Talk to Sahaja Yogis

Geneva (Switzerland)


Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi talking to the Sahaja yogis during an Entertainment Program, Switzerland

Shri Mataji: And the road …
Yogi: Mother, actually this place is colder …I am also impressed
Shri Mataji: That’s what I say, it’s a fact. And the street which has a cool breeze. It’s such an expression of the unconscious as to what we are going to do in this place. Even When you get your realization, you are still sometimes in a growing stage up to a point Like you are by the mother earth all the time but you are not aware of it. In the same way, the womb of Sahaja yoga nourishes you to grow up into beautiful being. Till you have to come up to a point when it has to click in such a way that you start feeling the awareness of that abounding love. In small children, it clicks very fast because they are so innocent and uncomplicated. And in some people also I have seen it clicks very fast as soon as they get their realization. But in some people, there are some ego trips left to be finished. So they come to me I find them flying in the air like bubbles & as if blown by the nourishing mother. Blow now …Like the bubbles on the surface of the [unclear/ seed/sea]. And there are many who are suffering from the superego. They get mixed up with a sand and become very heavy and all the time weeping, crying and making complaints about personality. But once this thing clicks they become one with the spirit of the ocean. Then they feel that deep Joyce force of the sea which nourishes them guides them and elevates them every moment. Like deep down into the sea they go and there they find the beautiful bird of eternal experience. And when they find these pearls they bring to me as poems, as dances, as smiles, as laughter, as enjoyment. These are all within you and they lie there away from your consciousness. Though your consciousness is enlightened by self-realization it is not yet enlightened by joy. That is something happens to all of you gradually as I told you and should happen to all of you as soon as possible. What is there to surrender to force that itself is flowing towards you & nourishing you. Do we say that the lotus has surrendered to its fragrance? Do we say that the sun has surrendered to its brilliance? Do we say that the moon has surrendered to its coolness? It would be absurd to say like that …The word surrender sometimes can means only at the most in the text of Sahaja yoga that we surrendered our egos, our limitations, our shallowness, & what we have achieved is our depth, our own.
We have surrendered all that is useless for something that is so great and eternal.
This weight of ignorance has to drop off. I don’t know what I do? I don’t think I do anything because I am really doing nothing! Sometimes I think that this is not my due to be placed like this. Because whatever is my nature that’s what I am. And I have not achieved anything …I just exist by with my nature because I can’t do anything else. While you have achieved! Its great credit to you! Very great credit to you…Better say Credit to you …that you have achieved this enlightenment to see yourself your true self which is so joy-giving. Actually, I should compose a poem in praise of you. And I do my best to show by my method how divine is pleased and that you see everywhere, every time, & every moment. So tonight you have to say only one thing in your heart that this bountiful nature of motherhood should be brought into our consciousness which I told you is called as ‘Rithumbara Pragnya’ means your consciousness when gets enlightened to that nature of this mother earth which fills it up with different seeds. That is ‘Pragnya’ that happens to everyone I said but it happens to good people who try to be in the center and don’t go to an ego trip. Some Sahaja yogis I have known have been bosting that I am the one who is going to establish Sahaja yoga here & I am this and I am that… I am a special person and mother has selected me. Anyone who thinks like that is no more a Sahaja Yogi. It’s like he is holding on a tree and thinking that by holding on one leave he is going to dominate the whole tree. Such a person will have a little leaf in his hand which will also die out after some time. You have to run into the veins of the roots, of the branches, of the leaves, of the flowers, of the fruits. You have to become the essence of the tree that nourishes, & not just the outward leaves with wrong ideas about yourself. And the people with the superego who are limited by their small personal problems also must know that they will have the same [unclear (17:16)/faith] in Sahaja yoga. Put the problems of the tree always ahead of the problems of a leaf. Now it is high time to jump from that little area to the vast area which has no bounds. And once that happens you will be surprised that all these little petty problems drop out in the ocean of greatness. Don’t indulge into them. And leave them in the hands of the tree, so that all your small petty problems be looked after by the nourishing force. Because you belong to a very great tree of wisdom, tree of great sustenance, & religion and tree of great mastery. The mastery that you can never know how great it is. You belong to a tree that has complete security for you…And you belong to a very great tree which gives you complete witnessing of the drama And which gives you an understanding that the whole is part and parcel of you and you are part and parcel of the whole. So you belong to the great ocean of love and generosity. So this great tree of life has everything integrated into itself. This is the tree of life described in the bible. “Tree of fire” they call it. Now you have become one. You are blessed by it. You are loved by it. You are gently guided by it. It’s so gentle that you do not even feel the guidance. Like a leaf when it falls in the ground doesn’t make any sound …
Try to become identified with that power that is what you are. Like the meaning of the word is identified with the word. Like the moonlight is identified with the moon, the sunlight is identified with the sun. Let the identification be like that. That oneness, that integration so that you become the light of that god’s love, that people know God through your deeds and you are preached is the most fulfilling job, highest-paid, the more satisfying, energy-giving and dynamic. Don’t have to give up anything. Just be organized in the light of spirit yourself. I must thank you very much for the nice entertainment you had for me. It was really a surprise! The great surprise of tremendous joy. Thank you, Everyone…