoots would follow us there also and they torture because always there is always a hurdle in the puja when they are there. That’s why we have to worship Lord Ganesha first so that he looks after it. So I told him do only 108, will be all right. But he’s a very intensive man and he said I don’t know what we should do 1000 after all Mother and really hit it off (unclear). So, after 108 his throat went out. They worked on him. So I gave him, asked, er, he didn’t understand why the throat was going out, so he gave something, er, a sweet, into chew, to himself, still the throat again went out. I vibrated it again then I took out from my mouth and sent it over to him to chew (unclear). Not that time he thought that it was all going very badly. Then, after that, still the thing was on, then he felt sleepy and his eyes were closing, he could not read proper Sanskrit, this that, still making mistakes. I was wondering. I was so attentive, every word, that at least whatever he said doesn’t matter, I should hear- ran on and on. To me he became absolutely, absolutely sleepy. You see, it worked. So then I took out from my mouth and sent it with somebody that give it to him to eat and after that it was finished. It was a very big struggle. He was very agitated but I don’t know if you people noticed, because you don’t know Sanskrit first of all, and secondly he was just closing down and drooping. Because that not only (unclear) when he got angry with those people there I know these bhoots are going to get after him, and he told me ‘My head is getting very heavy here because these people have terrible, tremendous bhoots, and they are not ordinary people’, those who can stay in my house, so you can imagine. I changed (unclear) so very well nauseous, very strong ones. And when I told him how to do it, you should have said alright 108, after all I’m talking with, I’m saying this because Dattatreya, even only one name is said is sufficient. See the vibrations. We were saying ‘Sakshat’ before Dattatreya, what is there to say it one thousand times, or 108, and even one is all right. And when I said it it’s all right, but in the beginning then you come down to 108 and then you come to one and then you don’t even have to say it. Then you become the simplest. Ah! See the vibrations?

So you have to become a simpler and a simpler person, like, I would say, if you have to study, for example, theology – (smiling) John come over here! – you have to break your head, neck, everything, and go through all the dogmas, you know, this thing, this thing, oh God. If you have to talk to anyone like that, either he’ll go mad or you’ll go mad and this thing starts, even with theology, it is true, can you imagine? Otherwise it’s very simple in reality. So the movement backward towards simplicity with full awareness is Sahaj Yog. (Conversation in Marathi.) And the Sahaja Yogi is more identified with the bhoot. Now there’s a struggle there. If the identification changes suddenly, it works out. Today it happened and now our brother John is changed completely. Cathy changed for a while and then she’s the same and John is still there. This is the problem. You can see that. When they change the face changes, everything changes, the attitude changes, everything changes. I mean they change just like that. Now John, you won’t recognise him. (Marathi) He also can come, he can come, It’s all right. (Marathi?) Right heart? Left? (conversation in Hindi/Marathi). (sips tea) It’s all right (Marathi) So, this is to be understood that if you are caught up and possessed, you see, then you are complicated. Then a complicated person will never see things straightforward, simple, as they are. Like we can say that in Sun’s rays there are seven colours if it passes through the prism, otherwise there’s one colour, simple. In the same way your Mother’s Love has all the powers in it and if you could establish a rapport with Her in a way that She’s personally happy, finished. Like there’s a connection and this connection is not working, all right, so nothing is flowing, but when you make it all right, the connection; love flows and everything goes in front of diseases (unclear). It’s a very simple thing but when you go in the other direction then it’s complicated. That’s why Adi Shankaracharya, in his last letter, er, in his last book, the Saundarya Lahari, he just described your Mother, that’s all. Even up to the knees, like a child would be looking, and he appreciated even the knees, that they are like the heads of small little elephants. You see, Ganesha. (the shape of them( unclear) And all the sweet sweet things he described just like a child would describe the Mother, absolutely with that innocence. Then people said ‘what are you doing, I mean look here, you are writing big big philosophy and suddenly you are describing the Mother’s Powers? What do you mean, and your surrendering and all that?’ He said ‘I know, this is the only way it has to be done’. But to make a puzzle as to why it is difficult to know, you see, how to please, and the best way to do it is to, you see, what I do is to shout or get angry, this and that, that’s a mantra, then the bhoots may go away. Or sometimes I sympathise also, try to see that the bhoots are convinced to my coaxing and my sweetness, but when it does not work out I take the other (unclear). And it works, sometimes it works, good. So the spirits there are on both the sides, they may try to push you on the right side, sometimes on the left side, so you should not identify yourself with them. This is a spirit and the other is there and to treat it, best thing is ‘I am the Doctor and you are the patient’. So if it is right sided you shout at it ‘Get Away’, and when it is left sided then you should say ‘ I am something, what do you think? Why are you here?’ like that. Try to be strict with yourself. You can work it out. I mean, in Sahaj Yoga everyone knows about everyone, if you are of a level, of course. If you are not then you do not know what you mean yourself and it is better to talk it over with others, your own problems, and after you identified with them or hide them or to feel hurt, just openly talk it, you see? If I talk about somebody openly with the name, half of the bhoots run away because they know that everybody’s attention is on that person and they get frightened of you. When I tell you, I talked about Cathy in the programme and I told them that Cathy was all open. She was absolutely fine. She was so changed, I was surprised, She was just normal, you should have seen her. But she did not keep it up. I told her, you just now go and put yourself into bandhan, lemon and chilli and all that, but she again got caught up. But in the morning you should have seen her, you would be surprised. And then John, just he felt that how terrible she was, badly caught up. He got all this pain. In one day he got caught up because he was sympathetic with her. So in Sahaj yoga, if there is anything complicated it is only ONE thing, is to know how these bhoots act. (Mother chuckles). They have their permutations and combinations, and if a collective effort is taken you can cure everyone. Say, now I tell you Mr X is very badly off. All of you beat him with shoes every day. Three days you all beat him with shoes and see fourth day if all right. Ninety-nine point nine per cent I would not say. If you had somebody like that I do not, then I just stop him but ninety nine point nine percent people I can (deal with?) absolutely. Imagine what a simple thing is to beat with shoes. Lemon and chillies. Today my elder granddaughter was very busy with realised souls. She told me why should they use these lemon and chillies, what is it? I said it works for some, may, it would work, you see, she was thinking that normally she doesn’t need any lemon and chillies so why these people are needing lemons and chillies like this?… I told her they, you know that, like little Olympia. She came there, I asked her. You went to America, what you see did you watch in America? How are the people? ‘Good’ I said ‘why?’. They are hot or cold? ‘Hot!’ I said ‘then you didn’t do anything with vibrations, you didn’t raise their kundalini, you didn’t give them realisation? ‘I DID, but they are still HOT!’ (here a break in the recording, evidently this was originally recorded on a C60 cassette).Very simple, any child can do it. (some conversation in Marathi) (query) Uh? Aradhana is, in her own way she’s working it out, but when she was a child she had come here, about five years of age, and she took a bucket, you see and made every Sahaj yogi put their feet in the water and she washed their feet, you see, through vibrated water I gave her. There were about five six of them, or seven of them. Gavin was there. Washed everybody’s feet, gave them towels, then she threw away everything. Then she came out, put the bucket there, put her feet there, put her hands towards Me and then and she threw all the (garden?) I think, and she closed her eyes, ‘Now I’m not going to see anybody, touch anybody’ and she just ran out (laughs). ‘Now Grandmama, I lock myself and she just ran out, She closed her eyes, ‘I’m not going to say (unclear sentence) and she wouldn’t come in the house … (Marathi?)

Ray, don’t collect any money for that wretched food that he had prepared yesterday. I will not take any money for that. Horrible….urgh. I was so much angry with him. See, he’s another negative horrible fellow. And I was so angry with him there. Of course he gave you a diarrhoea that cleared you out of course the bhoots ran away (laughter) Now, horrible fellow and nobody’s going to pay any money for that. (Jason – It’s a little bit late, Mother, I’m afraid, It’s a little bit late I’m afraid, Mother, but we can make it up by giving him something else in exchange) Who, Ray? (no, we collected money already but what we can do is we could give him something else in exchange, Well, we can give them another good meal.) Who, Ray? All right that’s a good idea, you collect that money and give them a good meal, but you don’t give me any money. And beat him with shoes. (Jason- We must replace the food, Mother, we must replace the food in any case) No no no no , there’s no need at all. He and his master must have, (we can afford it I think, Mother) No no no no. There’s nothing doing. You don’t pay for it. I was very angry yesterday and you see if he comes to know about it it would put him upside down I think. I don’t know, he doesn’t like all this nonsense. What are we going to pay for that rotten food, hm? First of all I was not wanting you to pay, also there should be nothing. I don’t like it …what is there about my children that when they find their food (unclear) and eat this dirty food (laughs). Oh God. It was too much for me. Now, so have you got your bedsheets, everything all right? Bedsheets (Jason ‘We’ve got everything thank you, Mother). Where is Ray? He did everything in one day, all the shopping. Can you imagine, how simple. Really simple, can you imagine? Everything we bought in one day, from furniture to the broomstick! Laughs. (Laughter). Really, it is! Jason, aren’t you surprised? (Jason ‘ Surprised, Mother? How can I be surprised with the miracles You work?) Laughs. In one day we arranged, in one day we arranged, er, this place for you in ONE DAY! I was in Brighton and they said that the university is not possible, because we cannot have it. I said ‘All right try somewhere else’ and he, somehow or other, he got it, and (snaps fingers) arranged; in one day, all that. All that, and heaven too! (laughter). In one day, I mean not even one day, I think he did it in half an hour’s time. He just telephoned with his Pamela. But some people who are not realised souls and who are realised souls but who are not (eating?) properly and still who are under the influence of the bhoots half the time , everything is a disaster. Everything. Linda Pearce telephoned. ‘Mother it’s a disaster’. I said what thing has fallen down or what is it? (laughter) I mean every day was at least three disasters and four catastrophes. (laughter). Sometimes her roof would collapse, sometimes the floor would give way, sometimes the walls may fall on her.

I hope Yogi Mahajan is safe and sound. I’ve passed the buck. Laughs. Seems better now, much better. (Warren, ‘Actually is Danielle here?) (Marie ,’Danielle she just left today) (Warren ‘Danielle was up in Dharamsala, Mother, Danielle from Paris has just recently come back from there). What does he say? (Warren ‘He says it’s going very well’) (Marie’ He says it’s much more oriented towards Sahaja Yoga, the ashram in Dharamsala. It’s much more for Sahaja Yoga). And much more it’s a Sahaja Yoga ashram? (Marie ‘Yes, and less all the other things’) That’s true. Linda? (Marie ‘Linda’s not in the same village’) She’s in a village? But, she’s improved a lot. I think the bhoots must have left her. Must be English bhoots, they can’t bear to stay in Indian villages. She has found out a solution for that. They must have all stayed back here, that too in that area. (Marie ‘But Mother, Danielle was saying that Datta’s just the same ‘) What is he? (Datta’s quite a terror) Who? (Warren ‘Datta, the little boy, he’s just the same, he’s no different) (Marie ‘Quite a terror’). He’s a problem child. I have told her many solutions but she doesn’t want to have it. He’s developed very sinister habits. What to do? Very destructive by nature. Also, you see, wherever he stays there’s destruction takes place. This is the biggest problem (Warren ‘ Shri Mataji, he was much better when he was separated from his mother, living with his family in Delhi. He actually improved quite a bit). When I went there, the family said, the family said that he’s very sinister, you see, he tries to be mischievous, and he pulls out things and secretly he puts nails into people and things like that. And one day he took a pencil and tried to pierce through the eyes when they were sleeping. And they said we didn’t want to tell Linda, she would be shocked, but we have never heard of such a person this age. It’s horrible. From very childhood he’s like that so imagine what will happen. Actually he was kept here, he was better I think. It’s better he stays here. (Warren ‘That’s what I meant. When he was in Bristol, Mother, I’m sorry I’m confused…’) No no The Indian was, because Bristol people put him right, but Indian parents are so good and indulgent. (unclear) But now who will take him then? Or we need to send him abroad. Should we try Switzerland ashram? What do you say? (Philip ‘There would certainly be room for him Mother, especially if Concheeti’s (?) is coming, because she’s trained in looking after small children’). We could try, you see if he’s all right, but very adamant and he has a power to be adamant go on and on and on, I tell you, he never stops. (Warren ‘there’s still some funny business over the passport, though, Mother. There’s still some funny business over the passport) Passport? (the passport for Dattatreya) What Is it? (Warren ‘You know he’s South African or something). No no, that is, not him, she’s the daughter. No problem on that. She smuggled her out, her daughter. Dattatreya’s an English man, imaginary English man.

All right. So this is what it is, that once you get possessed or you get complicated or over ego-oriented, over-read, all that complicated mind cannot accept that this, er, because it has lost its power to relate to simplicity. But any instrument, whatever complicated maybe, say it’s an electrical instrument, it depends on the simple power of electricity. And, say for hydroelectricity, depends on the simple principle that the waterfalls from a height. Very simple. But because it is not a living instrument, you see, it uses that simple power for its own manifestation. But human beings, being living power, they are disconnected from that living power or that power which is everything, and then they start manifesting themselves through their complications, which are artificial. You see the point? Do you see the point? And that’s why it is impossible to tell them that these complications are just your own mental projections. To give an approximate analogy I would say that, say there’s a complicated radiogram or something like that, an instrument. Which starts, supposing (unclear) it cannot because it is a dead thing, it has no freedom. But supposing it has freedom, it starts using its complicated machinery to manifest itself, without events. It will never work but it will only destroy each other and anything you are doing, something if not construction and destruction will achieve. That is why the world doesn’t understand that without any bad intentions (humorous note) how everything is getting destroyed? Like, first they said ‘All right, let us have industrial development’. So when they started manifesting that part industrial development created what? One one side atomic energy, atomic bombs to destroy themselves, then all kinds of artificial fibre to destroy themselves, then all kinds of fruit, tinned ones, to destroy and Bauhaus style houses (giggles) to make them mad. All the plastic mountains, they don’t know what to – pollution; atmospheric pollution, exhaustion of the Motherland, and they can’t understand. That’s what Mr Srivastava the other day said the condition of the World.- he’s worried. The reason is the thing that you are using, all these complications, are not going to manifest any more. Through these complications, unless and until you make that Divine Flow, the machinery is not going to work at its best. All the machinery is also made by that Divine Power. So the Sahaja Yogis have to be simpler but that doesn’t mean that you shave off everything. Like, I went to Malmo(?) and find ladies walking naked on the road. Really? I was so shocked. Tum ti tum. You’ve never seen such a scenery there. Women are the stupidest things in this side of the? At least in the East women cannot be that stupid at least. And I asked one of them ‘Why you? ‘We are getting simpler’ they said. So this is the same (Muktapari?) as I said it yesterday. It is a combination of stupidity, idiocity and cunningness and whatever you may call it. Together it is (Murkaba?) in Marathi language. All complicated language have shoes for any type of a field you see, they will have a name for this and that part of the; what happened, this part and this part, and what is the, er, a person if he is stupid but limited (unclear)this kind, then what does that mean? You know (unclear)a description of it it is useless.The garbage, if it is a blue colour, all garbage.(all right you made one, I’ll have – sound of teacup) . And we start wasting all our energy on this point. So, to be simple means that you must get connected to that simple force, which is a singular force which gives you all the manifestation, and understand how to work it out. And the simpler randra (unclear) is to know the source of that power; to know what that power likes. Is the simplest. Like the way they sang that song. I mean really, that’s (unclear) Jyoti’s brain, I tell you. It’s just blasted me completely, I didn’t know, It was too much. It’s a very simple thing; such a surprise. For some people, to them simplicity could be that you bring a dirty rag to give your Mother, sort of a thing. You see, they are very simple people. I do not like people to sit in the puja with dirty clothes, naturally. You must have proper clothes to wear when you are doing your puja, you should be in a clean, proper shape, washed nicely. Or you find some lotus eaters sitting before you doing my puja nicely. They might apply sindhu here or maybe on my nose or anywhere they feel like. Stupid people they are, they are not entitled to do any puja. I don’t say anything, but so many Sahaja Yogis, what is this? Puja is a special occasion, you may wear a simple dress, Kurta pyjama, simple dress but clean and wholly dressed. I cannot compromise, I’m sorry to say. Whatever I like, I like, whatever I don’t like, I don’t. Like the other day we saw a lady with the coloured hair like this sitting. I said, Baba, who is this one? I mean somebody might say ‘What’s wrong Mother? That’s nothing wrong’.That is also very wrong, because if you apply that kind of a thing to your hair you¨ll damage it. We have seen so many people coming to us from punk rock and they say what if? So, what I don’t like is actually against you. What am I going to lose? Nothing, no, you are going to lose something . (unclear) Her hair and painted it like that you know. (Marathi) Have you taken all the things? Are they ready to go Mala? Huh? Just find out. (Warren ‘There’s Kalpana already doing’) They have to take all attar (Marathi).

So let us come to the complications. First is, you must get a telephone, that’s very important. It’s not difficult to get a telephone, is it? (Graham? ‘Mother, we’re getting one tomorrow, we’re getting one tomorrow, Mother’). That’s one. Secondly, what Jason I have told you, you should go and tell them (‘Yes, Mother’). You can also give them the things that we have bought for this house. All right? And you can show them the bills. Mick (?) has got them, and you should say that, you see, if they accept, we can start on the renovation of this house because it has such a dry rot that nobody can stay here otherwise. We have to get it cleared out. So you just go and talk to them about it and then we can start our renovation of this house. This is the second thing. Thirdly, there will be that running purchasing spree that we have. There must be some things missing, so I would like you to make a list of things which are essential that you need. I don’t find also – you bought them to sit down, those (‘Chairs, they are downstairs, Mother) they are for this room. Also the dinner set, dining set, is for this. You should start using that down below, I am telling you now. ( Jason ‘There are many things there, Mother, that are very very beautiful. We thought some of them might be for your flat downstairs, we’re not sure which ones we should use’) No, this is all yours, mine is only the light (?) wood sofa set you see. (‘There are some glass tables there, Mother’) That’s yours (‘Some beautiful things down there’) That’s for you, bar stools. All of them are for you. You have to live beautifully also. Glass tables; what else? (‘Oh there’s lots of things there, Mother, but if you say they’re all’) Everything for you, (‘Thank you very much, Mother’). Everything for you. Of course, my furniture, you know what it is, it’s separate. Whatever I brought from there, everything is for you, everything. And also you can use the lower portion entirely for the time being, entirely, but if in case CP agrees to shift here then I will, might, occupy part of that side, that’s all, until Kalpana is here, but once Kalpana goes away we should talk much less. There’s one more room I saw there that something can be done later on, eh? (Which room?’). In the front there is a room, is it? (Jason ‘Yes a small room the other side of the entrance). Yes, if we can do cooking or, yes, there can be done, front side, is all right. Yes, why not? I mean if both of us are here we can come and do cooking here also if you want (Jason ‘Well we’ll soon be getting a cooker for this kitchen also, Mother’). Which one? (Jason ‘This one upstairs on the..’) Oh really? (?) (Warren ‘There is no cooker in this kitchen at the moment’). (Jason ‘There is no cooker there at the moment’) Well, where is it? You see what I am saying that, er, there’s no cooker you must need a cooker here (Jason ‘Well we’re getting one, Mother, we’ve got one offered to us’) For the time being you go ahead with it, use that as much as you like. You just don’t worry. You can use whatever you like, all my utensils are there, everything is there. Just carefully use it, it’s all right, it’s all yours. Nothing to worry. It’s all very well equipped, there’s everything there, er everything is there. (Jason ‘One thing Mother, I feel that we ought to be very careful about this food (unclear) food supplies down there. The food supplies they are all (unclear)