The roots of human beings

Geneva (Switzerland)

1983-08-30 The roots of human beings, Geneva, Switzerland, 58' Chapters: Arrival, Talk
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Public Program Day 2. Geneva (Switzerland), 30 August 1983.

I bow to all the seekers of truth. Yesterday we saw the general aspect of Sahaja Yoga and how these modern times are connected to the future and to the past. Because if it is a

living process of evolution then it is a continuous process intermittent with transformations. But we human beings believe that whatever we achieve through our mental projection is the transformation. For example, when we started to establish our kingdoms, we thought that monarchy will solve the problem and we adhered to it very much. Later on, we thought it’s better to have democracy, or some people thought we should have communism.

Some people thought that Christianity would work out. Others thought that Islam might work out. Some thought it was Buddhism that is going to help us and some thought it is some other religion will help us, like Jainism or Zen. Now, if you really see all these human endeavors from a detached mind, you will find that there is something missing in them. There are psychologists who said that it is the sex energy which is important and we should not be conditioned. So, they used their ego to express themselves without any conditioning. And the others who believed that it is the will power that is important and you must develop your will power. But one should know that truth cannot be two. It has to             be absolute. And the point at which we are today, we are absolutely diversified. So, we developed a new, another system by which we say we should be tolerant of everyone.

We must tolerate everything; there should be coexistence of everyone. But it is a very precarious imbalance. Any day it may blow off. Every moment there’s a danger that the whole thing might blow off; this tolerance might just topple down from this side to that side. India is the greatest democracy – I have seen the democracy part of it. I have seen all the democracies of the world because I had a chance to visit most of them. I have seen all – most of the totalitarian governments, also the communist regimes all over the world. And I feel all of them have missed the point. In none of these organizations, people are happy. We can see clearly that there is a kind of a dearth everyone feels. If somebody thinks that fire is too much to burn the body you jump in the frying pan – it’s just the same. So, this so-called tolerance also has no basis.

On the contrary, in this tolerance we might even tolerate horrible people who are demonic. So, the modern times, as we see, are full of confusion. No one knows who is right, who is wrong. It is all a relative world we live in. Everyone thinks that they are the best, and at the most they can tolerate each other. If it is truth, it is not to be tolerated; it is to be enjoyed.

So now what is the problem with the whole world today which is awaiting shocks aftershocks? As I told you yesterday that we have developed our tree outward, very large in size – enormous – but we have not tried to find out our roots. So there have been some people from thousands of years who have been trying to see the roots of human beings, and every time there has been a problem with them, there has been some sort of a guide, an incarnation who came on this earth.

All over the world, we have got great prophets and great incarnations who came on this earth to enlighten human beings. But, as you know very well, all of them were tortured by human beings. The reason is we live with our mental projections which is all artificial. Not only artificial, it is also a thing by which we do not know where are we. It is a very relative plain we live in, like a balance going up and down. Now the trouble is that so far whatever development we have done through our mental projection thinking this is a good thing.

For example, we said we should find out science everything, all right. So, we found out science. And then you said, “There is no God. Let us find out the science,” and what did you find out? The most advanced countries like Russia and America has found out bombs and missiles to kill each other. No animal can do such a nonsense, and we justify it all our stupidity !

Now, if you see on the side of religion, what have we achieved? Those people, say for example, believe in Hinduism, it is said that in everyone resides the spirit. Then how can you have a caste system? How can you condemn somebody as a schedule caste and a higher caste? At the most you can say that a person has a aptitude for seeking God, some has an aptitude or liking or fondness for doing business or for politics. But how can you condemn someone from very childhood that you are a schedule caste, you are a higher caste. It is against the absolute basis of Hinduism. The basis of Indian should be to dedicate all his life to achieve his self-realization. But what are they doing? They are behaving now like developing countries, trying to be developed like you – producing plastics.

Then we have another religion, we can say, like Islam. The whole attitude towards Islam is extremely fanatic. How can you be fanatic when Mohammad Sahib fought the fanaticism? People are so fanatic that even Mohammed Sahib has got the colour as if he was a fanatic. But he was a great incarnation of the Primordial Master Principle. The namaaz that he has taught was nothing but the Kundalini awakening. He has described Kundalini as Asasa in the triangular bone. He has. Not only that, but he has said about resurrection times so explicitly, so much that if you read it, you will find it is nothing but

Sahaja Yoga he has talked about. To such an extent that he said, “When the resurrection time will come” – he has talked of future; definitely he has talked of future; so, he was not the last who will do the job then. He said, “At that time your hands will speak.” I don’t know what credit we have given to him by just becoming mechanical fanatics.

We cannot establish any religion out of fear. Religion is within ourselves. Which is to be awakened; it is the sustenance within us. If it is awakened, we do not do anything that is wrong. In darkness if we are – we may bang at each other; we may do anything. But in

the light we know relatively how we stand to each other and there is no need to have toleration. Only the blind have to talk of toleration because they have to save themselves and save others because they are blind.

So, there is this kind of a manifestation of such a great incarnation who came on this earth to guide us so well. Let us see what we have done to Christ. We have again made him a mental projection. The one side is the Catholicism which is just a blind faith and the right side is the Protestantism which is just rationality. One is blind and another is limited.

We must face it because if we go on like this mad – our forefathers have gone up like that; our generation is going up like that – tomorrow our children are going to refuse

Christ completely. Now, some people who are saying that, “No, we have to have a second birth as Christ has said.” So, they are so stupid that they brand themselves – act to be realized soul or as twice born or something higher – just brand themselves. Of course, they try to lead a life of austerity but austerity gives you temper like the lady yesterday.

She was in a temper for nothing at all with Me. It is artificial austerity, superimposed feeling that we have to be ascetics.

Like I had some hippies in the beginning and I asked them, “Why do you want to live like a primitive man?” So, they said, “We want to be primitive because modern man is crazy. We want to have an anti-culture.” I said, “By changing your dress, your brain cannot change. It has become modern. How can you change your brain now?” Some of them did understand that you cannot change your brain by changing your dress or by accepting a kind of a fashion of becoming a hippie.

So, the true seekers must know that they should not live with artificiality about even thought. I mean, if you go and see the whole world – I was myself born in a Christian

Protestant family in India, and when I traveled across, I was amazed to see that those who call themselves Christians, who were saying that, “We are the true followers of

Christians,” whom Christ had told, “Thou shall not have adulterous eyes,” have the most adulterous eyes and very immoral life.

So, Christianity has failed to give you that power to be Christians because by artificial things you cannot transform a personality. When I went to England first – like yesterday there were people opposing Me saying I am Victorian – English language has a capacity  to brand people like this – “You are Victorian, very old fashioned.” This was about ten years back – I said, “Go ahead with your immorality but you will suffer.” Today, now that America which rejected Me is suffering from a horrible disease called AIDS. No Christianity can cure it. No Bible reading and no lecturing and no sermoning and also no prayers are going to cure it. Only the awakening of the Kundalini will do.

Now – so they have taken to another extreme of taking an austere life again. So, they are living with opposites, they are living once with a licentiousness and another with austerity. So, as I told you yesterday, they are moving in a pendulum, but as I told you again

yesterday that the consciousness, if it has to rise, it has to rise spirally so that you land up at a higher plane. So, what is the pinnacle of the whole thing? What is the absolute of everything? That is what we should try to find out sincerely and humbly.

But then the question comes that, “How can we find out?” Not in books, not in Churches, not in temple, so where? So, I say, “It is within you.” Then you would say, “But how to enter inside?” Your attention is towards Me; you are listening to Me. But if I say you have to enter inside yourself you cannot. Under these circumstances, what should we do? So gradually we come to a Rock of Gibraltar; we don’t know how to cross it. At this time so many people have come out with solutions in the market. And we also start seeking it in the market place. But again, you cannot find that in the market, you can only find out in the temple of your heart.

So, what should we do? Now we must think from other point of view that if God has created this Universe and if the whole human race is the epitome of evolution, He must have done something about it that we reach that pinnacle. So, if we move with that understanding, we can refer to many scriptures about it. Still the words are words. We do not know – say in 14,000 years back, a poet has written about Sahaja yoga in India.

In the Bible you read about the tree of fire. You read about saying that, “I will appear before           you like tongues of flames.” In the Zen system also you read that you become a   ‘kashyapa’  But how? We believed in people who claimed that we are the ones representatives of the religion. Some of them shaved their heads, wore long robes and created a big image as if they were representatives. From one representative to another representative when you move, you should see what are their followers doing.

But even if you see that, still the Rock of Gibraltar has not melted away. So, we have to understand that God has made some arrangements within you. Now, if I give you a hypothesis, it is not just My own. It is based on all the scriptures of the world, on all the incarnations, true incarnations of the world. That within us lies the power for you to get your second birth. No use getting angry with Me for that. I am giving you a very open

proposition that such and such power lies within you so far, sleeping, and the ascent must be                                  understood – what should happen to us. As I told you yesterday, when it happens to you, it should happen in a living way so that you should understand that human beings cannot do it; it has happened spontaneously. And when it rises within you, you can see with your naked eyes in so many people the pulsation moving in your back and jetting out of your fontanel bone area as a cool breeze.

Also, you then find that a cool breeze starts flowing from your hand or you start feeling the cool breeze all around you. This happens to you and this cannot be mesmerized or pushed on to you. If it does not happen, it does not happen. You cannot have a false certificate that it has happened; it’s no use. You have to have the truthful experience. It has to happen, of course, but you must know that if it has not happened, one has to work it out. And then when you start feeling this cool breeze around, this is the cool breeze of the power of God’s love.

This is the first time you feel that subtle energy of God – real energy of God. Now this is the energy that does all the living work in this world. But we take everything for granted. Now see a tree comes before us from a little seed and an apple tree gives an apple fruit and a mango tree gives a mango fruit. Who does the choice? Even medically I can talk to you about it very clearly. Within us there are two chemicals called acetylcholine and adrenaline and one of them has to augment and another has to relax. But in the human body, doctors cannot say why, the one which is supposed to augment, relaxes and which is supposed to relax, augments, and how? Under what control?

Very simple example I’ll give you that in our human body anything that foreign matter goes is expelled out, or the body tries to expel it. But when a fetus is formed in the womb of a mother, it is not only retained, looked after, but nourished so well till it is ready to be expelled. Who does all that? We take so much for granted, everything. If we have risen in our consciousness say from amoeba to this stage, why shouldn’t the doctors and the scientists think, “Why ?” For example, if I try to assemble some parts like these, you will ask Me, “What are you making?” Then I would say, “All right, wait till I make it and I connect it to the mains.” And then the instrument starts working in the real way. So, what

is missing in all these enterprises, that we are not yet connected to the mains, and that connection takes place when Kundalini rises and the yoga is manifested.

This is the spontaneous yoga, and that is what one has to understand that we should not ask for some sort of a hotchpotch or a potpourri but have the real thing. You don’t know at what precarious point you all are born. If you are still running after the falsehood then who is going to save this world? People have their gurus; they have their false guides and this and that, and what will they achieve – I don’t understand – except for becoming cabbages? Now the time has come for you to become the Guru. You to become the

leaders so that you are able to save this world.

We are not any more needed to go through the horrible idea of penance. The Jews denied Christ and they said that we must suffer; so, they suffered nicely. Now do they

want more suffering? But after that suffering, they have become so ego-oriented. But what surprises Me that even after what Christ has suffered the Christians are saying we must suffer. As if he has left something for you to suffer. There is no suffering needed any more. The time has come for you to enter into the Kingdom of God. I do not say that you believe Me, absolutely not blindly.

So, what you have to do is to keep your mind open because you have to gain, not Me. You have to achieve your being, not Me. You have to receive your blessings. Yesterday many people got realization and they felt extremely joyous. And many of them came and said, “Mother what a blessing! This is the first time we can now prove the existence of God because this is the age of the Holy Ghost, age of the Aquarius, which is represented

within us as the Kundalini.”

Christ has said that, “I will send you the Holy Ghost.” He has clearly said that it will redeem you; It will comfort you; It will counsel you. And what are we doing about it? Are we waiting for a Comforter to come in or not? Kundalini is the Comforter within us. She is

the redeemer in us. And She is the guide within us because She makes us connected to the Spirit. As a result of your self-realization, you become. Again, I say you actualize the consciousness of collectivity. I would like to say that when the people talk of generosity,and of missionary work or of helping others, they are sadly mistaken.

It is social work. It is not God’s work. Don’t bring God on that level. Human beings have created problems for them and they are solving it, but why bring God in between? God’s work is not of that low-level, shallow stuff. When you start doing God’s work after self- realization, you actually don’t do anything, but the love of God just flows to another person; a person gets completely cured. He gets absolutely peaceful, he gives up all his bad habits and become a master of himself, and he becomes a very beautiful person residing in the bliss of God. Because in collective consciousness, who is the other? When you are part and parcel of my body – supposing, if I have pain in this finger and I try to rub             it, whom am I helping? I am helping myself. There is no need to do all these huge, big advertisement and these presentations saying that person is doing such a helpful work and all these prizes to be given to such people.

Now we have here many Sahaja yogis sitting among you. And they can tell you that since they have got their realization, they have never taken a pill, they have never fallen sick and all the bills of the doctors are saved! Now I have done nothing – I don’t know why they want to thank Me! If the sun shines the rays work out his work. In the whole process, the sun is not conscious of it, is it? So, there are no karmas; there is no action. It is all

inaction, akarma, and it all works automatically. You don’t have to do anything that has to be artificially accepted. So, it is such a genuine thing and is the thing now that we all have to have. This is the only way we can prove the existence of God. Co-relation of the past, present and future. All the saints and all the great prophets and incarnations can be explained in the light of self-realization. It is the proof of all the manifestations so far which were above our brains.

Tomorrow, I hope I’ll be able to tell you about the inside story of this mechanism. If there

is darkness in this room and you come inside, you tell Me that you just switch on with one switch and all the lights come in. It is a very spontaneous happening and one wonders how it has happened. But one must know behind all this there is a very great organization which is working it out, and for that you have to understand the laws of Divine and the mechanism of the Divine work.

As this energy flows through you, it guides you, also to verify everything that is said. I thank you very much for giving your time today. But yesterday there was one funny woman and five to six people who organize themselves and tried to be funny and just said I am a fraud and would not allow the proceedings to go further. I had just asked her to ask  me questions – ask them. But I think she must be belonging to one of these artificial organizations which feels challenged.

But one must know you are the loser. All such organizations have given you nothing. Why do you slave for them? Why don’t you take your realization? And because of yesterday’s happening, people don’t want me to answer your questions in the public but you can write

your questions and give them to Me and I’ll answer them tomorrow in my lecture, because I don’t want the peace of this audience to be disturbed.

May God bless you all !

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Please do not disturb others. If you want to go, if you are just fond of listening to a lecture you can go away but don’t disturb others. It is not fair for yourself and to others. No, I am sorry, I am sorry, I am sorry, I am sorry. Please go away. Don’t ask any questions. Please go away. Please, these are the people who have organized it. Please go away. No question. Please go away. No questions. No, please, question. No questions. Go away.

Please go away. Go away. No questions please. Go away. Go away – this is what they have learnt in their own sects! Go away. No questions. See! What have they got? Why are they missing the point? Chi …poor things are taken money off. They are going. They have no power of their own thinking. I have known so many who have come to Me after becoming just like cabbages, suffering from epilepsy, this disease, that disease. Their job is just to disturb, that’s all. Is that the value of human life? Is it for that God has created you with such care and such love?

Now I would request you all to close your eyes. Just close your eyes. And put your hands towards Me like this. Then another request is that as we are going to use the Mother

Earth, to suck our problems. We better take out at least our shoes, if not socks. It will help. Now you put your hands towards Me and close your eyes because in mesmerism they keep your eyes open. Now close your eyes. Just close your eyes.

Lights are too much.

Now, as I told your yesterday, your left hand is for the desire power and the right hand is for the action. Now, you just keep your eyes shut – that is very important. Don’t open your eyes, because when the Kundalini rises above the optic chiasma, if the eyes are open, it falls down. So now, as you are the spirit, you have to put your right hand on your heart –

it’s very important. And keep the left hand very comfortably on your lap. One thing, you have to be comfortable.

Now, first thing you have to do is to forget that you have to be guilty for anything. You have to say that – a question to Me – that, “Mother, am I the spirit?” You have a right to ask because you are that. This is your right.

Now you have to establish your principle of mastery, because the spirit is the master and the master has to be recognized within us. So please put your right hand on the left hand side of your stomach and say that, “I am the master. I am my own master.” Say it ten times because we have ten petals of our sustainers.

Now you put again this hand on your heart and say, “Mother, I am the spirit.” Assert it. Say it twelve times, please, “Mother, I am the spirit.”

Now, ask it genuinely – it’s your right. Now raise the right hand on to the neck, the base of the neck. Put it on the shoulder from front. Hold it tight. Do it from the front; cross over and do it from the front. At this center, you have to say, “Mother, I am not guilty,” because if you are guilty, this center is caught up. So you have to say it sixteen times. If you have been really very guilty all your life, it’s better to say thirty-two times, as I told you, or maybe one hundred and eight times to punish yourself.

This center is catching the worst of all. It’s a fashion also to feel guilty perhaps. I am talking here to you about the ocean of love, the ocean of compassion, the ocean of forgiveness. In that ocean please forget your small little mistakes. Now put the hand across on your forehead. At this point you have to forgive everyone, totally everyone. Just for my sake you forgive everyone. People always escape this. They say it is very difficult, but if you are not forgiving, it is a myth. With whom are you angry? You are not angry with yourself. But you are harming yourself. So please forgive. This is the greatest weapons of weapons. Unless and until you forgive others, God is not going to forgive you. So that God should forgive you, when you cannot forgive others their small mistakes, how can God forgive you? Now, put your right hand on the top of your head on your fontanel bone area where you got – you had a soft bone as a child, and try to press it a little bit.

At this time I cannot cross your freedom. You have to be absolutely free to ascend to the complete freedom. So you have to say, “Mother, I want my realization. Please give me my realization.” Say it seven times. Try to press every time you say it. At this time don’t feel guilty again that, “How can I ask for realization?” Please forgive yourself .Now try, just to put your attention towards your hand on your head. And now raise your hand high and see if there is a cool breeze coming; or else you change your hand. Put your left hand on top of your head and see for yourself. You have to give yourself a certificate.

Be careful. Tell them not to block the way. Tell them not to block the way because everybody is feeling suffocated or inform the police if they are troubling you. That’s the best. You can change your hand again and again and see for yourself.

With some people, it’s hot and cold and hot and cold. So, open your eyes watch Me and don’t think. It will steady. With both the hands towards Me just watch Me without thinking. It will steady.

Now, I’ll tell you how to raise your own Kundalini though it is sprouted but it has to be raised properly and is to be fixed on top of your head properly. Put your left hand in front of your Kundalini like this. If you don’t do it, you will not feel it and then you’ll blame Me and say all kinds of things; so, it is you are the loser. It happens to many people who just come to see the thing and they don’t get anything out of it.

Now put your left hand straight like this. And now try to raise it by moving it in clockwise manner with right hand. In a clockwise manner. Going on top of your heads and give a twist. Now once more again. You have to do it thrice. Now give it another twist and tie it up. Now please give third twist with three knots. Slowly, slowly you raise it. Bring it to your

head now, higher. Now give it one twist, second twist and a third twist. Now see in your hands. See if there’s a cool breeze. You may put up your hands to see the cool breeze. Feel the cool breeze, the subtle energy of God’s love.

Now put down and see are you feeling it in our hands. Some people feel it in the hands but not in the head. Some people feel it in the head but not in the hands. But some people feel it in both the things. All this can be managed and worked out. We call such people as yogis, Sahaja Yogis who have mastered the art of giving realization to others. At least there are twenty-five percent people sitting here who are Sahaja yogis. They look like you but they are the masters and you can also become the master.

May God bless you.

Now those who have felt the cool breeze, please raise your hands. Either head or the hands, those who have felt it, raise your, both the hands. Both the hands. Practically everyone. Some of them have not felt. Those who have not felt can go back and the Sahaja Yogis can work on them and get it right. Don’t condemn yourself for that. Don’t think about it. Please come tomorrow and I will establish it fully. Don’t discuss it. Don’t think about it.

You have not felt it, you said. There is this gentleman. She has not felt? You have not felt either? You have felt it yesterday? You are feeling all right now?

Translator: She says that she doesn’t feel it.

Shri Mataji: Doesn’t feel it? You don’t feel it at all? All right, you come along. Those who have not felt it also can come along to Me. What happened yesterday? You felt it?