Radio 74 Interview

Geneva (Switzerland)


Excerpts of 1983-0824 Radio 74 Interview – 2

(09:55) Interviewer: I’m quite interested in the idea of reincarnation that I believe. It is not … and it is not in the Indian religions and what do You believe an think about that?

Shri Mataji: Reincarnations of human beings has to be there. We can understand it that, if you are born say – today as a Jew or you are born as a Christian or you are born as a Muslim, you adhere to one aspect of life, but you have not seen the other aspect. I have seen now people while they are coming to Me when I went to a Muslim country, Iran. Now it’s all finished, but that time. And I was amazed that I saw this Muslims and they looked like … [sounds like ‘astorned ?’] Brahmins of last lives. You see, once they went like a pendulum they have moved from one extreme to another and that extreme to this extreme. To correct yourself God almighty’s compassion and love has to give you chance and that’s how He gives. Now, if you ask for something too much, you get it and you learn a lesson that: ‘Oh, that was not good. I should not have ask for it’.

Interviewer: In this reincarnation idea I once have an idea, that to take just an obvious example in my own experience in the thought, that if a white man hung a black man and they had a race war that the white man would come back one day as a black man who was hung and if the black man were nice he would come back as something else nicer. Now, is that correct in other words, if you really hate and you really try and harm that you would come back in another life as the object of the thing that you hate it?

Shri Mataji: No, is the other way round. What happens? Now, if say as the white man has [… word ambiguous] the black man as you said it and has hanged you, than he will become a spirit – the black man and when the white man will take is birth he will harm him. He’ll possess him and he’ll get all kinds of diseases. Even he can get cancer from that because all this myelitis and all this diseases come from this kind of a thing, which is collective subconscious. The entry from the collective subconscious. So this is what is the result today. When people they tell Me that there are fake gurus from India who are possessing here and who are take out they’re money and all that, that I said that is just there now, it’s a subtle attack, you see. (12:39)


1983-0824 Radio 74 Interview – 2

(16:28) Interviewer: How would You speak to people who feel that they are bound by poverty. There are people in wealthy countries who’s poverty line incomes would seen like enormous riches to people in other countries. How do You speak to people who feel they are bound by poverty?

Shri Mataji: Those who are very poor are just the same as very rich. You see, the very poor have the same problem as the very rich have. As the rich have lost all their virtues, very rich, the poor have also lost all their virtues. The thing is, one is on a ego trip another is on a superego trip. The central path has to be taken. The central people first get their realization. Those who are not very rich and those who are not very poor. Those who are very successful are very ego-oriented. Those who are very highly place are also very ego-oriented. Those who are very poor are superego. Why mean they think: We are so miserable, we are no good, nothing. So the people who has to work this evolution now in the mass scale are the people who are in the center. Neither very rich nor very poor. But once these people get to it then the poverty can be cured very easily. Mostly like people in India you will say that people are poor – of course in a way sometimes poverty is a blessing I would say. You see, there is love for children, there is love for family, there is togetherness. But too much poverty comes to a country when it is too more under influence of the dead spirits, like in India, we have now Bengal for example. Bengal is a place where they have used lot of these dead powers and this witchcraft and this and that and that’s why the poverty is there. So, if you have used this witchcraft and all these, like Bihar, is another place, UP, where there lots of this tantrikas and these horrible witchcraft people, which have brought in this superego style. It comes from the collective subconscious and the people who are collectively supraconscious, the worst of that was Hitler. Hitler was… [interruption]  (18:50)