The Truth that we are seeking has to manifest in our consciousness

Ramada Inn - Ramada Houston Intercontinental Airport South, Houston (United States)

1983-09-21 The Truth that we are seeking has to manifest in our consciousness, Houston, DP, 93' Chapters: Introduction by Yogi, Talk, Q&A, Self-RealizationDownload subtitles: EN,ROView subtitles:
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1983-0921 Public Program Day 2, Ramada Inn Houston

Sahaja Yogi: …know that we understand our meaning. Is a tremendous seeking all over the world, especially here in North America, so strong. And of course lots of people are taking advantage of that, and exploited it for making money. The one thing that’s obvious is that none of the previous stages of our evolution we had to do any effort or pay any money. It’s just nature working out its process.

Shri Mataji: Is it all right this way? They can hear Me better like this? All right? I bow to all the seekers of Truth. The Truth that we are seeking has to manifest in our consciousness. It is not a mental projection. It’s not our imagination. It has to express itself actually on our central nervous system. That is what the Truth is. For example, you come to this room and you see these things, and you see them with your own eyes. Through your central nervous system you know what it is. If you feel this is aluminium here, you can feel it whether it is cold or hot. On your central nervous system, on your nerves, you have to feel the Truth. But we live with mental projections. All are mental projections I find. We have conceptions about everything which can be completely mythical, absolutely wrong. We have been building them up one by one; like that we have built up, so many different varieties of conceptions and the people who represent one God and one Truth are now fighting on the battlefront. It’s rather surprising for people to see how they talk of God, they talk of love, they talk of all that is universal. Then why do they fight?

It’s a big question today for your young people. And that is the reason why they suddenly become extremely against God, against His existence. They cannot believe that there could be a God manufactured by our mental projections that has led them to this kind of warfare. That is where we have gone wrong to understand that mental projection is not the way to know God. For example, if I start thinking that, “All right, now I am in Houston.” I am facing people and I’m talking to them. Do I do that? I may not be able to even envisage or understand, visualize the hall in which I am, leave alone the people. But in My own imagination if I start feeling, “This is the Truth, this is the Truth”, then even the falsehood can become the Truth. And that is what has happened to all those people who talked about God. It’s all their mental projection which has led them to these problems. Once Mahatma Gandhi was asked by some Christians – it can be asked about any religion, it’s not only the Christians who are doing that, everyone is doing the same stuff  – that, “Why don’t you join? Why don’t you become a Christian?” He said, “All right, but tell me which church?” And if you then think about the people who want to unite the churches also, what they are uniting is nothing but these mental projections. And then where do you lie with that mental projection?

So, we have to understand that in every scripture it has been said that you are to be born again. Now, when you say that you are to be born again – in 1970 I came to your great country and when I told them about this, then they started a very big campaign, “We are born-again”. This is all self-certification. What is the difference between a person who is born-again and who has, who is not born-again? You cannot, just by changing your dress or by changing your name you can become a born-again. Or even a pattern of life which is based upon only a mental projection if you change you are not a born-again person. Born-again means – in Sanskrit language a bird is called as “dvijaha”, meaning the twice-born. Bird is called as “dvijaha” and a realized soul is also called as “dvijaha”, means born-again. So, a person who is reborn has to be a completely a transformed personality – like an egg becoming the bird. What is the similarity between the egg and a bird? Nothing. That kind of an actual transformation is the Truth which one must ask for, and should not go in for some sort of a plastic transformation, which is very easy to do – you wear one plate around your neck and this, and this. Do you become that? If you say, “I am a Christian”, do you become a Christian? If you go to a church – why I am, say, telling about Christianity? Because that’s the main religion here, but same thing you can about Hindus; you can say about every religion just the same. So, somebody comes and puts water on your head and says, “Now, I have given you the baptism.” But is that the real baptism? What is the living process that has taken place in a person who is baptized? We must face it and that facing is difficult because we have built those mental projections and we want to live with the mental projections, and our ego does not allow us to see the point at all.

But who is the loser? Not God. It’s you. You are the loser who want to live and satisfy yourself with those mental projections. Now, one has to go beyond the mental projection. And how do you do? How are you triggered out into that space where you are beyond thoughts and you are completely aware? Something has to happen within ourselves, a living thing, just like a … an egg becoming the bird. In the many rituals that we do there’s the hand of the Unconscious that guides us. For example, on an Easter Day we give an egg. I think many people don’t know why we give an Easter egg. The reason is, that is suggestive, that you are an egg and you have to become the bird, because Christ, by His ascent has proved that you can transform into that subtler dimension. But it is an actualization of the whole happening. It is not just some sort of a false understanding, and this is what people don’t want to get out of it. The reason is it’s very comfortable to belong to one clan. Only thing, either it is a Friday for Muslims or for Christian the Sunday, or for Hindus the Tuesday, one day at the most you have to get ready, go to the church, temple or mosque as their case may be, and then it is finished. You have done all your duty towards your Creator and that you have listened to some sort of a boring lecture, and it’s done. That’s what it is. That’s what it amounts to be, but it is not so. Something has to happen within us when they said that you have to be reborn. How much human beings can live with myth? Is the limit! I mean, the way they live with mythical things and falsehood is really, cannot be explained. The way they go on with it, for ages now, one generation, two generation, ten generations, twenty generations. They are going on like this with that mythical idea, and they are becoming worse and worse and worse, full of fanaticism which is a disease. So now, if you cannot hold your fork properly and your knife properly, you are out of the club. It’s like that, is that superficial. The whole stuff is so superficial.

So, one has to come to a point to understand that all this is not God at all. It’s just talk, talk, talk and talk. People will have conferences, they’ll have big-big seminars, and what will come out of it will be what are we going to spend for the building fund. Supposed to be for God’s sake. Like yesterday I told you that when bishop of Canterbury, archbishop of Canterbury, was asked – on a TV it was happening – that, “What is Holy Ghost?” He said, “I am very agnostic about it”. That means he doesn’t believe in God, just imagine. So, the interviewer asked, “Then how are you there?” So he said, “I’m doing my job”. Then what job is he doing there? I saw it with My own eyes, I would not have believed it. But what is your job then? If you do not believe and you cannot explain what is the Holy Ghost, then how do you bless people? That, “In the name of the Holy Ghost I want to bless.” But we accept it, closed-minded we accept it. Because they say, “It’s, it’s, it’s a mystery.” “It’s a mystery”. But it is not. Use your logic a little bit. It cannot be a mystery. Use your logic. That’s how you have missed the point that you have not used your logic but you have used your rationality to build up all these yarns and get entangled into it. Now, what is the Holy Ghost? Let’s see that. You have the Father and you have the Son. And you have the Holy Ghost, but not the Mother. Now, can you tell Me of a father getting a son without a mother? Simple common sense. Absolutely a simple common sense.

My father who was a very learned man and I should say in a way he was My guru because he told Me about human beings, how absurd they are and he explained to Me why they behave like this, he told Me that they try to avoid the name of the Mother because the Muslims may feel hesitant to join Christianity. But Martin Luther himself was a realized soul but poor thing, he must have been pressed by everyone, “Oh, baba, don’t say like this”. He could not think that it will go on forever. He thought once Christianity is established, people will be able to say about the Mother. And this is what I am here to tell you that it was the manifestation of the Father, then of the Son, and then of the Holy Ghost – the Mother. Surprisingly, only in India people accept that. For them Holy Ghost is nobody else but they call Her as Adi Shakti. And any incarnation they talk of, first they take the name of the Shakti, the power, the Mother. They will not take the name of the Father. First the Mother, and then the Father. Now, when we talk of the motherhood we have to know that it is this motherhood which is going to nourish. It is this motherhood which is going to soothe. And this is the motherhood about which Christ has said, “I will send you the Holy Ghost”. He didn’t say, “I have finished, nobody is going to come.” He clearly said, “I will send you the Holy Ghost, the Counselor, the Redeemer”. All these things, He has said it clearly. But we do not want to see that. We prefer Christ, because He’s no more. Because when He was there, we preferred Moses. And when Moses came, we preferred Abraham because it’s very easy to handle the situation. They are in your pocket. Whenever you want you can take it, “Oh, that is Christ!” All right, so it’s selling in the market very well. It’s the market issue. So, when Christ said that, “I will send you the Holy Ghost, and that Holy Ghost is going to comfort you, redeem you, and council you”, what about looking forward to that? Nobody bothered about it because it was too much beyond the ego of people. They just don’t want to see that point.

Now, this motherhood is represented here as the Kundalini, in the triangular bone, which is the Mother. It’s called as the Kundalini because “kundala” means the coils, it is coiled up. And this is the Mother within you. This is the Mother that is existing within you, is there all the time, and She is the one who is going to give you the re-birth. She is the reflection of the primordial Holy Ghost. And She is the one who is going to give you this second birth which is expected. So far it has been as I told you, the manifestation of the Father and of the Son. And the tree of life has grown outside too much. The development, the science, all these has created what? The monsters of bombs. Nobody could stop it. Why not? Because they could only move on one side – outside. They were moving outside and they found the big tree grown without growing to the source. And now the time has come for you to go to the source and that source is this one, is the Kundalini. She is the subtle energy within us which manifests outside the motherly qualities in you. Now, you may say that the man is the one and the women are now having a feminist movement. That’s one of the expressions. But the feminist movement is not what I am talking about. Is very mislead, is another kind of a religious, mental projection. The feminist movement is like a pendulum movement of your consciousness. Like a woman wants to become a man, man has to become like a woman, and the fight going on. I’m not talking about a rebellion at all. I’m talking of a revolution. And the revolution has to take place where you move spirally higher than what you are, not in a pendulum from one to another end.

So this new consciousness of motherhood has to manifest. And when this new consciousness will manifest you will see a man will be changed into a compassionate, kind, soothing and nourishing personality. It is for woman as well as for man. The whole, entire idea of competition, of domination, of occupying others territory, all these has gone too far of the manly qualities. They have crossed all the limits. Imagine, to come to some country, occupy it, throw away all the people, kill them nicely, is it a sign of a good person? Is it good to do these things to anyone? Somebody, somebody comes into your house who is a very mighty person with a gun and throws you out of your house, and settles down nicely. What will you call him? A very nice person? All these things have been done so far. We have had enough of this. Now, what do we want? People, who are compassionate. Really compassionate, not just talking of love and making money out of it. But the one who can emit compassion, like Christ did. What was Christ? Did He compete with anyone? He was nothing but compassion. It used to just flow from His being. A lady touched Him and she got cured. Such people we have to create who will emit compassion.

So all these centers as he said – is the Vishuddhi chakra which is very important as he said is a center represented in the universe your country, America, represents that. Is a very important center, is a completion, where the human beings raised their heads up, is a very, very important center. But where are they? I don’t think they find that responsibility within themselves. Now, what is the responsibility? Is that at that center you feel that there is nobody who is the other. That means you feel the collective consciousness. You actualize it. It’s not just a lecture, “You are all brothers and sisters.” It’s again mental projection. We say brothers and sisters. Even husband and wife, any relationship, it just breaks like that because it is mental projection. But it becomes actualization within you when you become collectively conscious. You become that. That means you start feeling others within yourself. You don’t have to think that, “I am trying to do good work or missionary work and I am going to sort of  build some churches or some sort of a place for the poor to come and live.” Who is the other? You are doing for yourself. It’s just for yourself you are doing. If I help this finger of Mine am I doing any good to this finger or am I obliging this finger? Is there any obligation on this finger? It’s paining, I have to sooth it, because it’s part and parcel of Me. Because it is part and parcel of Me, how can it thank Me or how can I feel that I have obliged it? How can I have ego about it? Because it is just My part and parcel.

So what you have to become is to become part and parcel of the whole. As they say, “The microcosm has to become the macrocosm.” A drop has to become the ocean. Has to become, again, I say, the becoming is the important part. It’s not the lecture. This you must have heard from many people, “We all must become saintly”. How? Ask them. How do we become saintly? By putting one red mark here can I become saintly? Or by wearing some sort of a dress which can be colored in three dollars, can I become saintly? Let’s face it up. There must be something happening within us that makes us saintly despite ourselves. We just become. So that happening is the thing here which is called as the awakening within us. Now this power is the power of your pure desire, true desire, pure desire. All other desires are impure, because they don’t give you satisfaction, they don’t give you the ultimate. Take any desire. Say, you want to have a house. All right, have it. Then you want to have a car. All right, have it. Then you want to have an airplane, I don’t know how it goes on. That’s why in economics it is said that wants in general are not satiable. They are very honest, is… that’s fact. But there’s one want within us which is satiable, and that’s the true want.

To become one with the Divine, to become one with God, to enter into the Kingdom of God is the only true desire within us and is sleeping in that triangular bone called as sacrum. I would like to point out, the word sacrum means sacred, that means Greek knew about it. This is the Greek word and they called it sacrum. Why don’t we think why did they call it a sacrum? They could have called it by any other name. That means it is a sacred power of pure desire that resides in it. And this is what, that is the reason in Sanskrit language it is called as Mooladhara. Mooladhara means is the support of the root. This is the root. And this is the support of the root. The center that is below this is the center which manifests it, is the center of our innocence. When we were material beings or when till we reached the carbon stage we were having only this center within us. And this center is the center of our innocence. And the deity that rules the center is the one who embodies innocence within us. You can see it very clearly that the center of innocence is below the Kundalini. It is below the Kundalini. That means the Kundalini doesn’t pierce through this. That means this center supports the Kundalini, but the Kundalini rises above this center, that means sex has nothing to do with your ascent. That means you cannot achieve your ascent through sex. This kind of a myth has been on and on in the West, but in India nobody is going to believe such stories. Because they are not so naive.

Here Mr. Freud – I don’t know what to call him, you may call him whatever name you like – he is responsible for giving you AIDS. Please, send him some letters of thanks. He is the one who has given you. And the way you accepted him, you denied Christ. Christ had said, “Thou shall not have adulterous eyes”. Not only the adulterous behaviour but even the eyes should be innocent if you are a Christian. Which church has achieved that, I would like to know. That is what He asked for that, “Thou shall not have adulterous eyes”. That’s only possible when the Kundalini passes through that center of Christ and awakens Him, your innocence is awakened in your eyes, and you really have innocent eyes. This is what has to happen. But actually whatever has happened you know how far we have gone with our ideas of licentiousness and permissiveness, and our perversion, thanks to mister Freud who was the real guru of the western people to begin with.

There was only one person who was Jung, who was a sensible man. He talked of sensible things because he got his Realization, but nobody has accepted them much. In the whole of England we have only 12 Jungians. And the other day I happened to meet about hundred of them in New York. And I was amazed at their quality of mind, the way they understood the whole subject of Kundalini awakening, and that the time has come for this nourishment to work out within us. I was amazed at their brilliance. You have to have basically some intelligence to understand, and not your ego which just repels you back all the time, takes you away from the Truth. But have your intelligence, your pure intelligence to understand that you have not achieved anything so far so there has been some mistake, let’s see what it is. And they did, and they all got realized, you’ll be amazed. And the president of the organization who was the… who was 82 years old, and who is a Jew, got up, with such humility he said that, “Mother, You know our language of psychology, which is a child science. Now we have to learn Your language which is the greatest of all.” Just imagine, for him to get up and say that. But hardly you find people of that quality. I thank Jung that he created at least hundred people in this country who could understand what I am talking about.

Now, so we have within ourselves this center which is responsible for our innocence, and when we play about with it too much we fall into traps of diseases. It is very easy to understand for us by our own natural instinct what is wrong and what is right. But even if you avoid all your naturalness with your all your artificiality and try all artificial methods still you’ll be amazed that those people who lead this kind of life, have always suffered. At every port, if you travel, there is a free clinic for people who suffer from these dirty diseases. It has been there since long, for all the sailors. But the sailors don’t understand that we must be doing something very wrong to get this kind of a disease. Why do we suffer from such a disease? So that we have done something wrong or something we have gone against the nature. When you go against the nature, you get diseases. That’s a simple thing, is to go against the nature is the way you get diseases. And you must understand your own nature, and integrate with the nature outside – you will never get a disease. And when you get a disease, understand that nature is punishing you and teaching you. Secondly, this is the biggest achievement in Sahaja Yoga that people who have suffered on account of their misdeeds very much, in every way have been cured. Once the Kundalini rises, they get cured completely of all these horrible diseases which are hidden, which are always kept as secrets. They can be easily cured if your Kundalini could be awakened.

But those who have problems in this center are the most difficult because this center is the one which communicates everything that happens within us. The left-side line that you see here, the blue line, is the one that collects all the information, called as the Ida Nadi, which manifest outside the left sympathetic nervous system. And it passes all that information to this center and this center passes all the information to the Kundalini which is like a tape in a tape recorder and tapes all that you have done. All the wrong and the good, the imbalances, and all the nonsense you have done is recorded in this Kundalini. Some people think no end of themselves, I’ve seen them. But when I look at their Kundalini, I feel like crying. The poor Kundalini is like a dead personality, is like a dead snake trying to rise, trying to raise its head. It’s impossible for the poor Kundalini to rise because you have neglected all that is noble, all that is kindness, all that is righteous and auspicious. We have forgotten the word sacred at all, completely. We have forgotten the word sacred, we have forgotten the word that is chastity, as if it was something foolish to talk about these things. Now, when people start suffering, you start reflecting back. Now the new organizations have started I have seen with a result of that, that they think now you should lead a very chaste life, one man, one woman and all that. We have in India the same thing – one man, one woman but have we solved the problem? We have not. That’s just a temporary thing by which you cannot solve… At the most you may solve one center but what about the other six centers? What about them? They still exist to be solved. And these six centers are very difficult in certain places according to the way and style of life you have.

Now the second center that we have, actually, is the center that comes out of the third center, so you can change it, the number, doesn’t matter. This center is the center of our creativity by which we go into action. The activity. The colour is that of the bile. You see the bile colour existing. When you are very active the bile starts acting, and your liver becomes overactive. When the liver is overactive you start feeling like vomiting, and you always feel very bad, and you feel there’s something wrong here, and all your attention is all the time in a very unhappy state. This is because of your overactivity. That’s not the only thing that happens to you with the overactivity of this center because this subtle center does some more than that. It has to look after other activities also, that is of the spleen, and the pancreas, and the kidneys, and the part of the intestines, also you can say part of the uterus. Now, when you start using this center too much what happens to you that you start neglecting these centers. Where do we use this center maximum? When we think too much, the grey cells in the brain have to be replaced. And who replaces them? The centers from your stomach which is this center which manifests the aortic plexus converts or transforms the fat cells from the stomach for the use of the grey cells. And when you start thinking too much, when you are futuristic, you are planning too much, then the whole extreme behaviour puts you out of gear. And that’s how you start developing all these problems.

So, with the liver, you develop an active liver – you cannot sleep, you feel like vomiting, you can’t eat, you grow very thin, you can be very hot-tempered. Such people can be very irritable. At the slightest thing – and I see that in the car when they are moving – slightest thing and they start honking. They are very irritable, they have no patience for anything, they are very angry people, hot-tempered, aggressive. All other these things suffer, so you get diabetes. If you are not very hot-tempered if you don’t know how to give vent to it then you get diabetes, you develop diabetic temperament with this right-sidedness. Those who are overactive people mostly get diabetes. The reason is they cannot show their temper. If they are in the business, they have to be very sweet with everyone and there’s a temper burning inside. They have to be extremely, say, good and very gentlemanly, otherwise they’ll lose the money. So the temper is inside, all boiling up. Here you have to be very nice. At the back you may say all kinds of abuses. But outside you have to be extremely sweet. And that time, what to do? You get this horrible diabetes because your pancreas gets out of order.

Then the third thing that happens which is a very, very serious thing, which is very serious, very common in your country is leukemia. And that takes place as a result of a very hectic spleen. Spleen in you is the speedometer. And when a person – say, for example, our modern life is such: we sleep, I mean we drink first of all, nicely spoil our liver, see to it that it is completely spoiled. Then we take some drugs to sleep. Then we cannot get up in the morning because there are hangovers, naturally. So we get up about the time when the birds are about to retire; say about nine o’clock or so. Then we somehow get into our clothes if possible and rush to the car, start driving, the wife brings the food, one, somethings like a sandwich or whatever it is, putting that in the mouth you are driving. There’s a jam on the road, so we are cursing everyone. And here we are eating food, we are cursing people, we are thinking about the office, all kinds of emergencies at the same time. At one emergency only this poor spleen has to work so hard to produce the blood cells. And when you put so many emergencies on that, you can imagine, the poor spleen, what can happen to it. It just goes… It doesn’t know what to do, it becomes crazy. You are crazy and the spleen is crazy. And the parents who are like that give their trouble to their children, because they make their children very funny too: “You must sit here, you must eat like this.” “This is carpet is spoiled. Now, better clean it”. The carpet is more important than the child. If the carpet is not cleaned out then the parents will beat the child, do all kinds of things, always make the child so tensed that the child feels all the time edged up. He doesn’t know what to do, you see, all the time the poor spleen of a child is this thing. Even when the child is not born, the pregnant mother – mothers are so upset all the time. With what are you upset? “Oh, you know, this, the milkman came, and this happened, and that happened, the telephone came at the same time and here it is, I had to receive somebody and there’s a bill…”

All these modern things just make the women crazy, worse than the men sometimes because they can’t bear it. And then, at that time, the child gets the problem and that’s how they are born with leukemia. Just imagine, it is such a simple thing to lead a life of simplicity. You need not be that complicated. What is the need to be that complicated, I don’t understand. All these complications we human beings have made, isn’t it? Like, now I’m wearing a sari then I must have a matching blouse, I must have a matching shoe, I must have a matching purse, I must have My matching hair, matching eyebrows, matching everything. If it is not matching, then I’m nervous. All these stupid norms we have created, just to make ourselves miserable for nothing at all. So the young people decided, “Oh, get out of it, this is all nonsense, so let’s have anti-culture.” That’s another extreme. Take drugs. Imagine, to compensate for this madness, take to another madness. Like one boy came to see Me and he was all smelling, you see, had all lices in the head, with hair like that, son of a very rich man, I knew about. Horrible, you see, could not make him sit in the drawing room, [as he was] smelling like a dirty pig, I tell you. And I asked him, “My child,” – because I knew the father very well, a very well-off man, he’s a managing director of a very big shipping company. I said, “Why are you like this? What is the matter with you? Why can’t you be normal?” He said, “I am trying to become primitive”. I said, “Why?” “Because they are simple people”. But I said, “Your brain is not simple. It is a modern brain. By growing hair like that and putting lices in your head, you don’t become primitive. It is absolutely outside. This is not the way you are going to be a simple person” by – you see, he was wearing pants with cuts in that and all that. I said, “By this, how are you going to cut your brain which is so modern, which is so complicated, which is thinking all the time about the future. This is all outside, don’t you see this? And you have become so horrid that you cannot meet normal people at all”. So I made him going to the bathroom, have a bath, I gave him a change and made him a proper person, and then I gave him Realization. Now he is a normal person, given up all his drugs, everything. He is a normal man, behaving all right.

But sometimes they come in a coma. And still with that mental projection that they have become primitive they said, “We are very happy. Let us die like this.” They are waiting for their doomsday. Most of them tell us, “Oh, the doom has to come in any case. That will solve all our problems.” Look at this. From this to that madness. I cannot understand. Is a very common thing these days that, “The doomsday has to come and we are all going to be solved.” You see, they are all going to be taken up like this and put in the God’s Kingdom because they have become primitive. This is the idea. There are some who believe that if they are preaching, if they are talking big about God, they will be there. Christ has said very clearly, “You will be calling Me, ‘Christ, Christ!’ and I will not know you”. Do we think about it? Why did He say so? So, don’t live in a mythical world. Come to reality and face it, that you are to be born again, that Kundalini has to be awakened, and that you have to feel the cool breeze of the Holy Ghost out of your head and out of your hands. This is the first time you feel the All-Pervading Power as I told you yesterday. Now I met all kinds. So, there is one fellow very ego-oriented, came to Me. He got Realization luckily somehow, his ego, the balloon, went down and he got Realization. I was amazed. How? The Divine is so anxious to give Realization that this fellow came with such a big balloon and how it has reduced. It reduced really I must say. He got Realization. But then it came back again. Because it was just there for a while, again it came back. So he says, “Mother, why You are the one who has to do it?” I said, “My son, you do it. I’ll be very happy. Should I change My seat with you? I’ll be very happy if you come and do it yourself. That’s the best thing that you can do to Me is to do the job. But only thing, you will have to awaken the Kundalini of thousands of people at a time which is like a mountain being lifted with a finger. That’s one only thing you have to do. Secondly, you have to know all about it and you have to tell people what it is, all the complications, all the decoding and everything and you have to have tremendous patience with people who have this big balloon on their heads.” So then he sat down, he wouldn’t accept it. I said, “What I get out of it? Why do you feel so hurt if it is Me? I don’t know, really, even to handle a camera, I don’t know so many things that you know. I don’t  know how to drive. I never feel hurt. I know only one little thing is how to raise Kundalini. Why should you be so much hurt about it?” This is the thing that crucified Christ. The ego. They crucified, not only crucified Him, they gave poisons and they tortured. Anybody who came with the Truth had to be tortured because everybody had such an ego and a collective ego. Why blame the Romans and why Romans blamed them? Even today I find so many sitting like that before Me. The same style of people who have crucified Christ. So, this is the kind of people who are very ego-oriented, and when this center works fast the ego starts rising like a by-product as you see in the head, that yellow stuff which is horrid. But when you start seeing it, you see the joke that “This is the one which makes us stupid, this is the thing which has really made us idiotic, otherwise we will be normal people”. And then you want to ran away.

Like one gentleman came to Me, said, “Mother, I just want to know one thing, but if it is true, don’t tell me.” I said, “What is it?” I said, “What’s the problem?” He said, “Please, tell me if I was Napoleon in last life”. “If I was, don’t tell me, because I’ll really collapse”. He is, he is a Frenchman. So, I said: “Why, what makes you think that you were Napoleon?” “Because I am so ego-oriented, and I can draw very well which he used to do. So, was I Napoleon?” I said, “Should I tell you? You were not”. “Thank God”, he said. “Because I was thinking if I was Napoleon what will I do in Sahaja Yoga? I just cannot become spontaneous because this ego will be coming like Napoleon’s ego every time”. And it’s – nowadays once upon a time Napoleon who was supposed to be a hero today is regarded as a curse on people. If you call somebody Napoleon, never call a Frenchman because you’ll have a black eye, I can tell you this much. Napoleon is the worst word for them. They don’t like it. So this is what has come out of all this ego-behaviour that people don’t like it. What about Hitler? You talk about Hitler to a German, he says, “Don’t talk, that was a big mistake on our part.” What did Hitler do? The same thing, he pampered the ego of people, he said, “You are a special race with a special nose.” So, God is going to measure your nose and put you on a higher pedestal. Just imagine. Then why did God create all the rest of them? This kind of mental projection makes you feel higher, sometimes lower, all kinds of these mythical things are there.

God has created you in sweet beautiful varieties because without variety there is no beauty. Imagine all of you looking like military bowls sitting down here. How will it look? You have to be people of variety, so God has created a beautiful variety. Enjoy that! Enjoy the integration of that variety. That is what one has to really enjoy, but I think it’s only possible when you get your Realization. Before that it’s just talk, talk and talk. So now we come to the third center – I won’t be able to cover all of them today, I’m sorry, which is very important because it is the center of your seeking. First, we seek as animals our food. Even now, we behave like animals, no doubt. So, we seek food, the attention is only on food. Anybody talks of food, we want to turn our face to that. So, the food is the first seeking we had. The second seeking we had of shelter, to have a proper shelter, and that has gone beyond any human understanding. I have seen people building houses which look like nothing on earth, you know. We just can’t say this is a house, I mean, it’s some sort of a funny thing that they make – call it a house – where you feel you are in a nightmare, you see, the way it is built upside down, going like that and… You don’t know what sort of a place it is and where you are living. And that has gone to such a limit, specially in America I find that you have to enter into any bathroom first enquire how to open, otherwise you’ll have a problem. Such varieties. Like into one bathroom who was a very reach man’s I placed My foot and I was drenched in water. I said, “What’s that? From where is it coming?”

So, this kind of an unnecessary mental exercise to select even the handle of the car. If the handle of the car you don’t know, better don’t get in because something happens you can’t get out because you don’t know how to open the car. It’s such a madness to go on worrying about the varieties of little, little, little, little things. You know what kind of a thing – like today I went for shopping and there were some ladies who were trying to decide what kind of a ladle they should have. Hours they took to decide for a ladle. Can you imagine? What difference does it make of one ladle or the other ladle? And tomorrow if they see somebody else having a more modern stuff, they’ll again be back and to find out that more modern stuff to do it. I mean to amount of decision taking we have gone is maddening. Specially on a table, if you go, I have seen people – because I have to attend so many parties – I just can’t understand, half an hour they discuss what they are going to have today. I mean everybody must have what they want and very particular on that point. When the food comes they see they have got the same thing or not. What is so important? The whole joy of eating, the whole joy of meeting, everything is lost in that nonsense of decision. What does it matter whether you eat a pizza or you eat that, I don’t understand. At the most you can have one thing for all of you and just enjoy it. But on the contrary, so much time we waste on nonsensical things, and when we do that we develop funny diseases within ourselves, because we put our nerves to too much tension. It is too much of a tension for us. We build up our own tensions for everything. I have ordered for this, you have got this. I wanted this kind of a handle, I got this one. That’s how we go on building up tensions in our stomachs, and then we talk of our tensions. We have tensions, and we have this tension and that tension, and what is to be done? And then we get people coming out in the market. They want six thousand pounds to reduce your stomach tension. How can they reduce? They cannot. And you believe it, because they advertise very well. They put up a big show, “We’ll remove your tensions and we are here for your tensions, and this and that.” And you just go there and attend to them, and you think, “Oh, now we have removed our tension”. Mentally you feel like that but the tension is all there. That’s how we build up our stomach in a very funny way.

Our real seeking should not be in politics, should not be in any social behaviour, but it should be only towards our ascent, towards our Spirit. That should be our seeking, and when that stage comes in then they are the people of a special category which William Blake has described that the men of God, means the people of this special category, will become prophets, and they will have power to make others prophets. And that’s the time, today we are here that those who are men of God will become prophets and they will have powers to make others prophets. That is the sign, that if you can make others prophet as you are, then you have achieved your goal and that should be the real seeking. Politics is a mad world, you know that. It’s a mad world. And is a mythical thing because when we talk of capitalism, what is your capital? These worldly things, these stones, these plastics? What are your possessions? You have one possession which you do not know – that is your Spirit. The one who has known that possession is a real capitalist. And once he becomes that capitalist he spreads it, automatically. For example, Me, I am a very happily married woman, extremely happily married woman with a very good husband, very well-placed in life with very good children, grandchildren, very good family life, everything there, but I can’t enjoy it, because I have to give this. So, I become a communist in that way, in the real sense of the word. I am a real capitalist and a real communist. I spend My own money, go and meet people, talk to them, make them understand and ask them to be their Spirits, to be themselves, to be their own power. For what? People don’t understand. The people who are with My husband, their wives say, “What are you doing?” “Oh, why are you wasting your time?” They can’t understand, “What is She up to?” because they are busy with other things, joyless pursuits. But I am here, working for you, working for everyone, just that you also enjoy what I am enjoying.

So politics is all nonsense, it has no meaning at all, you can see that clearly. That’s why no politics has been successful. I’ve been to Russia, it’s another gone case; I’ve been to America. We do not know how to bear our freedom. We don’t know. We don’t know, we want to have freedom of. Abraham Lincoln said that, because he was a realized soul, but he didn’t know that all the others are not. Once you have your freedom, you go to abandonment, violence, you don’t know how to be free. That glory is not within us, to be free you have to be a king, to be a free personality. If you are not that than you go hither, thither, do this, do that. All the time what you do is self-destruction. Morning till evening you are thinking how to destroy yourself. Ultimately, all those who are affluent democratic countries, if you meet their young people, if you ask them you’ll be amazed that they are doing nothing but planning about their suicide, which is the most sophisticated way of committing suicide. Can you believe it? That’s a fact. We had three girls from Sweden, very young girls – in Cambridge they came to see Me – and when they came to see Me and I felt their vibrations I was shocked, I said, “Oh God, they have vibrations just like a dead man is. Is numb, complete numb.” I said, “What are you doing?” They said, “You know, we think we are worth nothing. It’s useless”. I said, “Why? You are rich people, you have so much money, you are very well off, you have a very organized country, and everything is fine. What, what’s the matter with you?” They said: “Actually, we are all planning how to commit suicide”. This is where you go with your affluence, with your so-called achievements, that either you try to destroy yourself, or try to commit suicide, or can have a collective destruction by your great achievements of science. Because we do not know what freedom is. We do not know how much God has worked out to create these beautiful human beings, how beautiful, fantastic we are within ourselves. Because we have no idea as to what we are, that’s why we accept all these things, go on living with it and destroy ourselves.

So the main seeking within us is the seeking for God, seeking for our evolution, seeking for our higher dimension of collective consciousness. And that is what we have to achieve. Without that this world cannot be saved, cannot be emancipated. There’s no other way out but the transformation of human beings. It’s only the transformation that is going to work it out, nothing else. The time is short, one has to get transformed. Only those who will be transformed will be saved, all the rest will be sorted out at the end of the era, when you will find someone extremely powerful, destructive will come on this earth and will destroy everything else. Because that is what, according to that personality, would be the end, that would be a deserving punishment. So one has to get transformation. That is the time that is given to us – is called as Krita Yuga in Sanskrit language – means this is the time when the All-Pervading Power, the Brahma Shakti, is working it out. Better get it out. This is the Blossom time, better get it transformation within yourself, establish yourself as transformed human beings. Don’t get to your egos. Don’t mislead others, don’t mislead yourself. I tell you, intelligence itself is such a funny thing; it has a capacity to cheat itself. This is the worst thing of intelligence is that it can cheat itself.

So, this living process has to work out within us so that we achieve our seeking, our fulfillment, our absolute. And that is something that cannot be discussed, talked about. It has to happen. Supposing, you want to know it on your mental level, I can only take you up to a point and find for you some sort of a logical conclusion. But ascending is your own. I cannot guarantee that. If it works out, well and good; if it does not, I cannot say that I can do it, nor can I say you can do it. But once it happens, of course, you can give it to others, and to others, and to others. You can work it out also, the same way, as one light which is enlightened can enlighten another light, and you can go on enlightening others. A gentleman in India, who was not a very educated man, a farmer, has given Realization to more than ten thousand people. So you can imagine how one can be powerful. I wish he had come to America but he had to go back to India. He came all the way to England then he went round with Me to Europe where he explained to people things in such a way, that they were surprised, an uneducated man talking like such a great saint. They could not understand how can he talk like that. I asked him, “How are you?” “Are you all right, are you comfortable?” He says one Marathi words he says, [Marathi]. “Whatever is the Eternal, wherever it keeps you let the Eternal look after me.” Means when you are worried about the eternal, when you are in the eternal, why are you worried about these transitory things? And I was so happy to hear these words from him. But there’s one thing I must say that he was a fortunate man to be born in a country where they know about it; and more fortunate to be born in Maharashtra which is a country of saints who have written beautiful things and that country which is not so materialistic. For them materialistic achievements is not the success. That’s why people don’t understand. They always ask, “Then why people in India are poor?” I said, “Not at hearts”. They are smiling, laughing, festive people. If you go to even a poor man’s house, they will offer you a cup of milk. They have a large heart. Why they are poor? The reasons are we were slaves for three hundred years. Can you think of slavery of three hundred years? Who is responsible for that? Who made us poor? We would have been much richer than anyone of these countries. We were, once upon a time, the richest people in the whole world. There is a rich site called the richest site of the world in Iran, is a hall four times bigger than this, and the every, the door that opens into it is six feet wide. And when you go inside, what do you find? A gentleman called Muhammad Ghazni who invaded India, only about six hundred years back and carried all the gold and wealth of one temple. And the whole place is filled with diamonds as if like the peanuts are kept in baskets. And a complete huge big globe is made out of gold with all these diamonds and pearls and emeralds and such big, big emeralds you see there, all brought from our country. How can we be rich when we were so docile people? Everybody came and lynched us like this? And then they ask us, “Why are you poor?” Very nice. You enter into somebody’s house, take away all his money, take away everything, nicely rule him, don’t allow him to grow at all and then you come and ask him, “Why are you so poor?” Wonderful people. That’s what it is.

So that country has survived despite all these because of their faith in God, in the faith that one day they will ascend. In India – I’m not talking of the westernized Indians. They are hopeless people, they are absolutely uprooted. Don’t think of them, they are absolutely useless. They are not the ones who represent India. But the Indians, the real Indians, who live in the villages, who are simple people, for them one thing is the most important is Atma Sakshatkar – means “to get your Realization”. That’s the highest for them. Nothing more higher than that. Their attention is not materialistic. Even if a woman is dying, she’ll not sell her chastity. That is the great country, which people have not realized, have not understood. They have exploited us, completely exploited us. You have no idea to what extend they exploited us. And today they are asking, “Why are you poor despite the fact you believe in God?” I mean we are existing because of that. Just because of that we are existing, otherwise we would have finished for long time back, the way we are invaded on and on and on. While it is surprising in the history of India we have never invaded another country. Never. Can you imagine? This is what it is.

So, some people say, “Why should we learn from Indians?” Very wonderful. We have learned all your science, all your things from you, we should go on learning everything from you, even your dominating nature, everything we learn. And you don’t want to learn even about God from us. Why? Was Christ born in England? Where was He born? He also came to India. So one should not develop such ideas that, “We are the one highest in religion, highest in science, highest in everything.” It is the East and the West has to combine. As I said the tree has grown too big. There has been movement also downward, and that downward movement was in India. Of course, now you have many thugs coming from India, because you like them. For the last sixty years all the thugs also came out of jail are nicely have add in the market. And you like them very much. You see, let one of the thugs come here you won’t be able to see even the chairs. They’ll be all crowding here if they are thugs. For a real person you don’t have here anyone. When I came in 1970, they told Me very clearly, “Mother, You cannot impress these people. You must know how to pamper their ego by taking their money. If You don’t take their money, they are not going to look at You.” And I went away. They’ve advised Me that, “These people will not understand You unless and until You take money.” These are the Christian nations. How much did you pay to Christ? And He was sold for 30 rupees. This is what it is. A day will come when you’ll be asked about many things. Only thing is that if you become the Spirit, then you are in the Kingdom of God. You are there. Everybody can enter into it. It doesn’t matter whatever country you come from. Whatever is your past just forget it now and have it. You, please, have your Realization, enter into the Kingdom of God. But you have to be humble, you have to be humble about it. You cannot purchase Me, you cannot organize Me. It is you who has to organize yourself. And I hope it will work out. Definitely it has to work out in this country, very important, because as I told you this is the Vishuddhi chakra which is a very important center of the whole world. And if America cannot do it, I don’t  know what’s going to happen.

May God bless you all.

Now if you have any questions, need not be aggressive with Me, you can ask Me some questions. Oh, you don’t know, in one of the places I went a lady came with a big Bible to hit Me. And she was about to beat Me with the Bible. And they, they photographed that. I was just laughing. I didn’t know what to do. You see, I just was roaring with laughter. And everybody got upset. Of course, she didn’t hit Me, thank God. But if she could have hit Me, she could have hit Me, what can I do? She was in such a big temper. I don’t know what made her so upset. And then I asked, “What are you?” She said, “I am twice born”. I said: “Must be”. So now relax. I would like to have some questions, sensible questions. We shouldn’t waste others’  time.

Lady: Could You tell me which… well, which would be the best way to wake up the Kundalini?

Shri Mataji: That I will do now. That part is Mine. The reason is, you see, when the light is not enlightened the one that is enlightened can enlighten the light, all right? That’s a simple thing like that, absolutely simple. Or you can understand the seed – if you have to sprout the seed what do you do? You just put it in the Mother Earth, and the Mother Earth has the capacity to sprout it. It’s as simple as that. So that I’ll work out and then you will work out for others. All right? That’s very simple. That’s a very good question. Shows the earnestness.

Man: When the seed sprouts then you continue your spiritual growth into higher realm of spirituality?

Shri Mataji: I beg your pardon.

Sahaja Yogi: He’s asking if once the seed has sprouted does the growth continue?

Shri Mataji: Yes, yes, that’s true. First the sprouting takes place, awakening takes place, you become first thoughtlessly aware – I’ll tell you all these status you go into – and then you become doubtlessly aware. And with those you start manifesting your powers of love, and you grow into it very much till you become a tree, you become your own guru, and others call you a guru then, a real guru. It’s true.

Man: Mother, interacting with other people, there are along the path, of the spiritual path and, in any type of environment…

Shri Mataji: What is he saying? Just… Gavin you have to…

Man: Ok. Interacting with other people in any type of environment, such as work or such as [unclear], whatever, and they are not born Spirit yet, your discussion with them got, you want to reveal something to them. How would you go about doing that?

Shri Mataji: What’s he’s saying?

Sahaja Yogi: How can you awaken the seeking in others who are not seeking?

Shri Mataji: No, no, no, that I can’t do. If you are not seeking really I don’t want to make you seek. This is impossible. That’s an impossible situation. If you are a seeker then I can help you. If you are not a seeker then, please, save Me. I cannot make, you see, a stone into a tree, can I? That’s it. So that’s not possible. If you are a seeker, if you are seeking something, then only it can work out. Otherwise, I have seen the frozen Kundalini of many people. Now supposing if Hitler says, “You give me Realization”. Can I give him Realization? That’s it. But you are a seeker, out and out. Don’t worry about yourself.

Lady: Don’t You think there are a lot of people who are seeking but they don’t know what they’re seeking?

Shri Mataji: Very much true.

Lady: How can we address them or how can You…

Shri Mataji: I mean, you see, today we advertised in the newspaper. We spent lot of money on other things, and we had television in Los Angeles, and they were very much impressed because the lady who interviewed Me felt the vibrations. So now they want to have a nationwide thing, something might work out with that. But what… we have everything with us; even My photograph works out, you will be surprised. Even if you have My photograph, you can work out with My photograph. But the trouble is how to get them here.

Lady: Tricky.

Shri Mataji: Very tricky, you know. You have to have horns and a band in front of you. You know, you have seen your election campaigns, I have seen them, and I’ve said, “Ah, how can you do that?” But one has to do all those things, you see, people are used to this kind of a circus. Yes.

Man: Yes. Is tomorrow’s programme is something different from today’s?

Shri Mataji: Yes, tomorrow I’ll be speaking about other centers and how one can cure, and then day after tomorrow I’ll tell you after Realization what is to be done. Yesterday I talked about the general things, about the three, three nadis that we have got, left and right and the center one. And today I’m talking about the centers and tomorrow about the rest of the centers, and after that I’ll be telling you after Realization what is to be done. That’s how I put it for Houston but in another places I’m speaking in a different way. That’s how we decided for four days. First, let us see, I mean is talking is different and getting is different. Like talking about food you don’t eat it, isn’t it? So, better have it. Now, it’s a very simple thing, is first of all I have to request you to little bit take out your shoes, because shoes – nothing wrong with it but they little bit stand between you and the Mother Earth.[Shri Mataji takes off Her shoes.] As it is, there are nylons here and nylons there. Doesn’t matter.

Now the first block you have, I must tell you, is that here, [Shri Mataji puts Her right hand on left Vishuddhi] is the first one – here, and that comes from feeling guilty. If I have said anything that makes you feel guilty, please, forgive Me. You are not to feel guilty at all to begin with, that is the first condition – not to feel guilty. Now tell yourself that you are not guilty at all. At this time, you are sitting here. This present time, you don’t have to think about the past. Just tell yourself that “I’m not guilty at all, not at all guilty”. Whatever I’ve said, it doesn’t mean it implies to this moment. It is for the past. Still there. In the beginning it was too much. I also could not speak with that because you are all within Me and this was all caught up. I didn’t know what to say but thank God it’s released a little bit. Don’t feel guilty about anything, first of all. Now, you have to put your hands like this. [Shri Mataji shows first the palms up and then the correspondences of chakras in the fingers] As I told you yesterday that these are the five centers of the sympathetic left side, and six and seven centers. So these are the seven centers, and there are seven centers on this. This is the right side, means the mental and the emotional, mental and the physical side, and this is the emotional side. So now, these are the centers, and you have to place your hands just like this [palms up]. Now, the left side is the power of your desire. So, put this left side towards Me. Not of pure desire, but of your desires.

So, put the left hand towards Me like this, and the right hand also like this, and I will tell you how to use the right side; because the right side is the power of your action. Please, sit down, all of you with your both the feet on the Mother Earth, properly, with a little humble attitude towards it. Now, you have to close your eyes, and don’t open your eyes till I tell you. You should not open your eyes at any cost. If you open your eyes, then the Kundalini won’t rise because something has to happen within, so keep your eyes shut. Comfortably, just keep your eyes shut. Now, please, do the things I tell you, just put your left hand towards Me, and the right hand is now to be lifted to your heart. On the left-hand side is your heart. [Shri Mataji puts her right hand on the heart].  Put your right hand on your heart. You have to sit straight with your neck straight, not bending forward or backward. With a cheerful mood you have to sit down, and not with a laughing or a smiling one but a cheerfulness inside. Not with unhappy mood either. Because this is you are going to achieve which has been your longing for ages now, and you are going to get it. So, look forward to that.

On your heart now you ask a question because in the heart resides the Spirit. So you can address Me as Shri Mataji or as Mother, “Mother, am I the Spirit?” Ask thrice. Without feeling guilty, with full confidence. Put the left hand on your lap, parallel to the ground, yes. Now, ask a question. Left hand parallel does not mean upside down, but open hand, open hand, the palm is upward. Put the palm upward. Now, ask a question, with full confidence. Now to know that you are the Spirit you have to know one more thing, that the Spirit is your Master. And once you become the Spirit you become your own Master. So put your right hand on the left-hand side of your stomach, [Shri Mataji puts her right hand on the left-hand side of Her stomach] left-hand side of your stomach, in the center, and press it hard because that is the place resides the power of your mastery. Now, ask a question: “Mother, am I my own Master?”, “Am I my own Guru?”. This you have to ask ten times because there are ten guru principles within us. [Shri Mataji stands and puts her right hand on the heart]. Now again put the right hand on your heart. Now, here, assert yourself and say, “Mother, I am the Spirit”. Say it twelve times, with full assertion and assumption: “Mother, I am the Spirit”. Now, put this right hand on your shoulder near your neck, on the left-hand side, on your shoulder, near neck. [Shri Mataji puts Her right hand on the left Vishudddhi] This is the place, where I showed you, that people, when they feel guilty, there’s a catch. Press it hard. You’ll find it’s quite a hard place. Here you have to say: “Mother, I am not guilty”. Say it with full confidence sixteen times. And if you have that habit, better say thirty two times. Sixteen times, please say, “Mother, I am not guilty”. You have to forgive yourself. You have to forgive yourself by saying, “Mother I am not guilty at all, I’m not guilty”. Put it next to your neck.

Now, put the right hand on the forehead. [Shri Mataji places the right hand on the forehead] And at this point – across, put it across – and now say, “Mother, I forgive everyone”. After forgiving yourself, you have to say, “I forgive everyone”. Across, put your hand across. Across, not with your finger but across. From your heart you have to say that, “Mother, I forgive everyone”. You’ll feel very much relieved, you just try it. Half of your tension will drop away. Now, put this hand at the back of your head and hold it tight. Hold it tight. [Shri Mataji  puts Her hand in the back of the head]  Now without feeling guilty, without thinking about the past in a general way, you have to say that, “Oh Lord, oh God, if I have done any mistake, please, forgive me”. Without feeling guilty, that’s very important. On the back of your head, on the back of your head. At the back of your head, not on the neck but on the back, over the optic lobe, we can say. Now put your hand on top of your head, in the center of it, and press it with your palm, and try to move it clockwise. [Shri Mataji shows how to put the hand on the top of the head]. Move it clockwise. At this point as I said I cannot cross your freedom. Keep it in a comfortable way. Comfortable way. From the front if you put it, it will be comfortable. And move it a little bit. And now, at this point, as I cannot cross your freedom you have to say: “Mother, please give me my Realization”. Because I cannot do it without your permission. “I want my Realization. Please, give me Realization”. Just ask for it. Seven times.

Now put your hand down and with your left hand, feel if there’s a cool breeze coming, on top of your head. [Shri Mataji rises Her Kundalini]

Raise it higher to see not very high, but at a higher point. Because close to your head you might feel the heat coming out of your head. So little higher, not much, about six inches. See now, if there’s cool breeze coming. Don’t think about it. If you think about it, it will stop. Now change your hand if you want. Again see with your right hand. Just see, if there is a cool breeze coming here. Are you feeling the cool breeze?

Now I’ll teach you how to raise your own Kundalini. You can open your eyes. Now do it without thinking, try to see Me without thinking. You have to do it. Don’t think about it. It’s just an action of your hand because it is awakened now. So we have to establish it. Just put this left hand in front – by sitting only – in front of your Kundalini, like this. Like this.

[Shri Mataji shows to the people how to rise Kundalini and make knots above the head]

Can you see? Just like this, while you’re sitting. Left hand. Now, with the right hand you have to move it like this, forward, downward, backward, upward. Like that, you see? Like this. Now, let us start. We have to go up. Take it up, through your head up and twist it now and give it a knot. Again, let’s try. Once more.