Shri Krishna Puja: He has to be prasanna

Los Angeles (United States)

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Shri Krishna Puja, “He has to be prasanna”

Los Angeles (United States), September 18th, 1983

First time when I came to United States, I came to Los Angeles first. Because it’s a place of angels. Actually, I thought that it must be a very holy place to come down first of all in this great land of United States.

Now, as you know that United States — or America, the whole of it — is the Vishuddhi Chakra. Out of which, we have three sides to the Vishuddhi Chakra. So, the central part of the Vishuddhi Chakra is United States.

The central part of the Vishuddhi Chakra is governed by Shri Krishna. And His power is Radha. Ra-dha. “Ra” means “energy”, “dha” is the one who has sustained the energy. Ra-dha. Dha-re-ti-sa (?). So She is the one who has sustained the energy, and so She is called as Radha. She is the power of Shri Krishna.

The word Krishna comes from the word krishi, means “the ploughing”, or you can say, agriculture is called as krishi. The one who ploughs and puts the seed in the soil is doing the krishi. And that’s why He is called as Krishna.

Now, the seed that He has sown is the seed of spirituality. It is Shri Krishna who said, in Sanskrit: “Nainam chhindanti shastrani nainam dahati pavakah na chainam kledayantyapo na shoshayati marutah” (Bhagavad Gita, Chapter II, Verse 23), meaning it cannot be — means the spiritual life, or you can say, the eternal life, or the Spirit — cannot be killed by anything, by any weapon, neither can be blown away by air, nor can it be sucked in, nor can it be destroyed.

So, to prove that, Christ came on this earth, and through His resurrection He proved what Shri Krishna had said. And most of you Sahaja yogis know the relationship of Christ and Shri Krishna, why He was called Christ. Christ word comes from the same — krishi. And His first name comes from the word Yashoda. Yashoda is also called as Jesu or Yesu, and that’s why Christ was called as Jesu or Yesu. Some people call Him Yesu, and some people call Him as Jesu, because of Yashoda, the mother, foster mother of Shri Krishna.

Also, you know that Radha was the same as Mahalakshmi, so She was the same as the mother of Christ, Mary. These, all these things, we can prove it in Sahaja Yoga. Because when the Kundalini moves up to the Vishuddhi Chakra and if it stops there, you can ask the question: “Was Krishna the son of Mother Mary— was Jesus the son of Mother Mary? Was the son of Ra— was [Mary] the same as Radha?”, and then the Kundalini moves.

So Sahaja Yoga today is the thing which proves what has been said so far. It proves. It’s not just a cock-and-bull story. Because people do not believe into all these things. They think that it’s all cock-and-bull story: who was Christ, who was Krishna, who was Radha… after all, there was no God.

But only in Sahaja Yoga, today, we can prove it, that what we say is the truth. Because, as through Realisation, you get connected to the mains. Your vibrations start flowing. Like the computer, you start working. And whatever question you ask, answer comes to you as tremendous vibrations, or it stops, or you might get heat, or you might get blisters… So the whole message is communicated to you through your fingertips.

As Mohammed Saheb has very clearly said that “At the time of resurrection, your hands will speak.” But the Muslims do not want to talk about resurrection at all. Because they want to frighten people with the doomsday. They don’t want to talk about the resurrection time, which is going to come, which is the intermediary time. Because they want to use the time which will frighten people, by saying that “Now your doomsday is coming!” “Now your doomsday is coming” — so everybody is frightened about God, and they think that “Now we should just wait for our doom, nothing else is in between.”

So this is how the Vishuddhi Chakra is a special one.

Now, Vishuddhi Chakra was created on the Saturday. So it is the Saturn — that’s the important star of the Vishuddhi Chakra. So, whenever the Saturn is at the highest, America will be in a better place to do things. But I don’t think they know much about themselves. They don’t know what they are, why they are on this earth, what is their work, what they are supposed to do, or what is the purpose of God of creating America.

The first job of the Vishuddhi Chakra within us was that when we became human beings, we raised our heads up like that. (Shri Mataji tilts back Her head.) When you raise your head up like that, you have become a human being, in the sense that now there is a new movement in your consciousness. Now, the new movement in your consciousness started about six thousand years back when Shri Krishna came on this earth. That the new movement was that it is the Father, the advent of the Father was celebrated. And that’s how people developed a kind of a new instrument within themselves called ego.

When the brain was lifted like this, you see, (Shri Mataji puts Her hands in front of Her with the fingertips touching and the back of the hands facing ahead, and then turns the hands so the palms face downwards) it expanded in a pyramidical… (Shri Mataji moves the palms towards each other, forming two sides of a triangle) it’s a pyramid, it became a pyramid. In an animal, the brain is flat. (Shri Mataji reverts to the previous position with the palms facing downwards.) And gradually, it rises. (Shri Mataji again shows a pyramid-like shape.) When the head was raised, when the responsibility was taken of raising the head, the brain started growing in such a way that it became a pyramid. And when it became a pyramid, the attention became a different attention from that of animal. Because when the waves of your consciousness fell on the sides of the pyramid (Shri Mataji shows that the waves fall vertically), they went into the parallelogram of forces, by which the resultant force — the resultant force — now, it falls like this, goes like that, the resultant force is like that (Shri Mataji shows how the waves would fall and be reflected at the same angle to the pyramid, and how the resulting force would be halfway between the two) — had two sides: one was this, another was this. (Here, Shri Mataji makes a movement expressing the y-axis and x-axis of a graph.) So the consciousness, or we can say, the attention, instead of going inside, started going out. (Shri Mataji shows how, instead of continuing along the y-axis inside the pyramid, the attention would go horizontally along the x-axis.)

So one part of the resultant was going outside, and that’s how, when you became a human being, your attention went outside. It’s the human beings only who have their attention outside. Not that the animals don’t have, but the attention of human beings are such that they create reactions.

Like, you see something. Now, I see doctor’s house there, for example (Shri Mataji probably refers to some Sahaja yogi here). Then a reaction starts in my mind: What is this?… What does this mean?… How much it must have cost?… From where did he buy it?… Anything you see, it starts giving you a reaction. Not to the animals. Animals, at the most they will say, “This I must eat. That I must eat. That I must get.” But they do not think about it.

It’s only the human beings who reflect. And this reflection comes because of the pyramid-like structure of the brain. And this has a special reaction in the brain itself, that we start developing our own ego, our own myths, our own mental projections. And when we develop our own mental projections, this ego starts developing: “I know,” “What’s wrong?” — all these nonsensical things come. And once that starts working out, the balloon of the ego starts rising. It starts pushing the other balloon which was within us — is of the superego — as an animal, and then comes up in the centre. (Shri Mataji cups Her hands with the fingertips at the top, expressing the two balloons being in balance.) That’s how we now become normal human beings. But then we start increasing our ego. It starts overlapping the superego (Shri Mataji moves Her right hand over the left), and a calcification takes place, by which we develop our “I-ness”.

So it is all the happening that takes place after we have lifted our head, raised our head (Shri Mataji tilts back Her head), and we are no more like animals. So, Vishuddhi Chakra has a very big part to play in the human evolution — that by developing your Vishuddhi Chakra, you have become human beings, first of all. Secondly, because it is the chakra of the Father, who becomes again the primordial… as you call it in… (Shri Mataji says several words in Marathi)… macrocosm, you become the macrocosm. You are the microcosm, and the Father is the macrocosm. So you become that because of the Vishuddhi Chakra, which is governed by Shri Krishna, who becomes that macrocosm called as Virat. In the brain it is expressed in this part (Shri Mataji points to the base of the parting on Her forehead), in this part of the head. It is here that you start manifesting your macrocosm qualities. At this point.

Now, this Vishuddhi Chakra has a speciality — is that we always say, “The responsibility on my shoulders.” Always we say, “The responsibilities are on my shoulders.” The reason is, the Vishuddhi Chakra gives you the sense of responsibility. And that’s why, you know, the Americans feel responsible for the whole world. Naturally. (Laughter, Shri Mataji laughs.) It’s perfectly understood that they feel responsible for the whole world. But how much they are aware of their role as the responsible people, that’s a different point. But they feel they are responsible. But their role as responsible people if they understand, then they have to be ideals! Ideals! Because a person who is the responsible person in a family has to be the ideal for others.

It started very well, I should say, at the time of Abraham Lincoln. It started very well. When you started talking about democracy, is also… democracy is nothing but collectivity. He started talking about collectivity “of the people, by the people” (Gettysburg Address, the famous speech of Abraham Lincoln). All that shows that the sense of collectivity started coming right in this Vishuddhi Chakra.

But then, the people who are in the centre can only remain normal. But those who bend too much, or who bend backward too much, both suffer from problems. The ones who bend forward to others are the people who get their superego. They get over-humbled down, like developing countries are. And those who bend backward are the people who try to dominate others, who have ego.

So, because of sudden blessings of God, they discovered so many things. The ego started developing in America too much. But ego is like a balloon, as I told you, and keeps you floating in the air. And when you are in the air, you become shallow people. You have no moorings. But it has one more advantage. If you knew you are floating in the air, you can have a complete comprehensive view, complete vision of the whole — if your eyes are pure and your intentions are clear-cut.

Now, the another thing that happened by their coming here was the problem that they felt that “We are a very new nation.” It has an advantage, as well as it has a disadvantage. To advantage is that if you are new, it’s very good because you can be transformed into something better very easily because there is no conditioning in your mind. You are very clean, absolutely ready to become something great.

Or else, can be a possibility that you are so new that you are awed by everything that is old, which is very true about Americans, that they bought all the old bridges from England to bring them down here. And the cravings about the old is too much here. And that as if whatever is new is all absurd. So maybe even Sahaja Yoga may be an absurd thing for them. Because, according to them, this is something new. Because they are new nations, they have started discarding all that is new. Is an absurd thing.

Now, we must say that Sahaja Yoga, as it is today, is the most ancient thing. It started with the universe, and now the culmination point has come. Because it is a living process. As you see a flower on the tree, so you’d say, “First new flower.” But the flower has come out of a seed, which has got the roots; then it became the trunk; then it became the leaves; and then it has now become a flower. So, though it looks a new flower, it has a big heritage. In the same way, Sahaja Yoga is as ancient as this universe is.

But to people who have such a hankering for traditionalism, find it difficult to find out what is real tradition. Only those who are traditional people can know what is real tradition. Last time I came here in America and I was shocked: that a person came to interview Me, and when he was talking, he asked about one gentleman who was most untraditional from Indian point of view. His name was Ramakrishna Paramahamsa (well-known Indian religious figure). He married a woman and made her a “Mother” (Ramakrishna declared his wife as an incarnation of the Divine Mother). I mean, it’s… nobody has done it. Rama has not done it. Krishna has not done it. An absurd stuff! But for them, he was the most traditional man. And he told Me that “Mother, your Sahaja Yoga is not traditional if you don’t believe in Ramakrishna.”

Last fifty-sixty years, all such neo-traditional people came up. Another one was this Pondicherry fellow (Aurobindo, founder of Integral Yoga, whose ashram is situated in Pondicherry, a city in the south-eastern part of India). Another absurd situation. He called this woman a “Mother” (Aurobindo declared his spiritual collaborator Mirra Alfassa, who lived in his house, as an incarnation of the Divine Mother), and his relation with her is ambiguous. You don’t know what relationship they had. I mean, that is something, in Indian tradition… is an impossible situation. You have to have clear-cut relationship with everyone, you cannot have ambiguous. Neither a friend, nor a wife, nor a mother or a sister… That kind of a situation is most untraditional. Is never thought of. I mean, you Indians can know this is not possible. This is an absurd situation. But for some people, he is traditional.

What happened about sixty years back — I think, about the time of My birth only — the negativity started taking a new form in understanding the western confusion. They are all westernised, if you see them. And the western confusion they took over for their own advantages. They used it for their own advantages. And this is where the western people have failed to make them out.

The other day, at the Jungian place, I was to talk to Jung people about Sahaja Yoga and Jung. Now, Jung, I came to know only when he died, because there was a little article about him. I never studied psychology. Of course, I tried to learn some vocabulary to talk to them. Sometimes, I thought, I may have to talk to them also. But these Jungians, all very intellectuals and great people sitting before Me, you see. About a hundred of them, [and] the President of American Jungian Society. I’d just gone through a book, just before starting it, and I saw some diagram which really puzzled Me. The first conception they had… Of course, it’s all a mental conception of Jung. I don’t blame him, because he got Realisation but he did not know how the state was created, what was the framework of the state, and his movement was still of a seeker to find out how he got his Realisation. And all movements [in Jung’s conception] were linear, they were not expanding from one point all over. So it was not so integrated.

Now, the thing they showed was that at the bottom of it was the unconscious which is never going to be conscious; on top of that was the conscious… unconscious that can be conscious; then, there was subconscious; and on top of that was the ego. I mean, what a mess of a thing it was, I tell you.

I told them, see, now, the word “unconscious” itself is confusing. What do you mean by “unconscious”? Whatever you don’t feel on your central nervous system is unconscious, all right. But what does that mean? We don’t feel the subconscious — then subconscious is also unconscious. Whatever we don’t feel — for example, there are certain sounds of certain frequencies we don’t hear at all. We hear whatever is tolerable to us as human beings. That you all scientists know. We don’t hear everything.

So, all that is unconscious — means it’s a mixed bag, all sorts of things mixed up together. But God is not a hotchpotch person, you see. He is a clear-cut gentleman. He knows what He is doing, He is the greatest organiser. And how can He put you into a bag like that — that the unconscious is below; then on top of it is the unconscious that is going to be conscious; on top of it is the subconscious; on top of [it is] the consciousness; on top of that, the ego! So you go down carrying all this inside you, and where do you go? Now, how do you go?

So the first mistake was that there are layers one on top of other. It’s not so. They are placed vertically! The ego is on the right-hand side, and superego, on the left-hand side. The future, on the right-hand side, and the past, on the left-hand side. So, the subconscious, on the left-hand side, and the supraconscious, on the right-hand side. And the central path is kept clear-cut. I mean, in any organisation… say, if you go to the airport, do you have like this that you have to pass through the walls to go to the aeroplane? If we human beings don’t commit such horrible mistakes, how can God commit such a mistake? So it was absolutely wrong to think that way.

So, the central path is in the centre, while the right side is on the right side, and the left side on the left side. And you don’t have to go to the subconscious at all! Because they justified all these people who are trying to make them hypnosis, or they are trying to hypnotise them or to give them a new type of a… sort of an experience. “All that was unconscious, we should accept that.” Even some people, if they start suddenly jumping, they say, “Oh, it’s great!”

So the sensations that you get from the subconscious and the supraconscious were accepted as something great. It was a confusion of your intellectuals, I should say. Complete. But it is not so. Your path is straightforward. Absolutely for Kundalini. Only thing, the one who has to raise it had to come, that’s all. But otherwise, it’s all very well, and there is no need for you to get into that horrible subconscious.

When I told them, they were amazed. They said, “Mother, it is so simple!” I said, “It’s very simple. Your unconscious is divided into four. One is the collective subconscious (Shri Mataji gestures to the left), one is the collective supraconscious (Shri Mataji gestures to the right), one is, you can say, the collective hell (Shri Mataji gestures downwards), and on top is the super-collective consciousness (Shri Mataji gestures upwards). So, where do we have to go? We should know our destination. Then, we have to reach it.”

And that is how the problem of all these people getting entangled with Muktanand (founder of Siddha Yoga). Yesterday they asked Me a question, “What’s wrong with Muktanand? Why is he so dangerous?” One lady, poor thing, as sahaj would have it, she came, she said, “Oh, I went there, I broke my back, and I’m finished once and for all. He is such a dangerous man! He flattered me, I went there, and I don’t know what has happened to my back. I can’t sit for more than ten minutes in one place, I have to get up. And I have a vibrator, I have to always put it…” — like that. So I said, “See. The dangers.”

Then the another theory they started that we must suffer if we are to go to God. Why? I mean, that’s not God’s idea by any chance. Why should you suffer? He made Christ suffer for you. Finished now, now you better not suffer. There’s no need to suffer at all.

So, all these ideas penetrated into these western people. And this mental projection they accepted without even understanding what is written in other books. We should see. And they could only go as far as those sixty years when these horrible people who went to India, very shallow people, they saw some of these tantric books, because they wanted to justify Freud through Indian culture. So they got the tantrikas, erotic things and all that and brought these books. And some of them read I don’t know what books, to say that Kundalini [is] in the stomach; somebody says, in the brain… I mean, they don’t know where the Kundalini is. And they are writing such big, big books. Can you imagine? Such big, big books they have written!

Now, when the books are written, every book is not a scripture. But to them, if it is written in the book, you see, it’s a scripture. And that’s how the whole confusion started going on. So these people came down, took full advantage of it, and now they have become “great gurus” with lot of money. Rich people. But now, as the hand of God is great, one by one they are getting out of the heads of these people. And now I hope a day will come when people will see the light through.

So the task of Sahaja Yoga is to establish the truth within yourself. It is not that we can have a membership. We cannot have a person enrol into it. We cannot call them as branded Sahaja yogis. It’s the growth of the person that is to be seen.

Now, there are so many lectures which I have given about ritambhara pragnya and all those things, and I think for every Sahaja yogi it is necessary to listen to those lectures, go through it, understand them, and to meditate, so that you grow. Because it’s not a plastic thing that we can create. It’s a living process of the living energy of the living God. And so, it has to grow within you. By thinking you cannot make it grow, but by not thinking you allow it to grow more and more. As it starts growing within you, then only you realise that what you are. That’s the only way you have to reach a state of that super-consciousness and establish yourself there. Then only you will know what I am talking about.

Now, today’s puja is another thing. Now, what is a puja? Can you people say what’s a puja is? Actually, yesterday I had a puja… and it’s not easy for Me to bear the pujas, to be very frank, you know. Because the vibrations are so much that… I don’t know… And then I went to the airport; two hours, we took out the vibrations and put them for all the New York airport. It was necessary. It worked out.

Because vibrations start flowing with tremendous force, and if you people do not absorb it, it takes time for it to ooze out from My body. Makes Me rather heavy with it. But then it oozes out, I feel better… And only thing that happens by saying the mantras — that you awaken the deities within yourself and start receiving the vibrations. And when your deities are awakened, they are awakened through the power of the deities within Me — they have to work very hard to do that, and that’s how they emit too much vibrations, which must be absorbed by you when your deities are awakened. That’s how it works. You cannot describe it in words, you cannot tell it in words. It’s a happening that has to take place.

Many people who come to Sahaja Yoga first can go (Shri Mataji makes a gesture expressing wavering) little bit like that in the beginning. Gradually they settle down, come round, grow into it — then it becomes all right. Some people just shoot off in one day, and they are there. Makes no difference whatsoever. Because it’s a growing thing and it has to grow. With some people, the land is so fertile, or maybe something, that it just works out fast. So, nobody should blame anyone. And specially, one should not feel guilty, because that’s the Vishuddhi on the left-hand side.

Specially for America, I am wearing this stone (Shri Mataji shows Her necklace), which is called as the black sapphire. Because this is the stone of Shri Krishna. It’s the stone of Vishuddhi Chakra. Every chakra has a stone, and this is the stone of the Vishuddhi Chakra, so I am wearing this, just for coming to America.

And I hope that today’s worship will bring out the potential of this country by exciting the deities, Shri Krishna himself, who is in charge, by pleasing Him, by making Him active. And He has great qualities, and one of the greatest qualities He has — that He has the samhara shakti, by which He can kill the demons. And all those demons who are settled down here are really mistaken. Because if this is the place of Shri Krishna, they are very dangerously placed. Because once He is awakened here, they all will be completely finished through His Sudarshan Chakra (disk-like weapon of Shri Krishna), which He has in His hand, and He can just kill them one by one.

But first, He is to be pleased, and He is to be awakened. He has to be… prasanna, that’s the word. Prasanna means “to be pleased”. And then, it works out.

So today first we’ll have Ganesha’s puja, little bit, because Ganesha’s puja is meant just to establish the innocence, the innocence of the place. Once the innocence is established — that’s the most important, that’s the essence of everything, Ganesha is the essence! — and then we’ll have Shri Krishna puja, and then the puja of the Devi, of the Power. So, that’s how we’ll have three pujas, one after another, but a short time every time. All right?