Guru Puja: this finger has to be strong

Houston (United States)

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Guru Puja, Houston (USA), September 20th,1983

[Shri Mataji talks aside to a Sahaja Yogi.]
Shri Mataji: …Then you can say the 108 Names of Shri Vishnu, or Guru’s, have you got Guru’s names?
Sahaja Yogi: Yes. It’s next door…
Shri Mataji: Guru’s. For Vishuddhi, Guru’s names are better. It’s a good idea. All ten Guru’s names …
So, all right.

So, today first we have Ganesha Puja because Ganesha is innocence and we have to establish Him in any place where we want to start a work or do anything about it. Because He’s innocence and innocence was created before everything else was created. It’s the most powerful power, I should say, innocence.
And then we’ll do the Guru Puja which is actually the Adi Guru, the Primordial Master, who incarnated on this earth many a times. And, as you know as Dattatreya, He was born, as Janaka, Nanaka and many others. That principle is within us and that is very important that we should develop the principle of Guru Nanak or Janaka or anyone of these primordial masters within. Because if the Spirit is the master, we have to become the master of ourselves. And the power of the masters are, that they are the essences of the innocence of the Creator, of the Sustainer and the Destroyer. They are the innocence of all these. Out of them, this great personality, innocence of these three personalities, was created this great incarnation.
And their innocence is shown by their detachment to things. They live everywhere just like other human beings: married, living in the families, but absolutely detached. Unless and until this principle is awakened in you, you cannot do Sahaja Yoga.

First of all, this principle of Guru must be awakened in you which gives you balance. And then the ascent has to be brought in to the Spirit, the Atma. That is done by the Shakti, by the Kundalini Herself.

She’s the Shakti, She’s the womb. She’s the one Who nourishes, first of all. She nourishes that power within us, nourishes us, nourishes all our chakras, by which She cures our mental, emotional, physical, spiritual being. Because sometimes, we bow to wrong type of people, our spiritual being is also very much hurt.
And after that, after She has achieved that, then She ascends through your fontanel bone area and gives you the Self-realization. So, it is She who is the giver of your moksha [liberation]. She is the one who is the giver of the peace of the joy. And this Mother of yours resides in you and She gives you the Realization. So, we worship Her as the power within you, so that you are empowered, you become powerful. But this power makes you the master. When She comes in the Void area, She makes you the master because She enlightens that Guru principle within you and you become the master, you become the master of yourself and by that you become the master of others also.
The one who is not the master of oneself cannot be the master of others. So it works out, first of all, on you and then it radiates. And that radiation makes others also accept you as the guru. That dynamism and that compassionate attitude all develops through this Guru principle. But this is the blessing of the Kundalini, the womb, the Mother, the one who we call as Aquarius. This is residing within us and we have to just accept Her manifestation and welcome Her with open heart and know that today is the day when we are expecting human beings to rise to that level where they become compassion, love, affection. This is the new awareness with which we are going to be completely fulfilled, and unless and until that happens there’s no chance for the emancipation of human beings, no doubt about it.

We have worked out so many things in so many places and every place, I find, has a different problem.
The most difficult, I find, is America. It’s like Mathura where Shri Krishna had to go and establish Himself, that was the Kingdom of Shri Krishna. And when Kamsa was ruling, so the people in Mathura were the most difficult people because they were governed by devils and the devils have a capacity to dominate good people. They’re all so dominated that even where Shri Krishna lived, they tried to go and harm Him and kill Him and all that. And all the dynamism of these people from Mathura was killed by Kamsa who was to be killed by Shri Krishna.

Surprisingly, the first day I came to New York for the puja, the first day it was written “Parivartani Ekadashi”. Now “Ekadasha” is the power with which the people are going to be destroyed. Now that is “Parivartani”, means the one by which you are going to be transformed. So, how is it the power that is going to destroy is going to transform you?
Firstly, it will destroy all that is oppressive, all that kills your dynamism, all that makes you slave, that is going to be destroyed. Secondly, people will be frightened, the half-baked ones who are neither here nor there, that will be destroyed and that awe will change them. Thirdly, when you see that your kith and kin are going to be destroyed, then you’ll have much more compassion, much more tolerance for them and you’ll try to save them over.
So, that is what it is, where Shri Krishna had to raise a complete mountain on His fingertip, you see like this, to the right side, “Govardhan-dhari” He was called. That is what is my job here, is to raise the mountain again and raise it on my finger tip like that. But this finger has to be strong and this finger is nothing but the Sahaja Yogis of America and they have to help Me by their dynamic behaviour and by their proper understanding, responsibility as the people belonging to this great nation of Fatherhood. This is the finger of the Father and that Fatherhood has to be dynamic, has to be over-powering and has to be very responsible.
And in that responsibility you learn so many things – so that’s my job is, that’s my goal is.

She [the journalist] asked Me in the TV: “What is your goal, Mother?” I didn’t tell her that I have to raise the mountain on my finger, you see, she would never have understood that. But that is what one has to do here. To raise the mountain and I find it’s like that – mountainous.
And base of the mountain seems to be Houston which is the most difficult part of it, they just don’t move, they just don’t move, it’s “jada” [apathetic] it’s very, very “tamasic” [ignorance; darkness], it’s so full of ignorance and so full of heaviness. That is the most difficult part and that’s why – for Houston specially – we should do a nice puja to the Kundalini that She rises in Houston.

So, may God bless you all.

Shri Mataji: Can you give me the handkerchief, please?
Sahaja Yogi: Today it’s said it’s “Anant Chaturdashi”.
Shri Mataji: Uh?
Sahaja Yogi: “Anant Chaturdashi”.
Shri Mataji: Today? Ah-ah! That’s great! Yes, must be! I was wondering “Ananta Chaturdashi”.
“Ananta Chaturdashi” is the day when we “visarjan” [setting at liberty], dissolve Shri Ganesha in the water. [Hindi: “Ganesh ji ko chodte hai na pani mein” – it’s that day we put the Ganesha in to the water].

Because He’s established for ten days and after ten days, He’s born on the fourth, after ten days, it’s dissolved in the water so that everywhere his power is spread through the water.
That’s why no wonder there was a puja. Ganesha settled down into the water.
That is “Ananta Chaturdashi”. “Ananta” is the, is Shri Ganesha. “Ananta” means which cannot be destroyed. Innocence cannot be destroyed.

And that is why is the “Ganesh Chaturdashi” means the day when Ganesha is dissolved in the water, in the ocean or He is created, worshipped for ten days and again given back.
So, it’s a very great day today, I should say, like the resurrection of Christ that you are, you had Christ here, He lived with you, and then went back to his Father. Father is the ocean and that’s what in India they do, establish Him on the fourth day and on the tenth day they put Him back to the ocean.

Sahaja Yogi: We used to do the same thing at school.
Shri Mataji: Beg your pardon?
Sahaja Yogi: I said we used to do the same thing in our school.
Shri Mataji: Eh?
Sahaja Yogi: We usand then-
Shri Mataji: Really? What school?
Sahaja Yogi: (School name). So we used to have a statue and four of the guys used to carry them on.
Shri Mataji: And then? “Visarjan”.
Sahaja Yogi: Put in the river. There
Shri Mataji: But no one understands. They just do it without understanding what they are doing about it. So it’s a thing, even in India how many people know about Ganesha, no one knows.
Sahaja Yogini: Maharashtrian people…
Shri Mataji: Maharashtrians they worship Him a lot, but they don’t know much about it. They don’t know how much He’s important, what He represents, how did He came on this earth, nothing they know. We have become very superficial that way.
But at least it keeps your attention by doing all these things, there. You see, this is the advantage of living in India, the children have to be little bit pinned down to a thing they, by festivals and all that, they try to then find out what is this, what is that, our attention is more there, not outside so much, you see, that’s the thing is.