Human consciousness is a product of a living process

Geneva (Switzerland)

1983-08-29 Human consciousness is a product of a living process, Geneva, Switzerland, DP-RAW, 129' Chapters: Arrival, Introduction by Yogi, Talk, Q&A, Self-Realization
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Public Program Day 1, 29 August 1983, Geneva, Switzerland

I bow to all the seekers of truth. Every moment has got a past and a future. Everything has got a history and a future that is going to follow. Today we are here at this moment and we have to look at every problem in relation to this time. The understanding of consciousness has to be understood in all its aspect, and at this period of complete integration it is easy to relate it to every movement of our mind.

The evolutionary process has created a human consciousness within us, and this human consciousness is a product of a living process, and a living process is to be understood in its own nature. I was very happy to see the picture of these trees on these flags, because they denote or express the living process. To understand the living process we can look at the trees. A seed sprouts into a plant by a living process. If we want to do it, we cannot do it. The leaves burst out into flowers later, and the flowers become the fruits because of the living force that is acting in it. We human beings cannot do anything like that. We can’t even produce one living leaf, but we take everything for granted, as we are taking our human consciousness also for granted, but the living process, whatever it does, is spontaneous and cannot be done by us, the human beings who are the epitome of evolution.

Our evolution also is the evolution of the consciousness within. Now, this consciousness that we have today has a relationship to the past and to the future, and if we have to go to the future consciousness, what should we expect? I am surprised in the name of truth so many spurious things and fake things have come.

I want to talk about it to you at the first beginning because we should not be confused about the reality and unreal things which are described as real. So, whatever has to happen to us has to happen spontaneously, without oureffort. It is very difficult for ego-oriented human beings to accept this. Some people believe that if they stand on their heads for many days they may become higher people. All kinds of funny belief we have, and we run towards them very fast because that satisfies our ego. Living force is not in the hands of ego at all.

You may be a king, you may be a governor, you may be anyone, but the living force acts the way it is. So that is the word Sahaja means: Saha means with and ja means born with you and Yoga means the union with the Divine; so, the spontaneous union with the Divine. So you cannot do anything about it. The another point one must understand that when people start talking about the energy of evolution they can mislead us. In one of my programmes I had about ten people sitting in the front seat and they started jumping without their control on it. I said, “What’s the problem?” “Oh,” they said, “now we are going to fly in the air.” So I said, “All right, if you want to try to fly, at least just now you don’t fly. Can you control your flying for the time being?” They said, “We cannot.” They said, “It is spontaneous.” Now, one must know that you can always jump if you want, and if somebody else is making you jump, then it is not spontaneous; it is somebody else is doing it.

Now supposing this glass is kept here, and if I have to remove it there I can do it with my hand, but supposing suddenly you find this glass moves there with an invisible hand. So this is not the work of God, because God has no interest in moving this glass from here to there. He has no interest in giving you diamond and gold. If you rationally understand these things, then you will know so far energies that people described are not the energies of Divine.

Suddenly a mass hypnosis takes place. I’ve seen people taking out their clothes and dancing like mad. Then there are other people who just get like slaves without understanding. Like mad, they become some sort of abnormal docile, passive cabbages. To every intelligent man it should offer that, “I don’t want to be like that.” But human beings sometimes, in their ego, try to commit stupidity. They say, “If the other fellow is funny, not me.”

But here we have people who are seeking the truth. So, all these cults and sects and all these are just money-making propositions. They cannot give anything to your consciousness. At the most they might do one thing, is to take you from one extreme to another extreme. Work with opposites, like somebody who is a very, say, licentious man or something, suddenly thinks that, oh, he should have a proper family; because he m some guru or some organisation which takes a lot of money from him, to become a good husband. So one has to understand very clearly that when you are expecting an evolutionary process, then you must expect something to happen to your consciousness, and whatever happens to your consciousness has to be completely under your power and completely knowledgeable. I met one of the gentlemans of a flying squad academy he had in Scotland and he was a director of that academy; the director got badepilepsy, his wife hadepilepsy and his child got epilepsy. So they came to Me, and people told Me that this man used to tell stories that he can pass through the walls and that he used to levitate himself and go next to the roof, and I asked him, “Why did you tell such lies?” He said, “Because a lot of my money was involved, and I thought that now if I don’t tell lies I cannot continue with itanymore,” but as a result of that flying squad programming, he got epilepsy. So one can see that how people can be confused, who are true seekers, who are genuine seekers, by these tricks.

Now the power to become higher is with you. The Spirit resides within you, according to all the scriptures of the world. Now as in the Bible, it is said that you are to be born again. So, you very seriously dress up your child, become very serious people, go to the church and some priest puts the hand, and says, “You are born again”. It is such an artificial thing, but we have accepted  for thousands of years. Now if you just sit back and see, do you think Christ would have said that to be born again means this kind of a drama? Or there is something greater living in it? Because He always talked of a living God. So, the consciousness has to go higher, like a spiral and not like a pendulum. So far, the progress of all the religions has been like a pendulum.

Like, in India we had a Catholic religion called [unclear] which believed that there are different deities as the essence original Christians believed in, and they are the ones who should be worshipped. Now, they  found that worshipping those deities is a very big thing. And they forgot about the essence. So another Protestant-like religion came to India called as Ariasamarth [unsure ], which rationalized everything and said that, “These are blind faith people. We are rational people,” and said that, “We have to worship the formless”, ‘nirakar’.

Actually, by worshipping the flower, you don’t get the honey, and also talking about the honey you don’t get the honey. It’s talk, talk, talk, talk, discussions, arguments; it’s not going to give you the honey.  Big conferences of all the religions. .  Nothing comes out of it. This one says that, “My religion is such,” and another one says, “My religion is such,” another one says, “My religion is such,” but all those the followers are just the same. It is you who talked against Freud  and established that within us lies an area which is within us as the unconscious and the future of consciousness would be a consciousness. It would be a consciousness, again I say, of collective consciousness. Means, when the consciousness moves spirally up, every human being starts feeling the other.

It’s an actualisation, it is a living process which makes you that. That is not a make-believe. That is on your central nervous system. You can feel the subtle centres of another person. That is the truth. You have to give your own certificate. You become your own guru and you know everything rationally, emotionally and spiritually. Means, it is logical. Once we understand this, let us see what was the past, what is the present, and what is the future of our consciousness. The past, if you see, in the expression of it that we, the human beings, tried to find out about the elements. We went all out to discover about elements and their powers and how to use it for our purpose. Like a tree grows above; as it is growing here above, they show a tree. But if this tree grows more than what it can, then the roots have to grow too.

So, you find in the consciousness of human beings, there’s a new awareness which is coming – I am sorry, in French language there is no word for awareness. So, you have to use the one word for both. Now, this awareness is felt, though mistargeted, very much mistargeted, is the awareness of the nourishment through feminine, through the feminine force. You see, so many feminine movements have started in this world, in the recent times. I agree that it is mistargeted. Mostly, it is a pendular movement. If men have dominated us, we’ll dominate them. If they are politically powerful, we’ll gain all the political power, economic power, social power. That is not the feminine consciousness, that is the manly which makes the tree grow outward. But the feminine consciousness is the consciousness of nourishment of the Mother Earth.

Like the tree has grown on the sources of light and other elements, outside the Mother Earth, and then the Mother Earth has to come and give that nourishment to that tree. That doesn’t mean that the human being, the men become effeminate, that they become passive men. It means that men get the beauty of that nourishment, that they become compassionate, affectionate, loving, concerned about others. For example, in the history if you see, aggression was regarded as a heroic thing. We can say the father’s side was very much emphasized in the consciousness. That was very important to have a father who was a benevolent father. Then the time of, say, Abraham and all those people, they talked of the Father. In India they talked of Rama and Krishna.

Then came the son’s position in the consciousness, people became conscious of their children. And now, after the son’s expression and manifestation, now the Holy Ghost, the Mother has to manifest. Christ has talked about the Holy Ghost, that She is going to come or He is going to come. He used the word ambiguously because his Mother was the Holy Ghost in potent form. And He didn’t want to talk about it, because if the people had directed their attention towards Her, they would have tried to trouble Her, and then He would have come out in a very destructive way. Perhaps we do not know that He has eleven powers of destruction. But He did not manifest those powers. On the contrary, he said that, “Forgiveness is the greatest weapon”. Because He has started taking from that manliness of father, to the affectionate nature of the mother.

In Geneva, which is the centre of so many international activities, the people, if you know, if you find them, they are doing the work of the Holy Ghost. There is no aggression, but there is nourishment, nourishment of all who are deprived, and inside yourself also this nourishment is given to us by this force of Kundalini which resides in the triangular bone. She resides in the bone called sacrum, and sacrum is sacred in Greek language. That means they knew about this sacred power of Kundalini within us which was going to nourish us one day when we become the Spirit. In Sanskrit language it is related to the Aquarius, the Holy Mother . They say it is the age of Aquarius. It is the age of the Holy Ghost. This Kundalini is the reflection of the Holy Ghost. It’s the Primordial Mother. It’s the Power of God, His love. The Father has got no power because all His power is the Primordial Mother. But the Father and the Mother are not like modern father and mothers. The relationship is just like the moon has with moonlight, the sun has with sunlight. Complete concord and complete oneness exists within them.

Now this Holy Ghost is represented within us as the Kundalini, the Aquarius, which represents the Mother Earth, in the universe, in the cosmos. And the Father is represented within us, reflected within us as the Spirit which is the Son.

So in Sahaja Yoga, first you have to go as a hypothesis of what I am saying. As you come to, say, a new college or a university, you try to understand the hypothesis and then, then you prove it. Then it becomes the law. In the same way then, actually, genuinely you get your Self-rRealisation or your second birth. You start feeling in your hand the cool breeze of the Holy Ghost. In many people who have problems you can even see the pulsation of the Kundalini in the triangular bone and rising of the Kundalini. And on top of your head where the fontanel bone area is where you are given artificial baptism, you can feel first the pulsation and then the cool breeze starts coming out of your head.

The other day I talked on the radio with a lady and just after the programme she got a cool breeze in the hands. But after that it is necessary to learn what this cool breeze is, how to use it and what is this power of the Spirit, that is your own. So this power which is the residual power, this power, it is called, because it has not yet manifested. It is the power of your desire which is not yet manifested and there is only one pure desire every human being has, is to become one with the Divine. This is the word, is yoga, means where you unite with the Divine. Not the physical yoga that we do sometimes to become cinema actors. It’s a real happening within us. It is the actualisation of that auto which is governing the autonomous nervous system within us. With this we have two types of people who escape it: one are the people who are suffering from superego in the sense who are always taking and good for nothing. They are conditioned from childhood in such a manner that they feel all the time guilty about something, always unhappy and crying. These people come forward if they are of extreme types with the argument that, “Mother, I am no good for it.”

But why do you judge yourself? For such people, I would say they must count their blessings. Just think: to be born in this beautiful country of Switzerland itself should say that there is something about you. Such people should count their blessings and should know that this is the epitome of blessing that they have to have. It is their right. It’s their own achievement. Those people who want to misguide you will always tell you that you are a sinner, or they would say your karmas, you have to pay for it. So why should you pay to these gurus, then, if you have to pay for the karmas?

Then another type of people are the people who are over-educated, futuristic, dominating. They don’t want to listen to anything but to their rationality which is so limited, because this mind is a limited vehicle. I am talking of the unlimited realm of divine bliss, and how can this mind understand that? I came by car and I had to leave it outside even to enter into this hall. So it is important to understand that we should keep an open mind.

I’ve seen the scientists who are supposed to be the most open-minded are really hypnotised by science. They do not want to see something that is beyond. That is how a person who has over-read and over-intelligent thinks no end of himself also escapes.

Both these extreme cases give you an imbalance in life, and I will tell you tomorrow what happens to you, what diseases you get because of these imbalances. Now for the person who is over-covered by his ego is very insensitive. He cannot see the truth. Anybody who tries to pamper his ego is willing to share out any number of money or any number of yours. So one has to be in the centre and understand that by argument about anything, it is not going to work out.

It will work out or may not work out. There is no guarantee that we can give. So, one has to desire that, “I have to become the Spirit and I should be that. I should be my own power,” because you are that; you are your spirit. You cannot pay for it. Of course, it is ridiculous; it is absurd that one can pay to become the spirit. It is spontaneous, it is living and it happens to thousands of people these days – more in the villages, much more in the children’s consciousness, because they are less complicated. That’s what Christ has said that, “You have to become like children to enter into the Kingdom of God,” and if you cannot become that, then one has to work it out.

So we have to be fair to ourselves, because this is the last chance. If you are identified with, say, some other organisation or some other thing, you can go ahead with it. I cannot force it on you. I cannot dominate you to do something. Only thing I would say that you have got that nourishing  power within you which will manifest itself.

Now, one question everyone asks Me after My first lecture. I had better answer it just now. They say, “How do you do it?” It is very simple if you understand. A candle which is ready can be enlightened by any candle which is already enlightened, and if that candle becomes steady and enlightened, that candle can also enlighten another person. So, what do I do, then? Nothing. If I have the light, you get the light, and you give it to others, but you don’t see the light; you become the light and you give the light. This must be understood, that seeing light is a short-circuit. Those who see light like that ultimately have to end up in the lunatic asylum. As a Mother I have to tell you everything very frankly. I don’t want to hide anything from you.

I am thankful to you that you all have managed to come today and I am very hopeful that today your consciousness will move to that higher consciousness of collective consciousness and not the consciousness of hypnosis where you don’t know what you are doing. Here something really happens to you as a result of Self-Realisation: you get physical, mental, and emotional cures.

Yesterday only I had a very big industrialist from India who came and gave a big lecture to Sahaja Yogis, saying how I cured him in two minutes of his angina trouble. It is very easy, because if you know the source of everything, for example, for example, if the centres are the sources which I will explain to you tomorrow, then only if you can nourish those centres, you get cured. Same thing about emotional problems and troubles from over-thinking and speediness. Last of all, spiritual problems, if you are weak in a wrong way, living a religious life, with wrong type of advices you get into trouble, following the wrong type of methods, you do get into problems, and this can be also sorted out by the help of your Kundalini and you become the master of yourself; you become your own guru. I tell about that tomorrow again.

So thank you very much and because today is the first day I would like you to ask Me aquestion which is reated to Sahaja Yoga and not just a thing that because I read such and such a thing or I belong to such and such cult. You have to be kind to others. Yes, please?

Woman: I want to say that you are a fraud [Unclear].

Shri Mataji: Thank you very much. Yes, yes, thank you very much.

Woman: That you have no value. Your words are empty. You’re welcome. Your face is greedy and you have no spirituality.

Shri Mataji: Yes, well, thank you very much. It’s all right. It’s all right. Thank you. All right, you have spirituality, madam.

Woman: [Unclear]

Shri Mataji: Now I’ll tell you one thing, be fair to us. We have paid for this hall. We’ve have got these people, not to listen to you. Nobody has to listen to you. You take another hall and you may lecture. Everybody can. But as long as we have paid for this hall –

Woman: [Unclear]

Shri Mataji: All right, thank you very much. All right, now will you go? Thank you. Thank you very much. Now after all this, for you it is –

Woman: Good night

Shri Mataji: You can see before your eyes how it is. It’s not proper. It is improper. It is impolite. It’s impolite answer, to come to somebody like this. No, it’s not proper, all right. This is nothing. The other day the people came to My programme to hit Me with a Bible. You should go now, please. Thank you.

Woman: [Unclear]

Shri Mataji: They have not come to listen to you, madam. They have not come to listen to you. No, nobody has come to listen to you. Will you please go now? Nobody wants to listen to you. They haven’t come all the way to listen to you.

(Voices of people trying to put this woman out)

Woman: [Unclear]

Shri Mataji: It is libellous to say like that. Hello, madam, it is libellous to say like that to Me. Now keep quiet.

(Everybody talking at once. Now, loud clapping for Shri Mataji, all saying, “Jai Ma”.)

Shri Mataji: Just see, look at that. Now what makes them think I am a  fraud? I am talking about the fraud. What did I tell you fraudulent? I am telling you about the fraud people. Did I ask you for money? Why should I be fraud? What will I get out of being a fraud? I am not taking any money from you, am I? I have no organisation, nothing. Why should I be a fraud? For what? In the first place, I don’t need anything, but this is what it is. I am sorry for them. This is nothing, last timethey came to Me to hit Me with the Bible. Imagine! [Unclear] Yeah! And I was just laughing, you know. She was on Me, and I didn’t know what to say. It’s stupid. Only I can say that you must verify for yourself. What has she done for you so far? I have here people who can tell you their lives have been transformed. They have become good citizens, and not only that, but they are cured of some horrible diseases. They have come out of alcoholism, out of drug situations, out of so many things. They are changed, transformed, beautiful people, and awareness of their understanding is so high that when they talk people ask them, “Are you a guru yourself?” What I am saying, that you have these powers within you and you have it; that’s all. I’m like a banker, saying you have to cash your cheques, and what is there to get angry for that? If I say there is a diamond here, it’s your own taking, you get angry with me for it. Human beings can’t understand anyone who is direct. Why did they crucify Christ? These are the people. Actually, you can’t call anyone a fraud even if I wanted also. And with your laws you cannot, but the way people take liberties with Me because they think I am forgiving, but they should forgive themselves and they should understand that God has created them as human beings with such great care, and they have to achieve the purpose of their life.

All right, now if there is anybody who has any sensible questions, ask Me [unclear. Is it a sensible one, madam? Or you have another [Unclear]. Is this the gentleman [we talked about]? Is this gentleman sure?

Yogini translator: Yes.

[Yogini translating to Shri Mataji a question]: He has always heard that it is dangerous to awaken the Kundalini.

Shri Mataji: Yes. I understand. That was another question I should have answered in the beginning. Yes, I should have answered this question, because this is the second question people ask. Now I have to say one thing, that Kundalini is not dangerous at all. She is your Mother. These are some naive people who try certain things like [kinesis] trying to put their fingers into the plugs and say that electricity has given them a shock, but Kundalini never gives even a shock like electricity does. But there is a protective force within us which is based in the last centre there, as you see. It’s called as the support of the Mooladhara and the support of the Kundalini, and it is the innocence of every human being. So, when people try to exploit the innocence of a seeker, then this power of this centre rises through the sympathetic nervous system and gives all kinds of manifestation, like people start shouting, some people start getting blisters and heat and all that. But the Kundalini when awakened by Sahaja Yoga rises through the central path very smoothly. You may feel a little bit heat, little bit tolerable heat first, because if your body is a little bit in a turmoil or your mind is in a turmoil, then you might get a little bit of heat coming out of you head first. A little bit, like a ventilation, and then you can feel the cool breeze. It is never the heat that takes you towards construction. For example, if you experiment with helium gas, and you heat it, you will find every molecule starts behaving in a funny manner. But when you cool it down, every molecule acts in a collective way, and that is what is to be seen when you get your realisation. You start feeling a cool breeze from your hand, but all these experiences that they have described are the people who have done it in an unauthorised manner, a man who leads an impure life, who has no compassion but greed in his mind, such a man cannot raise the Kundalini. As she said, the fraud, the fraudulent man cannot raise the Kundalini; only the anger of innocence comes forward and harms people. In Sahaja Yoga now we have had thousands of people all over the world who have been benefited and nobody has felt any discomfort so far. Only I saw once or twice when a person is possessed by some black magic business, then they get a little sort of shivery or shaking, or lunatic people get shaky, but it can be corrected.

Yogini translating the question: So he has two questions. The first one, he says how come the power which has been sleeping for so long can be awakened in the fraction of a second? And the second question is that you said this is no organisation. How come we have lots of material, video and so on and you make publicity in town?

Shri Mataji: Yes. Now, the first question is really relevant. It’s this, that how can a Kundalini that has been sleeping for so many days, suddenly rises? On a Tree of Life there can be only one flower, could be two flowers. For years together there could not be more than five, six flowers, but when the blossom time comes, there are many flowers. There are many seekers today, and the Divine is anxious now that Kundalini should manifest because it is the time of Aquarius. The time has come to happen that way. All right?

Now the second question is very interesting, that how is it there is no organisation, yet there is so much published? It’s a very interesting question. It is not an organisation in the way you understand, that it is not a dead organisation. It is a living organisation like a body. Now, for example, we have no membership. We have no membership fees. We have no list of people as such, but how it works out, when they knew that I am going to come to Geneva, those who have been awakened to this all over the world have sent something to Geneva. There is no compulsion onanyone, and I also don’t know how spontaneously it worked out because some people sent them the paper from Australia, some sent them some other posters from other places, from India, and there are Europeans who just spent some money to get this hall and to post all these things there. So it has worked out on a very large scale. I don’t know how they have done it. It’s like a great festival of everybody spontaneously joining. As far as I am concerned I don’t take any money at all. On the contrary, most of the travels are done by my husband’s money. I have so many other expenses also. My husband does because he also, as you know, is a Secretary-General of one of the United Nations agencies and he thinks this is the solution for many problems. Luckily it is so, by God’s Grace, and actually if you ask Me, I really don’t understand money at all. So that’s how it has worked out spontaneously. Now I am going to America. You will be surprised; people have gone already from India, from Australia, from Europe, from England to work it out. Actually, I was surprised Myself to see My photographs all over. I didn’t know anything about it, how they did it, and I ask them. And I ask them and they say, “It all works out, Mother, somehow.” Actually, if you do not advertise people don’t know about it, but how far one can go also you cannot know it, is a big problem. I don’t know any other way of getting to the people for this. Mostly it has worked out by word of mouth so far, because we can’t also manage too many people at a time and the quality is not good there. Like now we have established, some of them are well-established; now we can have some publicity like that.

Yogini rephrasing the question for Shri Mataji: I have one question. As you said, we were seekers and that we want to awaken this Kundalini. How can we be sure that we don’t want just to achieve the power of Kundalini? Is that correct, sir?

Questioner: Instead of the new seekers looking for the spirit or…

Shri Mataji: I mean, I don’t understand. He doesn’t know how I know that he wan’t to…?

Yogini rephrasing: No, how can they know if they are true seekers or if they just want to get the power of the Kundalini?

Shri Mataji: You see, if you are a true seeker then only you will get the power of Kundalini. It is not a power to kill somebody. It is a power of nourishment, My child, of your nourishment and nourishment of the whole universe through. These are not two things; this is one. He’s a seeker, he’s a special category of people, and they get their realisation because they are seekers. If you are a hypocrite you cannot get your Kundalini awakened. I am sorry that. It’s a very innocent question.

[Who is he?]

Yogini: [Pere?] William.

Shri Mataji: But don’t judge yourself, and as far as I’m concerned you are all true seekers. All right?

Questioner: I find what you have said very interesting. I would like to know how did you come to this knowledge? How did you find out yourself?

Shri Mataji: I will ask you one question and you will know the answer. How did you find out you were a human being?

Questioner: Pardon?

Shri Mataji: How did we find out that we are human beings? Like I do. I had to find out that way the first time. Just like that, I knew I was that. I knew that I was this. I had to do this job. As you know you are a human, just like that. That’s what did it. Now you have expressed yourself. All right? I was born with this awareness. Somebody has to be born, whether it’s Me or you. Now this is my thankless job. What am I to do? If somebody can do it, I will be very happy to be done, but it’s rather difficult. It’s rather difficultsometimes, it’s sometimes like mountains you have to raise, but we have managed and we’ll manage more. But one thing, again I tell you, that after getting realisation you should not just say, “Now today I am realised.” You must know all about it. You must establish yourself, completely. You should be the master. Otherwise, you will be like the parable of Christ, where He says that, “Some seeds just got sprouted and were ruined.” For that we have luckily a centre in Geneva, and you can all take full advantage of that without paying any money.

All right. So how do we do it? Now there is one simple thing I will ask people, that you take off your shoes because we have to be in contact with the Mother Earth. So people don’t want to do even that. This is the little thing, I  your shoes are not your nose and eyes. You can take them out. Just take out your shoes. I think it is needed, that’s all. Just take off your shoes. I mean the earth thing is needed. We have to be sensible, and if it does not work out, not to get desperate. I am here for three days and I am going to tell you each and everything.

Now just you close your eyes because there is no hypnosis here, and put your hands just like this because as you see in there, these five fingers, six and seven are the centres on the left and right side of the sympathetic nervous system, and through them the message goes. Now the left hand is for the desire and right hand is for your action. So please now close your eyes.

Talk aside by Shri Mataji: Too much lights. Can you put them off? Some of them could be put off, please. That’s it, thank you very much.

Now just close your eyes and just sit straight with both the feet parallel on the Mother Earth, comfortable. Means don’t push your head too much forward, backward, just in the centre hold it proper. If there is anything uncomfortable, tight, you can relieve it a little bit if you think something is uncomfortable. Even spectacles could be removed because it also helps eyesight. So you can remove the spectacles. As your eyes are closed you don’t need spectacles. And now we have to be settled down for our higher consciousness, with the due respect to yourself, as you are the temple of the Spirit. First and foremost thing, I have to request you that you say within your heart, that you are not guilty. Please say, “I am not guilty.” Do not feel guilty at all. It’s a condamnation of the self. Let God judge you. Let your Kundalini judge you. You just say, “I am not guilty.” Here I am talking to you about the force of compassion, ocean of love, ocean of forgiveness, and what little guilt that you have there? So please say, “I am not guilty.” Then, call Me Mother, or you can call Me Shri Mataji, if it is easier for you, that’s My name, to say “I am not guilty.” “Mother, I am not guilty,” or “Shri Mataji, I am not guilty.” Now keep the left hand on your lap towards Me. Hands should not be towards your own hand but towards Me on the lap. And now you put your right hand on your heart, where resides the Spirit. On the heart, on the heart, and with full faith in yourself, ask a question to Me thrice, “Mother, am I the Spirit?” Ask the question. Just ask the question, “Mother, am I the Spirit?”

Now the second action is to awaken within ourselves our principle of guru, principle of mastery. Abraham and Moses were the incarnations of this principle of primordial mastery, and there are many others. So now, would you please put your right hand on the stomach on the left hand side and please say ten times, “Mother,” because you asked me a question, “are you the Spirit?” and if you are the Spirit, the second question should be, “Mother, am I my own master?” because the Spirit is your master. “Am I my own master?” “Am I my own guru?” ”Am I my own guide?” Ask this question ten times because we have ten petals of our sustenance. Now again you put the right hand on the heart and pleasesay that, “Mother, I am the Spirit.” Now assert yourself, with all faith and confidence in yourself that you are the Spirit, without any fear. Say it twelve times, please. Sincerely say it, “Mother, I am the Spirit.”

Now raise this hand at the left of your, at the shoulder where the neck meets the shoulder on that corner, from the front, and say again for sixteen times because it’s very common in the West to feel guilty. Say, “Mother, I am not guilty” sixteen times, and if you have done too much, say it thirty-two times just to punish yourself. Please say it sincerely, “I am not guilty.” It’s like a mountain of guilt.

Now put your same hand across your forehead and say with all generosity that, “Mother, I forgive everyone,” out loud, again, again. Eleven times. This is the last time [the people repeated in French  “Mere, je pardonne a tous” which means: “Mother, I forgive everyone”].

Now, put the hand on top of your head. You will find it hot. Now just try to press it slowly with your palm on the fontanel bone area. Press it seven times, and by pressing it you must know that I cannot cross your freedom. I cannot force Realisation on you. So you have to say seven times that, “Mother, I want my realisation. Please manifest my realisation. I want it.” You have to say it.

Now raise your hand quite high up and see if there is a cool breeze coming out. You can put your right hand down and instead use the left hand. Put it higher. You can change your hand and see. Don’t open your eyes. See if there is a cool breeze coming out. Now I tell you how to raise your Kundalini. You may open your eyes. Put your left hand in front of your Kundalini here, sitting down, like this, left hand. Now with the right hand you start moving like this back, forward, upward, forward, backward like this, in a clockwise manner. Now while moving it you are giving realisation to yourself, not Me. Just move it properly; that’s all. Take it on top of your head and turn it round and give it one twist. Now a second time, take it up full force. Just do it like this, second one, in the third one we have to give three knots. Take it up, one two and three. Now see if you are feeling the cool breeze in the hand. Feeling now? Something? Raise your hands now. Ask a question in your heart, “Mother, is this the breeze from the Holy Ghost?” So now you are feeling it? It has to start moving. Now just see if you are feeling it.

Now you see in your mind if you are thinking. Is there any thought? Are you relaxed? Are you feeling the cool breeze on your head and in your hands? See for yourself. Judge for yourself. Watch Me and see if you can do it without thinking. Those who have felt the cool breeze please raise your hands. All of them. All of them. Good, most of you have felt it. Now, this has not happened by argument or thinking. So I would request you to go home without thinking about it and sleep tonight, comfortably. Those who have not felt will feel it also. Tomorrow again we’ll be here and I will tell you how to manage it further. Did you feel the cool breeze? No? That doesn’t mean you are not a seeker. Now put your hands like that. Let’s see. Those who have not felt it, please raise your hands. Yes that’s good, now. That’s good. Now, all these people keep their hands like this. We have Sahaja Yogis; they will see you. Now come along. Those who have not felt the cool breeze. All right. Now those who give realisation to others, now come along, come along, just come along. Now be quiet. Nobody should talk. [Unclear] too much. Those who have been smoking must tell that they have been smoking because, you see, that affect the centre here. [Unclear] just now, just relax, can you?

[Unclear], no? Both of you? These three or four have felt?

Sahaja Yogini (translating): He did not feel anything. He says he has a question.

Shri Mataji: Really? All right, but you can ask questions tomorrow, better [unclear]. Come along. Now be sensible, [what about] these questions. [Unclear] very few haven’t got it. Be sensible.

Can we get some [unclear]

[Unclear] Take it here

All right, good, good, really! [Unclear]

Oh good, excellent.

Great, great, now you must learn everything about it [unclear]

You must know about it.