Whatever is the truth is to be known through the light of your Spirit

Sala Borromini, Biblioteca Vallicelliana, Rome (Italy)

1983-09-08 Whatever Is The Truth Is To Be Known Through The Light Of Your Spirit, Rome, Italy, DP-RAW, 119' Chapters: Introduction by Yogi, Talk, Q&A, Self-Realization
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Public Program Day 1. Rome (Italy), 8 September 1983.

I bow to all the seekers of truth.

Today is a great auspicious day where I’m here on the birthday of Mother Mary, but today I am going to talk to you about reality and about truth. Whatever is the truth is to be known through the light of your Spirit.

You can see in this world, in these modern times, we have developed so many sorts of things which proclaim that they know the truth. There are institutions who say that they are the ones who are agencies of truth, but we must understand that truth is something that has to be known through your consciousness. You must know it through your central nervous system.

When we evolve to be a human being whatever we could know through our central nervous system is the real truth, and once you know the truth, you reach the source of joy that is your Spirit.

Now, to know the truth, people have gone to various type of enterprises, and also to feel joy they have tried all kind of alternatives which now so many realize was not alright because they have landed now in a very precarious position; any day it might explode to ruin this world.

For example, first man thought that if he was a powerful country, or a powerful human being he can overpower others and can grab them and by that can enjoy the power, but somehow at present time we don’t think much of such people who are aggressive.

Then people started thinking that joy lies in accumulating lot of possessions, money, wealth and ultimately people found out that that’s not really giving joy at all, on the contrary it is headache to have money.

So, some of them thought of having a political change in the structure, but that also has limitations, because something else has to happen within us, in our consciousness, so that we achieve our Spirit first. That means truth lies much beyond these enterprises.

So far whatever we have worked out, our solutions, are on mental level and even the religion has become a, just a mental projection of human beings. They believe in something blindly and it is just an artificial sort of ritualism to which we go and we are quite surprised how can it be like that. And the mental projection always makes a man extremist and the only alternative they can cling on to fanaticism of the worst kind, where people do not want to even listen to something that is sensible, so running away from these religions is also not a problem…not a solution, or alternative.

So what is the alternative left for the whole human beings? Perhaps the awakening, the awareness that we have to find the real alternative is very, very much allowed everywhere in the whole world. That shows that so many people who are thinking, who are of a higher evolution, a special category, are seeking solutions beyond what they have so far tried. As I’ve told you that whatever is the truth has to come on your central nervous system, has to be in your consciousness.

So let us see what should happen to a person when he rises higher than human awareness. As you have become a human being, you have to become a super human being, but what are we to get out of it? What will become of us? If we are resurrected, if this is the resurrection time, then what should happen to us? Jung, who was a great philosopher and a psychologist, said that „if man has to rise above in a new evolutionary status, he should become collectively conscious; he should become, is actualization“.

When Mohammed Sahib said that „resurrection time will be coming, and at that time your hands will speak about others“. When Christ said, ‘Love thy neighbours, as thyself,’ He was not meaning mentally, because this mental projection drop out in no time, because if you love your neighbour on some mental basis, suddenly he becomes funny or something goes wrong with him so the all the relationship drops out. Still, if you say, ‘I forgive the person,’ and I can have good relationship with that person or from with that nation, still it is all a mental projection.

Whatever is artificial can not be eternal. So whatever we have to receive has to be of eternal nature. Now when we say that we have to be “collectively conscious”, that means something has to happen to our consciousness, to our being, to feel others on our hands, on our being. So it is an actual happening when we see, say that you are to be baptized it’s not an artificial thing like some priest putting water on your head and saying, ‘You are baptized.’ It’s an actualization of something happening in you.

Now I have to tell you that all that is available to us in our consciousness, is not God. Whatever is unknown is not God, I tell you. The first criteria of this happening is that you cannot pay for God. God doesn’t understand money and you can not organize God either.

Secondly, you have become a human being without doing anything, spontaneously, as a living process. So those who are, those who are now trying to live in the name of God on the money of the people are really parasites. Christ, for example, did not take any money from anyone, did He? He lived like an ordinary carpenter. He didn’t have big crowns on His head, did He? On the contrary, He had a crown of thorns. So one has to understand that if anything has to happen, has to happen in our subtle being and not in a gross way that believe, we believe that we have been very close to God.

So whatever is there within you has to be understood that the things that exist within you has to work out your ascent. Of course within us also there are other areas where we can enter into like our subconscious or our supraconscious, by which we can get possessed and we start doing things which are not under our control.

When you become something, actually you are in control of it.

Like some people came to my program and started jumping in their seats like frogs. And I asked them, ‘Why are you jumping like these frogs?’ So they said, ‘We paid to our guru three thousand pounds to do this jump.’ I said, ‘To jump like a frog, why did you pay three thousand pounds? You are stupid.’ You can always jump like a frog, what is so great? But they said, ‘In this case it is spontaneous because we aren’t jumping, but still we are jumping.’ So the word ‘spontaneous’ can be quite confusing. If you are jumping, that means you are not under control. And you must also understand: what is the interest of the Divine to make you jump like a frog? Are you going to become a frog in your evolution? So when we go to a naive sort of an attempt, we may fall a trap to this kind of nonsensical idea that if you pay some money to some false person or to some organization, you will become Divine. Then some other people start hearing some noises, or some sounds in the ears, and say that, ‘We have got a light, we have reborn, we are reborn.’ I mean this can happen to you if you take any antibiotics or something, you might get this kind of a feeling in your head.

What is so special if you see some lights? If you take LSD or all these drugs you also can see the lights and things in your head. So reality should not be confused with these sensations and these hallucinations. Be very careful, that you may end up with some horrible diseases, if you get into these practices.

But now the time has come for you to become definitely a higher personality. As Mr. Eduardo has already explained to you that within us lies a power called Kundalini in the triangular bone. It is in the sacrum bone, and ‘sacrum’ in Greek language means ‘sacred.’ That means the Greeks knew that there is something sacred in it.

So in this sacred bone lies the sacred power of your pure desire, pure desire. This pure desire has not yet manifested, that’s why they say it is a sleeping desire. And this has to be awakened. And this power is the pure desire of becoming one with the Divine. And this power can be awakened, but for that you have to be true seekers. If you believe in hypocrisy, carrying on with mythical things, all your intelligence is trying to cheat you. Then the truth won’t be given to you. That means this Kundalini won’t be awakened.

So, Sahaja Yoga means, “sahaja” means “born with you”. “Sahaja”, “born with you”, and it is “yoga” means the “union with the Divine”. The idea of yoga that you have of bending your body and all that is also very superficial because in that there is no union with anything, so why should you call it “yoga”? Yoga has another meaning also, means “deftness”’ is “kauzala” is called as deftness. Deftness, deftness.

Translator: Deafness?

Sahaja Yogi [to the translator]: Dexterity, dexterity.

Shri Mataji: No, no, no, deftness. What word is that for? You are deft – kauzala.) You see, an expertise, “expertise”. So, once you get this union, you have to become an expert in handling this All Pervading Power.

Now we see the flowers, we take them for granted. We see the flowers becoming the fruits, we take them for granted. All living work we take for granted. We take it for granted, because we cannot do it. Human beings can’t do it. It’s the living power that does it. So as a result of this awakening within us, a new awakening, you become one with that Divine Power, which is All Pervading, which we call as the Cool Breeze of the Holy Ghost. We start feeling, actually, in our fingers, the cool breeze, and also from our head, a cool breeze coming up.

We can do all kinds of manipulation like jumping, dancing, but we can’t take out cool breeze from our head, can we? This is real baptism. This is what was said, that you are to be born again, not just by taking a certificate that you are born again. Christ has clearly said, ‘you’ll be calling Me, ‘Christ, Christ,’ I won’t recognize you’. In the Koran, this Kundalini is called as ‘Asas’ and the All Pervading Power is called as ‘Ruh.’ In the Indian scriptures, it is called as Chaitanya Lahari. In Zen or any kind of real religion there is the mention of this. The Tree of Fire described is the same and that “I will appear before you like tongues of flames” also are the chakras, the centers.

But all those who say that they are responsible for religion have not been able to do exactly what has to be done, because one should have Divine authority to give you the second birth and unless and until there is Divine Authority, the Kundalini knows the person who has to do the job, and otherwise She never rises.

On the contrary I’ve read some books about Kundalini with very confused people who say that if you have Kundalini awakening it is very dangerous. Kundalini is the reflection of the Holy Ghost, and who is Holy Ghost? Holy Ghost has to be the Mother, the Primordial Mother. For example, you can not have a Father and a Son without a Mother. Can you have such an absurd thing? The Holy Ghost has to manifest now, the time has come.

There was a philosopher in the 13th century who said that, that the time of Holy Ghost has come and She has to manifest.

Even the early, very early Christians wrote books like Essenes and they have described Holy Ghost as the Primordial Mother.

That one has to understand that by just stopping one thing completely or calling it a mystery, we have really missed the point but not in India; people know about it, that She is the Adi Shakti, the Primordial Mother.

So now you have the reflection of the Primordial Mother within you as the Kundalini and the reflection of God Almighty in your heart as the Spirit. Spirit that representing the sun element. So now when this manifestation of the Holy Ghost will take place it will, it is the moon, like the moon it acts. So the consciousness itself gets nourished. So far all our development have been extrovert developments, outside, like a big tree growing, but we have to go deep down to our source to get this great tree nourished. So the new awareness of nourishment has to come.

Today if you see in the world, in the consciousness – I’ll talk about it tomorrow – that people are now finding many feminist organizations but they are going in the wrong direction, absolutely, because if the women have to become men, it is a pendulum moving from one to another so that your consciousness doesn’t rise, it just moves from men to women, women to men, like fighting going on; a rebellion.

Rebellion is not the word that will result into something great, it is the revolution, so that it moves finally upward, so your consciousness become a higher consciousness with nourishment. Just like the Mother Earth nourishes us, the Kundalini nourishes us completely. And you are born, reborn, with a new consciousness which has compassion, which has love, which has forbearing and which has beautifying power. That is the point where we are born, luckily, we are very fortunate. So this nourishment has to work out and is working out, in many countries wherever Sahaja Yoga is manifested. It manifests in so many ways that in one lecture I cannot tell you all about it, but few things I’ll tell you.

Now the greatest problem of this world today is poverty. Disparities. Now when awakening takes place within a human being the, the power starts flowing from his hand, he is empowered with a special power. Now we have done experiments in an agricultural university through some professors who have been awakened. They found out that if you use vibrated water, with these vibrations, then the yield of wheat or anything is about six to ten times more. The production of all natural things multiplies, but not artificially by hybrid or manure, which is dangerous for human body. Thus food problem can be solved.

Now these vibrated yields itself are very nourishing and energy-giving. They are very satisfying. Even if you eat a little of that you feel over-satisfied and very energetic. Now then we have the other greatest advantage is that your health, physical health, gets completely cured. Sahaja Yoga has cured diseases like cancer, myelitis, all these incurable diseases, diabetes, innumerable diseases. For that no medicine is to be given and no expense is needed. Nobody has to pay for it, it’s all free.

Especially people in Italy are very melancholy type, melancholy. That’s what I learned from Shakespeare; that this Merchant of Venice was Italian and was melancholy. They want to suffer and this is a very wrong attitude towards life. Because like Jews, who denied Christ, and said that ‘We want to suffer,’ so they suffered nicely and now they have become aggressive and make others suffer. And the Christians are, have no right to say that they have to suffer, because Christ has already suffered for you sufficiently.
So one has to understand this theory of suffering is not a very healthy thing.

It takes you to the subconscious where you are pestered into a melancholy state, and then even worse and this state, I must tell you, that in all My experiments I have seen, is vulnerable to cancer. Parkinson’s Disease and myelitis and all sorts of these modern diseases like AIDS are all come from that kind of tendency of man. I have seen it in all my work that all those people who suffer from all such diseases are actually left-sided people who go for meloncholy very much.

You should seek joy instead of melancholy and joy is the nature of your Spirit. Tomorrow I hope or day after I will be able to talk about the Spirit, the nature of Spirit, and I’ll tell you how great it is to be the Spirit.

Extreme of melancholy can take you to another realm also where people suffer from diseases like epilepsy, or they become recluses or they become lunatic. Also people who take too much drugs can go to the left side and too much alcohol also can go to the left side and if they go too much to the left side, they just become abnormal people.

But when the Kundalini is awakened, your attention is brought in the center and if it is on the left or the right is pulled to the center automatically, and you become a normal, balanced personality for your ascent.

Now there are other side also, to us in the right side where the person is dominating others. Extreme of that we can say are sadist. These people dominate others, trouble others, but they are, they, they are not troubled themselves much. But they get some other type of correcting influences upon them like heart attacks, paralyses.

Such people believe in wars, in quarrels, so they disturb the peace of the world. They are always trying to keep under shock and they frighten people with their ideologies. Like one would say that, ‘If you don’t love me like this, then Christ will punish’. Or else if you say to them under complete domination by saying that the doomsday is going to come.

But before the doomsday there has to be resurrection. Before the doomsday there has to be Last Judgement, and what is going to happen people who are talking of doomsday? Will they not be judged also?

Judgement takes place through your Kundalini awakening. That’s the only way you can judge yourself. You don’t need anyone else to judge you, because you become your own master and guide. So your Spirit, your Spirit is the master within you, and you have to become that master.

We can understand it through a, an analogy, but don’t take it too far: if the left side is the brake, the right side is the accelerator in a car. You try to balance both of them, and when you know how to do it, you become a driver. And when you become the driver, you do it spontaneously. You don’t have to ask anybody; you know you are driving. It is a state you achieve. But even now the master is sitting behind, master of the car and your master is sitting behind, is the Spirit. When that Spirit becomes one with the driver, then you start seeing within you the driver, the brake and the accelerator. You start seeing it, and commanding it.

As a result of that you drop all your enslaving habits and also the habits of enslaving others, that is making like accidents and you become a free guide of your own being. This is a simple thing which happens because all that is vital is extremely simple. In Austria, seven percent people got their realization by the end of third lecture, they were about the same number, maybe little more. In every country practically we have people who are realized souls. It’s your own. It’s like your own check to be cashed. It’s like your check to be cashed. So we have to see that we all get that Supreme Consciousness within us.

May God Bless You.

Now, I would like to have some questions where they should be related to the topic I’ve dealt with, but not, there’s no need to be aggressive with Me. If you are already belonging to any group or anything, you can go ahead with it. I cannot force you to get this. You have to ask for it. If it works out, it’s, you are very fortunate. You have to just desire for it. You can ask Me the questions, for about five, six questions, and then we will do the process of enlightenment that will take hardly about fifteen to twenty minutes. That gentleman…

(Translator Yogini: The question was, do we need exercise yoga, was necessary to obtain realization?)

Shri Mataji: No, not at all. On the contrary, sometimes it goes against Sahaja Yoga, because we do exercises before starting the Kundalini, so it is indiscriminate. In Sahaja Yoga, we may do little exercises, whichever are needed to clear the chakras, but modern Hatha Yoga is neither Hatha Yoga nor Yoga.


(Translator Yogini: The question, the question was if vibrations increase so much agricultural production, how come they are not used on a high scale to resolve the hunger in the world? May I say it in Italian too?)

Shri Mataji: I’ll answer. You see, it is not easy for people to take to truth. Especially. And especially the people at the helm of affairs. It’s very difficult for them to accept anything like that easily. I cured the President of India of his cancer and he sent, he asked the Secretary of Health to come and see Me to do this work for the people in India. But My first of all, it’s not a job of curing people; it is giving realization.

But if you go to the government, their styles are very different. They would like to keep file on everything, put Me through the parliament, ask questions. I am a free bird; I don’t want all this nonsense. But I told them if they want, they can send doctors to Me, I can teach them, I can make them, these things I will teach them everything if they are willing to do. But now, after five years, the land that was allotted to us, they have now got it, now. Can you imagine; five years it took for the red tape to get that land in the hand, to do this work, so I don’t know. At this pace, when are we going to really start that kind of a work at that level?

But already we are doing tremendous work, without any interference. Naturally I cannot become an agent into the hands of these people but I’m doing My level best, and I would like to know how much you are going to help Me. You, yourself, personally. Let us see. If you get realized then you can cure people also. You can see for yourself if you get realized, but you must first get your realization. Then you can do it. [Interruption from the audience, interaction between Shri Mataji & member of the audience: She’s aggressive I think, she’s aggressive. She’s an aggressive woman! Be quiet Miss. Let others talk now. Let her come and see Me now. I see, let others asks the questions now. Madam? You come and see Me.]

(Yogini Translator: She’s asking, I did not understand the question, so she wanted to repeat the question.) Shri Mataji: All right. Now I would say, that you are nice lady, you are concerned about everyone, I’m very happy to know that. Now I would say that I’ll be happy to meet you, otherwise, but let others also ask the question, because she didn’t understand the question.

(2nd Yogini Translator: My question is, is it a critique of the people who jump like frogs? Is it a critique of the people who jump like frogs?) Is it a?..

(Woman from public: Of the people who jump like frogs. My question is whether their mistake, because they’re taking [unclear: siddies?], is going too deeply into the consciousness?)

Shri Mataji: No one has gone. Madam? If you want to know about it, I’ll tell you very frankly, that the director of this Siddhi course in Scotland, his wife and his child, three of them, became bankrupt and epileptic on the street. Three of them, for your information. And they came to Sahaja Yoga. I have come to know about these things only through people who come to Me, and if you want to know more about it I’ll tell you. Nobody is deeper.

(Yogini Translator: She got her realization, she wasn’t there, she left it and she’s again here. She’s again new.)

Huh? What does she say?

(Yogini Translator: She was asking the question about if they went too deep into consciousness, those people who did…)

Shri Mataji: No, no, no, no. They became possessed. They became absolutely possessed. So much so that they had epilepsy. You see, he was the director. The main man of this Siddhi course in Scotland, in Ronan (?). And now, poor fellow, he’s bankrupt. He’s gone to East, to South Africa, his wife has now gone to India, in a big mess, and this fellow, you should read the articles she has given about this man. How characterless is, horrible. His name was Mr. Peter Pierce. His wife is there, you can write to her, you can write to him. It’s a horrible condition. Yes?

(Yogini Translator: So the first question if there is a relationship between sexual life and Kundalini?) No, not at all. Kundalini is above the sex energy. Of course, if you lead a sane, married life, and a good life, it’s perfectly alright. You should. You should have children.

And here it is, while Christ has said, ‘Thou shalt not even have adulterous eyes.’ To that extent He went. But the Kundalini rises above the center. At that time a person becomes like a child; innocent. Actually his innocence is awakened and that is how the diseases connected with sex and all that get cured. But that is done automatically, we don’t worry about what it is today, but after realisation you just become like that.

We don’t tell: “Don’t do this, don’t do that” – automatically you become like that, a great person. Because you are a glorious personality, you are not a human being, a slave of all this lust and greed.

This one. Yes, please.

(Yogini translator: “When we speak of self-realisation, if we mean an image of the own I, if it is the same…)

Shri Mataji: Ah, I followed. No, no, no, no. Ah. No. There is no image that you see. Please sit down, I’ll tell you. No, you become. Like you see the light, so you are away from the light. But when you become the light, you see through the light everything. So you become. That’s an experience to be understood that when you become, that it starts flowing through you, you start feeling it and you just become the knowledge.

(Aside to Yogini: “Ruth, how long has been Eduardo, the Eduardo, there? How long Eduardo… no, no, no, no. how long has he been in Sahaja Yoga?” Yogini: “One year and five…”) Now, the Mr. Eduardo whom you have seen, has been hardly for a year with Sahaja Yoga, but see how knowledgeable he has become. He didn’t know even anything about the Divine! And he himself has given realisation to so many people now.

Yes please.

(Yogini translator: “From where comes your security to say that Hatha Yoga is not a good thing?)

Shri Mataji: No, no, no, no. You didn’t hear Me, sir. I didn’t say Hatha Yoga is not good, but the modern yoga that people are following is not Hatha Yoga. Didn’t hear Me. Now, I’ll tell you that Patanjali Shastra, which was written by Patanjali thousands of years back in India, says that there are Ashtangas, eight-fold. And the first foremost thing is Ishwara Pranidhana, means the establishment of God. And with other eight folds were subsidiary to that – were subsidiary, helpful to that, the seven others. When it was practiced, we had a very different system of education in India, that all young people used to go and live with a realised soul, as a guru, realised soul, who was very learned man and also realised. And if you read the book of Patanjali Yoga which is so big, the exercises – is ‘Yama Niyama’ – is a little bit like that, in that, little bit. Original.

But this has happened, these things have happened only last fifty-sixty years, when some people went to some gurus in Himalayas and were discarded as useless; and they came to know about these few methods of exercises, and they came and they started teaching people without any Divine authority.

Now, the thing is, one must understand through an analogy, I’ll tell you. Say for example, if you have got a car, it must start, otherwise the machinery won’t move. And when the machinery starts moving, you see the defects in the machine, where it is the machine, where it has gone wrong. Now, when the Kundalini is awakened – listen to Me – when the Kundalini is awakened, then you see which chakra is out of gear, which chakra is out of gear. So accordingly you have to do the exercise whichever is wrong; you cannot take the whole medicine box indiscriminately. – Let Me finish – But if you do indiscriminate exercises, what happens you become right-sided, and you become, emotions become less, your emotions start phasing out, you become right-sided person. Because you just worry about the physical side, there is no love in it, no love, no balance.

And we are not only the physical being – we are also emotional being, we are mental being, and we are spiritual being. So My authority comes from Patanjali himself. I’ll tell you all about it if you come and see Me, sir. (L’uomo dal pubblico continua a discutere). All right. No, come and see Me; I’ll tell you all about it, it is that only, is the one that is Yoga. Come and see. I am very happy.

Now, we should stop at one more, that’s all, finished now.

(L’uomo dal pubblico alza la voce e discute animatamente. Dice che lo yogi Eduardo, che probabilmente aveva fatto l’introduzione al programma, aveva “espresso idee più avanzate della signora”. Shri Mataji ride dicendo:) “I’m happy you enjoyed him more than Me, I’m very happy to know that (ride). All right. Now, it’s all right. Now, let him be. Let him…

Wait, wait tomorrow Madam, you write it down (…) (Tomorrow at) nine o’clock. No, no, no, no, no. Now. No, so many are there. So many people, you see, so many. (Alla traduttrice:) Now ask them to…Don’t… Hello, now nine o’clock I’ll put the time. Please, there are so many at the back, so many, alright? Please. I’ll tell you one thing. By these mental projections you are not going to get anything. By arguments you are not going to get anything. By lecturing it’s not going to happen. Now only thing that is going to work out is your desire – and pray for it, it may work, it may not work. There cannot be any guarantee. I’ll just try to neutralise your thinking, but actually the Kundalini has to come up from here (tocca il Sahasrara), that’s the main point. We cannot debate with the Divine. Whatever has to work out has to be worked out.

If they want to go away, they should go, but you should not disturb in the…(Alcune persone si alzano per uscire)

That’s now, let us everyone have. Then you can come and see Me, sir. Sometime, why don’t you come and see? He’s a seeker. Why don’t you come and see Me? You should come and see Me. (L’uomo si avvicina a Shri Mataji e le dice che vuole sapere se può ricevere la realizzazione, avendo già ricevuto un altro tipo di iniziazione).

Shri Mataji: You see, initiation, whatever you have had, is not our concern. What is our concern is that you get your realisation, you must feel the cool breeze… (L’uomo si alza, dicendo qualcosa tipo ‘rispetto’…)

Shri Mataji: Yes, it’s alright. Why don’t you sit down? Let’s try, let’s try, must try!

(Alla traduttrice:) Firstly, let them be comfortable and quiet. And also, if you can take out your spectacles, because eyesight may be better with this, you know…And take out your shoes, also. Anything tight here can be loosened, here (collo) or here (stomaco) at the Nabhi. Now please put your hands towards Me just like this, because these (indica le punte delle dita) are the five centers, this is the sixth (base del palmo), this is the seventh (centro del palmo). So, of the two sympathetic nervous systems (mostra le due mani aperte), these are ten centres (cinque a destra e cinque a sinistra) we have got. Just now, but this is actually fourteen, because it is five, sixth and seventh.

Now, you have to keep your eyes shut, all the time, because the Kundalini has to rise, and for that you must keep your eyes shut, because attention will be fully inside. But if your eyes are open, the Kundalini may not rise, even.

What is it? What’s happening there? Yes. (Qualcuno fa per parlare) Those who don’t want to do it should go away, because they disturb the others, and you should be kind. It will just take ten to twenty minutes, but if there are people who just don’t want to do it and are (…), it troubles Me, it troubles everyone. Please close your eyes (Shri Mataji massaggia il Sahasrara). Now, you have to do the way I tell you, that you put the left hand towards Me which is the power of desire, on your lap, very comfortably. (Massaggia ancora il Sahasrara, poi dice: “Better”). And the right hand is the power of action, so we have to use the right hand to channelise our Kundalini and our chakras.

Now you put your right hand on your heart. At this point you have to say – call Me Shri Mataji or Mother, whatever you like – “Mother, I am the Spirit”.

Now, put this right hand on the stomach on the left hand side, and press it little hard with your fingers. (Shri Mataji strofina ripetutamente la base della mano sinistra – corrispondente alla zona del Mooladhara – contro il microfono. Poi guarda quello stesso punto della propria mano e ci soffia sopra).

Now you say, because you are the Spirit, you have to assert that: “Mother, I am my own master, I am my own guru”. You have to say it ten times.

Now please raise your hand to your heart, again. Right hand. And now say twelve times that: “Mother, I am the Spirit”. But one thing is I am finding that you people are feeling guilty for nothing at all. Please do not condemn yourself or try to count your so-called sins, nothing of the kind. We have to come into the present. At this time you are not guilty at all. Because you are the Spirit, how can you be guilty? Now please, try to say twelve times, “Mother, I am the Spirit”.

(Shri Mataji soffia nel microfono per tre volte) Now raise this right hand at the base of your neck from front, and press it, hold it, on the left hand side. This centre is blocked by people who think they are guilty, or all those who want to suffer (ride). So you have to say: “Mother, I’m not guilty”, sixteen times. And if you have been always feeling guilty, you should say, I think, thirty-two times. (Dice a lato: “Very strong”). It is a very strong block there. (Lunga pausa, poi: “Better”) Please, don’t feel guilty. Say sixteen times: “Mother, I’m not guilty”.

You have to be in a happy mood. You must make fun of all this melancholy problem. No confessions in Sahaja Yoga needed. Sahaja Yoga is not worried what you have done so far. Sahaja Yoga is not worried as to what you have done so far. (Dialogo con la traduttrice. Shri Mataji le dice: “You must tell there are no confessions in Sahaja Yoga at all). It is for nourishment and for curing everything that is wrong. (Dice a lato: “Better now”).

(Shri Mataji inizia a ripetere i seguenti mantra: Nirmala Vidya Aham Sakshat, Shuddha Vidya Aham Sakshat, Vishnumaya Aham Sakshat)

Today specially, on the special day of Christ’s Mother’s birthday, you should not feel guilty, and unhappy, or melancholic. (Mentre la yogini traduce, Shri Mataji continua a ripetere “Vishnumaya Aham Sakshat” mettendo il dito nell’orecchio sinistro. Dopo un po’ dice: “Ah!” e fa un gesto con la mano come ad indicare che qualcosa è andato via).

Now, put this right hand on top of your head, across your forehead. Hold it. At this point you have to forgive everyone. By saying: “Mother, I forgive everyone. Ah, better.

Also, forgive yourself, that is very important. Ah, better.

Just hold it. Now put your right hand on top of your head, at the fontanel bone area, where you had a soft bone in your childhood. And try to press it. And move it clockwise seven times. At this point I cannot cross your freedom. (Un Sahaja yogi dà bandhan con la candela sul back Agnya di Shri Mataji). And you have to say that you want your realisation, you really want your realisation, by saying: “Mother, we want our realisation, so please give us realisation”. Please say it seven times. (Dice a lato: “Better”).

Now, raise your hand higher and see if you are getting the cool breeze. Higher, higher. Little higher, about five-six inches higher. Five inches. Now you change your (…) to the other side, and put your right hand in front – like the left hand – and feel with your left hand. See if there is cool breeze coming in. Don’t think, just now. (Shri Mataji soffia nel microfono) You can change your hand and see again with the another hand. (Soffia ancora) You can go on changing your hands and seeing for yourself. You can see on each other’s hands also, heads, if there is a cool breeze. Without touching them. See in your hands if you are feeling the cool breeze, now. That’s good.

You may open your hands clearly and also your eyes. Hands, full hands. Now, I will also tell you how to raise your own Kundalini. Try that. If that works out, you might feel strong wind in your hands. So put this left hand, as it is you see, in front of the Kundalini while sitting down. The left hand, all of you. And now, with the right hand, you start moving your right hand – action – like this, upward – forward – downward. Just try. Not the other way round. Just see how I move it: forward, downward, upward. Take it on your head. Take it on your head and tie it up. This will do, now three times you have to do it. I hope you have followed: forward, downward, backward, upward, like that, clockwise.

Now, start again now, three times. Go up on your head, quite high, and just tie it up and put a knot.

Again. Take it up, high up. Tie it up. This is the third time, when you have to put three knots. Put your head up and tie up: one, two, and three. Now, see in your hands. Now put your hands up and see if you can feel it on top coming, something in your hands, the cool breeze. And ask: “Is this the breeze of the Holy Ghost?” Ask in your heart. Good. So many of you have felt it. Now put your hands again.

You’ll feel very peaceful, after this. As it is, you’re not thinking much. There is no thought in your mind, you’re beyond. So when you go home today, tonight, don’t talk too much, have your food and sleep off. Within three days I’m sure we’ll be able to establish it, your self-realisation.