Shri Krishna Puja: Vishuddhi Chakra Vienna (Austria)

Talk before puja, “Vishuddhi Chakra”. Vienna (Austria), 4 September 1983.
Before going to America I wanted to speak more about the Vishuddhi Chakra and about Shri Krishna’s aspect within us. In the first Puja in Geneva I spoke quite a lot about it. There is no end to it, of course because it is the center of Virat. But one has to realize that the message of Shri Krishna was ‘to surrender’. Now, the surrendering that we think in the gross way is like an enemy surrenders to another enemy. […]

Development of consciousness within us Urania, Vienna (Austria)

Public Program Day 1. Urania, Vienna (Austria), 4 September 1983.

I bow to all the seekers of truth.

One has to know that truth can be only known through your consciousness. We can feel this thing as cold and hot through our central nervous system. We see the color of this wall also through our nervous system. Whatever we have achieved in our consciousness is in our central nervous system. So factually we must understand, or rationally, […]