God’s Love Part 2

Lausanne (Switzerland)

1983-08-26 God’s Love Part 2, Lausanne, Switzerland, DP-RAW, 75' Chapters: Arrival, Talk, Self-Realization
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God’s Love Part 2, Lausanne, Switzerland, 1983-08-26

Shri Mataji: Yesterday we started talking about God’s Love. How He has worked within us. We see all this great universe created; beautiful, around us. Out of that, the special thing that He created is this Mother Earth. She nourishes us and She has given us the power to be a human being.

In result, what have we done to God? What have we given Him in return? Even to our Mother Earth, what have we given? We have exhausted Her completely. She is fed up with human beings. Now, if you see any modern world, you will find people are so confused. I went to South America and people asked Me a question, “What has Christ done for us? We become so poor after following Him for so many years ardently. Now is He going to crucify us?”

Perhaps we are not aware, sitting down here – that in every corner of the world, we have tried to ruin the image of God. We are not even aware as to how He has given us so many blessings. As I told you yesterday, that in the realm of consciousness, we have to rise higher to understand God. And so far, all our development has been extrovert, outside. We have been growing outside. Without any limitations, without any understanding, without any coordination with the whole. Which I call the masculine development.

That development was very important. To make the complete consciousness ready to receive the ultimate. All our sciences as I told you, developed like a tree. A very large tree. But now this tree must find its nourishment, as I told you yesterday. In this development, we have crossed over all the limits. We can see people who try to follow God, also outwardly, are not inwardly following Him. Like in India, I’ve seen people go to temples, worship God and then do all kind of thieving. In the West, they commit another kind of sin – is the sin against the Mother. Immorality.

Human beings are no more moral. No more honest. No more noble. Why? When they believed in something so noble, such noble ideas, why we have gone down so much? There is no love. Is selfishness. Is domination. Once the white skin dominates the black skin in a very gross way; the black skin dominates the white by subtle methods. We live in the world of opposites. But in evolution, our consciousness has to be higher than what it is now.

As I told you yesterday, the pendulum movement is of no value. But in consciousness, a spiral movement has to come up.

So what is missing in all these religions? Why with all these noble ideas and all great words that they have used and  big organisations they have created – why all that is righteous has gone down at all? To the lowest level. We should not think only of ourselves. We have to think of the whole world today. Like Roosevelt has said once that poverty anywhere is a threat to prosperity everywhere.

In the same way today, one must learn that anywhere in this world, if there is a dearth of righteousness, of holiness, the whole world can be consumed into the wrath of God. If there is a pain in one part of the body, the whole body suffers. But the whole body fights it also. But what is lacking within us that we cannot transform ourselves into sincere people? How can we manage to live with hypocrisy? With our closed eyes, with fanaticism. With our selfishness and domination. Is only possible that there is no light within us. That we cannot face ourselves at all.

We have accepted God for our convenience. We have got Him in our pocket. Or in our organisation; He resides in an organisation. We have organised God also. We elect God. Everything is so low-level as I told you yesterday. There is another attack on human beings which is very subtle and which human beings don’t understand. New ideas and new methods of introducing the awareness which is sub-normal. The consciousness which is sub-normal.

As I told you, there are subconscious areas within us. And there are also collective subconscious within us. Also on the right-hand side, we have supraconscious areas which gives us our planning, our future ideas. And there are collective supraconscious areas. Hitler used supraconscious areas. He mesmerised people with these supraconscious ideas and he got the ideas from  Tibetan lamas. It’s a well-known fact. That these people had the supraconscious; they call it as power.

This power business is another very subtle attack on human beings because human beings are naive. And I find that there are many games played with this idea of power. For example, a doctor takes a crystal, puts a thread to it; puts his hand round and round and says, “Is this the diagnosis? All right, I have got the power. All right, this is the diagnosis”. And there are so many other nonsensical things like parapsychology. This is probing the dark and a very dangerous thing.

Now on the left-hand side as I told you, in the collective subconscious, – when you enter in, this is another extremely dangerous area. Like I would suggest – recently I saw a very nice film by doctors showing about the root of cancer. I mean, they have reached a little nearer to Sahaja Yoga. They said that when the body is ready for cancer, the triggering of the cancer takes by a protein. As usual, they give it a name; Protein 52, Protein 58. But they say that it exists in the areas which are built within us since our creation. That area is the same that we call the collective subconscious.

Now those people who are today suffering from diseases which are incurable, supposed to be; are afflicted by their entry into the collective subconscious. So when the man goes into too much activity, either on the emotional side or onto the mental side, he is in for trouble because it creates an imbalance in him.

To say that (the) Bible did not talk of balance is wrong. In the Bible, they have described the ten commandments. These are the ten sustenances within us. And when we don’t reside with it, then we go into imbalance. But these imbalances are just misguiding factors which take us to these two areas which I told you are very dangerous to us.

So how are we to determine what is God’s energy and what are these energies which misguide us? As I told you, God’s energy is more than human energy; is much more than human energy. Whatever you can do with (the) human body, easily, cannot be God’s energy. Supposing this vase is here, and if I want to keep it there, I can just pick it up and put it there. Now by any chance, if you see this, just this vase rising and coming to this side and getting settled, then it is not God’s energy. We can do it also.

Now if somebody in so many people have seen that they sit down and suddenly they start jumping. And they said it’s God’s energy that is working. It is ridiculous that God is interested in making you jump. Or to make you fly. Or to lift things from here to there. If you are not doing it, then somebody else who is interested is doing that. And if so, then we should know that it is not our energy either. We cannot explain these energies. And we depend on them so much. They might be guiding you all right; maybe misguiding you.

But what will be the energy of God? Now let us see, in this world, where do we see His energy working? Because He is the living God. Remember that He is a living God and He is not this low type of a personality. We have forgotten this point that He is a living God. We can make a plastic flower. But we can’t make a real flower, can we? We cannot transform plastic into fruit, can we? But real flowers are transformed into fruits. A seed becomes a huge tree.

If you ever happened to know about Buddha’s life; the tree under which He got His realisation – is a very big tree, spread like that, banyan tree. But the seed is so thin, so small, that you cannot see normally if it is lying here and there. So small a seed gives such a big map of such a huge tree. Can we do these things? So, it is not human power. It is the Divine power. So, to become one with the Divine, we must have divine powers.

And the Divine power has to manifest in a living way. Not in a dead manner. Like some people feel that now we have   taken a particular cult or particular, er, sect. We have registered name in a registrar. And God is going to read the register and say, “Oh, all right you are great people. Come along. You are all saints”. It is ridiculous to believe in such a thing and deceive yourself all the time.

Now as you have heard about Sahaja Yoga, this is the most ancient thing and has been repeated by every incarnation that came on this earth. Specially as you know, Christ. He has said off and on that, you are to be born again. So, I put a label on My head, “born again”, follow certain rituals of my own  mental projection – and then think that I am born again. This is very easy to do. Anybody can say, “I am this, I am that”; very easy to do. But if we have some honesty within our heart and if we are really thinking of ourselves as something important part of the creation, then, we should face up to it and see for ourselves – what have we achieved; have we got any transformation?

Have we become really righteous people, really people of God? In Sahaja Yoga, the Kundalini is the one that is the power of your pure desire; resides in the triangular bone. In the Bible it is described, “I will appear before you like tongues of flames”. Now, this, who can explain? But after realisation, you will know that these centres look like flames, beautiful flames of different colours.

So this power which resides in the triangular bone is also known to Muslims. They call it “Asas”. And to the Christians – very well known – though it is a mystery to them; it is the reflection of the Holy Ghost. That is the Mother God. The womb. The Mother Earth. That nourishes. That makes you grow. That makes all your development sensible. That makes you understand the totality, the whole. That comforts you. That redeems you. That counsels you. That’s the reflection in this triangular bone, is the Holy Ghost.

By just believing blindly into what others tell us, and by keeping our attention only on a particular book, (the) Bible, we do not even have the awareness to understand (the) Bible. (The) Bible is small to contain Christ. No scripture can contain Him. He can be described by various scriptures. Like an ocean can be described in different ports. He can be described in different languages.

But to understand Him through a very narrow view is going to not only fail Him but completely destroy His image. Like the people in South America are asking Me, “What has Christ done for us?” I went to Russia; they make fun of Christ. In many places, it is the condition today. We have completely failed Him. But with this new awareness of your Spirit, which is brought forth by the living happening of the Kundalini awakening – you can prove it, that He was the son of God.

Whether you are a Jew or a Muslim or a Hindu, anything, you have to accept that He was the son of God. You don’t have to force this knowledge on someone; make somebody a blind faith fellow – but it’s an actuality. But those who are ‘in charge’ of Christ, so-called – I don’t know how they have taken that power upon themselves; that they are in charge. Don’t want to open their eyes to reality, that what they have done to Christ – they have crucified Him in every period.

To understand Him, you are to be born again, in the living process of your evolution. Not by some priest, who just puts the water on your head and said you are baptised. A great poet William Blake* said, “A priest cursed me on my head”. You have brought Christ to this social level. It’s a society. How can you do such a thing to Him?

He is a Divine personality. When the Kundalini rises, you can actually see from your eyes the pulsation of the Kundalini, the rising of the Kundalini and the cool breeze of the Holy Ghost from your head. My concern is now what Christ has said, “You will be calling Me, Christ, Christ. I won’t recognise you”. And that time is coming when He is going to come on a white horse with eleven destroying powers. And He is not going to talk to you anymore.

All these organisations in His name who are doing political work, social work, all these low-level things, will be all destroyed from this world.They are already sinking. But a day will come when you will sink with it. And you will make many others sink with you there.

Now to the other side of this happening, living happening, what happens, we should see. We have within us a system of (the) nervous system called (the) autonomous nervous system. In the West, it is impossible to tell a doctor about God being the source of all the energies. For them, God exists only in the church or in a social party but not in their clinics. Once we understand that ‘autonomous’ is another name given – who is the ‘auto’? Who is the one that does the work of (the) parasympathetic?

They are honest enough to say that we don’t know much about parasympathetic. Sympathetic comes into play when we go into emergencies. Supposing we want to run, then the sympathetic helps us to run and the heart beats faster. And when that the heart comes to its normal self, it is the parasympathetic that acts. The plexuses or the endocrines, whatever we have in our body, are guided by subtle centres according to Sahaja Yoga; please open your eyes to it.

The subtle centres are formed like this (Shri Mataji demonstrates with Her hands) from the left side and the right side of the energies flowing from the left side of the sympathetic and the right side of the sympathetic. (The) left side works for the emotional emergencies. And the right side works for the physical and the mental emergencies. And in the centre, whatever is the channel formed in the centre, is the channel of parasympathetic.

The centres are placed like this, subtle centres. And by this central channel, we are connected to the whole. But when we start using too much of the left or the right side, then we get separated from the whole. The imbalances take place. If you are on the left side, you get the diseases of the left side. If you are on the right side, you get the maladies of the right side. So you have to come to the central path.

And how do you come to the central path? Which is the way to bring it to the central path? The only way is to raise this residual energy, this awaiting energy, of pure desire, to rise. Because it is the nourishing energy. It nourishes you. With nourishment, again, they (Shri Mataji shows the right and left sides) come back to normal. So, those who have physical problems get cured automatically. You don’t have to do much about it.

I must say our President of India, Sanjeeva Reddy, I by chance met him for ten minutes – after his operation, which has failed completely. And he came to know about Me. His wife asked Me; that I should cure him. He was just dying; the operation had failed completely. And I touched him only for ten minutes. He had not slept for nights. He just felt relaxed. And the secretary told Me when he went to India, everybody was just surprised because he got down from the plane without the help of anyone. So fresh.

Maybe, his was a very deserving case to get it that fast. But it is nothing. I don’t think it is something great that we are, is done. For example, if the connection (of the mike) is broken, you can’t hear Me. But if it is connected to the source, you can hear Me – what is so great? Just we have to get connected to the source. And once we are connected to the source, we get the full effect. If the left side chakras have become weak, centres have become weak, it also nourishes those. So, the people who suffer from mental troubles also get well.

I went to Norwich once, and there were four people sitting in the front row and they were just shaking before Me like this. And I asked them, “Who are you and from where do you come?” They said, “We are certified lunatics, coming from (the) lunatic asylum”. And I said, “How are you here?” So they said, “One of our friends came to Sahaja Yoga and he got completely cured, so we have come here to get cured”. And they got cured. And when they went back to the lunatic asylum they said, “Now we don’t want you anymore here”.

So there are three things that act against us. The imbalance. When we are imbalanced, we go into the realms which are dangerous to us. So this gives you an imbalance. It (Kundalini) gives you nourishment. And the best of all, it gives you innocence. It awakens your innocence. On top of that, you become your own master. When you learn how to manoeuvre this power of God, you can give realisations to others. You can cure others.

As I told you yesterday, we have so many people who have done this. And is spreading very fast. Of course, the maximum in India, in the villages. And then it is spreading also to other countries like Australia, of all the things. And they are spreading themselves. Even I must Switzerland is doing very well. In Geneva, not in Lausanne so far. But I am sure it will work out in Lausanne also.

If I find the true, honest seekers, it will work out. It’s a serious job. It’s not meant for shallow people. We need really people of great valour. You need not be rich, you need not be poor. Is the quality of a personality that receives the blessings of God. We had some communists who became great Sahaja Yogis. Some atheists who are great Sahaja Yogis. So many Muslims and so many Jews are Sahaja Yogis. And of course, so many Christians are Sahaja Yogis.

There is a special category of people who are seekers. There are many these days; because the time has come. This is the blossom time. This is the transformation time. This is the age of the Aquarius. Aquarius is nothing but the Kundalini itself. The sign of Kundalini in the Indian astrology is Aquarius. So the time has come. Is a special time. Now you will be judged not by Me, by anyone – but you will be judged yourself, by your spirit. And you will judge yourself by your own vibratory awareness. As Muhammad Sahab has said, “You can feel at the time of resurrection yourself. Your fingers will speak. Your hands will speak”.

This is the Last Judgement. So it is also a resurrection time. Also, this will be followed by the doomsday no doubt. So I would request you to rise. To see for yourself what are you; your potentiality is so great. Don’t be curbed by social, political, nonsensical clubbing. You have to rise above – to know yourself so you know the whole. So you become one with the whole. This is the job of totality. Which you have to achieve. Without that, you cannot save this world. And you cannot save yourself.

This is the epitome of your evolution. Is the completion of all your enterprises. And is the fulfilment of all the scriptures of the world.

May God Bless You.

I would like you to ask Me some questions, sensible questions. Relating to your evolution.

[There are no questions].

Now I would request you to go through the simple thing. It’s  very spontaneous happening of Kundalini awakening. It is very spontaneous. It is least – there is no harm but it’s so peace-giving and so joy-giving.

I have to request you to please take out your shoes. Because the Mother Earth as I said, has to help us. Please do that much. I mean, people are so adamant. Yesterday they wouldn’t even take out their shoes. I mean, they are so much identified with their shoes – as if it is their nose they are taking out. It is such a conditioned country, I should say that. Conditioned mind. That you can’t take out your shoes also; you want to ascend to your Spirit, you can’t take out your shoes. How can that be?

Yesterday I must say one thing– I am very happy. Few people came, no doubt. But they were first-class people. And I am very happy about that. Because it’s a real happening and, you cannot create quality with quantity, I think. That is why I am very, very happy. What happened yesterday was wonderful. And today again I hope we will have the same kind of a gathering, which I feel is there already.

We have a centre in Lausanne where you can find many of My tapes are there. This is only one of the lectures. Once you get your realisation, we also give you books to read. Because otherwise it gets again into the brain, like a conditioning, without realisation. And also there are so many Sahaja Yogis all over Lausanne and also in Geneva, that you can talk to them and ask them about your problems.

See, in the beginning, there are definitely problems, because it is a little seed which comes up as a seedling. And you have to look after it in the beginning. That is a very important time of your realisation. Now, we are having a programme in Geneva after this. Those who have time should definitely come and attend it because I always come after a year. So it’s better to attend these lectures which will definitely help you a lot. Have you given the dates and all on the exact place? But clearly, I think.

All right, just put your hands like this (outstretched towards Shri Mataji); that’s all you have to do. Just hands like this. And close your eyes, that’s all. Just like this. Like this. As they do for Namaz. Because these centres are here, representing, these are seven centres – as you can see in the hand (chart). One, two, three, four, five, six, seven. These seven centres are sympathetic centres on the left and the right. And when you put your hand like this, they get the message.

Now keep your eyes shut. That you should not open. Also better to take out your spectacles because it helps the eyesight also. Just take out your spectacles, it is better. And you have to be very comfortably sitting. You should be comfortable. There should be no discomfort in the body. So that you sit comfortably. In a straight way. And please keep the eyes shut till I tell you to open them. Now please close your eyes. Just close your eyes, please.

Now, as you are the Spirit, you have to first ask Me a question. Putting your right hand on your heart where the Spirit resides. You can address Me as Shri Mataji or, to make it easier, Mother.

“Am I the Spirit?”. Ask the question, please. In your heart. You are asking the fundamental question.

Ask it thrice. “Mother, am I the Spirit?”. Ask sincerely, from your heart. This is your right to have it and you should have it. Now, ask sincerely.

Now, to enlighten the principle of mastery or you can say the guru within us; you have to put your right hand on the stomach on the left hand side and press it a little bit, on the left-hand side please.  

At the very outset, I have to tell you that you are not to feel guilty at all. From the beginning, you should not feel guilty. Because that is the information I am getting from your vibrations. That you are all guilty for nothing at all. What are you guilty about?

Forget about the past.

Everything is forgiven. You forgive yourself, please.

Now, at this stage, you ask a question to Me, “Mother, am I my own master? Am I my own guru?”. Because Spirit is the master. He is the guide. Because Spirit is the master.

Now, better?

You have to ask ten times. Because you are the master.

Please don’t feel guilty. Ask earnestly. With concern for yourself.

Good silences. Beautiful silences.

Now put back the same right hand on the heart again. Now here you assert twelve times saying that “Mother, I am the Spirit”.

Please don’t feel guilty.

Now, raise this hand higher to the left-hand side of your neck, on the shoulder, where the neck meets the shoulder. Now don’t open your eyes. Right hand on the left-hand side (of the neck).

Put the left hand towards Me and the right hand towards the left side of the neck. Left hand towards Me. And the right hand on the neck, on the left hand of the neck. Right hand on the left hand of the neck.

Now, at this point, you have to say, “Mother, I am not guilty”. This is the biggest problem of the Western life. They feel guilty for nothing at all. Why do you feel guilty so much? What have you done? Why do you condemn yourself?

You have to say it sixteen times. And if you really feel guilty, say it thirty-two times then – as a punishment (smiling). You have no business to condemn yourself. God has created you with a special love, with special care.

You have to have respect for yourself. You are a human being and a seeker – is the highest in the, in this creation. Why do you feel guilty? Just say, “I am not guilty”, with full assertion, with full faith. In yourself.

I hope you have said it sixteen times. Because there are sixteen petals to this centre. Good.

Now, raise this hand higher, onto your forehead, across. Now very sincerely, I request you to forgive everyone. It is a myth that we don’t forgive. Because what are we achieving by that, except our own maladies?

Just say, “Mother, I forgive everyone”. Even if you say twice, is more than sufficient.

Now, raise the hand higher, on top of your head. At the place where you get your baptism. But you have to get your own baptism. I cannot force upon you. So you have to ask for it. I cannot cross your liberty, your freedom.

Please say, “Mother, I want my realisation. Please manifest my realisation”.

Say it seven times.

Now you can change your hand and put your right hand towards Me. And raise your hand higher. And see if there is a cool breeze coming from the top of your head. If you take it closer to your head, you find it hot. But if you take it a little higher, you will find the cool breeze.

If you feel the cool breeze with your left hand, you may see again with your right hand, please. Raise it higher.

Ask a question now, “Is this the cool breeze of the Holy Ghost?” Ask this question seven times.

[Break in tape. When it resumes Shri Mataji is smiling and waiting for seekers to approach].

Shri Mataji: Say it just now. Come along. Come along. It will work out.

[End of recording].

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