God’s Love Part 1

Lausanne (Switzerland)

1983-08-25 God’s Love Part 1, Lausanne, Switzerland, DP-RAW, 70'
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Public Program Day 1

Shri Mataji: You want to speak through… It’s rather hot.

Sahaja Yogini: Should I come to the other side?

Shri Mataji: I think so. Better be here.

[Yogini translates into Italian or French]

I bow to all the seekers of Truth. I have to ask for [in] your attention, to the understanding that so far whatever we have endured, whatever we have achieved, whatever we think is the development, thinking the whole world as one, we have gone away, deviated from our goal. Now when I have chance of meeting people, I found they even are against God Almighty. Some people who are not so much blessed in life think that it is the fault of God, and some people, who are really blessed, have forgotten Him completely.

Today I am going to talk to you about His Love, what He has done for us. Sahaja Yoga is the blessing of God Almighty, specially made for people who are seeking something higher, something more pure, something greater than [we/they] have had so far. This opportunity is available to everyone ? for those who are rich or poor, educated, uneducated, developed, underdeveloped. Everyone has the chance. He has made it possible that people who are really seeking, because you have to knock at the door, will be blessed with something so great that it will fulfill all that is incomplete within them. So, all that is incomplete will be fulfilled. That all the problems of this human world will be finished, as you will become your absolute Self. All the confusion between the ego and your conditionings will be resolved. For this you cannot pay. Because one must understand that God is a living force of love. In that force He creates this beautiful garden for us. He transforms flowers into fruits. He gives all that is needed to us, all that is needed to us. So whatever is needed you cannot do it by effort.

For a Western mind it is very difficult to accept that you get the blessings of God, of your Self-knowledge without doing anything about that. Because this is your right to get it. The whole creation is for this, that you get this, because you deserve it, that you are ready for it, that you are mature for it. You don’t have to do anything more for it. Some people who believe that if you just lead a very good life, then it is done for you, it’s not correct. Because a person may ask, ‘Why a good life also?’

Translator: Why a good life?

Shri Mataji: Why a good life? Why to lead a good life, a religious life, a very saintly life? Why? What’s the use? Why should I do it? Or it is another conditioning, that you say that you have to lead a good married life, have children, live very happily but [it’s/is] sanctioned with a child? What is the use? Why should I do it? Because you have to ascend. If that good life also makes you absolutely conditioned and solidified, then it is useless. Then you are not doing what you are [suppose/supposed] to achieve. You have to ascend in your consciousness.

So today, I am telling you about the blessings of God out of His Love that He has made it possible that everyone who’s seeking a higher life can get it. Now so far people say, ‘We’ve done so much and why didn’t we get it? How it has become so much easier now?’ So I have to explain to you historical, if you know, first it was the work of a man as a ‘masculine personality’, [where/when] he has to build up this scienceness, all those extra world activities. Like a tree grows upwards. And then now is the time for the ‘feminine consciousness’ to rise within you, to nourish like a mother’s womb does. You find so many ‘feminine consciousness’ coming up, but they are made to make you deviate again. They are just behaving in the same way as [madman/manly world], [but in the end they will not [invading into] your] complete [the picture/attention]. That will not achieve the result that we are working it out, the way it has to be worked out, because a new type of nourishing has to come. As the old [whole/oak/one] tree has to go to its nourishing to [its/the] source, you have to go to your source. But we live in opposites, like if a man is dominating, the woman dominates like man. She competes with him. If the people become very religious, that will make them unreligious, rigid, absolutely again, as you call, the Victorian societies. The movement is pendulum-like. You move suddenly to another side. It won’t solve the problem. The problem can only be solved if the movement of consciousness is spiral, when you move higher. And that is only possible when all, whatever we have done, is again nourished through you, like the womb of the mother. And the nourishing nature of motherhood or the nature of the womb doesn’t dominate anyone; doesn’t dominate the fetus. Because it nourishes that and it makes it grow. It has to look after the growth of it and not the static [point/part]. And unless and until this growth is felt, you should not believe that you are on right path.

Now when you are judging any movement in your consciousness you must understand that there are yet unknown parts in our body of which we are not conscious. Like if you move too much on the left hand side you enter into an area which is called as collective subconscious. Now the left side is the emotional side, and if you go too much onto that, then you enter into that area which can be very dangerous. Most of the incurable diseases like cancer are caused by this movement on the physical side. The diseases, major diseases like all schizophrenia, or epilepsy, all these are caused also by the same movement.

The fake people, the fake people who want to make money out of you, can mesmerize you in such a way that you can go into that area where you are just like a cabbage. And they can maneuver you. You just become bound by all the conditionings, for they put everything as a mystery before you, as secrets. Everything will be done in privacy. Very few things will be explained. You have to do everything blindly, with blind faith.

The other side is the right side when you move into collective supra-conscious in which you get possessed by your ego. You start seeing lights and you start seeing all sorts of visions, but you are not there, because you can see it. You are away from that, from what you are seeing. You are not experiencing but just seeing it. This is another dangerous zone into which you enter, and you could get lost because you don’t know what it is.

Now the third dimension into which you have to really rise is your Self, is your Spirit and which is knowledge, complete knowledge. Your soul reigns upon it. Once the Spirit comes into your attention, everything is so logical. You don’t have to believe that Christ was the Son of God, but it is a fact which you will see for yourself is proved through the movement of the energies.

You don’t have to tell Me you are a twice-born person. But you develop powers of a person who is twice-born of collective consciousness. When these powers are developed, you know what you are actually doing. There are many people I know who say they cure people and they say that, ‘We don’t know how we do it.’ Some of them are the people who are really possessed of spirits, dead spirits. And such people if they cure you, they are shifting from one to another spirit. And those people who get treated by such, such, we should say doctors, can suffer from terrible nervous problems and heart suffers, as it’s moving. So all such systems which are opposites, which work in opposite directions, can create a plan which is a personality that cannot have integration.

So to achieve the result of you being the power, you being the person who maneuvers the power, who is the master of your power, you have to become your Self. Now to become the Self is not some artificial baptism. It’s a true baptism. It is true Christianity. For example, when the force that gives you this realization is awakened, you can see the actual pulsation in the triangular bone. You can actually see it rising. You can see it pulsating on your head. And you can feel the cool breeze of the Holy Ghost coming out of your head. That is the true meaning process of baptism.

When Christ said you are to be born again, it is not some mental projection, that you certify yourself, ‘I’m born again,” or “I’m born-again Spirit,’ and you, you do not feel the Holy Ghost. Some people who take to such ideas may try to lead a life which is very honorable, noble, but that is just a mental projection. The religion is not born within you, is not awakened within you, is not enlightened within you.

It has to be in your conscious mind, means on your central nervous [system]. You must feel the religion. It has to flow from your hands, the energy of yourself, of your Spirit, after your second birth. Mohammed Sahib has said, ‘At the time of resurrection your hands will speak.’

The other day I went for a radio interview and the lady felt it and she was amazed. She said, ‘What’s happening? How am I feeling this and what is this I am feeling?’ And when she felt this, she, she was so amazed, because she had never felt this before.

Now, this is the love of God. This is the All-pervading Power of God. This is the One that does all the great living works of this universe. But you have to feel it. If you don’t feel it, that means something is still wrong in the central nervous system, because it can be felt by thousands. So one has to correct that, and once it is corrected you feel your Spirit flowing through your being.

Now for the first time also that now you can give back to nature, to the Mother Earth, which is the womb of this universe. We are taking it for granted because the Mother Earth as we are exhausting Her morning till evening. And we, we do not know what harm we are doing to Her and to ourselves. But when you feel this cool breeze in your hand and then you go, say, near a tree, the tree sucks that. If it is a sick tree, it becomes perfectly all right. If it is not giving any fruits, it starts giving fruits. If you give this energy to certain human being you don’t get any troubles. But that person gets his Self-realization, with no harm gets it. You know where the Kundalini is obstructed, where the force it obstructed. You know how to cure it. And you give him this Self-realization by which he receives this complete peace and tranquility. Not only that, but if he has [any nuisance or] trouble, he gets over that. If he has any little problem, he gets over that. So first time you become generous and start giving [to] others. First time you become empowered to really help others, where no money is needed, and no effort is needed, no organization needed. It just flows, it emits and the joy of giving is the highest, because now you have become the light. And as Christ has said it, the light is not put under the table. You are not just satisfied by leading a good life with your wife and your children, but you start giving. You become a real noble person, because that becomes your nature, very nature. You become righteous by nature.

[Mother talks aside: In front of Me, just the one who’s taking My photographs, who is he? You see. Who’s is he? He should have taken the permission. You are taking [unclear]. That is not allowed.]

I am sorry for this, but sometimes people have misused the photographs. They have sold them to make money and all that. So we don’t allow to photograph. I hope you don’t mind. You cannot sell My photograph. You can at the most paying for the printing; that’s all. But you cannot make profit out of it.

So now this is the time, a special time and a great time when such a great happening has to take place, and that time if you miss it, you have not been wise. This is the when you will be comforted, you will be redeemed and you’ll be consoled. You will know all about it and… Please pay attention this side. This gentleman who is…The attention is getting disturbed. Please pay attention. You will be blessed. This is the time and we should not miss the blessings. I should say, I’m just like a banker. I am the bank of Graciousness. I am the bank of Love of God. I’m just here to cash your checks. You better cash it. Better get blessed by your own power, your spirit.

Thank you very much.

Now if you have any sensible questions, please ask Me. If you have belong to some cult or something, you can go back to it and follow it, all your life; I have nothing to say. If you are identified with anybody else you can go away; I have nothing to say. Those who think that they have to get something in life should be here.

Question: This gentleman says that You said there was going to be a great Advent. What is this Advent?

Shri Mataji: It’s rather embarrassing. I think this answer we can do later on. But there is one great Advent who is going to come after this which is just going to sort out everything. There won’t be any chance left. There won’t be any more realizations. There won’t be any comforting relationships. No meetings, no conferences, just the sorting out as described in the Bible.

Question: Is there any means to go against this sorting out that is going to take place?

Shri Mataji: What is it, the meaning?

Translator: Is there any means, any way to go out, to avoid this sorting out?

Shri Mataji: Yes, you can take your realization.

Question: [French]

Shri Mataji: That’s it, I’m saying.

Question: [French]

Shri Mataji: Just use some small sentences; it’s easy to translate then.

Translator: He is saying that somebody who is identified with any political system or somebody who is not quite all right has to pretend mentally and read the Bible because he doesn’t believe that anybody can get it just like that.

Shri Mataji: You don’t want to believe but it is true. You better see if you get it. Instead of having any political affiliations and identifications, even the identification that by reading Bible, you won’t know, you don’t know about Bible still. But Christ said you better get yourself realized. You better be born again. You have to be born again. You are really going, again I say, [you] [don’t make mistakes/play these tricks]. This is a very great mistake we have done. You cannot organize [Christ/Bible].

Christ has never said, ‘Read Bible,’ has He? Never! He said you are to be born again, which is a living process. There are many things we don’t understand of Bible. You can’t explain what is Holy Ghost is. But we can explain and show you. We don’t know where Christ is within us and how to awaken Him. We don’t have any communication with Christ. We just believe we have communication. Can you believe it that if you have any communication with Christ, what the Christians nations are doing today? Can you believe it?

Christ has said, ‘Thou shall not have adulterous eyes.’ Do you find any Christians without adulterous eyes, and the Christian women walking naked on the streets to distract your eyes? Where has Christianity gone today? It has failed Christ, completely failed Him. And if you see in England, churches are [unclear]/the first opening] for the [costs/casts]. It is now time for people to open their eyes to see where have they gone wrong, what is the mistake.

They forget that who’s seeing them, how the Bible was mutilated. Have you read the books of Essenes which are prophecies written long time back? Augustine is the one who changed so many [works] of Christianity, turned them away from reality that, ‘You are to be born again,’ is the point. Christ has really said, ‘You will be calling Me “Christ, Christ”. I won’t recognize you.’ But once you get your realization, you become a real Christian. You become a righteous person. You become a moral person. You become a generous person. You get the power of healing, that Christ had.

How many people have you find reading Bible and try to know what the sermon is? Christ is not a missionary. Like you go and treat the patients and things, He’s not that. How did He cure people? A lady touched His cloak and the energy flew [through /of Him].

Translator: Flew?

Shri Mataji: Flew of Him to her. That’s what should happen. Now this kind of a thing that we are thinking is a social work that we are doing, is God’s work. God’s work is not so mundane. It is not so shallow, so low-level. It has to be fantastic. It has to be beautiful. Every moment you must feel the proof of His love.

We have failed Him and we are [feeling /originally] bad. I Myself took My birth in a Protestant family, Christian family. And now I have Jews and I have got Hindus and Muslims who believe in Christ, not because it’s [told to them/said] but they [came to] know that He is the Son of living God. And that is what one has to achieve. But it’s a mental projection really; if we carry the Bible Christ will take us in the Heaven. He will not. The Bible is not for reading but for following.

Translator: For what?

Shri Mataji: For following, for integrating people. That is one thing we have lost. Now to understand how Christ, was a[n] universal personality, He Himself has said that, ‘Those are not against Me are with Me.’ So those who are not against Him they are the ones who are with [Me/Him].

People ask Me, ‘Why did I take birth in a Christian religion?’ I told them they are the greatest, the greatest sophisticated fanatics. Their minds are closed. Now if you go to Iran, in a Muslim country, they cannot beat you in fanaticism, I can tell you, because they are not so sophisticated. They are brute. They are gross. So we can call the Khomeini as the fanatic. And not an Indian or anybody else who is a fanatic can beat the Western fanaticism. They have made a theology of it, a big mental [unsure/thing], a big [unclear]. They have closed their eyes completely even to see that that He has said a Comforter, a Holy Ghost. Do they want to know who is the Holy Ghost? Do they know that Holy Ghost is the Mother? Is the Primordial Mother? They must accept the Mother. They’ll say that God the Almighty has a Son without a Mother. Can you believe such an absurd situation? They [left] Christ’s Mother unknown. Catholics did have a little bit feeling for that, but that very limited. And the Protestant church finished it, though Martin Luther was a realized soul. I asked My father, ‘Why did he do it?’ And he said at that time the Muslims were rising very high and he did not want to talk about the woman because they do not accept the challenge. But that is the trouble they’re having.

But today there is no place in Christianity for a spiritual woman. Can you see that? No place for Mother Earth, because She is the One who nourishes us like a Mother. Is that the way to treat the Mother of Christ? She is the Holy Ghost. We can prove it. And the force that is within you which gives you realization is the reflection of the same Holy Ghost. For that you have to open your eyes and go to other religions and find out. In the old Vedas and all that, there are described all the [religions]. Christ is already described fourteen thousands years back in India. Not only how He came on this earth, but what He was, how He was made, why He came, what was His purpose. But Christians don’t want to open their eyes. Even there are so many Muslims who have become Sahaja Yogis.

End of tape 1

I am here to prove their existence. I am here to prove every word of the Bible. Tomorrow your children will deny the Bible. It’s a very small place, Lausanne is. But if you go outside in the world, you will find people have absolutely denied the Bible. You will have to re-establish the Bible with more [unclear] to [this/its] reality. Manifesting its real power, through you, you get your realization. It is not a new religion. It is the essence of all the religions that you have to understand, in your wisdom.

Now should we have the realization? It’s very simple. It is like one enlightened light can enlighten another light. Once you are enlightened, you can enlighten another light. We have here someone from Australia, who has given realization to three thousand people. He is a diplomat and a doctor. We have [unsure] [another one] here sitting from Nigeria, who has given realization to so many people. We have another one, an Indian from India who has given realization to ten thousand people. And even in Geneva and in Lausanne we have people, who can do it, [more than that, unsure]. You also can become that. You can also have that power and you can also do God’s work now for a change.

All right, now just you have to just put your hands towards Me like this. But you better take off your shoes; will help Me, because the Mother Earth helps us a lot. Those people who do not want should go out, should not disturb others, should go out. Please keep your hands like this, towards Me. It cannot be forced upon; it cannot be forced. It has to be done in your own freedom. You have to ask for it. Otherwise it won’t work out. If you do not have respect for it, it is better that you leave the room. You put both your hands like this towards Me, and close your eyes. You have to keep your eyes closed. That is important. There is no mesmerism. Keep your eyes closed. Please put your hands towards Me, without putting any pressures on you, because any of your fingers have got the sympathetic centers and they receive the message. Please close your eyes.

Now put your right hand on your heart and say in your heart that, ‘I am the Spirit.’ You can say, ‘Mother, I am the Spirit,’ because if you can say ‘Shri Mataji’ ? that’s My name ? you can say that, or you say just ‘Ma, I am the Spirit.’ Just assume that you are the Spirit. Say it thrice.

Now put your right hand on your stomach, on the left hand side. Here is your Master Principle, your Guru Principle. So you have to say, ‘Mother, I am own guru.’ Say it ten times because there are Ten Commandments. You don’t need any of these commandments; you become your own master. You become a perfect master. Just say, ‘Mother, I am my own master.’

Now you just put the same hand on the heart with the right hand, with the left hand towards Me, and say twelve times because there are twelve petals of the heart that, “Mother, I am the Spirit.’ Loudly, again, twelve times. Loudly.

Now if you are the Spirit you cannot commit guilt. You cannot be guilty. Guilt is an escape from the reality. So you have to put the right hand on the left hand side of the neck, on the shoulder and say, ‘Mother, I am not guilty at all.’ This you have to say sixteen times. Please say; all of you have got this problem. You are not to feel guilty. ‘Mother, I’m not guilty’. You are actually damaging your centers. Don’t feel guilty; not to feel guilty.

Now you have to put this hand on your forehead across, right hand. Here lies the center of Christ. This is the window of Christ center, we should say. But in science, in the optic chiasma, there’s a very subtle center which people call as the ‘Third Eye’. So we have to say that, ‘I forgive everyone. I forgive myself.’ Say it from your heart. If you do not forgive anyone, then you are harming yourself, not the person whom you don’t forgive. This is the greatest weapon Christ has given us that you say, ‘I forgive everyone.’ Have concern for yourself now. And with that concern you have to say, ‘I forgive everyone,’ because you don’t want to harm yourself.

After this, I cannot cross your freedom. You have to ask for your realization. Otherwise I cannot force. I respect your freedom. So you have to put your hand on the fontanel bone area where you get your baptism, or on your head, on top of your head. Press it with your palm and ask, ‘Mother, please give me my realization. Please manifest my realization.’ You have to ask for it. ‘May I have my realization?’ Try to have it. Put your hand on directly and move it in a clockwise manner. Say this seven times that, ‘Please let me have my self-knowledge, my second birth,’ seven times.

Now see for yourself. Raise your hand and see if there is a cool breeze or a hot breeze coming in. Sometimes the heat comes out, which is heat from the body. Now you put your right hand towards Me and see with your left hand. See if there is any cool breeze coming in. If not, again ask, ‘Mother, please give me my realization,’ with all the humility. You are transformed. He is not going to fall at your feet. Change the hand. Then you may see for yourself. Are you feeling the cool breeze? Those who are feeling the cool breeze raise your hands. Raise your both [the] hands. Those who have come for the first time and are feeling the cool breeze, please raise your hands. Now, good; it will work out. Now we have to say that if it had not worked, doesn’t mean that you cannot get it. [This might need/It will first need] some time and we have to look after the different deficiencies in the centers. That does not mean that you are a sinner or that you are wrong. It can be worked out.

Now we have some people here, who are adept, who can give you realization, and I would like them to work on you. They won’t touch you, but they can work it out with their hands, and you’ll feel very much better then.

Ha, and may I ask all Sahaja Yogis…. Now raise the hands, the people who have come for the first time today. Now can Sahaja Yogis attend to them, please? Yeah. This is after their Kundalini [has/is] risen.

See how many are there, whoever they are. You shouldn’t talk. Just keep quiet. You see, you get the [realization]. It’s a very essential thing to be done. If you are real seekers, you’ll get it. Open the doors, [unclear]. It’s very hot. I feel very hot. Today is very hot, I must say. Raise your hands. Go on; lift it, absolutely. And [unclear]. It is too much. It is too much, [liver is physically exhausted/very] [unclear]. You got it? He’s got it.

Sahaja Yogini: He’s got it.

Shri Mataji: Oh great. Now come. [unclear] These are good seekers [that we have/anyhow]. Please put both your legs straight down. Phil, what about the other lady? Put her left to the right. She has to clear out. He has got the cool breeze in the hands also?

Sahaja Yogini: Yes, Mother.

Shri Mataji: Good. So ask him to get it. Somebody should look after some lady here. Yes, also call somebody else should come here. What’s that? It’s a record. Is that [unsure] sitting there? Somebody should look after this lady here.

Yogini: She is the wife of this gentleman.

Shri Mataji: Ah, she has no [purpose for [unsure]/ to this one], the one who is sitting [there/here]. No, no, no, this she won’t have. She won’t get her realization.

Yogini: She thinks she’s got it. So that’s all right…

Translator: She says she has got it already.

Shri Mataji: Did she feel the cool breeze?

Translator: No, no, Mother, no. She already had it before she came here.

Yogini: She thinks she’s got it.

Shri Mataji: Okay. Then what are doing about it?

Translator: She gives it around her.

Shri Mataji: Then what do you do? You must learn all about it. If God has given it, you must know all about it. You must know what it is.

Translator: She knows what it is. She says, You are not the only one who know.

Shri Mataji: No, of course, I am not the only one, but the other one that you are, I would like to know what you mean.

Translator: She doesn’t understand anything. She just says it’s a spiritual power.

Shri Mataji: Spirits.

Translator: She pretends it is ‘the Spirit’. She says there should be no confusion, between the spirits and the Holy Ghost.

Shri Mataji: Most of you know. She’s [got it?/correct]. There is no[t], is no confusion. That’s it. She’s got it. Let us see how she gives to others.

Hello, how are you?

You must have a case out like that, you see. Now, thank you.

All right? Close your eyes. Did she get vibrations? Is she feeling?

Translator: Very little.

Shri Mataji: Her vibrations are hot, all catching on the Sahasrara. They’re like stones. We changed it [unclear]. Sir, what is your….You got it?

Translator: Yes, both of them.

Shri Mataji: Are you feeling it in the hands?

Translator: More on the head, more on the head.

Shri Mataji: Now you put your right hand towards Me like you had left hand…

[Aside: You get ready].

Translator: Yes, she is speaking to the other lady but she is from the [unclear]… Can you imagine?

Translator: The thin one with the fair hair. Yeah, she is Japanese.

Shri Mataji: [Unsure]. She’s trying to impress…. She’s a Sahaja yogi, na?

Translator: French.

Shri Mataji: She’s all right; she’s got it. In the right hand? Are you feeling a little in the right hand? All right, now put your left hand towards Me, and your right hand like that. This gentleman, has he got it on the hands? He got it on the left. Put his left hand on the stomach, and right hand towards Me. Again, I see something from Christianity.

Translator: I, I saw Mathias and Arneau [Gounod] catching him on the other [unclear].