Havan for America Surbiton Ashram, Surbiton (England)


… all the badhas of the Americas… all the badhas in the work of SY in America… all the badhas created by false gurus in America and Canada… all the badhas of all the churches… all the badhas of Christianity… all the badhas of Surbiton… of England… of Sahaja Yogis working and going to America… of the ones who are living in America… of superficial shallow people of AmericaNow for Canada.… in all our travelling and in all our program of Sahaja Yoga… […]

Mother Earth and Mahalakshmi Puja Surbiton Ashram, Surbiton, London (England)

Mother Earth and Mahalakshmi Puja, Surbiton Ashram (England), 21 August 1983.

Some of you who cannot sit on the ground can bring some chairs from inside. You can get a chair for yourself. If you people cannot sit on the ground, go and get some chairs for yourselves. Sit down. (Shri Mataji speaks in Hindi)

Shri Mataji: Today, we have to know something about the connection of Sahaja Yoga with this Mother Earth. It is very important, […]