Talk to New Sahaja Yogis: Now you are not there where you were

Tannay (Switzerland)

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1983-08-31 Talk to New Sahaja Yogis


[27:57] And once you have found the lamp and have lightened it then you don’t have to use a lamp to see that, do you?  That lamp itself gives light.  So this must be understood logically that now you are not there where you were.  That you are at a different level and accept all the transformations as reality.  And don’t live in the past or in your imagination.  As I have told many a times a that supposing a beggar is made a king, now he is sitting on a throne, he sees everybody is coming and bending before him bowing to him.  Bowing…But he being beggar in the mind puts his hand out and says can you give me some money.  So the situation is like this.  So the…so when I see people having miserable looks on their face I think the same beggar is coming back.  So sometimes it peeps in.  So you now say that now I know you are not there.  Now better go away.  So one of the responsibilities you have is to establish yourself fully in sahaja yoga with complete dedication, understanding, knowing what is to be done.

But the problem I have seen is that as soon as you become something like that you start telling others, “You are catching there, you are like this.  Mother has sent me specially to do this work.  I am someone. I am special, this, that.  But if there is perfume you don’t have to certify that this is a perfume.  It gives the fragrance.  What is there to say that I am a perfume?  All this kind of stupid falling down you see creates a problem for Me.  But it happens also that people who try really good can get out of all this stupidity.

Second is you take the responsibility of other people. Like the new people who are coming.  Now if some…some sahaja yogis start boasting about themselves or dominating others or putting their own view point they will all run away.  They won’t be sucked into sahaja yoga.  But they will be repelled.  What will really suck them is your own style, your own love and humility and kindness.  Like you must have noticed Me, I never make anybody shut up, do this, do that, shout, never.  Even to children unless and until they are possessed something very badly.  Then I shout at the bhoots, [UNCLEAR TEXT/or raise hell] and deliberately.  But if you just like this behave , in the puja…you’ve seen people telling children, “Don’t come, get out, this.”  All this hand movement are also very important.  And getting angry with people showing off eyes, anger or making gestures by which you show a kind of a repulsion, all these things must be curbed down.  The language has to change.  Like some people are very speedy.  They talk as if they are talking like a telescope.  Tak, tak, tak, tak, tak, tak (sound).  And some talk in a drooling manner.  It goes on.  It takes an hour to finish one sentence.  Such exaggerated forms are not accepted by normal people.  Everybody has common sense.  So many people I tell you have told me that that sahaja yogi was a crazy man or was a crazy woman.  So how can a sahaja yogi be crazy.  Thus we should all get rid of these notions that we had before and try to become a soft spoken sweet understanding person to begin with.  Sense of self respect and sense of respect of others must be there.

You see we have some national character also.  We should get rid of them.  Like Indians have a national character that if they can make some money out of sahaja yoga they don’t mind.  They don’t think it is sinful.  And they go into a collective robbing of Me sometimes and create such problems that I don’t know I can go blank.  But the other way round could be that western sahaja yogis have certain national characteristics and some international.

So the national characters are of course not difficult to get rid of but the international ones are difficult.  For example in the west people have a international character of a feeling very guilty about everything.  Guilt is the…another form of an ego.  Is a…is a very camouflaged one.  Like a gentleman who is carrying on with another woman than his wife.  He comes to his wife, tells her, “I know it is wrong, I am very guilty about it and…but I don’t know what to do.  I am very guilty.”  But what are you doing about the guilt.  You better be punished if you are guilty.  You see the thing that if they certify themselves as guilty they already become prisoners.  And so it’s alright.  They can do what they like.  Now they are prisoners. You are just escaping reality.  So to feel guilty is very international.

Another very horrible thing is sympathy.  They’ll have sympathy with the other people more than their own.  This is a very bhootish quality I tell you.  Like a house wife, she is more worried about other people, how to talk to them, how to be kind to them, and nice to them and troubles her husband.  So they go on to a trip by which they… say they want to gain a better… relationships with people who are not sahaja yogis.  And for that they will scold sahaja yogis.  They will say all kind of things to sahaja yogis.  It’s like cutting your own hand to help others.  So the sympathy must not be wrong placed.

The third thing that people have, another problem in the west is that they think if they do some physical work for sahaja yoga they run about for sahaja yoga they have done a lot.  That’s a false satisfaction.  The value of sahaja yoga is judged through your ascent.  When you work for sahaja yoga it takes responsibility. The divine blesses you.

Later on, later on, not during the lecture.  Now pay attention to the lecture.  Not during the lecture.  Nobody should take photograph.  It’s not proper, you know.  Before is alright and after is alright.  For all of you.

So he is automatically blessed.  He is automatically pushed by the divine power.  But to be conscious of it that I have done this and that without enjoying it is of no value to you.  So do not judge others, do not tell them you are catching here and you are catching there.  You be harsh to yourself and kind to other sahaja yogis.

Divert your attention inward to correct yourself and being kind to others.  Its very important but very difficult you see to be taken in the head.  See how much your mother work hard.  It’s a marathon work, marathon.  You are all [relay workers you see.  After this you all are too wrapped to go to America for one and a half month which is like it crazy mountains like the [UNCLEAR TEXT].

Krishna raised only one mountain here.  I have raised thousands and thousands of them.  But in no way you will find Me that I am harsh on you.  I never expect you to work more than Me.  I do not expect you to work more than Me.  And I do not in any way feel that why she has not done so much when I have done so much.  Because that’s My capacity.  If you also develop the capacity you are working so know that you are doing the work because you have developed the capacity through your own accent.  Those who have less capacity must encourage them.  And those who had less capacity should look at the people who have had capacities and treat them as ideals.  We have to recognize now that you have entered into the new kingdom, into the most beautiful state.  Say supposing its very very hot everywhere and the king and queen and all other people and the servants see the clouds coming in.  Then they feel the showers.  You all rush out with joy to feel the cool.  Do they remember at that time that I am a king so I should not feel the beauty of this place?  In the same way…In the same way you must know that you are in a state of bliss.  And the best thing to enjoy the bliss is to be absolutely enjoying it.  But if you have the ego that I am something, how will you enjoy?  It will be like a thick plastic thing on top of you which will suffocate.  It cannot be blissful.  Now when you look at your ego you must know that you are in a big thick balloon of plastic.  So that you try to get out of it and you have to feel the place which is surrounding this plastic.  So don’t enjoy your plastic that is your ego.  But enjoy the bliss.  Alright?

Good!  How are your vibrations?  Are they better?

Man: They are better now.

Shri Mataji: Better now.  What about this lady?  We met yesterday and day before yesterday one gentleman from Holland…Did you meet him?

Man: I’ve talked to them yesterday.

Shri Mataji: Now next year I plan to come to Holland.  But you have to find out people you see.  Sahaja yogis will have work it out there.  Now I would suggest that Lil and friends have to do something about it.

Man: [UNCLEAR TEXT/Probably] the English have proposed to come help you.

Shri Mataji: Huh?

Man: The English from London and Bristol now propose to come and help you.

Shri Mataji: What is he….?

Woman: British…English….British people from Bristol…

Man: And London.

Woman: and London offered to come and help also.

Shri Mataji: Really?

Woman: Yes.

Shri Mataji: Great, they never leave their country except for a war.  [UNCLEAR TEXT] How many are English here, see.  They sent one who is in Yugoslav.

Man: With your permission Mother [UNCLEAR TEXT/we brother] to go to Ireland for…

Shri Mataji: Huh?

Man: [UNCLEAR TEXT/The Robert] from Belgium will go to Ireland.  With your permission.

Woman: He says with Robert from Belgium, umm people from Lil can go to Holland.

Shri Mataji: You yourself you are sufficient.  But this Robert with you can manage it.  Lil we have not been able to establish as of yet but we will [UNCLEAR TEXT].  We had people when I went there, no doubt.  But I think the rapport is not established.  The second step is how to keep the people with you.

Now I would say that we have some new people here.  And you can go and talk to them.  And they are French.  So it will be better to talk to them.  We wanted to talk to Marcus and his wife.  Is she here?

Woman: Yes she is here.