The nourishment of the Primordial Mother

Société industrielle de Mulhouse, Mulhouse (France)

1983-09-01 Public Program, Part 1 & 2, Mulhouse, France, 95'
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1983-09-01 Public Program, Mulhouse, France

[Translator: … What we do?]

Shri Mataji: … which represents the Mother Earth. So far, whatever we have done is to exhaust the Mother Earth. She has been looking after us, but we have been exhausting Her. So within us is also placed the representative of that Mother Earth in the triangular bone or sacrum. Or we can say that this bone represents the Mother Earth and the energy within us, that represents the Holy Ghost. Now if you notice that even outside, the feminine consciousness is rising very high, though they are [misusing that/misguided]. The feminists are trying to follow the men, [the father], and are competing with them and trying to become men. That is very unnatural. Actually, here you can see that the kundalini or the Mother Earth, which is represented as sacrum, is the power of the Holy Ghost which is the Mother, the Primordial Mother. For example, if the trees grows very big outside as our civilization has grown, it has to see its own source, source of vitality, of nourishment. Otherwise, the whole tree is going to collapse. In the same way, today human beings are standing at a point where they have to receive the nourishment from the Primordial Mother.

In the 13th century there was a great philosopher who said that first it was the reign of the Father, then of the Son and later on it [will/would] be of the Mother, the Holy Ghost. That is the Age of Aquarius. We are fortunate that we are born in this great Age of Aquarius. Now when this Holy Ghost is going to come into play or manifest, She is going to work out that part of the remaining work of complete nourishment, and by that complete nourishment you become the spirit, which is the Son aspect of Divinity.

This power resides in the sacrum, and people knew about it long time back. Greeks called [this/it] “sacrum bone” about two thousand years back, before Christ. The word, “sacrum”, means “sacred”. So why did they call this bone sacred? In the Book of Essenes it is clearly written that the Primordial Mother is the one who is the Holy Ghost. There have been [jolts and jolts?] against the truth in the history before, and people got lost in the words, which were not very clear-cut to people. But there are many words of Christ which we cannot explain in a normal way. Like He says that, “Those who are not against Me are with Me.” Who are those people? Then He has said, “I will send you the Holy Ghost Who will comfort you, Who will redeem you and Who will counsel you.” But human beings do not want to see that point at all.

One day I was walking to the roads of Paris and some people were sitting outside on the roads looking very, very sad and discussing something. I just thought these must be “Les miserables”. And I asked them, “What is your misery?” They said “We are waiting for Doomsday when we will be doomed once for all, finish with this world.” But I said, “Before the Doomsday there is a Resurrection Day because there will be a, ultimately, a judgment, a Last Judgment, and then will be Resurrection after that. Why do you believe that you’ll be judged as the worst people and you’ll be doomed to death?” That’s human nature, perhaps. It wants to enjoy the calamities better than something very elevating. They actually warned Me not to say that I’m a very joyous person because they think it could be a sign of My ignorance.

But the one who knows the spirit lives in joy. He neither has this happiness of the ego and unhappiness of the superego. Same things happened with the Jews. When Christ came in they said that, “We don’t accept Christ because He said, ‘“I have suffered for you’.” So they suffered. Still they don’t want to accept that they should be resurrected. They have suffered sufficiently. Now I find the Christians also have a theory that, “We must all suffer.” Do you mean to say that Christ has not suffered sufficiently for you? That you can add more to that?

But these invasions come into mind when we do not want to face the reality. But the reality is so beautiful because you are the Spirit. In this darkness you can’t see it, but in the light of Spirit you will see that you are the source of joy and you are the source of all the compassion and love and you are the source of manifestation of that love. If I say, “I love the world,” has no meaning. Many have said like that. But just My presence, if it can emit something that soothes you down, cures you or makes you joyous, then definitely I love you. Just like the sunshine. It does not say that, “I do any work”, does it? It does not do any work. If you ask the sun, but by its own nature it transforms a flower into a fruit. Now the time has come for the Mother Earth to nourish the fruit. Such a force of nourishment does not dominate.

When a foreign body goes into the human body the natural thing is that it is repelled out. The whole body tries to throw it away. But when the fetus is born in the womb, the womb retains the fetus. The whole body works for the proper growth of the fetus. Even the face of the mother starts looking very beautiful. And when the fetus is fully matured, then the birth of the child takes place. Who does this living work? We see so many living things, like we see flowers and trees. Who does all that living work? This is the power of the Holy Ghost. This is the power which is subtle power of God’s love. But we don’t feel it. We don’t see it. We just see its work. We cannot [build/do] those things. As we see, people who go to cults and sects and all these things cannot do any work of God. Some starts jumping, some starts singing, some starts becoming mad. That anybody can do.

Because there are so many seekers in this world at this great time, the Blossom Time, all the markets are filled with these sects. But if you give some money to the tree, will the tree give you fruits? What will you do to a seed to sprout? You put the seed into the Mother Earth and She, by Her own nature, transforms it into a flower. How can you pay for your transformation? And this transformation has to be a transformation by which you become at a higher level than what you are. But if you start jumping like frogs and creeping like earth worms or getting mesmerized and believing that you are [seeking/looking] God, then you are sadly mistaken. Some people believe that if they hear some sound in their ear or get some sort of a light in the head, then they have become enlightened.

Please be careful about these sensational movements in your head. This is the beginning of lunacy/lunatic]. It is another group of people who are telling you that you can fly in the air. People have paid thousands and thousands of [francs, pounds] to fly in the air. Why not ask the guru to fly for a change? Let him go on top of the leaning tower of Pisa and he can show that if he can fly, [how] is that. But why are you so naive? You are intelligent people and you must understand that if anything has to happen as your spiritual elevation, it has to happen to your consciousness of which you should be the master. Supposing you get a car and it takes you all over the places, it makes you jump in the ditches and this and that, that means you are not learning driving.

Christ has already talked of all these people and has said that, “Their fruits will tell you.” Now you should go to their disciples and see what are they doing. Everyone, I would say, even those who believe that only way to do is this, to go to church. See, are they the people extremely moral, righteous, kind, generous people? I am not here to criticize the churches, but I said that they have not delivered any goods to you, except that you might become a good personality. You may at the most lead a balanced life. But why the balance? Your children will ask, “Why the balance? Why should we do but these things to keep the balance?” And you cannot give the logic to that. The balance is to ascend. Before making the plane ascend, you see the balance. And if you cannot ascend by balancing yourself, people will say, “What are you doing, all the time just balancing from here to there and there to there? No movement at all.” Your children would say that, “You did this, your father did this, your great grandfather did this, but what now?” So now is the time to ascend.

This ascent takes place from this sacrum bone, as you can see in some people the ascent of the Kundalini like a pulsation. It enters into the parasympathetic nervous system, and on top of your head you can hear first the throbbing of that pulsation. And then the pulsation stops. And you start feeling the cool breeze coming out of your head. You feel the cool breeze even in your hand. The other day a young man came to Me and he says, “Lot of cool breeze flowing, but it could be air conditioner.” But I said, “What about your head? It is coming out of your head. Do you mean to say it is also coming through air conditioner?” But when this cool breeze of the Holy Ghost manifests itself, still you have to understand. Like supposing I give you Indian money and you don’t go to an Indian market, you will not understand how to use it. So you have to use it and practice it and you’ll be surprised that you’ll become the master. You develop a higher consciousness of collective consciousness. Who is the other, then?

Other day there was a lady who came to see Me, who was suffering from horrible incurable disease, and she couldn’t lift her legs at all. But she started walking nicely. So she started thanking Me. I said, “Who [am I to thank Me/are you thanking?] If this one finger is paining and the hand rubs it, then [do you] does this finger thank the hand?” So when you become collectively conscious – I again say, become – automatically this nourishing force flows through you, which you can maneuver. You can understand and you know how to administer it.

Now how do I come to Mulhouse? [Willey/unclear name] went to Lausanne on a holiday where she came to My program. She got the realization in one day, in one city and she was surprised. And [them/then] she started using them there and then. She came to Mulhouse and gave realization to many. And then she told Me that, “Mother…”. Then my program was not scheduled to come to Mulhouse. I was to go to Austria where we have many Sahaja yogis, where [there] are many people who are realized souls. But she’s told Me that Mulhouse is the place where there are many true seekers. “And even if you can come for one day, you’ll be very happy to meet them.” Only one person can enlightened thousand people.
What did I do? You were like a candle. I was like a candle that was enlightened. I just touched by My presence that candle that got enlightened. And the same candle enlightens many. It is so simple. The human beings cannot accept that such a tremendous thing could be simple. But logically, all that it vital is simple. Imagine if we have to pay for our breathing or read some books for our breathing, how many of us would exist? In the same way, if we have, can pay for our evolution and can also make efforts for our evolution, or read books for our evolution, how many would evolve? That means only the people who are rich to feed these false gurus, or those who can indulge into all kinds of these head-on-the-ground processes or those who can read can only get evolution.

But living process is available to everyone; you don’t have to be a member, to be an organization, nothing. You just have to be a human being, and your evolution is your right. So this is what one has to understand as far as your evolution is concerned through your second birth, so that logically you can reach up to a point to understand that the time has come for you to evolve through the living process of evolution. But this mind is limited. So you have to go into the unlimited, and to enter into the unlimited you have to be triggered. The transformation has to take place. Not without, but within. Like an egg doesn’t change. It becomes a bird inside, and when the top of the egg is broken, the bird comes out as a transformed being.

This second birth takes only split of a second, in simple people. But in complicated people it takes a [long/more] time. Doesn’t matter; you have to have patience with yourself. I hope you all will get your realization today, tonight. But in any case, even if it fails, because I’m only here for one day and I’m very apologetic about it, you can, we have some here, very good people who can do the job for you. But first you must realize the importance of that. This is the only way we are going to solve all our human problems. And how we solve, you will see for yourselves.

I would like to have some questions from you before we start this thing, but don’t try to be aggressive with Me. We can talk like sensible people. We have to be tolerant, no doubt, but how far one can go with the nonsense also one should see. Like some drunkard comes to the program and starts shouting that, “You must not say these things,” and all that. It has no meaning. We must know, what do they have to offer? And even if they have to offer, they can hire a hall and offer to the audience. But if there is a genuine question, please ask Me. In any case, tomorrow a journalist [comes] from your place, is going to interview Me and he is going to ask Me many questions which you have asked on [telephone, television]. But if you have any more questions, please ask Me peacefully. I will try to satisfy your curiosity. But by talking or by discussion or by argument you’re not going to get your realization. This Mother Kundalini has to rise. And She knows you very well. And She knows Me very well. So if you want to have your realization, if there is real problem, you ask Me a question. But I would say that you should pray that you get your realization because that is what you have to evolve to find your absolute. May God bless you all. I would like to have some questions from you.

Translator: [He’s got two questions to ask/It is the two questions you ask].

Shri Mataji: Please stand up so that the gentleman knows you are asking Me a question. You just stand up, because the others don’t know you are asking.


Shri Mataji: Loudly. And the second question also tell Me. Now, please be seated.

Translator: [He says/This is] why is there contradiction between the different teachings of yoga?

Shri Mataji: Just a minute, just a minute. Tell them in French. Tell them in French. What is he saying?

Translator: He is saying why is there a contradiction?

Shri Mataji: Between who?

Translator: Between different teachings of yoga?

Shri Mataji: Yoga? Aha.

Translator: And it is said in different, in, in certain teachings that Kundalini awakens from the bottom and Shri Aurabindo says that the Kundalini does awaken from the bottom but it’s necessary to open from the top so that the energy of the Divine Mother can come down.

Shri Mataji: The first question is very good and it means that he thinks that there is a contradiction in the word “yoga”, [is/it] is not good. “Yoga” means “union with the Divine”, with the Divine. And the other meaning of the yoga is that to know the deftness, kauzala [skill] means the- means the trick or the deftness of the maneuvering of the power of “yoga shakti”, means the power. All right, this is the real meaning. Now, in the Patanjali yoga, if you read, I mean people don’t read Patanjali yoga. The modern yogas that are prevalent, last fifty years have been all a story-telling. Now, Patanjali yoga was written thousands of years back. Of course, it requires explanation, but it’s said there are ashtangas. There are eight [poses/fold] things you have to do. Now, the first is Ishwara Pranidhana, means the establishment of God within you, means Self-realization, the first is.

Now in the olden days in India we had schools for the children of five years to twenty-five years in the forest with the gurus who were realized souls. So they used to select the boys or girls who were of depth or who could receive Self-realization first. And then they used to do all the cleansing process through all the other seven methods. This is the traditional knowledge. All this about fifty years old knowledge has been meant for the Western people, which is untraditional, absolutely. Some played with your ego, some with your thoughts and some with your superego, like mesmerism and all that. That is not the traditional meaning of yoga at all, what these people are talking.

[Side A ends here]

[Side B]

…knowledge is to be reflected in different various scriptures also. If it is true knowledge, if Christ is truthful, then you must have meanings to what He said, and it must also relate to yoga, means the union with the Divine. Surprisingly, in the yoga Shastra the amount of pressure, I mean the amount of importance we have given to exercises is not even one thousandth of the whole book. But it’s dealing all the time with the effects of realization. The Ritambhara PrAgnya is the all-pervading gracious knowledge of love which nourishes the human beings with its beauty and joy. It’s described at length. Pantanjali yoga is not physical yoga or mental yoga, but it is the spiritual yoga.

But Sahaja Yoga that I call it, is also described by him. But the beauty of Sahaja Yoga today is that now you don’t have to go to the forest. Sitting down here you can get en masse realization. So by mental projections, nowhere it is described that you can get yoga at all. On the contrary, it’s condemned altogether. Actually, there was a great poet in India called Kabira, who was a great realized soul. He said, [Hindi] “Even by reading too much, the learned have become stupid.” So by playing tricks with the words, you cannot get the yoga. It is a happening. As we came in, we had to leave our car. In the same way, we have to leave this brain outside for the time being. But once you get your realization then everything becomes logical.

Now, the second question is that kundalini, some people say it’s very dangerous. I always answer this question in My lectures, but today I forgot. Because all people who wrote these horrible books were so [on] like [cakes/fakes] all over, about kundalini, the books they wrote, you see. I’ve seen such a big book written about kundalini and I was really shocked. “What is this?” There is freedom for you to write anything, and whatever is written, I don’t know why people believe it. Anything written cannot be Scriptures, can it be? But when this is written, that the kundalini is dangerous, it is written by people who have not given realization to anyone. Those who have talked also about kundalini, only by reading about them in the books. Nobody has given realization to anyone, I don’t see any one of these writers giving realization to anyone. Except for warning.

Translator: Except for?

Shri Mataji: Warning.

Translator: [Ah/Yeah], so warning them.

Shri Mataji: I told you, kundalini is your mother. She is the womb in which a fetus has to grow. How can she be dangerous? Actually, everyone has talked about God and about kundalini without any authority [or whatever/at all]. In My, I started My work in 1970, and since then, thousands of people have received awakening, but nobody is harmed at all. With due respect for [Marion/Marine], say, you can ask her. She came to Me. She was in absolute coma. She couldn’t even talk to Me. She couldn’t even see Me. She came in that condition. And you can see her today, where she is. And you can ask her, if she’s a realized soul or not. Because she can feel it and she can maneuver it. And in Paris she has given realization to so many people. You may say that, doesn’t matter. So there are many like this. So you, from the effects, from the fruits you should see.

Seeker: [French] What is the difference between a realized soul and a soul who is free and alive?

Shri Mataji: What is he saying?

Translator: He wants to ask me a question.

Shri Mataji: Yes, ask.

Seeker: [French]

Shri Mataji: What is he asking?

Translator: He says what’s…

Shri Mataji: In French you first tell.

Translator: What’s the difference between a realized soul and something who’s freed, free and alive?

Shri Mataji: Why are you free? He’s what? What is he saying?

Translator: [French]

Shri Mataji: Jeevan Mukta. So, see, means “the one who has got released from the worldly problems”. That you have got already. Just the same. I’ll explain how. When you become the spirit you start seeing the whole thing like a drama. You, as if when you are in the water, you are afraid of the waves. But if somehow you get into the boat, you start enjoying the waves, looking at the waves. So you become a person who is released from the fear of water, like jeevan mukta, just the same. But you have to grow. Because even if you are in the boat in the beginning when you see the waves you are afraid. You have to feel that you are in the boat now; no more in the water. Once that develops you jump into a consciousness called as “doubtless awareness”. The first awareness you achieve is thoughtless awareness, called as “Nirvichara Samadhi”. But then you develop into doubtless awareness. And that is then only we call you a yogi, not before that. It is just a state you have to achieve. Like you will say “When do I run and when do I learn bicycle?” I would say, “When you learn.” Yes, please…

[Seeker asks a question in French].

Shri Mataji: Is [it] a question or a lecture?

Translator: It’s a long question.

Shri Mataji: What is he saying? Make it short. All right, all right, let’s answer one by one. Sit down. Sit down.

Translator: What is, he is asking by what process You get from this normal, daily awareness we have, to the higher awareness. Because by normal, we normally, we don’t get any further in a very superficial thing.

Shri Mataji: All right, one thing is correct. That’s all? In the whole thing you said only that much?

Translator: No, then he was saying something about cults, but I didn’t get to the end of the process.

Shri Mataji: What is a cult, he is saying?

Translator: He says he is quite involved with something and he would like to explain something about cults.

Shri Mataji: No, you see for that, I mean, we don’t want to have anything to be explained about cults here. But, but, because you can have another hall and you can do it. Because we have very little time. But if you want to know what is the force, then I would say I have told the whole Ramayana and you are asking Me a simple question, who was Sita to Rama. Because I told you that it is the kundalini who does it. This is the effect of cult, because the mind is so much barrier that you can’t hear anything. You can’t understand anything. The whole time I was telling about something. Still you did not know how it happens. I told you it happens through the sprouting of the kundalini. And that is the force within us which is residual.

Now to understand what is the nature of that force is, I would say it is the un-manifested power of your desire. It is the pure desire, and the pure desire is that you want to become one with the Divine. Not one with the guru or one with a cult or one with any book or any particular religion, but one with the All-pervading Divine. Because you get rid of all misidentifications and get identified with your Self, which is the reflection of God Almighty within you, as the Spirit. But when it manifests, the energy starts flowing through your hand as cool breeze, a soothing breeze. You automatically become a very healthy, wise, righteous, loving personality. Then you are a different person. Till the light is not enlightened you have to take another light to find it. But when the other light is enlightened it does the same work of the first light. Then it has no questions. The transformation comes in the nature that now it does not seek, but it gives. You become your own guru. You become your own master.

This is what you must expect. There is no enslavement, but you receive the complete freedom of your being. You are free from all diseases, free from your habits, free from wrong ideas, and you are on top of the world because you are in a very joyous, healthy mood. And automatic detachment takes place. It does not matter if you are in the palace. It does not matter if you are on the road. Nothing is important; only thing you have to be. You enjoy the dynamism of the present. But this is all just talk. If you get realization it will become reality; otherwise, it will not. You cannot pay Me anything. You cannot purchase Me. It should happen to all of you, but it cannot be a guarantee. It cannot be a guarantee. There are so many flowers on the tree and the blossom time has come. But how many will become fruits? That is to be seen. At least you should at least desire to become. If you do not desire, I cannot force it into you. It cannot be forced. Now two more, that’s all, eh? Because the explanations… Today I have very little time. Short question, a short question, please. Yes, thank you. Short. Can you write it down also? Better write it down. You write it down; would be better, so that there is no repetition. Write it down if possible. Thank you. Tell here to write it down.

Translator: This gentleman?

Shri Mataji: Ha. It’s a big lecture. We have little time and everyone wants their realization.

Translator: He just wants to know the difference between ego and superego.

Shri Mataji: Oh, that’s interesting. Now, that he will know after realization, would be better, because it’s a big thing, a big lecture needed, you see. I must have given at least thousand lectures in London itself. But still every time they say there’s no, they enjoy every lecture as something new. I don’t know how long am I to speak now, but you will know each and every thing. We’re not going to keep anything as a secret. Everything you’re going to know. It’s a very good question. So [he was] a great seeker. It’s a letter or a question?

Translator: Well, it’s a bit of both.

Shri Mataji: She’s turning… Sweet, they are.

Translator: Since we’re using Your photograph and [is] he wants to know if You Yourself have used Your own photograph.

Shri Mataji: Yes, sometimes I do, to know about you people. The photograph is such a great thing that has happened. Camera is such a marvelous thing that through photographs you can get vibrations.

Once I went to a village where I felt there was a great soul who died. So they told Me there was a Muslim saint who died in that place, and it’s called as [Myakitaki], that place is. And I was sitting in an open space, in a school, village school where there were thousands sitting in front of Me and the things I feel, I did not know that the camera will also catch. Normally, when I am lecturing I don’t allow people to take My photograph. But there was an Australian girl who took My photograph and in that photograph seven times there are lights coming on Me, of different colors on My head. Then I put My hands like this to stop it, in a very joyous mood. That’s the eighth photograph, where there are no [auras].

So now if I give you a photograph, on that photograph I get the reflection of what your problems are. Like once I went to a house and their photograph in that house, My photograph had become absolutely black. So I asked, “How this photograph has become black? Who came here?” So the lady who stayed there was the aunt who was [being/doing] practicing black magic. That’s what this lady told Me, [the miss/means], that “This aunt of mine who came here, she was practicing black magic in this room.” But from My photograph I know what problem you have. So I do use My photograph. Also I use your photograph, by caring for it. Your photographs also give vibrations. Any one of these yogis can tell what’s wrong with you, only seeing the photograph. And if [unclear]. He’s got one of them, he says. You can show it around.

All right, he seems to be a Sahaja Yogi. So we can talk to him later on, all right? You meet Me tomorrow morning. [He/You] should not waste the time of these people, because they are waiting for Self-realization. All right, because the time is very short, so we should not waste time. Now just, now let…It’s all right. It’s all right. Now don’t disturb, don’t disturb others. Be kind. Most of them want their realization, all right? They are seekers, you see. They are seekers. So don’t get upset. If you have anything to say you can write to Me. I will leave My address with some people here, or maybe if you can arrange tomorrow morning I would like to have a workshop, possibly. If you have any other troubles also I would like to give some time for curing or something like that. You see, it was a very ad hoc arrangement. Suddenly I came here and there is not much time. But still we’ll try. You can telephone to us and find out if we have been able to locate a place for a workshop. But I would love to do something because I can find you are, you are good seekers, and true people. Let us find out; let us find out.

All right, so now simple things you have to do, without doubting. I don’t want anything from you. I don’t need anything. As, as [of now/ever] you must be knowing that I don’t take any money. I don’t need anything. And that, My husband himself, My family itself is very highly placed. So I don’t need even power or position. What I want that you should get what is yours. I’m like a banker and I have to cash [your cheques/truth], but little bit cooperate with Me. All right.

First of all you have to know that you have to put our feet open to the Mother Earth as far as possible. So just take out [your/the] shoes if possible. Just a little bit it takes; shoes will be taken out, to be put it in contact with the Mother Earth. There is no [misconception?]. It is very logic. But if you are obstinate and adamant, if you are obstinate and adamant you are the loser, not Me. Now, you please put your hands like this and close your eyes – that’s all – because the fingertips are the subtle centers, representatives of the subtle centers within you. You just keep your left hand towards Me, which is the power of desire, and the right hand you have to use as I tell you, touching your different centers. And also I’ll tell you how to raise your own kundalini.

So put the left hand towards Me like this. Sit very comfortably, straight. Even take out your spectacles – eyesight also improves – and put the left hand on your lap very comfortably. Now if there is any obstructions, say might feel tight waist or something, [if you use some cordon or tie make it] little loose, that’s all. Be relaxed; be relaxed. Now please keep your eyes shut till I tell you to open. Please keep them shut, because when the kundalini rises above this center, then if the eyes are not closed it does not rise. So this is what happens, that when you close your eyes the kundalini rises above like that and just pierces through your fontanel bone area and you start feeling the cool breeze on your head.

Now put your left hand towards Me. At least take out your shoes. I am not going to run away with them. Now sit with a happy mood. Don’t have any fears. You have to enter into the kingdom of God. Now, close your eyes and put your hand, right hand on the heart and let the left hand be all the time on your lap towards Me, [little bit stretched fingers/if you could stretch the fingers]. Now in the heart resides the spirit. So you have to ask Me a question, real question now. You can address Me as “Shri Mataji” or to make it simpler, “Mother, am I the Spirit?” Ask it in your heart. Ask it in your heart, not loudly, but ask sincerely, “Am I the Spirit? Mother, am I the Spirit?” or “Shri Mataji, am I the Spirit?”

Now to establish your principle of mastery or guru, as your Spirit is the guru, is your guide, please put your right hand on the stomach on the left hand side. All of you should do, whether you belong to cult or not. It will help you to understand. Be kind to yourself because this is the chance you have. We have to be fair. So ask the question to Me again, “Shri Mataji, am I my own master? Am I my own guide? Am I my own guru?” You have to ask this ten times because this center has got ten petals, without feeling guilty, without feeling [defendant / defiant]. Please do not feel guilty. This is the biggest drawback in the Western mind. Don’t feel guilty for anything whatsoever because your Spirit cannot commit guilt. Now raise your hand higher again to the heart. Without counting your so-called sins or guilt, assert that, “Mother, I am the spirit.” “Shri Mataji, I am the Spirit.” Accept; assume. Accept your true self without doubts, with full confidence in yourself. Please say it twelve times, “Mother, I am the Spirit”, “Shri Mataji, I am the Spirit.”


The transcribers felt the recording was not complete, with parts missing at the beginning, the middle and the end.