Raksha bandhan Ceremony

Tannay Ashram, Tannay (Switzerland)

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Rakshabandhan Ceremony. Tannay (Switzerland), 23 August 1983.

I said: ‘No we have to put it down that’s all.’ He said: “How do you do Mother?’ I said: ‘Very simple, put three times left to the right.’ And I put it aside one, two, three. And then he started seeing you know, storm clouds and big formations. And so we arrive here with the rain, running out in the rain, and very cool temperature. All wet. But the thing is, Nature is easy to control…Human beings are difficult. Do you want to wash my feet? Water first, little water…(inaudible)

So today is a very great day, when I arrive here, is the day of Guru – today is the Purnima, is the full moon day, the day when the brother is tied with that (bandhan?) Let me show them. So I brought for you all. Tied in the hands of brother, by a sister, for the protection of the brother. And we have a very nice story about it. When Alexander the Great invaded our country, he married an Indian lady, and after certain wars he was arrested by a King called Kuru in Punjab and his wife got desperate. So she sent one rakhi like this in a plate(?) like that with the cover in a pot.

Now when he – that was the day of Rakshabandhan – so, what they did, he lifted the cover and saw a rakhi, which was presented to him. And on that day you cannot refuse. So he asked the carrier man to give the rakhi to him and he asked somebody to tie it. And he asked: ‘Now who is my sister, who has sent it?’ So they said that it is the wife of Alexander, whom you have arrested. So he just got out of the arrangement; he got up from his throne and then he rushed to the jail and prostrated himself before Alexander and he couldn’t understand what had happened. So he said: ‘I didn’t know that you are my brother-in-law and I didn’t know that you are the son-in-law of our family, so I am sorry for doing this thing for you. It is so disgusting for me to behave like this, so will you please come out? And he brought him out and put him on his throne.

So he couldn’t understand what was the thing; he was so flabbergasted you see and then he said: ‘Now you can go home.’ And he sent him with lots of jewellery and lots of sweets and all that, to his house and he himself was there with him, to see him off. So when he went in, his wife was smiling and he asked her: ‘I can’t understand what has happened to this king, has he gone mad? He has released such a dangerous criminal like me. I can spring the whole country now’.

She said: ‘Did you see on his hand something tied?’ He said: ‘I saw a shining thread on his hand being tied, but what does that mean?’ So she said: ‘Today is the day of Rakshabandhan. On this day I sent him this bandhan, this one, and he tied it, so he becomes my brother. Now he cannot harm you because you are my (soltargen?) you are my husband, my good luck, he can’t harm you, and he respected you so much because you are like the son-in-law now, in the family’. And Alexander said: ‘That settles it. I am going home. If these people can release such a dangerous criminal for only one thread, what sort of symbolic people are these, I mean they can do anything like that and how can you rule such sensitive people?’

So you see, he took a poet and many other people with him, to Greece and his name was Chandabadai and he has written lots of poems about him, about Greece. But so many of his soldiers didn’t want to go back and they settled down in India with their wives and they are living in some forest in India. So only a thread has done all this goodness. I hope you people will also respect all your feelings with a delicate thread of love from India.

And Vishnumaya, the One which today announced our coming, is the sister of Shri Krishna, and you must know…who disappeared in the sky and you know who announced the coming of Shri Krishna later on – Vishnumaya. And after eight days we have the Birthday of Shri Krishna to be celebrated in Geneva. That’s why it’s very suggestive today that I should bring rahki to you, because a sister will give you this great protection to her brother.

So when are we having the puja now, what is the idea? (Arneau -Sri Mataji the Sri Krishna puja? The thirty-first?) Thirty-first. So better do that I think because they have also picked a sari for a Krishna Puja, for you, and they thought that best is to do the thirty-first puja here. Krishna Puja [INAUDIBLE] than any other puja. But this is like doing the puja now is all right. Are you feeling better now all of you? The visshuddi. (Arneau asks for the puja to work out with all the seekers of this country and that the government recognises you) You know this is Krishna Puja, and Krishna resides on the visshuddhi chakra, and visshuddhi chakra is America, so is even MORE significant now that in Geneva we should work out for Americans. Now can you translate…We had a nice puja for America in London about three days back [INAUDIBLE] the thirteenth day is the [INAUDIBLE] day for puja always, and we had one nice puja there, and I gave a very good lecture, I don’t know if you have got the tapes. I don’t know…can ask Paul. Did they give you any tapes Paul?

(Paul Wynter) – I think it’s only videotapes…it’s possible Mother.

Shri Mataji: Just have a look. What a nice ashram you (Arneau It’s Your house Shri Mataji)

Shri Mataji: Beautiful, very good, very nice. It has a nice big room I must say, quite a big room. 

(Arneau: fireplace for the havan).

 Is it? Good. And the area you have outside also, with garden  So how is Genevieve? She got the money back, it’s all right. Er, if you have My number in Brompton Square, ask for (Mila?) to open the letter sent for (Kansana?) and send the details of the letter (?) the whole story about it.( more inaudible conversation with Warren) and just write it down.

I wore the green because it was all dry. [INAUDIBLE]

Marcus what did you want to bring from there for the puja? [INAUDIBLE] Yes, you see, for little things that (inaudible) I mean that thali, and all that (inaudible) but maybe for something essential then you may tell him?

The British people were very fine, they gave me a very good dinner. 

(Arneau – Mother would you like to eat something?) 

Thank you.  Aw, very full, what’s that?  (?) I can’t eat very much, again I can’t eat (?) 

So, what are you having for programme? Tomorrow somebody’s coming to see Me? 

(Arneau Sri Mataji tomorrow somebody’s coming for both of you about nine o’clock in the morning)

 It’s all right 

(general discussion of the man’s timing by Antoinette)

So he’s coming from nine to ten. And then, what is he? (Arneau – he’s a journalist and he’s writing in one of the most read newspapers, a weekly newspaper which reaches boxes.)

 Quite sensible, (laughing) 

(Arneau – I hope so. No, but he was quite positive.)

Thank you 

(Arneau – and we had two programmes Sri Mataji in Lausanne but er, every time they call me back) 

(Mother inaudible) 

(Arneau – no, for afterwards.  Afterwards we have two programmes in Lausanne on Thursday and Friday)

I mean, after this programme here? 

(Arneau – Yes on Thursday and Friday. Tomorrow afternoon it’s three, and because it’s nice weather we thought it would be a good idea to go to a place close to the lake, if you would allow all together to vibrate the lake)

All of them standing, balancing themselves, (laughs) all right.

(Arneau – And there’s an interview for the radio too- This interview, Matthias, I said this morning, must be either tomorrow or the day after tomorrow)

So now you let me know, you know I’m at your disposal whatever you say it is. Main thing is that you should have a puja in such a way that all this advertising and all those falls before the programme so it does not hamper the programme.

(Arneau -everything has been advertised already and if people take out some posters of yours they can put it again. One thing is that this year we have put big posters of You)

This poster is very beautiful

 ( Arneau- May I show you one Sri Mataji? This big blue poster and it is official and officially put by the authorities in the town for fifteen days)


(Arneau- the administration of the town, officially, for fifteen days)

What to say! It was rakshabandhan!

(Arneau- so when I get out of the train, Sri Mataji, every morning I see Your Divine picture in front of me in the station)

And they didn’t say anything about it

(Arneau – It’s official, they cannot do anything about it now. A huge placard. It’s tremendous)

On the main station?

(Arneau – all the places inside Lausanne and all the lakeside)

But how did you manage? Imagine, officially, just think of it. In England it’s impossible.

(Antoinette – never it was allowed before, no nobody could do that)


(Antoinette – No never for a personality)

But how did you get the permission? You just went and asked them?

(Arneau- We asked them and they allowed us to put the posters – eighty in Geneva and fifteen of them (in other spots and boxes UNCLEAR) fifty thousand


(Arneau – this is a first class job – he is a graphic designer, Pascal has done the job, the graphic)

Oh. I see, he has done it, may God bless him, done beautifully. Really well done. Looks like a painting actually.

(Antoinette – From far away it’s tremendous)

It’s in a realistic style, very powerful.

(Arneau – We are all thinking Sri Mataji that this picture will attract all the left seekers who didn’t come yet to Sahaja Yoga the last years)

This doctor, who belongs to the WHO, what was his name, this Indian doctor?  Muraliker or something? He’s the one he calls to London, he telephoned to me, he wants to meet me, I forgot his name. He’s talking to this doctor Maroldo(?) head of the thing, this gentleman, so if you can find the list of the WHO people he would be there. It starts with M. And he wants to meet me. You can call him here as I tell you. He’s quite a responsible man and he might do something (unclear).

(Arneau – Where is he working, in Geneva?)

WHO. Imagine, realisation in the ‘plane. Forgotten his name but, er, (unclear conversation) Indian – From the same place as Boutros Ghali(?)

Sri Mataji welcomes a child who was saying Her Name

How beautiful, how beautiful! You can kiss me

Come along all the children

Sri Mataji greets all the children, they laugh and giggle

Hello, hello, come along, bring the baby. How are you, how are you, oh ho ho. Little boy, here’s a little, little boy, hello,hello (baby giggles joyously) good. Ooh, you too? That’s a little baby, little baby, baby, baby, little baby (giggles again) see how open he has become, isn’t it? He’s become such a nice child.

(Arneau- Sri Mataji, did you know that it is the first day that Brigitte has gone out of the house now?) 


(Arneau- She’s living in the ashram now)

Aah, good, she’s so much changed (unclear) – so much better – Markandeya

(Unclear short conversation)

Tomorrow morning nine o’clock I’ll be ready. Only thing I would like you all to tell me your names, one by one. 

(Warren – the rakhis you might like – these are vibrated)

Ah, to celebrate. Now the sisters must take one of them and tie to anyone who they think could be their brother and then you have to treat him like a brother and look after him like a brother. What’s that? 

(Antoinette-Barbara’s name).

Barbara. I would like to know the names. Stand up

 (Arneau – Pierre, Magda, Derek, – he’s half American)

Oh I see!

(Arneau . Sophia)

How are you, Sophia?

 (Arneau – Anne, Michelle, Paula, Jacqueline, Marianne, she’s very new, just two months she got her realisation)

All right, doesn’t matter, she’s a little baby (laughter)

(Arneau – Monique, Jose, he came from Argentina, he’s Argentinian) 

We have some people from Chile, very good people you remember from Chile.

(Arneau – Etienne, Ghiblaine, Sophie, Dominique, Pascal,the graphist, Dorotha, Sylvie, Caroline, Renaud and Carine. Sylvia) 

I know the rest of them.Where is the newspaper man ?

(Arneau . He’s in trouble. He had not a good attitude to sahaja Yoga.He’s smoking for a long time, doesn’t come to programmes)

He came to Paris he was in Paris puja. Smoking is such a problem. Matthias, I think everything is done, everything is ready?

(Matthias- Unfortunately we were not fortunate enough to bring the radio interviewer to Tannay

There is American radio, Sri Mataji, here in Geneva, for American, for English speaking communities. We managed to have, there is a one hour programme called ‘Freely Speaking’ and they are prepared, Sri Mataji, I’m sorry for saying ‘prepared’, but this is how it works out, to have you on this programme, but then, Sri Mataji, she didn’t want to come here because she’s very booked up and she would like You to come to the studio)

All right

(Matthias – if possible tomorrow at half past two, Sri Mataji)

All right, of course I will, no doubt, no problem, no doubt, finished. Why not? American?

(Matthias – All English-speaking communities)

That’s very good.

(Matthias- she is American herself)

But her English is American or English English? (laughter)

(Matthias- she has lived here for about fifteen years already in Geneva so she’s very (very nice?))

Then it must be French English! (laughter). Even English English is so funny sometimes. You know they have so many cockneys and that and sometimes we really have a language problem! So good, tomorrow

May God bless you

(Jagan Mata Sri Nirmala Devi Ki Jai)