There are so many problems, that it is better to talk about the solution

Urania, Vienna (Austria)

1983-09-05 There are so many problems, that it is better to talk about the solution, Vienna, DP, 94'
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Public Program Day 2. Urania, Vienna (Austria), 5 September 1983.

To all the seekers of reality, I bow. Yesterday I talked to you about the development of consciousness within us and the transformation we have to accept as a result of this primal force within us. We are living in a world which is full of confusion. We see no solution to our problems. Today only when I went to the radio, he asked Me a question: “What is the solution for the poverty of this world?” Then for the political crisis. There are so many problems, that it is better to talk about the solution.

By changing your political systems, economic systems, social systems, you have achieved nothing. From going from one extreme to another extreme you have achieved nothing. Some people are poor in money, some are in Spirit. The countries which we, like India, we can say, is a very poor country but people are happier, much more generous and much more hospitable. And very much more secured. While the people in the West, where they are supposed to be developed, the problems are much more acute because you are sensitive to them. And they are of a very different nature. So what is the basic reason for the problems to come up?

As I told you, the masculine growth of our consciousness has taken us to analysis of everything: to the differentiation of different countries and different races and different communities and different castes. But in the eye of the Divine all are human beings. Like leaves on one tree. They are different in sizes, in color and tunes, but they are fed by the same sap of life. But like a river, which has many branches, it can dry out and all the branches can become secluded from others. Or, if the people pluck out some flowers as their own from the living tree, can dry out those flowers, it will look ugly, and you might be surprised at their ugliness.

The problem which show as if the whole thing is dried out and separated, disintegrated. All this development has led to our internal disintegration also. For example, we want to do something from our mind, but the heart doesn’t accept. If the heart wants to do something, the body doesn’t do it. Like some small thing like this: I want to pick up this piece of metal here. Like I think about the poverty. So I just go on thinking about it, that I have to pick up that. But my hand doesn’t move that side. And my heart doesn’t move that side. So I am just thinking that still it is there and I have to remove it.

All our problems are on a mental level and that’s why the solution is not there. We have to now seek a solution that we actualize the real benefit of the happening of actualization. Now, as we are outside changing so much, we have to change within. Like many young people who came to see Me were hippies, and I said, “Why do you take a hippie’s dress?” So they said, of course, very logically, that “We are fed up of all these suits and rules and all this nonsense that was on our head and we want to give it up completely. This military thing we want to give up and we want to become natural people. And we want to become a primitive type of people.”

I said, “You cannot. Because your brain is modern, your whole attitude is modern. You are overdeveloped. Like a fully-baked egg you are. No, you cannot become like a, like a newly born egg, you cannot. You may believe that you can by changing outside you cannot.”

Of course, what they are trying to do is the right thing, is to become a simple person, who doesn’t think. But they are seeds. The solution that has come to them from unconscious is correct, but is misled.

So we have to think how we have to bring forth the inner change. Now, I must confess that the developed countries I know of, is ruled by very dishonest people. The whole ruling class is so dishonest everywhere, that you cannot change a lot of those countries because they are so dishonest.

Whatever age you may send, whatever one may try to solve the problem, simple problem of poverty, you cannot. So what do you do? For the developing countries, what can we do, is to just send some aid, some material, something, but it doesn’t reach the point. So these people have to be honest. How can they be honest? By giving them lectures, nothing works out. If they see a saint, they’ll touch My feet also, to humble down themselves, but they are thieves. So, how to change the heart of a thief? Of course, some of them have also come here, exported and imported as gurus who are also looting you.

Now, we have other problem in the West. Is the family relationships, is the children, is the whole society is in a turmoil. So in the East, if you have the problems of economics, you have here the problem of society. No use telling people to have good married lives, to be sincere, it’s all useless talking to them. They cannot be controlled, because they don’t like any control and they are so tempted, they are so weak, weak minded. They know they are doing wrong, but still they cannot control themselves. I met one gentleman, he came with his wife and he said, “Oh, I love my wife very much, I like her, but I can’t control, I have to stay with other woman.”

And he says that “I feel very guilty about it. But I cannot control myself.”

Another fellow comes to Me, says, “I’m alcoholic, I’m badly off, I know I should control, but I cannot control.”

There is no control in themselves, that means they have become slaves to everything. That’s why nobody seems to be happy.

So we have problems of two types. We can call it in Sahaja Yoga language, the first one is the sin against the Father; the other is sin against the Mother.

Now, what is to be done, to transform human beings? We can talk about, this is the problem and that is the problem. Like somebody showed a film about Indian widows suffering in India. And in England, I was surprised that every week two children are killed by parents. See the cruelty. So, we have a very big problem of human beings themselves. So, there has to be transformation, en masse transformation of human beings. Luckily this is the time of transformation, of resurrection.

There are so many seekers who are born on this earth who are thinking of this transformation. But they get so enticed by the superficial things that people are doing, that they just get lost, into completely, into complete redundancy. Those who want to transform others become transformed into epileptic patients, cancer patients, all kinds of patients, or recluses or abnormal people. So if you realize, a transformation has to take within us, we have to know that this whole world is created by God Almighty, or a greater force than human beings. And when you are made a human being, there must be some element within you to transform you as well. Otherwise there is no purpose of making this beautiful instrument of human beings. So you turn to religion. There you are supposed to have a blind faith. But when you people, who follow religion go to churches and temples, in India those who go to temples are equally dishonest, it makes no difference.

Those who go to churches are equally hot tempered. Very rigid. Nobody has become more righteous, more honorable, more noble or more religious. So you say that “Discard all this again. So now, don’t believe in God. Nothing higher than man. Man is the highest.” But even with that faith, can you save the world? Even with that faith, can you transform yourself? So, your discarding is as good as your accepting.

You have done no good by doing all these trips. It has been a wasteful, joyless journey. But there is another journey you have to now do internally.

Shri Mataji talks aside: Did you tell them about chakras? You told them about chakras? Yes.

As she has already told you that within us are placed these centres. And this force of Kundalini which resides in the triangular bone has to be awakened.

Fortunately or unfortunately I have discovered a method by en masse this process can take place. Then people ask Me, “Why You?”

So I say, “Why not you, good idea, come along now. I would love to retire. Can you do it? If you can do it, nothing like it, I am already sixty years of age, I would like to retire now.”

But I must say, that there is no need to bring forth your ego. This force is to enrich you. This force is to make you grow into your maturity. This is to transform you into a new personality, which is one with the Absolute. No more to live with confusions and relative values. Once this happens to you, you will enter into that realm where you don’t have to worry about confusions of the world, the whole thing looks like a joke, a drama.

And you start seeing those people so seriously doing stupid things. The more stupid they are, the more serious they are. And they think they are the wisest people going round. You have to get out of the lunatic asylum, to understand the condition of lunatics. So, the world that looks so mad, is superficially mad, and can be completely made a very sane place today. And a very beautiful realm of bliss we can enjoy. It is within you, it is within you. As the hell resides within you, the heaven resides within you. It is your own power which has to manifest.

Now today, as I was requested, I have to tell you about how Sahaja Yoga helps to correct the psychological and physical problems.

Now to understand the problem first, then the solution: the physical problem according to Sahaja Yoga is on the right hand side. And also not the mental as you call it, but the problems of the intelligence. But the problems of emotions are caused by the left side. Now, what you have to do is to come in the centre.

Now the physical problems are caused by extreme movement of your attention, either to the left or to the right. For example, a person who is very right sided, means futuristic. He goes on thinking of the future, which doesn’t exist, is a myth. And he plans about the future. That is one of the problem that people have planned of the future, the future never existed and all plans are never real. So, when you plan for the future, you forget the past, so much so that your memory becomes very weak. I know of a gentleman who even forgot his name and his wife’s name also. This is the minimum. But when you become very right sided, the first trouble starts coming to you is of the liver. Because the second centre that you call as the Swadishthana centre has to look after the transformation of your fat cells into proper cells, brain cells for the brain, from the stomach to the brain.

Now when you think, think like mad, this centre has to work very hard to do the supply. And when he does this work, he does that work, it neglects the other organs it has to attend too. And the other things, it has to attend to are the liver and the pancreas, the spleen, the kidneys and some part of uterus in women. So, as a result of that, you are vulnerable to get any one of the organs out of order. So, doctors don’t know much about liver, I must say. Because I have done medicine, I know that.

Alcohol comes to you because you want to compensate for your over-activity. But actually as a result of that, you get even worse liver, so it’s a vicious circle. You get a bad liver, so you take alcohol, you spoil it more, then you get bad liver again. Then you take more alcohol, till you get cirrhosis of liver or something horrid.

In a subtler way the liver looks after your attention. A person who has a bad liver always is a very hot tempered man. He may control his liver problem in the office, before the bosses and things like that, but his wife will have a bad time. And if wife is the boss, then the boss will have a bad time. So, this liver problem is the first blessing of our imbalanced thinking. If you can drink without thinking, then it won’t be so bad. But it’s not possible because with drinking you must have thinking of something, very imaginary, romantic stuff. And that means additional problems.

Now, it goes against our awareness, because it goes against our attention. So the whole system goes into a vicious circle of having an attention, which is very wobbly. I don’t find so much that in Vienna, but if you go to London, I used to first came, I thought they are all barking at each other. And then in France is even worse, they are roaring. You talk to anyone, they just jump on you, don’t know what has happened.

They are so developed, but no sophistication, no mannerism how to talk to anyone you meet. But as soon as they see a person which is having a very special ring or a very beautiful necklace, they are very kind. It’s very surprising that something like that should impress people so much that they are kind. I am not going to give them, nobody is going to give them, but if they see something like that then they are very kind.

Now then the people who have a bad pancreas suffer from diabetes. Diabetes is not a disease of simple people, like farmers. They take even one kilo of sugar every day, they never get diabetes. It’s only the thinking people on their chairs, get it. Then the diabetes acts on the back side of your head because here is the same Swadishthana acting. The seat of the Swadishthana is here, so you get eye sight affected. Many people become even blind. If the parents are like that, then the children get it from their very birth. So, you can imagine how dangerous it is to have this wasteful thinking on the future.

Now, the worst is the spleen. Now, spleen is the speedometer within us. In the West when people speak, they speak actually telescopically. They are so fast, you don’t know where to catch which word. And they run so fast that if they have to catch the train, they’ll catch it at the next station. They cannot control their speed, they are very speedy people. Now, this poor speedometer has to keep to your speed.

Now what happens that you are getting up in the morning, first of all, an emergency is created as soon as you see the newspaper. Newspapers believe in giving only disasters. They would never write about something nice, because if you tell them to write about Sahaja Yoga, they are not interested. They think they will not earn any money if they give up their disasters, their disaster descriptions.

So early in the morning you see the newspaper, your stomach goes wobbly. And then the emergency starts. The speedometer starts working. Then you look at the watch. Rush up to have your morning ablutions and then you are in the car. Thinking about the boss, who is going to scold you for getting late. There’s a jam on the road and you have not taken any breakfast. The wife has given you breakfast to chew on the road. Poor this spleen has to adjust, all the time you have an emergency, see, like that. It starts producing more and more blood cells to cope with the emergency. So it becomes vulnerable to a very serious disease called leukaemia. And the parents, the parents of this nature also create children suffering from leukaemia. Kidneys also get neglected and start acting in a very funny manner, so that the blood pressure goes up. So these are some of the troubles of the modern man.

Now, the problems of the left sided person. Now, the left sided person is the person who is lethargic. With alcohol and drugs he is turning to the left side also. And the ones who go on all the time weeping and crying and complaining, they also go to the left side. And to top, all these gurus also do the same job. Any kind of, any kind of any enticement or hypnosis or domination takes you to the left side. People going to spiritualists, charismatic or going to women who are going into trances, the cards they use or they have, what you call, a session of planchette (ed. Note: a board on wheels with pencil attached that writes messages under supposed spirit guidance); all they go to the left side and once they go to the left side they are placed very dangerously, vulnerable to very, very serious diseases.

The other day, I saw in London a very good film, made by some specialist on cancer. And they said that the cancer is caused by triggering of the system by proteins, which they call as 52, proteins 58, if the system is vulnerable.

Now here, I would say, the left and the right side, the sympathetic nervous system and centre is the parasympathetic. Now what happens that when you start exhausting too much any one of your centres through your sympathetic activity, then these centres start moving like this and the control of the whole is lost.

This kind of emergency is the vulnerable position. Now, when you are in that state, the cancer is triggered by those proteins, which they call as 52 and 58. Because doctors just know how to give names like protein 52, protein 58, autonomous, but if you ask them, “Who is auto?” they don’t know.

(You shouldn’t tape Me, sir, without permission, you are not allowed to tape Me without permission. All right, thank you; you can take a tape from them. All right.)

The protein 52 and protein 58, these two are, they are describing, reside in that area, which is being built within us since our creation. Now what is that area? That is the collective subconscious. That is the collective subconscious on the left-hand side. I’ve seen so many cancer patients, myelitis patients, so many types of these incurable, even the AIDS. All of them are attacked on the left. And these proteins are nothing, but are dead souls, which are possessing you. No wonder those people who go to fake gurus and sects and cults end up with such diseases. It could be caused by permutations and combinations of these various centres. So now, what is the solution?

First of all we must keep a balance, lead a temperate life. But now you cannot. And many people are like this, vulnerable to this attack. So, what do we do? We raise the Kundalini and give some vibrations to that centre. And now the Kundalini starts nourishing this centre. When She nourishes that centre, then what happens is that the cells which are acting on their own so far in cancer and all these things come in control of the centre. And now, then you find the person gets cured of cancer. In the same way every disease can be cured. But of course, supposing you have cut your leg and put an iron bar in there, then you cannot make that iron bar into a living bone.
But you have to religiously follow the instructions of Sahaja Yoga, which is a doctor, till you get completely cured. And as you get cured, you achieve the mastery and then you start curing others. Because you have suffered with that disease, you develop a more compassionate nature and greater patience.

Now, the physical problems that we have are many, like we have the problem, many of the problems of the ladies these days is of breast cancer. This arises from the centre, you see, of the heart in the centre. In front of this centre is the sternum bone. The Mother of the Universe resides in this centre.

Until the age of twelve years, She creates the antibodies in the sternum. They are like soldiers. And these soldiers can disperse into the whole body and wait for a message from the sternum bone. So when an attack comes on the body, these fight and call all the others to attend to that attack and to repel. Now if somebody’s motherhood is not all right, in the sense that she has had a bad mother or she herself is a bad mother, or her husband doesn’t respect her motherhood, he is a flirt, he is going about with other women, then she develops a defect in this centre, because he fills her with the sense of insecurity. And as a result of that she develops this disease.

Whatever women may try to become men, they are women. So one must accept naturally whatever we are and in no way women are less than men. They are like this Mother Earth, who can bear everything because She’s so powerful. She nourishes everyone. Everything depends on Her. So if women understand that their job is not to become men, but to be mature women who will be responsible for the nourishment of the whole family.

It is a rebellion if you fight, but I am talking about revolution. And in revolution the nourishing quality is going to help. And the soothing and constructive growing qualities are going to help men as well as women.

Now, so this, on the right-hand side of the heart, you have got another centre as you call the right heart, is the father’s centre and the left is actually your mother’s centre. If the right side is affected, your father’s side, means your father has been bad to you, you have lost your father early or you are a bad father or your son is a bad son, anything like that, the fatherhood, then you’ll develop this problem. Even women who have lost their father or they have had no fatherhood, can also have this problem. As a result of that you develop asthma. Asthma is hundred percent curable through Sahaja Yoga.

The left side heart, those people who catch, suffer from inferiority complexes because of their mother. They are frightened people. They are not the people who come forward, they recede back in fear. They become recluses, they become a sort of people who cannot communicate with others.

Now the centre here, which is a very important centre, has two types of problems again. In Sahaja Yoga we also have a hot and a cold liver. The person who is overactive has a hot liver and the one who is inactive has a cold liver, and the cold liver people suffer from allergies. Also from arthritis and all these troubles.

Now this (Vishuddhi) is very important because it has sixteen sub-plexuses, this looks after the cervical plexus. This looks after the eye, the eyeballs and the face and the neck and the tongue, ears, nose. So, the troubles that are caused by right side problems are the people who are very aggressively talking. They shout at the top of their voices on people. And as a result might break one cord. They may also have very bad throats and all kinds of problems with it.

So to compensate for that ego, they take to smoking sometimes and the smoking gives you the left side problem. With this is combined the heart trouble also. The left sided people have a lethargic heart, plus if they have the left Vishuddhi catching this side, then they develop anginas.

And the right sided people who are overactive, all the time thinking of the future and are extroverts who do not think of their Spirit, get a heart attack. All of them have only one solution for us: to awaken your Kundalini and to make you what you are: the master of yourself and the source of all the energies.

There are others also, like from the Sahasrara so many diseases, but I think for the time being I’ve quite given a little idea as to how physically we try to help people. Now those people who go too much to the left are also given the same treatment. Only the right sided people have to put the right hand and forgive everyone. And the left hand outside like this or like this. And the left sided people have to put the left hand and the right hand like this. And to say, “I am.”

One says to God, “Please, forgive me,” or “I forgive everyone,” and the other one says, “I am,” because he is the one who is dominated. On your vibrations you will see. The ones who are right sided will not get vibrations on the right, those who are left sided will not get vibrations on the left. There is another category who do not get on both the hands. They have both the systems out of gear. But it can be worked out by soothing the sympathetic nervous completely both like this.

So when you start from the source, the whole thing is simple. But when you go further with it, then it becomes a permutations/combinations of simple things. But for instance, if there is something wrong with one leaf, you cannot cure it from outside, you have to go to the roots of that tree. And the sap in the tree can only cure the whole tree. So we have to go to the source, to the roots of our being. So this is the tree of fire, described in the Bible.

Now, we have to see yesterday many people touched their Realization; today I’ll try to establish them and those who did not get Realization, I’ll try to give it. As a result of that, I can assure you one thing: that it is difficult to get a disease. Also if there is a disease as I told you, if you practice it, as a authentic medicine, the Sahaja Yoga, for some time you can be completely cured.

But people just don’t do it, I’ve seen them and they are back again with another trouble. So please, understand that you are created with very great love, affection and delicacy. And you must respect your being because this is the being which is the epitome of evolution. You are going to be elevated into the Kingdom of God, not the mosquitoes and bugs and chickens. So have that respect for yourself and understanding. And work it out. It is all within you.

May God bless you!

If you have any questions you may ask Me. But last time I found those who’ve asked the questions were the first to leave. So it is not proper to disturb others with your questions and then just to leave, I mean, it’s a very nuisance right. So those who want to ask questions should ask, no doubt, but not just to create a problem or create some sort of a hero image of himself.

Like in Geneva we had one gentleman who came and troubled Me so much and ultimately we found him like a hawker in a train. And some of the people were so sympathetic with him that “Oh, after all, he wants to say something,” and this and that. I am here only for tomorrow, so make use of it as much as you can, I’m available for you. But all the noisy people are available all the time.

So, may God bless you!

Question: Can we also help a mad man?

Shri Mataji: Of course. Everybody is partly mad. Everybody. Mad men can be helped, yes, very much, very much, yes.

Question: What is the meaning of this flower on top of the head?

Shri Mataji: It’s symbolic. To show that there are ten thousand petals in the brain which get enlightened, and you start seeing them like flames of very silent colors. But actually you enter through all these, so you don’t see anything, actually you get out without seeing anything, you go to the – from the innermost core.

Question: He wonders also what is the meaning of this flame where the heart is?

Shri Mataji: It’s there just to show a heart, you see, at different fashion, that’s all. This is an artist idea.

Question: This lady says: Since the meditation from yesterday I have a very, very, very big heat on top of my head. Is this going to go or is it bad?

Shri Mataji: It’s all coming from inside, here. It will be cooling down, I’ll cool it down Myself. But all the heat is coming from your body now, let it go out, it’s a chimney now.

She has got? After all you’ve collected it all your life. But, I’ll help you today only, I’ll help you today, specially, all right? Anybody like that with too much heat coming out? It’s easy, easy to solve the problem. But better allow it to go out.

Question: It is said that the Kundalini is in the sacrum bone. What does this really mean, if this person has an accident and this bone is broken or something like that what happens to the Kundalini then?

Shri Mataji: You see, normally it doesn’t break easily, the sacrum bone, but if it is broken also, Kundalini is such a power that it doesn’t get destroyed, normally. I have not seen one case even in accidents has been destroyed. So far, I mean. And we should not worry about somebody who is an exceptional, far fetched thing, so far I have not seen even one. It’s a Divine force so it cannot be destroyed. But one thing I have seen, though, that Kundalini of many people is very wounded. Not by any accidents, but by the wrong things they have done to themselves and to others. I have seen it sometimes helplessly limping, just cannot rise and just, poor thing, tries to come up. It’s like a wounded animal, something like that or a reptile. But still you can raise it and adjust it.

Question: How can we awaken the Kundalini of small children, before they are out of balance?

Shri Mataji: Oh, most of them these days are born realized. And they have a knowledge of Kundalini also. But children are the best to awaken Kundalini, they are the ideal. You ask them when they come here, how quietly they listen and they just get it in a second. I mean, you have to become like children, like that. Now you have asked your question, next one please, it’s all right.

Question: Mother, he says as it is important that the Kundalini stays in the seventh chakra, but the question is how to maintain it over there, because if it goes up then it falls down, it doesn’t fulfill the purpose.

Shri Mataji: You are correct, sir, absolutely. You have to keep it there. And you have to, that’s why I say, you have to attend some more programs so that they tell you how to maintain it. Then you also become an expert and then you can help others. You can learn it very fast, because it is in your hand how to do it but only the technique is the pure knowledge, you have to learn.

But some people, when they get Realization, they’ll just get it, they don’t lose it at all, some people, there are many like that. But still you must know, it’s the knowledge of the Divine, you have to know it. It is all free available and intelligible. And there is no mystery about it. But if you are, if you have, you have to give some time to it. That’s all, little bit, not much. You have to, you don’t have to give up any life, nothing, you have to be a normal person. I’m Myself a grandmother.

Now, how many? Three – now this lady here.

Question: How long should I touch my hand to help Kundalini, but that’s not the way it happens.

Shri Mataji: No, no, no. You see, as soon as You get your Realization, gradually you start feeling the Cool Breezes in your hand. Then you know what is happening to you. And then you have to learn where is the problem, by decoding it. Then you should know how to remove the problem. And then you have to raise the Kundalini, which they will teach you, it’s hardly anything. Children can do it, little.

Now you come along for the program again. All right, tomorrow also I am here, all right?

Now because of, you see, there are people anxious for it, all right? Tomorrow, all right, all right.

Now, you are very a great seeker, I must say. But take, have patience. There is no physical tension in Sahaja Yoga, nothing. It’s spontaneous. It’s done by God, we really don’t do much.

All right? Take it easy. Relax. Come and sit this side. Come along here. Now, who else? Yes, there. Yes, please.

Question: What is the difference between Sahaja Yoga and Raja Yoga?

Shri Mataji: All right. Sahaja Yoga is a method which is a living method of the Kundalini awakening. And a Raja Yoga is what happens within.

Aside: You just tell him.

In the sense, that when you digest your food, the parasympathetic movements that take place, in the same way, when the Kundalini rises, all the chakras go into expansion and augmentation and they try to support the Kundalini to stay there. This is the internal happening of Raja Yoga. It is, Raja Yoga means the action that takes place in the body. But the confusion is like this: that if I say, if the car starts then the wheel starts moving automatically, isn’t it?

But the Raja Yogis, what they do, they start moving the wheels to start the car, in Raja Yoga. And they call it Kriya Yoga. Even they used to cut the tongue, imagine, and put it back into the throat for an action that takes place automatically, called kichari.

But when the Kundalini rises, automatically the tongue is little bit pulled inside, the pupils are dilated automatically, but you don’t feel anything. To my amazement in California I’ve seen some people with wagging tongues, you know they were doing Kriya Yoga with shaven heads and wearing robes like that and tongues wagging down.

Question: Is the Kundalini a spiritual or a material power?

Shri Mataji: It is spiritual, but in the sense, the Spirit is in the heart. Now, the Kundalini is the pure desire. The pure desire to become one with the Divine. So it is a pure desire power within us. So by that we become connected with the Spirit. Like a cord here, will you call it an electrical thing? It is in a way, because electricity flows through it. Because it connects to the electricity. All right? So also it gives you material benefits. Because it rises through different layers. You can say the wick in the candle is material, but when it is enlightened, it is light. And even the wax which is material, burns as light.

All right?

One more question.

Question: How do you with the awakening of Kundalini – how do you realize that this Power is from God? In what way do you see God?

Shri Mataji: It’s rather futuristic. All right. You see, what happened that Buddha said, “First of all get your Realization, don’t talk of God.” Because without getting Realization you cannot understand God, whatever you understand is blind faith, whatever I say to you is a blind thing. So much so that people say that He even He was an atheist. But you get your Self Realization, moreover we have got books about Sahaja Yoga in which we have clearly explained and which can be verified with your vibrations. But these books we don’t give to people who have not achieved a certain height of understanding which we call as doubtless awareness, where they are in Nirvikalpa, because unless and until that maturity comes in, this kind of knowledge will give you another ego trip. So it is better first we become the Spirit and then we will know all about the God Almighty of Whom is the reflection – the Spirit.

Now, we are entering into a new realm and a new realm is to be, first of all, settled down. Like if you are entering into this room, then you know this room very well, then you know the whole building. You have to have that gravity, gradually developing in you.

This time won’t be very fruitful, I think.

Now, roses must be understood in the right perspective. That you all are seeking your Spirit and there is this force within you.

Now, the first thing is to raise the Kundalini. Sometimes it feels like a mountain, but if it is raised then it is to be established. What to bring it in the balance. Then you start understanding the whole knowledge much better. And also you can find out that whatever is said is proved.

Gregoire speaks about the proceedings and asks people who don’t want to have the experience to leave the hall. He also mentions that the room is so warm and maybe they won’t feel the cool.

Shri Mataji: All right, they will.

They are all air-conditioned. It’s the heat coming out of you.

All right. For all of them, I would say, they should just put the right hand towards Me and the left hand up for ventilation. Only the ones that are feeling heat now. Those who are feeling heat – those who are not should not.

Now, be comfortable.

Now, close your eyes. I hope you have taken out your shoes. It’s nice this hall is inside the Mother Earth.

Now, please close your eyes. You may take out your spectacles because the eyesight is helped by this. Be just comfortable.

All right.

Now, put your right hand towards Me, if you are feeling the heat and left hand like this or on the sides. Just close your eyes.

Gradually you will start feeling cool in the right hand.

Put your left hand on your head and see if there is a Cool Breeze coming, or if the heat is coming. A little higher if you take it you will feel cool, little nearer it will be hot.

Little higher would be better.

Om Sakshat Shivoham (several times)

Is there Cool Breeze coming? If so put your hands down. Has it cooled down? Better. All right. Better. Now, put both hands towards Me and close your eyes, close your eyes, please. Put your hands towards Me now. Now, the left hand is the power of desire. Is the power of desire. The right hand is the action, right hand is the action. Put it like this, the hand should be like this towards Me. And close your eyes, please.

Those, who don’t want to do it should go away. Don’t disturb.

Now, put the right hand – don’t open your eyes, please. Put the right hand on your heart. Now, on your heart, exactly on your heart. And now say, “Mother, I am the Spirit.” Say it thrice.

Now, put your right hand on your stomach, on the left-hand side to establish your Guru principle, your mastery.

Say ten times, please that “Mother, I am my own master, I am my own guru.”

Remember, you are not feeling guilty at all, when you say that, not at all. But say that you are, after all, the Spirit. So, just you have to assert.

Now, raise the same hand on the heart. On the heart and say it again with full, profound faith in yourself that “Mother, I am the Spirit.”

Anybody who is not doing it should please go, because it disturbs. Anyone, who is not doing this. Please. They should have left earlier.

Now, better? Hamsa. Please say it twelve times, please. Now, better.

Now, ask them to put the right hands across on the forehead. And now say that “Mother, I forgive everyone.” Please say it with all sincerity.

Mahatahankara Sakshat (nine times) Ha! Better.

Now, put this hand on top of your head, please. Just touch your head. It is the centre you feel the heat there.

Ah, better. Now, raise your hand and see, if you are feeling the Cool Breeze. You have to ask for your Realization at this point, seven times.

Better? Right heart. Right there.

Mahatahankara Sakshat (three times)

Now, change your hands. Put your right towards Me and left ventilating.

Shri Mataji blows into the microphone several times.

It’s better now. Just, now are you feeling it from your head, just see. Hands towards Me. Now, just see, from your head it is coming, now it must come from your hands also. Right. Some are feeling on the right, some are feeling on the left. Those who are feeling on the right should put their left towards Me. Now, towards Me, like this, parallel to the ground.

The one that is not getting the vibrations should be towards Me, the one which is getting the vibrations should be up.

Sahasrara. You have to say, “Mother, please, give me my Realization. I want my Realization.” You have to say that because your freedom I cannot cross.

Now, better, it’s in the centre more now. Right.

More relaxed.

Let’s see how many of you are feeling the Cool Breeze? Raise your both the hands. Raise it higher.

This lady, did you feel it? No? Should feel it, you are a seeker. Just put your hands towards Me. Can you feel it? You see?

You felt it, you felt it? No, all right, all right. All right. Now, let’s put it down.

Please, raise your hands who have not felt it.

Those who have come for the first time should put down their hands. Those only who came since yesterday and did not feel the Cool Breeze.

All right, now there are very few who have not felt it, you have been here for the first time and tomorrow most of you should feel it. And tomorrow, I’m seeking those who have not felt, I will try to handle it. Luckily, My photograph has vibrations. You can take it with you tonight and put a light before it. You sit before the photo with hands towards Me, put your feet into water and the first hand towards the photograph, the left hand outside and the left hand towards the photograph.

Because you’re established, then you can do it without any help. All those who have not felt or those who have felt, all of them should do it.

Ultimately both the hands. And then put your attention to your head and sleep off. Just before sleeping.

I thank you very much.