Human consciousness is a product of a living process

Public Program Day 1, 1983-08-29, Geneva I bow to all the seekers of truth. Every moment has got a past and a future. Everything has got a history and a future that is going to follow. Today we are here at this moment and we have to look at every problem in relation to this time. The understanding of consciousness has to be understood in all its aspect, and at this period of complete integration it is easy to relate it to every movement of our mind. The evolutionary process has created a human consciousness within us, and this human consciousness is a product of a living process, and a living process is to be understood in its own nature. I was very happy to see the picture of these trees on these flags, because they denote or express the living process. To understand the living process we can look at the trees. A seed sprouts into a plant by a living process. If we want to do it, we cannot do it. The leaves burst out into flowers later, and the flowers become the fruits because of the living force that is acting in it. We human beings cannot do anything like that. We can’t even produce one living thing, but we take everything for granted, as we are taking our human consciousness also for granted, but the living process, whatever it does, is spontaneous and cannot be done by us, the human beings who are the epitome of … Continue reading Human consciousness is a product of a living process